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Lichen Sclerosus Remedies

Last Modified on Nov 23, 2015

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Posted by Ellie (Kansas City, Mo) on 08/17/2015

[YEA]  Recently diagnosed. Location in anal area, on chest, stomach, and legs. Oh holy night the Chronic anal itching during day is terrible!!! The SEVERE, wake me up, loss of sleep, night itch... makes me want to scream into my pillow and cry. Wait I have done that!!!! Punctured a COQ10 softgel and placed directly on anal affected area at 7:00 a.m. (Warning!!!! ' it Burned like hell but I felt instant itch relief. Burning sensation lasted 10 minutes) Just for testing purposes, I placed it again at 5:00 (still burned but way less this time) It is now 9:19, not one time did I have to sneak off into the bathroom at work to scratch and I have been laying in bed for over an hour without a hint of an itch. Crossing fingers (haven't had a solid night's sleep in 14 months & I hope this allows me to sleep through the night)!

Dietary Changes
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Posted by Emily (Los Angeles, Ca) on 10/08/2014

[YEA]  All of my Lichen Sclerosus symptoms disappeared within about a week of starting the raw food diet + supplement. I had horrible LS symptoms for 2.5 years and was 12 doctors before being diagnosed. I also have contact dermatitis (skin allergies) and was prone to yeast infections, both of which made it even more inflamed. Anyway, after trying tons of home remedies and not wanting to be on steroids long term I decided to focus on my immune system.

So, I started taking Culturelle and eating a 90% raw food diet (MOSTLY vegetables and SOME fruits). I like to blend them up so the sweetness of the fruit makes it more enjoyable to eat a lot of greens. I recommend watching documentaries like "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead" and "Food Matters" to kick start your new diet. Supplements I take are liquid B Complex, Zinc, Fish Oil, and a did a 2 week Essiac tonic detox which is easy and inexpensive. YOUR BODY IS ABLE TO CURE ANY DISEASE OR ILLNESS IF YOU PROVIDE IT WITH THE RIGHT FOODS. You should avoid sugar and minimize animal products (milk, eggs, meat). Less than 6% of Doctors get any nutritional education in school so don't listen to them if they tell you you don't need to make dietary changes like they told me.

Replied by Pan
Hi Emily, Do you mean you are cured? Is it really gone, or 'just' the symptoms? I can prevend the itching by using oil on the white area, but the pain stays. I do not eat/drink: gluten, sugar, dairy, alcohol, black coffee, black tea. I meditate and sport a lot. My main whish is to get back the soft skin around my clitoris. It is hidden now...and I would love to dare being intimate again, without pain and with more joy!

Eliminating Artificial Sweeteners
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Posted by Lori7nty7 (Nashville, Tn/usa) on 01/21/2011

[YEA]  For Lichen Sclerosus, eliminate diet drinks, Soda and Crystal Light sweetened with aspartame from your diet. Aspartame is made out of wood alcohol, a toxin. When Aspartame 1st came out many years ago, I had the same symptoms, they now call Lichen Sclerosis. My doctor worked with me eliminating foods and drinks I was ingesting. We found my symptoms would elevate after aspartame drinks. After eliminating aspartame from my diet, I felt relief within a few weeks. Although it took a year to clear up all symptoms. I have been free of all symptoms for many years now. I read all labels, I do not eat or drink anything with aspartame.

Replied by Rita
United States
I have noticed a lot of comments about artificial sweeteners being suspect. Not true in my case. I am 45 years old and have always avoided artificial sweeteners due to the controversies. I have found that less sugar, in general, has helped with mine. When I was first diagnosed, I was given Clobetasol. At the time, my vulva had scarring but nothing like it does now. I won't be graphic but I do believe the steroid cream/ointment is what has caused even more narrowing/scarring at my vaginal opening and various other important areas. I also, strongly believe, I have an undiagnosed thyroid issue.
Replied by Lynn
Rita...for scarring: have you ever been offered estrogen cream (estradiol--prescription only in the U.S.) to apply to the scars? I have been reading that many people have seen their scars "break up" with the use of the cream. It doesn't matter what your age..even young children have shown improvement with it's use. It's not enough hormone to be absorbed by the body or change your own hormones. It's just a small amount rubbed into the scarred area. Do a search for Lichen Schlerosus and Estrogen Cream.
Replied by Elizabeth
New Zealand
[YEA]   I don't know what the relationship is but I have flare ups if I drink sweet soda whether artificially sweetened or not, organic or the usual. I haven't noticed any other strong correlations.

Eliminating Dairy
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Posted by Kerry (Wenatchee, WA) on 07/23/2009

[YEA]  I was diagnosed with Lichen Sclerosis 4 years ago in genital area and my eye lids. What I found that helps the most is to eliminate dairy from my diet. For a year or more, I had to eliminate all mammal products too. So no dairy, pig, cow, lamb, etc. So first, figure out if you have a food sensitivity. Second, DON'T eat foods that bother you. Gas, diarrhea, bloating, constipation. These are all signs that your body can't tolerate what ever you ate. Symptoms can be fairly immediate to 24 hours later.

Third, take a high quality fish oil. For me, 4,ooo mg seem to do the trick. I don't have any vaginal itching and my eyelids don't stick to my eyeballs at night as long as I unless I indulge in cheesecake on my birthday or forget to take the fish oil.

As a side note, as of two years ago, I have adrenal fatigue too. These measures help with that too.

Replied by Jackie
Houston, Tx
Hi Kerry,

I noticed that you mentioned you had this Lichen Sclerosis on your eyelids. Can you describe what the symptoms are on the eye? I believe I have LS in the nether regions but noticed that my eyes have been very dry and itchy. I thought that maybe there is a connection.

Thank you,
Jackie : )

Replied by Paula
Garrison, Ky
I have noticed the same thing, all meat, dairy and even sugar acts up my LS horribly. Ive basically went Vegan since the perscribed cream did nothing for me and my dr ran out of options and I was told to "learn to deal with it". I went on an all juice diet thinking it might be linked to my thyroid or something else so I juiced daily, then I noticed I felt great during the 7 days of all juice, when I added in food back in its when I noticed the symptoms back with in minutes of eating certain food. The only time my LS goes away is when Im sick then I have No LS at all until my cold/flu goes away then it comes back with a vengance!!!
Replied by Frannie
Wilsonville, Or
Kerry from Winatchee....... I also suffer from both ailments - adrenal fatigue and lichen schlerosis. I had the lichen schlerosis under control with steroids, but now it's back worse than ever a few years later. I'm looking for a better solution. Natural if possible.
Replied by Rob
Manhattan, New York
Some herbs to address adrenal fatigue are, Ashwaganda, and Rhodiola.... I would add to that a good mushroom formula with Reishi... Or AHCC if you can afford it. Also the B12, B6 and Folic acid to low homocysteine.. You will notice a difference with the above... But most importantly, exercise, (yoga) and meditation (walking, breathing)
Replied by Elizabeth
New Zealand
[YEA]   Wow, I hadn't put the two together. My eyes are dry and red when I have the flare ups. Never realized that before this post. Thank you.

Eliminating Wheat
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Posted by Suzzie (Portland, Oregon) on 03/21/2013

[YEA]  Eating Wheat was what was causing my Lichen Sclerosus symptoms. The symptoms I had was shrinking labia minor, horrible drive me crazy itching of my clitoris and the area to the entrance to my vagina was not supple at all and was painfully tight. When I quit eating wheat, the itching completely stopped after about a week. (It may take longer for someone else to experience total relief, as the effects of wheat can stay in the body for 6 months) After a month off Wheat, the tissue in my labia minor has started to plump up again and the entrance to my vagina is now supple and stretches like it should. No more pain!!! Halleluiah!

I encourage everyone to read the book "Wheat Belly" by William Davis MD. Modern Wheat has an inflammatory effect on the body, whether you feel the symptoms or not. There is a myriad of diseases that disappear when wheat is eliminated from the diet. Modern Wheat has more in it than just the gluten that causes allergies and doctors do not test for these. Even whole wheat bread (thought to be healthier than white bread) will raise your blood sugar higher than eating a candy bar! There is an episode of Dr. Oz where they showed this is true. This is true even if the bread is made from organic wheat.

To add to the inflammatory effect on the body of Wheat, here in the United States, 90% of the wheat (including corn, soy and canola) produced is "RoundUp Ready". (Only a few years ago that number was 60%) It has roundup poison molecule inserted into the grain so the fields can be sprayed to kill only the weeds. Then the whole field is sprayed with RoundUp, which is absorbed into the crop adding more poison which is later ingested by animals and people. In the US they do not have to label any food that is GM. Every time it goes to vote the industry uses scare tactics about the cost of food going up as a result of new labeling laws. This is simply not true. Many grocery prices have doubled in the past 5 years regardless. You can't put a price on our health, because the alternative is costly for sure! * * * I believe we are already seeing the health consequences from these genetically modified foods, but we can't yet prove it is due to them. I think we are going to see more illnesses that used to be rare, and see new unexplained illnesses due to GM RoundUp ready foods.

Replied by Effingham
Well, it is 2013... Just wanted to let everyone know, I have managed this disease very well with the "Curezone". After careful research and self experiments... I must agree with Suzzie from Oregon. I have read Wheat Belly, but realized this before the release of the book. Found out that eating GMO chips (corn) would send my LS through the roof. I also noticed other products - milk, breads.. They all have in common the GMO.. Round up toxified stuff. I made an honest effort to stop all these and my symptoms clear up. I rarely use the curezone, unless I eat these poisonous foods. Check out all the research on "hyperimmune" and "autoimmune" also "genetic transfer" of the altered DNA in GMO's.. Which could cause permanent changes in our DNA in turn which constantly triggers above responses. Stop the insanity of this food. Why is it that other countries outlaw it but not the USA. This has to be the culprit like the "immune" issues the Bee's are presenting with... Food for thought. Peace.
Replied by Cindy
Did you just go wheat free and sugar free, or grain free? Due to my jst flashes, insomnia, my nutrtionist said I should give up all grains which I did for almost two months and things were getting better but not quite perfect, I think nightshades and dairy are culprits... It was just so expensive eating organic, buying all my vitamins, etc that I. Ould to keep it up. I ended up going on bioidentical hormones which mostly work. I believe I have had LS for over ten years and just now my Dr did a biopsy for it. I'm using cortisone but it's only been two weeks and things are a bit better but far from perfect. I have raw areas around my opening that aren't healing much, I have not been able to have intercourse for six months. Wondering what to do. I will try wheat free and sugar free and go from there I guess.
Replied by Elizabeth
New Zealand
[NAY]   Fairly irrelevant but no, 90% of the wheat is not roundup ready. It is desiccated before harvest with round up but GMO wheat, though it exists is not approved for planting. What is out there is an accidental escape from test plots. I highly recommend avoiding any contact with RoundUp if you have any autoimmune issues at all, ever, under any circumstances. But, if Monsanto asks, I didn't say that.

Emu Oil
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Posted by Relief At Last (Toronto, On) on 02/11/2012

[YEA]  Hello, I have had LS for about 5 months now. It went from a patch of white skin to scaling skin in very quick order. As I did not want to use steroid creams I researched the internet for alternate solutions. I have added a probiotic to my diet, drink more water, and generally try to keep all sugars and processed foods out of my diet. After trying a few alternate solutions that only temporarily stopped itching, I ordered some Pure Emu oil and although I have only been using for a week I am pleasantly surprised. No itching, the skin seems to be returning right back to normal-texturewise. I will have to wait to see if the white patch returns to its natural colour.

I plan to check in here in a few weeks to update on my condition.

Good Luck to all. This is a horrid thing to live with.

Replied by Peter
Auckland, Newzealand
Ostrich oil seems to work as well, it could be that the oil from other birds may work as well.

Posted by Carolyn (Pittsburgh, Pa) on 11/26/2011

[YEA]  When diagnosed with LS I was prescribed a steroid cream. The cream instructed to discontinue use after 2 weeks which concerned me so I went looking for another solution. The Doctor said it is one of those conditions that the medical field simply doesn't have an answer for... No one knows how you get it or how to cure it and I have found the same on the internet. The Purple emu oil is great. It is an anti-inflamatory and highly moisturizing which deals with 2 of the symptoms. It really keeps the LS symptoms to a minimum. I will also use it on blemishes, dry skin, and I rub some on my nails before bed time which keeps moisturized and nice.

Posted by Misha (Binghamton, New York, USA) on 01/26/2009

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  For LS, I have been trying purple emu oil with good results. As they say this condition is related to autoimmunity problems, I have also been taken probiotics, which they say are good for calming an overactive immune system. I will keep the earth clinic community posted on my progress.

Essential Oils
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Posted by Melody (Beebe, Ar, Usa) on 07/27/2012

[YEA]  I believe the Lichen Sclerosus is a yeast/fungal infection and can also be a Thyroid problem. My family uses Essential Oil of Thieves, Ocotea, Oregano... To name a few that are antifungal oils and do no harm to the body. Myrrh oil is also GREAT for the Thyroid. Please do not try using oils that are not pure... Know the company you purchase from and make sure they are pure. Fungus disappears when the oils are used.

Replied by Ab
New York
Hello, I am thinking I may have LS just because of the symptoms I am experiencing. Can all of the essential oils be used in conjunction with one another? Also would Vitamin E oil work as well?
Replied by Sylvia
Birkdale Australia
Be very carefull of using treatments for thrush when you have Lichen Sclerosus. Several Drs just gave it to me and then the specialist said that the antifungal treatments I was given were actualy feeding the LS and making it worse. I believed this because when I used these treatments it felt worse. It took me 2 years of going from dr to dr to be diagnosed properly.
Replied by Rebecca
New Braunfels, Tx
How are you using the essential oils (Thieves)? Taking orally or applying to the site?

Essiac Tea
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Posted by Mk (Usa) on 11/26/2013

[YEA]  I started using Essiac Tonic a few days ago. My symptoms have gotten so much better already. I'm also taking/eating probiotics and taking slippery elm & marshmallow root to heal my gut (I think I have a leaky gut and it causes my LS). I'm also on low-oxalate gluten-free diet. I really do think that Essiac Tonic will cure my LS, combined with proper diet.

Posted by Daisy (Ewa Beach, Hi) on 11/10/2012

[YEA]  I had Lichen Sclerosus and was misdiagnosed for a year. I got it under control by steroid creams but it was not gone. For a reason I don't need to go into, I bought someone a detox liquid called Essaic Tonic Tea (nonalcohol) and they didn't want it. So not to waste my money, I used the whole bottle and was cured! I told my friend with Lupus and she takes it and it is making her feel better. It is a miracle the way this stuff works. Its all natural and won't hurt you. I don't sell it, you have to go to a natual health food store and buy the nonalcohol formula.

Replied by Rsw
Uniontown, Oh
Hi Daisy, Can you tel us how long you took the essiac tea tonic and how many times a day did you take it? How many drops? You are the first person who has ever been cured of LS that I have seen. I have Lichen Planus and have been trying to cure it for almost ten years. My doctor and dentist admit they don't understand the disease. Mine is all internal and systemic, no skin outbreaks.

I have been trying Lisa's suggestion for water kefir for about a month and I think it is good for the whole body. I have ordered some essiac tea with high hopes, and passed your tip along to others with LP. I am praying this works for me and others. Thank you so much for posting!

Replied by Daisy
Ewa Beach, Hi
I took the whole bottle, I was cured within a few days of taking it but took the whole bottle of non alcohol formula. I really stress this because the alcohol one tastes God awful. Anyway, read about the benefits on the internet. I bought the liquid kind. 40 drops on an empty stomach in the a. M. And 40 drops on an empty stomach in the pm. I really want someone esle to try to see if it cures them too! I was diagnosised through a doctor and told and prescribed all the same stuff as anyone else. Essaic Tonic Tea purfies the blood, cleans the organs even the lungs and is a parasite killer too! Again, I took this not intentionally trying to cure my LS but I am cured. I haven't had a break out since this year June and no longer use any creams.
Replied by Joni
Selma, Oregon
Hi Daisy, The only type of Essiac I've seen is in a powder form for making a tea. You said your product is in liquid form. Is this a tincture? How wonderful this has cured you!
Replied by Daisy
Ewa Beach, Hawaii
Joni, it is made from different plants. It is an old native american cure and people are claiming it shrinks tumors. Its so gently you can use it on your animals. Chemotheraphy patients are using it along with thier Chemo. It comes in all forms... Powder... Pills... Liquid... I prefer liquid... I have a hard time swallowing pills. I hope it works for others. It is wonderful not being itchy especially at night. I have some scaring on my wrists but all other scars have healed. If this doesn't cure others... than I have received a miracle from God.
Replied by Linda
Reno, Nv
Daisy, where do you buy your essiac toner with no alcohol? Looking on the internet and seeing only ones with alcohol in them.
Replied by Daisy
Ewa Beach, Hawaii
I buy mine from a [local] health food store. It is also sold online by different people who sell it. Usually health food stores have it and it is in the detox section of the store. I live Hawaii where everything is shipped in so, I purchase it for about $25 a bottle. I plan on taking this 3 times a year. Next year, I will buy a bottle in March, July and then in November.
Replied by Linda
Reno, Nv
Daisy, thanks for your reply. Is this tonic something you need to take everyday? You mentioned using 3 bottles for a whole year.
Replied by Daisy
Ewa Beach, Hawaii
I would treat it like a detox and only take it a few times a year. A bottle of drops lasts me about 2 weeks. When taking it I feel great... I even get a zing in my step. But I wouldn't take it every day all year long. Just a few times a year to reclean and purify your body and blood. Again, if you do take it and it works or doesn't work let me know. If it doesn't work, than I know it was a miracle I was healed and I will quit telling people about Essaic. If it does work than we can let everyone know it really works. I have yearly appts. Now with my doctor and she doesn't know I am cured. I can't wait for my appt and bring the bottle of Essaic Tonic Tea with me.
Replied by Rsw
Uniontown, Oh
Hi Daisy, I ordered essiac tea, which I will brew at home, and it should be here this coming week. I hope it will work as well as the tea tonic, which I didn't see on the Internet. If this works, you will have found a very elusive cure and many people will finally find some relief from these miserable autoimmunes. I have tried every lead that seems plausible for ten years and I'm so excited to try this! Thank you, Daisy, for posting your experience on EC. I hope we get a bunch of success stories!
Replied by Joni
Selma, Oregon
Thanks Daisy, I am going to get some Essiac and will certainly let you know the results. I absolutely believe in miracles. God doesn't always work in the same way for all people, but I won't know if this will be my miracle too until I try!
Replied by Linda
Daisy, I am going to try it and I will let you know for sure if it works.
Replied by Mjf030947
Las Vegas, Nv
I have LS and want to know how to apply the essaic tonic.
Replied by Daisy
Ewa Beach, Hi
Replied by Kim
To Daisy from Ewa Beach: Does the Essiac tonic still works for you? I was going to try it myself and was wondering if your LS ever came back?
Replied by Anna
If you type in Essiac Tea in your browser you will find all the information you need to make a decision about using this product. I have just started to use it.
Replied by Ashleigh
Do you drink it straight or mix it with something?

Essiac Tea, Homeopathy
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Posted by Kate (Auckland, New Zealand) on 03/02/2013

[YEA]  Last year I had my first flare up of Lichen Sclerosis, I didn't know that's what it was till I got it back this year in early February. I'm not interested in using steroid creams so I researched alternative treatments and came across Essiac Tea. I followed the instructions, it is now early March and it is almost gone. I also used homeopathic remedies to ease the itch, inflammation and splitting. Homeopathic Graphites, Urtica-urens, Nit-ac and Apis, each in a 30c potency. Am also taking homeopathic Kreosotum and Petroleum and they are taking away the last of the splits and itching. Hope this helps anyone suffering this awful affliction, feel free to message me. Xx

Replied by Desperate For Help
Grabill, Indiana. Usa
What brand of Essiac tea did you use? I am desperate. There are different brands... Liquid and powder. Please advise. Thank you.
Replied by Sher
[YEA]   My condition was self diagnosed. I have had LS for several years now and non of the doctors could figure out what it was. Finally my condition got worse and started researching the symptoms and couple of months ago I figured what I had. I came across this site to find cure for this and I took Daisy's advice and ordered some Essiac Tea to cure it internally and used Perrin's blend for external use. It's been almost a month and I am feeling much better. The white patches have almost disappeared just 2 small areas to be treated. Also I've heard that this could be due to some emotional trauma and shame so I am sending myself some luv every morning and night. Essentially I am doing three prone healing - internal, external and emotional. I am optimistic that I am getting better and better everyday. I will keep you posted.
Replied by Victoria
San Francisco, California
Hello.. Re: LS... Where did you purchase the Essiac Tea?
How are you feeling now?
Thanks!! Victoria
Replied by Jerene
Burlington, Ky
I have Lichen Sclerosus and am 16 wks pregnant. Would essiac tea be safe?
Replied by Mama To Many Donate

Dear Jerene,

Personally, I would want to find something else to try first. When I look at cures for LS, I see a number of things I would try before Essiac if I was expecting. I am a huge fan of herbs and use them often. Herbal medicine can be quite powerful. So, I would hesitate to use Essiac in pregnancy. In a cursory search, I was not able to find that the ingredients in Essiac, individually, were contraindicated for pregnancy, I would still err on the side of caution with an herbal blend that is able to cure cancer.

That said, if I had cancer and had to pick between Essiac and chemo, I would pick Essiac.

When I look at Earth Clinic's cure page for LS, I see things like Apple Cider Vinegar, baking soda, dietary changes, eliminating artificial sweeteners, etc. I would be more comfortable with trying those things first.

I hope you find a cure soon! And I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Linda
Alice Springs, Australia
Hi Kate. You mentioned a number of homeopathic remedies you used. I am currently using urtica urens based on your advice. It is helping but not complete. How did you use so many remedies? In what order, when and how much? Thank you
Replied by Pat
Montgomery, Alabama
How is the Kreosotum and petroleum used? Is Kreosotum an over the counter cream or pill?

Frankincense Oil
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Posted by Gentlestrength (Globe, Az) on 01/27/2014

[YEA]  Frankincense Oil completely healed my painful LS very quickly! To think that I had suffered with this for over 4 years. At first I was embarrassed thinking that it was a painful VD but because of the itching thought it was a candida fungal problem. I tried EVERYTHING... with various results but it kept returning and was excruciatingly painful. Rosewater sprayed on the area would stop the itching though. Yes, I even tried Oregano oil diluted, white iodine with DMSO, baking soda baths. All would help for a day or so but would not heal it.

Then I read that this was a precancerous condition and very closely tied to emotional issues. So I immediately started using pure Frankincense oil and within two days could tell it was healing. No pain, no itching and the lesions were disappearing. I used two drops in the am and in the pm for three weeks. Now it is GONE! I'm so thankful for this healing and am staying off sugar and starting to eliminate wheat! I can sit without wincing and walk without that pain! Thank you EC for your awesome website to help us all!

Replied by Mary
Minneapolis, Mn
I had a question about the frankincense oil, did you use it straight or diluted?
Replied by Paula
Toronto Canada
A further question about the use of Frankincense Oil - did you use it topically or did you take it internally?
Replied by Asrana
Rancho Cordova, Ca
Oil of Frankincense, as well as any other essential oil but Oil of Lavender, should NOT be used neat (undiluted) put the drops in a carrier oil and apply topically. Do NOT take it internally!
Replied by Linda
Mariposa, Ca
Was the Frankensence oil applied topically?
Replied by Debbie
Lyme Regis, GB
I'm very interested in your post as I have had Lichen Sclerosus for 2 years and been on Steroid cream, which has stopped working. I would love to use a more natural approach, so thought I would try Frankincense oil - do you put it in a carrier oil? And do you apply it directly to the area affected? Thank you so much! I am looking forward to enjoying itch free evenings. Debbie
Replied by Monie
Virginia, US
Frankincense - why not, I have tried everything else. It has got to work. I have gotten rid of bread, sugar and dairy.
Replied by Shades
South Africa
Can I mix francinsense mixed with coconut oil for lessions on vg?
Replied by Nathan
What brand frankensense oil did you use?
Replied by Frances
Cabarlah. Qld.
Which frankincense did you use, pls. The product of India or Yemen? The latter very expensive.
Replied by Lisa
Hi. Did you take the frankensense oil internally or use it topically? Thanks.
Replied by Mama To Many Donate

Dear Lisa,

Frankincense Essential Oil should be used externally.

I have used one or two drops neat (without diluting) unless the area to treat is a sensitive one, in which case, I would mix it one drop with a bit of castor oil or coconut oil and apply to the area one to three times a day.

~Mama to Many~

General Feedback
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Posted by Buffy (Lansing, Mi) on 07/17/2015

I hate to be a bit skeptical, but keeping vulvar Lichen sclerosus at bay requires some really strong measures or else it will progress and cause scarring and fusing. Natural remedies may help along with the prescription medication, but probably won't halt LS progression.

Replied by Jillery
Rawlly, Nc
Using 'regular' medical advice only made my LS get worse and worse... now that I am using natural methods it is getting better. Are you suggesting to go back to traditional methods? Why not keep 'it at bay' rather than making it get worse? Confused at your advice and 'insight'.

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Posted by Jennifer (Warwickshire) on 02/14/2014

[YEA]  I have found using a good quality honey applied topically to the area a few times a day until the symptoms are relieved does reduce itching and irritation.

Replied by Arobi
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   I find strong Manuka honey fantastic for instantly taking away and keeping away the itch and soreness of vulval LS. I apply it topically morning and night. Have also tried paw paw ointment and calendula ointment which help a little but the honey is best. Manuka honey is well known for healing leg ulcers so I'm hoping it might also heal my LS but have only been using it for a week so don't know yet whether it will be a wonder cure.