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Cure Hemorrhoids with Home Remedies That Work

Last Modified on May 13, 2016

Black Peppercorns  

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Posted by Mrsc (Middletown, Usa) on 11/20/2012
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Black Peppercorns work! Just had baby #3 and was left with large, painful hemorrhoids (one the size of a grape)! Hurt to sit, stand, walk, or lie. Tried several remedies, but found peppercorn remedy buried in the thread and tried that.

Swallowed 4-5 whole black peppercorns morning and evening (sometimes on empty stomach - but if not, took them anyway). By day 5 H's were gone. Just have a little extra fold of skin now. 2 were hard and 2 were soft - worked on both kinds.

Also, used Vit E oil to soothe burning while they were still large. Better than the RX cream! Hope everyone tries this!

Replied by C. Brown
Were you nursing when you took the peppercorn? I've bought them but thought twice, I don't want it to adversely effect my breastmilk.
Replied by Mama To Many Donate

Tennessee, Usa
Peppercorns should not cause a problem with breastfeeding.

For your hemorrhoids, you can also try a salve, externally, that contains comfrey. If it has chickweek in it, that is a bonus!

Also, keeping yourself regular will help them to heal more quickly and not return. Add some blackstrap molasses to your diet (1 T. once or twice a day) and that may help, and will give you extra nutrients for nursing. Also make sure you drink a lot of water or herbal tea.

Have a great day and enjoy your baby! :)

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Tinkerbell773 (Austin, Texas, Us) on 03/26/2010
5 out of 5 stars

OMG!!!!!! It works!! I had horrible hemmroids and they wouldn't go away! I thought that peppercorn remedy sounded stupid, but I tried everything else and it did nothing. I started taking peppercorns yesterday. I took like 5 in the morning on an empty stomach as said to and repeated the dosage that night a few hours after I ate so my tummy would be fairly empty. By last night I already noticed a difference, and this morning they're like 80% gone!!! Yay!!!! I researched pepper till late last and found it to be an amazing food. It's a super antioxident food, high anti inflamitory, anti pain, helps reduce Colin cancer, and much more!!!!! You gotta read about it and you wl see why it works. Who would of thought that this marvalous seasoning could be so beneficial to our bodies.

Replied by Hoppimike
Canterbury, Kent, England
5 out of 5 stars

I'm currently taking 5 black peppercorns every morning and night (I try to take them on an empty stomach but don't worry too much) and 500mg of rutin three times a day (ideally with food but again I don't worry about that much). I also am taking a normal multivitamin and mineral, zinc and vitamin C (1000mg slow release a day).

So far the pain is reduced to pretty much nil, blood is pretty much nil, and they seem to have shrunk very significantly. I predict they'll be gone in 1-2 weeks and it only took about 1 week (if that) to get to this point. I was very concerned and scared and in a lot of discomfort so I am ecstatic that it's working so well :)

Oh, I also ensure plenty of fibre and water, of course. I think it's the rutin and/or peppercorns that are doing it but the vitamin C might be helping too. Best of luck - I would be surprised if someone who copied my approach did not get success because for me it's been night and day! If I am somehow mistaken and it worsens again or something I'll post again to update, but I think that's highly unlikely!

5 out of 5 stars

I am hooked on your site. Thanks for this wonderfull site. I read alot of remedies and user feedback on remedies for alot of health problems. I could however not find a remedy for piles.

Now here is my story: I used to work with a friend of mine who suddenly got a very bad case of piles. I actually got a huge fright when he showed them to me and a couple of other co-workers becaused I have heard of them but have never seen them. They were the type of piles that hung out,if you know what i mean. I have a nephew who had the same piles and he had them removed by having a very painfull and uncomfartable operation. Anyways, one of my co-workers who also saw this guys piles was a real joker type of guy and used to pull a lot of pranks on the lot of us. He looked at this guy and told him that he knows about a remedy that will make those piles dissapeare within days. We all thought he was joking again. What he told this guy, I will never forget in my life. I gave this remedy to 2 other people and they could not believe that it worked.

This prankster told our collegue to swallow 2 to 3 black pepper corns on empty stomach in the morning and the same amount in the evening before he goes to sleep. That simple. That is the remedy for those big piles that otherwise can only be removed by having a operation.

Low and behold, the guy who had the piles could not believe it and so couldnt the rest of us. Four days after he started this black pepper corn treatment he showed us his arse and they were gone completely. I promise you that i have seen this with my own eyes. Before and after. I do not know how it works but this is no joke. It does work. Maybe ted can give us feedback on how black pepper can cure this.

I cincerely hope that this information can help somebody to get rid of those piles instead of going for a operation.i have seen it. It does work.this is no prank.

If somebody try this please give us feedback on this matter.

Replied by Tracy
Nashville, Tn. Usa
Ok, I have been suffering long enough to be desperate enough to try this peppercorn remmedy. I had a baby in July of 09, and have been riddled with hemorrhoids and fissures ever since. I have had two surgeries, have tried most of the natural remmedies on this site, have been using prep H, wipes with witch hazel, prescription hydocortizone suppositories, hot sitz baths, apple cider vinnegar both on the hemorrhoids themselves and taking internally, nothing is working. I even shoved a raw clove of garlic up there as my homeopathic remedy book suggested. NOTHING is helping. I am in so much agony every day that I am suffering from depression, not enjoying my life and my baby as I should be, and am feeling like giving up. I cry every day. I eat tons of fiberous foods, drink tons of water, take fiber pills daily, don't strain on the toilet, do not have hard stools, go once a day like clock work. I am starting to worry that I am dying, have cancer or something is really wrong with me. For about half the day after I have a BM, I am in such pain. Not only does it hurt around my anus, but my butt cheeks are sore and numb, the mussles around my vagina hurt, my groin, the backs of my legs are throbbing and numb, and feel almost cold. Do other ppl with bad hemorrhoids have this also??? Well anyways, I just swallowed three black whole peppercorns with a huge glass of water. I am praying that this is some sort of miracle cure and not a joke. I guess I will let you all know, but if there is anyone out there with some advice for me I would love to hear it. I really just can"t live like this any more.... Please Help!!!!
Replied by Bessie
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
HI Tracy - Sorry to hear about the problems you've been having with hemorrhoids. Have you tried taking 500 mg of Rutin a day? You can get it from a health food store. A pharmacist recommended it to my husband and, fortunately, it worked quickly (less than a week). Good luck!
Replied by Cc
Tarzana, California, Usa
Tracy... so sorry you are in such agony. I also tried everything, although mine was not as severe as what you are experiencing, but what 'cured' my Hemorrhoids was to spray my privates (front and back) each time I used the bathroom, keeping the area clean. I carried a small spray bottle in my purse filled with 3% Hydrogen Peroxide. It's been 3 years since I began this protocol, now I just spray after shower and bed-time. I suspected that perfumed soaps and chemicals aggravated this condition. Hope this helps.
Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa
Hi Tracy, Sorry to hear you're suffering so much and not enjoying your life. I had a lot of trouble with this too when I had my babies. What really helped finally was acupuncture. Hemmoroids have to do with the chi energy. You can get treated and the hemmoroids will rise back up into the body. I really hope you can look into this. The acupuncture can also treat your depression. Chinese medicine can really help you, I am certain. Peace, Lisa
Replied by Tracy
Nashville, Tn, Usa
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Everyone! Thanks so much for your comments. I am writing an update on this seemingly silly peppercorn remmedy. Well, I am a bit bewildered as to how, but I can say that I think it is actually working! Lol. I still have the hemorrhoids, but they seem to be shrinking, and I am in at least 75% less pain. I've been swallowing 4 black peppercorns morning and night on an empty stomach. Spiritually I feel absolutely wonderful. I am generally a very happy person, and each day I would wake up happy and eager to start my day off with my new baby, and then after I had a bowell movement everything would just go down hill. The throbbing would start, the pain would be unbearable and my spirit would sink and so would begin a day of misery. It is amazing how pain can affect one's spiritual well being. Well, it has been about a week of trying this, and I can say that I have not cried once. As I said, they are still there, but remarkably smaller and less painful. My day doesn't seem to be affected at all right now. This remmedy is definately not a prank as there really hasn't been any adverse affect as in burning or irritation caused by the peppercorns. I am going to continue this regemine, and see what happens. Part of me is so skeptical about how this could possibly work that I keep thinking maybe it is something else that is helping, but I'm really not doing anything else for them or anything different that could explain it. Anyways, as long as things stay on a positive path of improvement I am happy. But if this really works, I really want to help others who are suffering so I will continue to report on my progress. And when I say that I have had an incredibly bad case of hemorrhoids, I mean BAD!!! So if this can work for me, I know it can deffinately help others. Thanks for your support everyone. I'll keep y'all posted! Happy to be happy again, and really hoping it stays this way! :-)

Replied by Roxanne
Saskatchewan, Canada
Hi Tracy. Thank ou for posting your story. It is like you were telling my story. I have been suffering now for about 5 months. I too, have thought and wondered if somehing else is going on with me...cancer, am I dying, etc? These hemorrhoids are destroying my life in every sense. I am going to start the peppercorns tonight. I am afraid to even hope. All of the research on the internet has so many people with this or that, which has worked for them...but NONE of it for me. It's been a rough ride, and I DESPERATELY want off. I would love to know if you are cured now. I am hopeful with this.
Replied by Betty L.
Lead Hill, Ar
This is regarding Tracy's symptoms. I too have had much trouble & comes & goes. Some of my worst symptoms sound similar.

But this I learned after years and doctors. I was finally told I had Crohns & Colitis. I began to research & found this is an inflammatory bowel condition. It began to click. At that time I was having a horrible time. It seems I can not have a movement without extreme difficulty despite what I do or take. Even with enemas it is a strain many times. No, I do not take medications for it. I could never figure out why it was such a struggle, despite herbs, fiber, diet, etc.

So, I realized that I was indeed severely inflamed in the rectal region, at that time, actually practically swollen shut! Of course I had to strain! Of course my hems were flared! And they were being strangled and squeezed continually. I have previously had a procedure for them.

Researching what I could do naturally for them, I found an all fruit regimen would reduce symptoms. In 3 days I could tell the swelling was down. Life became much easier! I continued for 3 weeks, blending lots of smoothies. Of course my candida loved it too, but I got relief. Grains, and sugar are definite no no's for me. It is a straight and narrow path for my diet, any deviation, will usually bring symptoms back. But when you can see a pronounced result, you are much more inclined to stick with it.

If someone had identified the culprit sooner, I could have been spared much suffering. Diet is crucial when you have Crohns or colitis.

Hope someone else may find this useful!
Replied by Dries
Cape Town, Western Cape
Hi Tracey! I would like to know whether the black peppercorns healed your hemorrhoids completely... People thought that it was a joke when I posted it on this site... I gave this info on the peppercorns to a couple of people ever since I posted it here and all of them were cured within a couple of days....

Regards, Dries

Replied by One Who Needs Help
Cape Town, South Africa
Hi Dries... Would black peppercorns help excessive skin folds on the anus... It's not skin tags or haemorroids.... Just a fold or flap of extra skin that's so embarrassing.... I have one large extra fold of skin and now a little one started.... Like a tiny dog ear of extra skin.. I am so embarrased to show my bottom because of this... And my dr won't consider surgery.. I am desperate... It's debilitating and affecting my relationship ....
Replied by Bashir
Kano, Nigeria
Pls am in Nigeria. Where can someone get black pepper corn? Am really troubled. Tnx
Replied by Prioris
Fl, US
In the US, they sell it in super markets or food store. Did you check your local food stores in spice section?
Replied by Anon
How about just trying regular black pepper.

Blackstrap Molasses  

5 star (2) 

Posted by Deb (Mt. Pleasant, S.c.) on 03/08/2012
5 out of 5 stars

My husband began using blackstrap molasses about 3 weeks ago after reading that it would shrink Hemorrhoids. He was skeptical but faithfully took his full tablespoon, one in the morning and one at night (plain, right off the spoon! ) I asked him how it was going after the second week and he told me, "great! " He said that the hemorrhoids were really going away and that he was going to continue taking it because it was better than having the "rubber band surgery" (which we have both had! )

I decided to join him and also began taking one tablespoon in the morning and one in the evening as well. After only 4 days I can report that my hemorrhoids have shrunken so much that I feel that I have had surgery again - unbelievable! We are both true believers of this product and will continue to take the usual dose until the Hemorrhoids are gone, then we may go to only one tablespoon each morning. Another benefit, it has helped keep us "regular" - a nice benefit for people in their 60's who lead very busy lives! We have even recommended it to our daughters who have recently had babies and are suffering from Hemorrhoids - they have both begun taking the blackstrap molasses, too. We used the unsulphured, no reason other than that is what we found at the grocery store.

If there are other benefits, I'll report on that as we realize them. I have my annual physical coming up and I am curious at what some of my test results will show.

Thank you for this wonderful site!

Posted by Grizzelda (Cleveland, Ohio) on 12/12/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I have had hemmorhoids for 30 years and was resigned to living with them until I saw that many people had good luck with unsulphered organic blackstrap molasses. I started with 1 Tablespoon twice a day and within a week they were GONE! I now take this dose 3 times a week and that seems to keep them at bay. I don't always enjoy the flavor of the molasses but if I hold my nose and swallow a lot of water immediately after taking it, it is not too bad. I'm willing to do whatever I have to in order to not have them recur. Hope this helps someone out there!

Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris  

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Posted by Vanya (Las Vegas, Nevada) on 07/14/2012
5 out of 5 stars

This unique herb helped my husband to get rid of his inflamed and bleeding (on and off) hemorrhoids after 26 years of suffering. I bought him 3 bottles of it because they told us he needs to take it for 3 months with a week break in between. Well, he never even got to the second bottle, his hemorrhoids diminished after taking the herb for about two weeks, but he took the capsules for one month. It has been about two months after he stopped taking it, he still cannot believe they are gone, they are not coming back even after he has constipation or ate a spicy meal. Make yourself a favor, do not buy the most expensive product out there, they are not any better, just buy the cheapest one with the yellow label, I am not affiliated with any websites or anything like that, I am just a happy woman for my husband and want to share our success with other sufferers. The one I bought costs about $7 a bottle, and it worked wonders. I will not stop recommending this herb and spreading the word.

And one more benefit, better erections and sex! Just don't overdo it, because there is a warning for people with enlarged prostates and pregnant women! Do your research first and try it for yourself, you will be glad you did! God Bless this website!

Replied by Nick
Detroit, Mi
Thank you, Vanya. How many capsules he took per day?
Sorry for the late responce.

He took 2 capsules on empty stomach every morning and 1 capsule in the evening.

Calc. Fluor. Cell Salts  

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Posted by Nonni (Usa) on 11/01/2013
5 out of 5 stars

After trying several different home remedies for an external hemorrhoid, I decided to try the homeopathic remedy, Calc. Fluor. in the 6 x potency. I read that you should take 4 doses a day as well as apply it topically. I dissolved about 3 or 4 of the tablets in water and put some on a cotton ball. I squeezed out any excess water and placed the cotton ball on the hemorrhoid. I did this every night leaving the cotton ball on until morning. I never did take the Calc. Fluor. internally, but after 12 nights of applying it topically the hemorrhoid had shrunk and was healed. I kept the mixture in the refrigerator and made a fresh batch every 4 or 5 days.

Camphor, Vaseline  

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Posted by Anne-mari (Nelspruit, South Africa) on 12/27/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Easiest and fastest way to get rid of piles (haemorrhoids), a truly tested remedy used in my practice for many years. Take one small block of Camphor and one small bottle of Vaseline. Now grate the camphor block and mix in well with Vaseline and apply (and push up into anus). This will for sure shrink them away and you will never have piles again! Guaranteed old folk remedy!

Castor Oil  

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Posted by Anne (London) on 03/25/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I suffer from hemeroids once a month for a week, and usually just grit my teeth and bear it. But this month was particularly painful. So, I came onto Earth clinic for a remedy and opted for castor oil as this person describes - as mini packs during the day and at night during sleep.

I also employed the 6 inch step and ate a bit more fiber in the form of flaxseed. But I always up my fiber around this time of the month anyway, but it doesn't help much tbh.

There was a 80% improvement in 2 days! I couldn't believe it. I think it was the castor oil and 6 inch step.

The other thing is that I added sauerkraut to my breakfast these last 2 days too. I think fermented foods are amazing for intestinal health no matter what, so I'll carry on with that. Not sure if that contributed to my healing to quickly, but I'm sure it didn't hurt.

Thanks for such an amazing site!

Posted by Naturalpursuit (Oklahoma, US) on 10/29/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I just tried the castor oil for my hemorrhoids, and within 2 hours, the anal tissue has completely shrunk and withdrawn back inside (it was inflamed and swollen). I still have pain, so I am looking forward to seeing how fast it completely heals. I am amazed that I did not know this sooner. I just gave birth 5 days ago and have been suffering with hemorrhoids caused by labor.

All I did was apply the castor oil on a square cotton pad and press it onto the area and leave it there. I will continue applying it and hopefully I am hemorrhoid free soon.

On another note, I also take magnesium and blackstrap molasses daily to prevent constipation. It is a miracle cure for anyone suffering from hemorrhoids and/or constipation because it causes you to become regular and softens the stool naturally.

Posted by Johanna (Dallas, Texas) on 09/30/2012
5 out of 5 stars

My hemorroids have flared up in the past and gone down with no special treatment. However not this time... They flared with a vegence and the pain with sitting, standing, walking was unbearable. I tried externally applying apple cider vinegar but that made them worse as well as causing bleeding and the pain was NOT alleviated. ( I wish it would have worked... Sigh). Anyway I read thru the hemorroid remedies here on Earth Clinic as I did not want to go the surgery route that my sister did. She was in ALOT of pain afterward and is still having some problems. Anyway I noted a couple people here on the site had relief from castor oil. I happened to have a bottle of castor oil on the shelf and thus decided to give it a try. Well it is working... my pain level has considerably decreased.

What I did was to use Hexane Free and Paraben Free Cold pressed and cold processed castor oil and exfoliating cotton round cotton pads (yep the cheap ones you find in the make up aisle). I placed several drops of castor oil on the pad and then placed the pad against those hemorrohoids. I left the pad in place and went about my day. Every time I had to use the bathroom I replaced the pad. I also sleep with a pad in place. I feel so much better!!

I also have been taking sitz baths with only warm water three times a day. I sit in the sitz bath 20 minutes each time.

Posted by Em (San Francisco, Ca) on 03/07/2012
5 out of 5 stars

For the last few years I believe I have hemorrhoids (some swelling) and constant itching. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) was a short-term relief but , the itching and irritation that would follow would soon come back. I've tried different oils and other solutions.. Coconut, olive, hydrogen peroxide, witch hazel, calendula creams... There would be some relief and not for long. So, I finally decided to try multiple remedies.. For the last couple of days I've taken 500 mg of rutin which seems like a lot and may not continue since it seems to make me feel a bit queasy, plus 5 black whole peppercorns twice a day. I've also been applying castor oil two or three times a day and have felt a marked improvement.

I think castor oil is making a huge difference. The swelling and itching has almost entirely subsided and I feel I'm on the verge of a complete recovery. I'm so grateful to have access to this site and appreciate finding natural and least invasive treatments for many conditions that may otherwise be chronic. Thank you Earthclinic and all contributors!

Posted by Xpi (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) on 06/04/2011
5 out of 5 stars

My hemorrhoids flared up when I went on a diet and didn't introduce myself to a high-fiber diet slowly; my digestive system also seemed to have major issues especially with high fiber yogurt, which sent me to the bathroom frequently with burning diarrhea. I stopped eating the yogurt and the burning stopped, but the hemorrhoids persist.

I, like most others, have tried many things to control the pain and bleeding of hemorrhoids, with little success. OTC, sitz baths... none of it was giving me much, if any, relief.

After reading through all the posts on this site, I decided to first try apple cider vinegar; both externally and taking orally. Sadly, it has not helped me.

I then decided to try a Castor Oil pack last night. This morning I had the most comfortable BM I've had in a couple of months. I started getting a little throbbing from sitting a couple hours later; did another pack and felt relief in a matter of minutes. I'm not cured yet, but so far Castor Oil has helped me where nothing else I'd tried to date has.

Replied by Xpi
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
5 out of 5 stars

Update: Three days and four castor oil packs later I am so much better!

Posted by Laura (Sparks, Nv) on 04/05/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Fast Hemmorrhoid cure

When I had babies it really brought on the hemmorrhoids. I tried creams, pads, espom salt soaks, sitting on pillows. I had to suffer 'til it went away. Nothing helped. Years later I was using the Edgar Cayce castor oil felt pad method on my abdomen for another issue and on a whim decided to try it on my hemmorrhoids. It worked! Gone in 20 minutes. This is what I do now when I occaisonally get hemmorrhoids. The ticket is not to get them in the first place... But childbirth.... Fiber dosen't fix that! Ha Ha

Treatment: Tear one sheet of toilet paper off the roll. Fold it in half and then half again into a small square.

Open the bottle of caster oil and set on a stable surface. Unfold the toilet paper to half open. Hold the paper on the top of the open bottle and hold them together and tip the bottle on to the paper so you can carefully pour about 1/4 tsp on to the paper. (be careful not to get on your clothes or carpet as it can stain)

Apply the paper directly to the hemmorrhoid, between your bums. Pull up your pants and go about your business.

The next time you sit on the toilet the paper should fall out in to the toilet, or take it out yourself. If the hemmorrhoid is not gone with the first treatment, repeat until it is. I have had results as fast as twenty minutes!

My 83 year young mother recently had a hip replacement. After a few days she told me she had hemmorrhoids. I said I have a treatment for that, why didn't you tell me? I did the above and handed her the paper that she applied to the hemmorrhoid while laying in bed. Her next trip to the toilet she said it was all gone! The next day I asked her if she needed another treatment and she said it never came back and she was so surprised.

I wish I had this when I had my babies. I know this will help a lot of people.


Replied by Hollie
Honolulu, Hawaii
Laura, thank you so very much for your information and time to write this! I have had two boys which are my pride and joy but for two precious gifts along comes hemmoroids, for me that is, and now that they are 18 and 20 yrs old strangely enough they are starting to enlarge and multiply with know constipation or straining whatsoever. I have been in pain and itching like crazy! Thank God for Earth Clinic and for people like you Laura! I will try it today and I will let you know if the castor oil and toilet paper work. Much Aloha from The Lewis Family!

Posted by Jon (Singapore) on 06/02/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I had severe piles (internal) & haemorrhoids (external). Visit to doctor who gave some creams & advised surgery if the haemorrhoids didnt shrink. Read about castor oil and tried it as last resort as I didn't fancy the idea of surgery. A friend of mine who had piles surgery discovered he couldnt control his bowels well sometime after surgery.

Anyway, what i did was to coat the rear area, especially the inflamed tissues with castor oil twice a day after visiting the bathroom. Amazingly, after a couple of days, the area went back to normal and I did not have to go back to the doctor.

I will try castor oil for other various problems that I read about on earthclinic. Castor oil rocks!