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Ted's Dog Mange Cure - Treatment for Demodectic and Sarcoptic Mange

Last Modified on Apr 17, 2015

Ted's Mange Treatment Tips   0  0   

Posted by Stephan Toth (London, United Kingdom) on 09/20/2009

The advice for using Borax for the Treatment of Mange and other Mites is very good however there seems to be some confusion so I hope to clarify the situation.

1) If your dog has mites then you can be sure that they are present in the whole of the area that your dog uses and that in a lot of cases the humans have them too. You can test if you have mites (scabies) if you itch after having a bath or at night when you go to bed.

2) You have to treat the whole of the above at the same time or you will have a cycle of reinfestation from your pet to the house to you to your pet. So choose an action day and get everything ready for your war on mites.

3) In the case of your house, all beds, sofas, carpets, cusions etc that are too big to be washed including rugs and carpets should be treat with the borax solution or lime sulphur and covered in strong plastic sheeting using duct tape. I know its a lot of bother but its cheaper than throwing them outside and burning them.

4)Having taken the pets outside, Make up the solution of Borax using the following equivalents (one cup hydrogen peroxide and two cups water first and then the 9 teaspoons or 3 tablespoons of borax put in last. let the borax dissolved) This translates for bulk production as:- The borax mange treatment is made by filling a five-gallon bucket with warm water and then adding a 200 milliliter bottle of three percent hydrogen peroxide. Finally add borax laundry booster until full saturation is achieved. This means when borax is added to the water, rather than dissolving, it sinks to the bottom of the bucket.

5) Hoover and damp dust everything using the above solution that has been recomended. Then seal all the relavant soft covered furniture (sofas), soft furnishings, beds and matresses and finally cover carpets with foundation plastic using duct tape to seal the edges.

6) Wash out a kitchen detergent bottle that has a squirty spray handle on it and fill it with the borax solution. In the yard, spray the whole of the underside of the dog or other animal, you may have to refil the bottle several times for large animals. when you have reached saturation point on the underside change the spray bottle over to the large sponge and use this to pour the solution on the animals back from neck to tail. Finally we come to the head and the moste sensitive area around the eyes. First put a drop mineral oil in the eyes, then use cottonwool balls dipped in the solution and go over the face very gently and very carefully around the eyes. Pay particular attention to the ears, the muzel and under the chin making sure that they are saturated down to the skin.

7) Lovely now the house is sorted and the animals are treated there is just the humans to attend to. Though dog mites including mange (dog scabies) cannot live and reproduce on humans for more than a few days they can live long enough to reinfest the animal when you groom or stroke it. So, I am afraid its the full body treatment for the whole of the family. You can uese any of the following, Derbac M, Quellada M, Lyclear Dermal or a 30 gram tube of 5% permethrin cream. Make sure that you cover every bit of skin area and under the feet and rub it into your finger and toe nails too. The human treatment should be done at weekly intervals. Do not use the same incetacide more than three times in three weeks. Of couse if you dont mind a tinted skin, you can easily use the borax treatment on yourself.

8) The borax treatment on the animal should be done every three to four days until the mites are completely cleared and then for ten days after the last signs are gone.

9) During the treatment period, all members of the family should handle the animals only when wearing rubber gloves. Animals should be trained not to go on any furniture during this time. Children should be discouraged from wrestling or cuddling the animal until it is given the all clear.

10) If you find that after this you or your animal is still showing signs of infection then you must enquire with your family to asertain who is not following the rules.

11) When your animal has been clear for ten days you can take the plastic off of your funiture and give them a good hoover. (Don't forget to wash the hoover and its pipes with borax before using it.)

Kind Regards

Stephan Toth

Replied by Diamond
Salisbury, Usa
Stephan;I used the mineral oil on my cats eye's an they burned them(nothing serious)so I found another option I'd like to share, some one else had mentioned to use tripple antibiotic cream on eye's so now I use it on my kitten as well as my self an it does wonders. How-ever mineral oil is great for cleaning out animals ears. Good luck

Treating the Environment   0  0   

Posted by Nicole (Portland, Me) on 01/15/2015

Hello, with mange, I am wondering how often the environment needs to be treated?

Replied by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
Hey Nicole!

If you are dealing with demodectic mange then you don't need to worry about the environment as far as contamination.

If you are dealing with sarcoptic mange then those mites can live off the host in the environment long enough to infect another host. If you are dealing with sarcoptic mange I would sterilize the environment in conjunction with the dipping protocol for Ted's mange remedy - and also use diatomaceous earth to ensure no mites survive off the host in the environment.

Replied by Aj
My GSD has what I think is mange. I cannot afford vet for treatment. I've used Ted's remedy just now, and praying for Bruzor's skin to heal. I have a pool in my backyard, surrounded by grass. How do I treat the pool and yard for these mange mites? He swims in the pool everyday. Could this be causing the mange? Please let me know asap. I love my pup and I need advice!
Replied by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
Hey Aj!

When I see posts about mange from Florida my first thought is FLEAS and not mange; have you ruled fleas out?

The kind of mange your dog could catch from around the pool would be sarcoptic mange; these might hide out in bunny or squirrel poop or the live critters; do you see vermin in your yard, and has Bruzor caught any vermin? If no, then you might consider fleas, or a skin infection caused by a damp coat that doesn't get fully dried after a swim.

Ted's mange remedy will help in either case but if it is fleas you will need to treat your yard - consider a cedar granule type product in that case.


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