Coconut Oil for Memory Loss

| Modified on Apr 02, 2024

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Posted by Mandy (Va) on 11/21/2018

I am in my 50s and feel like I am forgetting things a lot, or at least more than before.

I tried Ginko Biloba first but it seemed to make me more emotional. (Not necessary for a menopausal woman! )

Next I tried coconut oil. I try to get a tablespoon a day in my diet. It does seem to be making a difference. I will keep it up.

Replied by Terri

It's not your imagination...I have discovered the same thing about coconut oil and memory. I am 54 and started a new (work) position a couple of years ago. I'm so thrilled that coconut oil came to my rescue, as there has been a lot to learn and memorize. I love it! (Add it to your coffee or cook with it)

Coconut Oil
Posted by Arlette (Compiegne, France) on 06/22/2013

Try coconut oil for memory loss and alzheimers.