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Valerian Root, Skullcap Tincture

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Posted by James (Mindlands / Uk ) on 02/15/2017

Hi guys, I have been referring to this site and recommending it to people for the last 6 years now.

In fact it was finding a natural remedy on this site which set me on my life changing path of learning about herbal remedies, and then being my first port of call for anything for myself and anyone I know when ill.

Over the last week I have been helping a friend kick her addiction to heroine ( smoking, not injecting ) and I have had such amazing results I just had to inform you guys and beg you make a post out of it so other people can benefit from it.

My friend asked me to stay with them for a few days to help them kick there heroin addiction. I decided as I'd already read about the uses of valerian root and skullcap for helping coming off benzodiazepine drugs. Also the fact that they are calmatives working on the central nervous system, that as I had these in tincture form already ( homemade vodka based ) for my own sleep issues through excess cannabis use I'd give them a try on my friend.

Now I wasn't expecting such quick results as even tinctures are said to take 2 weeks to fully work into your system.

I gave my friend half a wine cap full of valerian root and the same of skullcap as the clucking/cold turkey ( withdrawing from the drug) I said to have these sit under the tongue for as long as possible to get into the system that little bit quicker.

Within almost 5 minutes the shivers and crawling under the skin sensation ( some symptoms of withdrawal) had stopped and a warm tingley feeling was then felt.

This lasted for about 2 hours until shivers and crawling feeling came back. Again with the same dose I put the tinctures in some pure orange juice ( any juice will do ) as the taste under the tongue was a bit much for my friend to take. Again with in roughly 5 minutes the withdrawal feelings had subsided.

It is worth noting that my friend was also having help from the local GP with Diazapam and zopicolne to help with the sleep which is one of the main issues when withdrawing. No other opiate substitute was used or in our recommendation advised as then a whole new detox would be required to come off those.

These tinctures mearly helped with some of the other symptoms during the time of being awake and have really really helped wth the temptation to use heroin again. Also some people are stronger willed then others and in this instance I stayed with my friend 24/7. We are currently through 2 and a half days of this and I will continue to stay with my friend till at least day 5 just to make sure. Prior to these 2 and a half days there was a couple of set backs. It's important to remember if anyone finds themselves in my situation to stay firm, oh my god persistent and patient. I at one point refused to enable my friend and allow me to be around while they smoked heroin and this made them realise they couldn't just carry on the way they had been.

This takes hard work from both parties but we and others will get through this.

Good luck to anyone else going through this same struggle.

Replied by Kay
(Buford, Ga)

Withdrawing from suboxtone. Any suggestions or advise on any supplements to take to make friend's withdrawal easier?

Replied by James

I'd go with the valerian root and Skullcap just like my previous comment. But as your friends wants those out of his system I'd add St. John's wart tincture as well. It does very similar things but why I would add this is because a contra indication with St. John's wart is that it gets other drugs out of your system quicker. In this instance we would want that with your friend to clear it out quicker. If they are on other medication that is not wanted out the system then leave the St. John's wart out and stick with the first two.

Also at the end of the day the symptoms are like the flu, so I would add some of the usual pain killers for that as well to help with those symptoms at the same time as using the tinctures.

Good luck

Replied by Amy

I kicked suboxone and at other times just about every opiate there is. Sub is long acting and the longest withdrawals I've experienced. Two things are the best,

kratom (powdered leaf, NOT tincture)

sodium ascorbate (a type of vitamin C) powder form

Both will bind to opiate receptors and stop not only withdrawals, but cravings. If you use the sodium ascorbate make sure you don't use any other form of vitamin C instead. It's the sodium molecule that binds to the receptor.

DLPA is an amino that helps your body make its own endorphins (natural opiates) as well as a tyrosine, methionine and glutamine regimen. Reply to me for more info, I'm typing on a touch screen, so takes forever. I'm a week away from stopping heroin and I am not feeling bad.

I'm sorry for what you're going through, subs are the devil in disguise for me.

Replied by Marty
(Palm Desert, CA)

My friend wants to kick heroine. I told her I would help her through the withdrawals. I need help on what to give her to help ease the pain as much as possible. What to feed her and what she should drink, please help!! TYVM

(new york)

I would get some electrolyte drinks. Even Pedialyte.

Bone broth for nutrition.

Magnesium calm will help the system.

Theanine, HTP are good for calming as well.

I am not an expert, but the above can be good for bodies under this kind of duress. Nutrition can work wonders.

Soundscapes on YouTube. There are amazing ones that can calm people down and take their mind off of anything.

Tense then relax exercises works with people to manage pain.


Imagine your friend giving birth, have them do these exercises.

Again you have to want the change to succeed.

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