Apple Cider Vinegar for Molluscum Contagiosum

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Posted by Erica R (Miami, Florida) on 09/25/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Apple Cider Vinegar cured my Molluscum Contagiosum. I'm not sure where I got the virus, but I did. It started off as one pimple-like thing on my leg, and began spreading. I went to the doctor. She told me I had Molluscum Contagiosum, so I immediately began researching natural cures for it. Rather than going to a dermatologist who would possibly burn them and leave scars, I instead bought a $4 bottle of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. I would tape small cotton balls to the infected area. The pimple-like things turn black and eventually fall out. It's unbelievable, and really works!

Replied by Lisa
Gaithersburg, Md
5 out of 5 stars

After noticing some small bumps on my 6 year daughter's left side, I took her to the doctor. Like most of feedback on this site, her pediatrician told us what it was, and that the only thing we could do was to let it run it's course.

Well after about 2 months, it only got worse... Her skin was red and raw (probably from scratching) and several more bumps appeared. After doing some research, I came across the thread on this site, and decided to give ACV a try.... Well it worked... Each night for about a week I cut up a cotton ball into 4 small pieces, and put some ACV on each piece. I used waterproof bandages to secure them in place, and let her sleep with them on. Then in the morning, I would remove the bandages... Over time, the bumps turned white, then black, then scabby, then one by one all the scabs fell off. Her skin is still healing from the ACV and bumps, and I'm using Neosporin and Vitamin E oil in the morning and evenings to help her skin heal, however she's certainly on the road to recovery.

Replied by Cloveoil
Orlando, Fl

Clove oil worked in a couple days and doesn't hurt or damage the skin. Did the ACV and it worked okay, but just hurt my 2 yr old too much. Tried zymaderm, didn't work. Tried clove oil applied directly too spots (my bottle was over 8 yrs old so I applied direct, but probably dilute with carrior oil if new(some say their oil is strong enough undiluted to blister. So be careful, don't get it too strong). It should only be a mild tingle if anything when applied. First the spot gets a little raised and inflamed around it. Then the horrible little spots get a dark spot in the center within a couple days of 2 applications per day and fall out. Killed them dead. Finally something that works, if I had only known at the beginning, he would have only had 15 spots to treat not 50. Clove oil, who knew.

Posted by Theresa Corzatt (Lacrosse, Kansas) on 08/08/2008
5 out of 5 stars

My 7 year old grand son contracted molluscum at the swimming pool. It covered his back and was spreading fast. I researched cures and found that Doctors in other countries use apple cider vinegar to cure this ailment along with vitamin E. We wore gloves and saturated cotton balls with apple cider vinegar. We taped pieces of the saturated cotton balls on each wart. We put this on every night at bed time and also gave him vitamin E twice daily. This took two weeks. The warts blister and the core comes to the surface. We removed the core and continued the treatment. He is completely healed and has no scars. The vinegar does sting a little bit at first. Thank God for apple cider vinegar.

Replied by Acnosweat
Boca Raton, Florida

I used this straight on my granddaughter and it hurt.. so i put her in the bathtub with it and in 3 weeks it was gone thank you so much...

Replied by Judovich
Rices Landing, Pa, Us

My daughter is 2 years old and has Molluscum on her right side and now starting on her leg. We are on our third type of treatment, which involes an oral medication and a gel. I, too, have started vinegar and salt baths daily. I can see a difference in her one large Moloscum, but the smaller ones seem to be a little more stubborn. Did you notice if they took longer to go away?

Replied by Deborah
Boca Raton, Florida

My Granddaughter has gotten Molluscum again at age 12. Doing Apple Cider Vinegar baths again, as I got rid of them with Apple Cider Vinegar at age 9. As I promised her I would have them gone before she moved to Texas, and with Apple Cider Vinegar Baths we did it to… Putting Apple Cider Vinegar in a bath will not sting but make sure you use a enough Apple Cider Vinegar or it will take to long to draw out. So hoping Mom and Dad can get them gone in 2 weeks as I wish I was there to help.. love her so much…love Mimi

Posted by May (Iowa City, Iowa) on 06/18/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Hi there! A while ago I was diagnosed with Molluscum Contagiosum, an itchy fungus sort of thing that showed up around my vagina. It's not considered an STD but I no doubt contracted it from God-knows-who during a one night stand. So anyway, I couldn't stop itching it and the stuff was spreading like mad. My gyno reccomended that I have it burned off with acid. Ouch! No thanks! So, having heard of the healing properties of ACV, I gave it a shot. I applied a little bit to the affected area twice a day with a q-tip. In 2 weeks it was completely gone! Just dried right up. Totally easy and painless. It has now been over 6 months and it hasn't come back. Thank God for ACV!

EC: Thank you for your feedback! A new page has been created for this condition...

Replied by It Happened To Me Too:(
Orlando, Fl/u.s.
5 out of 5 stars

First, Thank you for this website..I use it for everything, since I don't believe in medication anymore. Anyway, My boyfriend and I both got Molluscum and we both applied apple cider vingear straight to a baby wipe and left it on the affected area all day and night..stung alot at first but it was gone within 4days..his hasn't returned, while my molluscum just fell off last night.

Replied by Sleepless W/ Mc
Cincinnati, Oh

I was diagnosed with MC about 2 months ago, but noticed the first pimple around my genitals back in February. I never knew what it was and just kept popping them and then a new one would form every week. Sometimes a few at a time! Anyway, once I found out what it was I immediately started my research and trying different things (during this time I never shaved/trimmed because I was afraid it will come back). After a steady month and a half of treating it I shaved and noticed a few stragglers. This was a week ago roughly. I was under the impression it takes 3-6 months for this to heal on its own and how long did you leave the baby wipe with the ACV on it? I want to try it because I only have like 3 little pimples left.

Replied by Chris
Raleigh, Nc

Im a 23 year old sexually active male. I noticed 2 bumps on my penis 1 week ago and immediately thought it was warts (HPV). I went to see a doctor at a planned parenthood and she told me it was not warts, definitely not herpes, but looked characteristic of Molluscum with the dimple in the center, however I left undiagnosed and she recommened me see a dermatologist. SO I essentially paid the doc to give me a new disease to google. I decided to forgo the dermatologist due to the wait periods before appointments and because I have read that their treatments are mostly ineffective or take too long to work.

After finding Earth Clinic, I have a newfound hope that I can rid myself of these molluscum. By the way this site is EXCELLENT!!!

I found an article on the web from a dermatology journal (there is a good amount of jargon in the article, so it may be difficult to comprehend for those unversed in medical or biological terms. I myself am a college graduate and have grown accustomed to reading scientific articles, so it was a good informative read for me.)

I learned that the virus only exists inside of the papules (bumps), it is thought that this is how MCV evades detection from the immune system. As I began to learn more about the disease, I felt more empowered... Knowledge truly is power! You'll notice in the article that it lists several treatment options, with evisceration of the lesions being the most effective method. The article also gives details on effectiveness of other treatments.

...Back to my story, so a day or 2 after seeing the doctor, I noticed 2 more bumps on my penis. The bumps are scattered with two on the top side of my penis and 2 more on the underside. I decided to start ACV treatment since I havent been officially diagnosed with MCV and since there are only 4 at the moment, which is easily manageable. I used small pea sized pieces of cotton, soaked in ACV, and taped them to the lesions with band aids. I only do this overnight as I sleep, and after two days, 3 of the 4 have turned dark grey and look a bit scabbed. The 1 bump that has resisted the treatment is very small compared to the others and may not even be MCV at all.

Now, I work fulltime, outside and sweat alot, so I was next concerned with auto-innoculation or spreading of the virus. I read somewhere (possibly on EC) that you can cover the bumps with fingernail polish to help prevent spread. I use fast drying clear fingernail polish and dab it on the bumps with a Q-tip, being sure to use a new swab for each bump, and never dip a swab in the polish after touching the bump.

My routine is as follows for ACV treatment:

1) clean the area with soap/water

2) wipe areas with rubbing alcohol, then peroxide, then alcohol again, then iodine.

3) Next I take the small cotton ball soaked in ACV and tape it down directly over the bumps. Then I wrap my penis with bandaids (2 or 3) to secure the taped cotton balls.

4) go to sleep

5) wake up, remove bandages and note progress

6) clean areas with alcohol, then peroxide, then alcohol, then iodine.

7) now Im ready to cover the bumps since I have to go to work and want to prevent spread. I dab the nail polish directly on the bumps and let dry (I like to give it at least 2 coats). This may sting a bit, even more than the ACV, but to me its worth a few seconds of pain, after the polish dries you cant tell its there.

8) When I get home from work, I wipe the areas with nail polish remover, then take a swower. I use paper towels to dry off my genitals and dry the rest of my body with a towel.

*Helpful hint, try to avoid getting any of the chemicals in the urethra, because it will burn!

I have my fingers crossed that I dont have any new bumps come up, but like I said it has been a week since I noticed them. I will not resume sexual activity until I have gone at least a month without bumps.

I am also taking vitamin C to help boost the immune system. This will be helpful in the case that I have to pop the bumps myself. The article that I referenced says that after popping the bumps and draining them, a massive immuno response occurs due to the injury from popping the bump (this is good), which will then kill any remaining virus partices in the lesion. This makes sense because the virus is sitting, undetected in the bump, but as soon as you puncture the skin, your body will react and the immune system will "investigate" whats going on at the injury site, and the immune system will then be able to find the virus that was previosly undetected and destroy it!

I will have to provide an update sometime soon, but I am currently remaining positive in thought and suggest that you do the same as well. Stressing the disease will not make it go away, so why stress it? Learn as much as you can on the subject and it will feel less devastating as you realize that this is just a puny little coward virus that our bodies are well equipped to destroy!

Replied by Hatethisvirus
Lala, California

This is seriously the most horrrendous thing I've dealt with. I cry literally every day because of this. I feel gross and less confident as I have it on my genital area. It sucks. I was prescribed imiquimod which is like aladara and it worked. But I had a few more bumps so I went to the doc to have her scrape them off. She did. The a few days later I saw more pop up. This virus is terrible. I still have been using imiquimod. I tried ACV a couple nights ago and it seemed to have made some smaller. So I'm going to continue this tonight. I really hope this is the answer for me. I can't deal with this anymore. I've literally thought about just offing myself. But, hopefully this ACV will work. I hate having to deal with this.

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Hatethisvirus, have you looked up the remedies for this here on EC?

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, SC

Try colloidal silver - topically.