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Dealing with Depression Naturally

Last Modified on Apr 12, 2015

Sam-e   4  0   

Posted by Mary (Arcadia, Ca) on 04/07/2014

[WARNING!]  I bought Sam-e for the depression I have had for so 30 years. I got a little headache from it and then I became dizzy. I thought because it was working on my brain already. I read the ingredients and was surprised to see it had Tosylate disulfate. Which is connected to sulpha or sulphur.

I am very allergic to Sulpha drugs and about a half hour later I started to itch. I called the pharmacist where I live and explained to her what it had. She said it would only have a minute amount in it but to get benadryl if I had any side effects. I started to feel needle like picks all over my body and took care of it with the benadryl. Maybe it won't happen to you but be careful.

Replied by Timh
Ky, Usa
Mary: I think Tosylate disulfate is the generic name for SAM-e, which is a derivative of the sulfur amino acid Methionine.

As for the reaction, it is ether a problem of Molybdenum deficiency or genetic defect. It's what called a dysfunctional Sulfoxidation mechanism. You should try 500mcg MolyB daily w/ B complex or B-50-100. After 1 wk of this try the SAM-e again as you should have no more reaction and maybe start feeling up and better.

Also for depression, try 500mg Tyrosine in the AM and 100mg 5HTP before retiring.

Sam-E   4  0   

Posted by Angel (Crawfordville, Florida) on 09/22/2008

[YEA]  I have suffered from mild depression for about 10 years and on. As healthcare is very expensive, I never got meds from the doctor, I could not afford them. I was doing some research for natural depression cures, and came across SAM-e. With in 36 hours I felt like a new person.

I took it for 2 weeks, and noticed a that I felt "normal". I read that the reason that SAM-e works so well and most people take it and then stop for a while, is because SAM-e is one of the few meds that cross the blood-brain barrier, thus making it more effective.

After taking it for two weeks, I stopped taking it for over a month as I did not need it. Then I found this site last night while searching for a cure for a friends yeast infection, and came across Apple Cider Vinegar.

I had some here, and took it last night and WOW. I am so not a morning person, but I jumped out of bed and have felt like a million bucks all day long. I will now be taking the ACV daily as well!

Replied by Karen
Ephrata, Wa - Washington
[YEA]   Just a word on Sam-e, it is amazing stuff. It has helped me more than any other supplement. I would like to share some information about it though. It should never be taken with any other substance that effects seratonin, such as rhodiola, 5-htp or even dextromethorphan wich is in Robotussin D.M. and many over the counter medications. And of course Prozac and other prescription medications. For me Sam-e has worked far better than anything else.
Replied by Rob
Manhattan, Ny
Hi Karen..... thanks for your input on SAMe

1. How much do you take?
2. What time do you take it?
3. Do you take it with food or on an empty stomach?


Replied by Rob
Manhattan, Ny
I found a good answer to my own post... From Dr. Ray Sahelian:

"I have personally taken SAM-e just to see what it would do, and it is quite a powerful mood lifter. Perhaps I'm sensitive to nutrients, but I notice the effects on 100 mg, sometimes even less. Almost all the tablets on the market are 200 mg. If you plan to take it under medical guidance, here's a few tips your doctor may not know. It's best taken in the morning before or with breakfast. I notice within one to two hours being more alert and more motivated to do things, and in a better mood. Many of the clinical studies have used several hundred mgs but in the long run this can cause side effects. The most common are overstimulation, insomnia, and headache. You can actually feel anxious and restless if you take too much. If you wish to take a small amount, bite off half or a third of a 200 mg tablet and use the rest the next day. You may need to adjust your dose down over the next few days since it can start building up in the system, or you can take a day or two off. Each person is unique in their response."

Replied by Mum
Qld, Australia
I have suffered severe depression and anxiety for many years. I have been hospitalised for several weeks and attempted suicide multiple times. During my worst anxiety, I was horrible to be around and developed extreme agoraphobia. I managed to get my condition under control using medications and CBT. However the medications had negative side effects including extreme weight gain of 50Kg and sexual difficulties. The meds also made me need to sleep 10 - 11 hrs a night. Several months ago, I bravely stopped medication and moved onto a combination of SAM-e and vitamin B complex. I feel even BETTER than I did on medication and the negative side effects are gone. I am sleeping well and my family have commented how wonderful I look. I am calm and collected. I need to take 400mg of SAM-e daily, as the 200mg dosage isn't strong enough. On 200mg, my anxiety and depression creeps back in slightly. I highly recommend SAM-e. Make sure to take the vitamin B's as well. This makes it work better.

Posted by Sharon (Boston, MA) on 02/04/2007

[YEA]  My husband had a habit of waking up at 2:00am in terrible anxiety every night. The rest of the night was toss and turn, toss and turn. I started him on SamE and overnight, the pattern ceased. Now he loves it and takes it every night. No more insomnia, no more anxiety, no more depression. Good stuff!!

Posted by Shelly (Sioux City)

[YEA]  In the fall when the time changes, I often have a very difficult time with anxiety and depression, especially as the holiday season approaches. After being on Effexor for a couple of years, I decided I needed to find a natural solution as I was tired of always feeling 2 steps behind. I experimented with the supplement SAM-e and discovered that it worked wonders fairly quickly. I also realized that some brands are better than others as it is a very unstable molecule. I took the lower dosage 2x a day for about a month. At that point I had to stop taking it for a while because it appeared that my brain chemistry had corrected itself and I no longer needed supplementation. Now I take it as needed, which is about 1 pill every few months. I hope others coming off the anti-anxiety medication will give this supplement a try. It was a wonderful discovery! By the way, doctors in Europe prescribe this remedy more often than prescription meds.

Shino's Remedies for Depression   1  0   

Posted by Shino (Auckland, New Zealand) on 09/13/2008

[YEA]  hi, i have suffered chronic depression twice, and this second time ive been doing natural therapies. thought i would share what has helped me on this site, as i got some of this stuff through japanese sites that people may not have access to and some of it has been crucial to my recovery!

my depression got so bad i couldnt get out of bed, talk or even eat by myself. being only 27 i pushed myself with work despite feeling terrible for 8 months and this is what happened. i didnt want to take medications, which are still so unreliable, my dad found a site whose plan we followed. main points are:

1. eliminate all forms of stress, as much as possible, including work, study, jobs, housework, cooking...get others to do these for you. also important, avoid all reading, violent movies and programmes, the news, and all games, which cause the adrenals to go.

2. do what you want every day (not what you think you should do, or be doing) - if you just want to sleep, do that and tell others to support you, you need to realise that this is okay and important for recovery.

3. just get someone to make sure you`re eating well (greens to make up half the meal, then quarter protein and quarter carbs. keep to organics and whole foods which means less toxins for your body to have to waste energy on). Drink at least 1.5 litres of good water a day - this helps all your organs function properly and flush out baddies. Avoid smoking, caffeine, alcohol and sugar, which all cause strong mood imbalances.

4. take the following supplements 3 times a day: phosphatydilserine (solgar is gd brand) - this will elevate your mood within 30 mins - you can take this as you need it. soy protein powder (NOT whey. soy releases energy slowly and helps your blood sugar balance) i also found this elevated my mood and brain function each time within about 30 minutes. omega 3, B vitamins (tresos B is good, as is the V2000 by solgar). St Johns Wort - or any of the above can be taken in conjunction with antidepressants safely.

If you have pretty severe depression like i did, then you know that you`re so sensitive to anything that counselling or therapy is a nightmare. In this case the plan above is great because you get better purely by addressing the nutritional balance in your body first. i did it for about 3 months before i felt up to seeing a counsellor. the four points above are all equally important - basically the aim is to eliminate emotional, physical stress as well as any cause of stress on your organs (which i now realise is THE crucial thing with depression and anxiety which doctors and therapists tend to overlook or minimise the importance of), and give your body everything it needs to produce the right balance of mood hormones again. Just note, that as you get better you will find that you level of energy increases - and this can be a fragile time because this can mean that if you`re still having suicidal thoughts you now have the physical energy to carry it out. make sure people around are aware of this so that they can be there for you during this time until your thoughts catch up and balance out too.

These are additional supplements which my naturopath helped me with later - i am not sure if they are all compatible with antidepressants though so please check. 5 HTP has chilled me out a lot, helped ease my insomnia and overeating. adrenal gland tonic (herbal health stores can make them up for you) including things like withania, liquorice, shatavari, wood betony, has helped me as long-term stress in constant fight/flight mode has worn out my glands (hair loss is one indication of this, which i had). bach flower essences, taking epsom salt baths with lavendar, meditation, walking in nature - even taking a short walk in the sun, yoga, are also things that i got into when i was ready.

the rest are really more to address emotional and spiritual needs (which, in depression and anxiety is important) - network spinal analysis and reiki can provide temporary relief at an energetic level, and if you like these i have found that a good spiritual healer can be 10 times better than seeing a therapist as they are way more holistic in finding out what`s wrong, and really care. also EFT technique (free on the website). also an online community called and helped me connect with others who had the same thing. was especially helpful when i was too down to see any friends or family.

hope this helps...i am still not 100%, but this plan has been amazing. the supplement plan i wrote about is effective for those with medium and mild depression too, and from the hundreds of feedback i read on the site, it has helped so many people.

Sodium Thiosulfate   1  0   

Posted by G on 07/14/2007

[YEA]  Ted, i have been taking sodium thiosulfate in the form of an aquarium water conditioner, removes heavy metals and chlorine. Anyway, am I supposed to feel this good after taking it in my water/tea at the rate of about 7 - 10 drops per pint. Calls for 2 drops per gallon to condition the water, I am way over that. Anyway, within 30 minutes I feel great! Almost like an instant ant-depressant. What's your opinion, on the mode of action?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
The mode of action of sodium thiosulfate is to reduce the free radicals (from heavy metals and toxic chemical accumulation) that can most likely cause depression. Depression in this case is due to toxicity and free radicals. Sodium thiosulfate is unique in the neutralization of chemical toxicity in the liver.

While it has an anti-depressant effect, I also use it to help with my sleep too. Most natural supplements take about 30 minutes to have an effect while aromatherapy effect is more faster.

Sodium thiosulfate has a strong relaxing and calming effects. So in event of depression or even a child with behavioral problems (ADHD, tantrum, etc) it is the detoxifying effect of sodium thiosulfate of toxic things, such as heavy metals, fluoride, and other toxic substances that helped depression and other psychological problems.

There are also other common everyday remedies that can do this also such as a a tiny amount of borax, baking soda, niacinamide B3 300 mg, garlic, and certain aromatherapy such as narcissus oils or lavender where the mode of actions have similar effects as well. One thing I also used as an antidepressant for myself is the amino acid supplements in soybean oil, that seems to work for me as well.

Therefore being depressed is very much due to toxic environment, heavy metals, vitamin deficiency, and for me, amino acid imbalance. It might have been the L-Phenylalanine and L-Tyrosine which are responsible, however, since those are not available locally, I used the amino acid supplements instead. There are also certain amino acids such as 5-HTP, tryptophan, and SAM-e that also have anti-depressants.

With all these natural supplements and prices at a fraction of med's anti depressants, I think therefore it is a lot safer and more effective to treat the cause by dealing with directly with reducing toxicity and resolving deficiencies.

Soy and Egg Protein Powder   1  0   

Posted by Tonya (Chicago, IL) on 02/09/2009

[YEA]  Depression Remedy: I've been suffering from mental anxiety and depression for 3 years, currently on 2 antidepressants. Two weeks ago I started taking ORGANIC SOY & EGG PROTEIN POWDER for weight loss, 80% of depression is gone. Tried to eat eggs and tofu separately, it didn't work. I read when you're depressed, 60% of your food intake should be proteins. (whey protein made me more depressed)

St John's Wort   2  2   

Posted by Chase (Las Vegas, NV) on 06/07/2007

[YEA]  I have been using St. John's Wort, a natural herb, to help my depression. I was diagnosed as clinically depressed a few weeks ago, and i soon decided that i would battle it naturally. Well, sure enough, the Lord has made a natural fix for it. After just a couple of days of using St John's Wort, I have been livelier, i've had motivation, and I am finally myself again! Thank the Lord! Chase

Replied by Ethan
Nashville, Tennessee
[NAY]   I only tried this for about a couple months. I would take 2 pills every day. I was more depressed then when I first started. I have found that other natural cures have been more effective with me such as non processed foods, fish oil vitamins, fresh fruit, leafy green vegtables, and berries. I am trying apple cider vinegar now since it seems to have worked for others that responded here.
Replied by Sarah
Ottawa, Canada
I have been taking B100 complex and Omega 3 (both three times a day) to help me being down day-to-day (depression, I guess).

I tried them separately, but only if I take them both works for me..

Tried 5-HTP for weight loss and saw it decreased my appetite considerably, improved my mood but also made me sleepy. So, I only take it once in the evening.

None of these were helping though with my aweful PMS moods. So gave ST JOHN'S WORT a try. Started taking 2 weeks before my expected period and saw improvements almost in a matter of days.

I had no side effects and now use it regularly 1 week before my period and following week to keep the bitch under control (additional to all above vitamins).

I take 2-3 weeks off and then repeat, so far I'm very happy with the results. It doesn't make me happy, just content but that is way better than being angry for no good reason.

Replied by Heather
San Diego
[NAY]   Eagerly tried this years ago. No help with depression, caused acne breakouts which were worse than any I'd ever had. There are better supplements - Mag Citrate, SAM-e, taurine, Ted's alkalizing formula. I've never tried Rhodiola but maybe I will some day.
Replied by Oscar
Syracuse, New York, Usa
I agree with Heather from San Diego, St. John's wort is a dangerous herb. It is well known to cause serious skin problems for cattle that graze on St. John's wort, and is fatal to cattle that eat too much of it as discussed here at wikipedia:'s_wort#Livestock_.E2.80.93_forage_poisoning

Posted by Ines (Tel Aviv)

[YEA]  I'm taking Saint John's Wort and it is helping to feel better from mild depression -- being prescribed Paxil, Miro and Prozac -- decided to take first Saint John's Wort and so far so good !!!

Replied by Sandra
Inchigeelagh, Cork, Ireland
[SIDE EFFECTS]   I just wanted to mention a possible side effect of St John's Wort. I started taking a German preparation (they have done some of the most extensive studies on the herb, and regularly prescribe it for depression). 900 mg once a day. I happened to go to my doctor a week after starting. My usually normal blood pressure had skyrocketed to 180/100. I had been feeling a bit jumpy and recognised the feeling as I had previously experienced a massive increase in my blood pressure from taking licorice. I immediately stopped taking St. John's Wort and within two days felt a lot better in terms of the jumpy-ness. I will not have my blood pressure taken for another few weeks, and unless you hear from me again you can be sure it's back to normal.

I've read studies that say the herb does not affect blood pressure, but I can't help thinking that the people in the study were not super sensitive like myself.

Replied by Heidi
Ogden, UT USA
[SIDE EFFECTS]   WARNING! If you have bipolar disorder, avoid St. John's Wort. My husband has BPD, and used st john's wort for a full year before having any side effects, and when they came, they were a DOOZY!

He said he felt like his brain was sitting on a frying pan and sizzling, and if he'd had a gun, he would have shot himself in the head, not because he was suicidal, but simply to bring an end to the sizzling sensation.

It took a year for the herb to saturate into his system enough to bring this on, but it was a VERY unhappy side effect for him. It lasted an entire afternoon, three or four hours of brain sizzle. Not something he ever wants to repeat.

St John's Wort, Sunshine, Exercise, Love of Animals   1  0   

Posted by Catherine (Eureka, MT)

[YEA]  St. John's Wort works well for me, and I definitely benefit from Sunshine (#5)! plus: Movement. It doesn't need to be strenuous exercise. Animals. Being around people increases my anxiety and depression - they wear me out. Animals are great companions; they're honest, clear spirits, and keep your mind in the present. My depression stems from a spinal cord injury - animals don't recoil from my appearance or look down on me. Riding horses provides freedom - I can't run anymore but I can ride well. If animals aren't your cup of tea, try gardening - it helps, too!!

Sun Gazing   1  0   

Posted by Michael (Gig Harbor, Washington) on 08/21/2007

[YEA]  I started sungazing one year ago because I needed more balance in my life. I was depressed do to the lack of sunlight in Western Washington state. In the past year I have logged hundreds of hours of sungazing directly at the sun. Depression disappeared in a matter of weeks, my vision and night vision have both improved. I sleep less and have more energy then I have ever had before. Being in a good mood almost all of the time is another wonderful side effect.

Replied by William
Charleston, Sc, Usa
Michael, when you began sun gazing do you start off just gazing for a minute and progressively more each day? or did you start off gazing five or more minutes. I just began and this is what I do. Now the sun gazing guru Hiran Ratan Matek says to start gazing for a small moment, maybe less than a minute, then gradually in weeks or months doing it for 30 minutes or so? cannot remember exact time. The sun helps to clean the body, mind and spirit this is why you feel good.
Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
I will post this question all over again as I got no answer! Aren't you afraid that it will burn your retina? Dr. Bates, the eye expert talks about it in his book but nowadays others say that it is very dangerous.... Is it, isn't it? I have a lot of eye problems like myopia, eye floaters and I am always on the look out for something which might help!
Replied by Lis
Ny, Ny, Usa
Most people who sungaze do it when its relatively safe, that is within one hour after the sun rises and one hour within the time the sun sets. I believe Ted in other posts has even talked of not looking directly in the sun as well. And when it is done, you start at only 10 seconds a day and continue to build in 10 second increments until you reach 44 minutes. Some never go this high but still do experience some benefits. If you google you can find out more details. Often they say, if you have worries, then its better not to do it. Most people in sungazing forums I have read, experienced many positive results, not all of them experienced the miracles like not having to eat (or eat much at least) anymore but a few did. There were a few who developed eye problems of some sort. Anyways, regular checkups with the doctor and being observant of your own body should help you know if to stop or lessen it. I did it a handful of times and enjoyed it and did not feel any negative effects, especially when I did palming after (rubbing hands and gently covering eyes with them for a minute). I would have done it longer but I got lazy and the weather is on and off a lot.

Here is one place to read more info on sungazing:

Replied by Entheogens
Palo Alto, California, Usa
I found the following link to be a bit more cautious and sensible as regards Sun Gazing. What I like is that this person (Vinny Pinto) is a Sun Gazer but is willing to play "Devil's Advocate" and consider the potential negatives to Sun Gazing. He is not afraid to sacrifice "Holy Cows", especially this notion that 44 minutes is some kind of miraculous number that you should shoot for:

Sunshine   1  0   

Posted by Anita (Garland, NC)

[YEA]  Go out into the sun for a while. make sure u have on sunsrceen. if it is cold outside, just soak it up through the window. a great natural way to ease depression!

Replied by Davidnvegas
Las Vegas, Nv
With all do respect to Anita, do not use sunscreen period! They are full of cancer causing toxins and block Vitamin D production. "Search the web for "cancer and sunscreen use". For prolong sun exposure wear a wide brim hat and a long sleeve shirt and pants.

Sunshine is a great way to get Vitamin D and most Americans are deficient. Vitamin D improves the immune system and with out a strange immune system you will be sick! Studies show that it can reduce your risk of cancer as well. It also improves mental well being. You need only 15-20 minutes of sun exposure a day over at least 50% (the more the better) of your skin if your fair skin, longer exposure if you have a darker skin tone. Search the web for "Vitamin D and Sunshine health benefits".

Best of health

Replied by Deb
Anywhere, Usa
I have Sarcoidosis and was wondering about vitamin D intake. I have read that it is not advisable for persons with Sarcoid to take vitamin D supplements. Does anyone know for sure?
Replied by Lis
Ny, Ny, Usa
"Sunscreens, even weak ones, almost completely block your body's ability to generate vitamin D. Rays cannot penetrate glass to generate vitamin D in your skin."

"If you live north of 37 degrees latitude (approximately a line drawn horizontally connecting Norfolk, Virginia to San Francisco, California) sunlight is not sufficient to create Vitamin D in your skin in the winter months, even if you are sitting in the sun in a bathing suit. The further you live from the equator, the longer exposure you need to the sun in order to generate vitamin D. "


T3   2  0   

Posted by Dawn (York, UK) on 01/22/2009

[YEA]  I know many people had longstanding depression had the Thyroid hormone T3 added in by their psychiatrist and never felt better. It helps the uptake of other hormones. Works for me, after 25 years of depression.

Replied by Mary
Regina, Canada
[YEA]   Hi: I am so glad someone brought up T3(liiothyronine) therapy and depression. A very common effect of both clinical and sub clinical hypothyroidism is depression. Sometimes people who are depressed are misdiagnosed as not having hypothyroidism because the blood tests are negative. A true test if you are depressed and want to see if it is a symptom of hypothyroidism is to take your temperatue under your arm, three hours after waking, then 2 more times every three hours. Average these and they should not be below 37 C. If below, could be cause of depression and a host of other symproms. see This has helped me greatly, Mary
Replied by Gean
Salina, KS
I was pretty sure my husband had the Wilson Temperature Syndrome, as his temp. was consistently around 97.2 F throughout the day, plus a host of symptoms (for years). We tried many things such as MMS, MSM, cod liver oil, flax seed, acidophilus, ACV, ACV garlic and honey, coconut oil, you name it, plus of course healthy diet. Nothing worked. Finally a couple months ago he started taking Turmeric root, 1000-1500mg a couple times a day, along with acidophilus. Temp has been above 98.2 ever since. Also more energy and motivation, more clear thinking. Apparently some chronic inflammation was messing with the hormones, causing low body temp.

Test for Hypothyroidism   1  0   

Posted by R27 (Mexico) on 03/28/2015

[YEA]  My 30 years of depression ended years ago, the day I took the proper dose (for me) of dessicated (non synthetic) thyroid medication. To cure chronic depression, the first step is to determine if you are hypo-thyroid. From my experience, forget the usual blood test and read the book on hypothyroidism by Dr Broda Barnes, md, phd (deceased) -- after years of research, he found that basal temperature (underarm temp. first thing in a.m.) is best indicator of low thyroid---if below 97.8 f.

If you have low basal temp., search on web Dr Broda Barnes, and choose an M.D. who follows his protocol---an association exists of such physicians. If you follow this advice, it could change your life forever.

The Arts   1  0   

Posted by Phoebe on 11/28/2005

[YEA]  I have found journalling and painting really helpful in understanding the roots of my depression, which tends to be seasonal and occasional but severe. Making myself sit in the morning and blurting out whatever comes into my head without any censor (it's quite hard - try it!) is brilliant - as long as you do not show it to anybody - the more private you can make it the better it is for having a good old rant at the world without hurting anyone's feelings!! Also taking loads of rough paper and cheap paint and just doing the same with the paint, using colour and shape to express feelings. Learning to allow 'negativity' and 'mistakes' through these processes, is really helpful for moving through depression. Freestyle dancing is also excellent..Read Gabrielle Roth - 'Sweat Your Prayers' for in-depth information on dancing yourself through many states of mind and finding incredible strength. Good Luck! Oh and don't forget the positive thoughts and affirmations!! Phoebe.

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