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Posted by jene (boise, usa) on 03/03/2008

[YEA]  mange cure worked miarcle on cat. I can't thank everyone enough for this cure, I used the hydrogen perixode and borax for my kitty buzzy and she is hardly licking at all. She is in good humor and rolling on the floor, i first thought it was over grooming and food allergies and on and on. I did'nt want to hear doom from the vet and tried this instead must be those pesky demorex mites. we had a pet rat and it used to be in the room where my computer and cats are only little buzzy was affected. I am going to bath in borax as a precasuion I have heard it can cause bad acne and roscea i have been only a little miserable, buzzy is smiling at me now from on top the computer desk thanks to a man with vision. She is saved,I am wishing all old chickasaw and chocktaw blessings upon you for your miracle.

Posted by Michelle (Port Orchard, Wa.) on 02/28/2008

[YEA]  I am so relieved that I came across your site!
I have a 6 month old Doberman, and your remedy worked it's magic with her.
During the Christmas holiday, I left my Doberman puppy with a family friend for a couple of weeks, while I was out of town.
When I returned, I noticed a patch of missing hair on her face. At first I thought it was just a puppy battle scar. Within a few days I could see it was getting larger.
I first "assumed" it was ringworm, because of it's circular shape.
So I treated with ACV, and tea tree oil.
The patch did not get worse, but also did not improve.
I stopped the ringworm treatment, and within 48 hrs. it had spread rapidly.
I then found the Borax, hydrogen peroxide treatment.
I only needed one treatment to see, it was working. The circle stopped growing.
I did notice some hair thinning on top of her head, and did another treatment.
Within a couple of weeks, and only 2 treatments, it looks to be all gone.
The only thing I would do different, is clean the Borax of the bathroom mirrors, when it was wet.
It was difficult to clean dried. LOL

I am very Thankful!
I only had a minor case to deal with, but at the rate it was spreading, we could have been in big trouble.
Thankyou again

Posted by Caren (Wilmington, Delaware) on 02/20/2008

[YEA]  Hi there! I wrote about 6 weeks ago and I just wanted send an update on little Rocky's demodex mange. Sometime around the second week of January, (after being diagnosed with mange by our vet) We were given the routine antibiotics and mitaban dip. The dip was horrid! and Rocky was worse the next day! We did keep him on his antibiotics, but I was sick over the thought of dipping him again in two weeks. When it was explained to me that it was "normal" for him to get worse before he got better, I thought I would check for myself on the internet. I found this website and decided to try the perox/borax bath. I tried the bath two days later and noticed he had relief from the "itchies' almost immediately. After about 5 weeks of treatment,(everyday for the first few days and then 3, then 2 times a week the following weeks) Rocky is completely cured! No more red bloody itchy scabby crusty sores. His fur is thick and beautiful! I am so happy with this remedy that I had to share our experience and maybe help others to go with a more natural approach to treating this nasty little bug. I have before and after pictures ready to go, and would love to let others see our wonderful results, but dont know if I can send them in. Please let me know how to send them. What an amazing treatment this is!! Sincerely caren

EC: Caren kindly sent us photos of Rocky's recovery from mange for the website. Posted here.

Posted by Debra (Essex, United Kingdom) on 02/13/2008

[YEA]  Our dog is a rescue Shar Pei who suffered occasional bouts of mange. On reading her history we saw that she had often had antibiotics and sheep dips but we could see that these only worked for a short period and then the mange reappeared. When she came to us we had her spayed and she then suffered the worst attack of mange she has ever had. She lost all the hair on her back legs - huge patches of hair fell out from her back, tail, feet, chest and throat also. The skin was broken, bleeding and began to turn black. She was so distressed and eventually had only a few patches of hair left on her body. She constantly scratched and gnawed at herself and we thought we were going to have to put her to sleep. In desperation we searched the web and found the Earth clinic site and Ted's Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide remedy. We wash her with shampoo then dry her. Then we make up a mixture consisting of: 100mls of 9% peroxide(it is the weakest solution we can get so we have to dilute it to 1% by adding the 800mls of water), 800mls water and 7 heaped tablespoons of Borax. We stir this continually until the Borax is dissolved and then pour over her making sure that all of her is covered. Following Ted's instructions we do not dry her, we leave her to dry off in front of the fire. We have done this once a day plus added one teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar to her drinking water and am amazed that after doing this for 2 weeks she has nearly all her fur back and is as happy as can be. I really didn't think this would work as I was almost beyond hope for her then, she was in such a terrible state, and my family and I cannot thank Ted enough for this amazing cure. We are so grateful for your help and for all the other people on this site that told their stories. God bless you all, Deb xxx

Posted by Vicki (Dallas, Texas) on 02/02/2008

[YEA]  I am fostering a pit puppy that has demodetic mange on his face & tail. He came from a very bad situation (all 10 brothers & sisters but him & his big brother died from starvation & the cold). I had him a week & 2 days when I decided to try this remedy on him. They had been wormed a week before with only some OTC wormer, and I gave them 1st puppy shots at 7 weeks. Because of severe diarrhea, I took' the other one to an emergency vet- I thought it was possible parvo. The test was negative & I decided the mange needed to be dealt with as they already had enough problems. I bathed the affected puppy in the solution of 20 Mule Team Borax 1 TBS to about 16 oz. of old peroxide (about 1 1/2 or maybe 2 percent- all I had on hand). Puppy immediately went to sleep & slept 24 hours. I'd had to go to work & was not able to monitor him the next day. Husband was home and said he only slept, all day. On going out to check on them I saw he had depressed breathing and was showing very little sign of being able to wake up enough to drink or take food, and he was dehydrated. I looked up borate poisoning online and saw that there is no antidote and poisoning is accumalative as well. I saw that most poisoning cases are from ingesting it, but it is possible to be absorbed. I had not dried the puppy, but did wrap him in a towel after letting solution stay on for 10 minutes. Seeing the condition of the puppy scared me, as he was already very weak, despite being cared for properly for a week, so I shampooed him and attempted to rehydrate him with just water. After the first shampoo he did get up and move around some but still appeared disoriented and wobbly, and again lay down, so about an hour later I shampooed him again and syringe fed him orally with a product I keep on hand called vitamin water. The website that detailed borate poisoning said support measures were to rehydrate, administr oxygen and encourage elimination with laxatives. He had not ingested any and already had diarrhea, so instead of that, I used the guava vitamin water which states it naturally has caffeine. I also mixed a little in the water in their drinking bowl. It was not much and apparently did not hurt him, although they did stay up playing all night. I believe it actually helped his recovery from the poisoning by increasing respiration, elimination and activity. Pedialyte or Gatorade would have encouraged retention because of the sodium in them, so I did not use either one. The trip to the ER broke me, so I could not take him anywhere for oxygen. I did take him outside to the only green plants available this time of year for a while, and opened the window a little where they are staying. It appeared to help him get his breath. I urge anyone who uses the borax/peroxide solution to be careful of the age and health condition of the dog being treated. I would recommend using it only in affected spots if it is a severely debilitated animal. I intend to try again when the puppy is older and in better condition, and to make sure to use only a 1% peroxide soluation with the borax, plus perhaps only on visibly affected areas. Both puppies are doing well now, and the mange on the one seems to be much better, even though I had to wash it off after only 24 hours.

EC: The puppy's reaction sounds very similar to some of the reported side effects of pet vaccination shots. Please read all of the reader feedback on the Vaccination Side Effects page.

Posted by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
If a dog has mange, and vaccination is used, the mange will get much worse with a strong reaction and terrible side effects. This happens because the immune system is trying to fight off the invading live pathogens from the vaccines at the same time fighting off the mange. One interesting case concerns a stray dog that never had the mange, once the dog found an owner, the owner promptly got it vaccinated, and within a day the dog got a terrible mange, only to be put to sleep within a month. There is a long history of vaccinations of immunization drive in San Francisco and New York, Denver Colorado, etc. just only 6 months before an AIDS epidemic came out of "nowhere" on those targeted cities.

The interesting part about this free vaccination drives in the 1980s was it was targeted at homosexuals who were sexually active. It was the same with small pox vaccines drive just a year or two before an AIDS epidemic appeared just after that immunization. The funny thing is the non-participating countries on small pox immunization had no AIDS epidemic.

Hence using vaccination on dogs might also create new disease from possible mutations of the vaccines. The best way to deal with this is to take a bath for the dog with a 1% hydrogen peroxide to reduce the "reactions" as hydrogen peroxide kills most of these and adding some H2O2 such as 0.1% in the dog's water also helped, but won't entirely stop the adverse reaction.

Posted by Vicki
Dallas, TX
[YEA]   "This is an update on the pit puppy that I'm fostering and who had no hair at all on his tail, and had spots on his face where the bumps were also from the demodetic mange. I'm happy to report that even though the solution was only left on for 24 hours, the mange eventually disappeared and his hair has gradually grown back. I did not have to use it again. It had been a week since the vaccinations were given before he was bathed with the borax & peroxide. Also I think perhaps I had mixed the solution a bit stronger that you recommend. As I pointed out, he and his brother were starved and near death when I got them, and the good food and vitamins probably helped their defenses once the solution had worked. Thanks!

Posted by Senna (Orange County, USA) on 01/30/2008

[WORKED TEMPORARILY]  I tried Ted's Mange remedy for my 8 yr old maltese who's been suffering for 7 years of her life. We've tried everything from oral medication, injections and mitaban dips. Nothing seemed to work long term. I came upon this site and tried Ted's remedy out of desperation. For the first few weeks it worked like magic. She was a completely different dog. However, after 1 month she's relapsed and the remedy is no longer giving her relief. I did try it on my other dog (another maltese) as a preventative measure and it seems to be working on him; so far no mange on him and they sleep together. It may be that on my 8 yr old, her immune system is just too weak. I do recommend people try this remedy before they try the dips as they are very toxic. Thanks Ted!!

Posted by Shirley (Standish, NI) on 01/14/2008

[YEA]  re: Mange. I just want you to know that I tried your peroxide/ baking soda mix. It worked. My cat was so bad that I was about ready to put her down. She was dying before my eyes, and there was nothing I had tried that was working. I figured what did I have to lose I had tried everything and it just seemed to make her worse. She was lifeless. Now she is back to herself Thank you my friend. I tell everyone I see about you and this site.

EC: Shirley, there is no mange remedy on the site with peroxide and baking soda. We presume you mean Ted's remedy: peroxide and borax?

Posted by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
There was one cat pet that I had that I couldn't save when I was two years old and it was my favorite cat. I had a rare psychic experience that my cat would die if it was taken outside the house that very night, so I cried for hours before the cat died, but my parents refused to believe me and put it outside. It died that very night - the dog killed the cat. Maybe that cat I dearly missed won't be returned, but I can at least save other cats lives rather than seeing them unnecessarily put down to sleep.

Posted by Caren (Wilmington, Delaware) on 01/08/2008

[YEA]  Hi all! And Thank you Ted! I am writing in to let you know that I have tried the peroxide and borax solution on my sons 6 month old pitbull. Poor little guy was diagnosed with Dermodex Mites (after a skin scrapping)about a week ago. Initially we put him on antibiotics and dipped him once in Mitaban. His irritated skin seemed to lessen after the immediately after the dip, but was even more inflamed the next day. I was told this was normal due to the fact that we had now sent the mites into a frenzy by dipping him. This made sense, I suppose, and we really had no other choice. Rocky became lethargic and seemed depressed in the next 12 hours or so. We were so worried about him and the effects that this dip would have on him (as he would need another in a couple of weeks) Our hearts were breaking watching him suffer. I am always very interested in natural remedies for myself, so started searching the internet. I found Earth Clinic and was impressed with the results of all who had tried this remedy. After emailing a few of you, I decided to try it. I found the 20 Mule Team Borax easily at the Target Store. I was nervous to bathe little Rocky in borax! but hopeful, but he was so itchy and miserable. His skin was inflamed and bleeding on his head. 'Could it be any worse then the Mitaban chemicals?' So I mixed up the solution.(1)16oz. bottle of 3% peroxide, 2 16oz bottles of water and 4 heaping Tbls. of borax powder. I bathed him in baby shampoo first, towel dried him and started to pour the solution onto him, rubbing it into his fur with my hands and saturating him down to his skin. I 'cotton balled' the solution all around his face (which was the worst area infected) and under his chin. I tried really hard not to let him shake for about 3 minutes or more, talking real calm and telling him how good he was. He wanted to shake bad! After a few minutes I let him jump out of the tub and BOY did he shake. My entire bathroom was soaked. My hallway was soaked, everything was soaked. I did not care one bit. I was so happy to see him being frisky! Within the first minutes of him jumping out of the tub, I noticed his skin had actually turned pink instead of beet red. By the end of the day, His skin was pale pink almost white. I mixed up a spray bottle of solution and sent it home with my son last night. Today Rocky is back with me and his skin is looking great. I will bathe him again this evening after his nap and hope for continued success! I am so thrilled to have found this website and have already recommended it to others with pets. Thanks again everyone for posting your testimonials and emails. I have posted mine and will keep in touch on Rocky's progress!

Posted by Caren
Wilmington, DE
[WORKED TEMPORARILY]   "I wrote in months ago about the great results we had using borax perox baths. A few months after using the baths, I noticed Rockys condition getting bad again. I continued bathing him every 3 days in the bath, Vit E oil orally and topically. Pinch of borax in his wather... Diluted Tea tree oil on mange 'pimples'...I have been diligently keeping up with Rocky. Sometimes he looked like he was growing hair like crazy.. and next thing he looked like he was losing it again... I have been frustrated, but tried not to give up hope....in the end, I am sad to report, that this morning, after dropping him off to have him neutered, I recieved a phone call a little later in the day. The mange was getting worse and I was informed that I could possibly have abuse/neglect charges brought against me for not treating his mange medically. I had to leave my work because I almost got sick all over. Never in a million years would I expect to hear these words directed towards me. I love this dog and am sick to my stomach. I followed the instructions completely and carefully and religiously. I am now forced to go back to mitaban and start him on ivermectin. I have purchased antifungal shampoo to help heal the "secondary skin infection" that Rocky has now developed and have him on antibiotics, and heart worm med (starting in a few weeks) The doc actually told me that it was close to turning into "Red Mange". I was so hopeful. Now I am just scared. This poor dog has been suffering and I am beyond feeling guilty... I can't bathe him for 7 days but am feeling desperate to start him on the chemicals that I was so against. I cannot let this dog get any worse and risk his life....

Any suggestions or advice Ted?
Sincerly Caren

Posted by Noel's owner (O,boro, KY USA) on 12/22/2007

[YEA]  Ted, I have a lab/chow mix..she had a severe case of dermedectic mange.. Noel's skin was horrible chewed up/losing hair for months/really smelly..chewing her paws raw--this disease went undetected for several months. I did take her regularly to our area vets..(none ever mentioned mange, or skin condition)Lots of $$$$$$$ later I found your site.this was many months ago. Your mange cure worked miraculously! (within 2 weeks) QUESTION: For her ears we were told she was allergic to meat (?not so sure now ..So she eats cat food that is fish-based) Is there any solution i can find on your site that I can gently cure her poor ears with? She shakes her head all the time..is miserable alot/she is always scratching at her /bleeding/smelly /swollen ears . I am referring to the inside of her ears RE: Her mange actually have photos before and after of her new shiny coat. (I kept the borax/hydrogen/water mixture on hand just in case..I warm it up to room temperature before using. Thanks for your remedy and cure.

Posted by Robin Little
Alamogordo, Nm
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For the dog with bad ears and shaking the head to relieve the ears... I realize this was posted years ago, but I want to reply for anyone reading this... It sounds like the ear mites, like cats get. Black gobs come out? It's blood.

Put baby oil in there every day for a while. Let them shake all they want. Enough oil will stay in to smother the mites.

They look awful during treatment, but it works. At least it did on my cats.

Posted by Jerry (Portland, Oregon) on 12/13/2007

[YEA]  I have to say, I was really skeptical of Ted's mange cure. It seemed awfully risky to use some fly-by-night cure on my dog that I found on the Internet. Not exactly the safest source of information. My wife felt the same way. However, having read every one of the comments and seeing that some had posted their email address, I determined these were real people and I wasn't just being scammed by some sick-o. I decided to give it a shot. That is, after I spent $140 at the vet on their ringworm cure. THe first thing I did was stop the medicine Ivermectin (sp??). That seemed so radical to me --that I would dare to buck the vet's advice. My dog has mange spots about the size of quarters and 1/2 dollar pieces that are clearly defined circles (for lack of hair). It's not thin hair so much as simply visible skin one of them is a bit rough. She also has pink skin in her ears and under her tummy but no discernable sores in those areas. Under her neck and around her muzzle there's pinkness showing through (barely) and a thinning of hair that looks to be more mites getting started. She was scraped by a vet that determined she did have mange (demodex). So I knew for sure what I was dealing with. We were a little weary of using Borax & Peroxide on her because that just seemed wrong to us. But on reflection, it's merely a detergent (additive) that's not so far away from shampoos or other soaps. And I read Ted's words very very carefully about the purpose of water, peroxide and borax. In the end, it seemed to make sense. I found 20 Mule Team Borax at the supermarket far down the isle from regular detergents (for you guys out there, you might have to ask). A box costs about $4.50. I then bought 2 large (1000ml) bottles of Hydrogen Peroxide that was labeled "3%" for about $2.50 each. I figured 4 baths, each using 1/2 bottle and 4 cups of Borax. Total cost, $14.00!! This'll never work. I'm simply not that lucky. At home, I used the bathtub formula of 3 to 4 inches lukewarm water (it's very cold here right now) plus 1/2 of one large bottle (500ml) of Hydrogen Peroxide. I added 4 cups of 20 Mule Team Borax and used my hand to agitate the water until I couldn't feel the borax granules any more. I figured if the solution hurt my hand, then I'd quit right there. It doesn't. In goes my dog. I used the cup to pour water over her for about 10 minutes. I used my wet hands (no dripping water) to wipe inside her ears and around her muzzle. I got her out of the tub, (more like I stood back and she sprang out) let her shake and then I used a blow dryer. After a couple of days, there appeared to be some change but I couldn't say for sure. I was a bit disappointed and a bit unsure. Maybe the vet medicine was working after all --before I stopped it? Maybe Ted's Cure was working a little? Three days later, in she goes again. This time, I added an extra cup of Borax and kept her in a little longer. Maybe 12 minutes! It's hard to keep her in there. She's 60 lbs of steady force. Out she goes but no blow drying this time. I actually wanted some of the mixture to rub around the house where she goes. KInda like a living wash cloth. Ok, ok, so I'm a "guy." Now, a week later, it's clearly and visibly working! Some spots have completely grown back --sure, it's still a little thinner than her regular coat but man, what a difference. Clearly, obviously she has new hair growth everywhere. One spot she's had for 6 months is gone! She has exhibited no side effects whatsoever. She's a strawberry blond so if her hair dyed a bit, I wouldn't notice it too much. I think one more bath today and she's done --other than routine, once a month treatments. This cure is working for me, no question about it and I'm excited about it. WEll, there is one side effect to the baths. She smells great! Not that she was a stinker like some dogs with mange, but more like a good just clean smell. I give her a bath every two weeks with shampoos for dogs. This is much better! It is, after all, what Borax does, isn't it? Anyway, thanks to all who wrote in, thanks to Ted, too! It works and I can't wait to go back the vet... this time he's paying me.

Posted by Kay (Moody, Texas) on 12/10/2007

[YEA]  This mange cure really works!! I was a little skeptical but very desperate. We used the 20 Mule Team Borax and 3%Hydrogen Peroxide diluted to 1% solution on our female Andulasian Pyranees Shepherd, Sheba. We had been using a sulfur-based medication but it seemed we were fighting a losing battle. We could not afford to spend big bucks at the vet so finding this website was God-send. After 6 weeks, Sheba has re-grown most of her hair (her back was almost hairless). We will continue these treatments until it all grows back. Thank you Ted for posting this amazing cure!

Posted by John (Royal Oak, Michigan) on 12/01/2007

[YEA]  I have been using Ted's hydrogen peroxide and borax mange treatment and it seems to working great on my dogs demodectic mange. I have a couple of bottles of 99% pure DMSO. Do you have a formula for using this DMSO and borax, I understand DMSO is better penetrant than HP

Posted by LISA (DAYTON , OHIO) on 11/25/2007


Posted by Kathy (Wildwood, New Jersey) on 11/13/2007

[YEA]  Borox Mange cure, Just wanted to say that it really works my puppy boxer girl has almost all her hair back after a month of treatments with borox and peroxide .I have spent numerous amounts of money on veternary cures which only offered temporary relief and made her quite sick at times, Saw Teds cure and figured what did I have to lose .I gave it a try and the very first day the smell of rotting skin was gone. Continued bathing every day for two weeks and saw hair growing back on hind legs and stomach no more itching or bad odor .I also added 1/8 teaspoon of Borox to drinking water . Made a spray bottle of solution and sprayed entire house and yard . Will keep doing every week until I am sure there is no more mange .Ted I also saw some dead fleas in the tub water after baths. I think I might change my vet because he was sure the dog did not have fleas and that It had to be seasonal allergies ,Poor puppy suffered for months and became bald with crusty scabs and bloody sores all over her. Thank you so much for this remarkable cure My baby girl Bailey is on her way to being beautiful again

Posted by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
Yes, the fleas are sometimes carrier of the demodectic mites which causes mange too. The borax and peroxide will kill fleas, mites and mange. In human we sometimes call the mange a lupus, when it might be only just demodectic mites in humans and the human remedy is a cruel one, which uses chemotherapy and in one case of lupus I have seen had just died from chemotherapy. The borax and peroxide also works well if infection get to human also.

One key treatment in mange is that of quarantine if mange do get back it is the reinfection from the yard. A borax and peroxide is needed to be sprayed fairly frequently in the house area and if unsuccessful, the dog should be quarantined in a secure area to prevent such reinfection.

Posted by evamarie (Kissimmee, Florida) on 11/04/2007

[YEA]  I just want to inform that reading the remedie to cure mange was a life saver. Someone gave me a 3 week kitten, we noticed that he had a large white area on his head,I search the internet to find out it was mange, I took him to the vet wich cost me $85.00 for the medicine and the test to find out he has scabies/mange. Doctor gave me the' medicine and directed me to keep the kitten away from the other animals and myself. when I got home from the vet i went on the internet and found this cure, I gave the kitten the vet medicine (which I will I have to give for a month) I gave the cat(with no name) the first bath, I kept given him a bath for a week everyday, also at this time I will take out everyday all the sheets and towels use by the cat, wash them with hot water, clean the room with clorex (the floor) take his food bowl& water bowl and clean it with clorox, disinfect his bed and evrything else in the room. I did this for 2 weeks everyday. I stop giving him the medicene the second day becuase the vet later on told me that he could die, because the medicine was too strong for a kitten. I also bought him speacial kitten milk. After 2 weeks of stress and giving him baths (everyday) and being tired I took him back to the vet to find out that he no longer has scabies. I was so happy and thankful this WORK. After he the vet told me he had no longer scabies we finally named him TAINO. THANK YOU SO MUCH>>>This was stressful but it worked.

EC: EvaMarie, we presume you are referring to Ted's Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide Remedy for Mange? Please correct us if you used another remedy.

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