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Cancer Remedies for Pets: Holistic Treatment

Last Modified on Aug 08, 2015

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Budwig Protocol   0  0   

Posted by Adrienne (Idaho, USA) on 07/11/2015

Hopefully Om will read this and reply. I was just told by a vet at the vet school near us that we should stop giving our dog flax oil and cottage cheese because, she said, flax oil is fine for humans but causes inflammation in dogs. She went on to say we should stop giving her mushrooms because they are "hard on the liver": "We recommend you stop giving Feather mushroom powder due to the questionable function of her liver at this time. Mushrooms are known to be particularly hard on the liver and some dogs may be extra-sensitive to them so it is important to protect Feather." It was my understanding that some medicinal mushrooms are beneficial to the liver. Geez! There has not been a definitive diagnosis, more testing is wanted, but Feather has the symptoms of some sort of endocrine ailment, but possibly lymphoma.



Posted by Kerstin (Emeryville, Ca, Usa) on 10/24/2011

In February this year 2011, I had to bring my 8 year old Great Dane to UC Davis emergency and they found a huge mass on his spleen. They did surgery on him and removed his spleen and he was diagnosed with hemangioscarcoma and told me without chemo he would have 19 days to 2 months to live and with chemo 5 to 6 months.

At the time I was in a state of shock and agreed to do chemo but after doing some research and seeing what my poor dog had to go through (5 people holding him down and him crying howling 30 minutes straight!! ) Anyway, long story short, I decided to hell with chemo, I'd rather see him live a quality life for a shorter time than live longer in misery.

When researching the internet I came across "the Budwig Protocol". Basically what it is is Organic Flaxseed Oil (the kind you find in a bottle @ Whole Food's refridgerated section) and Organic Cottage Cheese Lowfat.

I hope you will check in to this because all I know is that it's been 8 months now since my Great Dane was given max 2 months to live and he is doing GREAT!!

Twice a day I give it to him and I will continue doing so all his life. In addition to the cottage cheese and flaxseedoil, I feed him raw meat (chicken turkey necks tripe etc) supplements like Glutamine, Arginine (spelling?), milkthistle, garlic, multi vitamin). What I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT feed him is dryfood, carbohydrates, rice, processed food etc.

I think the reason for his Hemangiosarcoma has to do with genetics and the toxic environment we live in but I blame in particular all the vaccinations that I unfortunately gave him the first years of his life. If I knew then what I know now.. but I didn't.

I have come across a Great Dane breeder who has a litter of puppies that are 4th generation with no vaccinations! That is the way to go! In the meantime I am loving and appreciating every single day that I get to enjoy with my wonderful companion!

Good Luck! Oh by the way, I have started the Budwig Protocol myself to hopefully prevent any future cancer or other desease.

Yes please do your own research! You will not regret it!


Replied by Courtney
Fairhope, Alabama, Usa
Hi Kirsten,

I have a 4 yr. old boxer with same cancer and he has huge tumor on his side, we are using the same protocol but would love to discuss further with you. Many thanks, Courtney

Replied by Allie
Aurora, Co
Our angel baby, Schugar had this tumor on her spleen too. She left us on 12/10/11.. But I think that it was secondary to another cancer possibly her liver? She was an 8 1/2 yo pug that I loved with my entire being...

She showed no symptoms other than on Nov 16, the inside of her ears were super RED and then a bright red scratch appeared on her tongue and spots followed. The Vet sent us home with Mometamax and told me to pick up some Benadryl in the event she was having allergies. It cleared up, then on 12/02 the spots came back, called the vet and was told to rinse her mouth w/hydrogen peroxide and water & to call on Monday if she did not get better... The spots started to turn black but I took her to the Vet anyway... He thought that maybe she had "Immune Mediated" disease put her on steroids and an antibiotic "in case" she had an infection. No blood draws, no x-rays, nothing. That was on 12/05.. I told hubby that I was giving it until Wed to see improvement and would ask for a referral to a specialist.

I did not see improvement, and a dear friend told me about a vet about 100 miles away. Drove her up on 12/08 (thurs).. She did several tests (and mentioned something about the BROWN tinge in her black fur... ????) She wanted to do an ultrasound as well... Of course, of course! she found the mass on her spleen and her liver looked "mothy"... So we scheduled to have the surgery for the next day. We got home that evening and her back legs got "wobbly" or weak (I might add that she was bruising EVERYWHERE)... So we rushed her to the Emergency Hospital, where we were told about the hemangioscarcoma... So blood transfusions and even some chemo... It was not enough for her poor little body... we said goodbye on 12/10...

HOW DOES THIS START? What could I have done differently??? My heart is shattered... She did have her baby vaccinations but we did not do anything after that until this last January when we lost another pug... I was frantic and had our two remaining puggies given the once over... I also want to add that Schugar had "bad" teeth... I would brush them and even scale them myself, between dental vet cleaning... I think this might have been a sign of illness as well. From Jan to Nov, she lost almost 4 lbs, but was eating well and probably more than usual... I am not a Vet by any stretch but should some of these things been SIGNALS???? ugh!!

Replied by Catdogmom
Clovis, Nm
Kirsten, I would be curious to know where the info regarding the chemo treatments came from. You mentioned 5 people holding down your dog while he screamed for 30 minutes. In 2005, our Chow mix had anal sac cancer. The tumor was removed surgically and then a regimen of 5 chemo treatments over the course of several months was ordered. We debated over whether or not we should put him through it. Our vet had a wonderful registered vet nurse who explained everything and put us at ease enough to decide that we would try one treatment and see how he reacted, then evaluate if we wanted to progress. He handled the treatment fabulously, so we opted to move forward with the remaining prescribed treatment plan. I would take him in the morning. He would receive a benadryl to help ward off any nausea that could develop and it would already be in his system if he had any allergic reaction. About 45 minutes later, they would start the chemo meds. Those were administered over a period of 45 minutes to an hour. Then he would stay for 2-3 hours after the treatment to be monitored for possible reactions. It didn't require him being held down by anyone and other than the needle stick for the IV, there was no pain or discomfort that would have resulted in him screaming. Trust me, if it were like what you described, he would have NEVER been tolerant of that. The only side effects he experienced from the chemo were some lethargy about the first 24 hours after each treatment and his hair grew in at a slower rate, but did not fall out.

We chose to use western medicine as well as holistic. We felt like that gave us the best of both worlds. We changed his diet and added multiple supplements. His cancer never returned (to our knowledge). His cancer was diagnosed in December 2005 and he completed treatment in April 2006. End stage arthritis was what finally caused us to have to say goodbye.

Replied by Maylin
Dear Kirsten on your Budwig diet for your dog...what is the amount for each? I have dog with hemangiosarcoma cancer/spleen is taken out and was told the same as you, possibly 3 mos without and 6 mos with chemo/radiation.

We opt out of this cause our Buster at 12 yrs old and he was so healty /energy levels up/all blood work was good til that day of surgery.

It could have been anything but we can not go over that now as to what caused it. Went that route for months while researching. WE did come across the Budwig but was skeptical on the cottage cheese part. We thought for cancer to not feed them milk, product fm animals? so we did not do it all the past 8 months.

Yes, it has been 8 mos and we have been blessed to have Buster here. WE took him off DRY foods and put him on 60% raw veggies/ 40% lean white boiled chicken.

Well his blood work fm Dec 2014 up to this month March 2015 has gotten worse on the RBC/HEMOglobin/Hematogrit getting lower each month since Dec last year.

Other stuffs are okay, vet says no bone marrow disease /no liver/kidney issues.

Keep telling us cause he has cancer....did a ultrasound last week and found few tumor/mass on the cavity of his stomach....biggest was at 4x2 inches. I can feel them and they feel very hard lumps.

Did you feel such lumps on your dog? Are they now gone?

Can you tell me the diet your dog and how much to give on Budwig? I am going to wing it for now....but like to hear fm you.

I think fm what we have done so far...has given him the 8 months.

Buster gets mushroom supplements/MSM/VitD3/Yanno Baiyou ( vet says to give to stop internal bleeding)FLAX oil and Seeds freshly grounded when he eats with his blended veggies and chicken, chia seeds/wormwood extract a couple of drops with each meal/and vitamin tablet.

I just wonder why his red blood count keeps going down?

If anyone here has been able to help their dog with the same condition, please I don't mind you emailing me at .....

Buster has so much to live for and we are his parents. WE are fighting every day for him and doing the best we can...but I am so drained of trying to now guess what to do to stop what is making his red blood count so low and it keeps getting lower!

I thank you all for your ears and open hearts.


Tampa FL

Replied by Rebecca K
New York, Ny
Martin, what is making his blood cell count low is an INTERNAL BLEED. It could be a slow bleed or a small bleed but it is almost certainly a bleed. With hemangiosarcoma that is extremely common and the leading cause of death in dogs with this cancer. Please have him checked via ultrasound and CT Scan to make sure of what is going on. An internal bleed is the absolute leading cause of anemia in dogs with hemangiosarcoma. He could have had a hidden growth that grew and burst or is leaking. Please check this! Again, ultrasound or CT scan are the only secure ways to go without getting invasive.
Replied by Maylin
Tampa, Fl
To Rebecca fm NY, thank you and I will need to make time....on such a tight budget and every month it seemed I have taken Buster in for either blood work or go over them.

I did ask to do Ultrasound on Buster lungs/liver/heart cause I know fm all the info that the cancer he has hemang. will attack and make tumors on next close organs, but why is the tumors in the stomach area? I think cause that is where his spleen was removed it remained to grow in that area...

But back to the ultrasound, I picked up Buster and the oncologist said the did the liver and stomach area....and saw there were several metasis activities in the cavity area and there were a few bigger one , biggest being 4x2 inches tumor .

So the oncologist tells me that she did not want to waste any more of my time/money and not do the scans on the heart and lung.

She said that since it is there in the cavity of his intestines area...that it was the cancer why continue to waste my time.

It is what it is what she told me.

I was so upset cause I asked her to do the ultrasound on the heart/liver /lungs and this was what I got.

After I had spent thousands on the surgery already there and now since I turned down chemo, this is the kind of treatment I get.

Instead of working along with me....they tell me, it's cancer so deal is what it comes down to.

I will need to go to another vet but its not all vet that does ultrasounds....this place is one of the places that does it all. they are known to do surgeries and ER stuffs /

So I will need to call around.

I too like you wanted to know where Buster is bleeding...cause I have a suspicion that it could be cored fm a very bad fall /slipped off my high bed back a month before the ruptured spleen!!!

That could have caused possible an issue, bruised /inflammed area where he hit the floor really bad and it clotted and then it just rolled fm there?

But in any case, it caused for him to had the ruptured spleen with tumor on it or at least that is what I was told.

I am scared and lost.

It is just a shame that NO ONE out there, has done anything that can help DECREASE tumors fm hemangiosarcoma or tumors in the body in general.

Like I saw somewhere....thru all my readings...someone wrote that a TUMOR/CANCER is just a section of our body ...a cell, that just got out of control and out wacked and never knew how to get back to normal and grew ...into this tumor..which is cancer.

So are we saying NO one out there has found a way to heal/shrink/decrease/maintain fm growing...all these years...not a single sole has found anything that can help our pets in a natural /holistic///non invasive method?

I don't know if I can put Buster thru chemo. I am will to listen if they say the tumor can be taken out if safe, but it is just scary.

Maylin for the love of my Buster
Tampa FL

Castor Oil   0  0   

Posted by Loretta (Benson, N.C.) on 08/01/2013

My cat had bone cancer, under her chin, could I have used castor oil or was there something I could have done for the cancer?

Dietary Changes and Turmeric   2  0   

Posted by Suzie (Australia) on 01/17/2015

[YEA]  Referring to the bi carb and sugar, yes it is a powerful friend for helping rid cancer, , but! Please use maple syrup, and it is to be warmed up and taken per day and not in the fridge, when it goes "off" make another brew. I do know of a lady that made this up and her cancer was beaten many times, her age was the other partner why the good lord took her, , , and the turmeric I have used for my sister’s dog, he is a big medium fellow a cross with lots of "who done it". He had tumors all over him , had a coat the color of an egg carton, hair falling out , couldn’t walk , swollen feet, seemed always hot and stressed drank water by the gallon, gulped food , got sick (vomit) etc.

So I decided to look into his diet, , get rid of rice, grains, one could be looking at Cushing’s disease here, just a guess, but with that, turmeric is a wonder healer, He gets a teaspoon of pure health cert organic, a table spoon of oco, organic coconut oil, a splash of acv, powered ginger, pure plain yoghurt, good classy mince, salad greens and cooked egg yolk, his tumors are gone. His coat is shiny black, he just drinks water normal, and can walk great. But with all that! Be patient, cook (steam simmer or warm up) salad mix, leaves of beetroot, strips of carrot and beetroot, rocket, there is a tad of lettuce in also, this is done with one of his meals with cooked egg yolk, and a few drops of vit b, , , if you wish I use some cooked chook for his meat, his other meal is raw mince roo or beef, (watch for constipation roo) and add all other ingredients with that meal do not bother to cook that one, reason to cook the salad is to activate the "greens". He loves it, eats and licks his bowl; start with a little for taste and for introduction, turmeric is fantastic for antinflam, and tumors, must be mixed with oco, good luck , suzie

Replied by Maylin
Tampa, Florida
[YEA]   Dear Suzie from Australia

I have a dog of 12 yrs that had spleen w tumor that ruptured back in aug 2014. so we immediately took Buster off dry foods and all those treats he loved so much but we learned it was all so bad for him. We did not want to do chemo for buster and read up /research and so we started to do home made meals. We did a raw veggie/dark greens (kale/spinach/parsley/brocoli/cauliflower/apples 80% ) blended in blender to to fine and then we give other 20% boiled white breast chicken . mixed all up and give to him 3x a day with supplements: VitD/MSM/mushroom herbs/Yannan Baiyou for bleeding internally.

So did your dog have tumors and what size? How long did you do the diet for your dog before the tumors was gone? was the tumors inside dogs body or outside?

Our dog has several lumps on the under the skin and vet said they are fatty tissues but I hear that can be cancerous. Vet said that the cancer type is hemangiosarcoma cancer in the vessels so it spreads through out the body....He currently has a few bigger ones in his belly are that I can feel. They are very HARD ones.

Did your dog have the same and what size inside what part of your dogs body and you said it is now gone?

Can you write to us all about this? I don't mind to hear more details.

I am so scared if I am giving the wrong stuffs and not enough of something to fight off these tumors?

Much peace and to all here, please write back to us folks if you have this kind of case where it you were able to help decrease the tumors size as big as golf balls or bigger to go away?

like to hear from you folks, much peace Maylin, Tampa FL

Dog With Lymphoma   0  0   

Posted by M R (Grand Rapids, MI) on 01/23/2008

We have a 9 yr old dog that has Lymphoma. The inital prognosis is pretty grim and at the moment I'm not sure Chemo is really an option. Has anyone had any success treating their dog with any of the cancer or human lymphoma remedies listed on this site?

Replied by Daymon
Tombston, Arizona
Cancer is just that CANCER! I have a 4yr old Am. Pitbull Terrier named K.J. Last July I found out he had stage 5 Lymphoma. Over the last 5 months I have researched EVERYTHING I could and I only found one thing that has helped and unfortunately it was chymo! There are a few things you can do at home to help. Make their diet GRAIN FREE!! That is very important! Fish oil, you can buy it at most stores, pop open 2 or 3 jelltab and squirt it onto their food. Its not the best smelling, but its a great source of omega 3! GOOD LUCK and love them as much as they can stand and more!!
Replied by Angela Kaiser
Ellijay, Georgia
The Key to Cancer in dogs is GRAIN FREE and ACV and NEEM bark powder in their food daily!!! I have lost 3 dogs to cancer... Have learned that Grain Free is the first way to go... Grains produce sugars in the body, sugars creates cancers... GO GRAIN FREE... Neem is great all around for many many ailments including Liver cancer... I use Neem bark powder and give it daily in their food depending on weight and also ACV is a cure-all as well!! And LOVE THEM TOO MUCH EVERY DAY>>>it will be worth it in the end!!!

Elastrator Ring   0  0   

Posted by Anne (Melbourne, Victoria/Australia) on 04/23/2013

My 20 year old beloved cat has a tumor that has very quickly grown to be the size of two golf balls and is causing her a lot of problems - mobility, infections, energy levels, etc. I tried giving her some tumeric though she got sick soon after as she has very weak kidneys and I think some toxins went back into her body. The tumor has now split open quite drastically and if I don't do something urgently it will likely get infected again and she will get sick and stop eating or drinking again.

My question: our vet wants to urgently put an elastrator ring (like a rubber band) around the tumor so that the blood supply will be cut off and the tumor will fall off in up to 7 days. He will give her pain killers for this and antibiotics just in case. No vet will operate because of her age and I cannot wait the weeks it would take for more tumeric or castor oil to work because of the infections (and toxicity it will put her weak kidneys through). The elasticator ring seems a bit primitive to me - I know this is used to castrate farm animals sometimes still today - and the vet says he has used it successfully on many other older pets to remove tumors - though I want to know please if anyone else has used one on their elderly cat and if it worked okay?

Please let me know urgently if you have had experience with this. Thank you so much.

Replied by Wendy Simpson
Shelburne, Ontario Canada
We had a similar problem with a large tumor on our female Rottweilers elbow. I researched everything on the net and came across the castor oil and tumeric remedy. I would apply the castor oil mixed with tumeric and soak a piece of flannel into it then apply over the tumor. Twice a day I would do this for 1 month. The tumor gradually began to open up and it did look worse before it got better. But it shrank the baseball sized tumor down to nothing. It is now all gone. I also only fed her a raw diet. Cancer thrives on processed sugar. If you remove it from their diet it starves the cancer.
Replied by Maylin
Tampa Fl
Hi Wendy fm CA,

You said you fed your dog on RAW meat? I keep reading that CANCER loves sugars/carbs and Meats. I am confused. It is saying that meat is hard for cancer dogs to digest and since they need energy to heal and fight cancer, they should not eat any kinds of MEATS to spend time trying to digest it? I know of course fried meats/over cooked meat is bad for cancer dogs...but is it really safe for cancer dogs without a spleen to eat raw meat? what kind of raw meat?

Please share cause I keep getting different stories.

Thank you,

Maylin, Tampa FL

Replied by Britneyjean
I know, it is confusing. The more I read, the more I hear that grains, wheat, and certain veggies turn into sugar, therefore, a high protein diet is crucial. Brown rice is the lowest of the "sugar"/carb scale. So, use that as a filler if needed. But chicken, beef, turkey, liver, etc. is best with omega 3 oil, cottage cheese, and veggies. I do a happy medium of the 3 ways I've read the most about. Hope that helps a bit.
Replied by Nora
Important for all pet parents: there is a new alkaloid treatment for cancer called Neoplasene, made by a company who sells it to veterinarians, Buck Mountain Botanicals. This compound is available in an injectable form for external tumors like lymphomas, an oral form for internal tumors, and a salve. All three forms target only the cancer cells, there is no damage to healthy cells, unlike chemo and other conventional treatments which are harmful and hasten death. It's inexpensive. (You must have your vet order it, you cannot get it unless you have a DEA #.) If you go to their site you can read the technical papers and look at the photographs of tumors falling off and the skin and hair growing back! I am going to ask my vet for this for my cat with cancer, and try the oral form. This is a ray of hope for those of us too broke for conventional treatments, and who want to save our beloved pets the agony of cut/poison/burn.

There are other promising compounds if you do some research; IP6, Tim's Tonic (red clover), Pancreatrophin and Hoxley's.

Essiac Tea   5  0   

Posted by Alex (Brooklyn, Ny) on 02/19/2015

Hey guys,

Just took my cat to the doctor yesterday for a growth that we found under her belly. It turns out its cancer : I've been reading all the different options I can give her on this great website and I have decided to give my cat Essiac tea. Just gave her a syringe full. How much should I dose her? Thanks in advance!

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc, Canada
Just follow the directions or phone the company. I hope you bought ESSIAC tea herbs with all the roots. I bought mine from Essiac West online. It is important to work up to the right dosage. Increasing the dosage to more, will adversely affect the healing. I am taking it myself and had to cut back severely because of overkill effects. In the end it works. Most people's testimonies point to overuse.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Alex
Brooklyn, Ny
Update: I've been giving my 13 y.o. cat Essiac tea for the past few days. She has had a turn for the worse, shes pretty much in a vegetative state. :'( Drooling, staring into space, not eating or drinking. We are giving her water via syringe along w/ tea. We are saying our goodbyes :(.

I am sure that the essiac tea works, but I think she's far too gone. The vet told us she has 3 mammary tumors and most likely it has spread everywhere. So sad.

Replied by Theresa Donate

Mpls., Mn
Hey Alex!

I am sorry to hear about your kitty. Sending prayers.

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc Canada
If it is of help, in the texts on ESSIAC treatment it clearly states that there is an occurrence for the worst, before it gets better. Tumors become bigger and then collapse. Did you make poultices with the solution?

Wishing you all well. Namaste, Om

Posted by Jmeyer (St. Louis, Missouri, United States) on 06/25/2012

Hi folks: Anyone know if it is safe to mix shark cartilage with essiac tea for 14 year old cat with cancer and diabetes?

Replied by Iheartmybabies
Moorestown, Nj
[YEA]   My beagle was diagnosed with Lymphoma and I immediately went to work. I do not believe that anything is incurable. After extensive and exhaustive research, talking with everyone I could find, etc. , etc. , I changed my beagles diet completely and put her on numerous supplements. Cancer cannot survive in certain environments, so my first goal was making my beagles body a difficult environment for cancer to thrive. Without getting into all the "why's", I immediately stopped all commercial dog foods, all charbohydrates, ALL SUGARS, etc.. I switched to bottled water ONLY. I use a crockpot on SLOW cook (you do not want to cook their food on high heat), and toss in chicken, veal, veggies.... Apples are OK too. NO RICE, NO OATMEAL, NO POTATOES.

She's on Essiac tea (2 x per day), cottage cheese w/flaxseed oil (2 x per day), shark cartlidge, coral calcium, milk thistle, and red clay. I also feed her the crockpot mix 2 times a day. All swelling is gone, she's no longer lathargic or in any pain at all, in fact... She's happier, healthier and stronger than I can ever remember. She even looks like she's 5 years younger. Seriously, wow. Regardless of how it all turns out, I will say that TODAY she is happy, healthy and playful and in the big picture, that's really all that matters. I truly believe in my heart that she's going to be just fine.... I urge everyone to do their research, make the changes, don't give up. Oh, we pray a lot too. :)

Replied by Spectrekitty
Dallas, Tx, Usa
[YEA]   I know this is late in coming, but I wanted to weigh in on both the Essiac Tea & the shark cartilage.

My 16-yr-old Himalayan (cat) was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma - he had a tumor in his mouth. My vet said it was always fatal, & gave him 6 wks to 6 mos. to live. I was devastated.

I looked into natural rememdies & saw that many holistic vets recommended Essiac Tea, with which I was totally unfamiliar. I bought a bottle of a brand containing 8 herbs - the 4 in the original Essiac formula, plus 4 more. I also put him on shark cartilage.

The mouth tumor immediately started shrinking. I'm convinced it was the combination of the Essiac Tea & the shark cartilage. They both seemed to contribute. And it was 100% safe for him.

Long story short, he lived to be just a little over 19 yrs. old - quite a stretch from the 6 wks to 6 mos. our vet had originally given him!

Replied by Theresa Donate

Mpls., Mn
This is awesome - thanks for sharing your journey!
Replied by Booger'smom
Houston, Tx
Spectrekitty, where did you get your Essiac tea and shark Cartilage?
Replied by Mary Lou
Huntington Beach, California
Spectrekitty - not late at all. Perfect timing for me and our 12 year old kitty, Roxy. I just got the call from the Vet this morning that a growth under her tongue is cancerous. I immediately came to Earth Clinic and so appreciate your post. I had heard about the Essiac tea but never thought of shark Cartlidge. Does it come powered? I will go to our local health food store ASAP and get all the info. I hope it works as well for my girl and it did for your kitty :)
Replied by Sol

My 12 yr cat has suffered from IBD (irritable bowl disease) almost her whole life. She now has cancer in her intestines. I was wondering if "Essiac Tea Softgels, 726mg, 120 soft gels 8 herb Essia tea" is what was Spectrekitty purchased. I want to make sure that these herbs are safe for my cat to ingest. Thanks, Sol

Replied by Om
Hope Bc Canada
Sol (California) ---

ESSIAC tea is not only safe but extremely beneficial for pets as well as people. The genuine way to use ESSIAC is by herbal solution NOT caps. This is explicitly stated in the booklet from genuine Essiac providers. and the nurse Renee Caisse who healed thousands of very ill people from all over the world. This being concealed by gov't.

I advocate ESSIAC WEST as I have their genuine "four herb, with roots included" and am using it. These are genuine people IMO.

I addition, I would suggest SLIPPERY ELM to heal the gut and do a lot of good if included in food or by syringe, if necessary.

There are some businesses that do not follow Renee Caisses's directions, so it is important to inform yourself well.

All the info is online and slippery elm obtainable from health stores.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Spectrekitty
Dallas, Tx
Sorry for the delay. I didn't realize I had replies! The Essiac I bought was a bottled liquid called FlorEssence. As I said, it had the original 4 herbs in Essiac Tea, plus 4 more. The FlorEssence brand worked very well.

You can also get it in tea bags & brew your own, but I don't know how well that works.

I was buying shark cartilage powder, but then no one carried it any more, so I just had to buy it in capsules & dump them out into his baby food. The capsules weren't as good, because they didn't want to mix with the baby food the way the regular powder had.

The Essiac - we gave him in a syringe, about a half hour before his meal. We did this twice a day. For the last 3 years of his life, all he ate was Gerber's baby food meat. We'd mix the shark cartilage into it.

As to dosages, I can't really remember how much I gave him of what. He got other medicines, too, but he had several health conditions.

Hope this is helpful to somebody. I hate that there is something good out there, and no vet or people doctor would dream of recommending it. It's just a shame.

Good luck, all!

Posted by Jmeyer (St. Louis, Missouri, United States) on 06/19/2012

Hi, Julie from St. Louis again - My cat Einstein is 14 years old, diabetic with cancer, tumor on shoulder of front leg. We couldnt remove tumor, vet suggested not to do surgery after reviewing pre-blood work. Lost my last cat over Christmas with cancer, and also fighting stage four colon cancer with my brother....... trying to win this one with Einstien, I have to have hope.

I am giving him Essiac tea, 3 tablespoons twice a day with baby food. After I give it to him he wants to lay some place cool, dont understand that.

Another kind reader, suggested the Budwig treatment in addition to Essaic tea? Any pros or cons exist out there with combining the two?

Any suggestions are welcome please.

Thank you, Julie

Posted by Ryan (Philadelphia, Pa) on 06/08/2012

I just found out today that my 8 year old cat Tilt may have mammory cancer. Tilt just had a tumor removed on Wednesday and unfortunately we found out today that it was malignant and it may have already spread to her lymphs(however, I haven't gotten all the info yet). The vet estimated roughly 21 months and already suggested a oncologist I could take her to start the chemo process. I'm not sure about the chemo though.

After my initial breakdown, I jumped online to seek some answers and options. ES Clear and Essiac were the two products I came across most frequently. I am encouraged by the hundreds of overwhemingly positive reviews I read, so I am ordering both. This is still very raw, so I apologize for this messy post. I will post the process. Thanks

Replied by Julie
St. Louis, Missouri
Hello, My cat, Einstein is a 14 year old diabetic. We have found out now he has cancer. Tumor on shoulder. Vet said pre-blood work, some kidney numbers were not good for surgery, so we didnt proceed. I am starting him off with Essiac Tea and raw diet........ Anything else that can help him?? Please let me know. He is eating good, but only way I can give him tea is with baby food along with raw diet food. Is there something I can give him to help with stomach upset?

Thanks you, Julie

Replied by Nh Gardener
Sanbornton, Nh
To Julie from St. Louis re. Diabetic cat Einstein--Please give cat 1/2 to 1 tsp. Gently melted coconut oil in his food, along with 1 tsp. Diatomaceous earth (DE). Both are said to help diabetes for people and animals. DE absorbs and eliminates toxins from body. I'd also give him the Budwig flax oil/cottage cheese mix 2 X/day. Follow instructions on internet re. Mixing it. Best of luck.
Replied by Nh Gardener
Sanbornton, Nh, Usa
For Julie in St. Louis for cat Einstein--I forgot to mention in previous post that diatomaceous earth (DE) also helps stomach upset/nausea.

Posted by Rachel (San Francisco, Ca) on 01/16/2012

Hello, Does anyone have any testimonials to whether the Essiac has worked in later stages of cancer that spread to lungs? I have had my dog on the tea for a week now but her breathing is very labored, heavy and shallow. Feel free to email me at suiteevents(at)



Replied by Tc
Omaha, Usa
I'm here looking for something to help my dog with cancer and I thought this article on the history of Essiac Tea was interesting and rather sad. Maybe people have mentioned this before. In any case, they do give the 4 herbs used in the tea as well as a link to a you tube video on how to make it. It might save people some money. Nothing I feel is worse than businesses taking advantage of desperate people wanting to help their beloved pets by making their product so expensive everyone needing it couldn't buy it. Owns Essiac.htm

Replied by Shankari47
Yelm, Wa, Usa
I took my cat to the Vet about seven months ago and they removed a large mass. She had a very aggressive cancer. Unfortunately, it came back. I really cannot afford to slam down nearly a thousand dollars for another surgery or chemo which is more expensive. I began giving my cat the 8 herb Essaic tea remedy. After four months most of the cancer was liquefied, but as it began to drain I was worried about infection. I put a saline compress on the open area. One teaspoon salt and one cup of warm water. Now I have begun giving my cat turmeric milk. One sixteen teaspoon of turmeric with one fourth cup of milk or half and half and a sprinkle of black pepper (helps with absorption). She seems better today. The fluid pouch is down, but her appetite is still bad.

Posted by Susan (Ontario, Canada) on 07/02/2010

[YEA]  Our cat, Jacob, was diagnosed with osteocarcoma (bone cancer) in 2000, and was given 3 months to live. We were told the cancer would metasticize and spread to his lungs very quickly, as this was the most aggressive kind of cancer. We started giving him Essiac tea, one teaspoonful in his wet food twice a day, and the cancer did not metasticize. Jacob in fact lived a happy life until November 2005, when he passed from cardiac arrest at age 15. I have always wanted to share this information, but until I found Earth Clinic, I was never sure how to get the message out there! This is an amazing resource tool - thank you for being there!

Replied by Debbie
Nj, Basking Ridge
Thank you so much for sharing about the tea. I have my cat on The capcules that I mix in a teaspoon of water and use a ear dropper to give it to him. I use catsclaw and astragalus alcohol-free a few drops each liquid estract and salmon oil. I was told he had bone cancer a month ago and I started him on this right away. If there is any advise I would love to know. Thank you
Replied by Rxbach
Youngstown, Ny
I really feel for you. My husband and I had a three year old female with osteosarcoma. We lost Hedwig in September 2010, but she lived a decent life, and far longer, than we dared hope after we started giving her LDN (low-dose naltrexone). In addition to what you're already doing, it could very well help. Hedwig took .4 mg (a human top dose is 4.5 mg). We have another cat on LDN for pancreatitis -- extremely effective -- who takes .25 mg. )

There's an LDN for Pets list at Yahoo where you could ask questions about it, and you can also contact Skip (or one of his pharmacists) at Skip's Pharmacy (in Florida, but they mail RX's all over the place), who has a lot of experience compounding it for animals as well as people (it has to be compounded in specific doses). What it does is increase the body's endorphin levels so that the immune system is regulated -- and many, many diseases, including cancers have a dysfunctioning immune system component. (I take LDN successfully for Crohn's disease, and it works for a host of issues. ) I would urge you to check out Skip's (Google the name) and/or sign up for the LDN for Pets list. Chances are good your vet won't have heard about LDN, but he/she should (presumably) be willing to let you/your cat try it in the absence of better/other treatments. I wish you well.

Replied by Vasantha
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Dear earth clinic supporters We found out today our 8 yr old bullmastiff has 3 rd stage cancer that has spread to her lungs already . I'd like to try essiac tea but I don't know the dosage guide for dogs. Our rusty is around 45kg. Can anyone help us please. Vet says he gives her till about June . Please help. Much much thanks in advance. Vas
Replied by Theresa Donate

Mpls., Mn
Hey Vasantha!

I am sorry to hear about the cancer in your Bullmastiff :-(

I have no direct experience using Essiac, but this is what I have found for you.

"Depending on special circumstances, initial dose of one fluid ounce [taken with 2 ounces water] twice daily for the first five, ten or (rarely) thirty days before reducing to one fluid ounce a day. "


Posted by Angie (Sparta, MO) on 10/21/2008

To Kate:

10/20/2008: Kate from Hightstown, Nj writes: "Hi Gayle, My kitty has colon cancer and I was wondering where you purchased the essiac tea? I am a bit confused on where to get it. It seems like the ingredients have to prepared a specific way and there may be counterfeits out there... thanks."

Hello, you can buy essiac from this is a very reputable herb place, I buy almost all my herbs from them.

Posted by Gayle (Tulsa, OK) on 12/31/2006

[YEA]  Over 3 years ago, our cat, Flora, developed a mass (tumour) in her abdomen and lost a significant amount of weight. She was about 12 years old at the time. I started giving her a dropper of concentrated essiac tea once a day and mixing about 1/2 teaspoon of the powdered herbs in her food. The tumor went away and she put weight back on. She is now 15 years old and doesn't look or act like a 15 year old cat. I've continued to give her the dropper of concentrate at least once a week up to every other day. I've also given the powdered essiac herbs to our dog for allergy eye drainage that would easily get infected. Since we started the dog on this, her allergy eye problem has been gone for over a year now. Again, about 1/2 tsp once a day.

Replied by Kate
Hightstown, Nj
Hi Gayle, My kitty has colon cancer and I was wondering where you purchased the essiac tea? I am a bit confused on where to get it. It seems like the ingredients have to prepared a specific way and there may be counterfeits out there... thanks.
Replied by Beatrice
Raleigh, North Carolina
Hello there. My name is Beatrice and I have a 14 year old cat named Papa. He is everything to me and just yesterday I was informed by by vet that he has a tumor the size of a small ball in his intestine area. I am devistated to say the least a have cried a river. My vet feels that hospice maybe my best direction because of Papa's age and the cost of surgery is high with no promises. I do feel hopeful however now that I have read these articles. Thank you Gayle from Tulsa and thank you Maria from Los Angeles! I am going to get Papa started on the essiac tea as well incorporating the other supplements mentioned. I hope to get back to you all with good news in a few weeks!! Thanks again for your all your help! -Papa's mommy.....
Replied by Brenda
San Antonio, Texas
this is not about essiac tea. it is about the tumors in animals. i have seen at least 6 animals get over cancer tumors by taking a weight loss product containg brown seaweed Undaria Pinnatifida, Laminaria Japonica, and Pomegranate seed oil. its called fuco somthing. the dose for small animals is 3 daily and for larger animals 4 a day. i was shocked that it worked so fast. 3 wks. at the most. sorry to say it does not seem to work as well on humans.
Replied by Natalie
Sausalito, Ca
I saw your comment about Fuco Thin for tumors in animals. You mentioned that you have seen 6 animals cured from this treatment. Were they cats or dogs or both? My cat has fibrosarcoma and I am interested in trying this treament. Has anyone else heard about this?
Replied by Catdogmom
Clovis, Nm
YES PLEASE... Any more/new info on fucothin?????? Please share your experiences!!

Posted by Ran (Charlotte, NC) on 05/25/2006

[YEA]  I cooked brown rice, green beans and fresh white fish every day. All was low salt. He ate 6 very small meals instead of one as most dogs eat. I also added Milk Thistle and SAM-E200 from GNC. He took Urdosal (Spelling??) for the gallbladder. This was the only prescription he took. I kept a Scottie alive 10 months longer than the vet ever thought possible. He had liver cancer. His stomach stopped swelling after he ate when he was put on this diet. This lowered his pain. He was still interested in the girl dog next door just 1 day before he passed away. He died with dignity.

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