Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda

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Posted by Susan on 02/04/2007

[YEA]  Another testimonial in praise and thanks for Ted's ACV/baking soda remedy. I had been using ACV in water for months just as a general tonic, but still had reflux in the form of hunger pangs after eating, which induced a cough. It took 2 weeks but Ted's remedy did it! Thank you for your time and dedication to educating us on the wonders of the body -- if we understand its complexity and work with it rather than just shooting down symptoms, it self-corrects. You are a blessing.

Posted by Loretta (Erie, PA) on 02/01/2007

[YEA]  I have been taking the AVC/Baking Soda for acid reflux 3 times a day but not sure to take it an hour before each meal, during the meal or after. My reflux seems to bother me the most about 2 hours after my dinner, which I usually eat around 5:30. Thank you for your help - glad I found this cure. Only been on it 3 days but what a difference. Also, can you ever go off it or is it something you have to do every day?

Posted by Chris (Mission, Kansas) on 01/29/2007

[YEA]  Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda Cured my terrible GERD!! After 5 Trips to the Emergency Room thinking I was Having a Heart attack and more to doctors I was told I had GERD-Acid Reflux. This was confirmed with an Endoscopy. My life became out of control with fear and chest pressure. I was given Nexium 40mg once a day and xanax for the fear(panic). These two drugs only slightly helped. 3 weeks of pain and missing work. I came across this site and was thinking it was not worth trying or the doctors would of said something about this remedy (apple cider vinegar). WRONG!! For 5 dollars at the health store I have my life back!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!. Panic is gone also. I cannot thank you enough. I can eat again too. I cannot Tell you how grateful I am. Please keep this site going! It Helps people from suffering. If you are Reading this and suffering just go get the apple cider vinegar (Brand name _______S) and baking soda. Thanks a million and God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Eva (Van Nuys, CA) on 01/15/2007

[YEA]  My boyfriend suffered from very bad acid reflux, he used to take at least 20 Rolaids a day. Since he started to drink Ted's home remedy of ACV and Baking soda 4x a day, he does not need to take any more Rolaids. Thank you Ted.

Posted by Deanna (Longmont, CO) on 01/13/2007

[YEA]  i have had a history of acid reflux in times of stress. to add to the stress is the excessive belching that occurs during the attacks, the lack of sleep from having to sit up at night. none of the over the counter drugs were helping. i came across your site and the cure of acv and baking soda...and am so grateful i did!!! after only three days i am a new person. thank you thank you thank you!

Posted by Robert (Santa Barbara, CA) on 12/28/2006

[YEA]  I have tried just about everything! I went for an endoscopy and the gastroenterologist did not see much evidence of acid reflux. But he said I probably had it since my stomach was inflamed. He diagnosed me with gastritis. I have not been able to eat without severe nausea for the last 6 months! The strange thing is that I never get a burning sensation. I bought some PH strips and my urine PH was very acidic along with my saliva. I understand it is normal to have a slightly urine PH but mine was always very acidic. I ate lots of steamed vegetables, am a vegetarian, never drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes so I don't think my diet had anything to do with it. I think it was years of stress catching up with me. Fortunately for me, my nutritionist turned me onto ACV and I searched for more information on ACV and found this web site. After about 6 days of taking 1-2 tablespoons of ACV, 3X per day with a 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda to neutralize the ph before the major meals and my acid reflux is almost completely gone! Before I had tried ACV, I had to even stop exercising because the glands in my throat would get so swollen. Now I take a teaspoon of ACV with a dash of baking soda before I exercise and hardly experience any swolleness in my glands. Each day my condition is improving.......I honestly thought that my life was coming to an end........the nausea and sudden change to my lifestyle was crippling. I continue to take one digestive enzyme capsule with each major meal, but I used to have to take about 4 of them to just get by. I am wondering if I will have to take ACV for my whole life........since my condition is getting better with each day perhaps I'll eventually be just be on an occasional maintenance mode .Thanks so much for this website. Good luck and God Bless to everyone! Also, you can toss the prilosec into the garbage dump!......Prilosec worked well for a while but the joints in my body were hurting me more. I now feel young again!

Posted by Jane (Middletown, NJ) on 12/12/2006

[YEA]  I started taking Apple Cider Vinegar and baking soda 2 weeks ago. I have been on Protonix, Reglan, and Prevacid for years, and they just stopped working. I went on line to check out the apple cider vinegar cure and I started using it right away. It helped my acid reflux immediately. I no longer have that burning sensation in my esophagus 24 hours a day. I am so very grateful for this remedy. I told my doctor, who never heard of it, and he said to continue using it. I also like the idea that it is 100% natural and you really can't beat the price!!

Posted by Erin (Weymouth, MA)

[NAY]  I found acv w/ baking soda made my reflux much, much worse. When I stopped using it, I haven't had any reflux since.

Acidity Issues   1  0   

Posted by Tanya (Vancouver, Canada) on 07/22/2007

[YEA]  I've been taking ACV to help reduce my body acidity. It helped relax my shoulder muscles somewhat. However, real improvements occurred when I tried out Ted's ACV backing soda recipe! I had started on Glucosamine to help reduce my squeaky/crackling joints in the neck, shoulders, hips, and back, not realizing that the problem is (possibly) acid-related. The baking soda absolutely helped, within days! I can still crack my neck some, but the rest of me is fine. Amazing. We seriously should set up a Donation Box for Ted. He's contributed so much and has really made this site stand out from the others!

Alkalizing pH   0  0   

Posted by Jane (South Africa) on 07/10/2014

I am confused by claims for both apple cider vinegar and bicarbonate of soda - both are supposedly excellent for health specifically, for alkalinising the body (not lowering ph, as I incorrectly said in my title). I do not understand how two such opposite products, one acidic and one pure alkaline, can do the same thing. Can anyone tell me which is best to use for optimum health?

Apple Cider Vinegar   1  0   

Posted by Jeff (Atlanta, GA) on 08/05/2008

[YEA]  For the past two years I suffered from a severe case of chronic urticaria and angiodaema that manifested itself on my palms and soles as well as my legs and face. My particular condition would not respond to the traditional prescription medications of H1 and H2 inhibitors (anitihistamines) even though I was taking twice the daily recommended dosage. I was even put on low dose cyclosporine therapy by my allergist/immunologist in a vain attempt to control this condition. The only alternative that succeeded in temporarily relieving the urticaria was prednisone (which is too dangerous to be considered a long term solution). My condition was so severe that I was unable to leave the house because of the embarrassment of the visible wheals on my arms and face. The hives and swelling kept me from going in to work on more than one occassion, and kept me from being about to go out and socialize as well. It also was exacerbated by exercise as well as hot or cold weather. Needless to say I had exhausted what I thought was all the possible causes and possible means to cure my ailment to no avail. That was until my mother called me after reading a book about the benefits of apple cider vinegar. My further research led me to this site (and for that I thank God!), and my condition has ceased completely! I contine to use raw ACV along with baking soda and don't plan on ever stopping. I am no longer on any medications whatsoever...which I think is Truly Amazing. Thank you Ted and the good folks at earthclinic for the website and the willingness to help people. It really is amazing that something so simple accomplished what literally thousands of dollars of prescription medicine could not.

Replied by Pushpa
Irving, Tx
Jeff from Atlanta, GA said: he uses I contine to use raw ACV along with baking soda and don't plan on ever stopping to get relief from urticaria. Please let us know how you use it? and where can i get raw Apple Cider Veniger?

Arthritis   2  0   

Posted by Karen (Williston, Nd, Usa) on 03/19/2010

I have a question about ACV. I have been taking 1 tbsp ACV in 1 cup purified water with 1/4 tsp baking soda for 5 days now, twice a day in the hopes of helping my arthritis. I plan to do 5 days on, 2 days off. My question is, can I keep doing this as long as I want? I haven't noticed a real big improvement in the arthritis yet, but do have a lot more energy. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks. Karen

Posted by RC (Southern, Arkansas) on 02/27/2009

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  Can anyone please tell me, What is GSE? I have an ongoing sinus issue as well, muscle tightness (always, always) in my shoulders (since my teen years), lower back pain (sacroiliac?) poppint joints, and some recently acquired arthritis pains in my hands. Found this site, quit ALL meds, started 2T of ACV with 1tsp honey and 1/2 tsp baking soda. After 1 week, substantial relief in my hands, some relief with sinus, but now I have achiness all over... joint popping and low back pain continue to come and go. Thinking I have a yeast issue and am looking for answers on this site... help?! I believe the ACV treatment is working for me so far! I enjoy this site and everyone's input. I'm listening to the catpurr as I type. :O)

EC: GSE - Grapefruit Seed Extract

Replied by Arletta
Tucson, Arizona
Regarding: "now I have achiness all over... Joint popping and low back pain continue to come and go. Thinking I have a yeast issue and am looking for answers on this site... help?! "

Hello. If you do have yeast overgrowth, that could be the reason you are feeling achy all over. It's one of those things where, at least temporarily, the cure often feels worse than the problem. ACV helps with yeast overgrowth - at least it does for me. That means the nasty bacterias are dying off, and they release poisons as they die off, temporarily making you feel worse.

It helps to keep track of what you are eating, when, etc. Then, to do purposeful things, when you can, such as eating a good portion of jalapenos, garlic or some other food known for killing bad bacteria in your body. If, after you eat it, you feel much worse (all the way to being extremely gassy, breaking out with rashes, having diarrhea, feeling vomitious) and then, a few hours later, you feel better than you did before, it is a good indication that yeast overgrowth is your problem.

I read that in one of those books like The Yeast Connection. I tried it. It proved true for me.

Also, the joint popping and pain could be a result of your body having reduced stress upon it after an extended period of suffering.

When I was going through my divorce, so I was even more stressed out than usual, I actually lost height due to muscular tension, and when my health began to approve, I had lots of joint popping. In fact, one time, my chest cracked so loud it sounded like someone shot a gun!

You have to keep paying attention to your overall experience, take notes to help you remember, and try different things, such as purposeful stretching. If your back pops more after the stretching, then, a release of tension is probably the cause.

I found Callanetics to be incredibly helpful, when I can get time to do it. That was what I was doing, around the time when my body really started popping and I gained my height back.

Of course, it's always best to have a doctor and consult with them; but, if you feel better, most of the way, these are probably just side effects of getting better.

GSE (grapefruit seed extract) is, by the way, a great thing to add, in liquid form, to liquid soaps and shampoos, to help with dandruff and rashes that might result from yeast overgrowth. Also helps if you have that "just can't get clean" feeling. You want to use a very small amount, as too much might irritate nerve endings. A small amount mixed with toothpaste or baking soda/hydrogen peroxide can help get rid of bad breath and thrush, too.

GSE in liquid form is best for mouth, throat, external applications. In capsule form, it is more useful in the belly. In pill form, it works better for the intestines. Just eating grapefruit, especially if you eat the bitter white part that clings to the fruit and the seeds, can be very beneficial in the process of rebalancing your body, though.

Posted by Davey D (Victoria, BC Canada) on 07/30/2008

[YEA]  I would just like to say how wonderful the site is. About a year ago I started to search for natural cures for arthritis because my hips were giving me terrible pain and some pain in my knuckles as well. I am a male of 60 years with Muscular Dystrophy. I started taking 2 tbs apple cider vinegar with 1/2 tsp of backing soda twice a day for 5 days on and 2 days off. I can say that today I am almost pain free. I have found that the Omega 369 has taken care of my suicidal depression, but one a day is all I can afford because our Government will not help me. Your simple affordable remedy has saved my life because I can live more comfortably now. There was a story of a man of 53 found dead in his truck on day from carbon monoxide poisoning and I had been contemplating this method before I found Earth Clinic. Maybe if he had of known he would still be alive. No cuddo's for our gov.
God Bless you Ted.
Thank you so much for your help.
Davey D.

Posted by Steve (Victoria BC, Canada) on 12/06/2007

[YEA]  Hi everyone at earthclinic! I am a 60 year male. I found your site after a search for arthritis and natural cures. I started taking the ACV and BS two months ago. It has significantly reduced the pain and swelling between my knuckles. My hips and knee pain are getting better and the food taste better as well. My energy has increased and I am not napping as much. I don't feel as cold anymore and no more shivers in bed. It has also helped my wife with her knees. I can't thank you enough for your wonderful natural cure. I almost got sold on the Swedish joint pain formula but I found your site and I am now saving my much needed money. Now I am going to start using the H202 inhalation method and I will let you know how that turns out.You are on my 649 list and you can hold me to that.

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