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Posted by Lynn (Las Vegas, Nevada, Usa) on 10/21/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I didn't know what they where when they first apeared thought heat rash, bu then more came stgot diagnosed... And tried eveything, zymaderm, natural products, ointments creams, then I experimented with, nailpolish, and so on then in my frustration came across this WONDERFUL information about ACV, and IT WOrKs, they died by going black, yes some pain but hell if it was going to get rid of them then YAHOO... It looked ugly for about 3 days then amazingly, wonderfully I was cleared...!! PS vita E on skin around the bumps is good will keep it. From burning!!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Bill (Chicago, Il) on 10/17/2011
5 out of 5 stars

When I initially started using ACV to clear up this problem, I killed like 50 of them within the first 24 hours. But they kept coming back 2 - 3 at a time over the course of about 6 weeks. I had to keep applying ACV to the new ones until the virus had died off. Any skin that was infected takes about 6 weeks (average according to online research) to manifest into a bump. So skin that looks normal, but has the virus, might take awhile to show up. I would say that if you are vigilant in applying ACV to new bumps as the appear - they should clear out after about 6 weeks (give or take).

I know that I was frustrated that new ones kept coming - but after like 6 weeks they finally stopped.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Bill (Chicago, Il) on 10/17/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I had to use the ACV for about 7 hours on any bumps... (usually left on while sleeping or while working during the day). I applied a waterproof bandage with cotton soaked in ACV - this prevented the ACV from drying out and maximizing the exposure. The bump should flatten out and turn black or brown (smaller ones seem to just go white, though). But if it is still a bump (i. e. you can feel it raised on the skin) be sure that it is still active and apply more ACV. This is how I did it- but others have used other methods such as makeup pads and whatnot.

Also try to minimize anything that might make them spread such as cutting them open or breaking the bump open.

Eventually it should go away if you treat the bumps as quickly as you detect them. Check for new ones every day until you are certain the virus has been destroyed.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Chelseaaaaa (Puyallup, Washington) on 10/16/2011

I have molluscum all over my legs. They spread because of shaving. I did try the apple cider vinegar treatment by leaving it on for 24 hrs. Some have scabed some are red and some have not changed at all! But my question is I know you cant shave when you have this but can you wax your legs? I cant stand not shaving them. Ive had molluscum for over 4 months now. Ive been getting them frozen off. A couple weeks ago they were finally all gone so I started to shave again and then they came back and multiplied! How long after they r gone can you shave? I hope apple cider vinegar works! Its all been day 2 since my treatment. PLEASE HELP!

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

It depends on whether you want to clear the problem up or you want to spread it. You have only been using ACV for 24 hours. There may still be some virus in the skin. If you open the pustules up by pulling the skin off with wax they will certainly spread. Be patient... it may take 7 days for the skin to be clear or more...

Replied by Chelsea
(Puyallup, Washington)

Okay I will just be patient and not wax them either. How often did you put the Apple Cider Vinegar on your molluscum after the 24 hr treatment? Do I need to do another 24 hr treatment or just apply it on them a couple times a day until they are gone?

Thanks so much for your help!

Replied by Chelsea
(Puyallup, Washington)

I have noticed everyone saying there molluscum has scabbed over after they apply apple cider vinegar. Mine have not yet. I did do another treatment since my first one except I only did it over night and not 24 hrs like I had done before. All mine are red or have not changed :( its now 4 days since I first started doing the apple cider vinegar. Do they have to scab over for this to work? Only a few have disappeared. My bumps are also pretty new- about a couple weeks old and are very small.

Replied by It's Rough
(Sault Ste Marie, Ontario)

I noticed mine back in August, a lot of them, and left them until September to do anything about them. I have been killing them off slowly for the past 5 weeks or so with the ACV, applying it 2 times a day, but it's still taking a while and more are showing up. But I'd imagine that after the 6 week mark as somebody said in another post they will stop appearing. It's rough, and being at college, the weekends are pretty lame. :(

Thanks to all your posts, they've been giving me some good ideas on how to gain advantages in this chemical warfare below.

Replied by Chelsea
(Puyallup, Washington)
4 out of 5 stars

Well I'm not sure if its the Apple Cider Vinegar but my molluscum is just multiplying. I have stopped shaving my legs and I'm a girl so it's embarassing and they are still multiplying! Since freezing is the only thing that works for me I made a appointment for today to get them frozen. After that I will continue to apply Apple Cider Vinegar to the bumps I'm getting frozen today since it did get rid of some of my bumps. Maybe it will prevent spreading it? Let's hope so! I dislike the scarring of getting them frozen though. But over time the scar fades and is not very noticable so I am glad it's fall. And by summer the scars will not be very noticeable.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mcfree (South, Georgia) on 09/27/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Let me start off by saying this stuff is a miracle! I had bumps pop up on my bikini line for the first time about 2 and a half weeks ago and since I had never heard of Molluscum my first thought was of course herpes. I went to an emergency clinic and they told me I had Molluscum. After doing much research online I came across this site. I never once read anything but freezing and cutting does NOT work. I decided this was worth a shot. I went to the organic food store and apple cider vinegar. The first two nights I soaked make up pads in the vinegar and held them down with a large band aid. I did not poke the molluscums or try to squeeze out the center. After two days half of the spots scabbed over the rest were open and it became very painful to leave the vinegar on for a long time so I started swabbing the remaining spots about 3 times a day. After about 7 days of total treatment the spots were gone. Don't waste your time at the Doctor, this stuff works!!!

Replied by Mumjojo
(United Kingdom, England)
5 out of 5 stars

Hope this can help some of you. My daughter has had molluscum contagiosum for over a year now. It started on the back of her left leg and then spread to her bottom and now her right leg. I searched the internet so many times but found no known cure. Doctors told me it would clear within a year but it just seemed to be getting worse.

I decided to try APPLE CIDER VINEGAR.... So far so good. I have only been putting it on my daughter's legs about once a week just before she goes to bed but they are definitely clearing up. I have been putting clean pyjama bottoms on her every night after dabbing the cider vinegar on with cotton wool.

Hope this works for others. Best of luck x

Replied by Holly
(Dallas, Texas)

We have been battling molluscum for almost a year now. My 5 year old has had it since last December and it spread all over his body. We had most of them go away with the dermotologist using beetlejuice but that does not prevent new ones from popping up. He started with 50 and now were down to 7. This is after 3 trips to the doctor with them applying beetlejuice each time. Well, my second son is now getting them and I had to get an answer.

We started ACV 3 days ago. My question is, the new molluscum that are TINY, do we treat the same way as the more mature ones? I put ACV in a spray bottle and have been spraying the new TINY ones down twice a day, hoping to prevent them from growing at all.

Also, when they have a little black spot in the middle, does that mean I don't have to apply the ACV to those anymore?

Thanks for any responses. I'm going crazy trying to clear this up because I have a baby due soon and I don't want her to come in contact with this horrible stuff.

Replied by Debs
(Kelowna, Bc Canada)
5 out of 5 stars

I'd like to pass on my 'success' so far with the ACV treatments I have used on my 5 year old from this site. Like all of you, extreme frustration with a virus that has not 'disappeared on it's own' since I noticed the 1st few bumps almost 1 year ago. Not willing to try any of the brutal doctors suggestions, my daughter has tolerated this modified treatment extremely well. I began applying ACV nightly before bedtime on Oct. 3rd, 'dabbing' onto the 40 MC that covered one armpit/arm/side area. I used straight ACV dabbed on with a Qtip, then covered with bandaids and wrapped the larger cluster areas with non-stick guaze for the night. Only applying at night, the MC has looked 'red and angry'.. Slowly drying out, and now I can only see 2 MC that have any pus inside.!! Yes!

Once they began really drying and scabbing out, I have begun to apply Vitamin E ointmant to those MC as I fear some scarring. It also seems to speed up healing. ?? I have dabbed on some Tea Tree oil for good measure as well. Seems milder, but couldn't hurt. I have not noticed 1 new MC since we began treatment. :-)) Fingers crossed! I will definately be passing this info onto our GP. Btw.... Naturally, I have not dabbed ACV onto 'open' MC as they erupted... that would be cruel to a 5 y/old. I just wanted to pass this along to other parents ... That it IS WORKING for us!! Even if it's taking longer.... It is working!! Thanks for everyone's input... We are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! Note... I launder her jammie top every day.. And have stopped the nightly hot baths as it also feeds the spread. Who'd of thunk it?? Just wish I'd known this stuff a year ago! :-))

Replied by Lyndz
(Manitowoc, Wi)

My 5 year old son also had molluscum. Every month for about 6months we were going to the dermatologist for 'beetle juice' treatments which were overall painful once the treated area would blister.

One day at my job I met a woman who was Native American and practiced natural remedies. We discussed the process my son had been going through. She did some research for me and made a tincture to apply to the affected area every night. In addition to the tincture she had made she also recommended that he take a vitamin with Echinacea.

Long story short-he put the paste on once and decided he didn't like it so we discontinued that but he has been taking L'il Critters Immune C Plus Zinc and Echinacea Gummy Bears vitamins daily and his molluscum has disappeared completely. These gummy vitamins taste good, easy for children to take, inexpensive and can be found at general retailers like: CVS, Walgreens & Target.

Unfortunately this past week our pediatrician confirmed that my 1yr old son has molluscum. We do not want him to be treated by the dermatologist with 'beetle juice' so I have been researching liquid toddlers vitamins with Echinacea before we try other aggressive treatments. Maybe I will try ACV for him. Wish us luck!

Replied by Debs
(Kelowna, Bc)

Just to update on my daughter's plight... After 2 weeks of a mild ACV treatment, she is now more than 60% healed! Mostly now, just red areas remain... You can tell they are well on the path to healing. I wanted to add that I also boosted her immune system with added multi vitamins and vitamin c tabs. We have not noted 1 new MC since we began this treatment on Oct. 3rd. I now feel confident to say ''Success''!! Can't wait to show the doctor. Hope you all have the same measure of success!

Replied by Shelley
(Plano, Tx)

Hello, First off..... Hello Debs from Kelowna BC. I used to live there!

MY son has been dealing with this since April. We have tried zyclara for two months now. The bumps (on torso, upper arms, and few on neck) are seeming to get red and angry. My hubby and I are now starting with this ACV treatments like gang busters now. It sure is bring the core to the surface more. Sometimes we pop them but mostly we keep putting the cotton and bandaid to the area until it gets black and scabs over. They are everywhere on his torso so it's hard to do one at a time. We are putting big gauze pieces soaked in the ACV and have him sit while watching a show. Then we take it off. We will do this twice a day. We have terrasil cream and aquaphor healing oinment to put on in between. Throughout the day I will swab down his body with ACV to get the little ones. I hope this works. It looks just terrible! We would love for this to go away before spring! Crossing our fingers. I'm glad I found this website.

Replied by Sara
(Ocean Springs, Ms)

A few months back my then 15 month old daughter developed MC. I found this site and started using the ACV. I used q-tips soaked in ACV and held them on each bump for several seconds. I felt this would be a more humane treatement with a toddler. I did this 2-3 times a day. Some of the bumps were very tiny, some looked like typical pimples, and some looked like the typical MC bumps. The doctor did diagnose her with MC. The bigger ones turned black and/or scabbed and went away, and others just went away. I did this for about 3 weeks. New ones just kept popping up. I treated them until finally I felt like I was free of them.

Now, here I am about 2 months later, and she seems to have developed them again. They really don't look like the typical MC, more like a pimple or bug bite, but there are about 13 of them on her face, hands, legs, and feet. This would make sense because she is covered in the other areas. My question: Is it possible to get reinfected after a couple of months of clear skin? Can they be molluscum even if they are not the "typical" waxy, flesh-colored bumps? How can I prevent this from happening again? She doesn't bathe with siblings and I use a new towel every time she bathes. She is 17 months old, so I can't exactly tell her not to touch them plus there are 4 on her hands and she sucks her thumb!!! I am sooooo frustrated because I thought I had vanquished these irritating little bumps. The ACV definitely worked; they disappeared in a matter of 3 weeks, but I don't know if I can keep this up every few months. Any suggestions?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Alex (London, Uk) on 09/22/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Apple Cider Vinegar for Molluscum Contagiosum

I read ithere last night after losing all hope they would go away, all 20 of them, as the doctor said it would take up2 18 months to clear :'( so I tried ACV first steralised a needle popped them all, didnt hurt, put ACV on make up pads and taped it on my genital area, lower abdomen, leg and chest.

7 hours later (overnight) BOOOOOOOOM I can hardly see them! Shocked shocked shocked! Thank you everyone you are all superstars )

Replied by Jimmy7111
(Houston, Tx, Usa)

I've had this stuff for over 2 months now and I never knew what it was. I thought herpes at first and after doing much research online I found out it was Molluscum. At first I couldn't find any home treatments so I just went to the store and got some liquid wart remover. This attempt was very painful and not very effective. I have been using ACV now for a few days and it seems to be clearing them up. I do have a question tho.. Some of the bumps are turning black and clearing up others have a white like scab on them at this point do I keep applying the ACV or let it try and heal up? (SIDENOTE: DO NOT POP Molluscum LIKE A PIMPLE - ALL IT DOES IS SPREAD THE VIRUS. ) Also it's a cheap way to secure yourself, go purchase some alcohol and after each time ur hands come in contact with the area of treatment make sure you use the alcohol on ur hands. This will ensure you don't spread Molluscum to other parts of your body! Good God I hope this is over soon!

Replied by Lolabell
(Waretown, Nj Usa)

I've been told by a few people who had them scab over or turn white is to leave it alone. Mine have turned white or scabbed over but I lay some makeup pads soaked with ACV on the bumps (I have about 8 or so in the bikini line area) and leave it on as long as I can about 30 minutes to 45 minutes then remove the pads and just let it air out. I've done this a few nights now. I can't seem to keep the bandaid on all night in the bikini line area. It seems to be working. They appear to have shrunk and they're not painful (filled with pus). They're not turning black though, so not sure but I believe the ACV is working. I'll just keeping applying ACV soaked pads at night until they are gone. Good luck to you. I do believe the ACV works, so just keep at it.

Replied by Jimmy7111
(Houston, Tx - Texas, Usa)

Thanks for the reply. I have left it alone now going to see what happens. One of the bumps that's off on its own I circled with a sharpie and I'm giving the stabbing with a sterile needle a try tonight. I will reply with my progress on this technique.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mama31606 (Valdosta, Ga) on 09/19/2011
4 out of 5 stars

My 4 year old started with one little bump about 8 months ago. The DR failed to diagnose it. Before I knew it, 1 was 5, 5 were 10, 10 were 20, 20 were 40..... I think your getting the picture. She had horrible clusters of 10-40 behind her knees, armpit, tummy/trunk, chest... ect. It was taking over our lives and spread to her 6 year old sister. When the dr finally diagnosed and gave us a prescription ( of what I dont even remember, it was totally useless! ).

I then started researching home remedies and came accross this site and thought I would share some tips. Like I said, the bumps were just everywhere and taking over my 4 year old. For 3 days I dipped makeup remover pads in the ACV and covered with bandaids... From the regular sized ones on individual bumps, to the super large bandages on her clusters. After the 2-3 days most had responded, but not all.

But now, we had a new problem. She had sooooo many bumps and areas that needed treatment, I was going thru an entire plus box of bandaids each treatment/day. The next mornings, when time to remove bandages, it was torture on her!! I dont know if she just has very sensitive skin ( not something I'd noticed before in her) or because of the number of bandages we required or if I had gorilla glue adhesive bandages lol! I knew we had to continue treatment, but now she had scabs/rips in good skin from removing bandaids. She was in horrible pain and screaming whenever she knew it was time to switch or remove them. I felt awful, but was determined to see this thru till we killed this HATEFUL virus.

My best suggestion on large clusters in areas like behind the knees or in armpit, ect.... is to get the whole makeup pad remover soaked with ACV, then cover/wrap with "secure flex wrap" stuff. Its the roll of crinkle-y looking stuff that sticks to itself. Looks like a big tape roll. You tear it into any length you need and while it sticks to itself, it won't on skin. Now hopefully, we can finish these bumps off for once and all! Good luck. I truly understand your pain, suffering and frustration. Hang in there!

Replied by Frustrated In Nj
(Hamilton, Nj)

I feel your pain. Your story really caught my eye. I have a 4 yrs old son that had 1 on his stomach for about a yr. The Dr. kept telling me it would go away on its own not to worry. Well a year later 5, 10, 20 until one night he went to bed and woke up with them covering 85% of is body! It is so bad I am thinking of bathing him every night in ACV! I am not kidding. This is the most horrible virus:(

Replied by Momofthree
(Danville, Ca)

Hi Moms! Your post caught my attention as I have 2 little ones battling this stubborn virus :( Our son is 5 and had three on his stomach for about 6 months that never evolved until we moved to a damper climate and then all h-e-l-l broke loose. He has been to a dermatologist twice now for beetle juice treatments and it was looking promising, only 10 or so bumps, healing and no new ones until this last treatment. He woke up earlier in the week with large crops all over his knees, all over his legs, arms even top of his hands and ears... Impossible for me to treat individually, so what do I do? I want to try the ACV but he is so ridden with them can I just rub it on his body with a make up pad? I feel so bad for him and am worried kids will start to notice and tease him or not want to play with him. Our little girl is 3.5 and she has a few on her lower trunk/groin area but they seem to have responded well to the beetle juice as I haven't noticed any new ones anywhere else on her body. I am desperate for advice and reassurance this too shal pass, so hard to see them go through this.

Replied by Nell

One really reliable thing to try is Manuka Honey 16+. I get it from Whole Foods. The medical grade is fantastic!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Tori (Nj, Nj ) on 09/10/2011

After a very emotional battle with molluscum contagiosum, and then a lot of Internet research, and rentless treatment w/ Aldara, I decided to give organic apple cider vinegar a try. I have been drinking it daily with water. On Wednesday night, I soaked cotton balls in it and taped them to new molluscum spots (they were so tiny that I was not even sure it was still molluscum). Within 2 days, they scabbed up ("over"). I have little scabs in my genital area where the molluscum was. The scabs remind me of what happened after I scraped a knee or an elbow as a kid.

It is now Saturday, so the scabs are fresh.

What happens to these scabs? Do they disappear? Fall off? I'm refraning from picking at them. Will anything like Vaseline or Neosporin help them recover sooner?

Replied by Lola
(Waretown, New Jersey, Usa)

I too have about 5 or so MC on one side of my bikini line; it's a very uncomfortable, awkward spot to have them. I soaked those round makeup pads with ACV and put a large bandaid over it and kept it on overnight and took it off about 12 hours later. The MC looked white like it scabbed over so I just wiped the area again with ACV and let it air dry. Now I wait to see. I believe once it scabs, we're almost home free. Though one of MC turned black and now it's completely healed, so not sure about the white scabbing. Will probably keep applying the ACV at night though. It can't hurt since it's supposed to kill the virus. Post again if you see change and so will I. I'd like to know how you made out. Good luck!

Replied by Ihatemc
(Los Angeles, Ca)

After they turned white, like mine are, did you remove the Apple Cider Vinegar bandage? I am using duct tape and Apple Cider Vinegar and it hurts a lot. I would hope that once they turn white they are no longer contagious? Let me know how it went.

Replied by Lolabell
(Waretown, New Jersey, Usa)

This is what I would like to know. Mine have scabbed over along the bikini line about 6 of them and I've been rubbing ACV on it every time I go to the bathroom when I'm home. Yes, they are sore and I tried leaving it on at night but it burned too much, so I took it off; but do we have to continue dabbing it with ACV when it scabs over or just leave it alone and let it dry up? I hope someone answers this. I had a few that turned black and it's completely healed but these turned white and scabbed over, so I don't know if I should keep dabbing it with ACV or just leave it alone to dry out?

Replied by Lolabell
(Waretown, Nj Usa)

Yeah, when they turn white that means the virus has been burned off and they scab up. When they scab, you don't need to apply the ACV just leave it alone to dry out. They're supposed to turn red or black and fall off but mine haven't yet. They're still white and it burns if I put ACV on them so I'm leaving it alone for now and let the surrounding skin heal a bit, it's a bit irritated from the ACV and the bandaid. Hope this info helps and hope this clears up for good.

Replied by Concerned Guest
(Northwest, Ga)

So you just dabbed it on and it went away, You didn't to 24 hours with bandaid or taped cotton ball?

Replied by Lola
(Waretown, New Jersey Usa)

Help please someone. I have about 8 bumps right in my bikini line. I've been trying to apply ACV with bandaids at night but after a few hours, it soaks through and the bandaid is slipping off. I did initially leave it on all night and when I took bandaid off in morning, they looked white. I left it alone during the day and at night, the white was gone but they looked like raised mounds, like there is pus inside, almost skin color. I try to apply the ACV on at night but it's in such a precarious part of the body, it's hard to apply the bandaid and keep it on.

I know ACV is the answer. I had one on my lower stomach and that turned black and it's completely gone. However, this cluster on my bikini line is not turning black. When they turn white, should I stop the ACV and let it heal? When do they turn black since that's when I know the virus is done for. The white also looks like scabs but they don't turn black and they're still there. Also, after the initial overnight treatment, do I have to continue leaving pads on each night if they're white?

Help, any suggestions? I've been doing this on and off for 3 weeks and they have not disappeared.


Replied by Concerned Guest
(Northwest, Ga)

I know how you feel! It is depressing and annoying. I have some on my genital area as well. I found that if you poke it with a sterilized needle they tend to go away faster. I am absolutly paranoid about them... My Dr. really didn't seem concerened about them. I hope this helps, I know how you feel.

Replied by Lolabell
(Waretown, Nj Usa)

To Concerned Guest from GA

Well, it's been 2 days since my last post. the bumps have gone down, some have flattened with some scabbing, one is a bright white. They're no longer puffy and sore and no longer tend to burn when I apply the ACV on them. I've given up trying to tape the bandaid on my bikini line area. It doesn't stay on well and it really irritates the unaffected skin around the bumps. Now, the past 2 nights, I've just placed ACV soaked makeup pads on the area and left them on for up to 1 hour then remove and let air dry. I'll keep doing this each night until they are gone. It certainly can't hurt since the ACV kills the virus. If anyone out there has other suggestions, I'd love to hear them. One bump turned black and is completely gone; these bumps along the bikini line either turn white or scab and flatten out, they don't turn black, but I suppose the ACV is working. What a nightmare.

Replied by Mcfree
(Valdosta, Georgia)

I just got rid of this disease, but I too was confused with the white scabbing. I didn't know if it meant the bump was no longer contagious and healing so I kept applying ACV. The spots just looked the same for about 5 days.. I finally decided to quit applying the ACV to see if they were really dead and two days later they were all gone. My bumps never turned black, they just turned white and then disappeared!

Replied by Lolabell
(Waretown, Nj/ Usa)

Thanks for the feedback. Mine are staying white and/or shrinking. No more pain when I put ACV on at night. Leave soaked pads on for about 45 minutes then take them off to air out. May just leave them alone the next few nights and see if they just dry out and finally disappear. Glad yours have cleared up. Hope to be rid of this soon.

Replied by Lolabell
(Waretown, Nj/usa)
5 out of 5 stars

Just wanted to say that my MC is completely cleared. After the initial application of the makeup pad soaked in the ACV, covered with a bandaid (difficult in the bikini line area) and leaving it on for about 8 - 10 hours, I soaked the makeup pads with the ACV and left them on the bumps, which turned white/scabbed over, for 30 to 45 minutes at night. I took them off and let them air out. I soaked them for about a week for 30-45 minutes each night and finally decided to leave them alone and just let them dry up and they Finally Are All Gone. I'm cured! After months of having these bumps they are gone. Now, if they recur, I'll know what to do.

I wish everyone here the best and thanks for this site. You saved me from months and months of embarrasment and discomfort and who knows hundreds of dollars of medication since I have no health insurance at the moment, so ACV will always be a staple in my kitchen/bathroom! Good luck and yes, it works and it takes time and patience but eventually, it does work.

Replied by Anonymous

Did you get any new, small ones in the process? Did they respond to ACV? ACV works only on the bigger ones for me.

Replied by Dawn

We are at our wits end!!! Our 6 year old has had these for almost two years. The doctor said they would go away in 12-18 month if we did nothing. Well We did nothing and she still has them. Now she has clusters instead of individuals.

We have been using tea tree oil a friend suggested and had success with. We have not had he same success. She had now broken out from the band aid adhesive ( I think). Just sent my husband to get the self sticking wrap another person suggests instead of the band aids. Wish us luck. So frustrating.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Dawn,

A friend of mine used burdock root and olive leaf to cure a chronic case of MC in her child. She used tinctures of each and used them internally. When I use tinctures for smaller children, I give them 10 drops of each in a little water, a couple of times a day. A vitamin C supplement can support the immune system and help the body to repair the skin more quickly. Yes, bandaids can be very hard on the skin. You might try 1 cup of apple cider vinegar in the bath and then loose cotton clothes to wear and not use bandaids. I wonder if some daily sunshine on the skin would be a help, also.

Mama to Many

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by William (Chicago, Il) on 08/30/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I'm 40, and contracted MC about 2 months ago from my gf. The infection was in the pubic region. Being rather aware of things, after about a month I realized that the bumps were not just pimples, but something else. I did a lot of online research and came across Zymaderm as a possible treatment. I tried Zymaderm for about 4 weeks (twice a day) and unfortunately, no real progress was made using this treatment. In fact, I think it might have spread worse. I do think zymaderm worked better on the smaller "new" MC bumps. But the larger older "clusters" were not going away. After a few weeks the more infected area would itch pretty bad, but I resisted in scratching, knowing this would only spread the infection.

So in frustration I went back online to check for other home remedies and found Apple Cider Vinegar and in particular this page. I do remember ACV working for me about 3 years ago on a wart I had on my thumb that persisted for 8 months. The ACV killed it in about 4 days after all other treatments failed. Since MC is basically a variation of warts, I thought this might be a plausible treatment. Boy was I right!

I acquired some waterproof bandages from Walgreens that were large enough to cover the worst part of the infection (about 90% of the 30- 35 bumps that I had). I also purchased some cotton pads and cut them to fit into the bandage - so it could hold more ACV. I poured ACV into the bandages and then affixed them to my problem area. I reinforced it with some cloth medical tape. It was approximately noon in the day when I started treatment using ACV. The ACV did sting a bit, but was tolerable. I left it like this till I got home later that day and removed the bandages about 7 hours later. To my surprise the bumps had started turning black!!! Most that were under the bandage were already dead. I decided to prepare another new fresh bandage and applied it for the rest of the night and while I slept. I must say the stinging of the ACV was a bit intense at this point, as the good skin was getting red (like a sunburn). I took some advil and went to bed.

By morning the bumps had all turned black with a white part around it. I think the MC core (the white part that is the actual virus) had turned black and died. The good skin was red and irritated from the ACV like a sunburn really. NO big deal.

I plan to get the rest of them tonight. From what I read when they turn black, they are destroyed. I'm glad this is finally over with.

Replied by Mc
(Troy, Ny)
5 out of 5 stars

Just wanted to share my experience and say that Molluscum contagiosum treatment with Apple Cider Vinegar worked pretty well for me too. It seemed to work better when combined with other treatment options like evisceration and iodine, but worked well enough on its own.

My brother had them at one point and we found the ACV to work well because it wasn't painful or cause blisters. It did stink though!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Cali Girl (Riverside, Ca) on 08/21/2011
5 out of 5 stars

i have been dealing with molluscum for 8months now. This has been such a nightmare. I am 20 years old and it all started with one growing on my inner thigh. It gradually started to spread around my lady bits area. Some even appeared on my neck(dnt knw how). I was getting extremely frustrated with waiting for me to see the dermatologist to remove them, so I found this website and it helped me sooo much. It worked beautifully for me. I bought the apple cider vinegar with makeup pads remover & some tape (good tape). I would soak the pads & place it over the MC in the morning, remove and did the same at night. They soon began to dry up and some got white and the big ones got black. Now they are healing & I havnt spotted any new ones. I have been praying for this to end, its ruining my social life. For others with molluscum try this & pray & have patience.. It'l work out

Replied by Lolabell60
(Waretown, Nj)

Hi, I also have MC in the vaginal area mainly 8 bumps on the inner thighs. You say you soaked makeup pads with ACV and placed them on the area in the morning and then again at night. How long did you leave them on in the morning and at night and did you tape them in place? Someone just used a Q-tip dipped in ACV and just dabbed the bumps twice a day; if so, do you still have to cover them with a bandaid? Hope to hear from you soon. I am anxious to try this as soon as possible.


Replied by Gobux
(Columbus, Ohio)

Does the ACV hurt the unaffected skin? My daughter has had this on her inner thighs for 6 months - nothing has worked. She probably has 200 lesions :( I think I might start with a few and see how they react.

Replied by Cali Girl
(Riverside, Ca)
5 out of 5 stars

yes I just would cover them with the makeup pads and leave them for a couple of hours in the morning if I didnt go out. If I went out I would use a bandaid but would dab the q tip soaked with Apple Cider Vinegar and apply on the MC... When I did it at night I would leave it all night n take a shower in the morning.. just stay calm n this will all work out keep putting the Apple Cider Vinegar it truly works.

Replied by Lolabell60
(Waretown, New Jersey)

Thanks for your feedback. I placed the soaked makeup pads with sticky bandage on my inner thighs over night. I woke up and two of the larger ones turned black and the other few I had turned white. When I went to rub some more ACV on, the black ones broke and bled but read here that once they're black, the virus is dead and can't recontaminate you. I'll put pads back on tonight since it smells strong during the day and see what happens in the morning; yes, you're right. It does work and it does take a little time but this is so much better than the expensive cream my doctor recommended. I must say ripping the sticky bandage off hurt and irritated my thighs more than ACV. Either way, I believe I'll be cleared of this in a week or so!

Replied by Mc Victim For 7 Years
(Pomona, California)

Hey does this truly work!?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Nanette (Shreveport, La) on 07/15/2011

Do you use organic or regular apple cider vinegar to cure molluscum? I am confused. I see both cited by people. Please advise!

Replied by Em
(Tumbleweed City , Nm)
5 out of 5 stars

when I first noticed this "bump" it looked like a white head. I did notice that it had a little dimple in the middle and not really a head/point. one bump was larger than the others, but in all there were about 4.

i went to 2 doctors and they told me the same thing--Molluscum Contagiousum. After a bit of research I decided to use ACV. here is what I did:

--got a needle and sterilized it with soap and water, 91% alcohol and then running through a flame.

--poked each bump with the needle till I could see a teeny bit of blood (confirmation that I had gone through the skin of the bump)

--soak q-tip/cotton ball with _____ ACV UNDILUTED and apply/rub on each bump for about 30 secs. Do this several times a day. (upon waking up, before bed, each time using the restroom when at home)

bumps scabbed up and were gone in less than 10 days. had no irriation, burning, etc, but that is because I didn't leave the cotton on my skin for a prolonged period of time (i see that others are taping the ACV soaked cotton onto their skin and getting irritation/burning).

i didn't wear gloves or anything, but I did make sure that I washed my hands thoroughly and even poured some alcohol on them and let it dry.

i also got another cotton ball soaked in ACV and swiped that over all the surrounding areas of skin. I did this to possibly "prevent" the spread of it and to also "treat" what others may have not yet popped up yet.

i think poking/piercing the bump allows the ACV to work with just a quick application as opposed to not piercing and leaving the cotton on for several hours.

if you are paranoid you can swipe down the area after the bumps/scabs have gone away. do this for about a week after ALL bumps have cleared (when you wake up and before bed).

Replied by Briana
(St. Louis, Mo - Missouri)

So u say you just wiped the apple cider vinegar on for 30 secs and didnt soak them all night, but did you leave the apple cider on or did you wash it off right after you wiped it down for 30 secs?

Replied by Em
(Tumbleweed City , Nm)

I did NOT rinse it off. I rubbed it on and let it air dry. You will want to let it air dry before putting undergarments/clothing on.

Replied by Briana
(St. Louis, Missouri)

Ok a couple things... The mc isnt on my body its on my forehead, I went to a derm and he gave me medication for it, it worked but then it didnt. It would disappear then show right back up again, not to mention I think I had this over a year now, it sucks. So like everyone else I try to come up with a better solution bcuz the medication wasnt working plus lost my insurance, so I cant afford to go to my derm to get treated. So I have tried the acv, but not to sure if im doing it right? I bought the organic Apple Cider Vinegar and I think I been doing it for about two weeks now. The first time I did it I popped couple then wiped it down with acv, but then the blood turn brown and I have a couple scars now, so I stop popping them and have been rubbing the Apple Cider Vinegar on the mc about three times a day. Once when I wake up in the morning, once when I come home from work, and then once at night. I also have some benezol wash stuff that I been washing it off once a day only. So to clear it up the mc looks alot smaller and getting a little clear but hasnt left yet, kinda like when I was using my own medication for it so just wondering if im doing something wrong or if there is something else I can do. I know Apple Cider Vinegar kills the 1st layer of your skin so I dont want to keep using to much acv. So if there is any suggestions you have, it would be much appreciated. Just really want to get rid of this stuff! Thank you.

Replied by Jay
(Toronto, Ont, Canada)

Hi Briana. I have no personal experience with molluscum contagiosum but it appears to be caused by a virus and therefore using any antiviral treatments should help. The easiest example I can think of is virgin organic coconut oil which is antimicrobial, antioxidant, antifungal, and antibacterial and is very good for both skin and hair. You should probably take some internally as well as applying externally.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Anonymous ( USA) on 06/04/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I was diagnosed with molluscum about a month ago, and now I am almost entirely clear. I went to the health clinic on my college campus, and they froze off the visible one with liquid nitrogen. However, the bumps were still present and just made my skin red. I started investigating and I first tried Zymaderm. It wasn't working as fast as I wanted it to, so I did more research and came across apple cider vinegar, which was a huge blessing! I went to Whole Foods and purchased _____'s Apple Cider Vinegar (Whole Foods' brand works as well). I had two clusters of these bumps between my thighs, very close to my panty line. I took circular cotton makeup pads and poured ACV on them, placing them over the bumps on each side. I then used big bandaids to cover them, but duct tape will also work. As for the individual ones that spread up both sides of my butt cheeks, I took cotton balls and broke them off into smaller balls, dipped them in the apple cider vinegar (which I poured into the cap) and took either duct tape or waterproof tape to cover the bumps. Within 24 hours, the bumps either turned white or scab. I went to the doctor and he told me what I was doing was working and said that they were most likely no longer contagious when they were scabbed, which makes sense because chicken pox are no longer contagious when they are scabbed over and molluscum is part of the same family of virus. I'm keeping an eye on the area but ACV and prayer really works, so please give it a try. Good luck!

Replied by Charlotte
(Omaha, Nebraska, Usa)

Hi, I have had MC for about 5 months now and I just can't get rid of them! I was just wondering, how long did you leave the pads with Apple Cider Vinegar on?

Replied by Anonymous

I left them on over night and changed the pads in the morning. I did this for about five days just to be safe but they were already starting to scab after 24 hours.

Replied by A Very Itchy Individual
(Northeast, Usa)
5 out of 5 stars

I have had molluscum ALL over my body for the last couple weeks. It is awful. I am a 20 yr old male and as you can imagine it is doing some serious damage on my social life. I have been using Retin-A since I was first diagnosed about 8 days ago. It did not seem to be doing too much although I understand it works slow. I read yesterday that apple cider vinegar will help fight the mollscum. I bought some cotton make up pads and soaked them in apple cider vinegar and taped them right onto the bumps with some medical tape, although that tape did not stick too too well (I heard duct tape would be stickier). Although there was too much mollscum to cover all of them, I put it on the cluster on my chin and the ones on my lower stomach/pubic area. I put them on in the morning and by the time I took them off at night, almost all of the bumps on my chin had scabbed over, and several of the ones on my abdomen (the biggest ones) had also scabbed and flattened. AMAZING!

I will keep trying this, but I am also going to have them removed by my Dermatologist in a few days. Hopefully he can get most of them, but it seems like I have a hundred. I will update on my progress, but I would DEFINITELY reccomend putting the apple cider vinegar on them. (I used regular stop and shop brand acv.)

Replied by Concernde Guest
(Nw, Georgia)

How long did it take for you to be completely done, I have been doing this for about 5 days on my penis, one has turned all black on and around it and has form what I can tell gone away, and two others I am having more of an issue with. I have been using Qtip tops because I can get a better seal around the MC. When you noticed more coming up were they REALLY TINY?! ?! ?! Or am I just being paranoid??

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Nate (Nw Suburbs Of Chicago, Illinois Usa) on 11/15/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Hands down yes this works if you do it correctly. I used podofilox which is a topical solution given to me by a doctor and it only managed to clear one but it left it very large and scabbed. ALl the other ones that I used apple cider vinegar on went away, peacefully. First you must take a pin or needle and sterilize it with a flame then once its cool pick at the little buggers until they are open and remove the white hard part if you can. Then (this may burn) wipe the buggers with ACV. If you wet some cotton balls with Acv and bandaid them to the effected area over night this helps too although can be a little uncomfortable. Also it is possible to burn yourself with the acid overnight if it sits on sensitive skin so make sure it is taped down securely. Do this for maybe three days it will look more red but then dont wipe them for a couple days and make sure you rinse off the Apple Cider Vinegar every morning. Once they are not irritated Then just wipe them everyday once and they should clear and go down relatively fast. I treated my infection in about a week and a half with this stuff. ITS A MIRACLE!

Replied by Misty
(Uniontown, Oh)

Maybe you can answer a question for me. My 18month old has a mild case of MC. He has a small spot on crease of arm that has my 10 very tiny ones. Ive applied ACV on the cottonball and taped it there but he has random ones on his torso that the chances of me being able to tape cottonball balls to them before he rips them off are not good. Do you think wiping them a few times a day with ACV will help any?

Replied by Deb
(Melbourne , Australia)

Misty, I have read that Tea Tree Oil applied directly on the MC's will clear them up. Do a google search for Tea Tree Oil. Also keeping the area dry is important as warm water will make them spread.

Replied by Brooke
(Montgomery, Tx, Usa)

I would try mixing Castor oil and baking soda into a chewing gum consistency and putting that on them. It gets rid of skin tags, warts, moles and other skin conditions. I would think that it would help your child's condition also. Put a little on them and cover them with a band-aid every night until they are gone.

Replied by Misty
(Uniontown, Oh)

Thanks so much for the suggestions. I'm starting to wonder if my son really has MC. Not that I don't trust our dr but after looking of pictures on the internet, it looks nothing like what my son has. Blisters in crease of arm are VERY small(pics ive seen they tend to be pretty big?) and the spots on torso are not raised and are mostly a red color. From the looks of them there is nothing inside. He does have eczema so skin rashes are nothing new but whats on his torso also doesnt look like eczema. Ive heard MC spreads pretty quickly and he had these things on crease of arm for over 2 weeks before seeing dr and never seem to of spread. Any sugggestions or comments would be VERY appreciated!!!! THANKS!!!

Replied by Brooke
(Montgomery, Tx, Usa)

There is so many conditions out there that this could be. I would go to a different Dr. And get a second opinion. It could be chicken pox - if someone in your house just got inoculated for chicken pox, then they could have made it spread to anyone! It could be warts, it could be an allergy to wheat - Celiac disease, etc. When you know exactly what he has, then you will know which way to go from there. If he already has eczema then it may just be that. If you could send some pictures then I would try to do that.

Replied by Dcm
(Surrey, Bc Canada)
5 out of 5 stars

Go see a homeopathic doctor, treatment is inexpensive and was effective for three of my neices and my son, I'm on day 3 with my daughter. The homeopathic doctor recommended thuja (small white sugary tasting pellets taken under the tongue) and silver in a spray form, which get applied to the affected areas. It is all painless and usually is effective within a couple of weeks.

Replied by Steve'o
(Rochester, Ny)
5 out of 5 stars

I have been struggling with what I recently to be muscullum contagiom for nearly a year now.... Until this week when I finally figured out that I did not have folliculitis... And in fact had this horrible disease. However, I was elated to find all of this great information from everyday people, and horrifying stories regarding encounters with dermatologists and general practitioners who only want to make money by scraping burning and freezing in their office. Shame on them all.

I tried the most commonly reported success story on this and other forums, apple cider vinegar... And wow!!!!!!!!! I taped on the Apple Cider Vinegar soaked cotton balls, woke up they were white, went to work and two hours later they were dark red and black... Yeah!!!!! I treated smaller and more remote ones over next two days... And now all I have left is black scabs... Which are beginning to fall away leaving no scars or any sign of mc. Thank you everyone for your taking the time to post and share your knowledge. This is the simplest, most effective, shortest, least invasive or damaging remedy there is... And your doctor will not treat you this way.... Shame shame shame. I wish you all luck, and my god.... this really works and has changed my life.

Replied by Mj
(Philadelphia, Pa)

I have had bumps for at least 7 months now. They began around my anus on the sides of my cheeks. then a couple on my right thigh, and 5 more on the left side of my stomach. My doctor and gyno identified them both as mulluscum.

I read about the ACV, just tried it 3 nights ago, and have done so each night with a saturated cotton ball and bandaid. The bump got much bigger and turned black in the center!! It hurts a bit when it is on, and when I remove it in the morning the bump feels very raw, open, and sore (where as before they never hurt or itched) Is this normal? Is it good? how long is the process?

I would like to add the Thuja as well.... what is the dosage?

Has anyone tried multi-treating (combining ACV with teatree, iodine, etc???)

Thank you for any advice.

Replied by Frog513
(Swansboro, Nc, Us)
13 posts

Hi MJ form Philly. My son suffered from this about 2 years ago when he was 10. He had them all over his torso, mostly on the side of his rib cage. The doctor said the medicine had too many side effects and told us to wait it out. We decided to do the Organic ACV and the next day they were almost dried up. We continued doing this every evening for about 5 days and they disappeared completely and now he is almost 12 and we haven't seen one surface. I am not sure if what you are seeing is normal but I don't think it will hurt to continue on. I do recall the bump being filled with some kind of white discharge if he squeezed them so maybe that is what you are seeing in yours only yours has turned black from the ACV? Just a guess. I would recommend organic ACV with the mother. Not sure about combining with the other things you mentioned but I wanted to share an ACV success story. One more thing, we did not leave the cottonball on his skin, we just saturated the area and covered him with those HUGE bandaids. Hope you find relief soon!
~C. from NC

Replied by Rocketgirl
(Houston, Tx, Usa)
4 out of 5 stars

I've been dealing with MC for what feels like forever now. For the longest time, I honestly didn't know what it was. I was terrified that I had contracted herpes or hpv, the usual fears. Went to the gyno for the standard check-up and she didn't mention anything about this. Waited for all of the STD tests to come back and they all came up clean, so I went back in to talk to her about what was going on with my lady business.

She then told me I had something called MC and failed to explain what it even was, but told me how to treat it; my options were cryotherpay or the aldera cream, which, if we're being honest, is just way too expensive, especially considering I haven't found much positive feedback on it. So, I call her up and schedule an appointment for the cryo. I go in on Friday and she tells me that she thinks we should wait a little while because MC will usually clear on it own, mind you I've been dealing with this for AT LEAST 6 months, if not longer. I tell her I'll think about it, so I leave and I'm panicking because let's face it, nobody feels very awesome with little, itchy bumps all over their lady parts. So I use my resources that I started out with in the beginning.

I found this lovely little gem of a website and I figured, apple cider vinegar, what the hell, it can't hurt anything, right? Right, I was. I've been doing the ACV every night for around probably 12 hours, I originally did this as a test run and planned on maybe doing it once, figuring it wouldn't work. I was definitely wrong. I've done it three nights in a row and the size and number of my MC has gone down substantially. The areas that I'm treating seems to be a little irritated and the ACV burns like hell, but my body is in survival mode at this point and I can handle a little burning if it means I can get rid of these pesky bumps that have been driving me crazy so long. I'm actually going in today to get some cryo done on the areas that are harder to cover and take care of, but the areas that I've been treating are looking better each day. So hey guys, thanks for sharing the secret wonder cure. I don't think I would wish MC on my worst enemy.

Replied by Lynn
(Dallas, Tx)

I had MC a few years ago, and basically what I did was squeeze the middle out of the bump. I would use my thumbs and squeeze/wiggle the white part out. That is the part that has the virus. Once that comes out, it will bleed profusely. I then sterilized the area w/alcohol or iodine, and washed my hands thoroughly. Once that white part is out, it will completely heal up. You just want to make sure you get it out, so you don't spread it. I would bet rid of any new bumps this way, and eventually it went away.

Replied by Tired Of Dealing With This
(Little Rock, Ar)

My five year-old was diagnosed with Mollescum Contagiosum in November 2010. We have gone through the treatments of burning them off (in the beginning when it was just on his inner elbow) and since April when it spread to his left side of his torso with aldara cream (way too expensive-$400 for 36 packets) for three days then retin-A on the fourth day to get them red and irritated. Then for the next four to five days we apply triamcinalon cream to get his irritated area back to normal only to look like we haven't treated the mollescum at all! Now we are trying the _____'s ACV per my sister's advice after reading this cite. We have done this for two nights (soaked gauze pad in ACV, put in on inner elbow, put papertowel on it so it won't soak through shirt, then wrap with medical wrap, and put a plastic bag over it because he can't stand the smell)! It is not looking that much better and it is somewhat red and irritated (the skin under and around the bumps but not the bumps themselves). He said last night when I put it on that it burned him. I am wondering if the wetness of the pad all night long (although this is what yall say to do) is making the area too moist and maybe I should just wipe it several times a day with the ACV and at night and not leave the most ACV pad on him all night long. We are trying to get this cleared up prior to him starting school in two weeks because we are afraid the school will freak if they see this and call to have us come pick him up. What are your suggestions now?

Replied by Jbl
(Charlotte, Nc)

I would like to share my experience with this thing. I had to put a real fight to get read of it and through trial and error figure out what works and what not.

I had it for very long 7 month, first couple of month I did not do anything about it bc there were just two small pimples in my bikini area and I was not sure what it was. At that point I kept shaving and that was a huge mistake bc it allowed it to spread all over my private area. So lesson # 1 - whatever you do - DO NOT SHAVE!!! .

I went to dr and once I knew what it was, also started reading about to see what works best. I tried following remedies that did not work for me at all - Zicam, Emued, tea tree oil. Zicam & Emued just did not do anything at all. Got really bad burn from tree oil that I had to treat with antibiotic ointment, molluscum remained.

Finally I figured out system how to fight that thing:

#1 go to dermatologist every two weeks to have all visible molluscum freezed. Note to tell your dr not to be too careful and actually get them pretty good. Treat every single pimple with cotton swab and hold it down a little longer. After my first visit, my dr was very careful and just touched them slightly, it burned them, but not completely, so on my second visit I asked her to go at it, and she held down each pimple for at list 5 sec with cotton swab. That worked much better and in about week all pimples she treated were gone. Don't worry about scarring. Yes it will look bad for about a month, but now, few month later scars are almost not visible and I am sure in few months they will be completely gone. You will not get real "scars", it looks more like skin discoloration and it evens out with the rest of the skin during just few months. So if you apply freezing method correctly it works!

#2 The problem for me was new pimples kept showing up. In between my visits to dr every time when new ones showed up, I treated them with ACV - used paper towel to make a little pads, soaked them in ACV and taped over night. Then in the middle of day I tried my best to do the same for about another hour. In between, applied Polysporin ointment to reduce irritation (my dermatologist told me not to use Neosporin bc it might actually help spreading molluscum). While applying ACV treatment few things might happen - 1) pimple might turn black - this is a best case scenario bc after that it just dries out and falls off 2) it might turn white - all gross stuff is raised to the top. In this case I squeezed it out to the point when it starts bleeding (that means all molluscum is gone), apply Polysporin and then continue with ACV until it scabs. NOTE!!! Have to be VERY careful when doing this not to touch anything else bc it would spread like crazy. I wore gloves and constantly applied alcohol on it and in area all around it to make sure nothing is getting infected. My advice to buy big box with disposable alcohol swaps. Open bunch of them before you start, and throw away every swap after you treat each area. I would go thought at list 20 swaps for every molluscum treatment.

So to summarize -

1. go to you dermatologist to freeze it off. Don't be discouraged if it's not all gone after first or second treatment. Keep going until it all gone. It took me 8 visits.

2. Use ACV in between your visits

3. Treat irritation from ACV with Polyisporin ointment.

You will beat that thing!!! Don't listen anyone who tells you just to leave it alone, bc it will spread!!!

Good luck!!!

Replied by Ambitious Girl
5 out of 5 stars

I used to work with kids, I'm not sure where I contracted this virus but I'm assuming from waxing. This showed up about eight months ago. The first thought was std?? I've been tested three times for every sexual transmitted disease possible. All results clear and negative. Doctor said. "Oo it'll clear up" my significant other and I of course engage in sexual relations. My doctor knew that we were trying to conceive. This didn't worry me one because he hasn't gotten them and two because she never said it was highly contagious. I noticed a few weeks ago I was getting new bumps. Not one or two but like ten! Again went to a different doctor. New nothing about the bumps. It's not hpv they said. Not herpes. It could be mc, but not being sure I should make an appointment with a dermatologist. I've tried Apple Cider Vinegar for a week and it has worked wonders. I'm hoping to rid this virus for good so the love of my life and I can move on. It's not an std. But the embarrassment of it spreading on your thighs and around your genitals is devastating. I've also been using Liquid clove which has helped as well. How can you tell the virus is gone after the use of acv? Thanks :)

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Worried Mom (Birmingham, Uk) on 10/14/2010
4 out of 5 stars

My 4 year old daughter has been suffering from MC for around 2 months now at first they didn't bother her but they have started to spread they first appeared on her lower abdomen and now her torso is covered and I have noticed some appearing on the pelvic area. Every time she gets hot she complains they itch. Doctors have told me they cannot do anything for them and they will clear up in 6 months or so! I have since discovered they can take upto 5 years to go! So thank you everyone who has posted on here with their stories. 2 days ago I started the apple cider vinegar putting some on cotton wool and then taping over the mc and omg what a result the following morning just as I read the mc's had turned black and scabby. She has soo many of them and also suffers from ezcema so the ACV doesn't help that. But I'm doing a few spots each night now hopefully they will all clear soon. Thankyou everyone for the advise on this site. I AM TEMPTED TO TRY THE CLEAR NAIL VARNISH ON A COUPLE JUST SIMPLY BECAUSE ITS LESS HASSLE THAN THE TAPING OF COTTON WOOL AND THE SMELL OF VINEGAR. I WILL UPDATE ON HERE.

Replied by Jen
(Blaine, Mn)
5 out of 5 stars

I read your entry a few days ago after looking for suggestions for Mulluscum. I have noticed it on my son now for a few months with new spots occuring here and there, most recently a small one just above his lip. We have done the Apple Cider Vinegar for two nights now and all I can say is it's amazing. Each morning we have taken the cotton balls off, you can see the difference in the areas he has the spots. It is killing the papules. They are shrunk in size each day and have a white appearance which is the skin dying, therefore killing the virus. I'm very happy with this treatment and our Dr. gave us her full approval as it's a more natural approach.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mary Jane (Ireland) on 06/14/2010
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All 3 of my young children contracted molluscum contagiosum between the ages of 2 and 6 (at different times) - presumably at the swimming pool. The youngest child got it the worst and having been told by our gp that it was harmless and would go in due course (all very well but it was irritating her and spreading quite fast from her arms to her body) I read about apple cider vinegar on the net. What I did was prick a few of the wart like things with a sterile needle, remove the white gunk, clean the site and then apply the (double strength - neat) vinegar on a cotton wool pad for about 10 seconds each place, and then put a plaster (band-aid)on it. It did sting but didn't last long or upset them too much. In all 3 cases the little warts went away - not just the few I treated but all of them - within a few weeks. I probably did 2 treatments with the vinegar per child about 1 week apart. I am so thankful that I did treat it myself rather than let it run it's course over many months or years, which can happen.

Replied by Kendra
(Richland, Wa)
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I just wanted to vote YES for apple cider vinegar treating molluscum contagiosum. My 3 year old daughter had two flesh colored bumps on her left buttock that no cream I applied to would help. Unfortunately, we were busy with moving and Christmas, so it wasn't until 2 months later that it was diagnosed. The doctor made no big deal about it, and said it would go away on its own in months to years. Unfortunately, my daughter had itched open the bumps and my son and I had taken baths with her beforehand. We all ended up with molluscum, but I was able to treat all of my bumps and my 7 year old son's bumps with soaking in apple cider vinegar for 1-2 days. I would cut out a small piece of a cotton makeup remover pad and soak it in apple cider vinegar, remove the excess liquid and put it on the bumps under a waterproof band-aid. I do have to say that I still have scars from this treatment, but it has only been a month or so.

My daughter's case has been much more difficult. Unfortunately, the dermatologist's receptionist recommended salicilic acid, so I tried that on my daughter which was very painful for her and turned her skin purple. I do not recommend this! Of course, her skin was too sensitive after that for apple cider vinegar, so I bought some colloidal silver water and salve that I am applying to her. I do give her baths with apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, ravintasara oil, and lavendar oil. Every now and then I try to treat one of her bumps with apple cider vinegar, and the treatment works. My daughter sometimes cries and complains that it stings her, however, in which case I will take off the band-aid. We have also treated the bumps by popping them like a pimple, and then washing thoroughly with alcohol. She cries for this, too, because it hurts. Needless to say, it is taking longer for her bumps to go away, but things are much better and are mostly confined to her left buttock, although she did have bumps on her legs, stomach, back, and chest. It has been 6 months since I initially saw the original bumps on her butt.

I should also mention that we do not share towels or clothes now. We do not bathe together anymore. We use a towel or wash cloth once and then it is laundered. The same goes for clothes. Everything is laundered using the "sanitary" cycle (hot water) in my wash machine. I have removed all hand towels in the bathrooms and replaced them with paper towels. I am using tea tree oil soap, colloidal silver shampoo, colloidal silver water spray, colloidal silver lotion and salve when needed. I also mix olive oil with tea tree oil, raventasara oil, and lavendar oil as a moisturizer. My husband has not contracted this virus (thank God).

I read a pediatric journal study using Tagamet to succesfully treat molluscum, but this did not work for my children. Apparently this treatment may only work for atopic children.

We also took thuja occidentalis, but I did not notice any improvement afterwards.

My bumps were very itchy, so I would use a Q-tip dipped in silver salve to "itch" the bumps - especially those I thought I had on my scalp and ears. Of course I threw it away once I had used both sides of the Q-tip.

I appreciate this website so very much. I use it now all the time!

Thanks, Kendra

Replied by Bon
(Midland, Ga)

My 6 months old son has them all over his chest and tummy and 3 or so on his forehead. Do you think the apple cider vinegar would be too harsh for him? If not, how should I use it?

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