Bacopa Powder for Memory Loss

| Modified on Apr 02, 2024
Bacopa Powder
Posted by Sue (Ca) on 07/26/2016

I'm surprised Memory Loss is not under Ailments - please add it. Or maybe I forgot where it is. (haha) ML does not necessarily mean one has Alzheimers or Parkinsons so sending seekers re: ML to those categories doesn't help. Maybe the seeker is just older. But many just older people don't have ML. So for that reason, when I developed ML, I decided I didn't have to just take it and have been looking for remedies for years (without success on Earthclinic! ). Mannatech was only slightly helpful and expensive - $60 a month if found on Ebay.

By age 72, I had gotten to the point that I frequently could not recall things like names of famous people, movies, hotels, cities, etc. Others were always filling in the word I was seeking. I was very high functioning otherwise and in good health. Somewhere I found out about Bacopa Powder. I buy mine on Amazon. After finally disciplining myself to taking the recommended daily portion of the Bacopa (only about 1/4 tsp a day in hot food or liquid) with no more skipping, within a few weeks I noticed my ability to recall information was better and now months later my recall ability definitely has improved significantly. I still don't have my goal of instant recall all the time, but I am now always able to retrieve the name/word I want within minutes.

EC: Thank you for the suggestion - new page for ML added on 7/28/16!