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Cure Hemorrhoids: Home Remedies That Work!

Last Modified on Sep 15, 2014

Coconut Oil   9  0   

Posted by Maria (Valdosta, GA) on 01/07/2006

[YEA]  After having a baby, I had horrible hemorrhoids. Certain underwear was out of the question, but it usually took me a day to figure that out! After one episode that left me in pain every time I sat down, I found this web-site and chose the coconut oil remedy. I added an extra step--first, I clean the area with a cotton ball soaked in Witch Hazel. Generous amounts of coconut oil followed, and I did this about 3 times a day--basically every morning/night and after each bathroom trip. After 3 days the pain was completely gone, and after a week and a half I can no longer see visible outer hemorrhoids. I continue the treatment everyday, just not as often, and I'm hoping to wear that sexy outfit for Valentine's! Thank you so much for the advice!

Posted by Carol (Baton Rouge, Lousiana)

[YEA]  When I was bleeding going to the bathroom it was bright red. I spoke with my Dr. and he told me bright red means there are hemorrhoids inside the rectum and the fesses is hard and scratching. If it were cancer the blood would be dark or brownish red. I read that coconut oil was great for hemorrhoids so I used it and guess what I have had no problems in over a year. Remember no double dipping.

Posted by Terri (Carlisle, PA)

[YEA]  I am a nurse's aide and I have used coconut oil on some of my patients hemorrhoids, some so large the patient could not sit down without pain. After using for about 6 months the hemorrhoids have completely gone. Applied externally 2x's a day or after each bowel movement and bath. For sanitary reasons, each person had their own separate bottle for their rectum area only. (no double dipping!!)

Coconut Oil, Cumin   2  0   

Posted by Dibro828 (Mississippi) on 11/01/2013

[YEA]  Healed the worst case of Hemorroids imagined by Coconut oil and Ground Cumin!

Fast relief. No faith required.

Latex glove with a nice dob of Coconut oil at finger tips..."cover" and I mean cover the Coconut oil with Ground Cumin

(Mccormicks from the grocery store works just fine thank you)

squat and apply the ointment inside and outside of rectum...may be warm a few seconds..but the trade off is NO MORE Itching no more burning.

As the coconut oil instantly sooths the rawness of affected area (all around inside and out) the Ground Cumin gets to work reducing the size of the "Roid" or "Roids" by getting the circulation flowing from the blocked up rectum tissue causing the pain n swelling in the first place.

Repeat this AM and PM or 3x day if possible.

Optional: Try

Magic Milk "Tonic"...

Warning (Do not drink Magic Milk if taking blood thinning medications)

Magic Milk "Tonic"

1-8oz cup of milk (warm is mighty good)

1/4 tsp of Ground Curry ...

1/4 tsp Ground Tumeric

1/4 tsp Ground Ginger Root...

For two and three alarm Hemorroids add

1/4 tsp Ground Cumin to this mix.

Sip and enjoy the healing magic!

Posted by Ed
[YEA]   "This worked great - exactly as described.

Coffee Enemas   1  0   

Posted by The23rdman (Leeds, UK) on 07/19/2009

[YEA]  My naturopathic nutritionist suggested I try coffee enemas for my hemorrhoid as in her school of thought the inflamed hemorrhoid vein is due the the liver dumping excess toxins it cannot cope with into lower circulation. This, along with juicing, has worked wonders for my problem.

Please study very carefully before using coffee enemas though or, preferably, seek the advice of a professional naturopath.

Cooling Hemorrhoid Remedies   0  0   

Posted by Val (Summit) on 01/22/2014

Help! I've got these horrible hemorrhoids that won't heal. Oozy and painful. I do the sitz baths, witch hazel, etc, but here's the thing-- I can't do this at work, and I have to work. I sit at a computer most of the day and ow ow ow. I'm getting a crick in my back from leaning. Is there anything portable and concealable that will cool things down? I have arnica for pain, and it works some, but if I could cool them down I'd bear it better. Thanks for any suggestions. (We have one person who sits near the ladies room who feels the need to comment on how often one visits the rr and for how long, usually during lunch or in the breakroom--no privacy. Also, she's one of those folks who is immune to discipline/firing/etc so there's no sense having the boss speak to her--that would get the boss in trouble).

Posted by Mt
Ottawa, Ontario
Look for a circular pillow with an empty center. Try to drink at least 2 cups of St. John's Wort tea and take some vitamin C (2x 1000mg) each day.
Posted by Timh
Ky, Usa
1244 Posts
Val: A Magnetic Pad will help considerably. I sleep w/ one 16"x22" under my bottom every night. I get relief from Colon, Prostate, as well as Kidney inflammation. When you are out of your seat, make sure the M Pad doesn't come close to your computer memory particularly the hard drive as it will destroy the data (all depending on the strength of the magnets).
Posted by Bee
New York
65 Posts
Hi, what is a magnetic pad? Thank you.
Posted by Mary
Westport, Ct
I agree with TimH. Keep all magnets away from the computer. I destroyed the hard drive of my laptop by wearing a magnetic bracelet! It moved something in the hardware beneath the keyboard. Nothing was recovered.

Corn Starch   2  0   

Posted by Robert (Wilmington, Delaware) on 12/03/2009

[YEA]  Home remedy hemorroid cream - corn starch; cuts out the burning and itchiness, use about 1 teaspoon

Posted by Life's Surprises
Toronto, On, Ca
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   "Sigh - growing older had its perks for a little while [driving, moving out, and so on] until a couple years later, when all those things nobody tells you about suddenly decide to throw you a surprise party all at once. One of the attendees: hems. Now, I'm only 23, fairly active, fairly fit, quite healthy in terms of my diet, but one random day the magic H word sprouted up like an unwanted guest that never knew when to leave.

I have absolutely no idea what I did the first time - after struggling for two weeks trying to figure out what it was, expensive prescription suppositories that took a few days but did, kind of sort of a little bit, seem to make it better. Then it went away.

This time, again a random occurrence, [conveniently coinciding with another monthly visitor .. Yippee?] nothing seemed to work. Not the suppositories. Not ACV, in or externally [though it provided temporary pain relief when applied topically, the first time only]. Hmmm, wait, hadn't I dusted my bottom with a talc-free powder last time? That seemed to help a lot. Okay, tried that again... Not so much. And this time was SO much more painful than the first. I was hobbling around the house! But before giving up, I decided to spoon some cornstarch into some TP, pack it on and leave it there. Ta da... Magic remedy. Okay, granted it doesn't fix the problem. But after a day, it was MUCH smaller. After three days, almost gone. And then back and forth, back and forth, didn't really want to disappear entirely.... but regardless, cornstarch HAS been at least an immediate relief in terms of comfort and being able to go about my day without wincing at every step and muscle contraction, and by wicking away the extra moisture, seems to do a LOT to keep the inflammation down.

Definitely, definitely try this first, and add alllll the other wonderful remedies into your regime too. Needless to say, I am sufficiently EVEN MORE terrified of pregnancy/childbirth [since this x393840 is now inevitable], and uncomfortable with the effect on my love life. I mean... Come on, seriously Mother Nature?

PS, here in Canada, I couldn't find Rutin, so I didn't get a chance to try that out :( any advice on where to find it?

Posted by Life's Surprises
Toronto, On, Ca
As an update to my previous post: cornstarch DOES seem to be my 'cure' to the dreaded H-word. Any time I've felt it coming on, patting some cornstarch on seems to shrink it within a few hours, and keeping it up gets rid of it entirely in, at most, a few days. It recurred easily for a week or so, then went away and hasn't come back since. I've been patting some cornstarch on preventatively once every day or other day [to keep friction, heat, and moisture down, which seem to be aggravators], and it seems to be working like a charm. Huh.

Posted by Lynne (Dayton, Oh) on 08/19/2009

[YEA]  I have tried every over the counter medication for hemroids. Needless to say none work, some even made them worse. The best thing I have found is to gently spray your behind with a squirt hygiene bottle, dry the area gently but thoroughly, then apply corn starch all around the hemroid. Sometimes I roll a few cotton balls in the corn starch and press right up against the hemroid. I will wear this all day or night. It has never failed to bring me comfort. I hope it works for you.

Dead Sea Mineral Mud   1  0   

Posted by Sjtx (Utopia, Tx) on 04/23/2012

[YEA]  I developed roids after my second child. Mine are not brought on by constipation but from standing all day without rest or working out in a. M. Then doing cardio class in p. M. several days in a row.

Ice used to work if I caught it on day one. This time it didin't faze it & another appeared. I came to this site & tried the ACV which I love for occasional reflux. Nothing, another popped up. I tried the coconut oil as suppository(frozen & molded) as well externally.... Another popped up overnight. I did the peppercorns for 2 days..... Nothing but no adverse reaction. Bought witch hazel & witch hazel wipes.... No relief. Soaked in epsom salt, soaked in ACV... Now have 5 roids. Losing my mind with frustration at this point. Last night husband suggested putting some hydrocortisone 1% cream. Don't like to use pharma products but was desperate. Got 50% relief from the burning but did nothing for the swelling.

Remembered I had a 5 gallon bucket of Dead Sea Mineral Mud. Tightens my face & body & shrinks my pores so thought "why not, nothing else has helped". Well for me, this is working!!!!!! They have begun to shrink within the first hour & my mood has elevated dramatically!!!!! I have on a sanitary pad so my panties aren't muddied, but this is truly amazing.

Hope this helps someone else when you have tried all else.

Got my Dead Sea Mineral Mud 2 years ago on ebay.

Dietary Advice   1  0   

Posted by Janie (Australia)

[YEA]  Absolutely avoid spicy food and chocolate when you have hemorrhoids. They probably caused the hemorrhoids in the first place!

Posted by Joyce
Joelton, Tn
120 Posts
May I point out that "piles" (hemorrhoids) are not in the liver, but in the rectal area, and that chronic constipation is one of the more common causes of hemorrhoids. The best way to correct constipation is through increasing fiber and fluid intake. Begin increasing your fiber intake by switching to whole grain breads and increasing the dark green leafy vegetables in your foods eaten. When your liver gets clogged or stops producing bile, you'll know that by your stools become more clay colored and you become jaundiced.
Posted by Ken
Santa, CA
2 Posts
Constipation Remedies: i believe that overdoing 'rich' food like chocolate clogs the liver and this is a cause of piles.
Posted by Susi
Santa Cruz, CA
Just wanted to comment on a thread about how the liver relates to hemmoroids:

The absence of valves in the portal venous system can be contributory to hemorrhoids. One-third of rectal veins travel to the liver via the portal venous system. Significantly, if pressure in the portal vein rises from liver cirrhosis or parasites, increased blood volume and pressure may dilate rectal veins to the extent that internal and external hemorrhoids are created. It follows from this that any toxicity or impairment of the liver might be contributory to hemorrhoids.

If you find this hard to understand, imagine the venous blood traveling upward through the portal vein to the liver and the veins have no "back-flow" valve. Then imagine blood circulation through the liver is extremely slow or backed-up due to congestion. Guess what? The blood will back-flow to the rectal and anal area again. Spasms of the anal sphincter are said to be a frequent cause of external hemorrhoids because they may shut off the outflow of blood to the rectal veins.

Posted by David
St. Louis, Mo
Question for Suzi regarding the backpressure from the liver and it's relation to the venous system from the anus.

I've heard/read that red wine is good (no more than 2 glasses per day) for keeping healthy liver function. Any other dietary advice that will improve liver function and therefore prevent the localized blood pressure cause of piles/hemorrhoids?

thank you!

Posted by Erin
Tampa, Fl
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   "Thanks for the red wine suggestion, I will be happy to try that one out! :-) I have been having good results from taking a cup of strong chamomile tea liberally laced with honey every night. I read that some people had relief from hemorrhoids by eating more honey and also by drinking more chamomile tea, so I figured, why not combine the two? It's been giving me more comfortable morning ablutions. I highly recommend it.

Dietary Changes   3  0   

Posted by Ed (London, Uk) on 06/25/2013

[YEA]  hi, I've had piles about a year ago and didn't think that I'd be able to get rid of the problem. After a couple of weeks of eating vegetables and drinking lots of water, the small pile disappeared but left me an awful skin tag and an anal fissure. Once the fissure healed, which took months, I've had the skin tag surgically removed under general anasthetics. It took about 4 weeks for the swelling to go down. Now I can't even describe how happy I am that this problem is behind me. I didn't think one day, I would be one of these people reporting a fully successful treatment!

However, you still need to make note of a few tips:
1. DRINK lots of water (keeps everything soft)
2. Take FIBER SUPPLEMENTS (makes everything soft)
3. Try not to sit when you have a no 2. SQUAT instead. (there's no more pressure on your piles)

Good Luck.

Posted by Martin (Guaynabo, Puerto Rico) on 02/03/2013

[YEA]  Years back I realized one side of my anus was very swollen and bland to the touch. However, it was not painful at all. What I did was to change my diet immediately to eating mixed vegetables and tuna fish three times a day, and plenty of water. Nothing else. In a few days the condition totally disappeared. The only problem is that my anus remained with some small deformation. Consequently this makes it hard to wipe it clean after evacuation. So far I have controlled this to some extend including a fiber powder supplement on every meal. If anyone knows how to cure this remaining problem please email me omniversed at hotmail. Thanks

Posted by Libyan (Tripoli, Libya) on 01/01/2012


hello everyone, alot of very intresting comments and remedies, however, the way I understans it is, we have to live a perfectly good life style, good balanced diet full of fiber and plenty of liquids, and that is a remedy not only to hemorhoids but to a long ilness free life...... We have an old saying "stomach is the house of disease" not sure how else to put that.... By having a clean healthy stomach you have a clean healthy body... adding on, things I found great to have daily or at least several times a week that will help you have clean stomach, vegies like garlic, onions and high fibre content foods such as dried figs, dates... etc, and last Camel Milk "best of all", it is a great laxative, but it also have ingredients that help prevent cancer and tastes good aswell.....

wish everyone good luck and good health

Posted by Rachi (Los Angeles, CA) on 02/13/2008

[YEA]  I have hemorrhoids for about year and had to face the worst when I traveled to my home country which required a 22 hr air journey. I used all the tricks in the bag - from using coconut oil to taking metamucil ( fiber ) - Finally following has worked for me and I would like to share this as this can be of help to many others;

Fundamental to curing or at least' getting a temporary relief is to thin your stool /feces and at the same time not to have constipation.This needs eating /drinking following and avoiding regular food.

Morning I would start my day with drinking a glass of water and then Papaya ( eating about a lb ) - Just peel it , remove seeds and cut into small pieces and eat - simple.

Next I would eat some raisin bran in milk ( post make ) - try not to eat all the raisins.just avoid some of them if not all. Have a glass of water againcThis is your breakfast - if you feel hungry in between - have some more?
of the same stuff.

Be sure to drink at least
2-3 glasses of water in between. this is very important

Lunch - Lightly fried mixed vegetables - about a bowl and have V8 Veg soup - hot - and Water again.

Have some Figs ( sunmaid? ) 3-4 inbetween whenever you feel hungry in between - follow everything you eat with water - you need to drink atleast 8-10 glasses of water

repeat the same stuff for your dinner as well - Green vegies - boiled or fried in oil are good - snap peas , softs pears , no carrots , no juices absolutely no hard food. anything you feel hard is not good -

As I said - Water is the key and also do not sit on chair - you may be either lying down on bed or walking - but absolutely no chair / sofa

This will give you slurry kind of feces next day and you 'll be surprised to see the results in 2 days flat - atleast it worked for me? when nothing was working for past 40 days and I was about to give in for sigmoidoscopy to check the extent of damage and subsequent surgery

Good Luck and remember in short >>>>? lots of water papya raisin bran ( post make ) soft veggies can put you back on your feet.

Dietary Changes, Supplements   1  0   

Posted by Happyhappy (Florida) on 09/17/2013

[YEA]  I had bleeding, internal hemorrhoids for seriously TWO years! I tried every single remedy listed on Earth Clinic and over the counter stuff. I knew I should really go to the doctor, but every time I planned to, they would clear up for a day or two at most. Anyway, this is what worked for me, and I hope I can help someone else out there! It takes a few steps working all together. First, I stopped drinking caffeine, eating any products with sugar or white flour (which we shouldn't eat anyway). Contrary to popular belief, I stopped eating ALL grains such as oatmeal, psyllium fiber supplements, etc. These just seemed to aggravate the situation, which I have learned from perusing the 'net that this is the case for some people (see the bean/salad comments below--I think some people need a less harsh type of fiber). I upped my water intake to at least 8-10 glasses a day (I just wasn't drinking that much). I eat 1 or 2 salads per day. I eat beans almost every day--even if they were from a can--just don't eat the baked kind with the sugary sauces. Very little red meat, mainly chicken breast. I make sure I walk once or twice every day for at least 30 minutes. Very important--do not, do not, do not strain on the toilet, and make sure your legs are close together (graphic? yes, but I think I learned this from another Earth Clinic poster). I think what was most important for me, --I took 2 Triphala capsules in the morning, and then 2 more at night before bed. I also started taking one 200 mcg Chromium Picolinate pill before bed. Within 2 days--whoopee!!!!! No more constipation, and no more bleeding 'rrhoids!! It's been over 1 month now and no symptoms whatsoever. I have 1-2 easy comfortable movements now daily. I have been sorta constipated most of my life, and I truly think some people are prone to this and maybe have a chromium deficiency that is contributing--but I'm reading up on that more. Good luck and happy poopin'!

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