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Natural Gallstone Remedies

Last Modified on Mar 31, 2015

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Posted by Dennis (Indianapolis, Indiana, United States) on 02/05/2013

Several months ago I had a gall bladder attack. After several days I felt a lot of fluild come out of my gall bladder, this helped the swollen feeling. I had an ulta sound that showed a very small stone in my gall bladder and my right kidney was swollen. I have crawling in my intestines and pain in my kidneys, but not all the time it comes in spells. Also I can't gain any weight and have a general weak feeling. Any help would be great. Thanks and God Bless. Dennis

Replied by Ed2010
Oakville, Canada
Try the juice therapy for Gall Stone attack and Gall stone removal -

It is safe and healthy. Don't repeat the same juice daily, you should alternate. You can drink apple juice in the morning, lemon juice afternoon after a meal, again evening apple juice.

Also, mix 1 tsp apple cider vinegar in the apple juice for additional benefit.

Good health.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines
One of the easiest and most effective methods for gallstone removal is just to take 1000 mgs of organic chanca piedra capsules(or just drink the tea form) three times a day at mealtimes. CP dissolves the stones by making the calcium in the stones more soluble. Chanca piedra will also get rid of kidney stones in the same manner and has a high reputation for clearing excess calcium problems -- like gallstones and kidney stones -- in the body.

Gallstones aren't really a gall bladder problem at all -- they are a liver problem which primarily occurs due to too much calcium(too much dairy) and too much fats and oils(especially vegetable oils) in the diet. So taking milk thistle, ALA and selenium will also help the liver to cope which will also help you to avoid gallstone problems in the future. Taking a teaspoon of granulated lecithin at mealtimes is also highly beneficial for the liver and for gallstone removal and prevention.

The fact that you can't gain weight could also indicate very poor digestion. Taking Betaine Hydrochloride, protease enzymes and alkalizing with sodium bicarbonate and water should help to improve this problem and help you gain weight as well.

* Take betaine hydrchloride tablets with every meal. This will help to supply the necessary chlorides and will address the root cause of your stomach acid problem.

* Take pancreatic enzymes containing bromelain and papain at every meal. This will aid proper protein digestion in both the stomach and duodenum.

* Take Sea Salt(not refined table salt) -- 1/4 to 1/2 tspn with water once per day -- outside mealtimes. This helps to supply chlorides for proper stomach acid production. It also helps to supply minerls to the body.

* Take Magnesium Chloride -- 1/4 teaspoon once per day -- taken at mealtme. This also helps to supply chlorides for proper stomach digestion. It also helps the liver and aids in killing off pathogens in the intestines. Magnesium will also help dissolve your gallstones.

* Alkalize the intestines using Ted's Sodium Bicarbonate and water remedy. Take this remedy 1/2 hr to 1 hour after every meal. This remedy helps to promote proper alkaline digestion in the upper intestine and also addresses a possible lack of bicarbonates in the pancreatic juices.

*(Optional) Kelp Extract -- regular advised dosage -- Iodine is also necessary to help regenerate stomach acid.

Regarding your intestinal crawling sensations, it's also fairly well known that parasites can hide in amongst gallstones and your crawling sensation in the intestines might be related to this. So best to get yourself checked for parasites as well. The Hulda Clark remedy is a good one to get rid of parasites.

Replied by Carole
Bury Village, West Sussex,, England
How long can one take Chanca Piedra? Is the capsule form better than the tincture? I am currently taking the tincture for dissolving gallstone.
Replied by Bill
San Fernando, La Union, Philippines
Hi Carole... I have used Chanca piedra extensively. It was part of my own candida cure to keep both calcium and sugar levels down in my blood. I have also used chanca piedra for other people and I know how good it is at dissolvong gallstones and kidney stones. It even cures gout. The best form is just an aqueous solution -- the alcoholic extract is not as good as the water extract. I live in the Philippines where Chanca piedra grows everywhere and is a weed and I use it alot as a diuretic cleanser for my body to periodically purge and cleanse the blood. CP is also strongly antiviral -- it can cure Hep B and they are currently researching CP for its beneficial effects against HIV AIDs and cancer. CP is a very powerful herb and yet there is no known overdose limit to this herb -- therefore its very safe.

I took strong doses of CP for a whole year non-stop for my candida problem and it did nothing but good and helped and contributed to my own eventul candida cure.

I made the CP decoction directly from picked herbs but the tea or capsule forms are also good ones to use.

Replied by Carole
Bury Village, West Sussex,, England
Hi Bill.... Thank you for taking the time to reply. I am trying an intensive protocol to try and dissolve the gallstone (lots of help from this froum). It will be interesting if the CP also helps keep under wraps the Candida! I am just about to re-order and so will try the capsule formula and also order some herbs to use as a tea. I am also taking Gold Coin Grass - and I understand from my research that taking both at the same time are ok. GCG (l tablespoon) first thing in the morning and then the CP three times a day (20 drops) with food. I just wonder how long it will take with my 2.8cms stone! ?! I have a scan on the 17th to see if there has been any change. I am interested in the Chinese surgery.... But probably mad to consider that! We shall see..... I enjoy this forum as I am learning a great deal. And I (and my dog) are a huge fan of ACV!


Posted by Carole (Pulborough, West Sussex, England) on 12/08/2012

Hi again! Has anybody actually dissolved a large clacified gallstone and how? Info given was helpful and interesting - but I cannot find anybody/evidence when a large stone has been dissolved.

Thanks. Surgery really only option I feel as although I have been able to get the pain/discomfort under control through diet/acupuncture, I am finding I cannot exercise without setting off discomfort!

Replied by Louwrence
Rustenburg, North West, South Africa
Hi Carole, I have with liver flushes expelled gallstones as big as my thumb. For your own sake do not go the medical route, I know people who went that route & they had endless problems & had to have more ops. @ developed brain tumors, if you have a look at the meridiams gallblader & brain tumors are on the same meridiam. Have a look on the net how to do a liverflush, it is cheap & painless & you resolve a lot of other health problems, you probably have a lot of headaches, shoulder pain, pain down the side of your leg. Just do it.
Replied by Carole
Pulborough, West Sussex, England
Thanks for your reply. I am working with a Chinese doctor acupuncturist.... However he says there is nothing can be done! You were very brave.... I have been told not to try a flush! Just wish I could find somebody who had done it - local to me - who could 'hold my hand' as it were.

All the best.

Replied by Policychecker
Belfast, Antrim, Northern Ireland
Who is telling you it will not work I have been studying naturopathic Medicine for the last Five years and had been studying health for 5 years before that, I Have done it and so has my partner on three occasions. I'm in the uk.

Everyone I have spoken to who had surgery has regretted it, absolutely every single one of them.

I suggest you get a book called the Amazing Gallbladder and Liver Flush by Andreas Moritz (sadly not with us any more but this book is very good on the subject of everything you need to know about Flushes. And you do need to know it all before you start. You can get it on kindle

My Partner was instructed to have immediate surgery less than six months ago, No other option given, she had jaundice and was very ill. We did the flush and when she went for her scan her gallbladder was totally cleared, totally. The chap that did the second scan couldn't believe it, and called for the surgeon who was blank faced. His comment "it must of passed by itself. My comment was why didn't you tell us that was an option or possible he said, as he blushed "it was so rare". I said he was talking B*****'s and we left.

Replied by Louwrence
Rustenburg, North West, South Africa
Hi Carole, do not let people influence you not to do the liver flush, maybe they have hidden agendas, it is cheap, painless and quick, it is not rocket science to do a flush, as Isaid if you operate you are going to have a lot of problems in the future. You can not just remove a very im portant organ that is absolutely essential for digestion & not expect to have complications. 2 people developed brain tumors that I know of, how many more that I do not know of have the same problem. It is your body so you must decide & live with the decision.
Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa
Hi Carole, Upon reading your post, my first thought was, I find it hard to believe a TCM Dr. would say there was nothing that can be done. Today is Sunday otherwise, I'd go to my TCM Dr. immediately and ask him about this for you! So, instead I decided to do some research and found this for you:

"The Chinese name Jin Qian Cao applies to two different herbs capable of dissolving gallstones (One is actually called Guang Jin Qian Cao). However, both are known as Coin Grass. The most popular of these herbs is the Jin Qian Cao herb (Lysimachia christinae). However Guang Jin Qian cao herb (Desmodium styracifolium) is also very effective. Either one works so well it is hard to say which is best. Many formulas use equal parts of both and this seems to be the most efficient."

You can do a search yourself and there is quite a bit of information that comes up on this. I'd either take this info to your TCM Dr. or find a new one! Chinese medicine can pretty much address anything where the body is out of balance. I hope this info helps. Lisa

Replied by Carole
Pulborough, West Sussex, England
Hi Lisa, You have been exceptionally kind in doing this on my behalf. Dr Sun has been helping with acupuncture. At my request I started on the Gold Coin Grass tea - however at Sensible Health it was suggested that this was not ideal - it should be the tincture which will help more. I have all my research now and the information you have given too. I see Dr Sun (who really is a lovely man! ) again on Monday and it will very much be.... can you help me any more?

The Liver Cleanse book has also been helpful and I read that again last night and it gives dosage for the GCG and also another herb Chanca Piedra.

I had hoped to find somebody who had actually used the herbs and had a positive outcome.

Thank you for taking the trouble on my behalf - much appreciated. I just feel that I cannot exercise without the back discomfort and so am restricted..... Which is frustrating! xCarole

Replied by Carole
Pulborough, West Sussex, England
I know! That's why I'm hanging in there trying to find the answers as I do not want the gb removed! I read the Liver Cleanse book again last night and see the thinking behind the GCG and Chanca Piedra pre any liver cleanse.

I also have a wonky thyroid and it flipped hyper - probably as a result of stress following my mother's death. So I have been getting that under control - which it now is and, interestingly, gb surgery could not go ahead until thyroid bloods were within range. So I thought that was a very good 'sign' that I should be looking at what else to do....

I had hoped to work with somebody/therapist - rather than do this on my own..... too high anxiety levels to want to do this on my own, I'm afraid to say.

Thanks for answering - I do appreciate the time you have taken. xCarole

Replied by Carole
Pulborough, West Sussex, England
Thanks for taking the time to reply. Yes I have the book and read it again last night and looked at the Chanca Piedra and Gold Coin Grass again. I am going to give it a try and see if I can at least dissolve the stone somewhat before a flush. I know I want to keep the gb! xCarole
Replied by Rawfoodenergy
Eb, East Sussex
I'm in East Sussex and I have done many flushes. They do work and they are safe. You can do a small one and see how you feel. Don't eat any fat for a few days before doing one. There are different liver/kidney/Gallbladder flushes. Andrea Moritz has mostly accurate information.
Replied by Carole
Pulborough, West Sussex,, England
Thank you for posting. I have read the Moritz book again and just putting together all the info and still feel I want to try dissolving the large stone if I can. Just getting fit again after the horrid time of the hyper thyroid issues... when my body seemed to go completely out of balance. I think you have given me good advice and try a mini cleanse first. Carole

Posted by Theherbwitch (Camden, Sc, Usa) on 06/24/2012

I used to own 3 herb stores, and I have assisted many, many, people (including myself), in removal of gallstones through diet/herb combinations. Not only is it highly probable that you can be successful doing this, you must also realize that rarely does one remove the stones from more than one bile duct at a time using a cleanse. Therefore, it is necessary (and most people do NOT like this) to REPEAT the cleanse once every other month for a few months, in order to get rid of the stones, then go on an herbal maintenance program to address the cholesterol issues one had to have in the first place for the stones to form. The bile ducts are like "fingers"between the liver and gall bladder. When the stones block this opening, this is when an "attack" occurs. Also, cleaning the colon FIRST is not optional, as you can get very sick if you don't. Ihaveseen many, many people do a cleanse, get rid of a JARFUL of stones, then go back to their old dietary habits and change nothing, then are shocked when they have to have a gall bladder removed, on an emergency basis, because it is diseased and dysfunctional.

Posted by Singapore 87 (Singapore) on 05/23/2012

HELLO. I'M from singapore. And i've just treid my first liver/gallstone flush. omg what I did was just olive oil, epsom salt and apple juice. I first drink apple juice for the first 1 1/2 day. Then I dida colon cleanse at the same time. I mean way before that I did a cleanse already. I'm so excited to do the cleanse! Omg. It taste nasty! FML.. I didn't follow the timing they set.. I just did my own. Lols. Anyway, yeah. I stop eating at 2pm. Was hungry but just drink one cup of apple juice. And waited. I mixed 4tbsp of epsom and 750ml of apple juice toghether. So 4pm I took first dose. And I went to sleep. At 6pm I took other dose.. And waited till 9. 45pm I took the freaking NASTY Olive oil! (about 180-200ml) I threw away abit. Omg.. I almosted vomited and gagged at the olive oil. It makes my stomach nauses.. :( and I coudn';t sleep because of the olive oil. And I was burping olvie oil smell which I can't stand it. Lols. So yeah I lie down for 20 mins. Den change position. ( no difference for me. Lols. Even though I lie straight on my bed. Lols. But I did feel my gallbladder is what ur so call "opening" my stomach was grumbling, growling. Making alot of noise. After that I slept. Around 5am I had a firm yellow stinky stool (floating).. I thought it was gas. Coz before that my stomach was making alot of noise and alot of movement. Lols. And I went back to sleep. At 9am today (22/5/2012) I drank 3rd dose. I'm having daireeha already. So I was camping in the toilet. Omg. Nasty foul smelling stool. I myself cant' stand the smell too.

At 11am. I drank my last dose.. the last dose makes me [defecate] like mad! and i still can smell my diarrhea smell after so long. :( i think after a fews rounds of diareeha, suddenly there' is really liquid diareeah ( like urinating. from rectcum lols) 2x and i pass out stones! is green pea size. first 2 rounds of that, i pass 10 other i dun know how many. lols. i think the first flush was about 60-80? but first round i saw there's 2 or 3 bigs and the rest like sand type. after 6pm i'm still passing out stones but lesser. but still burning rectum.. like maybe 1 or 2 stones. mostly green/ yellow.. but after 3 or 4pm i start passing out. it makes my rectum burning! almost wanna shout.. i'm so proud of myself. lols. i did not mix grapefruit juice and olive oil together. and still get results. lols. but my ass burns like hell. omg..
but 11. 35pm i'm still having diarrhea. how long will this direaah last? is the direeah or toxic causing the burning or the green or yellow pea size causing the pain? but i supect mine is direeah causing the pain?
coz before i was using pyllisum husk i did not hve any buring retcum but musty urnie. lols. now i dun have musty urine but having direeah odor! omg.. how to get rid of dierrah odor?

my main question: when i was having daieerah i was also passing out some white specks stuff.
1) is how many flush can we do within a month?

2) i'm going to change my apple juice brand to marigold is 100%. is still apple juice right? lols.. the one i buy is $7.90.. so ex.. :( is much cheaper. and is 1 little. maybe i will buy a few packets..
i'm so hungry.. i'm going to eat bread tml. lolls.

anyone knows how to get rid of the anus odor?

Posted by Sadie (Essex, England) on 02/25/2012

Hi, I had no idea how bad PPIs are until I read an article in a newspaper about them and hip fractures.

I found this great website a few days ago when I was researching PPIs.

I am in my sixties and have painful shoulders, hips and aching muscles, which have got worse over the last year. All of which I have now found can be down to PPIs. Thiis is the only drug I have ever taken.

I have taken them on and off for several years after my husband was found to have heli. pylori so they gave me the combination of drugs as well even though I hadn't been tested! I never had heartburn until then, but my doctor gave them to me again two years ago when I kept getting a very tender stomachache.

I had some investigations and was found to have a small Hiatus Hernia and gallstones.

I stopped taking PPIs last week with the help of aloe, slippery elm and coconut milk ( is coconut milk bad for stones?)

My question is:- can I take ACV and digestive enzymes instead, or as well, or all of them? Also what about milk thistle or vitamins as the PPIs stop your body absorbing them? Also are they all safe to take with gallstones?

Best regards, Sadie

Posted by Ray (Calhan, Co) on 01/18/2012

I think I've read about 40 websites related to remedies for gallstones. I don't want to have my gallbladder out, but there doesn't seem to be any general consensus as to 2 or three popular methods that don't turn into prolonged drudgery. Everyone seems to have their own idea or method. This isn't helpful, it's just confusing.

Isn't there some way to vote on the best way ? OMG. I've spent so much time on the internet that I've actually become constipated. Thinking about buying a big bottle of Everclear and drinking the whole blasted thing.

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa
Ray, all the treatments you've read probably work quite well, although some better than others. I was once in bad shape and happened a chiropractor diagnoses me using kenesthesiology. I did a 3 day fast drinking 1/2 bottle Mag Citrate one day and 1/2 the next while living on apple juice. The night before my 3 day I drank the olive oil/grapefruit juice stimulator, lay on bed for a few minutes and pressed my right leg over my gallbladder. I woke about midmorning for a few minutes feeling "lighter" than normal, went back to sleep and woke in the early morning, felt the need to potty and let go a bowl full of green cholesterol gallstones; and all day feeling like someone had lifted a boulder off of me.

At the time of my first cleanse I managed to work at least one of the days and maybe 2 despite having go to the bathroom often. The diet I did was simple and straghtforward and worked perfectly. You just have to brave thru it and once it's over you'll not regret.

Just do a cleanse you're comfortable with and post your results.

Replied by Mike
Montreal, Quebec
If this can help you decide, I did happen to find just the perfect remedy for treating my own gallbladder attacks. I have personally tried it and to my surprise got IMMEDIATE RELIEF from it.

My remedy would apply to only specific cases that may not correspond to yours. I have tried up to more than 7 different remedies and only the last one I tried worked like a charm! So don't give up and just keep trying as this might end up saving your own gallbladder. I think it would be well worth the time and effort involved.

Finish keeping you in suspense as I will now explain what remedy I used and the whole theory behind it after having done a lot of reading over the internet.

The remedy in question is "granulated soy lecithin".

The reason it cured my problem totally is because this remedy contains in very large amount a substance called "choline".

This nutrient is probably the most critical nutrient for the human body especially for the liver which as you know can become the main culprit for gallstone and gallbladder attacks.

In the past, I was the type of person who would consume a great deal of fat. Just to give you an example, I would consume a whole chicken and its fat content all in one meal at least once every two months. Also I would go crazy on eggs and would consume up to 6 eggs in one meal. Over time this caused a very painful gallbladder attack to occur- so painful in fact that I experienced fever, jaundice and white stool. My liver enzymes went right through the roof.

I will never forget the time when my doctor asked me if I was an alcoholic when he saw my liver enzyme test results. I ONLY DRINK AROUND 5 GLASSES OF WINE A YEAR AND DON'T SMOKE!!!!!

After several more attacks but not as painful as my first two, it finally took me 3 years to figure out how to cure this problem once and for all.

You see, the choline in Lecithin can emulsify cholesterol inside the liver. Insufficient amount of choline in the body has shown to be the major cause of a fatty liver which in the end can lead to liver cancer.

The main problem is that choline is abundant only in very limited food. The highest amount found in eggs and liver. The problem is that you would have to consume a total of 4 eggs to reach the minimum daily requirements of choline for adult males which is only about 350mg. You would also have to eat a good portion of liver everyday for the rest of your life.

It so happens that ever since my very first major gallbladder attack I decided to totally stop consuming eggs and restrict the amount of red meat that would also include liver as well. Instead, I decided to consume large amount of fresh fruits and vegetables which unfortunately could not meet the minimum choline requirements that my liver needed in order to process cholesterol in a correct manner.

The results is that my liver had so much buildup of cholesterol inside it and consequently partially blocked the production of bile which kept my gallbladder always low on bile reserve. Any consumption of fat would make matter even worse since it would empty the gallbladder further. This would explain why people experience gallbladder attacks mainly after a fatty meal.

When a gallbladder does not contain sufficient bile then this invites bacteria to attack the tissues which is mainly responsible for the pain we experience during an attack. Similar in principle to the pain experienced during a tooth ache.

Based on having consumed granulated soy lecithin which contains as much choline in one tablespoon as found in 4 eggs, it almost instantaneously stopped my most recent attack. Prior to this attack, I noticed that I had mild diarrhea everyday for two entire weeks.

After the attack because of having consumed choline, I was shocked to discover that the next day my stool became back to its normal consistency again. I could only have concluded that my sick liver was entirely responsible for this diarrhea over such a prolong period of time.

My gallbladder problem now completely solved!!!

I consume 4 tablespoons of granulated soy lecithin everyday and notice that I have more energy than before and absolutely no pain anywhere over my entire digestive system!

I suspect that my persistent diarrhea and also the various dizzy spells I was experiencing during that time was a clear sign that my liver was starting to fail big times!! So I think I may have saved it on time along with my gallbladder.

Just to further reinforce that the granulated soy lecithin did stop my gallbladder attack is that during the attack, I felt like a hard and sharp object was always constantly pushing against my gallbladder. After consuming the granulated soy lecithin I felt as if this object had disappeared completely in less than 5 minutes and had a sensation of just low grade inflammation that was not painful at all.

This object I am referring to might either have been gas from bacterias attacking my gallbladder tissues or the lack of bile fluid inside the gallbladder that caused my gallstones to rub against the gallbladder nerve region. The consumption of granulated soy lecithin must have dissolve some cholesterol inside my liver thereby releasing large quantity of bile fluid into the gallbladder enough to have given me instead relief from the pain.

What really gets me is that choline being one of most important substance for the liver is not that readily available in sufficient quantity in most food.

I believe this might explain why so many people suffer from gallstones and serious liver diseases. In fact, according to many experts, lack of choline over a very long period of time has shown to potentially lead to a fatty liver and eventually cancer. You just have to do your own research on the internet and you will be amazed just how critical is lecithin for proper liver function. Did you know that bile is made up of lecithin ?

Well, that is my story and thank god I saved my liver from further disaster just because I decided to try every remedy against gallbladder attacks I could find on the net.

I could never figure out why eating a mainly raw fruits and vegetable diet would lead to very soft stool and occasionally diarrhea. Why every time I would eat at a Chinese Buffet, I never get diarrhea as I would experience with eating raw fruits and vegetables. Now the answer is quite simple to me, Chinese food contain a lot of soya and red meat which would have the effect of increasing the level of choline in my body. Mystery now completely resolved!!!!!

Keep in mind that Lecithin is absolutely necessary for regulating the amount of bad cholesterol in the liver and if your diet does not contain enough of it, you are likely to experience gallstones that could eventually lead to serious liver disease in the long term.

This explains very clearly why so many have complained about their gallbladder attacks always reoccurring even after their gallbladder have been removed. The answer is that the liver continues to get fatter and thus constantly produces unhealthy bile for the body. Those sufferers in that same position should give lecithin a try and might immediately notice the same results as those who have had their gallbladder removed but never experience any more attacks.

As a rule of thumb when you try a remedy, if it does not bring about relief in 12 hours or less then you move on to another.

There is certainly no lack of remedies on this website to experiment with.

Before having discovered the effect of Lecithin on my gallbladder, I tried ACV, raw apples, pure olive oil, beet juice, raw beets, turmeric, ginger, yogurt, almonds, lettuce and even HCL Betaine. None of these gave me immediate relief as with consuming just a few tablespoon of granulated soy lecithin.

Could a long term Choline deficiency in the body be responsible for the vast majority of liver and gallbladder disease ? Perhaps the natural health community has totally missed the important healing power of this product on the liver. Well worth investigating this theory for the future ...


Replied by Joni
Cleveland, Ohio
"The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse: An All-Natural, At-Home Flush to Purify and Rejuvenate Your Body" by Andreas Moritz. Follow the directions to the letter. The book is available on Amazon. Read the reviews. Also check out this youtube of a young woman who did that gallbladder cleanse after being told she needed surgery.
Replied by Mike
Montreal, Quebec Canada
Maybe a gallbladder cleanse might keep the liver clean from excess cholesterol but is it not simpler to use a natural emulsifier such as choline instead?

By ingesting adequate amount of choline surely is much better for the body than having to go through the ordeal of doing a complete gallbladder cleanse which can take up several days to complete.

What if you are very old and already in poor health? The gallbladder cleanse could further damage the body due to excessive amount of stress imposed on it.

A gallbladder cleanse may be like washing a very dirty and greasy floor with just plain cold water compared with using a strong detergent that would cut through grease very easily.

I rather stick to making sure that my body has sufficient amount of choline so that the excess cholesterol in my body which is the source of gallstone in the first place be dissolved naturally.

By the way I have tried this gallbladder cleanse that everybody talks about on the net and in my opinion is a rather very exhaustive approach to cleaning your gallbladder which I did not find particularly very pleasant.

Those who favor a gallbladder cleanse should at least try consuming choline as an alternative liver cleanser. Just my opinion. Mike

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa
Mike, I echo your opinion as the procedure is a stress and exhaustive; but if one has GB trouble and has never done the cleanse, I would recommend it. After my acute phase of GB and Liver trouble, I have faded to 1 day mini, and eventually dropped the cleanse in favor of easier methods.

And may I suggest a Dr. Murry prescription for gallstones other than the flush ---therapeutic oils like Menthol and Peppermint by mouth. I have only gone so far as using Menthol cough drops 12 per day for three days with noticeable results. I can actually hear & feel the "flow" of bile in my abdomen during this treatment. Peppermint Oil Extract Softgels are supposed to be the preferred method for dissolution. I actually did an experiment after I captured stones from a flush and poured some menthol mouth wash (also some alcohol in there maybe affecting the outcome) in the gallstone containing jar and they literally melted before my eyes.

Now I am holding good w/ Soy & Sun Lecithin and extra Choline/Inositol, as Mike suggests.

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa
And to also mention the fact that Choline or the natural form --Lecithin is VERY important for the nervous system and Brain health (helping to curb the bad amyloid plaques). Also Choline acts similar to Methionine in detoxification reactions. My first toxic liver episode got resolved (even during drinking beer regularly) by taking up to 6 Soy Lecithin Softgels daily. This might help explain Mike's rapid negative symptom removal. Now Foods make the "Triple Strength Lecithin" which would be very beneficial.
Replied by Mike
Montreal, Quebec
I am not sure whether it is a good thing to consume too much Choline.

It's better not to go much beyond the minimum recommended dose of 350mg and let nature takes its course through the slow healing process.

I consume no more than 4 tablespoons of granulated soy lecithin a day and already I feel the difference especially when I get up in the morning. My head is so clear and I have a lot of energy. I guess a sick liver can place quite a burden on the human body.

Replied by Robyn
Melbourne, Australia
I got some choline vials and had the doc inject me as my absorption is so bad. Yes it helped with the pain. Perhaps I should get some more.
Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa
Robyn, Dandelion Root taken as tea is supposed to be very good for cholestasis as it is high in Choline. It also is good for the digestive as it is high in natural Beta Carotene.
Replied by Laura
Turtletown, Tn
Hi Mike, your post was very eye opening, I am curious as to the dosage you would recommend for the HCL Betaine. I have acid reflux, along with the gallbladder and liver elevated readings, will be getting the soy lechitin, peppermint oil supplements, the HCL Betaine and just started today with Chanca Piedra. Not really wanting to do the flush, but I know the stones are present from a ultra sound two years ago, and pain under my ribcage, right side, that follows most meals I eat. Any clarification on doses would help a lot, and thanks sooooo very much for the alternative route.

Posted by Mike (Montreal, Quebec) on 12/06/2011

Hi Robert,

Yes and no. I did go to through the process of removing the stones using olive oil with lemon juice but I realized how so misleading this can be.

That is because some people would be led to believe that gallbladder stone is a normal occurrence and it happens to everyone. Just like using a pill to cure an ailment, they think that the process of removing the stones must be applied on a regular basis while at the same time continue to poison their liver which by the way is the main source of gallstones as a result of poor eating habits.

Gallstones are a definite sign of a liver disease and the solution is not to constantly flush the reoccurring stones but rather cure the liver so that it will never produce any more stones. The only way to cure a sick liver is to feed it with healthy food. That is why some people continue to pass stones even after their gallbladder has been removed.

Use common sense and just eat plenty of healthy food in the form of fresh raw fruits and vegetables, plenty of whole grains, nuts, only fish or chicken and the list goes on.

Healthy food will thin out your bile and eventually help release you gallstone over time as long as they are not too large to begin with.

Also you may need to determine if your gallstones were produce as a result of very low stomach acid production which can cause a liver to become diseased in the long run. That was my problem and so I had to consume large amount of HCL Betaine for a while.

There are very important reasons to consume large amount of vegetables. (1) remove excess cholesterol in the body (2) maintains high PH level so critical for overall health.


Gravel Root   1  0   

Posted by Goat Lady (Marietta, Ohio/us) on 08/02/2011

[YEA]  Since a major gall stone attack about 10 years ago, every summer my family collects Joe Pye Weed (Gravel Root) and makes green drink from it as well as drying some for winter usage. Now if I get a tell-tale twinge, I start taking apple juice to soften the stones and have a glass of gravel root tea each day for a few days to dissolve them. It works every time. I'm not even aware when they pass. (I also try to do the kidney-gall bladder flush each fall.)

In addition, we collect the gravel root each August and feed it to our dairy goats. We lost a buck about 15 years ago to kidney stones. Haven't had a case since. Also, a friend cleared up his kidney stones and has had no more. He was seeing a doctor every few months and was told he would have to for the rest of his life. Now he drinks a glass or two a week of the tea and has had no trouble for 2-3 years plus his general health has improved.

All parts of the plant are useful, but we don't mess with the roots because they are a pain to clean. We collect the plants from along creeks and country roadsides when their flowers are their brightest pink. (They are truly pink, NOT purplish. ) The following website has a good picture of the plant although the color is somewhat washed out. The flower head can be very conical. I suspect it is forming seeds:

Herbs   0  0   

Posted by Mia (Adelaide, Australia) on 05/04/2011

I too have a 2 cm gallstone... And want to avoid surgery... I have read that drinking the gold grass tea and Chinese bitters over years will dissolve the stones to sludge making it easier to flush out... I am willing to try this instead of the flushing out now as I am afraid my stone will get stuck in my duct....

Posted by Nereida (Houston, Texas) on 03/27/2008

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I went to a Herbal Nutrition Clinic. I was given the following:

Hydrangea (Kidney Cleanse) 1000mg 3 times a day after meals.

Golden Seal (Enhances Seasonal Resistance) 800mg 3 Times a day after meals.

Marshmallow (Soothing Internal Support) 800mg 3 times a day after meals.

Liver-Reg (Strengthens liver) (Contains the following: Milk thistle seeds; Dandelion Root; Burdock Root; Metionine) 800mg 3 times a day after meals.

Tea (Contains: Proprietary Blend; Boldo Leaves; Mint Marigold) 1 cup of tea in the morning and 1 at night after meals.

Cascara Sagrada (Supports Healthy Bowel Function) 400mg 3 times a day after meals.

The nutritionist told me to take on the first night 3 teaspoons of olive oil at bedtime. Then on the following morning a strong dosis of Castor Oil. Then throught the day eat fruits or fruit juice and vegetables. Water. Then solid meal at night only. He told me that by doing this I would flush out 50% of my gallstones. But I told him that I was afraid of doing this because I tend to feel very weak when I use anything that works like a laxative and since I suffer anxiety and panic attacks, don't want to risk it. So he said that it was optional but that taking the herbal pills will get rid of the stones only at a slower rate. So Day 1 I took the pills like he told me. Felt okay. Day 2 same thing but on Day 2 after drinking the tea after dinner, I starting feeling discomfort and for the first time had a soft bowel movement. I panicked and started shaking like crazy. So on the next morning I was afraid to take the pills so I called the clinic. The lady told me that my body was not used to herbal pills and I just had to lower the dosage until my body got used to it. I totally stopped taking the Cascara Sagrada because I was afraid. I lowered the dosage but I am only taking half a dosage once a day of the rest of the pills. My main problem is that I suffer indigestion. Mostly gas and discomfort. I only had pain on my right upper abdomen once and it lasted all day but wasn't severe pain, only uncomfortable and lasted 1 whole day and half a day after that. That's what made me research gallstones and read that gallstones cause my symptoms of indigestion I've been suffering for 10 years now. I went to the DR. sent me for an ultra sound and yes, my gallbladder has many stones. Unable to tell me the sizes just that I have numerous stones. I am so afraid of surgery and since I know of people who suffer diahrrea for life after surgery, I really don't want to get surgery. I guess I want a second opinion as to if it's okay to take all the herbal supplements I was given. My husband made me wonder because he read on the bottles that The products don't intend to cure, treat, or prevent any disease. He claims that the company doesn't back up their product. I just want to make sure that it is safe to take those supplements. I have been drinking water for the first time but I panic when I feel weak. I am also wondering if I have something more severe since just by tasting fatty or sugary foods I feel sick and my stomachs starts growling. My mother claims I am just afraid and cause all the symptoms. In the meantime, I've lost 8 pounds in this past month because I sometimes can't eat anything and when I do, it's healty non fatty foods like Turkey and Chicken breast. Any information I can obtain will be appreciated.

Hydrangea   1  0   

Posted by Midge (Greensburg, PA ) on 12/12/2008

[YEA]  My mom told me to take Hydranga ..I got it in a pill form at a nearby health food store...I took it for a couple months and no more gall stones..I can eat alot of things that I never could before.

EC: "Hydrangea has a long history of promoting a healthy prostate and urinary tract. It combats infection and is believed to very helpful in treating inflamed or enlarged prostate and bladder infection, including cystitis, urethritis and prostatitis, etc. As a diuretic, it promotes the flow of urine and is said to remove stones and the pain caused by them.

Hydrangea stimulates the kidneys to release retained fluid and helps to prevent the formation of gravel. It will also help to pass deposits through the ureters from the kidneys to the bladder. Importantly, the herb is also used to relieve the backache often caused by kidney trouble and dissolve and remove kidney stones.

Hydrangea is believed to be a blood cleanser and may treat lymphatic conditions that are caused by poor blood."

Juice Therapy   1  0   

Posted by Ed2010 (Oakville, Canada) on 12/09/2012

[YEA]  Don't Flush if you are afraid. You should start juice therapy to dissolve the existing stone.

  • Tamarind Juice - Dissolves stones
  • Lemon Juice - softens stones
  • Apple Juice - softens stones
  • Carrot Juice - Mineral Supplier, Immunity Builder and Liver cleanser and gall bladder cleanser.
  • Tender Coconut Water - Diurectic
  • Phylanthus Niruri(Stone Breaker) Tea - to dissolve stones.

to make stonebreaker tea. Boil glass of water, when the water boils stop the heat and add half tsp of phylanthus niruri powder and set it aside for 10 mins. after 10 mins filter and drink it. Drink the tea on alternate days (as a minimal dose).

Very Important info about Juices. Juices should be home made and fresh not the store bought, store bought juices are just water with sugar and colors. Alternate each juice everyother day.

Day 1. Tamarind Juice
Day 2. Carrot Juice
Day 3. Apple Juice
Day 4. Lemon Juice (can be taken daily also)
Day 5. Tamaring Juice and so on

Replied by Carole
Pulborough, West Sussex, England
Thank you so much for taking the time to post this - I really do appreciate it. I have run off the info and will look at making sure I have all that I need. I really want to be able to keep the gb. If I could make the stone even a bit smaller I would be happier to give the flush a try. xCarole
Replied by Ann
Hi , I want to to know , for how many days do I need to go on with this juice therapy ? Doctor diagnosed a big stone ( 2. 48 cms) n many other stones in my gallbladder. I would like to know whether this therapy will work on me or not ? I am a bit scared in trying "flush the stones out". So just to be on the safer side I want to break the stone. If I choose to go ahead with this therapy... How am I suppose to go exactly abt it?

Laser Surgery   1  0   

Posted by Amela (Southport, USA) on 03/06/2007

[YEA]  After reading a lot of articles about dealing with gallstones in the USA, I found out that a little is mentioned, or not at all, about laser surgery that has been for long time in practice in european countries for removing gallstones. Ask your doctor about it... Also, a very good remedy for lowering or getting rid of a bad cholesterol is a homemade apple vinegar. It tastes like an apple cider, just it's very sour. If you have a chance to come across a book of bosnian homemade remedies, get it! Also, dates are very good fruit for the women who cannot get pregnant.

Lemon Water   1  0   

Posted by Linda (York County, Maine) on 03/29/2015

I'm soon to turn 57 and have a 3mm gallbladder polyp. Is there any advice that lemon water would help? I understand this is a tiny polyp and the x-ray technician's report stated it's "most likely" a cholesterol polyp. I'm a bit anxious as my sister passed from gallbladder cancer 5 years ago. Thanks in advance for any advice!

Replied by Marcin
Toronto, Canada
I have exactly the same issue though I am only in my 20's and I have always been on a very low-fat diet.

Alkalizing with lemon or apple cider vinegar and sodium bicarbonate (baking powder) should help, as well as taking the chanca piedra herb which I think is a perfect herb for any gallbladder problems. However, I did not have the consistency to take them regularly.

Replied by Linda
York County, Maine
Hi Marcin, I can identify with the lack of consistency!! I have prepped some lemon/cucumber water and will give it a try! My next ultrasound in 6 months will tell the story, I guess. Have a great evening everyone!

Posted by Jessica (Oceanside, Ca) on 05/10/2013

[YEA]  I have had some success. I had a large stone 2.1 cm in 2011 and the Dr said it was up to me if I wanted to get my gb removed. He said a large stone only puts pressure on the duct, but wont get stuck in it. I already knew I would opt for surgery anyway since the gb is very important! I called my naturopath up and she suggested I drink a very warm glass of water with the juice of a yellow lemon every morning on an empty stomach. This thins the bile. A few days later my pain was gone. I then did a liver flush with some herbs, cascara sagrada and beet root formula. Followed with olive oil and gIrapefruit juice. Didn't notice too much difference from that, but I'm sure it helped. I changed my diet to include plenty of fats (i eat eggs over easy, avocados, cheese, meat, butter, coconut oil, olive oil, etc. ) and eliminated grains and most sugars. I supplemented daily with sunflower lethicin, magnesium, vitamins, and drank my lemon water every morning. In 2012 I had a second ultrasound done on my gallbladder and the stone was 40% dissolved. My doctor was in disbelief to say the least! He told me he had really doubted me in going a natural route but that he is happy I have done so well. I no longer have pain so I'm anxiously awaiting my upcoming scan this summer to see what's left!

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