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Posted by Christine (Tokyo, Japan) on 10/08/2008
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I have been using organic virgin coconut oil on my face and body for 2 weeks now. It has improved the texture of my skin however I seem to always looked flushed on my face and neck, almost looks like I am sunburnt. I have very fair skin and have been using only a medium coverage amount on my face and neck so that it absorbs almost completly. Has anyone else experienced this and does it calm down? Is it removing the dead skin layers as it seems to look like the effects of a light chemical peel?

Thank you

Replied by Sandy
(Bangalore, India)

Yes, coconut oil causes sun-burn. Please don't expose your skin to the sun after applying coconut oil to it. Best time to apply coconut oil is before bed-time and wash it off the next morning.

Replied by shygirllatina
(Sun City, Ca,.U.S.A.)
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I used coconut oil also in the evening and it also caused my skin to flush I didn't go out in the sun. I thought maybe it was just me also. Honey and bannana mashed and mixed together are also good for the skin. equal amounts of both.

Replied by Coregon
(Medford, OR)

Actually coconut oil has properties in it that help protect your skin from the sun. It shouldn't be relied on as a total sun block, but it does have sunscreen properties. It will not make your skin photo (sun) sensitive.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Lazaro (Laredo, Texas, US) on 06/13/2008
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I have been using coconut oil for about an year now, and I love it! I rarely drink it, however, I use it as a lotion instead of the store brand. My skin looks and feels great. Since it is a bit oily, I started to put it on my face. Mostly around my eyes and forehead. My younger sister commented once that I don't have any wrinkles and she has. She wanted to know my secret. I told her of course. I further told her that if you cannot drink the store brand lotions, why is she putting it on her skin? Coconut oil can be eaten. I also use it to moisten my lips. And on a couple occasions for hemorrodes- I know I misspelled that.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Lindsey F (Dover, NH) on 04/06/2008
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I have been using coconut oil as a moisturizer for about a year now.

I read on numerous internet sites and blogs about how it was a miracle product for all kinds of skin ailments including acne.

So I started using on my face and body--it has been a great replacement for body lotion, and has mildly improved the keritosis pilaris on my upper arms, but using it on my face was a BIG mistake! I am still suffering from the consequences (pimples all over, including places where I had NEVER had them before). I have since learned that people with small pores, like me, should not use thick natural oils on the face, because the molecules are too large. People with larger pores (darker skin usually) can benefit from it, but it can really clog up people will small pores! Jojoba and tea tree oils are the only oils suitable for my delicate face.

Just want to warn others!

Replied by Jo Ana Starr
(Tucson, AZ)

Sorry about your experience with coconut oil. I have small pores like you and very fair sensitive skin. I use coconut oil daily on my face with no outbreaks. Are you using Extra Virgin Coconut oil ? Coconut oil has anti-bacterial properties among its other beneficial qualities and it's possible that the coconut oil brought bacteria to the surface to allow it to release. I love this stuff and couldn't be without it. I hope your skin situation corrects itself soon !

Replied by Susan

Just wanted to add, I also have fair sensitive skin with very small pores (dry skin too) and coconut oil has been wonderful, both internally and externally. When I first started I did get a few breakouts on my face for about a week. I had a funny gut feeling that this was somehow a cleansing reaction, and it after the week it cleared up completely; since then no problems at all. It's been great. Maybe this is what you were experiencing? - or maybe it's just not the right thing for your skin. But anyway it's not because of having small pores...

Replied by Dart8
(Victoria, Bc, Canada)
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While I am a fan of coconut oil generally, it has been a horrible experience for my face and, to a lesser extent, my chest.
Long ago I replaced almost all my cooking oils for coconut oil and am glad I did. I have recently begun taking a spoonful in my coffee every morning and am seeing some energy level increase. I love how it makes the skin on my body feel and it is helping with some cystic skin problems I had. But my face? Nightmare!

When I first applied it I was hoping to eliminate a few dry patches (likely exzema) and aid in my determination to not grow old so gracefully (am 52). Within about 24-36 hours my skin began to itch, redden, bubble and thicken. Everything I read said "stay with it - your skin is just eliminating toxins etc. It will all be better soon". Well I stuck with it for 5 days of extreme discomfort and self-isolation. Today I am throwing in the towel, washing it off and going back to my old routines. I wish I had a more positive report but this has been my experience.

I have been using Extra Virgin Coconut oil and when the redness started I began reducing the amount I used and when that didn't work I put lots on (trying to cover all my bases)... sadly, this just didn't work for me.

Replied by Melissav
(Chicago, Il)

It sounds like you had an allergic reaction to the coconut oil on your skin. I have had several contact dermatitis outbreaks on my face (not from coconut oil) and what you described sounds just like what I experience during those outbreaks. It is extremely uncomfortable. Don't worry, though. You can still safely ingest it. A dermatological sensitivity doesn't necessarily equal a systemic allergy. My skin is sensitive to mango, but I can still eat it as long as I don't get much of the juice on my face.

Replied by Helen
5 out of 5 stars

I still can't believe that a cheap and ordinary oil like coconut oil can turn me to a little baby, before now, I have spent so much buying expensive cream, but t I thank God for making me discover this miracle oil.ever since I started using it, I have never looked back

Replied by Adewuyi Victoria
(Lagos State)

Does it make you black or fair? because some people said it can make someone dark more. how true it is?

Replied by Caroline
(Abuja, Nigeria)

Victoria, you know Nigeria is hot. If you apply during the day it darkens you. You need apply it only in the night before sleeping and see the result.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Toni (Las Vegas, NV) on 04/03/2008
5 out of 5 stars

To those of you who have had problems with using coconut oil on the face resulting in breakouts, redness, whiteheads etc. If you wish to try Coconut oil on the face use only a very, very thin layer. I'm talking a teeny, tiny amount. You could also try coconut soap instead to clean the face. There are many good natural brands online from which to choose.

Replied by Senjii
(Hamilton, Ontario Canada)

I have never tried this remedy for problems skin on the face, However in an effort to find more natural products to clean my skin I discovered that baking soda mixed with enough Peroxide 3% to create a semi runny paste then gently massaged into the skin in a circular fashion for about 1-2 minutes depending on skin sensitivity, not only exfoliated the skin & Cleans the pores, then rinsed with tepid or cool water then patted dry left my skin not only feeling truly clean & fresh, it didn't dry the skin out either & had no side effects, as a result I now use this method as my total skin cleansing regimen.

This method also to my surprise was great for brushing my teeth, the side effect was interesting, where before I used a popular name brand toothpaste to rid myself of very sensitive teeth which of course did not work & make my teeth dull, the peroxide baking soda mix not only made my teeth brighter, but took care of the sensitive teeth. I suggest causion & Brush gently & be patient if yu try this, but do also research before hand to see if this is apropriate for you :)

Coconut Oil
Posted by Amelia (Adelaide, Australia) on 01/23/2008
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Hi, i was on the phone to my mother last night and she has always been one to test and try every anti-aging, wrinkle reducing cream on the planet and never had any success. However when calling me up she kept ranting on about this miracle coconut oil and how she read about it in one of her anti-ageing books. She remarked that while she was watching tv my younger sister kept looking over at her, but my mum just ignored this, then she noticed that my sister was staring at her the next day. Eventually my sister asked "what are you using on your face?" to which my mum replied "nothing..." My sister then asked well have you got makeup or bronzer on..and again mum said "no". She told my sister that she had been swallowing 3 teaspoons a day of organic coconut oil. My sister couldnt stop remarking how young my mum looked, with all her wrinkles reduced by over 50%. Well now my sister who is only 16 is addicted to the stuff. Coconut oil really is a miracle.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Shai (New York , NY) on 08/10/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I thought i might add my few cents to all the wonderful formulas for beauty and longevity at this most generous site. After my mother and brother passed away from cancer i begain to have chronic eczema/psoriasis hair loss and depression. I decided to investigate into superfood and longevity herbs and adaptogens. I was also obsessed with skin remedies in order to reverse my overactive immune system. I remember how i got this problem, using chemical hair remover for my arms and legs NAIR. ai threw out all chemicals from my home. I did cleanses parasite, liver kidney and digestive, and begain to take everyday cod liver oil, fish oil, flaxseed oil Udo's blend, blackseed oil borage and evening primrose oil. For skin, only pure essential oil from a trusted brand. I use pure helychrisum everlasting as a face oil. Once or twice a week i steam my face with a few drops of essential oil, follow with healing bentonite clay mixed with apple cider vinegar. I never use soap for my face, i cleanse my face pure pearl powder and egg white, or amla and sandalwood powder(mild astringent). Yes i do use tons of coconut oil and helychrysum at night. I have been using coconut oil, shea butter and helyschysum on my whole body for years. Its the sexiest perfume on earth! I am in my late thirties, i have two kids eleven and ten, I weigh 100 lbs. and my indian skin has a perfect tan all year round so i dont need to ever sunbathe. Lots of sleep. Lots of green and white tea, i drink gymnostemna, eat royal jelly, bee pollen, raw honey and pop some rhodiola and goji berries for good measure... the E3live and chllorella with cilantro takes care of detoxification :a clean digestion, and you have an unbeatable fountain of youth. By the way, New Chapter, a very expensive supplement company using only whole food concentrates, contains as a base: turmeric, ginger cumin coriander in almost every formula, but this is the basic combination to every dish we cook. Simple Sattvic indian food contains this stuff for a fraction of the cost every day. Eat less, drink tea, and get lots of sleep and lots of love. These are the anti-cancer regimen. peace and joy to your heart and health is all the wealth.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Keerati (Bangkok, Thailand) on 04/03/2007
5 out of 5 stars

This is more of a beauty experience. I am a college students and once in a while, I ran out of money to buy expensive face cream, so i tried this extra virgin coconut oil that i bought ages ago (for my hair)...on my face. and skin was glowing. i have oily/ acne prone skin but it doesn't irritate me. in fact, i've cut down the expenses such as face cream, toner, hair mask, makeup remover, body lotion, foot lotion, hand cream etc. WOW!...that's a lot of saving..with just one jar of coconut oil!

Coconut Oil
Posted by Jamie (Van Nuys, CA) on 01/28/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Dry skin be gone!! I love this site, and I love testimonials. i am a sucker for them, for better or worse, and have bought many a useless thing based on them. But I am SO SO SO happy to say that this time it actually came true for me! After reading all the great stuff on the site, I bought some Virgin coconut oil. I have fairly dry skin (and always issues with acne and hating my skin) and I have religiously applied a good, natural vitamin A and E lotion everyday after showers for a long time, etc. do all the "lock in moisture" tips... but I still had dry skin, also felt tight no matter what, never that dewy, glowing thing you hear about all the time from really expensive lotions and creams. oh my god thank god for coconut oil!! i am in love with it. I have used it maybe 3 or 4 days now, all over my body and any flakiness is GONE. gone!! yay! my hands are very dry because I work with them, but when I take the time to rub in the oil it keeps it from cracking at least. I know if I am more diligent I might actually feel like I don't have man hands! ha. The best thing is when I used it for a stir fry! holy cow, in love all over again. I mean, I really do feel like I glow like an 'island beauty' when I put it on, it melts so nicely and thin and silky on body temperature, and I am a redhead so anything that helps me feeling smooth and less mottled is a godsend. honestly, i am silk, not grease. even when it goes on it's not like oil, it's bliss. I'm a little overwhelmed with how/if to take it internally, along with all the ACV, molasses, hydrogen peroxide stuff... i don't want to bombard my body.. Any suggestions on how to prioritize which of these I ingest/get in a good steady routine? Or if it's harmful to be eating coconut oil AND all this other stuff? is it too much? regardless, for dry skin coconut oil is THE WAY TO GO. hands down. OH! also feels so so nice on my face. I was worried I'd break out but so far so good. I actually, finally (sob) feel RIGHT in my skin. hasn't been so for a long time. my face actually feels lubricated, I have been stunned the past night or two that I put it on my face to realize that it feels healthy from the inside, which is literally unreal and a blessing. my self image has improved from outside, inside out! Not too be too dramatic, but I really finally feel like I can say I'm a beautiful woman, because my skin FEELS fresh, healthy and also looks it. thank you!!!

Coconut Oil
Posted by Krystal (Memphis, TN) on 01/11/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I began using coconut oil on my hair and body and it is awesome. My skin is so soft. After I take my ACV bath or spray my body down with ACV after a shower, I wait until I am completely dry and rub my body down with the coconut oil. It is so good to my skin I can't help but to rub my own face and body! I began putting it around my dry cuticles; letting the oil soak in and can you believe my cuticle look awesome. I put it on my lips and let the oils soak in to make my lips softer. I don't need chap stick. I have coconut oil. I use a little on my hair and oil my scalp with it. I am going to experiment with taking it internally. I have read the comments about taking to much so I am going to start off slow. Natural products are awesome. Why don't we use what God intended! Nature! Vegetation & herbs! I love nature!

Coconut Oil
Posted by Lisa (Bangkok, Thailand) on 01/07/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I ingest pure virgin coconut oil twice per day. I used to have dry scaly skin. I tried the most expensive lotion brands: Loccitane, Origins, Bath & Body Works -- but nothing made my skin shiny and smooth. After two weeks of ingesting coconut oil and using externally my skin began to shine! My boyfriend couldn't stop touching me and everyone thought I was pregnant because my skin glowed. I am an African-American so we notoriously suffer from dry skin but now I have beautiful skin and because I live in Thailand I have access to some of the best oil around at good prices. The only mild reactions I had was gas which I took gas pills for.

Replied by Sultana
(Birmingham, Uk)

Hi. Recently i have been suffering from really dry sensitive skin. I don't normally have this problem but iv been coming out with noticable dry red patches on my face. I have tried everything, but nothing is working. Iv started coconut oil, taking it internally and externally but iv found that it dries up really quickly. The rest of my skin is looking great but the patches are still dry and red. Maybe im using it wrong? for anyone else who has sensitive dry skin, please could you give me some advise on applying coconut oil. i really don't want to give up on it... thank you. x

Replied by Dianna
(Austin, Tx)

depending on your body and the climate where you live - coconut oil may not work well for very dry sensitive skin.

coconut oil is a cooling oil - meaning that it feels cooling to the skin and very dry skin needs more warming type oils.

try another oil - castor oil would be great, even extra virgin olive oil, or if you can find some cold pressed sesame oil that would be great too.

if you want to keep using the coconut oil i would suggest to supplement its use by adding some castor oil either mixed in or on top of it.

castor oil is also anti fungal and anti-inflammatory.

coconut oil only works for me in the warm weather. if i use it when it is cold here my skin seems to actually get drier and shrink up!

however in the summer it works great!!! oh and you could also try warming up your coconut oil too.


Replied by Sultana
(Birmingham, Uk)

thank you very much for a reply, I will try warming the coconut oil. Don't really want to try anything else as iv tried so many things and getting fed up now. What ive been doing is washing my face with warm water, applying vco then putting a warm damp flannel on my face. I leave that on for a couple of seconds then apply another layer of coconut oil. after a bit it still dries up but not as bad as before. I am slowly seeing a difference with coconut oil, its better than the other creams but I guess I'm just going to have to be patient. I have taking atleast 3tbsp a day with a glass of warm milk and definately noticed a difference. my hairloss has reduced and my gums aren't as sensitive as they used to be. Can I ask what brands are good?

Coconut Oil
Posted by Anonymous (USA) on 01/07/2007
5 out of 5 stars

dry lines around eyes/wrinkles prevention Coconut oil is the future as I have smoked for 10 years yet skin is smooth & line-free AMAZING

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