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Viral Conjunctivitis - Pink Eye


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Posted by Michelle (Lamora, Mexico) on 03/06/2008
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make some chamomile tea and wash the eyes out with it every so often with a cotton ball this helps very much

Coconut Oil  

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Posted by Julia (San Francisco, California) on 05/12/2016
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I had been suffering from a very red, irritated, itchy, morning goo-shut eye. I had been putting drops of diluted apple cider vinegar all day and although it seemed to work alleviating the itch and the redness, it would all come back in no less than a half hour.

I searched the earthclinic site again and Ted had recommended 5-10% magnesium chloride in water use as drops and the results would be seen immediately. I planned to do that the next day but meanwhile I tried one more thing that people reported had worked for them-- drops Virgin Coconut oil.

Once the coconut oil was melted I put some drops on my eye. It felt so soothing!! No itch!!

I woke up the next day with no redness! I still feel a little bit of itching near my tear duct so I am continuing to put the oil drops until I feel no more itching!

Thank you Earthclinic!!

Posted by Laurie (Chicago, Il) on 09/27/2014
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My eye was blood red when I woke up. It didn't itch, burn, or have any gunk in it. It was just bright blood red taking up every white part of my eye. I tried putting ACV in it for half the day, but it just irritated my eye even more, made it burn horribly, and some how made it even more red. So I researched and found coconut oil as a remedy. I figured if it worked it would be much more soothing than the ACV. I scooped out a spoonful and warmed it in the microwave for 10-20seconds so it was a clear liquid. Then used a spoon to pour it directly into my eye. After about an hour I noticed it was less red. So I put more in every 30 min to an hour. I put some in before bed and woke up with my eye being 85% better!!!! My eye is just a slight pink like I had been rubbing it. My roommate said it was hardly noticeable. I'm going to keep putting more in every 30 min to an hour. I'm sure by tomorrow it will be back to normal. I highly recommend coconut oil for pink eye!!! It's very soothing and fast!!!! Good luck!!!

Posted by Kristyp2005 (New Iberia, Louisiana) on 10/13/2013
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Conjunctivitis: I put a little coconut oil in a glass baby jar and warmed jar with water to melt the oil. Used med dropper and put 2-4 drops. Also used it to clean eye. Have had conjunctivitis for over 7 days and it spread to my other eye (prescription drops did nothing but irritate my eyes). The coconut oil made my eyes feel so good! I can feel it working as weird as that sounds. I gave my 3 yr old coconut oil drops too and he stopped fighting me (like he did with prescription drops) and started to smile. I could tell he felt the same relief I was feeling. This has been the best remedy I've tried thus far!

Posted by Soula (Berkeley, Ca Usa) on 01/06/2012
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Cocnut Oil worked, to our surprise. Baby shampoo, tea, etc did not work but in a couple days improvement was clear and in a few everything was fine. One drop twice a day, doesn't hurt either.

Posted by Mr Thompson (Springfield, Ill) on 10/10/2011
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Coconut Oil works pretty good! I had pink eye on and off for several weeks now. Don't know really the cause but it got a hold on me. Green Tea Bags are a immediate relief but it is much work to cook the tea and do the procedure because you have to hurry as the water cools down.

I put clean coconut oil into a clean syringe (without the needle :D) and let it melt in it while holding it at my body. When it got fluid I put two drops into my eyes before sleeping.

My eyes feel a lot better in the morning after the first treatment. No more dry or too wet feeling and much more calmed. It seems that the special fatty acids repair tissue and kill bacteria. First I was scared to drop it into my eyes but there is no burning or anything. But just make sure everything is as clean as possible.

This one treatment was much more effective than weeks of green tea.

Posted by Sheri (Newark, California) on 09/02/2008
5 out of 5 stars

We've had great results with using virgin coconut oil directly in the eye to combat pink-eye. It only takes a few treatments and about 24 hrs to do the trick. Just wash your hands thoroughly, dry them, then put a dab onto your finger and wipe it into your eye. Wash hands again and wait for the magic to happen. We've even used it on the infected feet of our hamster. Virgin coconut oil is amazing stuff!


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Posted by Lady Jane (Zion, Illinois) on 04/18/2012
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My husband used coffee on our cat when he had an infected eye. It worked!! The next day you couldn't tell anything was wrong with him. He continued for the next three or four days to make sure. My husband's eye was bothering him for a couple of days. I think it's pink eye. He put coffee on it last night and this morning is doing great, eye reddness is clearing. He will continue doing this for a few more days. Made a beliver out of me. Lady Jane

Posted by Pedro (Ponce, Pr) on 02/21/2012
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My grandma used coffee on me for pink eye and I use it with my kids also. It works. Dark warm coffee, that's all.

Posted by Paz (Maryland) on 09/27/2010
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Man, my Momma held me in a head-lock as she put fresh (tolerably hot) coffee in and around my eye when I had pink eye (like 20 years ago). It worked. Not too long ago my niece had pink-eye and I performed the head-lock-coffee-application-manuver and it was cleared the next day (I continued one more treatment the next morning though, just to make sure).

Posted by Sam (Hershey, PA) on 05/27/2008
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Remedy/Cure: brewed black coffee for conjunctivitis

How to Use: Brew a cup or two of coffee as strong and dark as possible. Dip a clean cotton ball in the warm coffee. Gently wipe the coffee saturated cotton ball over infected eye so coffee runs into the eye. Wipe over several times and if needed repeat with a new cotton ball. The coffee can be saved in a container for 24 hours, but be sure container is clean. DO NOT contaiminate coffee by placing used cotton ball back into coffee! Be sure to warm coffee before each use.

How often: I used this treatment once every two hours for three days. Treatment can be done more frequently to alleviate itch and inflamation associated with pink eye.

My experience: I payed $21 (USD) for a bottle of antibiotic eyedrops. I used them for the ten days as recomended. I was not cured at the end of the ten days and suffered each day with red, sore, goopy, itchy eyes because the drops didn't even alleviate the symptoms of pink eye. I used the coffee for three days and from the first treatment I was no longer suffering.

Colloidal Silver  

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Posted by Cindy (Tx, US) on 02/18/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I use colloidal silver, a couple of drops in the eye and it clears up pink eye within hours, not days. My dog looked like her eye was going to pop out and I put 2 drops in her eye and within hours it was back to normal. This is the fastest working thing I have ever seen. Me and my children always have a bottle on hand. It is miraculous to me.

Replied by Sandra
Tallahassee, Fl
Is there a particular brand you use for the eyes? There are several available and I am unsure which is the best. Thanks in advance.

Posted by Ann (Austin, Texas) on 12/20/2014
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I use colloidal silver for conjunctivitis. Use two drops in each eye and blink a little to get it all over the eyelash roots. Twice a day till all is clear.

Posted by Mike (Uk) on 01/14/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Colloidal Silver seemed to work for me for an eye infection. Went down fine. Not sure if it would have gone down by itself, though. Colloidal silver seems to work for almost all topical infections I have :) I just make it myself and apply it once or twice a day with whatever is appropriate, such as in this case I used a pipette.

Replied by Dave Donate

Fountain Inn, Sc
Mike from UK re Pink Eye,

Hello, and I too have used Colloidal Silver on conjunctivitis .... pink eye.

That virus is a killer to get rid of but for the past 15 years when I first read it would work I've used it to quickly get rid of the infection.

I use two drops of CS in each eye twice a day for two days. I was told by an ophthalmologist who was a professor of ophthalmology not to use the CS beyond 2 days because the CS could take off the cells of the eyeball.


Posted by Mcalzada (Los Angeles, Ca) on 02/28/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Pink Eye: Yea for Colloidal silver. I used it twice a day for 3 days, by day 2 it was almost gone, by day 3 all clear. Used it years later when my son got it and worked just as quick.