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Vaccination Side Effects in Pets

Last Modified on Sep 30, 2015

Lyme Disease Vaccinations   0  1   

Posted by Alyce M. (Housatonic, Ma) on 07/05/2011

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I have a female boxer puppy that will be 3 mths old 7/14. I recently brought her to the vet this past Saturday morning to get her first exam and talk about vaccines. The vet talked about the lyme vaccine so we decided to get the 1st round of vaccine for her... Within minutes after the shot (she was sitting up) she took two deep breathes and then fell over her eyes rolling no response from her the vet vet then listened to her heart for minutes and did not say a word.. Finally minutes later (seemed liked hours) she started to come to. I talked to her we sat her up still not with it... We put her on the floor and she started walking a little. We stayed at the vet after that for about 25 mins. I did not want to leave until I knew she was OK The vet thought she had a reaction from the vaccine.... I WILL NOT PROMOTE THIS VACCINE TO ANYONE and I WISH I HAD KNOWN ABOUT THIS BEFORE I PUT MY PUPPY THREW THIS.

Posted by Don (Doylestown, Pa) on 10/30/2010

[NAY]  Our 5 month old Pembroke Welsh Corgi received a Lyme vaccine, first dose, yesterday. Today he is lethargic, and has a limp. He won't be getting any more doses!

Replied by Maxsmom25
Provo, Ut, 84606
Oh my gosh! My 4 month old Lhasa Apso had a horrible reaction to the same shot yesterday! It was terrifying. He went limp and was vomiting, luckily we were still at the vet so they were able to reverse it. But now I am terrified about going back to continue vaccinations! Is your dog back to normal now?

Neutering Unvaccinated Pets   0  0   

Posted by Anonymous (Malibu, California, USA) on 10/19/2009

HELP! I have a six-month-old male kitten whom I have chosen to NOT VACCINATE because of multiple allergies on his behalf. THE PROBLEM IS I have failed in my attempt to find a veterinarian in Southern California who will neuter an unvaccinated cat. I feel we are being held hostage by not vaccinating. DOES ANYBODY OUT THERE KNOW OF A VET WHO WILL NEUTER A HEALTHY INDOOR 6-MONTH-OLD UNVACCINATED MALE KITTEN? I have vet records and receipts from holistic vets who are treating him for allergies - unfortunately they do not do surgeries.


EARTH CLINIC -- PLEASE POST IN AS MANY PLACES ON THE WEBSITE AS POSSIBLE. I cannot be the only one here with this dilemma.

Replied by Amy
Warrington, Pennsylvannia

Try searching the Holistic Vet database (see below) near your area for someone who will perform the surgery. Also, according to the instructions on the vaccine vials it states "For Healthy Animals Only." If your cat has allergies to vaccines he is not considered healthy and his records should be mark clearly, do not vaccinate adverse reactions. Also is this a rescue cat? If so then one of the local shelters should be able to do the surgery for a fee, also show them the records of his vaccine reaction. You are trying to do the right thing and you are being denied.

Hope this helps.


Posted by Anonymous (Malibu, California, USA) on 10/18/2009

After having a cat nearly DIE after his first RABIES VACCINATION, fast forward many years to now -- I have a six-month old male kitten whom I have chosen to NOT vaccinate. THE PROBLEM IS I have failed in my attempt to find a veterinarian who will NEUTER him without being vaccinated. CAN ANYBODY OUT THERE REFER ME TO A VETERINARIAN IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA WHO WILL NEUTER MY UNVACCINATED KITTY? I feel we are being held hostage because we've chosen an altenative, healthier path. THANK YOU! Please email me at:

Neutralize Rabies Vaccine   0  0   

Posted by Truthinaction (Tel Aviv, Israel) on 06/02/2011

rabies shot is required by law. but the "law" is stupid, and those who created it, were brainwashed by big pharma zombie-vets. I'd like to eliminate/neutralize anything associated with this vaccine, incl. the antibodies. At least most of it. Is it possible?

Replied by Yvonne
Johannesburg, South Africa
Hi! I wondeer of zeolite would help in this instance. It surely can't harm! :o)

New Principles of Immunology   0  0   

Posted by Teri (Tulsa, Ok) on 08/18/2012

Here is an AMAZING site for recommended dog and cat vaccinations. It's written by a Veterinarian and shows what vaccinations are and aren't necessary. It also shows which vaccinations are dangerous and why, as well as how often the vaccine is ACTUALLY needed. Recommendations.htm

Rabies   0  0   

Posted by Rockrose (Rockland, Maine) on 08/20/2015

My 19 year old Maine Coon cat recently received his annual combo vaccination (distemper and rabies). Over a period of days he gradually became weak, could barely stand up and lost interest in food. He vomited several times which wasn't that alarming because he was always prone to barfing. The weakness and anorexia were very unusual for him. I gave him fluids a little at a time with an eyedropper, an appetite stimulant and a tiny amount of antacid every day. He didn't eat much but would take tiny amounts of food from my hand. At first the only things that he would eat were treats. I offered him all kinds of food and finally he did show a strong interest in eating raw fish. So he got to eat raw salmon until he would eat other things. It took a few weeks for his appetite to return to normal. He'd lost weight and is now gaining it back very slowly. I believe that he had a toxic reaction to the vaccination causing his kidneys to be overwhelmed or shut down for awhile. I talked with a friend who lives in the same region about it. She told me that the exact same thing happened to her 8 year old cat a few months ago, with extreme weakness and lack of appetite starting the week after getting the combo vaccine with the illness continuing for a month. I wonder how common this sort of adverse reaction is in cats or perhaps if the 2015 vaccine is bad.

Posted by Krissy (California) on 07/13/2015

[DEATH REPORTED]  We have raised Weimaraners all our lives. We have had 3 die of renal failure within 2 weeks of getting rabies vaccines. Our young Weimaraner was induced to play with a thin skinned old man and his tooth, not a bite, nicked his forearm skin. The lying man reported a dog bite and now Animal Control is involved. I won't license or vaccinate my adopted and previously vaccinated dogs because I don't want them having the same fate as 3 of our who have died. Yes, many have not died, but 3 is too many. Especially since canine rabies has been eradicated from the USA. In a pickle and don't know what to do. They demand we license the dogs, doing that means we have to vaccinate. Now, what!

Replied by Theresa Donate

Mpls., Mn
Hey Krissy!

I feel for your situation; being licensed anywhere requires a rabies vaccination. It is possible you can obtain a rabies waiver due to health conditions; discuss this with your veterinarian. While I have not had the pleasure of owning a weim, it sure does seem they are predisposed to vaccine reactions; based on this breed predisposition your vet may be OK with granting your dog a waiver.

Animal Control is involved and while distasteful it may be of benefit to cooperate. Is your dog under quarantine at present?

If you have animals over your city limit, you should find a way to immediately come into compliance with all city code. This may mean fostering some pets out for a spell of time. If you have a fence, make sure it is secure; if your property looks unkempt, clean it up and make it tidy. Now is not the time to fight a battle of ethics over how tall the grass is - just mow it, and do what it takes to be in compliance.

Part of compliance may mean your dog has to wear a muzzle. It is possible you can have a hearing to challenge such a requirement, or to challenge a 'dangerous dog' designation - particularly if you have a fair chance to explain the circumstances of the 'scratch'. As a sporting breed a certain amount of 'mouthiness' should be expected, but this breed trait may be surprising to thin skinned old men, so again if you can rationally and calmly explain the situation in a hearing you should do so. It might not hurt to obtain a legal opinion; google 'dog advocate lawyer' and similar and see what names come up.

If your puppy is a handful get training classes and CGC certification ASAP - prior to any hearing if possible.

Because you will be required to get rabies, plan ahead. Dose Thuja Occidentalis before the rabies vaccination and after, and continue dosing afterward for up to three days. Because you know the breed may have renal complications do a panel before the shot for a baseline, and then follow up to ensure your boy isn't crashing.

In my experience the key here is to satisfy A/C that you 1) do not have a rabid dog, 2) you do not have a dangerous dog and 3) you have a dog with health issues/breed disposition such that vaccination is not recommended by your vet/per your vet waiver.

Good luck and please report back!

Posted by Julie (Vegas) on 05/29/2015

[DEATH REPORTED]  Death reported 6th days after my snooky got her booster & 3yrs rabies shot & something inserted thru her nostrils. She was 4yrs old under 4lbs shih tzu

rabies   0  0   

Posted by Beth (Wooster, Ohio) on 05/11/2015

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I have a 6 year old lab mix. She received her rabies vaccination on April 23,2015. I have never had any issues with her health until after this shot. Her symptoms did not show until 4 days ago which would have been May 8,2015. She now seems to have lost functioning on the left side of her face and her motor skills are very bad. She seems way off balance and her left ear and left side of her lip does not move. She still seems happy and is eating ok and using the bathroom as usual but I am very concerned maybe she had a stroke or something is very wrong. I have contacted my vet but he ensures me that in his 28 years of practice he has never seen any reaction to a rabies shot as I have described. Please HELP!

Thanks, Beth

Replied by Katie
Northport, Ny
Contact a homeopathic vet immediately, do not wait! They are supposed to have excellent success in antidoting and possibly reversing the negative side effects of vaccinations, including rabies.
Replied by Katie
Beth, in case you don't know who to contact for homeopathic vet help, here are some suggestions. These vets are homeopaths and I believe they all do phone consultations too. Note: I've seen a number of articles written by Dr. Falconer on vaccinations and vaccination side effects in places like Dogs Naturally Magazine and on other places on the internet. I hope this helps you and your dog.

Dr. Will Falconer, DVM, 512-288-5400

Dr. Michael Dym, DVM 609-413-2194

Dr. Charles Loops, DVM 919-542-0442

Rabies   0  0   

Posted by Kay (Jax, Fl, Usa) on 05/28/2014

With my new pup the state law requires a rabies vaccine to be given to dogs at the age of 4 months. I am concerned about injecting this vaccine into my pup. The breeder recommended if I could wait until the pup is six months the breeder felt it better. Any input?

Replied by Theresa Donate

Mpls., Mn
I'm with your breeder on this one - wait until 6 months if you can, and if you aren't in a high risk area for rabies.

You will need the first rabies, and then at 1 year a booster; after that for the second year you can opt for the 3-year booster, which is identical to the 1 year booster but labeled differently [really]. You might wish to dose homeopathic Thuja Occidentalis 1 hour before the vaccination, and then immediately after the vaccination or as prescribed on the little bottle.

Posted by Tonya (Northern Michigan, Usa) on 02/01/2014

[SIDE EFFECTS]  Feb, 2012 I had my hound Roscoe vacinated with a "booster" for his rabies that the county requires. Roscoe was a very healthy, though elderly (12 yrs old) dog. He first showed signs that something was wrong within 2 months when a small rectangular area of his upper back at his shoulders started swelling. I suspected it was a fatty tumor, which my vet said was harmless... within two more months it appeared as 4 small "ball shaped growths on the rectangular area...

By August the original "balls" were the size of golf balls and were producing grape size similar "balls" on top of the original growths... My vet said "when he is uncomfortable enough we can let him go"... within the next two months the growths were tennis ball size and increased his original weight by 10#s... he had also lost his own body weight to where his ribs were starting to show, and his only joy was eating. Walking was hard as the growths were above his shoulder blades, where he had the injection.

December 1st I had already checked with other vets and they said "we can remove the growths" for aprox 830.00usd. I live on SSD and had no way of paying that money. No one takes payments anymore. So I had to say good by to my best friend who was so happy and healthy less than a year ago.

Thank you for letting me tell you about my dear Roscoe, a beautiful Plott Hound, I miss him everyday, and would never have approved his getting that vaccine if I had any idea that this was going to happen. Tonya

Replied by Theresa Donate

Mpls., Mn
Hey Tonya!

I am so sorry for your loss of Roscoe :(

Thank you for sharing your story. I am sure like many Plotts, Roscoe was a very regal gentleman. The sky will be brighter tonight, now that Roscoe's star is shining down on us from the heavens.


Posted by Corgi Mum (Colo Spgs) on 10/13/2013

[DEATH REPORTED]  I had our 11yr old female Pemb Welsh Corgi vaccinated (rabies)--against my intuition. It was overdue because I was waffling. I had it done because the vet suggested it when taking her in for a sr dog check. A week and a half later, our Corgi was diagnosed with pancreatitis. She was treated and 6 months later, she ended up with end stage kidney disease and an autoimmune blood disease (can't remember the name right now, but her immune system was killing off all her red blood cells). I should have gone with my gut regarding the rabies vac!

Replied by Theresa Donate

Mpls., Mn
I am very sorry for your loss, Corgi Mum.

Breeders know about adverse reactions with ivermectin and collie breeds, but by golly so should have your vet. It is astounding in this day and age that your vet prescribed an ivermectin drug without first doing an ivermectin sensitivity test.

There certainly is thinking that autoimmune hemolytic anemiahas a vaccine related component; in some states you can obtain a waver from your vet for senior animals to spare them rabies injections. I hope you get another corgi to heal your heart - and perhaps undertake seeking a new vet for this next generation.

It sounds like you were the best Mum ever to your fur kid - my condolences for your loss.

Posted by Alice (Goodyear, Az) on 10/13/2013

[DEATH REPORTED]  My 7 month old kitten died last week after receiving his rabies booster. Immediately after the injection he started vomiting. The vet administered the anti injection but the kitten continued declining. They tried cpr 3 times but he did not recover and died.

Replied by Theresa Donate

Mpls., Mn
Alice, I am so sorry!

What a horrible, tragic loss of your fur baby.

Posted by Yukidongo (North Carolina) on 07/31/2013

[DEATH REPORTED]  My Dad lost his Weimaraner to the Rabies Vaccine, as well. The dog was fine, taken to the vet for the routine Vaccines, and was paralyzed within hours of the shot, starting symptoms before he ever got out of the office! The paralysis is an ascending one and is caused BY the Rabies. It demyelinates the Central Nervous system, taking the myelin sheath off of the nerves. A dog might recover in several months with Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, Co Q 10, and some fish oil. These contribute to the rebuilding of the sheath. This paralysis starts in the back ind and progresses forward until the dog is unable to move other than its head. IF the rabies progresses into the brain, the dog will die. The research is out there. Certain breeds, and older dogs do not need multiple rabies vaccines. The bloodwork for titre can be drawn and submitted to some licensing authorities as proof of vaccination. It is true. We are being forced to submit our dogs, our cats, and worse--our children--to unnecessary vaccination. The researchers estimated that the vaccinations for rabies after the first 3 year shot last at least 10 years. I have witnessed the disease first hand as a result of vaccination, and read and heard about it from other people. It is very real and there is research to back it up. My animals stand less chance of coming into contact with a rabid animal than dying from the shot. I made the educated determination that regardless of ordinance, they will receive ONE, and be done. It isn't worth the risk to me.

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