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Fluoride Poisoning and Fluoride Detox

Last Modified on Mar 13, 2016

Fluoride Poisoning Symptoms  
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Posted by Nancy (Red Bank, NJ) on 04/25/2008

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I was experiencing vaginal itching for almost 2 years trying to find something that would help. What finally did it for me is eliminating tap water for drinking and washing. I believe the problem is fluoride although all of the rest of the toxins in tap water probably contribute. Within 2 days of switching to distilled water the itch went away.

Posted by Ronald E (Negaunee, MI) on 02/24/2008

[SIDE EFFECTS]  My name is Ron and I have no doubt about ALL the talk on Fluoride Poisoning.

I Started the ONLY Fluoride Poisoning Support Group on the web.

Message 3 at yahoo group FluoridePoisoning

Everything you have ever known or heard about Fluoride is false. Fluoridated water is the biggest scam ever pulled on the WORLD and is killing and sickining people everywhere..

I have been sick since 97 My symptoms did not start all at once but became progressivly worse until the present.

blurry vision - on and off not continously. got new glasses just
before I went for last MRI reading. Also looked for ICP by looking at
optic disc.

leg pains - hip, shoulder joints - I can't cross my legs - feels like
my joints are coming apart

muscle cramps and charley horses in calfs and arch of feet

mental confusion -short term memory - seems I really have to work at
remembering daily stuff

Headaches ( frontal)_ worse as day goes on

dizziness, like an airpane ride , disconnected , sometimes feels like
I am 3 feet off the ground or I am sitting sideways up on the wall -
no spinning vertigo

Brain fog - I suspect this is what alhzimers must feel like

otolaringologist says I have low frequency hearing loss

irritability - lashing out at family for no apparent reason
lack of concentration

can't sleep - up at 3-4 am and can't get back to sleep

Need to lie down in the afternoon - exhausted - feels like I am in a
comotose state - at times I can hear what is happening around me but
I can't respond

Getting fine tremmors in legs & eyelid

Dysphagia - throat feels swollen , hard to swallow at times - THROAT
GOES OPEN AND CLOSED -worse after exercise

cold hands & feet at times - cold all over at times

profuse sweating - sometimes I sweat like a pig for 15 min. after a

No appitite - constant nausea - lots of bread & milk

muscle weakness & myalgic pain moving all the time

Lower back pain and neck pain comes and goes I don't think itis
linked to exercise

hands and heels really hurt at times

electric like shocks in left leg ( thigh, sometimes in feet and toes)
worst ones happen while I am
lying on couch watching TV - doubled over in pain

Fatigue is increadible - last two hours and consider it a good day!

Gums bleed , had periodontal disease

bone loss in jaw,- according to periodontist and dentist


drooling at times

Soft stools all the time -almost diarrhea

Getting pins and needles on chest and back after a hot shower and hot
days and exercise - started after surgery i think

Itching on arms and waist especially after a hot shower but other
times too

Seems like all this happens after I eat!!! things get worse and also
after exercise

chest pain in ribs on right side, then on left side

Heels really hurt as do my "heels " of my hands

longitudal ridges on finger/toe nails

History ( very brief- this is just the tip of the iceburg)

self diagnosed Chiari Malformation - my brains are swelling into my
spinal column - had decompression surgery in 2000 - symptoms
continued and worsened

self diagnosed Heavy metal poisoning - challenge test showed lead
mercury etc. - this was according to a holistic doctor and allopathic
doctors do not recognize these results. Chelated with DMSA - numbers
came down- still sick - then 10 weeks of EDTA IV thearpy - still sick.

Rhum. Doc diagnosis of Fibromyalgia - 6/02

self diagnosed Fluoride Poisoning - may 2002- one night I got sick
after dinner - and a couple of days later I thought back about what I
did different that nite - I drank three glasses of city water at that
meal instead of milk. Fluoride calcium seeks and makes it less toxic.

I did my own blind tests - I can pick out F water EVERY time - my
daughter can tell by my eyes if I have had 3 glasses of water!

I have confronted docs with this - Some look at me like I'm from
outer space, some belittle me, others just laugh.
My neurologist looked at me wide eyed and ordered serum and urine
fluoride tests. He never called me back. I went and got copies 3
weeks later and both were ELEVATED - my blood levels are 10x normal -
he has NOT dx me or schedualed another appmt.
Romhatoligist dx me with fibromyalgia and then I told her about
Fluoride - she doesn't want to see me again!

I found Dr. Myra Preston PHD - of SIBER IMAGING who has a patented
method of dx CFIDS through QEEG. I did before and after tests
dirnking my city water and I think I now have proof that F causes
brain damage in humans and is one of the causes of these "mysterious
syndromes" CFS,FM,GWS, MCS etc.
I scanned the report and will send it to you in another private
email if you wish, as it is 8 pages long.
Please give feed back if you can. I am willing to take this document
to court and start the fight against Fluorodation. I think this could
be the straw that breaks the camels back.


Mine are unusual as I did two tests because my fluoronated city water
was making me sick. First test after staying away from as much F as
possible for 2 weeks - second test after drinking my city water for
24 hours.


tested positive for all four variables to be classified as CFIDS
patient on both tests

Impression: RGE's QEEG prior to drinking water was abnormal. The
abnormalities are primarly in the ratios to total brain activation.
the prominence of slow wave activity is recorded in the delta and
theta frequencies. The lack of beta activity alsorepresents an
abnormal finding.

Following the exposure to water, RGE's delta activity increased,
theta activity decreased... Performance on these tests declined
sharply from the pre-to post water drinking... total brain function
declined in the post-water drinking QEEG.

Conclusions: Extremely abnormal QEEG due to the diffuse delta and
theta activity and the lack of brain activation in the beta range in
the frontal and temporal regions. This pattern correlates with the
patients report of severe cognitive loss. Abnormalities such as these
correlate with the limbic system and immune dysfunction, the fatigue,
the cognitive problems. It is important to note that the pre-water
evaluationwas quite abnormal, confirming the chronicity of the
patients illiness. The post-water drinking decline correlates with
the patients history of fluoride poisoning. Exposure to this toxin
exacerbated the neurophysiological disruption. ...

... RGE clearly exhibits diffuse brain dysfunction, which typically
results from a widespread condition such as a metabolic disease
including heavy metal poisoning. This indicates a neurotoxic
poisoning. Fluoride is a neurotoxin that acts on postsynaptic
receptors. This neurotoxic condition correlates with the disrupted
brain physiology and the secondary development od Chronic Fatigue
Immune Dysfinction and Fibromyalgia Syndrome.

I have seen every "oligist" on the planet it seems and the long version of my health problems are on posts/messages 5-10

Replied by Jake
Chicago, Il
For Ronald E from Negaunee, MI - For the heavy metals, get out the amalgam fillings and look at my post on MMS. I think MMS would be of substantial benefit.
Replied by Steve
Syracuse, NY
[SIDE EFFECTS]   To the poster named Ron. I just read your list of symptoms and I match just about every single one of them. I've been suffering with similar problems for years now and to the point of actually contemplating suicide. When I was younger my problems were diagnosed as being related to depression. I don't buy that. The so-called anti-depressants made my condition worse. I have so many questions. If I posted my e-mail address would you be willing to help me? No one in the professional community is willing to address this problem of poison in our water. I don't have health insurance or the money to seek any kind of help alternative or otherwise. I'm desperate for advice.
Replied by Arlan
Midland, Mi
Let me give you a shot gun approach as understandably you are frustrated...raw milk..loaded with enzymes and amazingly lactase at Walmart if you are lactose intolerent...limit your diet...spices, fruit,berries and to meat and various animal proteins..liver is exceptional if you are feeling weak...skip the veggies for a week or so...Take a couple full clusters of garlic...score every section with a knife, put them in a mug and microwave for about 2 minutes. when fully cooked the garlic will be rather mild in flavor and you can dip in butter... u may also add in digestive enzymes a half hour before meals...Potent Bacopa..a strong extract will do wonders to straighten up a body gone wild...take a serving starting in the morning every half hour until you find your self with a good solid shouldnt be more than 15 capsules... the next day take the number of tablets it took to achieve the headache in one the third day you will find that you dont have any headache and your body might just be functioning better in every way...Give this one week...I think you will be happy you did...if not, dont give up...there is no such thing as uncurable.

Posted by Carol (La Verne, CA) on 01/29/2008

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I am very grateful to Earthclinic for bringing fluoride poisoning to my attention. I had not been aware of a fluoride abundance in my body until I viewed the postings.'Fluoride wasn't the only toxic exposure crippling my life. In addition I have bismuth poisoning. Both elements, portrayed as innocent by pharmaceutical companies, but are in fact extremely toxic. My fluoride and bismuth came from over the counter and prescription drugs. I've successfully leached the fluoride but the bismuth is quite difficult to bond with and so I am still having health issues described in the below text.

The reference book Toxicology Desk Reference: The Toxic Exposure and Medical Monitoring Index, is kept in most universities and medical research facilities across the United States. Some pages of the Toxicology reference book may be accessed on the Internet by the public, but some pages are kept hidden. Pages regarding Fluoride were hidden.

Toxicology Desk Reference: The Toxic Exposure and Medical Monitoring Index
Fifth Edition (1999-2000)

Page 198

Hematological-The hematological effect caused by bismuth is methemoglobinemia, which can occur from exposure to bismuth subnitrate.
The definition and symptoms associated with methemoglobinemia include: the oxidized form of hemoglobin, in which the iron atom is trivalent, and which is not able to combine reversibly with oxygen. Formation of large amounts of methemoglobin prevents the normal function of hemoglobin, that of transporting oxygen in the body thus causing asphyxia of the tissues. When large amounts are present, the blood becomes chocolate-brown in color varying in intensity from lilac to a deep leaden hue, and quite different from the bluish-purple color of cyanosis due to a lack of oxygen. This distinctive tint is most noticeable on the cheeks, ears, tip of the nose, and fingernails. Sensation of weakness in the knees and a staggering gait follow. If destruction of the red blood cells is severe, anemia occurs and there may also be injuries to the kidney and liver. Jaundice and enlargement of the spleen may occur.

Page 706

HEENT-The HEENT effect caused by fluoride include: eye irritation; and dental caries, teeth loss, and teeth pigmentation, all of which may occur from chronic fluorosis.
Hematological-The hematological effect caused by fluoride is hyperkalemia and hypocalcemia.
Neurological-The neurological effects caused by fluoride include: hyperactive reflexes, skeletal muscle excitability, and painful spasms, all of which are felt to occur due to decreases in blood calcium.
Cardiovascular-The cardiovascular effect caused by fluoride is onset of cardiac arrhythmias, which can occur as a result of hyperkalemia.
Respiratory-The respiratory effects caused by fluoride include: Irritation to the lungs and mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract; bronchospasm; and pulmonary edema.
Renal-The renal effect caused by fluoride is renal failure, which has been seen with chronic exposure.
Musculoskeletal-The musculoskeletal effect caused by fluoride is skeletal fluorosis, which can occur from chronic exposure. Symptoms of fluorosis include: joint pain, ossifications on x-ray, brittle bones, and calcified ligaments, alsong with other crippling changes.

Posted by Bev (Elroy, WI) on 12/13/2007

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I had been treated with zithromax for pneumonia but what seemed to trigger the severe, sudden onset of reflux was taking 200mg of ibuprofen twice within the week for pain in my neck during that time. The ibuprofen caused a gastric ulcer since I had been on periodic courses of prednisone earlier for acute asthma which resolved after seven weeks of antibiotics.' When I got the pneumonia I had no asthma but a high fever, fatigue and pain in the neck. Steroids can cause ulcers but I didn't think the effect would last that long as I was not taking any at the time. I woke up choking at night with reflux and started protonix. Stopped after about one year and since use digestive enzymes, honey, camomile, ACV with baking soda. Caution: Prevacid ia a fluoridated medication. Along with the reflux, I began severe hypothyroid symptoms I believe caused by Diflucan and Advair which are both fluoridated. Have been doing the borax detox twice a week and have reduced thyroid medication from 3 1/2 to 2 1/2 gr Armour.

Posted by Renee (El Dorado, Kansas) on 06/04/2007

[SIDE EFFECTS]  Giving up tooth-paste was the best thing I could have done for my teeth and gums. Amazing how quickly I went from wanting to have all my teeth pulled to never giving them a second thought... just giving up fluoride.

I am sure that my life-long knee pain is fluoride related as the doctors find nothing abnormal in xrasys. Yet, there is no denying the pain, weakness, and swelling. Crippling at times. After giving up most fluoride for two months the bones still hurt though. I can only hope this is reversable.

Posted by Sara (Columbus, OH) on 02/09/2007

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I just read about fluoride poisoning. I now believe that after all these years of wondering what is wrong with me, I now know. I have almost all the symptoms. I have been going crazy not knowing. Can anyone tell me a medical facility or doctor, or health care professional in the Tennessee or Ohio area where I can get help? Or anywhere, for that matter. I am willing to go almost anywhere to get rid of this problem. I read the chronic fatigue syndrome page, but I feel I need the support of a health care professional who is sympathetic and knowledgeable about this problem, who will listen and help me. Thank you.

Replied by Lori
Cincinnati, OH
Hi There,
Any doctor that is doing detoxification techniques would be helpful. There are plenty here in Cincinnati that would be willing to help with chelation, colonics, neurotransmitter restoration or the like. But why not try something inexpensive and accessible like the Borax? And get reverse osmosis in your house, clearing up your water supply, replacing your toothpast, avoiding green tea, prescription drugs w/flouride are first steps..

Fluoride Tea  
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Posted by Norma (Scottsburg, IN, USA) on 10/18/2008

[YEA]  Hanna Kroeger developed an herbal tea, its called Fluoride Tea, it literally saved my life and sanity 20+ years ago, I had some dental work done at a dental college where they gave me "fluoride treatments" for peridontial disease. Shortly after these treatments, developed what I call my brain swelling inside my skull or my skull was shrinking, extreme fatigue, brain "fog"...etc. I was told about a health food store and I went there, the proprieter, a former nurse, knew immediately when I told her of my symmptoms what was wrong, she sold me the Kroeger Tea with instructions on how to consume it... 4 cups spaced over my waking hours each day. I made a quart a day. My symptoms had diminshed almost to nothing within a week. We have a two stage water filter in our kitchen, one is for chlorine and the other for fluoride. It has made a huge difference in our lives, also use a non-fluoridated toothpaste.

Replied by Dreamerbob
San Diego, Ca
What about your shower/bath water? Fluoride is easily absorbed by the skin.
Replied by Martina
Hi. Could you please tell me where to buy the tea? I would like to try it but can't find anything on Amazon that is called fluoride tea. Thanks. M

EC: Hi Martina, we just found it on kroegerherb here...It's the 5th one on the page called FRD.

Fluoride Test Kits  

Posted by Lauren (Orlando, Florida) on 04/07/2013

Hey EC... Does anyone know if there is a home test you can use to check your drinking water for fluoride. I have a feeling my water has flouride and I am scared cause I have thyroid issues and I know this is not good for this condition. Please help someone!!!!

Replied by Carly
Carly-ville, USA
... All yo have to do is call your water company and ask if they add flouride to you water.... They will tell you. You can ask for the yearly report to be mailed to you indicating just what is in your water the last time it was tested also.

If you are on well water, then there shouldn't be fluoride in it, as it is added by the municipal water supply? I think.

ALSO - There is a website called It lists all of the natural springs in the US where you can go and get natural spring (live) water... you might want to look into that also.

Good luck!

Replied by Lauren
Orlando, Florida
Thanks Carly. Will do that asap. Thanks again.

Posted by Deirdre (Atlanta, Ga, Usa) on 07/18/2010

Does anyone have any experience using fluoride test strips or a fluoride testing kit/meter to determine fluoride levels in drinking water and other beverages? After reading some articles on the web last night, I decided I would like to start testing our tea and water. We have one particular loose leaf ceylon tea that I have the feeling has fluoride levels off the charts.

Source: Content in Tea

..."Tea infusion readily releases Fluoride from tea leaves into water. As such, it is considered a significant dietary source of Fluoride (Lu, et al., 2004). Studies from certain countries have found teas containing 0.03 ppm-25.7 ppm Fluoride (Szpir, 2005). Alongside consideration of when leaves are harvested relative to the growth of the tea plant and which leaves are selected for a particular tea, processing can be another determinant in Fluoride content of the final tea product. One study done in Taiwan found tea packaged in teabags had higher Fluoride concentrations in infusions than loose leaf teas (Lung, et al., 2003)."

re FDA Regulation

"...The current FDA regulation standard for fluoride levels in beverages and bottled water is 1.4-2.4 ppm (US FDA, 2006). Certain American brand teas have been found to exceed the standard amount (Rao, 1984). Studies from other countries have also found their local teas to contain fluoride levels higher than the recommended amounts (Lung, et al., 2003 and Tokalioglu, et al., 2004)."

Another excellent source of info on fluoride content in various foods, beverages and toothpastes:

Regarding fluoride test strips and kits... here are some products I found on Google Shopping. I just don't know which one would be best... any ideas? Thanks!

Replied by Isabelle
Garden Grove, Ca Usa
Hello! I too, am searching for a good but inexpensive water tester. I did ask around but beside telling me that the "hanna" tester has a good reputation, I am not more informed and I am joining you in the search, here is one of many for comments:

Hello all you tech savvy wonderful people! Can you suggest a fluid tester? Thanks in advance.

Replied by Addy
Flowery Branch, Ga
Hey Deirdre,

I can recommend a few directions for you to go to for fluoride testing. If you will email me, I'll be happy to share the info with you!

EC: Hi Addy,

Thanks for the offer. Can you post your suggestions here so that all may see? Thanks.

Replied by Addy
Flowery Branch, Ga
I saw that someone has already mentioned Hannah Instruments on a previous post. I know of them but not much else.
Contact either Fisher Scientific ( or VWR Scientific ( They both carry products for Fluoride testing.
If you choose to measure by electrode/meter:
Denver Instruments (, ThermoScientific (,
Mettler Toledo ( and WTW (

Other: commercial testing labs
Analytical Serivces Inc. Norcross, GA. Test America Norcross, GA (?)
or Check local Yellow Pages
I hope this helps.

Fluoride Toxicity Testing  

Posted by Peter (Dublin, Ireland) on 03/09/2010

To whom it may concern,

I have been living in Ireland for 3 years. Due to my current health condition, I have a suspision of being toxicated by fluoride, which has been found in Irish drinking water. I have done a thorough research on internet in relation to fluoride analysis toxicity tests, unfortunately I was not able to find an appropriate test center nor a test kit so far.

What is the fluoride testing method?

Would it be possible to tell me how can I analyze my body against fluoride toxicity, please? This information is extremely important for me.

Thank you for your time in advance,

Best Regards,

General Feedback  

Posted by Bill (Los Angeles, California Usa) on 01/20/2012

Something to know about fluoride toothpaste and fluoride poisioning.

According to the toothpaste manufacturers own instructions, the proper dose - sic - of tootpase is a drop the size of a small pea. Do not swallow - spit it out.

OK - now here is the crazy part - On the toothpaste box it says if more than that is used, to notify a poision control agency immediately or see a doctor.

Now here is the sick part - the TV commercials show a toothbrush completely covered with toothpaste and then a dairy queen swirl on the end. This is more than two thousand percent the toxic dose as noted on the toothpaste instructions.

This is criminal.

Replied by Jen
Bozeman, Mt, Us
This is a very interesting observation. Thank you for it. I will have a little more ammo in my quest to get my extended family off of flouride:)
Replied by Francisca
Zug, Switzerland
I had never thought about it Bill... And it is true that many people, seeing the picture of the film on TV will indeed put a load of toothpaste on their tooth brush. I keep telling my husband he doesn't need to use so much although we only use toothpaste without fluoride! And yes... it is criminal but then a lot of criminal stuff going on! Nowadays any time I see some governmental advice I look the other way because I know that no matter where you live it will most probably be crap only designed to extract money out of you!
Replied by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia
A child eating a tube of toothpaste will die.. That shows how toxic it is.


Posted by Debbie (Melbourne, Australia ) on 01/19/2012

A sobering read how fluoride toxicity is occurring in plants, fish and even bees. It even is killing off frogs and some insects in certain areas. They use it now in fertilisers and apparently tea is heavily infused with it. The salad and fish you eat may not be as healthy as you thought. Even supplements which we thought were healthy may be toxic in fluoride as it goes through the food supply. It can even be in toxic levels in fruit trees.

As an aside most labs don't check for fluoride levels in humans. Fluoride also damages the thyroid.

Long Term Exposure to Fluoride  
3 User Reviews | 1 YEA

Posted by James (Hamilton, Canada) on 07/05/2007

[YEA]  I spent over a year working as a chemical compounder for a pharmaceutical company. They specialized in fluoride based products for the dental care industry, (eg. pastes, polishes, rinses and gels). On a daily basis for over a year, I was exposed to sodium fluoride dust and residue, stannous fluoride dust and residue and hydrofluoric acid fumes. I have since developed a debilitating condition that has not been properly diagnosed by my doctor. I have had scans, blood work, x-rays and an MRI. Still no diagnosis. Are there other people out there like me that have been exposed to large amounts of fluoride on the job and are paying for it with their lives?

Replied by Heroay
Texas, USA
There is MORE to Fluoridation of our water than meets the eye. Perhaps this will explain the otherwise unexplainable obstination of our loving government officials, in spite of demands and lawsuits to the contrary by the People, in their forced use upon us of this corrosive poison. Implemented in both the Bolshevik gulags and the Nazi concentration camps to mentally subdue their prisoners (and damage the left occipital of their brains in the process). If you add to corrosive fluoridation the brain damaging Aspartame in soda drinks, you have close to the complete picture: Mass Mind Control of the Sheeple.
Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn

530 Posts
Hey, you left out one of the major neurotoxins that permeates all our processed foods and kills off our brain cells- MONOSODIIUM GLUTAMATE (MSG)! We are probably getting more of it in our processed food than we would from eating Asian or stir-fried foods all the time. WAKE UP AMERICANS! The FDA isn't about to ban any of these neurotoxins so the only way you are going to get them out of our food is to stop buying anything that contains them and write the manufacturer telling them why. Big Business's Big Bucks might work with the FDA but when they find they don't have a market, our bucks are going to talk to the Big Business that is contaminating our food supply. With the news that Alzheimer's disease is now starting in the third decade (30's) and in those with no family history of it (genetic predisposition), we don't have time to waste. We will soon be a nation of people unable to care for ourselves and few, if any, left to take care of us! From another Sheeple.

Multiple Remedies  

Posted by Laurie (Fishers, Indiana ) on 10/16/2015

[SIDE EFFECTS]  For one year now, I have been taking supplements due to low levels of vitamin D3, B12, and iodine. My doctor decided it must be because of fluoride toxicity. I also have taken iodine for 2 years and magnesium, topically. My supplements also include an adrenal supplement from MedixSelect (Dr. Brownstein works with them) and I have taken BioQuench (Biotivia) for several years for inflammation of the ovaries due to pcos. The mangosteen fruit 'skin' is the best anti-inflammatory for this condition. My whole family is hypoglycemic but I am the only one with very bad 'pcos' since my first pregnancy.

I take glucophage (2,000 mg/day). Tried to get off it and was totally out of control. Cholesterol, triglycerides and weight went up.

Just discovered my 2 quarts of strong tea day might not be good. Ugh! So, I started drinking more water. We've had a Big Berkey for over two years. Oh, and a few weeks ago, I began eating apples almost daily. I have since learned that they detox fluoride.

Suddenly, after a year, I am feeling awful. Palpitations occuring almost daily started two weeks ago, joint pains and weakness this week. I added Coral Calcium for the heart rhythm, figuring it was from the pcos.

I have most of the symptoms of finally detoxing and want to know how to abate the feeling of being sick, weak, achy, and the stiff neck. Does it usually take this long to start detoxing fluoride? How long will it take once it starts one has been heavily exposed for 40 plus years?

What was very interesting to me was the list of symptoms of fluoride toxicity. In my late 30s, I suddenly developed interstitial cystitis which was treated as a repeated bladder infection, but I discovered it was an allergy to sulfates. My husband and I suddenly became sensitive/allergic to many things in our late 30s. We have many toxicity symptoms

I also have scoliosis and was fused using C-D rods at 26. (I sound like a mess.). Recently, I learned that while I have no arthritis in any joint (a miracle considering I was a child gymnast and rode/trained horses for almost 40 years). But, my lumbar discs are degenerating and I have stenosis and bone spurs. All of these are symptoms of fluoride toxicity. Will getting the fluoride out help the discs or are they done?

When I discovered the truth about fluoride (4 years ago), my brain was foggyand I couldn't find even simple words. I am much better since finding the right iodine. I make my own toothpaste and even laundry soap with pure water, and have tried to reduce the amount of fluoride exposure. But, I keep finding more avenuesmthey use to get it in us!

Finally, I wanted to let you know that while I was researching another topic, I found evidence that, after WWII, the U.S. Government discovered the use of fluoride in Nazi Germany to control the population, especially in the camps. By the mid-50s, fluoride was being added to water supplies here. This is how I discovered how bad fluoride is.

If you know how to mitigate the symptoms of cleansing and how long it may take, please let me know.

Thank you!

Posted by Sue (Townsville, Qld, Australia) on 05/02/2009

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  This is a rather long submission I'm sorry, but one which I hope someone will be able to find help from.

I found this site a month ago looking for an answer to neck, shoulder and arm pain. I've always had problems in this area but for the last 6 months it was chronic, and had spasmed- leaving me unable to move at times.

After reading the EC fluoride page I now know what the problem is. I've always lived with fluoridated water, and as a child was given fluoride tablet supplements. I have had problems with brain fog, indigestion, muscle and joint pain, and tiredness, for a long time, but they have all become really noticeable lately, yes I turned 50 last year. I drink a lot of water, so I bought a bench top filter (have ordered a fluoride filter module). The first thing I noticed was that the filtered water doesn't burn my throat when I drink it and I don't burp afterwards. I presume that burning is the taste of chlorine.
Here is my diary for the last 4 weeks, I think it is a testament to the EC site , everything I have done I found here:

I took Magnesium and Vitamin C for the shoulder, neck pain .. remarkable, within 2 hours the pain was subsiding, within 24 hours 95% gone. I continued with magnesium and Vit C every day for a week or so. And have weekly professional massages but with coconut oil. I still have some stiffness when I turn my neck too far either way, but at least I can turn it.

My Indigestion: Occasional burning, (especially at night), but chronic burping, all the time. (I use no white flour, sugar, etc that helps a lot, but still burp, burp, burp.)
I Tried Apple Cider Vinegar, a small dash in water throughout the day, but after 2 days this set my teeth on edge.
I Tried it with the Baking Soda. Same thing.
Tried Baking Soda and Citric Acid .. Same thing.

Finally gritted my teeth and tried the lemon juice/baking soda method (the thought of it made my stomach heave) -. remarkable. It was like somebody opened a window and let the fog out --I'm talking within minutes -- and the burping stopped. I was expecting to burp for hours, but nothing, and my stomach felt relaxed, my whole body sighed with relief. Am taking it 2 x day.

I also tried Castor Oil packs on an area central just below the breast bone, that was sore to touch and hard. I put the pack on the spot with a heat bag at night before I went to sleep at about 12pm and took it off at 3 am toilet visit. I did that 2 nights, and both times, the next day, at about 10am I felt a strange trickling feeling from that sore point, and I felt nauseous until I had something to eat. It doesn't feel swollen or sore any more. I don't pretend to know what it was, but it worked and feels good.

Last week, I had a foul, metallic taste in my mouth. I was using Cilantro (made into pesto, with olive oil, sea salt, lemon juice, sunflower seeds, blended till fine). Having that 2 or 3 times a day, and also taking Lecithin granules. I suppose I was taking too much. Couldn't work out why my mouth tasted so foul, I had a look at my tongue in the mirror and got such a fright, it was green. Then I realised that it was probably the "Living Green Drink" I'd also been using to try and get more greens into my diet. Ha Ha. It also makes my stomach feel good.

The metallic taste settled down after a couple of days. I've since noticed that you say to use the Cilantro every other day. Was my using it every day what caused the metallic taste do you think?

About 2 weeks ago I noticed a large mass in my right breast. It was hot to touch and sweating, but there was no sign of infection, no redness or swelling. It appeared from nowhere, I've never had breast lumps. I presume it is a calcium deposit caused by the magnesium? I have wondered about too much calcium in my system, I have arthritis in my knees and ankles. A bone density test I did once, showed readings so high they were off the chart.
This mass is getting smaller. I am continuing with the lemon/baking soda, do I do that until it has disappeared? Do I still take it 2 x day everyday? I have stopped the Magnesium, is that right or will I continue with that also, if so how much and how often? I want to start to using a mineral supplement, instead of just plain Magnesium. Should I find one without Calcium? Have also started taking Vitamin E 500 iu x 3 day.

Also, you talk about your Miracle Water and broad parameters. I started my menstrual cycle again, I haven't had one for 6 months. It lasted 9 days, a long time for me. Not heavy, but annoying. I tried 1 tblspn of coconut oil twice a day. Still bleeding. Tried Evening Primerose Oil. Same thing. I was starting to worry, It seemed strange that it started out of nowhere? Today I took apple cider vinegar. A dash in water, it went down a treat. (No burning or burping). An hour or so later, took a bigger dash in water, and the bleeding has stopped. Yea! Does this sound right? As I said I haven't had one for 6 months, and I have no other menopause symptoms. It will be interesting to see if they continue to be regular after using the Miracle Water.
I hope you can find the time to answer my questions, I would really appreciate it.

Also, you should think seriously about documenting all your trials and successes in a book. Your years of work and experiences are important. I also believe that if we looked long and hard enough at you, we may be able to see a pair of wings attached to your back. Your are a blessing and are at-one with the angels!

Kindest Regards.

EC: Sue, thank you so much for this extremely detailed feedback!

Replied by Lou
Spokane, Wa
Hi all. When I found out how to drive the deadly fluoride out of human bodies, MINE, I was overjoyed. The science is impeccable. ENJOY

Doctor James Howenstine MD on Iodine
I thank my lucky stars for running into this insightful Doctor's cogent observations on the super critical mineral iodine.

"Iodine has a role in promoting general well being as well as protecting against infections, degenerative diseases and cancer. Iodine promotes the normal killing of defective and abnormal cells (apoptosis). Thus, iodine helps the body's surveillance system to detect and remove abnormal cells. Additionally, the presence of iodine triggers differentiation away from the more dangerous undifferentiated type of cell toward normal cells. The presence of adequate levels of iodine in the body (Japanese diet with lots of sea vegetables and fish) reduces reactive oxygen species (ROS). in the body which decreases the oxidative burden in the body. This results in slowing of degeneration disease processes and decreasing the risk of cancer."

"The mammary glands have a trapping system for iodine similar to that of the thyroid gland. The breasts effectively compete with the thyroid gland for ingested iodine. This distribution of iodine to both breast and thyroid gland in pubertal girls explains why goiter is 6 times more common in girls than pubertal boys. The disappearance of iodine into breast tissue in women leads to decreased ability to supply the thyroid gland with an adequate amount of iodine. The development of a goiter in young girls indicates deficient distribution of iodine to both breast and thyroid tissue. Treating such a patient with thyroid hormone is not sensible and appears to increase the risk of breast cancer." Note women you MUST solve this problem yourself, the average doc jumps right to the thyroid meds. IMO get at least 14 mg of iodine/day

"Iodine therapy helps the body eliminate fluoride, bromine, lead, cadmium, arsenic, aluminum and mercury. Could this substitution of bromine for iodine have been carried out to increase diseases and thus create more need for pharmaceutical drugs?" Note you have NO idea how good it makes me feel to hear a mainstream doctor voice the obvious

"Several human organs need iodine but can not absorb it until blood iodine levels reach high values (stomach, salivary glands). Most persons exhibit impaired production of stomach acid as they age. This impaired capability to produce adequate stomach acid may be a result of iodine deficiency as iodine promotes stomach acidity." Note low zinc will also promote low stomach acid

"Excessive clotting and vascular disease resulting from high levels of lipoprotein (a) can be reversed by iodine treatment."

"Dr. Abrahams thinks that the correct quantity of iodine needed to maintain sufficient amounts of iodine in the body is 13 mg. daily. This is 100 times more than the government recognized RDA for iodine."

Doctor James Howenstine, MD

Doctor Al Sears MD on Iodine Deficiency Problems

"A lot of iodine is concentrated in breast tissue. When you don't have enough, you can develop fibrocystic breast disease. Up to 93% of American women have it. This is when your breasts become very painful and have nodules and cysts in them. The longer you have this disease, the higher potential for breast cancer." Doctor Al Sears MD

"Iodine is concentrated in the stomach. When you don't have enough, you develop a condition that feels like you have too much stomach acid. But it's just the opposite... you don't have enough. If it goes on long enough, it can develop into stomach cancer." Doctor Al Sears MD

"Tear glands in your eyes contain large amounts of iodine. Lack of iodine can cause dry eyes." Doctor Al Sears MD

"Iodine is concentrated in the ovaries. Women who lack iodine develop cysts. The greater deficiency, the more cysts. It can also lead to a disease called polycystic ovarian disease." Doctor Al Sears MD

These are some of the low iodine problems Doctor Al Sears a well practiced clinician has seen in his practice over the years. It opened my eyes.

A way to REMOVE Fluoride from your Body

"Iodine therapy helps the body eliminate fluoride, bromine, lead, cadmium, arsenic, aluminum and mercury. Could this substitution of bromine for iodine have been carried out to increase diseases and thus create more need for pharmaceutical drugs?" Doctor James Howenstine, MD

"Dr. Abrahams thinks that the correct quantity of iodine needed to maintain sufficient amounts of iodine in the body is 13 mg. daily. This is 100 times more than the government recognized RDA for iodine." Doctor James Howenstine, MD

Most of us are deficient in iodine. This deficiency allows the fluoride to displace what little iodine we have. Repleting your iodine along with CEASING fluoride ingestion, can drive out the fluoride out of your body. To replete your iodine you will HAVE to start thinking of milligrams of iodine NOT micrograms.

Avoid these which can prevent your Absorption of Iodine (** = cooking usually eliminates the problem)

Corn ** (See Grain Protocol) make sure corn is NOT GMO, 85% is
Drugs (See Drug Protocol)
Soybeans and Soy Oil
Chlorinated Water (See Chlorine Protocol)
Fluoridated Water (See Fluoride Protocol)
Millet ** (See Millet Protocol)
Mustard ** (See Mustard Protocol) go easy
Peanuts ** (See Peanut Protocol)
Raw Cruciferous Vegetables ** (See Cruciferous Vegetables Protocol)

Iodate Sources

* Seaweed one quarter of an ounce of dried seaweed can contain 4 mg of iodine. This is the ONLY food to consider if you are deficient
* Seafood
* Eggs
* Pineapple

Here is an easy way to tell if you are Deficient in Iodine

Get a bottle of Tincture of Iodine. Paint a square inch or two of the tincture of Iodine on your upper thigh as you sit. If your body absorbs all the iodine in less than 24 hours you are deficient; repaint doubling painted area. Repeat this procedure until your body does not absorb all the iodine in 24 hours.

Iodine Repletion

IMO the very best way to accomplish the iodate repletion Doctor Howenstine recommends is to eat about 4 ounces (dry weight) of a good Japanese Seaweed every day or every other day for at least a few months. After that go on a maintenance dose of once or twice a week. I recommend going to a place who carries Asian foods. Talk to them about a good bio-available source of iodate. The red or brown seaweeds usually contain the most iodate.

Severely iodine deficient people can often take up to a year to replete with even daily seaweed. If you suspect you are not repleting sufficiently on seaweed consider working with an integrative doctor. Solving an iodine deficiency can result in an improvement in MANY areas of your health and should IMO be taken seriously. Lugol's and Iodoral supplements are used by many to replete iodine. I have gotten severely depleted several times and taken 50 mg/day for a month or so.

Keep an Eye on your Iodine

I take at least ten kelp tablets (See Kelp Protocol) a day for my iodate, take an iodine liquid, eat seaweed and test with Tincture of Iodine every week or so. Usually my symptoms of hypothyroidism will remind me when I have missed a day or two.

Potassium Iodine a very useful substance
The great Iodate Scam
Lugol's Iodine Solution read the reviews for use and dose information
Iodoral Iodine Supplement

Replied by Tami
Beaverton, Or
I have Hashimoto's and an iodine loading test indicated I'm deficient. I've tried taking Iodoral but everytime I start I get horribly fatigued. Do you have any idea's on what else I can take? I continually read about the benefits of iodine and would like to find something my body can tolerate.
Replied by Dallas
Amesbury, MA
Tami, I have read that when you have Hashimoto's, as you and I both have, the amount of iodine is critical and many docs recommend that you not use iodine. However, Hashis need iodine. Therefore, it is better to paint the iodine that is used for cuts that you get at the pharmacy in the 2 oz bottle on your skin and let your skin absorb the optimal amount. The best kind I get is the C_S brand which has both iodine and iodide - both are necessary.

Also, you might want to look this need to supplement with other things such as selenium (esp. important) if you want iodine to work for you. If you are taking thyroid medication, check your temperature each morning before you get up and make sure it is not going consistently above normal (like about 99 degrees plus) to make sure you are not going hyPER thyroid because the iodine should improve thyroid function and you DO NOT WANT TO GO HYPER! If you go hyper for to long, without decreasing your thyroid med dosage, you could have a dangerously fast heart beat. So, keep a check on your heart rate too. This is all doable esp. with advice of a knowledgeable physician (perhaps a naturopath) if you can find one - but you just must be careful.