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Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda

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Acid Reflux  

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Posted by Fajar (Beppu, Oita, japan) on 11/01/2009

Dear Mr. Ted,

i am now trying the ACV for my acid reflux. 1 tblspoon 8oz water, 3 times a day. Already been on it for 3 days now. doesn't seem to give me much difference.

However, I am really intrigued with the ted's apple cider and baking soda recipe, and as far as my logic goes, i feel that it makes sense. however, i read from some other websites, that the prolong used of baking soda will kill good bacteria in your digestive tract, in addition, i quote this from another website

"if you take too much baking soda, or any antacid medication, then the stomach acid itself can be neutralized. The result is that the stomach cells produces more acid to compensate. You then end up taking more baking soda or antacid to neutralize the excess acid. Eventually you can exhaust the stomach cells and the level of stomach acid can decline. Great for your heartburn perhaps, but not so good for your digestion. The level of stomach acid can fall so much that it impairs digestion and food cannot be broken down properly. The result of this can be allergies and inflammation in other areas of the body.

Is this side effect true? Will there be any significant difference if I use the baking soda recipe? because the apple cider vinegar only does not seem to give me much relief, at least yet.

also, i'm south east asian (from indonesia), if that is of importance.

please reply mr.Ted, i am really desperate. if i healed, i'll donate for sure.

thank you.

fajar perdana.

Replied by Fajar
Beppu, Oita, Japan
Dear Mr. Ted,

this is my 6th day trying the ACV for my acid reflux (without the baking soda). 1 tblspoon 8oz water, 3 times a day. still not much difference.

I don't get heartburn when I drink it, so my problem probably is not more acid, but less acid.

My acid reflux problem is not as severe as some other people here, however they seem to be cured rather instantly, while my problem (which is only moderate) hasn't been cured (yet).

My question is,
1) for my not severe/moderate GERD, generally how long should I take your baking soda apple cider vinegar remedy before i am expected to see any change in curing my acid reflux? Will taking it with baking soda differ with taking ACV alone?

2) I am intrigued by your post that said "bug". what "bug" is it and how long should I take the humic acid before I am expected to see any change in curing my acid reflux? there is this brand with 166 mg calcium and 500 mg humic acid tablet. will that work or should I find the liquid humic acid?

Thank you for your first reply,

please reply again, Mr. Ted, I am desperate since I havent see any result from the ACV alone.
Replied by Ted Donate

Bangkok, Thailand

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Dear Fajar:

As to your question of how long it takes for the acid reflux if you take apple cider vinegar and baking soda. It takes for most people 2-3 weeks. Baking soda maybe added more instead of 1/4 can be added to 1/2 teaspoon. This allows the intestines to get more alkaline, so that it can neutralize the acidity from the stomach. It's a general remedy. But in field work, I got all kinds of causes for acid reflux and hence many remedies. However, this is the simplest.

As to your second question, certain virus that causes acid reflux, I don't use any particular brand, however I do use a powdered source. The ones I got are either from China or Australia, where it's extracted into a humate material. I used the humic acid as a test for presence of virus. In other words if the condition is relieved by this, then it's a positive test for a virus.

As to the questions that I think you should be asking is likely to be what other remedies for acid reflux. These are the ones I found to have cured and has done very well also. Namely digestive enzymes, hydrochloric acid supplements (betaine) magnesium chloride, and royal jelly (fresh frozen royal jelly). People tend to do the kitchen sink approach, this is not a good way to find which ones work since, I just used one of them at a time and see which ones work the best. In general, I found taking magnesium chloride drops immediately after eating or during eating helps reduce the condition. A digestive enzyme will work better if a person doesn't have a magnesium deficiency. In another case of toxicity and stomach damage from an unknown poisoning, that initiated an acid reflux, I have found royal jelly to help. It was a one time dose of 1 teaspoon and cured the week long acid reflux problems.

It's likely therefore that in an acid reflux, it could have many possible causes, the most common is metabolic acidosis, from eating hard to digest food, namely well done steaks and other meat products. In some other cases the stomach just ferment, because it can't digest the food, in which case digestive enzyme, magnesium chloride, vitamin B50, and betaine seems to help if it's taken along with meal. I prefer the digestive enzyme. But in another case still, if a person has a vitamin B deficiency a similar acid reflux occur. Hence there are many kinds of acid reflux, one of which baking soda and apple cider vinegar is the simplest of all cure, although it takes between 1-2 weeks to obtain result. One other case of acid reflux occurs because of metabolic acidosis caused by an iodine deficiency, in which case taking 1-2 drops of lugols plus 1000 mg of sodium ascorbate for about a week also did the trick also.

Calcium is not a likely product I used to cure acid reflux, it seems to worsen the condition. Sea salt perhaps 1/8 teaspoon in a cup of water, might further, help although the results may work if only a person have hypochlorydia, which is a deficiency of chlorides, that results in deficiency of hydrochloric acid. To increase the chlorides, is just to take between 1/8 to 1/4 of sea salt once every morning in a cup of water. This problem is getting more because people are now avoiding all salt products, hence, I then used sea salt as a replacement supplement instead of the use of tje acid forming common table salt that is the problem.

I hope this answers some of your questions about acid reflux.

Replied by Peter
Chicago, Ill
Ted, What is the difference if you neutralize the acid with baking soda, apple cider vinegar with baking soda versus using the drug?
Replied by Ted Donate

Bangkok, Thailand

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For Peter from Chicago: In nearly all drugs and natural supplements, chemists change the pH so that it can be used without problems. Chemically they don't actually change in most buffer reaction but it makes it more compatible with the body. Therefore in most drugs the pH is adjusted to help the drug become more stable during storage, or more agreeable so that it doesn't cause problems when it is taken. Apple cider vinegar and baking soda is used so that it doesn't deplete the body of bicarbonates whenever any acid mixtures is taken, which places unnecessary burden to the pancreas, in losing bicarbonates. Whenever bicarbonates are low in pancreas, they get destroyed, and you get blood sugar and insulin problems because the pancreas got unnecessarily depleted of bicarbonates.
Replied by Fajar
Beppu, Oita, Japan
good day Ted, it's Fajar from Beppu, Oita again.

How are you? I hope you are always in good health!

Dear Ted, I have several question i need to ask you:

I've been on aciphex (it's called pariet here) for 3 months and ACV alone without the baking soda yet 1 tblspoon 8 oz water for 2 weeks already. I am slightly getting better day by day, and I would like to wait for 2 more weeks before I start with your TED's ACV remedy.

I notice that I urinate quite often nowadays. When I drink around 8 oz, I'd urinate some times after that (around 30/40 mins after). But if I don't drink, I'm fine.

I read your explanation on your TED ACV page, "acid mixtures places unnecessary burden to the pancreas, in losing bicarbonates. Whenever bicarbonates are low in pancreas, they get destroyed, and you get blood sugar and insulin problems because the pancreas got unnecessarily depleted of bicarbonates."

So, my first question is do you think the frequent urination is caused by the aciphex/pariet or by the ACV?
2)In your opinion, should I stop taking the ACV alone, and better for me to add baking soda to the mixture...?

For the record, I'm 21 years old, and I don't have any problems with urination before, and there are no other symptoms that can suggest that something is wrong with my bladder, or diabetes, or etc.

as for your other remedies, i've tried the royal jelly to no avail, though i feel more energize (maybe because it's good for the body.)

3) my third question is that the royal jelly i drank, its 98.5% mountain flower honey, and 1.5% royal jelly. is it the right royal jelly?

I can't seem to find humic acid anywhere (both in japan and indonesia)
I'm not hypchloridia and not magnesium deficiency.

my last question, I read in some other health forum board, that there is a guy that got cured from his long acid reflux after he went to chiropractor and found out that he had a sprained wrist that didn't cure perfectly, after the chiropractor fixed his wrist his acid reflux was gone.

My acid reflux came on July this year, it got worse around august onwards,and i did sprained my wrist on early august and it's not 100% cured until now (3 months later).

4) According to your knowledge, does the two thing have any correlation?

thank you Ted, as promised, this is my confirmation number 8UJ28899SV8339138.

i so hope i can heal. i am looking forward for your reply. khorb koon.

.fajar perdana.

Replied by Fajar
Beppu, Oita, Japan
Dear Ted, it's Fajar from Beppu, Oita

I'd like to add some revision and details to my previous post

some revision:
1) I wrote that im not hypochloridia. that was mistyped. i meant i wasn't chloride nor magnesium deficiency. but i probably am low in acid (because i dont get heartburn and getting better by drinking ACV)

some details:
2) i've checked today, I drank 2.5 liters of water and water only. I urinate just about 3.3 liters.

I read 3 standards that avg pee per person is either A)0.8-2liters b)3.5 quartz (3.3 liters), or c) 50ml/kg body, in my case (70kgx50ml= 3.5 liters).

just on the line. that worries me (since im only 21yrs old)

3) i've read too that "food and drink high in acid may not upset the stomach, the way your body digests it could trigger some type of allergic reaction causing the excessive bathroom breaks."

and im A blood type.

do you think ACV caused my frequent urination, and would your baking soda solution helped my case?

o dear Ted, im looking forward to hear from you.

thank you, khorb koon

fajar perdana.
Replied by Fajar
Beppu, Oita, japan
Fajar from Beppu, Oita, Japan:

good day Ted, it's me again, fajar. I just like to add one more detail to my previous 2 posts, I didn't drink the ACV today, there's not much difference in my urine volume, it's still around 2.5-3.3 liters with 2.5 liters water intake.

so what i have now is:
1)constant feeling to urinate
2)frequent urination

i am so sure it's either the ACV or the aciphex i take, cuz i didn't have any problem before.

i'd like to ask if you have any natural remedies for that problem?

thank you, im looking forward for your reply, and please read my 2 other previous post as well.

thank you so much, khorb koon.

.fajar perdana.
Replied by Ted Donate

Bangkok, Thailand

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A frequent urination is often blood sugar issues. When too much water, the urine concentrations gets too low, and hence possible low chloride level in the urine. Normal water I would very likely add 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt per liter of water. When drinking, the amount varies depending on weather conditions. In hot climiate you need a lot more, in cold weather you need a lot less. The amount consume, is best to know when to consume it. It is best to consume when the body needs it the most. The body is usually dehydrated during meals because most people do not drink water. I usually drink plenty of water during meals, that means a bit before, plenty during meals and some after meal. The bowel movements health improvements will be noticeable. How much a person consumes water also depends on your weight. The best way to determine whether the water consumption is optimum is to monitor urine salinity, using a salinity meter, you measure conductivity. But the most important issue is that most people drink o.k., but the timing is bad, where most water drinking has to be during meals, so this doesn't cause a blood sugar, blood protein, and blood fat to spikes. These spikes is what kills the pancreas, and the pancreas do need a fair amount of bicarbonates. The older a person gets the more dehydrated they come because the brain doesn't sense dehydration. this tends to occur when a person reaches 30+ years old, but for a person less than that it's not a problem. A low chloride, may cause low stomach acid, hence some sea salt is added in drinking water. However, the most important issue is the frequency of urination, such as every 15 minutes, or every 30 minutes throughout the day. Even hourly peeing may be a problem. I have two cures that actually stopped the 30 minute peeing throughout the day, it seems to be blood sugar issues, and bad diets. The cause comes from taking aspartame in artificial sugar, such as Sweet N Low, which tends to cause a person to be on acidosis, that kills the pancreas, bathed in bicarbonate, killing off the beta sells, which produces insulin, leading to blood sugar problem, causing frequent urination as the body tries to get rid of excess sugar. However, if that's impaired (the urination frequency), then a person becomes diabetic. A chromium supplements 1000 mcg, B3 niacinamde, ideally 250 before sleep. However, I have found humic acid is one easy and cheap cure. The dose is 1/8 teaspoon of humic acid in a cup of warm water, taken three times a day, and usually the frequency of urination goes away completely in a week or two. As to the issue of ACV and baking soda causing the urination. It's possible, however, I would like to deal with correcting salt balance and blood sugar issues first. To find the cause of baking soda and ACV is simple: I would stop for a couple of days and seee what happens, but this is done by process of elimination. Stop the ACV first see what happens. Then stopped the baking soda and see what happens.

Replied by Lois
Camino, California, Usa
Dear Ted, I am interested in your reply of 11/03/09 To Fajar. My husband has been on chemotherapy for 4 years for lung cancer. He has had acid reflux for over a year now and experienced the same diminishing effectiveness of protonix and nexium others have had. Since October he has been taking 2 to 3 digestive enzymes and 2 tabs of betaine hcl (648 mg betaine and 130 mg pepsin per capsule) with each meal with much improved results.Yesterday, he had a glass of pineapple juice on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. He threw it up and it ruined him for the rest of the day. Even though he took the enzymes and hcl, he had acid reflux and lost a part of every meal that day. Today he was better but is now starting to get some throat burning at bedtime. He just started the ACV(1tbsp) and honey(1tbsp) in 8 0z water tonight with some relief.

My question to you is: Can he take the ACV cocktail 1/2 hr before eating if he is also taking the enzymes and hcl with meals? Will one counteract the other? Is it harmful to take both? Would it be better to take the cocktail only if the enzyme/hcl routine doesn't work? His oncologist only deals with cancer. For all secondary issues we are on our own to deal with. P.S. My husband is a very hardy man and has kept his full-time instructor job until this past December. He is on leave of absence and hopes to go back to work soon. We are looking forward to your answer soon.

Replied by Lois
Camino, Ca, Usa
Hi again, An update to my feedback of 2/16/10. We have found that since ACV needs to be taken on an empty stomach, taking it at night and between meals if a flare-up happens is very helpful. Tim tried this all day today and it worked. He continued to take the enzymes and hcl tabs with meals, and for the occasional cough/reflux flare-up he would take the ACV cocktail which we put in a travel cup for convenience.

Yesterday he tried the ACV 1 hour before lunch instead of the hcl, and took the enzymes with lunch as usual but he had reflux and spit-up about 1/2 hour after eating. So he went back to the enzyme and hcl combo for meals. Because that doesn't always last to the next meal, the ACV treatment has been a real help.

Thanks to everyone who shared their experiences. The sheer number of success stories is what prompted Tim to try it. Today his doctor gave him the ok to go back to work, and we had really wanted a way to get the acid reflux under control. Thank you EC and everyone who shared.

Replied by Denise
Brick, New Jersey
I just started the ACV and BS today. On my second glass. I just cannot hold anything down except this drink which is helping me burp. I have lost 20 lbs and I am sick of being sick. The Dr. found me anemic but what can you expect from not eating. Please help with any suggestions.

Posted by Fajar (Oita, Japan) on 10/28/2009

i am now trying the ACV for my acid reflux. 1 tsp 8ox water, 3 times a day. I am really intrigued with the ted's baking soda recipe, and as far as my logic goes, i feel that it makes sense. however, i read from some other websites, that the prolong used of baking soda will kill good bacteria in your digestive tract, in addition,

i quote this from another website "if you take too much baking soda, or any antacid medication, then the stomach acid itself can be neutralized. The result is that the stomach cells produces more acid to compensate. You then end up taking more baking soda or antacid to neutralize the excess acid. Eventually you can exhaust the stomach cells and the level of stomach acid can decline. Great for your heartburn perhaps, but not so good for your digestion. The level of stomach acid can fall so much that it impairs digestion and food cannot be broken down properly. The result of this can be allergies and inflammation in other areas of the body."

please reply mr.Ted, i am really desperate.

thank you.

Replied by Ted Donate

Bangkok, Thailand

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It's been known for more than 150 years that taking drinks of any kind on an empty stomach gets drained quickly and goes into the intestines. Therefore the baking soda do not neutralize the stomach acid. This is why it's taken on an empty stomach. If you wish to purposely neutralize the stomach acid, you have to eat food first, then quickly drinking the baking soda. However, before the stomach begins its digestion process, it will first drain liquids before it produces stomach. This is why stomach acidity varies anywhere from 1.5 to 6.0 pH. One proof of principle I can easily prove that the pH of stomach varies like this. If you are not hungry and you happen to take something such as a weak solution of Hydrochloric acid, such as 4-8 drops of Hydrochloric acid in a glass of water, you will invariably feel hungry. It's the acidity of your stomach that triggers your hunger. But when you take baking soda on an empty stomach, when you are not hungry, the stomach acid is NOT neutralize, because first the acidity of stomach acid is not there, and second, because the stomach drains liquid before it begins digestion. This fact, has been observed directly by an army surgeon on a patient who accidentally shot his stomach, allowing him to observe this directly what the stomach does before being verified in the 20th century. Acid reflux can be cured a number of ways. One is to make sure the intestines is alkaline which helps baking soda neutralize the acidity there, so that the stomach can drain the digested food. The other is to increase the acidity of stomach after the meals with a digestive enzyme, a magnesium chloride, and a hydrochloric acid supplements. Acid reflux can also be cured, even given frozen royal jelly whenever the stomach cannot function. Apparently the royal jelly (one teaspoon - two teaspoon) help the stomach assist in the digestive process. If the acid reflux is due to a "bug", then a simple cure is to get a 1/8 teaspoon of humic acid taken twice or three times a day. In most case the humic acid powder, mixed in a cup of water, acts as antiviral and have some properties that eliminate that too. The baking soda and vinegar, what it does is it simply reduces inflammation in the stomach and the intestines (vinegar are anti-inflammatory in nature) and it's the baking soda that neutralizes the inflammation from the acidity in the intestines too.

As to the issue of sodium, the body cannot absorb or uptake the sodium, if it's in the form of baking soda. It's the chlorides that causes the uptake of the sodium, plus the acidity of the things you eat. A simple proof of principle, is if you eat common table salt, one teaspoon, in a 1/2 cup of water, you get a very high probability that your blood pressure will rise significantly within 3 hours or less. But on the other hand, if I give you sea salt the level of blood pressure rise will be less than one half of that. The reason is simple: the sea salt is more alkaline. However, the body cannot uptake the sodium, if you add the baking soda (one teaspoon) plus sea salt (one teaspoon), as it becomes a very straong diarrhea. This means the body cannot acquire the sodium and hence you get the diarrhea. Sodium accumulation occurs when your eat acid forming foods, plus chloride rich without sufficient bicarbonates. The debateon this issue has been settled for quite some time now, but most do not follow the research findings.

Posted by Cathy (Adelaide, South Australia) on 08/25/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I had suffered acid reflux for around 6 months and after having xrays and an endoscopy the doctor found no obvious cause and said to keep on with Somac, which wasn't really helping at all. In desperation several weeks ago I was on the net looking for an answer and came across your site. I went out and bought apple cider vinegar and began taking it with bicarb soda. I slept better than I had in months and my symptoms started to improve. I took 2 tablespoons in 1/2 a glass of water with 1/4 tsp of bicarb soda before breakfast and dinner. The acid reflux caused a very sore throat, burnt the roof of my mouth, sinuses were painful, nausea, a lump in my stomach etc, etc. All in all I was miserable. I stopped taking ACV and only take when I feel the symptoms (very mild) start to surface. Thank you for sharing many helpful remedies and improving peoples lives. If only doctors were more open to alternative remedies.

Replied by Brandy
I have the exact same problem you did. I just had this scope four days ago. I'm going to give this a try and I hope it works for me cuz it seems like nothing else is. I have been so miserable and not sleeping good. Could you give me the exact recipe that you use please and thanks :)

Posted by Jaques (Brighton, England) on 07/15/2009

I have read on here that bicarbonate of soda does not increase bp, but i have also read on many other sites that it does............??? I have been taking it for GERD along with ACV - but i have hi bp so am a bit concerned............would welcome any comments please........

Replied by Cecilia
Richards Bay, South Africa
Replied by Gg
Willow Road, Usa
Do your own experiment. Take your blood pressure before you take the baking soda, then in an hour or so take your blood pressure again. See for yourself. Mine actually comes down a few points, but that's mine. Check your own, because we can all be different.
Replied by Labes
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Hi Cecillia, Sodium does cause hypertension and that is why sodium restriction is known to reduce the high blood pressure. What you can do to balance the high sodium intake is to take diuretic with it so you will lose water from water retention or take safer forms of bicarbonate. You can take green tea with it so you will lose the water and therefore your blood pressure will be normal.

Posted by Allean (West Jefferson, Ohio, United States) on 07/14/2009

Interested in trying Ted's formula ACV/Bs for acid reflux. I am in excruciation pain with Gerd but, need to know if I should start taking the formula at night or start in AM or does it matter? I remember my parents using this way back when but never knew how much or when they actually took it. Seemed they took it at night. Please help. thanks!

Posted by Linda (Sebring, Florida) on 07/09/2009

I discvoered this remedy not from your site, but from a fellow hives person. The ACV and baking soda seem to help with the indigestion that I incured from taking steroids for the hives. However, I am A+ blood type so according to Dr. D'Adamo (author, eating for your blood type) says that A's are suppose to stay away from apple cider vinegar and foods that produce acid. My PH is 7.0 consistently in the mornings or evenings. Am I harming my system by drinking the ACV? I'm not a doctor or a chemist. How in the world is a person to know the right thing for their body? I am using 2 Tbs of AVC and 1/4 tsp of baking soda 2X's a day.

Replied by Melody627
Hopewell, Ohio, United States
I feel your pain, not only the acid reflux pain! Like you I am a type a, and constantly wondering what I should or should not have. It seems like everything I try has side effects or something. Did you hear about eating apples for acid reflux? That is another problem with tyoe a, no fruits, but I had read fugi apples are less acidic, I may try that, cannot do prilosec or any drug, I beleive I have IBS also. I hope someday this all gets ironed out but it is good to share on these blogs with people who have the same problems, good luck

Posted by Rocky (Atlanta, GA) on 06/08/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I had been drinking two tablespoons of ACV straight to control my acid reflux and it did remarkably well until I drank water or ate something and then it would come back. I started putting the two tablespoons of ACV into 8 oz. of water and adding 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda and drinking it three times a day on an empty stomach, and got AMAZING results. No matter what I ate, nor how much water I drank afterward, my reflux did not come back. When I lay down at night, I now have no discomfort from acid reflux. However, the question that I have is this. My Naturopath tells me that I am not digesting my foods properly, and I need more Hdyrocloric Acid in my stomach to do so. I don't understand how I can have acid reflux and not have enough acid to digest my food. So, I am taking HCL to enchance digestion. My question is this. Will taking ACV in water and adding baking soda inhibit my digestion process as it heals my acid reflux?

Replied by Norman
Anza, California
Years ago I suffered from acid reflux and my doctor told me to raise the head of my bed by a foot and take antiacids the antiacids made it worse. The raised bed didn't go over well with my wife and I felt like a piece of meat hanging on a meat hook. I was at a friends house one day and was having a really bad day and he said the symptoms of two much acid in the stomach and not enough acid were the same. He suggested I take some hcl. I thought he was crazy telling me to take acid when I felt like I was on fire. I said that was like pouring gasoline on a fire.

But everything else I tried, water, milk, pappya enzymes, etc did nothing only made it worse. Finally I took the hcl capsules and started getting better. It went away for years and then the acid reflux came back, I forgot about the hcl and tried drinking water, milk, antacids, enzimes etc. nothing helped. then I remembered the hcl and started taking the capsules again. Sure enough it went away completly by the time I finished the bottle and has not returned since. I am now 71. the first time I was in my 30's the second time 40's or 50's.

Posted by David (Los Angeles, CA) on 05/17/2009

I have suffered with reflux for more than 10 years. At times it has been so bad, I have had to go to the emergency room at Kaiser. I also have phlegm which seems to increasee and decrease at different times. For years, hours after eating, small pieces of food will will come back out throughout the day. I carry tissues in case this happens and so I can spit it out. Taking long walks doesn't help and I recently started an all liquid diet hoping that would once and for all eliminate the problem but it didn't. After 3 days of drinking only carrot juice, I again experienced the tightening in the throat, labored breathing, and extreme anxiety. When anxious, I sometimes end up walking up and down the street at 2 or 3 in the morning hoping I will become so exhaused I will just pass out.

Last night I tried your receipe- 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda, 2 tablespoon of APC, and 1 teaspoon of honey. Though the phlegm persisted, the tightness in my throat alleviated enough to allow me to feel comfortable.

I am going to continue taking this solution, hoping that in time I will find full relief. I have prayed and prayed and hoped, having lost confidence in physicians who so easily prescribe things that are completely ineffective. I have taken Nexium, Prevacid, sprayed Flonaise in my nose, Bactrim, Ampacillin... all without have experienced the slightest improvement. Thank you for placing the receipe on the internet where many of us have been able to find and use it.

EC: Too soon to add a rating (yea, nay, etc), so please write us again after you've been trying this remedy for a while!

Replied by Noby
Arkansas, US
IT is intersting that acid reflux tends to also cause laboured breathing etc and anxiety.. I know many who get both together. I wanted to make a suggestion that perhaps the phlem you are getting is caused by dairy. Milk tends to cause alot of flem and that is one reason why singers don't drink it. Perhaps you have a food allergy which is causing the acid and in turn causing the asthma like symptoms. Just a thought

Good luck
Replied by Kitchensinger
Salt Lake City, Ut
My opinion is that the phlegm is a result of the acid reflux, not dairy intake. The acids come up the esophogus and spill onto the vocal folds, which react violently and produce phlegm. I do not know of any singers who avoid milk, but almost ALL of my singing colleagues are being treated for acid reflux because of the damage this condition has on their vocal folds and the phlegm that accompanies the situation.

Posted by Tom (Stillwater, MN) on 04/23/2009
4 out of 5 stars

I have had a Hiatel Hernia and GERD since 1997. I am now 48. I have been on Prevacid, Nexium, Prilosec, Generic Omeprazole, Zantac, Tums, Rolaids, Maalox, Pepto Bismol, anything...With diminishing effectiveness of the drugs/antacids as time went on. With the prospect of a miserable surgery(which doesn't work half the time) imminent, I was drawn to the internet and this site for another solution. Wow! Started with 2 tsp ACV and 1/4 tsp Baking Soda in 8 0z. of water 4 times per day. Heartburn disappeared immediately! Stopped the Meds the next day. Been off now for 4 days-first time in 12 yrs. Heartburn has come back ociasionally during the day, mainly after meals. I eat Apple slices and drink more ACV/Baking soda. Still trying to "dial in" the dosage and timing- I think I need 2 TBS instead of 2 TSP as I am a Male, 6'-3", 220 lbs.

I have been praying for God to heal me and here it is.Now I'm wondering what happens from would be interesting to see more posts from people that have been doing this for 5-10-15 years and how they are maintaining this regimen. Thank God and to all of you for the truth, which is in short supply these days.

Replied by D
Fort Wayne, Indiana
I just found out about this home remedy online and went out and bought organic apple cider vinegar and organic honey. I used 2 teaspoon or acv and 2 teaspoon of honey in 8 oz of water. I drank it 3 times today and i feel miserable ( like a fire breathing dragon). How long does it take to work and am I suppose to feel this way?
Replied by M
St Louis, MO
to D from Fort Wayne IN (4/29/09)- Please re-read TED'S RECIPE again at the top of this page.

He said to:
USE A TALL MUG- add 2 tablespoons (TB) of organic apple cider vinegar (ACV) (the best one is the one with the "mother" which is made up of chains of protein enzymes- very healing)
ADD-1/4 teaspoon (tsp) of baking soda (bicarbonate of soda)
stir until it stops bubbling
ADD- water to taste- 4 ounces (oz) to 8 ounces (oz)
(optional) add- 1 teaspoon (tsp) of organic honey OR agave syrup (which does not raise blood sugar)
Drink on an empty stomach 2 to 3 times a day, only 5 days per week. stop for 2 days.
Repeat weekly.

Posted by Nancy (Gallatin, TN) on 04/05/2009

I have been suffering from severe acid reflux lately, i have been on the rx omeprazole for quite sometime at the suggestion of my doctor, when I went to him with my latest problem, he increased the dosage to two per day! problems worsened, that is when I found your site, I work from 11pm to 7am, so I sleep during the day,(since my recent digestive problems not very well I'm afraid) I also tend to over eat and drink diet soda, my pain has been severe lately, so I have adapted my diet and cut out the soda completely, and am now drinking water, acidophilus milk, and weak decaf tea, the thing that seems to be helping the most is getting off the omeprazole, I have gone to chewable pepcid, this helped initally, along with acidophilus gel caps, however, I still have the burning iritated throat, and feel bad all over, so today I began mixing ACV, baking soda and honey, ANY SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED, I feel awful and have no energy!!!!!!!!!

Replied by Ellie
Sheboygan, WI USA
Two omeprazoles daily helped my acid reflux somewhat (one did nothing), but marked improvement occurred when I added a probiotic (5b-8strains) to my diet and 1 tablespoon of liquid antacid at bedtime. I am optimistic about ACV--just beginning the recommended regiment. My acid reflux began after being on current popular drug for osteoporosis. I recommend anybody on these meds do some research as I've experienced other serious side-effects which numerous medical professionals didn't connect to this drug.

Posted by Mario (Vancouver, Canada) on 03/24/2009
1 out of 5 stars

I used organic a glass of water 2 tablespoon of acv with sod bicarbonate 1/3 of a teaspon. I used it for 3 weeks and had no results. I have weak les and main problem seems to be there.. acid content goes into esophagus. Am not sure if my body is making too much acid or too little.. but i would say makes too much.. cause when i use soda bicarbonate 1h after a meal i make a big burp.. i avoid fatty food and junk food, but it doesnt help much..only keeps it calmer. My biggest problem is that its making me breathing problems.. .i feel so tired and short of air. Can anyone give me some advice of what could work for me.
thank u

Replied by Bryon
Escondido, Ca
I have been having problems with what I think is GERD too. It has mostly gone away by always going to bed with an empty stomach. So if you eat at night, try to not eat before 5pm or so. Make sure your tummy is completely empty.

I still had a terrible flare up for about a week after drinking a half gallon of poor quality orange juice (another brand doesn't hurt me, it seems). But that only lasted a week, and I am getting better again.

Empty stomach at bedtime is crucial.
Replied by Marilyn
Tianjin, China
I've been diagnosed with Acid Reflux - pain in throat for a long time..... Swollen lymph nodes... No other symptoms like heartburn, etc. The Dr. pescribed Prilosec for 15 days. Is it ok if I still start the ACV/baking soda remedy even if on the meds? I have 10 days left on the prilosec.... and not getting any better.

Please help me. Thanks!

Replied by Kimmyc
San Antonio, Texas
Hi Ted, I've had hives for2 weeks now and I heard you can use Apple Cider Vinegar and baking soda- how much do I use? I'm 20yrs old female about 130 pounds. Please respond soon.

Posted by Andre (Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina) on 03/12/2009
1 out of 5 stars

Am on teds remedies for 2 weeks now, in begining i kind of feel a relief, but now my stomach is very sensitible to foods that i eat, so aftervards it agravated. I also use papaya enzyme and probiotics, and used acv alone for 2 days wich i stopped cause i had even more acid wich i was feeling in my thorat.What am not sure about is, if this recepie is for ppl that have excesive acid or not enough acid? Right now am eating only rice with tuna or with chiken wich my stomach digests easy unlike other foods. I have gerd for 8 years and its making my life miserable.. cause of breathing problem that its giving me. .making very tired and unable to play sports wich i love so much.. So can should i continue on teds recepie for a few more week or so.. cause i dont notice anything new, its as it was before.

Replied by Dee
Charleston, SC
I am drinking ACV for my reflux and it has worked. However, I started following an alkaline diet on Saturday. I tested my urine to check my PH level. It was a 5.2 and Satrday night it was 5.5. On Sunday (this morning) I checked and it was still 5.5. I continued on the alkaline diet all day today and just checked my ph level and it is 6.0 (I also drank one glass of acv). Therefore, I am drinking acv, smart water, and following the alkaline diet. I hope to be at 7.0-7.5 in a few days, if not sooner. You cannot eat meat and other acid type foods when attempting to alkaline your body. Look up the acid-alkaline food charts.
Replied by William
Sansown, Iow Uk
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects:
Hi, Reading from another website a while ago, I tried 50ml plus 1 Tsp of bicarb. After three days I noticed that my knee pain had lessened, but I was also suffering fron chronic constipation. Fearing to damage my gut flora I stopped untill things normalised again. I shall now try the slow lane with 1 tbs of Apple Cider Vinegar and a quarter of bicarb. We'll see what happens. Like with everything else, you have to think and not just do. Cheers, Bill

Posted by Gena (Escondido, CA) on 03/04/2009

I would like some help here, if possible. My elderly dad who cannot speak has been on Prilosec for a couple years now. there are lots of ugly side effects. I am going to try the ACV and baking soda because it seems to work for so many people BUT! Since he cannot tell me (until it is too late and he is in pain and throwing up) give me a clue as to what I can do here:

1. give the ACV / baking soda daily (sips all day)
2. after what duration of time can I stop the Prilosec to see if it is working or he is healed of this condition?
3. I just stop the Prilosec cold turkey and keep letting him sip the ACV / baking soda mixture all day and that should solve this problem?

We HAVE to get off the Prilosec (and meds like this that suppress the stomach acid) as the side effect for my dad has been continual bacterial pneumonia (almost every month now). !!!

So, please anyone have an idea how to proceed since he is unable to talk/tell me how he is feeling until it is too late. Help??

Replied by Wini
Waimea, Hawaii
1 to 2 TBLS of Apple Cider Vinegar per cup of water depending on how much you can handle. You can add raw natural honey for taste. Honey adds minerals that are needed for healing. If you are taking ACV for acid reflux, nausea or gas then it is best to have it with just water. My entire family has done these remedies from chilhood on to cure the flu, common cold, broncitis, constipation and sinus problems.
Replied by Noby
Arkansas, US
I sympathise with your dilema, it's hard having a parent that doesn't feel well and even harder when they cannot communicate certain things. I had severe acid reflux due to the sleeping pill I was taking. Apple cider did help during the time I took it. Stopping the pills made it go away. Oddly enough I also get acid from Omega three so stopping that also helped. Perhaps look over your dads medication and or diet to see what could be triggering it. If alkalzing is what helps with the acid reflux you could many try using barley powder or get alkalizing minerals that might be more gentle on the stomache.

Good luck
Replied by Susan
Queensland, Australia
I originally found this site looking for a cure for acid reflux, heartburn, gas problems. Tried ACV, it only made it worse. The best was Ted's Lemon and Baking Soda with water formula and the Living Green Drink. Since taking this regularly, my stomach problems have settled completely. The key is definitely alkalising. Google acid/alkaline food charts and read up on it, it makes sense. For the Green Drink just whizz a handful of mixed salad leaves with water in a blender and drink. It doesn't taste bad, like a liquid salad. Make up a litre in the morning and sip throughout the day. It is not going to do any harm to try him on it. Good Luck, and many many thanks to the lady who submitted The Living Green Drink recipe. White bread and white sugar give me reflux and heartburn.

EC: Ted's lemon and baking soda alkalizing formula is here.

Here's the original post for the Living Green Drink.

Replied by Archie Ferrarini
West Covina, California
I have found through intensive studies that acid is neutralized by acid.In short, for the times you feel a need for a antacid, try this,take a samll bite of a pepperchini or other hot pepper. It should stop the "burn" feeling and it is healthy and has worked for many many people.
Replied by Johnnie
Apple Valley, Ca
You're right, bell peppers help me out with acid reflux.

Posted by Mary (Khartoum, Sudan) on 02/01/2009

Side Effects:
ACID REFLUX: I have tried ACV+Baking soda for a week. I don't feel any better, I feel very sick. After the first dose (1/4 ts soda+ 2 tbs ACV in a cup of water), next morning I woke up very tired. I disregard my feelings; I thought that my body is getting rid of everything bad, I am cleaning so I continue with the same dose twice daily. I am getting worst- severe fatigue, headache, muscle pain, fever (up to 38), cough, very congested, sore throat. I believe that all diseases even cancer and AIDS can be treated with natural sources, and I believe that alkalizing the body is the key factor. But what is wrong with me now, shall I continue, is all this normal reactions?

Replied by Georgette Beaulieu
Maple Ridge, BC
I mix 1 teaspoon of tumeric,1 teaspoon fresh ground ginger,1/4 teaspoon of black pepper in 1/4 cup of water. This has helped me with reducing Acid Reflux and also with arthritic pains. It is also very relaxing. You may try the organic product, I just used the store self product.
Replied by Ed
Heber City, Ut
I tried everything and could not get better. I started eating bananas and at night I would wake up every hour and have a bite. bananas kept my stomach busy and protected my esophagus.nights were brutal because nothing help from acid reducers, blockers, antacids, teas, apples etc. I tried everything, but the bananas were the best thing. I could fall sleep and allow my esophagus to heal.

Posted by Marissa (Ac, Georgia) on 01/06/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I've read Ted's remedy for silent reflux. My ailment was gone after taking 2 tbsp of ACV and 1/2 tbsp of baking soda 3x a day with a dose of 500mg of magnesium once a day for 4 days. I already stopped taking over the counter drug(omeprazole) and will continue on until my reflux is totally gone. I'm very grateful to this website and i will truly recommend it to my family and friends for them to read and try natural remedies as such.

Replied by Msajum
Leicester, Uk
Hi, is it okay to have just apple cider vinegar and not with baking powder?

EC: Please note, the recipe calls for baking soda (aka sodium bicarbonate) and not baking powder.