Cancer Remedies for Pets: Holistic Treatment

Last Modified on Feb 25, 2015

Cancer can afflict and be just as miserable an illness for our pets as it is for us. No one wants to see her cat or dog suffer so. Fortunately, some natural remedies exist to help prevent cancer among pets, treat cancer symptoms, and hopefully bring about a cancer remission and shrink tumors away.

Signs of Cancer in Pets: If you notice a sudden loss of weight and/or appetite, abnormal growths, blood in the feces or urine, or bad odors in your pet you should take it to a vet to have it tested for cancer before pursuing a natural cancer remedy.

Natural Pet Cancer Cures: Hydrogen peroxide, apple cider vinegar, essiac tea, turmeric, and some other cancer remedies that have been applied to human health have shown some promise in treating cancer among pets as well. The Budwig Diet, likewise, is sometimes tried to help reverse tumor growth. Astragalus, reishi mushrooms, and milk thistle are often prescribed to improve immune function and reduce tumor size in dogs and cats with cancer.

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Most Popular Cancer Remedies Remedies:

Essiac Tea5
Apple Cider Vinegar3

User Reviews

Anal Gland Cancer   0  0   

Posted by Deborah (Usa) on 05/16/2014

Hi, I would like to know if there is anything you can suggest for my dog who has anal sac carcinoma. She had surgery last year to remove her right anal gland and cancerous tumor (anal gland carcinoma) and I did not put her through chemo. Last month, it was discovered a new tumor formed at the surgery site and is the size of a golf ball. Is there anything you can offer that will stop the tumor from growing and metastasizing? She is also a paraplegic. Thank you.



Replied by Om
Hope, Bc, Canada

Hi Deborah -I responded to your post but mixed it up with the yorkshire terrier. Maybe You don't mind looking for it. Om
Replied by Darius
Bradenton, Fl

Cancer - it is on the market for human use product call -Cesium Chloride, alternative cancer treatment Cesium Chloride, Google for web pages for information, very good.
Replied by Carolyn
Hudson, Fl

I just had a tumor removed from the dogs' hind quarter and it is malignant. I have been doing tons of research and you might want to start looking into Turmeric. There some wonderful results out there using this herb. Good luck, prayers for you and your pup.

Apple Cider Vinegar   3  0   

Posted by Lorna (Kalama Ea) on 06/10/2013

Wanted to email one of the people on your website but couldn't find their email when I pushed their text. Was told by the vet my cat has a growth that's cancerous. What can you tell me about apple cider vinegar? I don't know how much to give him, I really need to know. Please get back to me soon. Thank you. Lorna

Replied by Om Sairam
Hope, B.c., Canada

I would put her right away on Essiac tea by syringe. Apple cider is helpful but not nearly enough. Do your research and see the testimonies. All the best. Om

Posted by Luis (Lynwood, California) on 11/07/2010


Replied by Angela
Memphis, Tn

Black Salve for pets cures it.
Replied by Michael
Chicago, Il. Usa

In response to Luis from Lynwood California-Skin cancer can be easily cured by applying and rubbing hydrogen peroxide 3-4 times daily with a Q-tip. I know this because I took off a cancerous mole from myself about 1cm in size. It took around 3 weeks of rubbing. Cancer cells cannot live with oxygen and when hydrogen peroxide is applied it stimulates healing because it contains oxygen cells.
Replied by Regina
Co Clare

I take it this is for cancer cells on the outside only? Is there a way of using it for growths eg under the skin under the eye?
Replied by Om
Hope Bc Canada

Regina Co Clare ---

If you use ESSIAC tea, yes, it is used internally and externally. Beware of non genuine products and use Essiac West online which I am using.

Namaste, Om

Posted by Hellen (Altamont, NY) on 09/21/2007

[YEA]  i wrote back in april, about my cat and puppy that had eaten some of the tainted iams canned food. their kidney readings indicated a problem. i told the vet i would treat them myself, come back for a retest in a month. i gave them both water with acv, and colloidal silver through the month. the results for both came back clean..again..acv rules!!

Posted by Hellen (Altamont, NY) on 04/08/2007

[YEA]  I am writing to say, i well know the benefits of acv. i am now trying it on my cat, who, unfortunately is the victim of this latest scandalous bout with tainted cat food. i notice him being a bit lethargic during the fall, but assumed it was the winter hibernation mode setting in. i stumbled upon an old empty can of iams cat food that my puppy had hidden, and low and behold, it had the bad magic numbers on it. i took my 11 year old cat for blood work, will get the results tomorrow. my nephew, a cat man, was checking my cat over, and found his liver to be so tender, that my regularly calm cat bit him a bit. i have started my taz on acv, a bit on the lips, a bit in his water, and used an eye dropper full of diluted acv. i am going to watch him for a week, and request a retest. i am so afraid to let the vet give him drugs. i read where the drugs had cured a few animals problems with the liver, but caused problems with the stomach. so, here goes..will write back in a week or is hoping..

Replied by Deborah
Half Moon Bay, CA

I just found out that my older cat, who was severely poisoned by Iams last recall, has cancer. I found you whaen I was searching for a cure, and noticed a lady named Helen has similar issues. Not only would I like to know more about cures for my furry best friend, I would also be interested in comparing notes with Helen & any others with this horrible situation. Sincerely

Posted by Karen (Newman Lake, WA) on 03/03/2007

[YEA]  I have 2 Shelties I love dearly,Dakota and Cheyenne they are 9 years old. Last year we found out Cheyenne had tyroid problems and she was started on medication.At the same time I started adding ACV to her food in mornings only and Dakotas food also on account of his age. The next time Cheyenne had her blood tested she had her medicine decreased,and she is doing great. Then last summer Dakota was very sick and we found out he had colon cancer and maybe 1 to 3 months to live, after we got him better and his infection cleared he has been doing great 8 months later. He is on bladder medication and I give him ACV every morning in his food and we would never know he is sick.I am a firm believer in ACV. My problem is not knowing how much ACV I should be feeding them, they are both around 25 lbs. I also drink ACV daily and I feel very healthy, any info you can send me would be greatly appreciated

Apple Cider Vinegar, Budwig Protocol   0  0   

Posted by Csingleton24 (Mandeville, Louisiana, Usa) on 11/06/2011

I just found out my dog has cancer. I have spent many hours researching the best way to combat this issue. I see that ACV and Budwigs Protocal are highly recommended. My question is can I do both of these at the same time? Also, will there be any reactions with his current meds the vet gave him (antibiotics and steroids)? I am also cutting out all dry foods and grains and will be making his own organic foods (chicken, organs, etc).

Thanks for any and all answers in advance.


Apple Cider Vinegar, Essiac Tea   1  0   

Posted by Sweetbabelei (Bacoor, Philippines) on 03/25/2012

Apple cider Vinegar and Essiac Tea for dogs: I'm here looking for something to help my dog. She is 2 and a half year old labrador and was diagnosed with osteosarcoma last January and she's been given 4-6 months to live. Has anyone else tried essiac tea and acv. Can I use these both and how many doses should I give. She's weighting 24 kls now from 32.

I would really appreciate an answer from you. Thanks in advance.

Replied by Lucy
Toronto, On, Canada

I just came back from my Homeopathic vet, and this is what she recommended for my dogs growth which could be cancer.... Essiac Tea twice a day, Vitamin A and D, liquid formula, once a day, and Calcarea Carbonica, once a week till the growth shrinks. We arent going to have a biopsy done, as this can irritate the cancer cells, and cause them to grow. But she said if she does have cancer this is what she recommends. And possibly surgery, since it hasnt gone to other parts of her body. She recommends lightly cooked meat, processed by Rayne. 1/8 teaspoon Tummeric for her 10 lbs, twice a day. Good luck to everyone, and keep your spirits up.
Replied by Lucy
Toronto, On, Canada

[YEA]   My homeopathic vet prescribed Essiac Tea for a possible cancer growth in my dog. They had their own version of it at their clinic, but was happy with the dried loose tea I had.. Not the alcohol base) I forgot to mention to her about the apple cider vinegar but she also said tumeric, 1/8 teaspoon per 10 lbs of body weight was also good. Also vitamin A and D, and a homeopathic remedy ... I mentioned the name, elsewhere in the cancer section here.
Replied by Alina

Please, I need urgent a homeopath vet for my 14 yrs old cat, diagnosed with fibrosarcoma from a vaccine. I live in Ajax, Ontario. My e mail alina69macsim (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Baking Soda, DMSO   0  0   

Posted by Bobbi (Boca Raton, Florida) on 04/10/2013

What is the protocol for sodium bicarbonate and DMSO for a 17 lb canine with a huge mast cell tumor? She had surgery back in September to remove a tumor. It came back 4 months later. She is on a natural treatment called tumexal but it dose not seen to be helping. I read about a solution fo medical grade sodium bicarbonate and DMSO and how effective it is. Please let me know the strength of the DMSO and the ratio I should directly apply to the tumors. Thank you very much. Bobbi.

Black Salve   0  0   

Posted by Sol (LA, Cal.) on 10/22/2014


My cat was just diagnosed with intestinal cancer. I have heard of Black Salve, but they now have a new "improved" formula called Amazon Tonic III. Has anyone used this tonic for your cat?

Replied by Vreed27
Seattle, Wa

Black salve is for external use.

Bladder TCC   0  0   

Posted by Ima999 (San Francisco, California) on 09/22/2014

I'm looking for help.

My dog was just diagnosed with TCC (in the Urethra) and I'm looking for any information / medications / dietary help I can provide her. I've been given a prognosis of 6-12 months but she's in such a great mood.

If you have any suggestions I'm all ears.

She has just started chemo and proxicam.

Replied by Theresa
Mpls., Mn

Hey Ima999!

Check out this research on TCC:

Om has experience with Essiac tea - let's hope she chimes in on her use with this herb.

Please also check out EC's page on Essiac:

Also check out EC's bladder cancer page:

Please keep us posted on your girl's progress!!

Bone Cancer Remedies   0  0   

Posted by Ja (Philadelphia, Pa) on 05/15/2013

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  My family golden retreiver was kicked by a deer for the second time a few months back. So when the site (joint of her paw) really swelled up, it was thought it was broken or damaged. Our amazing vet, who I refer everyone to, took one look and said "thats not swelling thats bone cancer". I was shocked, literally never expected anything like that. He is always right but I got the x-ray to confirm. Our poor Sadie has been really neglected. The sibling of mine that bought her and is supposed to take her to the vet does not work, is very wealthy, and apparently very selfish. The last time our dog Sadie, had been to the vet, I had to drive my boyfriend to work 40 minutes away so I could use our car, and my brother, my newborn baby, and I took her and paid for her appointment. This time, I had to take the kids I watch with me during work. She is such a good dog and deserves so much better so I am really driven. It has been a week and 2 days since the x-ray has confirmed and Sadie has gone from barely being able to get out to use the bathroom (we had to carry her up and down the stairs) and even crying at times... to running around, looking like a puppy again, and her paw has gone down half the size.

I cut out the dog food and have kept it to tuna, meats, and dark leafy greens. I fed her half a bulb of garlic (she was so ticked at me when the olive oil I disguisd it in gave way), I feed her coconut oil, budwigs everyday a few times a day, avaoado. I think the most important part was following one of Ted's regimens for cancer; aspirin every hour for four hours, vitamin c every hour for 6 hours, and lysine every hour until bed time. The aspirin is only supposed to be done one day every four days. Also garlic pills and turmeric. Hydrogen peroxide and kelp extract on the site of the cancer and internally. She does not like the Apple Cider Vinegar but eats the kelp and hydrogen peroxide off her paw and any drop I spill, and I chalk that up as she knows what she needs and give her more. I really think the aspirin is what helped the most. I am looking for the essiac tea and the ingredients ted recomends specifically for pets. We have an assi market right down the street so maybe they will carry the reishi mushroom, sabah snake grass, etc. ? I also want to try ground up egg shells and castor oil topically. Any more suggestions or success stories, I would be so grateful to hear! ? Thankyou to Ted, Earth clinic, and all the contributors!! : )

In my heart I know that Sadie will beat this (positive thinking) but if God wants her with him, at least she will have gotten to spend the rest of her time being spoiled, well nourished, and in no pain. Will update but wanted to let everyone know there is hope for this agressive cancer.

Replied by Jessica
Medford, Nj

Hello can you please give an update on your golden? I would also like more info about the Ted regimen?? aspirin ever hour for 4 hours ....??? My golden is about 118 lbs so any info you give I would greatly appreciate it you could provide amounts also?
Replied by Vreed27
Seattle, Wa
01/25/2015 has the Essiac tea already put together in the correct portions. You just have to brew it. The 4 ingredient blend.

Budwig Protocol   0  0   

Posted by Kerstin (Emeryville, Ca, Usa) on 10/24/2011

In February this year 2011, I had to bring my 8 year old Great Dane to UC Davis emergency and they found a huge mass on his spleen. They did surgery on him and removed his spleen and he was diagnosed with hemangioscarcoma and told me without chemo he would have 19 days to 2 months to live and with chemo 5 to 6 months.

At the time I was in a state of shock and agreed to do chemo but after doing some research and seeing what my poor dog had to go through (5 people holding him down and him crying howling 30 minutes straight!! ) Anyway, long story short, I decided to hell with chemo, I'd rather see him live a quality life for a shorter time than live longer in misery.

When researching the internet I came across "the Budwig Protocol". Basically what it is is Organic Flaxseed Oil (the kind you find in a bottle @ Whole Food's refridgerated section) and Organic Cottage Cheese Lowfat.

I hope you will check in to this because all I know is that it's been 8 months now since my Great Dane was given max 2 months to live and he is doing GREAT!!

Twice a day I give it to him and I will continue doing so all his life. In addition to the cottage cheese and flaxseedoil, I feed him raw meat (chicken turkey necks tripe etc) supplements like Glutamine, Arginine (spelling?), milkthistle, garlic, multi vitamin). What I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT feed him is dryfood, carbohydrates, rice, processed food etc.

I think the reason for his Hemangiosarcoma has to do with genetics and the toxic environment we live in but I blame in particular all the vaccinations that I unfortunately gave him the first years of his life. If I knew then what I know now.. but I didn't.

I have come across a Great Dane breeder who has a litter of puppies that are 4th generation with no vaccinations! That is the way to go! In the meantime I am loving and appreciating every single day that I get to enjoy with my wonderful companion!

Good Luck! Oh by the way, I have started the Budwig Protocol myself to hopefully prevent any future cancer or other desease.

Yes please do your own research! You will not regret it!


Replied by Courtney
Fairhope, Alabama, Usa

Hi Kirsten,

I have a 4 yr. old boxer with same cancer and he has huge tumor on his side, we are using the same protocol but would love to discuss further with you. Many thanks, Courtney

Replied by Allie
Aurora, Co

Our angel baby, Schugar had this tumor on her spleen too. She left us on 12/10/11.. But I think that it was secondary to another cancer possibly her liver? She was an 8 1/2 yo pug that I loved with my entire being...

She showed no symptoms other than on Nov 16, the inside of her ears were super RED and then a bright red scratch appeared on her tongue and spots followed. The Vet sent us home with Mometamax and told me to pick up some Benadryl in the event she was having allergies. It cleared up, then on 12/02 the spots came back, called the vet and was told to rinse her mouth w/hydrogen peroxide and water & to call on Monday if she did not get better... The spots started to turn black but I took her to the Vet anyway... He thought that maybe she had "Immune Mediated" disease put her on steroids and an antibiotic "in case" she had an infection. No blood draws, no x-rays, nothing. That was on 12/05.. I told hubby that I was giving it until Wed to see improvement and would ask for a referral to a specialist.

I did not see improvement, and a dear friend told me about a vet about 100 miles away. Drove her up on 12/08 (thurs).. She did several tests (and mentioned something about the BROWN tinge in her black fur... ????) She wanted to do an ultrasound as well... Of course, of course! she found the mass on her spleen and her liver looked "mothy"... So we scheduled to have the surgery for the next day. We got home that evening and her back legs got "wobbly" or weak (I might add that she was bruising EVERYWHERE)... So we rushed her to the Emergency Hospital, where we were told about the hemangioscarcoma... So blood transfusions and even some chemo... It was not enough for her poor little body... we said goodbye on 12/10...

HOW DOES THIS START? What could I have done differently??? My heart is shattered... She did have her baby vaccinations but we did not do anything after that until this last January when we lost another pug... I was frantic and had our two remaining puggies given the once over... I also want to add that Schugar had "bad" teeth... I would brush them and even scale them myself, between dental vet cleaning... I think this might have been a sign of illness as well. From Jan to Nov, she lost almost 4 lbs, but was eating well and probably more than usual... I am not a Vet by any stretch but should some of these things been SIGNALS???? ugh!!

Replied by Catdogmom
Clovis, Nm

Kirsten, I would be curious to know where the info regarding the chemo treatments came from. You mentioned 5 people holding down your dog while he screamed for 30 minutes. In 2005, our Chow mix had anal sac cancer. The tumor was removed surgically and then a regimen of 5 chemo treatments over the course of several months was ordered. We debated over whether or not we should put him through it. Our vet had a wonderful registered vet nurse who explained everything and put us at ease enough to decide that we would try one treatment and see how he reacted, then evaluate if we wanted to progress. He handled the treatment fabulously, so we opted to move forward with the remaining prescribed treatment plan. I would take him in the morning. He would receive a benadryl to help ward off any nausea that could develop and it would already be in his system if he had any allergic reaction. About 45 minutes later, they would start the chemo meds. Those were administered over a period of 45 minutes to an hour. Then he would stay for 2-3 hours after the treatment to be monitored for possible reactions. It didn't require him being held down by anyone and other than the needle stick for the IV, there was no pain or discomfort that would have resulted in him screaming. Trust me, if it were like what you described, he would have NEVER been tolerant of that. The only side effects he experienced from the chemo were some lethargy about the first 24 hours after each treatment and his hair grew in at a slower rate, but did not fall out.

We chose to use western medicine as well as holistic. We felt like that gave us the best of both worlds. We changed his diet and added multiple supplements. His cancer never returned (to our knowledge). His cancer was diagnosed in December 2005 and he completed treatment in April 2006. End stage arthritis was what finally caused us to have to say goodbye.

Castor Oil   0  0   

Posted by Loretta (Benson, N.C.) on 08/01/2013

My cat had bone cancer, under her chin, could I have used castor oil or was there something I could have done for the cancer?

Dietary Changes and Turmeric   1  0   

Posted by Suzie (Australia) on 01/17/2015

[YEA]  Referring to the bi carb and sugar, yes it is a powerful friend for helping rid cancer, , but! Please use maple syrup, and it is to be warmed up and taken per day and not in the fridge, when it goes "off" make another brew. I do know of a lady that made this up and her cancer was beaten many times, her age was the other partner why the good lord took her, , , and the turmeric I have used for my sister’s dog, he is a big medium fellow a cross with lots of "who done it". He had tumors all over him , had a coat the color of an egg carton, hair falling out , couldn’t walk , swollen feet, seemed always hot and stressed drank water by the gallon, gulped food , got sick (vomit) etc.

So I decided to look into his diet, , get rid of rice, grains, one could be looking at Cushing’s disease here, just a guess, but with that, turmeric is a wonder healer, He gets a teaspoon of pure health cert organic, a table spoon of oco, organic coconut oil, a splash of acv, powered ginger, pure plain yoghurt, good classy mince, salad greens and cooked egg yolk, his tumors are gone. His coat is shiny black, he just drinks water normal, and can walk great. But with all that! Be patient, cook (steam simmer or warm up) salad mix, leaves of beetroot, strips of carrot and beetroot, rocket, there is a tad of lettuce in also, this is done with one of his meals with cooked egg yolk, and a few drops of vit b, , , if you wish I use some cooked chook for his meat, his other meal is raw mince roo or beef, (watch for constipation roo) and add all other ingredients with that meal do not bother to cook that one, reason to cook the salad is to activate the "greens". He loves it, eats and licks his bowl; start with a little for taste and for introduction, turmeric is fantastic for antinflam, and tumors, must be mixed with oco, good luck , suzie

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