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Viral Conjunctivitis - Pink Eye

Last Modified on Jun 13, 2015

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Posted by Shannon (Tucson, Arizona) on 10/09/2012

[YEA]  Months ago, after a week of pink eye and after receiving two different prescription eye drops from two different doctors, I saw an eye specialist who informed me that I would have to wait out my pink eye because it was a viral infection. Desperate for relief, I came across the ACV cure. I mixed 1/2 cup of water with 1/2 teaspoon of [organic] Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother (raw). Then I dipped a cotton ball into the solution and dripped it into each eye every few hours. The eye specialist told me I should expect the pink eye to last up to 2 weeks, but using the ACV treatment it was gone in less than 6 hours! It was fairly painful because I used quite a bit of ACV, but it was so effective!! Also, moisturizing eye drops are really handy if the ACV makes your eyes overly sensitive- just make sure you wait until the ACV has done its job before you use them! Additionally, remember to wash your hands often, throw out any eye makeup you used before the infection, avoid touching your eyes or face, and use a clean pillowcase each night your eyes are infected.

Two days ago I woke up with pink eye again (associated with a sinus infection I'm assuming) and I got rid of it in one day! What a miracle!

Posted by Shaina81 (Buffalo, Ny) on 07/11/2012

Two weeks ago I was exposed to pink eye, and Sunday night I got the Tell-tale Itchy eye and knew I had caught it. Monday morning my first stop was the doctors for the antibiotic drops. I've had pink eye many times in my life and usually by day two on the drops I see improvement, but this time is different. This infection is strong and today, day 3 of the drops it seems to have gotten worse and is starting to spread to my other eye. I have a huge party this coming Sunday and I can't cancel it over pink eye. Desperate, I turned to the internet for natural cures. I figured combining natural treatments couldn't hurt. That's when I found your site talking about ACV. I had a bottle of organic unfiltered ACV with "the mother" so I decided to give it a try.

I was REALLY nervous about stinging, I mean putting vinegar in my eye, the thought alone made me quiver. But I WAS desperate and it was the only home remedy listed which I had on hand. I diluted about 2 tsp into an 8 oz glass of slightly warmed spring water. I didn't have a dropper so instead I poured some of the mix into a shot glass and used it to flush out my eyes.

The sting wasn't bad at all. The itchiness was gone immediately. My three-day infected eye drained all the goop instantly and also the puffiness under it returned to normal but remained red and a bit sore. My other eye, which had just started to be red that morning litterally returned to white and healthy looking instantly after the first flush.

I will be repeating the flush every hour for the day, but after the immediate improvement I just had using it the first time, I am confident that this will work like a charm and my party plans for this coming sunday will be saved!


Posted by Brian (Houston, Tx) on 01/31/2012

[SIDE EFFECTS]  Be careful with this, I used 1/4 tsp in 4 oz for about 3 days. I quit using it about 4 days ago and I have had blurry vision ever since.

Replied by Anika
Phoenix, Az
Hi Brian, what do you think caused the blurriness? Did it eventually go away and how long did it take for it to come back to normal?

Posted by Sally_oh (EscazĂș, San JosĂ©, Costa Rica) on 12/27/2009

[YEA]  ACV cured my pink eye

I found this cure here at earthclinic and tried it: 1 cup warm water, just enough ACV (with the mother) to discolor the water, maybe a Tablespoon. Wiped the eyes with cotton and dripped a drop into my eye. Burns a lot, but it cured my pink eye.

I was not diligent and it came back so I'm going to start over. I've had this for over a year, starting to think I had a tumor or something... Since it wasn't constant and usually only really hurt when my eyes were dry, I didn't think about it until it started hurting. I'm working online now, so my eyes are dry a lot. The ACV treatment helped so much. Thanks, everyone!

Replied by Rebeccamichelle
San Anselmo, Ca, Usa
[NAY]   I tried this cure. It made my pink eye worse. After the burning subsided the itching and grittiness was 10 times worse.
Replied by Georgina
Auckland, New Zealand
Can anyone tell me what 'the mother' is??? Have been dealing with persistent conjunctivitis for over a year and it's driving me nuts. look forward to trying the Apple Cider Vinegar treatment but would love to find out what the mother is? Thanks
Replied by Mollie
Riverside, Ca.
Please be very careful about conjuctivitis issues! My young daughter woke up with pink eye once and we thought it was only pink eye! Wrong! Her system was attacking her eyes! She could have went blind!

To save her eyesite the doctors used steroid shots in the whites of her eyes to save her sight! The doctors never knew what this problem was but it finally went into remission and my daughter is now an adult and works in courtrooms as a court Stenographer!

The ophthalmologists were from Loma Linda hospital in the United States and they couldn't pinpoint her problem. We now wonder if it was pesticides in the dirt of our property as our land was once an alfalfa field.

But we never officially found out what caused this problem.

Don't take pink eye lightly.

Replied by Lizzie
Oakland County, Michigan, USA
Georgina, describes the "mother".
Replied by Anna
St. Petersburg, Florida
[YEA]   I used to get pink eye OFTEN as an acute allergic reation to my boyfriends cat. Because the conjunctivitis was neither viral nor bacterial, antibiotic eye drops and other medical remedies didn't help. After getting pink eye for what I swear was the 17th time, I looked for alternative cures and found Earth Clinic. Anyway, I administered the diluted ACV (____) to both eyes every 30 minutes for a day. Immediately the itchiness and discomfort was gone, although my eyes were still red. The following day, both eyes were almost back to normal and felt completely better. Another day after that and they were healthy again. Thanks, Earth Clinic!

Posted by Jenk40 (Seattle, Wa, USA) on 08/28/2009

[YEA]  ACV cured my eye infection. First I went to the doctor who prescribed antibiotic eye drops. I took those for 4 days without seeing an improvement. I came to your site to look for natural cures. I tried the black tea compresses first. I'm not sure why but this did actually make the infection first. The next day I tried 1 tsp ACV in a glass of water. I used a cotton ball and soaked it in the ACV mixture, then used it to wash out my eye. I would wash out my eye about once an hour. I have been less diligent about it the last few days, so I think it is taking longer than some others reported, but I have no doubt the eye infection will be cured soon. Thanks Earth clinic for your wonderful site!

Posted by Veronica (Clearwater, Fl) on 08/02/2009

[YEA]  ACV (with the mother) cures pink really works!

My husband had a horrible case of pink eye for about 2 weeks or more. His eye was horribly red and he said it felt like sand was in his eye. At one point, he even thought he had lost a contact in his eye because the pain was so bad. He was also sensitive to light. After convincing him that ACV would cure it, he reluctantly allowed me to administer the ACV to his eye. I used 1/2 teaspoon of ACV (with the mother) to 3 tablespoons of purified water. YES, it burned really horribly, but his infection was gone the next day, his eye was white and he has not had a problem since. Obviously, you can use much less vinegar(just enough to tint the water) and it will work that way as well. It just might take a little longer. My husband said that if he was going to feel any pain at all, he would rather just get it over in one sitting instead of spread out over many days. (He's an all or nothing kind of guy...) However, it paid off because we only had to do it once and his eye was as good as new.

P.S. We tried it first without the mother and it did not work, so make sure you get it with the mother.

Replied by Wich Doctor
Nashville, Tennessee
[YEA]   Yes, the Apple Cider Vinegar cure is definitely working. To reduce re-contamination especially women need to know that their eyeliners, mascara wands etc. need to be either replaced after each use and each eye one separate product for single use until infection has cleared up. After that you can have a new set of eye make up products to use every day again. I went as far as dipping my eyeliner in vinegar and wiping it off between applications of each eyelid.....that did also save me some money on eye makeup - and I did not have to throw away and replace my expensive products.
Replied by Xpunkxkatx
Los Angelos, California
The reason black tea doesn't work for some but it does for others is it depends if pink eye is from an allergic reaction or from bacteria. So I have read black tea is better for allergic reactions. That's just what I have read. I have it right now and I am going to try the tea tricks.
Replied by Lisa
Baiting Hollow, New York, Usa
[YEA]   Thanks for the remedy. Fortunately I always have _____ Apple Cider vinegar w/"the mother", in the house and I'm also an "all or nothing" type of gal. I expected my eyes to be burning out of the sockets, but fortunately, the pain was no greater than the worse conjunctivitis I've ever had, so I'm glad you prepared me for the worst! :-) And even happier that is appears to be working already. Eyes became a bit red, but it's subsiding now. I think it may have been a mild reaction for me because I caught it so early. Thanks again! :-)
Replied by Lee
Brooklyn, Ny
[YEA]   I woke up with a solid case of Pink Eye two days before my birthday. This was an issue because I had some outdoor activities planned for the day, and I didn't want glasses getting in the way. I am also waiting on health insurance from my new job, so a doctor was out of the question.

PROCESS: 4oz glass of filtered water with 1 TSP of ACV. Used that with cotton balls to wash around the eye.

THEN, I diluted 2 TSP of ACV with 8oz of filtered water. I emptied an old Visine dropper bottle, and filled it with the ACV solution. I dripped that in my eye every 30 minutes (as well as I could remember). My eye stopped itching immediately.

3 drops per administration. Stings like the dickens! But 2 days later, it was gone!

I continued to administer the drops for about 4 days, at much less frequent intervals. The Pink Eye has not come back.

Much Love, Earth Clinic Community!

Replied by Bungee68
Chicago, Il, Usa
Lee from Brooklyn thank you so much :) for the ACV treatment. I used distilled water and fresh squeezed lemon juice (I had gotten from another site) and this helped it to feel more soothing, but no immediate changes. I must admit I need to see fast results in everything (I'm a little impatient). So I came on this site today and saw several treatments, but I didn't feel up to going outside to purchase anything. So, I had to use what I had at home already, which was water and ACV (which I had to google, what is ACV? now I know it is Apple Cider Vinger).

Anyway, I used your treatment, but, I used 8 ounces of spring water with 5 teaspoons of ACV. I did as you said with wiping my eyes with the cotton balls, then 3 drops of the solution (and yes it did sting). With my first application, mucus began draining from my eye. I was so excited, that I could care less about a little discomfort from the stinging. I will use this again in another 30 minutes and continue throughout the day and night. Thanks again, Brenda.

Posted by V (New York, NY) on 07/13/2009

[YEA]  ACV works! I have had the most severe, persistent case of viral conjunctivitis/dry eye for probably over a year now. Anyone who's had it knows that it is a real pain to cure, and comes back VERY easily. I've been to the eye doctor twice in this time and had tests to make sure it's viral, not bacterial, and every time he's said it pretty much amounts to dry eye. And he's prescribed me an exorbitantly expensive, teeny tiny bottle of medication. It worked during the time it was prescribed, but as soon as I'd stop using it, the dry eye would come back full force. This most recent time it has been particularly stubborn. My doctor's gentle approach of "let it cure itself, and use cold/warm compresses and natural tears" was not at all working. I'd tried all that, and other over-the-counter eye drops for "persistent dry eye" and, I swear to you, none of it worked. The one red eye would NOT got away. SO frustrating. And I can't afford to drop tons of money on tiny bottles of medication that I probably shouldn't be using permanently anyway.

So yesterday I tried this: 5 parts water, 2 parts honey (best grade), and 1 part pure apple cider vinegar. I mixed it up, put it in an eyedropper, and started using it every few hours or so (more or less). Always, when I first put it in, it burns quite a bit and my eye waters uncontrollably, and then a minute later there's a noticeable difference. My eye gets whiter. I did it one last time before bed last night and when I woke up, there was much less redness. At the end of today (I've been using it a little less because I didn't need it as much), there is hardly ANY redness. Mind you, my results were not as instantaneous as some other people's, so I had to keep trying. But I am so pleased and can't believe something has finally worked! Yes!

Posted by Jackie (N. Cal, California) on 07/03/2009

Yesterday I woke up with my eye feeling scratchy and thought I must have done something in my sleep to irritate it. It was itchy and runny all day. Today it dawned on me that I must have pink eye since it felt worse. I have never had it so I was a little slow to figure it out. I went to the drug store and bought a homeopathic "relief" and after using it all day, I had no relief. When I found the acv remedy I immediatly tried it. I have acv with "mother". I put 1/4 tsp. in 1/2 shot glass of water and put a few drops in my eye and used the avc soaked cotton pad to wipe it. It did burn a little but so did the store remedy. It took about 1/2 hr. but already the gravely feeling and weeping has stopped. I just used it again and will continue to use it once an hour. I'll return with an update.

Replied by Jackie
N. Cal, California
[YEA]   Update on using acv and water for pink eye. Today is the 3rd day and I am 90% cured. No longer sensitive to light and eye is just barely swollen. There is just a bit of redness under the bottom lid but overall I feel great and can acutally read. I expect by tomorrow I will be back to normal. The most important thing though is that within 30 min. the gravely, itchy feeling left and did not come back.

Posted by Mollyms (San Sebastian, Spain) on 05/10/2009

[YEA]  ACV cured my pink eye. Currently I am an English student studying abroad in Spain and for financial reasons, I dislike going to the doctor unless it is absolutely necessary. I woke up yesterday morning with my right eye stuck shut. Thinking nothing of it, I went about my day, but when I went to take out my contact lenses, I noticed how red my eye was. I tossed out my contacts and went looking for an answer to what I assumed was "pink eye." Sure enough, I guessed correctly. Not wanting to wait for a week until I went home to infect everyone there, and not wanting to go to the doctor here, I started searching for cures. I had a bottle of ACV from trying things earlier and figured it couldn't hurt to try. I put warm tap water, about 6-8 fl oz, in a cup and then poured enough ACV in so that the water was just slightly discolored. I tried to wipe down my eye-the outside to get rid of the mucus-and then drip some of the solution in my eye every 1/2 hour to 45 minutes. 24 hours later, my eye looks white again and I feel confident about sleeping and not waking up with my eye stuck shut!

Posted by John (Houston, TX) on 03/16/2009

[YEA]  Pinkeye: 3 tsp _____ Apple Cider Vinegar in 4 oz. distilled water. You can use as an eyewash or as drops. Repeat 2 to 3 times daily. Keep eye lids closed for 2 minutes after applying liquid. Sometimes slight smarting occurs. Gets rid of Pink eye in less than 5 mins. Your eye will get red then white as snow.

Replied by Theresa
Borden, IN
If you use 3 tsp of vinegar to 4 Oz of will burn your eye! It is wayyyyyyyy too strong. It should be 1/3 tsp of vinegar to 4 oz of water. This done work for eye infections. I used it myself.
Replied by Roy
St. Peters, Missouri, U.s.a.
Have had recurring Pink Eye for about 5 years. Doctors and different antibiotics that have quit working. I tried a tablesoon of ACV in 4 oz. of distilled water and in less than a day its gone... No side effects so far.. Love this site and this cure. Roy

Posted by Jennie (Fort Wayne, IN, USA) on 01/10/2009

[YEA]  Apple cider vinegar (with the mother) cleared up my pink eye in less than an hour! I filled a small glass with warm water and added just enough vinegar to where I could see it in the water. Using clean cotton balls for each eye, I rubbed them with the water/vinegar and made sure to get some in each eye and in each tear duct. I waited a half hour or so and did it again and then checked the mirror, they were completely clear after 3+ days of itching and irritaion.

Replied by Scooter
Phoenix, AZ
[YEA]   Tried this on my son and it stung some but within minutes it no longer itched. He said the grainy part he felt under his eyelid was completely gone. Will give another application a little later but it looks good so far.

Posted by Stephanie on 08/09/2007

[YEA]  I read about curing 'pink eye' on your website with ACV. I woke up in the middle of the night last night and I knew I had pink eye. This morning, after reading your suggestions, put 1tbsp. ACV in a glass of water and rinsed both eyes out. It stung like mad for about 5 minutes, I kept my eyes closed and layed down until the stinging stopped. I went back to check my eyes in the mirror and all the pink eye germs, that yellow-gummy-crap had all made it's way to the end of my eyelashes in an attempt to get away from the ACV! I couldn't believe what I was looking at, it was disgusting! Anyway, it worked, no more crusty yellow gummy crap in my eyes. I did the same process two more times just to make sure it was gone! Anyway, it worked and I don't have to go to the doctor so I'm grateful. thanks

Posted by Amy (Sevierville, TN) on 03/10/2007

[YEA]  Hello everyone! My daughter is in 2nd grade, and we have become experts on pink eye! After many doctor, and eye doctor visits, including seven boxes of contacts, and countless bottles of Vigamox (an antibiotic $65 a bottle, and the bottle is tiny)we have found a much cheaper cure. My husband uses apple cider vinegar for his colds. I woke up one day, and didn't even have to look in the mirror. I was so mad, pink eye again! Having run out of the antibiotic, I started to panic, and looked up and there was some apple cider vinegar. Saving you lots of time that was about 7 months ago, and we have had it a couple of more times, ending it pretty fast. First, shower, wash your face and hands well. Dress and get yourself a dry washcloth. I only use bottled water for this treatment, since I have a well. If you have city water thats up to you. I then take about 16 oz of water and add enough apple cider vinegar to give it a slight tint. About a teaspoon. I have varied the amounts. Don't use too much vinegar. You are only going to burn your eyes. If you have to work, call in, this is an all day alternative to spending money, and takes all day to cure. I heat the mixture slightly in the microwave (about 30 seconds) to make it warm. Sit down, pop in your favorite movie, and get ready with your washcloth. Begin douching your eye, pouring in small amounts, you can get a dropper if you have one. I just hold the wash cloth to catch the extra, and pour in a good amount. It does burn a little. Make sure you hold your eye lid down, and even roll your eye around. It feels better warm, by now, your wash cloth should be getting wet. Stop and hold over your eye. Rest, and repeat all day. I have done this several times now, and it does take about a full day and night to be completely white again. Clean the house while your waiting too, as it is sooo contagious! Good luck

Replied by Jennie
Cph, DK
[YEA]   I just stopped an eye infection dead in its tracks with Apple Cider Vinegar!

Upon waking yesterday, I could feel that one of my tear ducts was sore, and a bit swollen. A sure sign of an infection coming on, since I have about two eye infections a year. I usually call my doctor, straight away, and she'll end prescripton eye drops to the nearest pharmacy.

Yesterday however, I remembered reading about ACV on this site and decided to give it a go. I tinted a small glass of water with ACV, wet a q-tip with the solution, and held it up to my tear duct for about 10 seconds, every hour or so. It stung mildly, but it was really nothing. By evening it hadn't gotten worse (it would normally be full blown by then), and the next morning (today) it was totally and utterly gone. Am very pleased, needless to say!

Replied by Secratan
Austin, Tx
[YEA]   I tried this method yesterday to stop a, possible, pink eye infection. I was pretty skeptical, but today I woke up with 2 happy eye balls :)

I used about 1/2 a teaspoon of ACV in 3 oz of water. I used a q-tip to get a drop or two in at a time and reapplied about every hour. It burns a bit, but the sting goes away in about 5 seconds. If it hurts too much, just dilute your solution some more.

good luck.

Replied by Ktdz
Durham, Nc
I'm trying the ACV tonight. The last time I had pink eye was seven years ago when I worked in a day care and it lasted for 3 weeks!!! The eye drops aren't working and my doctor said I would just have to let it run it's course. With Christmas less than a week away and it's my daughters first, I want this gone. I'm using 16 ounces of water and 1 tsp of ACV and warming it up. Then I'm washing my eye out with half a shot glass of the solution. I'll let you know in the morning how it's working since I'll be working on this all night and cleaning every inch of my house.
Replied by Renee
Bergen Co., Nj
[YEA]   Twice I have woken up with what appeared to be pink eye. In a small glass bowl, I put about an inch of distilled water and then using a 1/4 tsp measuring spoon, I added several drops of ACV (cheap distilled kind). I wash my hands well and then, leaning over the sink, rinse my eye with the diluted ACV. If I don't feel a slight burn, I add a few more drops of ACV. (I get it just strong enought to burn a little for a few seconds - nothing severe! ) I keep opening my eyes & moving my eyes around to make sure it gets in there. I did both eyes just in case. I then dried my eyes with a tissue. My eyes felt clear after just a few minutes. If after a few minutes, you still feel any irritation or your eye is not completely clear, just repeat the rinse several times.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Cabbage Leaves   1  0   

Posted by Ellie (Santa Rosa, Ca) on 09/02/2011

[YEA]  Hi new friends,

Recently after days of air conditioned air I had a flareup of red eye which I had suffered from greatly in the past. It was progressively worsening.

On last Wed. Evening I was all but bleeding from swollen blood shot eyes. My vison has never been affected except trying to see through the sore, swollen, weeping awful looking stringy mess.

I read what you said Ted, about the body making alkalinity to address acidity. My tears were at 9ph. I tried a 7ph ACV/BS mix and it was soothing but didn't help the swelling.

I started and continue to drink 1 TBSP of ACV in water every 2-3 hours and included celery juice. I added a garlic remedy to it.

I crumpled a cabbage leaf in water for eye wash. It was 7ph and perfectly soothing. The swelling began to decline. I put two cabbage fresh leaves on my eyes under my linen sleep mask for two nights.

They are GETTING WELL. Tonight I went out in public and no one knew my former travail.

ACV and CABBAGE- who knew?

Thank you God and Thank you Ted and new friends


Replied by Sharlie
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Leave it alone. Pink eye clears up on its own within 2 - 5 days.
Replied by Tangible
Brewer, Maine
I think that is great success story. :)

I have used black tea bags since my grandfather taught me that as a child. While I can't say what the red eye problem you had was caused by it was nice to read how you naturally healed it. :)

@ Sharlie.. Pink eye is very contagious, don't tell someone to leave it alone and it'll clear up... That's rude and shows your ignorance.

Replied by Rebecca
Perth, Ontario
The word ignorant is used rather rudely. It's a shame that some well-meaning advice be put down like that. We're all here because of an affliction and hoping to quickly resolve it. If the infection lasts 3-7 days how does one conclude that a remedy worked and it wasn't just the end of the episode? Advising to put acid in one's eye is concerning (another person cited blurred vision after trying). Pink eye will go away on its own. Wash your hands well and often. It is contagious.
Replied by Mrs. Henri
Abbotsford, British Columbia
Pink Eye or Conjunctivitis- I've been stricken with this before and yes, this is very contagious because I caught it from my neighbor. I read somewhere that ice cold water will help kill the virus so I gave it a try and it worked like a charm! No antibiotics or eye drops! Just good ol' ice water and a clean cloth over the eye. 3x a day, you should notice a difference on the eye quickly.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut Oil, Green Tea   1  0   

Posted by Sandi (Orange County, Ca) on 09/19/2013

[YEA]  I'm so thankful for this site. Last night at 1:30am, I woke up with a sharp stinging inner eyelid and large globs of yellow mucous seeping out of my eye. I found a couple of websites that stated natural remedies, so I combined them all. I boiled a cup of filtered water, steeped loose green tea leaves for 3 minutes, strained it, added about 2 tablespoons of organic ACV with mother, and constantly applied it to my eyes with cotton pads and swabs until I felt like it was a complete rinse. After the rinse, I applied organic coconut oil with a clean cotton swab to both eyes as a moisturizer and a salve. I went to bed at 3:30 with no more sharp pain in my eyes. In the morning, I woke up with very little yellow mucous. I am will repeat this rinse again because I'm only about 90% better, but one of those 3 cures (green tea, ACV, and organic coconut oil), if not all, began the healing of my eye pretty immediately.

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