Ted's Dog Mange Cure - Treatment for Demodectic and Sarcoptic Mange

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Posted by Nikki (Dublin, Ohio) on 09/06/2007

[YEA]  borax and peroxide: "I got a cockapoo, Max, from the pound. After I cut through his matted hair, I noticed there were quite a few places that he had chewed raw. Thanks to you, Max does not stay up all night itching- I'm absolutely amazed!! Also, I'd suggest to the people who have a dog w/ really thick fur that you wash your dog, then while drying the dog with a hair dryer, you rub the thick paste down to the skin. Max thinks he's getting a salt rub at the doggy spa. It is not as messy as i though it would be & Max loves it! No more crusty bloody sores after only 3 treatments in 8 days. His hair's growing & he looks so beautiful everybody thinks he's a different dog.

Posted by Debra Auten (Grand Prairie, TX) on 08/31/2007

[YEA]  Ted -' Your the greatest! The Borax and Peroxide worked beautifully on my Beagel mix for what I thought was mange. She had tiny red spots all over her stomach, inner thighs, chest, anterior neck and various other places. With thinning of her hair. I tried 1/2 cup 20 mule Borax + 500 cc 3% peroxide with 1000 cc H2O. The first "batch of solution , I used 3 table spoons of the borax with the same amount of the other ingredients and I didn't have great results. We adopted the 4.5 month old dog from a local pet shelter. She had distemper, hook worms and now mange. She seems to be recovering from the distemper, the first symptoms were 26 days ago. The hook worms were treated with Strongid de-wormer and they are gone as well. She has had 2 sets of vaccinations and scheduled for a third set next month. I am trying to boost her immune system through diet and rest. So far, I am giving her a good organic dry kibble (Nutro brand puppy chow with oat meal , chicken & rice) Also, one vit. E 400 I.U once a day, one raw egg each day and to help her put on weight 1/4 Can dog food (Nutro -Puppy). Do you have any suggestions regarding diet/supplements that could help boost her immune system. She seems to be doing very well. I have been sponging on the Borax solution every other day. How long will we need to continue this? Her skin looks 90% better..after only 3 treatments. We are trying to avoid the "neurology" phase of distemper. We have gone through the respiratory, gastrointestinal and now integumentary phases. I would like to keep her off of all vetinary prescribed medications and go 100% holistic. Anything you have to suggest will be considered. Thanks, for a great job!

Posted by Tom (Las Vegas, NV) on 07/28/2007

[YEA]  re: borax, applecidarvinegar, peroxcide -- thanks ted, 8 weeks and my chow has her beautifull black coat. the mites were all gone in about 3 weeks Love from maggie mae and God bless you all tom s

Posted by JEN (LANCASTER, TEXAS USA) on 07/27/2007

[YEA]  Well I just wanted to say that I have a Golden lab 1 yr old. He has mang very bad. I Found your site and was reading the things on mange from Ted. Well I was at my wits end and went out last night and bought Borax and h2o2. Filled my bathtub up with water about 3 inches of water dump in a whole bottle of h202 and about 4 cups of Borax. My Harley loves to take baths so he jumped right in. I used a cup and just dumped the water all over him for about 20 minutes. Woke up this morning and my hubby said wow look at his hair growing back already. Thanks Ted I bathed him again today and am going to do another tonight. Then see how he looks in the morning. Hoping I can bath him everyother day after tommorrow but we will see. Figure the more baths he gets the better he will get and faster. And beleive you me he will get bathed with the Borax and h2o2 more often instead of with shampoo. Thanks again Ted. You are a blessing to all who have dogs with mange:

Posted by Brent on 06/24/2007

[YEA]  Just wanted to say what a wonderful remedy this has' been for us. I am a foster mother for abused and homeless dogs. They come and stay with me until they are well, socialized and gain weight and then move on to be adopted in permanent homes.
Three days ago we received an emaciated female Rottweiler that was so starved she could barely walk. She has awful sores on her legs and itching. This has become so severe that she has actually bitten off the pads on her feet. She was miserable.
I was looking for something to help comfort her and I ran on your article. We used the treatment early this morning and she came in and fell asleep like she had not sleep in forever. No itching and bitting. She just seems so relieved. She even got
up and walked on her own this afternoon., WOW. If I had not seen it I would not have believed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Ted
bangkok, Thailand
Dear Brent: Even though I developed the mange remedy myself after hundreds of trial and error, to this day I could not
believe it myself either! Thank you for the feedback!
Posted by Brent

Ted: I thought that I would update you on the Condition of Maggie our Rottweiler. She is doing better and better each day. She is starting to grow back hair. She of course still under weight, but her hair is looking great. The swelling is gone. Thanks for your advice on the internet.
Posted by Ted
Bangkok Thailand
Dear Brent: Happy to hear the hair growth is back, but the mange eggs tend to be around the premises, so light application of the solution of borax and peroxide in the floor area should prevent any infection. Weekly or twice monthly shampoo of borax and peroxide would prevent any mange for coming back. Best of all the remedy protects dogs against mites, fleas and other parasite infections, which is why this is not just for mange. It is most dramatically seen when treating with the mange.

Posted by Jerry (Eclectic, AL) on 06/15/2007

[YEA]  My dog was spirally downward pretty quickly with demodex and it was pretty scary. The first time I tried the borax treatment it didn't work, probably because I didn't have the borax strong enough. I then took my dog to the vet and got a confirmation of demodex and the mitaban dip and the ivermectin orally. Two weeks after the trip there was virtually no change and she was losing hair in new places. I decided to try Ted's remedy again and mixed it up throughly this time. Within 2 days hair was growing back. It's been about 2 weeks now and almost all of the hair has grown back and she is a happy camper. I also started feeding her raw chicken and I give her a raw egg every day. Thank you so much for this remedy. I know it saved me hundreds of dollars in vet bills. Oh yeah, the mitaban dip made her very sick. When she is healthy she is very hyper and energtic, but after the Mitaban dip she hardly got off of her bed for 3 or 4 days. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Posted by Janice (Louisiana) on 06/13/2007

[YEA]  ted.. i just wanted to thank you for letting the world know about this cure (treatment) for red mange. my chinese pug (solid black) had come down with the red mange. it began when i gave him his monthly heart worm pill (ivermectin) which he must have had an allergic reaction to. within two days this poor pooch was scratching himself raw, to the point of bleeding, his hair was falling out, his tongue and mouth were swollen and he had no energy. i did research on this disorder only to find that vet's would give him the same ivermectin to cure the red mange. i was not a happy camper. so i did my research and came upon the peroxide and borax mixture. i believe in holistic medicines, so i decided to give it a try. the first treatment was on a Thursday. Friday he laid around all day with no energy. his second treatment was on a saturday, and he ran outside to try and get the mixture off of his mouth. it kinda foamed a bit on his lips. i also took the advice on the borax in his drinking water. then i started him on a meat diet. he gets boiled chicken each night with vitamin supplements. within a week of treatments, his sores have healed up, he has quit scratching and when he is bathed, he no longer looses a cup of hair. the most amazing thing was watching his energy level come back to life. his hair is slowly coming back and i am glad to have my dog back again. he has even begun to sleep in the bed with me again. the only difficulty i had was in the measurements of ingredients. so, i figured them out for all us americans. the appropriate measures are: 2 cups of Hydrogen Peroxide + 2 cups of water + 3 heaping Tablespoons of Borax. this is the mixture that is poured over the freshly bathed dog and do NOT dry them off. i let mine outside to run off some of the moisture. thanks so much for giving me back my dog. i will only use the earthclinic from now on for my poor pooch.

Posted by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
Janice: Thank you for the feedback! You wouldn't believe the things I tried on my poor dog to find that remedy! My vets were absolutely no help.

Even getting a yearly vaccine caused my dog to be sick and lost his hairs so there is something about the dog's immune system getting destroyed with the vaccines. Most stray dogs do not get mange as easily as the ones we take care so well. It is probably the "prepared dog foods" (home cooked food is never a problem), useless vaccination, and doctor's med that seem to initiate the mange a LOT more easier.

As an update, I now use the borax and peroxide remedy as a weekly bath for the dog. It kills the mites and fleas.

My dog seems to love taking a bath with this remedy, whereas, other commercial shampoo he hates it. Also the insecticide component of the commercial dog food seems to modify the dog's hormone and cause the dog and the person who gives it to be sick. Most insecticidal formulas used in many products are pseudoestrogen, which is well known for cancer causing. But what is not known is that it suppresses the immune system and may make the dog's conditions worse. No wonder my dog hated the commercial dog shampoo!

Posted by Evans on 06/02/2007

[YEA]  Ted, I have written to you before because as I had mentioned my dog is 12 years old so I didn't know if I could give him your treatment without hurting him. After reading all the feedback and learning that your dog was 13 I just went right ahead and did it. I have a pure bred fox-terrier wired hair, actually I have three but Charlie is the one with demodectic mange. Two years ago Charlie was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and therefore he has low immune system. The doctor told me he had some type of allergy so a test was conducted in 2004 and therefore he was placed on this allergy program of allergenic extracts for a whole year. I stopped it because I saw no improvement on the contrary between the prednisone and the program he was getting worse. Then he was diagnosed with atopic dermatitis and was given cyclosporine capsules and after four capsules the dog started vomiting, stopped eating was lethargic so I stopped giving him those. This poor dog has continued since 2004 with the itch and has two patches of missing hair on either side because he chews desperately. He has been given prednisone and antibiotics but then this year he got a black spot on his back so the doctor had that scraped to see if it was cancerous. Thank God, it was not cancerous but discovered he had demodectic mange. He put him on a daily dose of ivermectin, antibiotics for ten days and antihistamine. He took it the whole month of April, when I took him in for a test he still had the demodectic mange. He said continue another month (May) of ivermectin etc. after giving him another box I saw he was not improving he was itching like crazy and was wobbling. I thought, if I continue like this I am going to kill this dog. I stopped the treatment I have to take him in this month for another test after having finished with the medication. I stopped the treatment and I looked desperately on line to see if there was any cure. I found you, Ted and I want to tell you I gave him the first treatment yesterday. Today since he is still itchy I said come here and I will cure you. Since I read that you said it was good to blow dry the hair, I went to get the hair dryer and when I came back, he was still waiting next to the sink. That meant that he felt relieved with the first treatment usually I have to go after them because they don't stay when it's bath time, they run even though after the bath they feel great but it's always the same thing. When I saw Charlie waiting next to the sink I couldn't believe it. The first time I left him wet in the garage but the second day I blew dry the hair. I am dying to see him totally well. I already see he is relieved but I want to see him totally well. I haven't dared give him the borax in the water because I am afraid since he has Hypothyroidism. I started the treatment of peroxide with borax on June 2,2007 and I have done it twice on a daily basis until I see that it is totally under control then I will do it once a week. Ted, I want to thank you so very much for your valuable and life saving information. You are so very kind in sharing this so that these poor suffering animals can lead a normal life. Thank you again. P.S. Mil? a lump the size of a pea on his lip and I put some of this with a sponge. I will let you know the results of both my doggies. Thank you.

Posted by Amanda (Wichita, KS) on 05/30/2007

[YEA]  CURE DEMODECTIC AND SARCOPTIC MANGE: This remedy is GREAT!!!!! Here is my story. My boyfriend brought home a dog that was given to him. She looked funny, she was thin and she had patches of hair gone. I though she was just adjusting to the new environment. I found out she is a picky eater. Well, she is a smart dog and allows me to keep her tied up. When she is ready, she can and will get loose. To make a long story short, she had puppies and by then, all the hair on her head had fallen off and her puppies were beginning to loose hair in spots. She was itching herslef until she had scratches, I was giving her benedryl to stop the itching. I got on line and figured out she had Sarcoptic Mange. I found that you can smother them by putting baby oil on the dog. That only kept it at bay. I found this remedy and tried it. I went to Walmart and bought the supplies. I treated her and the first day her skin started flaking. A few days later, I treated her again and I started seeing peach fuzz on her head. I also put a little in her drinking water for inside out treatment. Now she looks like a completely different dog and the puppies hair grew back also. SO if any dog has puppies and you are worried if the puppies may be harmed, they won't. I did not treat them, I treated her and put some borax in her water. As she was being treated, the left over residue from her treatment and the borax in her treated the puppies also, they were still feeding. I also found that giving her green tea boosts her immune system.My boyfriend wants to take the credit, but I really have to give the credit to Ted.

Posted by Betty (Rector, AR) on 05/03/2007

[YEA]  I tried Ted's proxide and borax remedy . I am very proud that i ran across this sight when looking for a cure on the net. I had Doxie puppies that caught it from mother, she was so malnourished " my fault i have to say bought a different brand of food , didn't check the label good. " That is all it could have been, have done nothing different . anyway she quit feeding the pups at three weeks and with the mange thought sure i would loose them . went and got the fixings and bathed them as directed and could tell a difference with the first treatment. have had three baths now and all three are getting their hair back one has got all of his. mother and her mate have recovered almost as quickley. thank you so much . I advise anyone to try it first works better than most vet remedies i have tried.

Posted by Yoanna (Middlebury, VT) on 03/29/2007

[YEA]  My dog (only one of the two I have) got mange. I didn't have the money to take her to vet so I was pushed to searching for some home remedies. When I found this site and Ted's recipe with boraz and peroxide, I was determined to try it. It only cost under $5 and with the second day of treatment her hair started growing! I used water and peroxide 1 to 1 and put in more borax than what got dissolved in the water. After giving her a bath I would take a handful of the solution plus some borax that settled on the bottom of the solution and smear it onto her skin. She was white with the boraz powder which would stick to her hair. I would make her stand with this on in the bathroom up to 10 minutes and then let her quickly outside so she would not start licking it off, but sort of - get the frustration of it out of her system in the running around. I repeated it for three days and then once a week for two months. Her hair is all back now but a few small spots and that is going too. Now that the pet food recall has been on the newa, I think her problem may have been due to a lowered immune system due to eathng some of the recalled canned food. My other dog may hve not eaten it -- I buy them different kinds of dog caans and mix it with their dry food. Between the first three months of this year they most probably had a few cans of the poisoned food... I am now thinking of switching to dry food plus some meat from the store, will see how this goes. I have a question about the (home) environment around her that I had to treat -- I could not find tannic acid anywhere, I tried farm food stores, pet stores, home improvement stores etc. Finally I settled for a Lysol spray and some 'killer' spray that I got at the pet store with which they spray all the store at the end of the day. Can you recommend where to get tannic acid or another product that would be avaiable to buy just like borax and peroxide? Sincerely,

Posted by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
Yoanna: It is interesting to know what goes into those food that is causing lowered immune system, because we humans are experiencing the same thing. What I do know is the chlorine and fluoride in UK drinking water for example is of no help.

Tannic acid is used by tanners, people who make leathers, shoes, for example are likely to be the one who have tannic acid. Now in event tannic acid is not available a borax solution can be sprayed for the home environment instead. This will prevent fungus too, which also tends to lower the immunity. My experience has been if the fungus count is high in the food, they tend to initiate h. pylori or even lowered immunity, besides the obvious sinus problems, breathing, and chronic fatigue.

Posted by Vicki (Hartford City, IN) on 03/08/2007

[YEA]  I just wanted to let you folks know that I have 2 grown daughters who in the last few years have been having boil problems. They have had to go to the doctor and have them lanced. I have a problem with my right leg that turned into a staph infection. I have an awful scar left there now. My oldest daughter swears there is something wrong with our water here. Cancer is like an epidemic here, my Grandfather died from cancer, my Dad has bladder cancer, my Mom has outbreaks of facial skin cancer and was diagnosed with Lupus last summer. My oldest daughter has had breast cancer twice (first time at age 26), she is now 31. My son-in-law moved here from New Mexico 5 years ago and he just had surgery for testicular cancer. There are many people in this town I know of who have died from cancer here. I am so glad I came across this website. I have already tried Ted's Borax remedy on my dogs and am amazed!! 2 days and the itching is almost completely stopped!

Posted by Mich (Virginia Beach, VA) on 02/27/2007

[NAY]  I used the Hydrogen Peroxide and Borax cure for mange on my pup for 3 months. For about a week I thought she had been cured but, she started to lose hair in other places and she just wasn't getting better. We had to take her in today for a Mitaban dip which I was highly against initially, I wanted to go natural but after battling this mange and her skin was just getting drier and drier from the borax and peroxide treatment. I let her skin rest for a week and today she is at the vet for her 1st dip. I really wished the borax and hydrogen peroxide had worked but it seems the mange had a mind of its own and took its toll on her.

Posted by Jason (Bundaberg, Australia) on 02/05/2007

[YEA]  I have used the Mange cure as per the Instructions. I used Harpers brand Borax and 3% peroxide diluted to 1% both available at woolworths in Australia and found it to work great. Thanx for the cure Ted. Cheers Jason

Posted by Terri (Ft. Lauderdale) on 01/26/2007

[YEA]  I want to Thank Ted for his Dermodex Mange home remedy. My 8 month old Rotti puppy was diagnosed with dermodex mange around her eye. The vet recommended Mitaban. after reading up on side effects, I decided to try a more holistic treatment when I came across Ted's treatment. I have to say I was a little skeptical. But after only one treatment my puppy's eye looks so much better.(one week ago) I am going to give her a few more treatments. I have since had her spayed since we received the diagnosis and she was also going to one vet that she was always very upset going to. I think it was caused by stress. I have taken before and after pics and what a difference. In just one week. Thanks! Ted.

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