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Cure Ringworm

Last Modified on Mar 31, 2015

Misdiagnosing Ringworm   0  0   

Posted by Muttmom (Emery, Sd, Usecounchm) on 09/13/2012

A bug bites started to get a ring of pustules around it so we started treating it as ringworm with TTO, ACV, and astringents. Absorbine turned the circle black and it sloughed off but continued to grow on the outer edge. At 1 1/2 inches we put on sliced garlic for 20 min. Which burned it. When the scab came off there was good skin unerneath. Still grew so we tried aloe and then slapped on and covered it with plastic. The next day all lumps were gone and there was a purplish flat 2" scar. Thought I had it licked. Then another circle started above the scar. (beloe knee). We went to a Derm. BIG MISTAKE!! She diagnosed impetigo over ringworm. Ignored all my symptoms and refused to do a scraping. Kept questioning her diagnosis. She said Bagbalm just sooths, doesn't cure anything. For 2 months we used the RXs mupirocin, (still refused scraping for fungus) Nystatin, Ciclopirox, and Lotramin Ultra. It got large red lumpy, oozy and crusty. Next DR insisted on biopsy. This showed no fungus or bacteria- suggested nummular (discoid) eczema. We put vaseline around the biopsy holes and all the crud sloughed off so we put it on the whole messed and the next day it was a flat purple scar like when we used Bagbalm 4 months ago. Drs were totally against home remedies and said info on the internet is dangerous. They never said to use emollients , just a steroid rx. So I treated it myself with vaseline. So if anti fungals do not work for you try an emollient because Ringworm looks like discoid eczema. Good luck. Hope I can save people from my 8 mo. Ordeal and $800 bills. Dr steered me in the opposite direction from what my gut felt. His last comment was Bagbalm is not a magic cure and walked out ( Dr have such an ego)

Posted by Misdiagnosed myself (Nashville, TN) on 02/23/2009

I diagnosed myself with ringworm after I showed my scaly patches to friends and family and two of them said definitely ringworm. So as with anything, I skipped the doctor and started looking at Earth Clinic! (how much money have I saved over the years by coming here first?) Unfortunately I wasted a few days on your readers' suggested ringworm treatments... My diagnosis was incorrect, I actually have Pityriasis rosea, which is a virus and just has to run its course, apparently. If you think you may have misdiagnosed your ringworm, put "Pityriasis rosea" into google images. As soon as I saw the pictures I knew it was me. This rash feasts on areas that have never had much sun: breasts and butt for women, butt for men.

EC: "Pityriasis rosea is a common skin condition in children and young adults. It usually begins as one large spot on your chest, abdomen or back and then spreads. The rash of pityriasis rosea often sweeps out from the middle of your body, and its shape resembles drooping pine-tree branches." Source: The Mayo Clinic

Pics of Pityriasis rosea:

MMS   1  0   

Posted by Kokila (Roslyn Heights, NY) on 07/25/2009

[YEA]  Hi, This is for all ringworm sufferers! Fungus help:

I had a very bad case of fungal skin infections (ringworm most likely) on my legs and hand. I had also a bad case of lymphedema, which I got rid of (see my other entry here), but then the stupid fungus attacked with a vengence! So I got rid of one enemy to only attract number 2! So no more swelling and pain, BUT now ITCH and sores! It was going on for a few months with almost no relief. I tried every cream/remedy known to man without success!

Despairing I told a friend, who told me: try "MMS" aka Magic Mineral Substance created by a man named Jim Humble...It cures all sorts of pathogen related viral infectious diseases. Serious ones like Malaria, Lyme diease, you name it! Skeptical I tried it! It WORKED! All the fungus is GONE! Took a few weeks...but eradicated it, even from my hand, where I had had a weird fungus for a year.

So here's my protocol:
MMS in the AM, along with topically some health food store natural fungal cream, just to protect the skin from lingering nasties.
That's it folks!
I tried: ACV, lavender/tea tree oil mix with sea salt first to dry the skin (paid $40 bucks for the download of that info...didn't work), oregano (wild) oil, garlic, multiple creams, etc. NOTHING really got rid of the torture of this fungus, except MMS. Not trying to advertise it, just spreading the word to help fellow fungus sufferers. Interestingly enough Jim Humble's simple remedy is cheap too.

Good luck...hope this helps others.

EC: More about MMS here:

Multiple Remedies   1  0   

Posted by Mel (Escondido, Ca, USA) on 08/12/2012

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  For ringworm I contracted at the gym or nail salon on my lower leg. Never having had it before, I had no idea what it was, at first I thought it was a spider or mosquito bite. But it didn't go away, then it became round and red, I saw pictures of ringworm online and it looked the same so I bought antifungal cream, used it for two weeks with no improvement, I went to the Dr and he gave me different antifungal cream, it also did no good after a week, and the circle got larger. I found this website by chance while I was researching the subject and I'm really glad I did. I've used several remedies suggested on this website and I want to add my experiences incase it could help someone else with this fungus. Absorbine jr. , apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil all worked by not letting it spread and for relief of itch.

Before I knew what it was, I was putting antibiotic ointment on it and covering it with a band aid and I think the moist environment strengthened the hold the fungus had on my skin. Anyway, I've been super diligent about disinfecting everything as well as loosely covering it at night with a 4''x4'' square of white cotton fabric and paper tape so it won't rub against the bed or sheets but is still able to breathe and stays dry. Plus I don't want to spread it to my husband or cat. I've been doing that for three weeks now, the first two with just the absorbine jr, then I started the tea tree oil, but it smells unpleasant so I went to apple cider vinegar, has been working great, I actually think it's almost cured. The vinegar made a layer of skin rub off after a couple days and it was pink and raw so I cut a piece of aloe vera off my plant, sliced it longwise and put it right on the raw part, then taped a piece of gauze dipped in vinegar over top the aloe and left it on all night, next morning it felt better and looked like the fungus is dying off and the healing is happening finally. I can't believe how difficult it's been to get rid of this, I hope any info I gave will help others. As others have suggested I'll keep treating the area for at least two weeks after it seems gone, I never want to deal with this horrible fungus again.

Posted by Kala (Springfield , Il United States) on 02/11/2012

[YEA]  There are tons of remedies I for one currently have it... I have been studying the body for 5 years. This is horrible. Most common places to get ringworm a NEW animal... Cats, Rabbits, Puppies, Horses. Other places such as a public restroom with still water, dirty swimming pool, let's not forget a locker room. Ringworm is a tenia most common tinea is tinea pedis (athletes feet) if you have a new animal take them to your trusted vet just because you don't see it does not mean they do not have it. I bleached the entire house, got the medicine Ketoconazole it is in a tablet and a cream in the anti-parasite family (ringworm is a skin parasite), Hydroxyz for itching! The Itch Stopped There!! Get if in your case it's from an animal a LiME dip treatment bottle! DO NOT WASTE MONEY ON PRESCRIPTION PET MEDS!!!! Dip the pet use the cream and pills in just 2 days the infection starts to disappear! The meds are good ESP. If you are one allergic to a lot of medication this only side effect is drowsiness. And the line dip wear gloves, don't wear rings!!! I know this may be long but trust me more details the better.. Ifffff you are using at home remedies do NOT USE THE SAME FINGER TWICE ON DIFFERENT RINGS THAT HELPS THE INFECTION TO SPREAD!!!! USE DIFFERENT FINGERS THEN WASH HANDS THOROUGHLY!!!! I hope this helps!!!! Oh and lastly WASH BED CLOTHES IN HOOOOOT WATER!!!!

Nail Polish   3  0   

Posted by Sid Davis (Springfield, Missouri, Usa) on 07/21/2010

[YEA]  My wife had ringworm under her chin for about two months. She tried Calamine lotion for about a month and 1/2 because she thought she had brushed against some poison ivy, not realizing it was ringworm. When she realized it was ringworm, she painted it twice daily for a week with lugol's solution (5% iodine) and it started to noticeably clear. Then I read about clear nail polish, and she quit the iodine and applied nail polish twice daily for two days, and now it is gone. Looks like the nail polish worked the best.

Posted by Travis (Tallahassee, Florida) on 04/09/2008

[YEA]  put 2-3 coats of nailpolish on the ringworm, it will suffocate it and it will dissapear in less than a week. Try It!

Posted by Sandra (Port Richey, FL) on 11/25/2006

[YEA]  My friend's son had ringworm for 6 months. No creams or meds worked. The nurse said to use clear fingernail poilish as her brothers got ringworm all the time from wrestling and it cleared up in 2 weeks.

Neem Oil, Calendula Cream   0  0   

Posted by A.barrett (Cambridge, Shelford, England) on 02/12/2012

Hi I'm Andrew from cambridge, England. Neem oil is good for ringworm, as is home made calendula cream made with beeswax.

Nizoral Dandruff Shampoo   1  0   

Posted by Saura (Mooresville, NC) on 02/03/2007

[YEA]  The first time I got ringworm, I went to my doctor, who also happens to be a tropical diseases specialist. She told me to use Nizoral dandruff shampoo several times daily on the rash and it will soon dry up and disappear. She was absolutely right. My rashes disappeared within days.

Nu Skin Liquid Bandage   2  0   

Posted by Larry (Cleveland , Ohio) on 02/20/2008

[YEA]  Nu skin bandage worked on severe ring worm in 2 days. Now, let me say that I am also drinking ACV and I tried applying ACV directly but it didn't seem to work. Tried borax and h2O2 and it dried skin but didn't seem to work. Nu skin stopped the itching right away and dried skin up. Ringworm had spread all the way around my neck and now all traces nearly gone! This is a recurring infection after Diflucan so I am really going to try and keep drinking the ACV.

Posted by Liz (NC) on 08/26/2006

[YEA]  My roomate and I both got ringworm from a stray cat. We tried all the creams (both prescription and drugstore brands), and hydrogen peroxide (which I assume, does the same as ACV = dries it out). Nothing was working. In fact, it was even spreading. I then was told to used the liquid bandaids. I chose the spray on one because you don't have to touch the infection. It does the same thing nailpolish is supposed to do (suffocates it), however it doesn't crack off. I just kept reapplying the bandaid, and tried not to rub it off after the shower. My ringworm dissapeared in no time at all. I must say that even though I was careful about not touching it, my roomate didn't use the bandaid and her's came back several times. Mine did not come back at all.

Only Prescription Ointment Worked   1  0   

Posted by Fred (Charlotte, NC) on 09/07/2007

[YEA]  We've taken in numerous feral kittens to be spayed and neutered and this was probably the source of my case of ringworm on both hands. I tried various over-the-counter ointments for several months to no avail. I then tried bleach, apple cider vinager, and tea tree & lavender oil. Nothing worked for me. Sometimes it seemed to almost disappear, only to return again with a vengence. Once, I received a chemical burn to my hands from using bleach that wasn't very diluted and/or by applying ACV immediately afterwards. I was very frustrated and it was starting to spread. A doctor gave me a tube of cream that appears to have cleared it all up in just a few days. It's called Clotrimazole and Betamethasone Dipropionate Cream USP 1%/0.05% (base) It states 'Rx only' on the box. I realized that I had already tried a Clotrimazole cream that I bought over-the-counter that didn't work, but perhaps it's the other ingredient that makes this ointment so effective. The bumps and rash have completely vanished. I'm going to continue to apply it for awhile just to make certain that there's no trace left of this plague. I would have loved it if an earlier remedy had worked, especially a natural cure like ACV, but perhaps it's related to individual body chemistry or immune systems. I'll report back if this product fails, but I must say that I'm amazed at the results so far.

Oregano Oil   1  0   

Posted by Azg (Toronto, On) on 01/10/2010

[YEA]  I had a tiny incidence of ringworm on the top of my foot last summer and applied Oil of Oregano to it 3 or 4 times a day. I also put about 10 drops in a shotglass with water and threw it back (and chased it with juice). It's so powerful I just wanted to get it over with! My foot cleared up within 2 or 3 days.

Replied by Paul
Laguna Beach
Your comment is amazing. I see no other recommendation that even comes close to this. You can drink the essential oil? I know this oil is powerful and you apply it directly to your skin undiluted?
Replied by Katy
New York
Re the question of applying oregano oil directly to skin. I've only used infused oregano oil topically and by mouth... Meaning I use a carrier oil like olive oil etc and dilute with that. Hope that helps! Katy

Over the Counter   2  0   

Posted by S (Nashville, TN) on 04/12/2009

[YEA]  Ringworm is like athlete's foot and can be treated with any kind of athlete's foot cream. I had ring worm and the cream worked.

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