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Viral Conjunctivitis - Pink Eye

Last Modified on May 12, 2016

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Black Tea Bag  

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Posted by Jamie (Los Angeles, Ca) on 03/22/2012
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I had what I suspect is a mild case of pink eye in both eyes (uurrg), as I have been getting over a chest cold (double uurrgg! ). I am not 100% sure it was pink eye but I woke up for the past couple days with crusty, slightly goopy eyes that were bloodshot soooo... I'm guessing that's what it is. I am so happy I found this remedy.

I used white tea bags first because that's all I had. Brewed 2 together for about 15 minutes, cooled it down then used the bags as compresses and smooshed them around my eye lids gently and dripped some tea in there, as suggested. I felt the soothing effect immediately and the redness went down a bit. I found some black tea and have now twice dripped some of that (after brewing and cooling a bit) into my eye over the course of the day, and it's really working! My eyes feel calmer and more lubricated, and the redness has gone down. Yay. Still a bit itchy but I will keep doing this until they heal. It obviously helps. THANKS!

Posted by Tangible (Brewer, Maine) on 12/11/2011
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I have used black tea bags for pink eye since my grandfather taught me that as a child.

Posted by Bravebird (Afton, Va) on 02/25/2011
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Black Teabags worked great for us! I was putting breastmilk in my son's pinkeye, which normally clears it right up. This time, his eye was actually getting worse instead of better. So I came on here, and decided to try the black tea. I brewed a cup and dripped it lukewarm into his eye. An hour later it was looking better than it had in two days. Put more drops in, and an hour after that there is no pink at all left in the eye-whites, and no more discharge. I'll do another treatment before bed just to keep up with it, but the improvement is truly amazing!

Posted by Ebony (Ct, Usa) on 06/04/2010

I woke up with a itchy red eye. It was leaking a clear fluid. It was also hard for me to open the eye. It was only in my left eye. After visiting this site. I read about using tea (either black or green) as a remedy. Well I used black tea because it was the cheapest. I just made my tea like normal and took the tea bag out of the water after I let it seep for a few minutes and applied it to my eye. The warmth of the tea bag was so relaxing and soothing. I felt an immediate difference in about 15 minutes. I was able to go to work that day and by the end of the day the irritation was gone. Works great for me. Thanks to this website and all who posted.

Replied by Mparker
Houston, Tx
I tried this method. It works wonders WHILE the tea bags are on.... But I waited for the 15 minutes as instructed..... Not much help. I do admit though, the warm tea bags were VERY soothing while they were on. Sadly, I can't have them on 24 hours a day.

Posted by Jenk40 (Seattle, Wa, USA) on 08/28/2009
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Nay: Black Tea Bags for Eye Infection: I recently got an eye infection and came online to search for natural cures. I tried applying black tea bags I had steeped as warm compresses first. I did this for about 15 minutes approximately 5 times the first day. The next day the eye infection was actually worse. I discontinued this and starting using ACV wash, which did end up working.

Posted by Hope (Sacramento, CA) on 02/17/2008
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I have had very red irritated eyes for the last 2 days and finally realized it must be conjunctivitis. I immediately went to your excellent web site and read about using black tea bags for a swift recovery. I was amazed that after following the directions on your site, my eyes were as good as new within 15 minutes! Thank you, as always, for the fine information you make available to all of us!

Posted by Deborah (Denison, TX) on 07/21/2007
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I have suffered for many years with painfull pink eye or conjunctvitis and have taken so many prescriptions to just have another reoccurance. I went on the web and found a cure that is so simple and cheap. Take just a cheap black tea bag and steep in lukewarm water. Then take the tea bag and place it on the infected eye for 15-30 minutes. I did this for 2 days and I have been pain free and red eye free for over a year. I was diagnosed with Sjorn's Disease and my eyes were so red & inflamed that I was embarrassed to be seen in public. This is truly a natural cure.

Replied by Gary
Claxton, Georgia
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I thank God, your website and Deborah from Texas for providing the information about using black tea bags for curing conjunctivitis. I awoke one morning with horrific pain in my right eye. It was so sensitive to any amount of light that I had to keep it closed. I immediately went to Earth Clinic and read Deborah's cure using black tea bags. I used the black tea bags as Deborah described. However, the only difference is that I also used an eyedropper to put 5 or 6 drops of the tea from my coffee mug in my eye after using the tea bag as a compress. I used this process three times within a 24-hour period and the results were truly amazing. Abolutely no pain and the redness was completely gone. Thank you, folks. God bless you all.

Boric Acid  

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Posted by Susan (Stroudsburg, Pa) on 04/04/2011
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Boric Acid mix worked best. Itchy, pasty, red eyes... I tried the Black Tea first, but that only relieved itchiness, which was a relief. After it did not clear up the problem, I searched to purchace boric acid as recamended, but could only find a wallgreen Steril Eye wash that contained an isotonic solution of purifed water, boric acid, sodium chloride, etc. This took three days of periodic eye washing throughout the day to completely clear it up. It definately worked to start clearing from day one. I'm wondering if I had found boric Acid to mix my own if it would have worked quicker. Defiantely worth doing.


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Posted by Frances (Heflin, AL, USA) on 12/19/2008
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PINK EYES: Growing up my Grandmother always rubbed the brass part of a shot gun shell over my pink eye for several times and it cleared up.

Brown Tea Bags  

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Posted by Jdkokoko (Quezon City, Philippines) on 09/01/2009
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i woke up with my right eye watery and swollen. i read from your website about the cure for this - green tea bag soaked in hot water. but because green tea here in the philippines is costly, i tried what is available brown tea bag. it worked. after only 7 minutes the swelling and watering has considerably decreased. i continued applying the bag after 3 hours apart, 2 times more and its completely gone the next morning. thanks earthclinic, your heaven sent (see the Holy Bible talks about plants and trees being the cure for our body illness)

Castor Oil  

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Posted by Jennywren (Perth, Western Australia, Australia) on 02/23/2012
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NAY. Hi there! I've been playing around with castor oil for a couple of weeks to test it out - rubbing it on my face to try and reduce age spots, using it as a scalp treatment for my thin hair and wiping it on my eyelashes to see if they'll grow thicker and longer. For my face and eyes, I rub the castor oil (cold-pressed) over my face and eyes every evening and then go to bed.

Last night I woke up with my eyelashes gummed together and my eyes seeping and red raw. I was seeing my GP today anyway to check my thyroid, and he asked me what I'd done to my eyes. I told him (embarassing! ) and he said that castor oil should never be put in the eyes as it has a really high pH or some such and he checked my eyes for nerve damage. On doing some research, apparently castor oil contains a natural toxin called ricin that can cause conjunctivitis. Anyway, that's how castor oil has affected me so far..!

Replied by Francisca
Zug, Switzerland
Jennywren, I have the same problem with Castor Oil and won't be trying it again on my eyes. I rub it on my eyebrows though and I am going to try it on the bags under the eyes together with ACV like Bill suggested. Not on the eyes again though!

Posted by Merk (Seattle, USA) on 01/26/2008
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I have used Castor Oil many times for treating Pink Eye, put 1-2 drops in each eye two times a day, eyes will get better with in one day but keep using for 4-5 days. Always treat both eyes. After putting in eyes they will blur some from oil but will not sting at all and will be very soothing, castor oil is antimicrobal and a very healing oil.


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Posted by April (Fort Myers, Florida) on 06/30/2011
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I came down with pink eye this past Sunday. On monday I went to the doctor who gave me eye drops. By yesterday, Wednesday, my eye was only getting worse. It was practically swollen shut, though I had no goop or anything coming out of it; it was just swollen and bright red--stinging like hell. The doctor gave me different eye drops, an antibiotic, and Claritin D which all cost me $100 in prescriptions. It didn't help either.

Finally, a friend brought me chamomile tea and told me to put 2-3 drops in my eyes 3-4 times a day, as well as put the tea bag over my eye and rest with it on there. The tea bag is more effective while hot, but it can also soothe when it's cold too.

My pink eye hasn't cleared up completely but it has definitely improved a lot since I started using the tea. I later looked up "VIRAL" pink eye online to find that there are no antibiotics that can help it. When it's VIRAL it has to just take it's course. So I'm a pretty upset that although the tea has helped immensely, the doctor's allowed me to spend $400 by the end of the week for visits and prescriptions, without mentioning that none of it would help... From now on I will be coming to this web site before paying another dime to a doctor.

Posted by Carol (Dallas, Texas) on 09/05/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Remedy: Chamomile
Cured: Viral Conjunctivitis

I bought teabags with chamomile flowers listed as the only ingredient.

I boiled around 1 cup of water, then floated the teabags in there for about 2 minutes and removed from heat.

Allowed the tea to cool until it was just warm to the inside of my wrist. Then I dipped cotton balls 1 time only per piece into the tea and used this to remove the "gunk". Next, I took the teabags while still warm and placed them over my eyes and covered them with a clean towel.

This seemed to soothe the swelling of my eyelids and dried up a lot of the discharge.

I had this condition for about 4 days and was using antibiotic drops until I went to an opthalmologist who diagnosed it as viral. That's the point where I stopped using drops and started using the teabags. I have been doing this for a day and a half and my eyes are pink instead of red with just a little discharge now, and no more swelling, pain, or itchiness. I feel like I will probably be completely over this by tomorrow.

Posted by Michelle (Lamora, Mexico) on 03/06/2008
5 out of 5 stars

make some chamomile tea and wash the eyes out with it every so often with a cotton ball this helps very much