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Last Modified on May 17, 2016

Apple Cider Vinegar  

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Posted by Aubrey (York, PA) on 08/13/2006
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My Husband had a ringworm infection for over 6 months (got it at the gym) and we received 2 different prescriptions from Doctors. None of which worked. So as a suggestion from our chiropractor (great man), he started drinking a teaspoon and a half of ACV in a cup of apple juice two times a day. Within 2 weeks it was completely cured. We both take One Tablespoon of ACV a day for general body cleanliness and filtering.

Posted by Jeff (Houston) on 03/14/2006
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Forget all the creams at Walgreens, CVS--or any other drug store. Put ACV on a cotton swab rub it around the effected area until is burns. Later place a soaked swab on it without rubbing it at night. Do this for a couple more days--you'll knock the ringworm out of the ring.

Replied by Teia
Detroit, Mi, Usa
thanks so much for posting- I put Apple Cider Vinegar on my 6yr old daughter tonight- the cream from the doctor's is useless- I will keep everyone updated.
Replied by Nicole
Atlanta, Ga
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After a haircut we noticed that our son had a bald spot in the top of his head. The barber misdiagnosed it as dry skin but he told us to use a dandruff shampoo with selsun in it. The spot began to enlarge so I began research and took him to the physician who confirmed it was ringworm.

For 1 month he took griseofulvin twice a day (i dont like giving my children medication) with no improvement. During this time he also developed molluscum contagiosum. So we went to a dermatologist (I thought they may know more) I was determined to find a cure and I found this site. I told him what I had read and they advised against it and added another month of the same treatment.

Well I went home and tried it anyway feeling it could not hurt. ACV worked I am now a believer also. I would wash his hair every two days with the selsun and pour the ACV all over his head (yes it smelled). After the first application I could see improvement in the surface skin it has been two months now and his scalp looks great. We are returning to the dermatologist I need to be sure it is gone. Thank you for this site it is now a part of my favorites.

Posted by Michelle (Mon Louis Island, AL) on 02/18/2006
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I had horrible allergies and I had noticed that I had a ringworm on my stomach. I had a friend that had a ringworm not to long ago and she went to the doctor. He gave her a Rx she had to take for two weeks. It made her feel sick. I had started reading Natural Cures and I refused to go and get an Rx so I started to research. Then I became my own guinea pig. I wake up and take a shot of AVC in a shot glass then I chop two cloves of garlic in the shot glass and wait ten min. Then I add water to the garlic and shot it. Then I brush my teeth with baking soda. I have not had to take allergy meds. and I noticed by the fourth day my ringworm was gone. I have been doing this going on four weeks. I now give my son 2tsp of AVC then a glass of water and his allergies have cleared. I have felt better for the past three weeks than I can remeber. You should try it.

Posted by Judy (Tallahassee, FL)
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I recently found a kitten with spots of ringworm on its body. It frantically chewed its paws so I poured a pint of natural ACV in a small dishpan and soaked the kitten twice a day for several days, sponging the liquid all over its body. Within 24 hours, the feet chewing stopped and in a week's time, new fur was beginning to grow on the bare areas. Sure beats typical 3-4 weeks treatment vets want to use.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Bleach, Iodine, Sea Salt, Paper Ashes  

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Posted by Tonya (Canton, Michigan) on 12/11/2007
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My son received a gift from his cousin that won't stop giving- the ringworm! I went on the net and found out that using bleach in bath water daily helps to dry up the fungus. I also dilute bleach with water and dap it on the ringworm on his scalp. I also bath him with Iodine and soap. I alternate treatment with Sea salt, Blue Star Ointment(Three Tea Oil), and believe it or not, ashes from paper. You take white paper with blue lines in it,and burn it. Put a little water in the ashes from the paper to make a paste of it, then apply it to the affected areas. It works! I have been using these items along with Apple Cider Vinegar for about two weeks. My son's Pediatrician prescribed a shampoo for his scalp and Griseofulvin by mouth. The natural remedies along side the prescribed medicine are all working nicely together. His scalp is healing and drying up. I am so happy! Ringworm is a gift that I would not even give to my worst enemy.

Replied by Soul Shadows
Brooklyn, NYC
with doing all of this ? did your sons '' HAIR '' grow back ? this is something NO ONE IS MENTIONING in all their remedies

Apple Cider Vinegar, Copper Penny  

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Posted by Gardengirl (Gallatin, Tn) on 03/17/2012
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I just wanted to share my cure for ringworms. Years back, I got a ringworm on the top of my hand and went to the doctor and got a lot of medicine. After about 2 more weeks, medicine wasn't helping, called my mother and she told me to take a penny and put it in Apple Cider Vinegar for about 1 day then put it on my hand about 2or3min. Put it back in Apple Cider Vinegar and repeat. I did that 4 times a day and the 3 day it was gone. I really think the vinegar releases the copper in the penny. Guess you need to use a old penny so you will get enough copper. Try it, it works!!!

Posted by Cheylynmob (Plano, TX) on 06/04/2009
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Apple Cider Vingar and a penny (copper).

I drenched a cotton swab in the apple cider vinegar and wet the penny with it also. I placed it on the ringworm located on my son's head and covered it with an extra large band-aid and additional medical tape because it has grown to be rather large. I let him go to bed with it on his head and the next morning, it had gone down tremendously! Today is day two and I'm anxious to see what it will look like later.

We had already tried bleach, Lamisil, prescribed Ketaconozole, and Griseofulvn. Nothing was working and it actually grew larger!

This is working. I'll use this method everytime.

Replied by Cheryl
Petaluma, California
I wanted to add to the post re: Ringworm Remedy with vinigar. My Mother treated my ringworm with apple cider vinigar and the penny has to be a brand new penny.

Another thing that works, you take unlined paper and it should be a very light weight paper, roll it very tight, put into a plate and burn it down so as to leave a oil in the plate. After this cools the oil is to be put onto the ringworm. Of course this was done to me in the early 1950's and I am sure the paper is not as good quality now as then.
Replied by Becky
Orange Park, Fl
5 out of 5 stars

I tried this and it totally worked! I would soak a penny in ACV and then bandaid over it to keep it in place for about 30 min. Then I would rinse with hydrogen peroxide, pat dry, and paint clear nail polish over it. After a week or so, I started applying aloe or coconut oil at night in addition to the aforementioned regimen. It did take a good 2 weeks or so but it's gone without having to spend a dime or use some toxic over the counter stuff. Earthclinic did it again!!! :D

Apple Cider Vinegar, L-Lysine  

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Posted by pamela (cedar park, texas) on 01/20/2007
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this is what i had happen with ringworm problems, i got it after i moved to texas from california, there were tons of new things here that was not where i use to live, humidity,' and probably other things i did not see write from the start, i had a big flea problem after the first month, got rid of them, on the pets, then i had tons of strange marks on my arms they finely left, because we have no health insurance, and i believe in all natural cures, i came to your site and a few other to see what would work and cheep , so i tried apple cider vingar, fungi med capsules, and fungrx they all fail, then i decide to try ted's fish store cure of copper sulfate , i thought surely this would work, well it did not work, at all it cause them to spreed all over the place and burn, itch and hurt allot, i could not sleep, or go anywhere for weeks, because of the pain, so i decided this was not going not work, at all, so i started over again, i purchased some apple cider vinegar extract capsules, they were 200 mg each, i took 6 a day, four times a day, them started using along with this L-Lysine tablets, i took 1000 mg, of this, three times a day, along with the vinagar tablets, and i am finely on the way of getting rid of this, its been close to 4 months now, and i am so pleased i figure out on my own how to finely get rid of this hard to cure problem, how they work is this way, vingar and L-Lysine are both acid, its goes into your blood stream ,and will make anything die that is a virus, i take the L-Lysine when ever i feel a cold sore, coming on a friend of mine told me this would work, and for the past 20 years i have used it, and in two days its gone, but you need to take it right away, to get it gone, asap, it did not dawn on me that this would work, until i saw it look like i was now getting shingles, on top of this rinworm, this climate is hard to adjust to, at a older age, thats why i am having so many problems with these things here. hope this helps these products are very cheap, the apple cider vinagar tablets are only around 4.99 for a bottle of 240 capsules the L-Lysine at 500 to 1000 mg are around between 5 to 10 dollars for 100 tablets.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Tea Tree Oil  

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Posted by Natasha (Chicago, Il) on 03/20/2012
5 out of 5 stars

First I want to start off by saying this is the first site I came too for a cure for my ringworm almost a year ago and I am now ringworm free thank god and AVC!! I had my ringworm since june 2011 and I went to see my doc two days ago and my ringworm is finally gone!!! Yaaaay anywho if anyone is going through the same this is what I did, (1) wash ringworm (2) put tea tree oil for at least two hours (3) wash again then put rubbing alcohol on wait until it dries then put AVC ON A PAPER TOWEL MAKE SURE ITS SOAKED!! Put a sock over it, it might burn a little and let sit for a hour or two and if it dries put more AVC, It took a while for it to go away but it worked and make sure to use it 2wks after its gone! I don't know how long it's been gone because I thought I still had it because I now have eczema where my ringworm was But I can deal with that instead of a nasty ringworm;-) GOOD LUCK I HOPE THIS HELPS.

Posted by Matthew (Berkeley, Ca) on 03/02/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I feel so lucky to have found this website! I had a nasty patch of ringworm that was getting out of control since I thought it was some sort of weird bug bite and was doing nothing for it except worrying. After a month of it getting larger and itchier, my friend finally diagnosed it as ringworm and found this website for me. What a Godsend! I immediately soaked a folded paper towel with Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)and layed it on the area. There was an immediate reaction and I could tell it was killing the ringworm fungus. The itching was gone almost instantaneously. I repeatedly kept the paper towel wet with ACV for a couple hours, then I lightly wet a large bandage with Tea Tree Oil, placed it on the sore and went to bed. I did the same thing the next night, only that time it really stung because the patch was all opened up and blister-y. Tea Tree bandage again, which also hurts. But those two treatments completely turned it around and its almost all healed less than a week later!! I've also been dabbing tea tree on it as it's healing, and I've been drinking little shots (1/2 oz.)of the ACV twice a day as well. All in all, this was an amazingly effective treatment and a real no-brainer (also completely natural and non-toxic!). I hope this info may help someone else. ACV goes to work immedietly and seems to kill ringworm on contact!!!

Replied by Gina
Dover, De
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you so much for sharing! I too had a nasty patch as I didn't know what it was for about a week. I first tried OTC but they weren't controlling itch, nor did they seem to help with spreading. So I found this and I'm so glad I did. The tea tree helped with the itch right away. When I was able to do the ACV application, I cleaned the area (my neck! ) thoroughly. Because it was on an add location, I couldn't let the ACV sit, so I applied it with a cotton round every 10 mins or so for an hour. Then washed again and did tea tree immediately and as necessary. Did the ACV 2x/day. In one day, the difference was dramatic and I can tell its not spreading. Thank you again!!!

Posted by Ronda (Platte Center, United States) on 12/20/2007
5 out of 5 stars

my grand daughter picked up ringworm from her cat about a month ago we dabbed on her ringworm with a cotton ball straight apple cider vinegar then a drop of tea tree oil did this for 3 days and it was gone-I swear to God and hers outbreak was pretty bad a lg blotch on her chin and upper leg all ring worm is gone and the total cost was under $5.00

on 09/23/2007
5 out of 5 stars

i hate ringworm from fort lauderdale, usa writes: "Try this if u want to save a couple hundreds of dollars. Apple Cider Vinager and Tea tree oil. Use a cotton ball,pour ACV on the cotton ball press and hold to that area for a couple of mins. Then, use a brand new cotton ball , pour about 15 drops of Tea Tree oil on the cotton ball, press and hold to the area for five mins. Continue to do this for two weeks. These two household items are magic stuff. Good luck folks.....

Ayurvedic Remedies  

Posted by Linette Sue (Flower Mound, Texas, Usa) on 10/30/2014

Hallo my son has been nattling this for 2 months, not knowing what his Rash was. Im grateful to find your website. He had in 1998 also when he was 5 yrd old. I was uneducated then & he had on his lower back. We had multiple cats since he was 1 yrs old. Niw, I am current a student at the school of Vedic Astrology/Sanskrit. @ the American Academy of Vedic Art and Science. I also study Ayurveda & illness including Rashes of the body. I know cayenne pepper purifies the body and will help with rashes by making a paste and orally drinking with detoxify the lymph nodes and our blood system, also including a paste homemade of mustard seeds. Ayurveda has ringworm remedies as well. Also I am giving him herb pills - Wormwood Combination> with clove, wormwood, black walnut, Quassia, and Male Fern Root. All Vegetarian source capsules. I hope this helps others as well. I appreciate your website very much. I wish all peace :) Linette

Replied by Sandhya
Maui, Hi.
Good luck with the ringworm. It can be tough. One thing to try is to rub an herb on the skin that seems to be working and then go buy waterproof bandages to put on top of that. Keep the bandage on as long as possible. Then replace the herb and bandage again until the ringworm is gone. You are trying to suffocate the ringworm and keep from infecting him again. I heard clear nail polish does this as well. Perhaps use both at the same time. Wash the all towels, sheets and clothes in vinegar so he is not reinfected...... Even when it goes away keep doing this for a month to make sure it doesn't come back if possible.

I am curious ... where on the Vedic birthchart would it say if someone would get ringworm?

Let us know how your son does....

Bar Soap  

Posted by Laurie (Daejeon, South Korea) on 01/24/2012

I got ringworm from my cat, and I've gone through at least 2-3 cycles of infection now over a period of 2 months. I tried anti-fungal creams. Since it's in Korean and my doctor has limited English, I wasn't sure what the active ingredients were. But I tried 2-3 different types of creams and none helped, one even made it much worse. I even desperately tried bleach... Very bad idea. Wounds festered. I tried apple cider vinegar-much the same as the bleach.

What works: Use bar soap, lather well so that a thick white foam appears over all ringworm spots, let air dry for about 10-20 minutes, gently rinse. Repeat at least 2x/day. I'm doing this plus taking anti-fungal pills once a week. I've ordered Absorbine Jr. at the recommendation of this site. I intend to apply that as well, but it is not available in Korea and I've had to order it online.

Replied by Ruth
Glendora, Ca
Try patting milk of magnesia on the ringworm and letting it dry for 20 minutes then washing it off. This remedy worked for me when I had Cheilitis on my lips when steroids and anti fungal cream did not! Thanks to Ted and this site for this wonderful natural remedy!

Black Tar Shampoo, Tea Tree Oil, Sulfur  

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Posted by Jessica Rabbit (Miami, Florida) on 09/16/2010
5 out of 5 stars

My nine year old daughter got ringworm in her scalp from summer camp. I tried everything acv, the prescript meds, polish, creams, bleach you name it. I got a natural cures book from a whole foods store and voila she is cured after two years of this nightmare! First you need black tar shampoo wash every night. Then 100% pure tea tree oil after you wash the hair use a q-tip with a little water on it rub into scalp gently. Last but not least organic sulfur sold in pellet form in blue tube about five tiny pellets per dose and it does'nt taste bad. Kind of like sugar water so my daughter actually did not mind it, gris-peg and others are gross tasting. I did this every day till the pellets ran out and amen she no longer has bald spots her hair is growing back! She can go to the hairdressers!!! No more itching!!!! She has been ring worm free for a year now...

PS change pillow case every night. Do not share combs or shampoo, brush during the process. Do not want to contaminate others. It's a lot to do but it is so worth it cuz ringworm in the scalp is hard to get rid of... Good luck!