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Home Remedies for Stomach Aches & Abdominal Pain

Last Modified on Feb 08, 2016

Swedish Bitters  
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Posted by Juliana (Canada) on 12/31/2015

[YEA]  I have been having GI issues for many years.Had Gastritis, H Pylori..acidity of the stomach is 1.Tried everything(advice, herbs, medications from MD's) is on this website and much more, but nothing worked for long...The valve is weak and bile comes up to my throat many times during the day and night.All of these caused at times severe pain in my stomach and users in my tongue.Prescription pills did not worked.By the advice of my friend, I bought dried Swedish Bitters in health food store and followed the instruction on the package and only change I made to it, is this:Instead of keeping it in alcohol for 8 days, I kept it about 4 month. by the advice of my friend who had same issues with stomach before.Longer you keep the herb in alcohol is the better. I take 1 tea spoon of that mixture and mix with 2/3 glass of water and drink it.pain stops right away. If anyone find the solution to stop the bile coming to my throat, or find a way to straighten the valve, please let me know..Thank you

Posted by Anon (Anon) on 01/18/2012

Take a teaspoon or two of swedish bitters shortly after you eat.

Replied by Juliana
Edmonton, Canada
[YEA]   I use every time when I have stomach ache this wonderful well known Swedish Bitters. I usually purchase the dry herbs in a package and follow the direction on the package for the first time and first bottle, but for the next bottle I keep it much longer(a few month in alcohol).I pour contents of dry herb into alcohol in the jar and keep it 8 days for the 1st batch, but for the next one up to 6 month, then screen it through cheesecloth.I take 1 teaspoon of this herb mixture and dilute in 1 cup of water and drink it right away.Pain stop also immediately. I purchase the herb in health food store.Thanks.

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Turmeric is an excellent anti-inflammatory and one of Earth Clinic readers' favorite natural remedies for a variety of ailments, including stomach pain. If you are only familiar with turmeric as a cooking or pickling spice, especially in curries, you'll be surprised to learn that throughout the world turmeric is considered an indispensable natural treatment. In India, turmeric has been considered a valuable and reliable medicinal herb for thousands of years. For a stomach ache, it works better than most traditional options.

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Yoga, Massage  
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Posted by Marie Gal (Calif.) on 06/03/2015

[YEA]  I tried pretty much all of these remedies for a bad stomach ache but it wouldn't go away. I called a friend and she suggested the cat position on the floor. Which I did and in a couple of minutes my pain seemed to be gone even to the touch which was very severe before. I did cat & cow poses and couldn't feel the pain as before.

She also suggested I lie on my back and rub my stomach in a circle with my hand. I still can't believe it. That was yesterday, today my stomach is still all right. There was nothing ACV could not help me with, except this stomach episode. I'm still a believer in ACV and most of the solutions in Earth Clinic always work. I just had not seen this. Thank you anyway.

Replied by Ward
i find epsom salts to do wonders it also flushes the body.1/4 tsp in a cup of luke warm water tummy will run and you feel great afterwards.but if your stomach pain persists then you will need to be diagnosed so then you can start looking for natural cures.just don, t get the prescription drugs they give you. I hope that helps