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Viral Conjunctivitis - Pink Eye

Last Modified on Jan 13, 2016

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Posted by Truthseeker (Woonsocket, Ri) on 04/04/2010

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I just read somewhere in cyberspace about a gentlemen who when a Polish grandmother spit in the eye of his brother, his family got real mad. He was 7 years old and his brother was only 5 years old. But his pink-eye was cured by the end of that day. And the lady across the street apologized profusely but identified saliva as a natural cure for pink-eye (conjunctivitis). He says that since then he just swishes water around in his mouth when a doctor diagnosed him as having pink-eye. He says that the doctor told him that there is no known cure for pink-eye (conjunctivitis) other than an anti-biotic placed in the eye and that it takes a week for the anti-biotic to work. However, he says he has found that his own saliva kills pink-eye (conjunctivitis) within a day and it only needs to be done once.

Now, I'm not sure if saliva only works for viral conjunctivitis or bacterial as well...So.... having had pink eye for 2 days now (and I'm almost 100% sure it is bacterial conjunctivitis due to the massive discharge I'm having, mostly in the morning, but also periodically throughout the day)... I just tried it. No swishing, no water, just a teaspoon and a tissue. I spit in the spoon, tilted my head back and poured the spit in my left eye while holding the tissue against my temple. Then I did the same for my right eye. The slimyness of my spit made my lashes hold together for a minute. I just kept blinking to try and be sure the saliva was spreed into all areas of my eyeball. Then I wipped the excess off of my lashes. 10 MINUTES LATER AND I AM AMAZED !!!! The burning and discomfort I have been experiencing for 2 days was gone in minutes. My vision is clearer, and yes in only 10 minutes I can for sure see that the veins and dark red lines that were throughout my eyeballs is VERY diminished. My eyes feel SO MUCH better ! I will report back tomorrow to update my progress.

Replied by Truthseeker
Woonsocket, Ri
Ok, so here we are day 2. So my eyes are FOR SURE getting better. But to be honest by about 9pm last night I didn't feel that my eyes had KEPT progressing like they did for the first 30 minutes of applying the saliva. So I put more saliva in my eyes at 9pm last night... only, I used my hubby's (disgusting!) I did so because I know full well that different people have different levels of good bacteria and health. And he has a very stong constatution. So I woke up this morning with almost no discharge (just a little) and haven't had any discharge all day. My eye is not 100% cured but it is MUCH better. Still, I want to move this along ASAP. So I figured I'd do some raw milk in my eye.... you see I know that breastmilk is the #1 natural cure for pink eye, but a friend of mine (who is big on natural cures) said that breastmilk needs to be applied right away for it to be effective, I don't so much buy that... breastmilk has loads of good things (like beneficial bacteria) in it AT ALL times and I think that should help when used at any point. Alas I have no breastmilk. What I do have however is some pasture fed, organic, raw milk. I put 2-3 drops of the raw milk in my eyes 4 times day. I did a bit more research and here is what I found:

Mother's milk is abundant in natural substances called lysosomes, which can also be found in saliva and tears.

Amazing! I think that the saliva would have cleared up my pink eye faster and better if it were viral. And just for the record, with other members of my family who have caught pink eye, we have used manuka honey with a 3 day cure rate. That being said we have only had pink eye (in our family) a total of 3 times.

I am going to add mega doses of vit. C to my regimen tonight. I'll report back tomorrow. For now, this is day 2 using natural methods and I am about 40%-50% better.

Replied by Truthseeker
Woonsocket, Ri
I forgot to add to this posting that I found out what they do in China:

In china, human saliva is used to prevent or cure conjunctiva. The mother licks the newborn eyes (since it only attacks the eyes, it is safe to lick it away).

Replied by Rebeccamichelle
San Anselmo, Ca, Usa
[YEA]   I used a small amount of my own saliva. It worked great, within a few minutes the itching and redness was gone. I used this in conjunction with sea salt water.
Replied by Gingermegs
Sydney, Australia
[NAY]   Saliva in my eyes would be the kiss of death as I have Sjogren's or dry eye. Must always use sterile things as eyes too dry to fight any bacteria especially that found in a dry mouth.
Replied by Brooke
Montgomery, Tx, Usa
If you scrape a white potato with a small hand peeler, and put the scrapings on your eyes with a bandage over it this might help. I do it and leave them overnight and it has cleared up conjunctivitis, made me see better also! I would try it for your dry eye syndrome also!

Sea Salt  
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Posted by Rebeccamichelle (San Anselmo, Ca, Usa) on 07/02/2010

[YEA]  3rd day using sea salt solution for pink eye. Irritation swelling and itching completely gone today.

Posted by Mel (Katy, Texas) on 07/03/2009

[YEA]  Sea salt solution cleared and cured my pink eye in 3 days. It did sting but I knew it would. I did this once in the morning and one in the evening. I mixed 1 tablespoon of sea salt to 1 cup of water in a water bottle. Mix well and tilt your head over the sink and squeeze a couple of times times in each eye.

Replied by Rebeccamichelle
San Anselmo, Ca, Usa
[YEA]   It's day two of using sea salt or 'saline' solution. It's nearly gone now. All of the sclera, the eye muscle and the tear ducts are nearly back to normal size and the itching is only occasional.

Posted by Tristan (Sydney, Australia) on 05/14/2009

[YEA]  I recently used a sea salt solution to get rid of pink eye; it worked, but now my eyes are always dry, and they get red very easily. Neither the dryness nor the redness (the two are most likely linked) used to happen before I contracted pink eye. Both my eyes were fine.

Can anyone tell me what to do about my dry eyes - I would appreciate it very much. Thanks.

EC: Hi Tristan,

Dry Eyes remedies can be found here.

Replied by Nonni
Cleveland, OH
Tristan, the cell salt Nat. Mur. (6x potency) is the tissue salt for maintaining a proper distribution of water throughout the system. I have had this cell salt work very quickly for dry eyes after taking only one or two doses. Also, as a side note to EC, it would be good to have a section for Homeopathic Remedies added to this site as they are wonderfully healing and safe to use as home remedies.

EC: Thank you for the great suggestion. A new page has been recently created:

Posted by Tristan (Sydney, Australia) on 04/28/2009

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Hi all, I woke up with a mucuousy pink left eye - it seems like it has been building up to it for a week - and was the stickiest this morning. I tried ACV drops (diluted), then switched to sea salt, which seemed more effective (also snorted some through each nostril).

The left eye is without discharge now, but it is still very red, and occasionally prickly. Should it have cleared up completely by now? Should I wait for another day? I hope someone can help me as I don't know if I'm just delaying the inevitable or am on the right track. Thanks.

(BTW, The right eye seems to be free of it).

Replied by KR
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Hi Tristan!

When all three of my daughters came down with pink eye, I also used a strong saline solution which took a few days to clear the infection but with every day, the improvement could be seen and felt. On previous occasions before the knowledge of using this remedy, it would take 1-2 weeks just to clear up. So be patient and keep applying every couple of hours per day to get the best results. You're on the right track!

Posted by Lucille (SOUTH PASADENA , CA) on 05/26/2008

[YEA]  I tried all the remedies for pink eye: chamomille tea, green tea, boric acid in the contact lens solution, and finally what worked was the sea salt. I dissolved about 2 teaspoons of sea salt in about 1/2 cup of water and used an eye cup to rinse it around. I did this several times in a day, and it went away. Cured!

Posted by MimiRose (Springfield, MO) on 03/22/2008

[YEA]  I have had a very mild on again off again case of Conjuctivitis for about three years. In the last three months with the cold it had gotten worse. (I moved from southern California to a state that experienced real winters). I hate over the counter medication or chemicals of any kind so I came to my favorite website and read a few of the remedies. I decided on a Sea Salt remedy. I got a 16 oz bottle of spring water, warmed it then added 2 tablespoons of Sea Salt and shook it up. I place a soft folded towel on the bathroom sink slightly over the edge and laid my head on the towel. I slowly poured the mixture into the corner of my eye until I instinctively knew to stop then I did the other eye for good measure. Once I rinsed my face I could feel my sinues very clearly! I was breathing and could FEEL it like I have not in a long while. I felt some drainage in the sinues and I guess that is way, not sure but what I do know is that my eye feels better than it has in two months! The thin skin around the eye was breaking. I intend on applying my solution on the hour and the same for the next day if needed but I do not think I will need to. Thanks Earthclinic!

Posted by Ria (NYC, NYS) on 03/15/2008

[YEA]  I had pink eye and cold at the same time. I tried hydrogen Peroxide in ear stuff (3%) in my ears in 10 min also sniffed peroxide into my nose it was painful but I wanted to ged rid of cold completely then gargled with cayenne pepper with camomile tea after I had some of them. 5 hours later no more itchy throat, and I felt much better. For pink eye I tried tea method it was fine and got rid of some of redness but what worked for me was wash it with bottled water and salt. my pink eye got instantly became clear!

Posted by Marie (Baton Rouge, LA) on 09/16/2007

[YEA]  As a child I had a horrible case of conjunctivitis. For over a month, I suffered from home with absolutely no change no matter how much eye drops or medication the doctor's prescribed me. My family finally took our yearly trip to the beach and after a day, my eye infection was completely gone. When we returned and returned to the doctor for a checkup, my pediatrician chuckled and said, oh "You went to the beach, the ocean clears that right up!" My mother could NOT believe it. We surely would have hightailed it to the beach a week into the conjunctivitis had we known! As a result of my month long infection, I had permanent vision damage and had to have membraned PEELED off my eyelids. I am just thankful the beach trip and swimming in the ocean happened when it did, otherwise, I might have had even greater eye damage. I'm lucky I only have to wear glasses/contacts for the rest of my life.

Tea, Lemon Juice  
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Posted by Asha (London, Uk) on 06/12/2012

[YEA]  Had full on infection red pain & swelling. Washed it out with strong green & black tea. Used fresh lemon juice too worked great to get rid of infection diluted but strong straight into the eyes with sterile cotton, only stung shortly. used this along with camomile tea bags soaked in warm green tea left on for 10-15 min 4 x day.

Vapor From Raw Onions  
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Posted by Gino (Sacramento, Ca) on 01/27/2010

[YEA]  Pink eye cure- I've been trying the vapor of raw Onions it seem to be working so far. I was told many years ago from my boss that onions help with eye problems. hope he's right