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Ted's Dog Mange Cure - Treatment for Demodectic and Sarcoptic Mange

Last Modified on Jul 09, 2015

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Posted by Sally (Oklahoma City, OK) on 08/22/2006

[YEA]  I have been doing Ted's treatment for about three weeks and it is slowly curing the mange

Posted by Jack (Toledo, OH) on 07/23/2006

[YEA]  My daughter got a miniature dashund from a "Petco store" that had touch of mange on his ears, which started out the size of a dime, it spread to the size of a silver dollar sized area on both ears, I gave him a good bath and dried him off. then soaked him mostly his ears, and applied the "Borax, peroxide, a little lemon juice in a 1/2 gallon of water, soaked him in it and "DID NOT DRY HIM,LET IT DRY ON HIS WHOLE BODY , ITS BEEN ABOUT 8 WEEKS NOW AND ALL HE HAIR ON HIS EARS IS GROWN BACK. HE'S NOW A BEAUTIFUL, little guy very perky, with a small white area on his chest and the rest a typical reddish brown.

Posted by Trudy (Cynthiana, KY) on 01/18/2006

[YEA]  I knew my dog had mange this summer, or possibly a terrible case of flea allergies. All I knew was if I went to the vet he would slowly poison my dog, at a very high cost to me. Traditional mange treatments are very harsh, mitaban is extremely toxic to say the least. I'm not against going to the vet, I sure have spent a lot of money on my four dogs there. So I searched for natural non toxic remedies, and I found your website. At the time you had only 2 remedies posted. At this point my dog was only 1 1/2 years old, a purebred, and well taken care of, there was no good reason for him having mange, or at the worst terrible flea allergies. He is a beautiful black and white Australian Shepherd. This is what I did.

I tried the remedy from Ted of Bangkok. I had two problems with his recipe. I never could keep enough hydrogen peroxide in the house. I only used it twice. And he said to leave the mixture on the dog, and don't dry him off, well what do you do with a sopping wet dog in the house, or when it's super cold outside. So I modified the recipe and method of application. Max (my dog) had lost at least 60% or more of his fur, from his shoulder blades all the way to his tail, including his legs, underbelly, and even the back of his ears. This was pathetic, I'm sorry but I didn't take pictures, to prove my point. THIS IS HOW I CURED MAX. These are the ingredients I used. You must buy these, nothing else, no substitutes. 20 MULE TEAM BORAX, it will say natural laundry booster under Borax, you can get it at Wall Mart Super Centers, and ORGANIC APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, IT'S RAW AND UNFILTERED, You can only get it at a health food store. ( Do not buy at a grocery store, those vinegars only smell and look like vinegar, but they have absolutely no medicinal value.) The third and last ingredient is simple cheap, people shampoo, like VO5, or Suave.

THIS IS HOW TO APPLY. IF YOU DOG IS REALLY, REALLY, BAD WITH MANGE, DO THIS EVERY THIRD DAY. WHEN MY MAX STARTED GETTING BETTER, USUALLY AFTER WASHING HIM EVERY THIRD DAY FOR TWO WEEKS, NOW I ONLY DO HIM ONCE A WEEK. Now all you need is a small plastic cereal bowl. Put 1/2 cup of borax in bowl, now put 1 1/2 to 2 cups of warm water in the bowl, mix it very well with a spoon, not all of it will dissolve, lots of it will settle on the bottom of the bowl, don't worry. Now add 1/4 to 1/3 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar to the bowl, mix well. Your dog is now in the tub, well lathered up, Now you take the mixture, and pour, or apply by hand all over his body, it will spread easily, don't worry about the grittiness, just don't rub it in too hard, it might fell like sandpaper on the dogs skin. I would have my dog sit with all this stuff on him in the tub for at least 3-5 minutes. Well I was worried about winter, and my fur less dog, but now in less than two months all of his fur is back, happy, healthy, and playing in the snow. One thing I didn't mention at the onset of his problem I did a 2 week detox on him to help out his immune system. This sure couldn't hurt any dog with illnesses. P.S. Get the book " Apple Cider Vinegar " It's only $8.00 at your Health Food Store, or go to to order. This is an amazing old time, folk type remedy. I've been taking it for less than 2 months, and have had amazing results, you'll know why your dog is getting better once you know what this product is capable of doing. I wish good health to everyone's best buddies, good luck!!!

Replied by Vivian
Edmonds, WA
So you don't wash the shampoo off before you use the solution of borax/apple cidar vinegar?
Replied by Prometheus613
Cleveland, Oh
[YEA]   Have a boxer/mini pincher mix, male, started showing symptoms of mites. I read just about every comment to this remedy and concluded a few things:

(1) I would assume that if the provider of the remedy titled it "Cure for Demodectic and Sarcoptic Mange, it does not matter which kind your dog has, this remedy should work for both kinds of mites, and as Ted says, fleas, ticks and other critters.

(2) The notion that a dog who manifests an outbreak of demodectic mites is genetically inferior and unworthy of breeding is suspect at best. Consider, the underlying reason for most demodectic episodes is a compromised immune system. It does not follow that this is a genetic deficiency when the primary reason for poor pet immune response is POOR DIET. So all these yahoos who militantly advocate the destruction of an animal's raison de etre, namely its reproductive organs, on the basis that the animal displayed symptoms very likely to have been induced by an owner's negligence, is frightening in its brutality.

(3) 95% of all the comments relating "veterinary medicine's" response to this condition were the same, a vet medical establishment appalling in its capriciousness and bad faith. It would seem that many vets do not even think of mites as a possible diagnosis, at least until 2-4 other, expensive, toxic and ineffective responses have been IMPOSED on the unwitting pet owner. This leads me to believe, quite reasonably I think you will agree, that most vets are EITHER evil OR stupid; maybe BOTH.

Bottom line, this cure is just that, a cure. To those who need to know exactly what to expect, know that the first treatment for my dog seemed to really highlight all the affect areas on his body. I really did not know the extent of his infestation until AFTER the borax/peroxide solution dries. The wounds become red, puffy and pronounced. GREAT, that is the little mite saying "OH S$#@". After treatment my dog is stuck to my side, like I'm his doggy savior.

Replied by Seekingthecure
San Diego Ca, Usa
I am so glad to find this forum and this thread. I have two cats with an infestation that has been called "nothing, " "blackheads, " "mange, " "lice, " and various other useless things by a series of vets and vet dermatologists. The infestation is a small insect that burrows into the skin. Apparently, that's not in the vet manual, so they just pretend it isn't there. It mimics some effects of mites. It responds to avermectins, but develops a tolerance to ANY therapy after two weeks. The cats self-mutilate in an agony of itchiness if I don't treat them at least every seven days. They get secondary infections in their skin in the holes where the bugs lived. (And no, it's not warbles! )

I want to try this borax treatment. Unfortunately, my husband is wildly opposed to vinegar and hydrogen peroxide and DMSO. Is it possible that vodka (40% alcohol) can be used as the liquid to make the borax penetrate the skin? We use vodka to dip the cats it to keep the current infestation under control, in combination with rotating types of avermectin shots. This keeps the bugs under control, whatever they are, but it hasn't been a cure. I don't recommend this to anyone else, though. The vodka-dipped kitty is flammable until it dries, so we cage them away from heat or flame. We dip them once a week. This treatment has saved their lives, so far, but it has not cured them. I have read many accounts of pet owners with intractable infestations, especially in the San Diego area. They describe the same symptoms that my cats have, and the same misdiagnoses. And all report the same resolutely ignorant responses from veterinarians. There are even several boards where people recommend treatments. But nothing has been a cure for my kitties, and I would like to try borax. Does anyone know if I can mix it with the pure vodka dip? Thanks--Desperate Kitty Mama in San Diego

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Posted by Erikajay (Macon, Georgia) on 08/05/2014

My question has nothing to do with your remedy but with the mange itself.

I work in rescue and pulled a dog from a high kill shelter 5 days ago. She has been to the vet and is being treated for both demodectic and sarcoptic mange. How contagious is sarcoptic to humans? We interact with her a lot, so my number 1 concern is my children.

Thank you!

Replied by Theresa Donate

Mpls., Mn
Hey Erikajay!

Sarcoptic mange mites are very contagious and cause 'scabies' in humans; they cannot reproduce on humans, but will live for about 5 days and cause an itchy rash. You should contact your physician if your kids develop an itchy rash and let them know they were exposed to scabies.

The good thing is that with treatment your dog should not be contagious after about 5 days. While you have already treated your dog via your vet - and I am assuming it is an oral miticide, it would be wise to use the mange remedy on this site to address the exterior of your dog to kill as many mites as quickly as possible to reduce possible transmission to your kids. It is also a good idea to use the mange remedy on every single other pet in the household to avoid those pets getting infected with scabies as well.

Lastly, don't forget to clean, clean, clean - and sterilize any dog bedding, the crate or area where the dog resides, and all areas where the dog may access.

Good luck, and thank you for rescuing this dog!

Replied by Blueangel
Wisconsin, US

Yes, Sarcoptic Mange affects humans. I began fostering a dog a year ago. She was underweight and very itchy. It took three vets for a correct diagnosis, and a fourth for successful treatment.

Meanwhile, I had bites on my arms and my scalp was crawling. Our daughter had bites on her face. My husband had bites on his legs. We kept being told that the canine variant of the scabies bug can't complete its lifecycle on humans. Well, I can tell you from personal experience that that is not true! There have been documented cases. But for some reason, they're not talked about in the medical or veterinary communities.

It's been a year and I'm still fighting the mites on me and my family. Keeping the dog away from everyone has helped them. But I continue to have problems, probably because I still take care of the dog.

We were all cured on Thanksgiving, but the little bastards came back by Christmas. Dog is back on Revolution every two weeks. But we humans continue to struggle with the bugs. For me, its a daily battle. For the others, just an occasional annoyance.

So far, we've had improvement (but no cure) from Neem Oil, Ivermectin (orally and topically), and Permethrin (topically). I just started the Borax and H2O2, so the jury is still out on that one. It seems promising, though. (The others did, too, so I've become very skeptical.)

I hope for your family's sake that you got it under control and they're okay. Because it's awful, really it is.

Replied by Alexis
Park City, Utah
I have several suggestions that I hope will help you and your family and your dog as well.

Dr. Bronner's soap, the original one with Tea Tree in it, use as body/hand wash as well as shampoo. Allow it to sit on your skin/hair for a bit before washing it off.

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, use a bit after washing body/hair, again let it sit for a bit. ACV internally, I use tablets as nobody in my family can stand the taste.

Garlic and/or Oregano suppliments. Clay detox.

I washed our dog's towels in hot, hot water with borax and peroxide, let it sit all soapy for a bit drying on a hot cycle. I used diatomatious earth on his dog bed in between washings, also a bit on his kibble. I adopted a pit bull mix, sweetest dog in the world, who suffered with horrific mange. Poor thing looked like someone had poured hot bacon grease over his back the mange was so bad and the pads of his feet would swell up twice the normal size and he could hardly walk. After literally spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars in vet bills, prescription shampoo that was so harsh it irritated his already tender skin, multiple antibiotics, cancer drugs (really! ! ), diet restrictions and more,all with NO actual effect on the mange at all, just my bank drained account, a well paid vet and a very, very miserable dog, I was at my witts end.

My husband was using Dr. Bronner's soap and I thought that since the problem was due to mites, they probably wouldn't want to be "minty fresh" from the soap or to be "pickled" by the ACV. Bingo! It worked like a charm! Finally after years and years of suffering he was "cured" and he loved, loved his bath time! Sadly he passed due to diabetes. I'm convinced that his immune system was so damaged due to chronic mange problems. Hope this helps you all and good luck!

ps--I also put Borax and Peroxide in my pets water. Thanks!

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Posted by Cindy (Fenton, Michigan) on 12/12/2014

Hi. My 6 month old lab/shepherd mix was just diagnosed with demodex. I plan to refuse the Ivermectin and use Ted's remedy. I read on a another site that mineral oil teases out the mites. Would it be a good idea to use this immediately before Ted's remedy? The worst spots on my puppy are around her eyes, will the remedy bother her eyes? Finally, is tea tree oil toxic to dogs? Thank you!

Ted's Dog Mange Cure   0  0   

Posted by Lydia (Senatobia, Ms.) on 03/14/2010


Sodium Tetraborate Decahydrate: Is this the borax you are talking about? My dog has hairless raw spots that have turned her skin black. Two months of antibiotics and no results. Vet says it is staph and or fungus. She stinks, but I love her so it don't really matter to me. Please help me. Lydia

EC: Please see the borax page for more information:

Replied by John
Qc, Quezon City ,philippines
How can 6% hydrogen peroxide to 1%? how long is the shelf life of the mixture? thanks.
Replied by Hoodah Thunkit
Chula Vista, Ca, Usa
pour 6% container into a much larger containter - refill 6% container 5 times with water - pour each one into that much larger container - Presto! - 1 % solution in that larger container.

Ted's Dog Mange Cure in Spanish   0  0   

Posted by Monica (Cachagua, Zapallar, Valparaiso, Chile) on 07/01/2010

Ted's mange cure remedy

I would like you to include this recipe in spanish. If you cannot do it, I can do it for you. This would be very helpful for south americans where the mange is one of the main reasons for people to abandon dogs in the streets.

Hope to be able to colaborate with my translation in order to spread the experiences. I just started to do 4 treatments last week with this remedy in 4 abandoned puppies. Hope to have success and send you the feed back later.


EC: Hi Monica,

That is a fantastic idea, thank you for suggesting it. The best we can do at the moment is to use Google's English to Spanish Translator. If you see anything that needs to be corrected, please let us know...

Replied by Earth Clinic

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Posted by Stephan Toth (London, United Kingdom) on 09/20/2009

The advice for using Borax for the Treatment of Mange and other Mites is very good however there seems to be some confusion so I hope to clarify the situation.

1) If your dog has mites then you can be sure that they are present in the whole of the area that your dog uses and that in a lot of cases the humans have them too. You can test if you have mites (scabies) if you itch after having a bath or at night when you go to bed.

2) You have to treat the whole of the above at the same time or you will have a cycle of reinfestation from your pet to the house to you to your pet. So choose an action day and get everything ready for your war on mites.

3) In the case of your house, all beds, sofas, carpets, cusions etc that are too big to be washed including rugs and carpets should be treat with the borax solution or lime sulphur and covered in strong plastic sheeting using duct tape. I know its a lot of bother but its cheaper than throwing them outside and burning them.

4)Having taken the pets outside, Make up the solution of Borax using the following equivalents (one cup hydrogen peroxide and two cups water first and then the 9 teaspoons or 3 tablespoons of borax put in last. let the borax dissolved) This translates for bulk production as:- The borax mange treatment is made by filling a five-gallon bucket with warm water and then adding a 200 milliliter bottle of three percent hydrogen peroxide. Finally add borax laundry booster until full saturation is achieved. This means when borax is added to the water, rather than dissolving, it sinks to the bottom of the bucket.

5) Hoover and damp dust everything using the above solution that has been recomended. Then seal all the relavant soft covered furniture (sofas), soft furnishings, beds and matresses and finally cover carpets with foundation plastic using duct tape to seal the edges.

6) Wash out a kitchen detergent bottle that has a squirty spray handle on it and fill it with the borax solution. In the yard, spray the whole of the underside of the dog or other animal, you may have to refil the bottle several times for large animals. when you have reached saturation point on the underside change the spray bottle over to the large sponge and use this to pour the solution on the animals back from neck to tail. Finally we come to the head and the moste sensitive area around the eyes. First put a drop mineral oil in the eyes, then use cottonwool balls dipped in the solution and go over the face very gently and very carefully around the eyes. Pay particular attention to the ears, the muzel and under the chin making sure that they are saturated down to the skin.

7) Lovely now the house is sorted and the animals are treated there is just the humans to attend to. Though dog mites including mange (dog scabies) cannot live and reproduce on humans for more than a few days they can live long enough to reinfest the animal when you groom or stroke it. So, I am afraid its the full body treatment for the whole of the family. You can uese any of the following, Derbac M, Quellada M, Lyclear Dermal or a 30 gram tube of 5% permethrin cream. Make sure that you cover every bit of skin area and under the feet and rub it into your finger and toe nails too. The human treatment should be done at weekly intervals. Do not use the same incetacide more than three times in three weeks. Of couse if you dont mind a tinted skin, you can easily use the borax treatment on yourself.

8) The borax treatment on the animal should be done every three to four days until the mites are completely cleared and then for ten days after the last signs are gone.

9) During the treatment period, all members of the family should handle the animals only when wearing rubber gloves. Animals should be trained not to go on any furniture during this time. Children should be discouraged from wrestling or cuddling the animal until it is given the all clear.

10) If you find that after this you or your animal is still showing signs of infection then you must enquire with your family to asertain who is not following the rules.

11) When your animal has been clear for ten days you can take the plastic off of your funiture and give them a good hoover. (Don't forget to wash the hoover and its pipes with borax before using it.)

Kind Regards

Stephan Toth

Replied by Diamond
Salisbury, Usa
Stephan;I used the mineral oil on my cats eye's an they burned them(nothing serious)so I found another option I'd like to share, some one else had mentioned to use tripple antibiotic cream on eye's so now I use it on my kitten as well as my self an it does wonders. How-ever mineral oil is great for cleaning out animals ears. Good luck

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Posted by Nicole (Portland, Me) on 01/15/2015

Hello, with mange, I am wondering how often the environment needs to be treated?

Replied by Theresa Donate

Mpls., Mn
Hey Nicole!

If you are dealing with demodectic mange then you don't need to worry about the environment as far as contamination.

If you are dealing with sarcoptic mange then those mites can live off the host in the environment long enough to infect another host. If you are dealing with sarcoptic mange I would sterilize the environment in conjunction with the dipping protocol for Ted's mange remedy - and also use diatomaceous earth to ensure no mites survive off the host in the environment.

Replied by Aj
My GSD has what I think is mange. I cannot afford vet for treatment. I've used Ted's remedy just now, and praying for Bruzor's skin to heal. I have a pool in my backyard, surrounded by grass. How do I treat the pool and yard for these mange mites? He swims in the pool everyday. Could this be causing the mange? Please let me know asap. I love my pup and I need advice!
Replied by Theresa Donate

Mpls., Mn
Hey Aj!

When I see posts about mange from Florida my first thought is FLEAS and not mange; have you ruled fleas out?

The kind of mange your dog could catch from around the pool would be sarcoptic mange; these might hide out in bunny or squirrel poop or the live critters; do you see vermin in your yard, and has Bruzor caught any vermin? If no, then you might consider fleas, or a skin infection caused by a damp coat that doesn't get fully dried after a swim.

Ted's mange remedy will help in either case but if it is fleas you will need to treat your yard - consider a cedar granule type product in that case.

Replied by Philippa Church
My beautiful little terrier has just been diagnosed (skin scrape and biopsy) with demodetic mange. I don't want to subject him to the harsh toxins in mitiban or the invermectin so will be starting the Borax HP treatment. Thank you TED for posting it. Have also read that flowers of sulphur works well and wondering if I can combine the two? Borax/HP bath every 4 days and flowers of sulphur mixed with talc or neem/coconut oil every day. What do you think?
Replied by Philippa Church
And one more question! Borax is. It in sale in Uk, just Borax substitute. I have ordered some Borax online - not Mule Team as they don't sell it here. It is 99.9% pure Borax. Will this be OK?