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Cure Ringworm

Last Modified on Oct 15, 2014

Ginger   2  0   

Posted by Karen (Osage City, Kansas) on 01/10/2009

[YEA]  I got ringworm in the corner of my mouth. A bad place to get it. I have been using ginger on it. The ground ginger and the ginger root bought at Wal-Mart. Scrape the root with a knife apply to the ringworm. Then put on the powder. They say ginger has 23 anti fungus fighters.

Goldenseal Extract   1  0   

Posted by Michael (Sodus, MI) on 03/05/2009

[YEA]  I successfully treated my seven year olds case of ringworm on her face with Golden seal extract.

EC: Thanks for your feedback. Was this an external application or did she drink the drops in water?

Grapefruit Seed Extract   1  0   

Posted by Miller (Austin, Tx) on 03/27/2008

[YEA]  I, too, have recently used Grapefruit Seed Extract (one drop per ounce of water), applying it several times a day for a couple of days, and it immediately dried up and mostly disappeared. I'm in the process now of applying once a day for a more extended period of time.

Green Walnut Hull   1  0   

Posted by Joyce (Joelton, Tn.) on 11/10/2007

[YEA]  ..I learned to skirt around a lot of guff from surrounding co-workers by telling patients things like, "hey that looks like a ringworm to me. The old folks used to slice a piece off a green walnut hull and rub it on it 3 or 4 times a day", after they exposed a lesion on their leg and told me it had been there a year or two and nothing the dermatologists had prescribed had helped at all.

Green Walnuts   2  0   

Posted by Chase (Indiana, US) on 06/11/2014

[YEA]  This is a seasonal cure for ringworm, but it has worked every time I have seen it tried!!! You take a walnut with the green shell still on it and peal off a thin layer to expose the " what I call husk meat" and rub the juice oozing from it on the affected area.? It will burn a bit and stain the skin, but IT WORKS!!!!!!!!

Posted by Darly (Jacksonville, NC) on 01/29/2007

[YEA]  I remember as a child that my mother cured ringworm with a green walnut. Cut or scrape the outer shell away and rub the walnut over the area. It does turn brown, but it works every time. (now, where to get the green walnut? might be the only problem)

Hand Sanitizer or Garlic With Tea Tree Oil   1  0   

Posted by Annie (Waikoloa, Hawaii) on 05/01/2007

[YEA]  I have a persian cat that gave us all ringworm and I used this hand sanitizer melaluca made, It zapped ringworm in a few days. It had green or black walnut in it, I can't remember. But if you can't find that, I mash up some garlic and mix it with tea tree oil and apply it like a paste and put a large bandaid over it. Burns like the dickens but works well.

Posted by Philswain
London Ontario
Tea Tea Oil is extremely poisonous to dogs and cat. PLEASE DON'T TRY THIS IS UNTIL YOU SEE THIS!

Homeopathic Remedies   0  0   

Posted by Joy (Chicago, Il) on 10/21/2009

If the ACV and walnut is not working you could try homeopathy. It would be too complex to suggest different remedies but if you went into a homeopathic pharmacy, they could help. There is a remedy made from ringworm (diluted) and it may go under the latin name Tinea.

Posted by Tee
Chicago, Il
5 Posts
Hi Joy I wanted to know where are a few homeopathic pharmacies? I noticed you were from Chicago I also live in Chicago. You can email me or post on the site if possible. I am a real person Thanks in advance

Hydrogen Peroxide   2  2   

Posted by Anonymous (Mississauga, On) on 06/17/2013

[YEA]  I got a ringworm spot, I believe from a used clothing store. Initially I thought it's psoriasis I suffer from, but it was developing tiny liquid pustules and a dark pink redish ring, well defined round shape and was increasing in size daily.

What I used to treat it was a combination of natural remedies iodine 5%, some VCO, 3 garlic heads taken internally for 3 days, but what I think worked the best was hydrogen peroxide 3%; I freak out a bit after couple of days, painted Iodine and Virgin Coconut Oil was not helping much so I taped over it a face cotton pad with H2o2 overnight which was incredible itchy and painful at the same time but you could see the spot was drying completely.

Posted by April (Turlock, California) on 05/10/2007

[NAY]  hydrogen peroxide on ringworm: this does not work. it just made my ringworms red and created little scabs.

Posted by Lersey Guy
New Jersey, Nj
Use this cream for ring worm works fpr me by glenmark called Ciclopirox Olamine Cream USP, 0.77%

Fews weeks it was gone continued to use till finished cream..... Hot or warm weather may bring it back, jeans that are tight is not good because you sweat more. cotton clothing is best and keep dry down there.

Jersey Guy.

Posted by Sarah (Vanceburg, KY) on 09/15/2006

[NAY]  I tried the remedy with putting the peroxide on my son's face overnight. It left a red place on his face where it had sat all night and didn't do anything to the ringworm but make it redder. This did not work. At least not on my child.

Posted by Yolanda (Tampa, FL) on 09/12/2006

[YEA]  At first sight of ringworm, I used store bought hydrogen peroxide on a cotton ball, placed it on the ringworm, taped down with a band aid. By morning it was completely gone.

Ice   1  0   

Posted by Danny (Okeechobee, Florida) on 03/16/2010

[YEA]  I use a piece of ice to kill ring worms. I know this works if you catch it early and its a small area. It just amounts to freezing it like the doctor did when i was a kid.You gotta be able to stand the pain but after a while it will be numb so bear with it till numb and then some. This is a one shot treatment that works for me.

EC: Warning! You can damage tissue or cause frostbite by icing too long.

Read tips about icing here:

Iodine   5  0   

Posted by Toourlady89 (Hayward, Ca) on 09/29/2013

[YEA]  I have used Lugol's Iodine for ringworm. My nephew had it in his thigh. I had him apply Iodine to the area twice a day and it cleared in about a week. I googled how to use it, I used 4% Iodine.

Posted by Andrea C
Gentian Violet kills Ringworm, it's actually a fungal growth, not a worm although it looks worm like in appearance. Dab it on affected areas with cotton wool, and do it 3 times a day until it clears. If its on the scalp, shave the hair from affected area then dab it on, be careful as it stains as well. This was used for Ringworm for many years with great success. Love Andrea C xxxxxxx

Posted by Lindsey (Montoursville, Pa) on 02/12/2013

[YEA]  I had a spreading ringworm rash that lasted for 6 months--between Oct. 2011 and April 2012. During that time, I tried lotions from the doctor, Diflucan, Absorbine Jr., garlic, apple cider vinegar, and a very low-sugar diet. Nothing worked!

I was really frustrated, but then I found this website and decided to try iodine. I started applying iodine once a day to the ringworm patches, and within 2 weeks, all of my spots were gone. A few came back, but the iodine quickly knocked them out again. I haven't had any troubles with ringworm for the past 8+ months!

Thanks everyone for suggesting cures for ringworm. I knew I needed to come back and add my story once I was sure the ringworm was gone for good!

Posted by Davidcoolbreeze
Nashville, Tennessee, U.s.a.
[YEA]   I had a fungus on my face in two places for years. The fungus appeared to be ringworm. Had a doctor look at it but wasn't a dermatitis doc. I found a prescription creme that made it go away but never killed it. It makes it go away for weeks then comes back "Clotrimazole and Betamethasone Dipropionate Creme USP", which has steroids in it, so I didn't want to take it if I didn't have to. Around May 2013 I was in Natural Grocery Store and bought a product that since I started applying it, has made my fungus completely go away for months now. It is a product made by NoMiss LTD, which the main ingredient is "IODINE". It is a miracle cure! I want to thank EarthClinic for all of the info I have used for years with natural cures!

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