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Vaccination Side Effects in Pets

Last Modified on Nov 16, 2015

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Posted by Alice (Goodyear, Az) on 10/13/2013

[DEATH REPORTED]  My 7 month old kitten died last week after receiving his rabies booster. Immediately after the injection he started vomiting. The vet administered the anti injection but the kitten continued declining. They tried cpr 3 times but he did not recover and died.

Replied by Theresa Donate

Mpls., Mn
Alice, I am so sorry!

What a horrible, tragic loss of your fur baby.

Posted by Yukidongo (North Carolina) on 07/31/2013

[DEATH REPORTED]  My Dad lost his Weimaraner to the Rabies Vaccine, as well. The dog was fine, taken to the vet for the routine Vaccines, and was paralyzed within hours of the shot, starting symptoms before he ever got out of the office! The paralysis is an ascending one and is caused BY the Rabies. It demyelinates the Central Nervous system, taking the myelin sheath off of the nerves. A dog might recover in several months with Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, Co Q 10, and some fish oil. These contribute to the rebuilding of the sheath. This paralysis starts in the back ind and progresses forward until the dog is unable to move other than its head. IF the rabies progresses into the brain, the dog will die. The research is out there. Certain breeds, and older dogs do not need multiple rabies vaccines. The bloodwork for titre can be drawn and submitted to some licensing authorities as proof of vaccination. It is true. We are being forced to submit our dogs, our cats, and worse--our children--to unnecessary vaccination. The researchers estimated that the vaccinations for rabies after the first 3 year shot last at least 10 years. I have witnessed the disease first hand as a result of vaccination, and read and heard about it from other people. It is very real and there is research to back it up. My animals stand less chance of coming into contact with a rabid animal than dying from the shot. I made the educated determination that regardless of ordinance, they will receive ONE, and be done. It isn't worth the risk to me.

Posted by Patricia (Powhatan, Va) on 11/19/2012

[DEATH REPORTED]  My one year old male PBGV received his rabies vaccine on 10/22/2012. 6 days later, he began having epileptic seizures. My three year old, male PBGV had the same reaction 3 days after his rabies shot in 2011 and finally had to put to sleep to ease his misery. I want to report this but don't know where to send it. It was Fort Dodge, SN 1215357A. Three different vets have said the vaccination Did NOT cause it but in my heart, I feel it did.

Replied by Lisa
Bullhead City, Arizona
Try contacting P. E. T. A. Though its not an abuse case they would be able to guide you the right way because they would want the truth. Sorry for your losses. God bless

Posted by (Bohemia, Ny Usa) on 10/11/2012

[SIDE EFFECTS]  This past summer I rescued kittens from my yard from a momma kitty having her third set. I trapped her and got her spayed. I ended up keeping the 5 kittens because the local shelters were all full. I adopted out 3 of them and still have two because there is such a glut of kittens out there this year, they say because we had a mild winter.

They are almost 6 months old now. They had not received the Rabies vaccine yet so I brought them to a low cost, in a pet store, weekend "clinic" of sorts to save money. Three days after the rabies and FVRCP were given, one kitten started walking funny. It seemed he did not have full control over his rear legs. He could lift them, but not control them on the way down and they would make a flop sound when hitting the floor. He could get up and go the the food, water and litter box. He did not vocalize anything. He purrs and plays, but he chooses not to move around so much. He can get up and down the stairs. Two days later, he seemed to be walking normally, but then two days after that he was walking funny again, but there was no flop sound anymore, as if he was compensating somehow or it was just a little better. We brought him to the vet who said it was neuromuscular. The sugar was normal, so it is not diabetes. They did not do an x-ray but based on palpation determined that it was not a skeletal malformation of some kind. They did, however, tell my husband to have him retested for Feline leukemia which he already tested negative for to the tune of 48 dollars which infuriated me.

The cost of an MRI for a cat is approximately 2000 from what I looked up online ...

The sibling female kitten started to have similar although less severe symptoms a week and a half after the vaccinations. She shows some weakness in just the left rear leg, but does a little hop when she moves that she did not do before.

These kittens were perfectly fine for the entire time I have had them, since they are 8 weeks old. Is there any way to know that this problem is from the vaccines? I really cannot spend 2000 on an MRI.

From the paper work, it looks like they had RabVac1 and the FVRCP Ch.

I am wondering if I should try to treat with prednisone and/or antibiotics? It is too much money to get a diagnosis and even then you may not get an answer ....

Posted by Jena (Calgary, Ab Canada) on 09/30/2012

Have a 13 yr old Cairn with pancreatitis... MUST have rabies to travel across U.S./Cdn border... Any holistic advice advice to help her?

Posted by Kelly (Colorado Springs, Co) on 09/14/2012

[SIDE EFFECTS]  My chihuahua is 18 months old and got her rabies booster yesterday. Within 2 hours she had vomiting, runny stool, and then her face swelled up to the point her eyes were almost closed. Emergency clinic gave her dexamethasone and diphenhydramine and the swelling subsided. I am watching her today and giving her diphenhydramine every 8 hours. Her reaction was very alarming and I hope this is the extent of the damage, but am very concerned, especially after seeing other testimonials on adverse reactions to rabies shots.

Posted by Yvette (Frederick, -maryland) on 08/30/2012

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I adopted my, now, 19 week old Chihuahua "Ricky" at the age of 8 weeks from the P. S. P. C. A. He was awarded to me at an early so long as I promised to follow through with his "necessary" shots ( Or they will take him back). He had already recieved his first DHPPP. I was instructed to follow up with his second in three weeks, then his third three weeks after that.

Thank God my Daughter who is studying to become a vet told that me "due to new studies" she advised against any combo shots, lepto and Lyme. Also NOT to have his last DHPP at the same time as his rabies vaccine. She said to space them a week apart. I have done all I was told to do. I have been taking him to a vaccine clinic for dogs. Ricky was fine after receiving each of his distemper's.

Ricky received his rabies shot yesterday(At the age of 19 weeks). Everything seemed fine. He vomited once, but only slightly. I assumed this was normal. Today he started to sway his head back and forth. He wobbled a little. I ran him to a near by animal hospital. I was told that in NO WAY this was related to any vaccine. They said perhaps he was exposed to something. They gave him a neurological physical exam and I was told he is fine (His symptoms had subsided upon arrival;of course)I was told to take him home and bathe him, just in case he had come in contact with anything. I did. The head booble has returned, but not as acute. He has been asleep for the entire day now and he will not eat. He will not play. I am very frightened. All I can do is sit and watch and make sure he is still breathing. I feel helpless. I am torn about next years (or any) future vaccines. I do live in a heavily wooded area.

Thanks for your time.

Sincerely, Yvette

Posted by Doberdanegirl (Winder, Ga) on 07/05/2012

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I am writing to let you know of my horrible experiences with the rabies vaccines. The dogs that I will list, were all rescues, were all formerly emaciated, and in very poor condition prior to adopting them. No other vaccines but the rabies were given.

1. (2009) Adult male Rottweiler. Adopted from rural shelter. Emaciated, skin issues, but incredibly sweet and friendly. I had 30 days to comply with the county's ordinance to get him neutered and vaccinated against rabies. I waited as long as I could, so that he could get meat on his bones, and allow a little time to have his new diet (Blue Buffalo) build his immune system a little. Approx. 2 weeks after his neuter and rabies vaccine, Gavin had to be euthanized. He bloated, his back end was weak, and the vet stated there was nothing that could be done for him. (neg. heartworm test)

2. 2010 (Jasper) A stray Great Pyrenees that had been dumped in a rural area. He was emaciated, but friendly and a wanderer. After I took him in, he found ways to dig out of my fence, he was playful with the other dogs, and a big loving teddy bear. I waited approx. 7 mos. Before allowing the rabies vaccine and neuter. About a month after, I noticed what appeared to be a mud spot on his back leg. He was also seemingly depressed, he was not digging out, and was no longer playing with the other dogs. Upon closer inspection of what appeared to be a "mud spot" on his fur, I smelled an infection, lifted the fir, and found a gaping wound at the injection site. It was treated, but never healed. He lost use of his back legs shortly after, and was euthanized. (neg. heartworm test)

3. 2010: I adopted a Great Dane from an individual. She was extremely thin, had a dull coat, and was timid. I waited nearly a year to have her spayed and vaccinated against rabies. She was now a very vibrant, healthy, and energetic Dane. She was my Doberman's best buddy, and my sweetest and most protective fur-baby.

After she was vaccinated, she seemed to be ok. I couldn't have been more wrong. This MIGHT just be coincidental, but it MIGHT have something to do with the vaccine. She began losing weight almost over night. In two weeks, despite eating, she was losing drastic amounts of weight. I took her to the vet, had her x-rayed, and my 2 1/2 yr. old Great Dane was diagnosed with abdominal cancer.

I spent a month attempting to make her comfortable and HOPED that by trying some of the more natural remedies, that I could either slow the process, or stop it altogether. I had her about an additional month before she began vomiting and having diarrhea, and it was obvious she had no quality of life left in her. She was euthanized. (neg. Heartworm test)

March 2012: I adopted a Great Pyrenees from an individual. He was emaciated, timid of men, and was never permitted in the house. When he arrived at my house, he was introduced to my other dogs, and got along famously with them... Even seemed to enjoy the company of other dogs. (Minus feeding time, which is quite understandable... he had been starved).

He was checked by a veterinarian, tested light positive for heartworm, had toe-nails that had curled and grown into his pads- those were cut, and this supposed-to-be-massive dog weighed a mere 72 lbs. (Males tend to average 100-115lbs). He was already neutered, but I had to get a rabies. (The vet and I both agreed that the rabies needed to wait until he was healthy)

After he gained weight, I had him vaccinated against rabies by a completely different veterinarian/clinic. Since the vaccine: he has become aggressive towards one particular dog, has gotten into two serious fights with him, and one fight resulted in my son getting bit (my son attempted to break the fight up). He bit me as well, but the other dog was the intended target, and he was protecting a chicken. I recently noticed that his vision now may be affected. He has since walked into the fence and gate, (and now I believe that is how my son and I got bit.. I am guessing that he can't properly judge distance) he now lays around, he's depressed.

We have such a burden on us TO vaccinate against rabies, as it is state law, and penalties can be stiff. However, due to my experiences, I will probably forego vaccinating my dogs from this point on. (The dogs that I've adopted that were never starved or in poor condition, have all done fine after a rabies vaccine. (I do the 3 yr. ) It has been the ones that were found in very poor condition that never recovered). I will start my Pyrenees on a clay supplement in an attempt to help detox him. I am also searching for other remedies. He is still on Transfer Factor and now Devil's Claw to help with the swelling and potential infection from the wounds he sustained from the dog fight. I have no faith in vaccines, and don't even vaccinate my baby, and will not. Study after study, experience after experience dictates that there is no safe vaccine out there. And when an immune system has been compromised in any way, the effects of vaccines can be most devastating. I'm not sure when the states will come to realize that they are compromising our dog's health with their mandatory rabies vaccine laws. We are losing precious family members with these insane laws.

Posted by Keniahkiw (Milwaukee, Wi) on 06/12/2012

[SIDE EFFECTS]  We own Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Essentially, every one of them gets a shot of benadryl, when they are given their rabies vaccine. They get a fairly large lump, at the injection site. We've owned seven CKCSs and every one of them has had the same reaction. It's always to rabies, no other vaccinations.

Posted by Kleand (London, Uk) on 05/29/2012

[SIDE EFFECTS]  Our cat was given Pfizer's Vanguard Rabies vaccination and went into anaphalactic shock. She threw up about 25 times and had copious diarrhea, but because the vet called Pfizer and Pfizer said that they'd never heard of an adverse reaction to the vaccine, our vet assumed she was simply traumatized by her vet appointment. It wasn't until her face swelled up that we decided Pfizer had misrepresented the truth, and it took two very expensive appointments (including an emergency appointment at two in the morning) to stabilize her. I'm certain that Pfizer has heard of other adverse reactions to this vaccine (after all, _I_ have, and I'm no clinician), so to me they're responsible for our cat's delayed treatment and suffering.

Posted by Abhishek (Kolkata, West Bengal, India) on 04/01/2012

[SIDE EFFECTS]  Good day, My 3 month old Dalmatian had a severe reaction to the rabies vaccine he received yesterday. Within 20 minutes of receiving the vacc, namely Rabvac1 Fort Dodge, his face, gums and eyes became heavily swollen such that he was even having difficulty keeping his eyes open, and his mouth was continuously itching. He also vomitted. Immediately we took him back to our vet, and he confirmed it was a vaccine reaction and administered 3 more injections, out of the three one was Avil, and i'm not sure about the other two injections he gave. After about 30 - 40 minutes of receiving the antiallergic treatments his condition started getting better. We brought him home, and after about an hour more again the symptom started appearing... I called the vet and he asked me to switch off our airconditioner and keep him warm. Surprisingly true as he was, on increasing the room temperature he started getting better, and by the next 3 - 4 hours he was eating, and playing as well. The slight swell was still there on his muzzle and slight signs of eye bags visible. My vet has prescribed BETNESOL (Betamethasone Sodium phosphate) oral drops 10 drops twice a day for 3 days, I gave the first 10 drops at night and then again in the morning. From today morning his face was absolutely normal, though his activities are slightly sluggish, he's sleeping a lot more than usual and drinking a lot of water on his own which is unusual (we usually make his meals water rich to feed him more water, he never drinks on his own). I have a feeling his throat is itching and some slight irritation may still be remaining on his face though apparently is normal. And within one day I can feel he has lost some weight.

Kindly let me know if there is anything more to worry about regarding his condition, is there any chance that the reaction might reoccur, will his health be okay or will worsen. Is his sluggishness and the feeling of weightloss just temporary due to his adjusting to the vaccine or is it something to be concerned about.

Will highly appreciate your guidance

Best regards, Abhishek

Replied by Marianne
Berlin, Germany
Dear Abhishek: It is terrible what you and your dog had to go through. I am not going to elaborate again about vaccinations but only want to tell you that this is the most single devastating procedure you can submit your pet (or by the way also any humans) too. I have written so many replies on this website that I don't do this anymore since I hardly get any feedback and don't know if the message is understood. Please, go to the following website as a start and start researching vaccine damages:

and also check out the pages on earthclinics section on vaccination damages. This should open your eyes. If you don't stop vaccinating your dog he will never ever get well!!!

Since he got so many different meds already I don't know if it will work. But you can try the homoeopathic remedy for vaccination damages called Thuja C30 1 time 1 tablet or 5 globuli or better yet find yourself a homoeopathic vet. They can really help and are a lot cheaper (and less dangerous) than any vet. Your dog has to be detoxicated from all those "legal" poisons he has gotten into his system.

Good luck and if you want more info just write.


Replied by Judy
Small Town, Nh, Usa
Dear Abhishek from Kolkata, W. Bengal, please try food grade diatomaceous earth (DE) for your puppy. It has some clay in it, which is known to pull out toxins from the body. It will help to eliminate the toxic effects of the vaccine. Just mix a tsp. Of the powder into his food. If you continue to give it to your pup, a wonderful benefit is that DE will keep him worm free. Companies in the U S. sell it; it's inexpensive, though mailing will compound the cost. One website in particular has impressive testimonials for pets, as well as for people. It's important to buy only DE that is low in crystalline silica and approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to be food grade.

Posted by Joy (Sacramento, Ca) on 03/14/2012

[SIDE EFFECTS]  My half Maine Coone cat was administered the Rabies Vaccine and when he came home he was lethargic. For the next 48 hours he had such bad diarrhea that at one point I heard an explosion type sound in the litter box area and found an explosion of bloody diarrhea. He had previously had solid stools and has since. I knew that he had a reaction to the vaccine. He is a very healthy cat.

Posted by Steph (Elizabethtown, Nc) on 01/23/2012

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I took my dog to the vet 2 weeks ago to get his yearly rabies shots. He was fine the first two days and on the third day something changed. He is not the same dog. He turns viscious in an instant, is cowering in the corner growling to himself. Urinating in the house then going into these fits of shaking uncontrollably. I called the vet and they said there is no side effects because it is not live and to give him benadryl. This is my companion and I do not want to put him down but that might be the next option. I do not know if it is a rabies shot or if he is just going mad, but he is only two years old.

Replied by Timh Donate

Louisville, Ky, Usa
Steph, give Bentonite clay mixed in water. If she won't drink, give by dropper or syringe to help clear any contaminants like Mercury from the Vaccine. Sometimes the Vaccine can become outdated or overheated and could produce an infection, in which case a few drops Hydrogen Peroxide (3%H2O2) in her water bowl."

Please post results as this is a common occurence that needs precise remedy.

Replied by Marianne
Berlin, Germany
Dear Steph: Of course it is a reaction to the vaccine. Conventional medicine will not be able to help you, they only have stupid explanations why it cannot be because of the vaccination. And please start researching the subject before you submit your pet to the next vaccination - if you love your pet, which I think you do. Your best bet would be to find a homoeopathic practitioner. I am sure there are other alternative methods which might help but homoeopthy is the only one I know for sure.

Good luck.

Posted by Melinda (Medford, Oklahoma, Usa) on 01/22/2012

[DEATH REPORTED]  My ten year old great pyrenese had a fantastic personality. She always bounced around when we came home like a big ole puppy. She was very healthy except for an ear infection, we took her to the vet and was asked if we wanted her to have a rabies vaccine, she hadn't had one in years. No one told us of the possible side effects. A week later she started limping on her right side and was having a large amount of uterine bleeding. Her appetite went downhill and she always had a great appetite, never showed any signs of infection or arthritis. The vet said she was badly dehydrated and had an invetro infection. They operated to remove her female parts. She never walked again, the vet said she seemed to have some neurological problems. At home she couldn't stand falling on her face, no control of her hind legs. She died in my arms three weeks after the rabies vaccine. My heart is broken, I really love her she was like my own little polar bear and my life will never be the same. I have since read up on the side effects of the vaccine and I know this is what killed her.

Replied by Marianne
Berlin, Germany
Dear Melinda: I am awfully sorry for your loss. I know how much it hurts when a pet dies of natural causes or has to be put to sleep because of unbearable pain. But how much worse must it be if it is becasue of a treatment you had all the confidence in that it will only do good. I am afraid we all are living with this belief for far too long and let this madness still go on. Most people only wake up when it is too late. This should only be a start but do yourself and especially your future pets a favour and research the dark side of vaccinations. By the way, that goes also for humans. Orthodox medicine cannot do a damn thing once the damage is done, but then they don't even recognize and admit that it is a vaccine damage. So you cannot expect any help from this side, as a matter of fact, most of the time they make matters worse. Look for a homoeopathic practitioner in your area and you hardly need a vet anymore.

Good luck.

Posted by Jane (Yucca Valley, Ca) on 12/29/2011

[SIDE EFFECTS]  Our seven year old GSD had his three-year rabies vaccination (Pfizer Animal Health) and within four days started vomitting, having diarrhea throughout the night, and stopped eating. This lasted for three days (over Christmas unfortunately) until we were able to see the vet who prescribed Metociopramide and Metronidazole. He is now eating again and the symptoms have subsided.

Also since the vaccination he has been lame in his hind leg where he was injected and his energy has been low, partly due no doubt to being sick.