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Cold Remedies and Folk Medicine Cures

Last Modified on Jan 20, 2016

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Posted by Ted (North Las Vegas , Nv )

[YEA]  Cure for Common Cold. Take as much as can of cayenne pepper while have a cold or flu at least a tsp. A day. Cold will last only 2 days. Ted

Chest Congestion Remedy  

Posted by Joan (Mi) on 04/03/2014

Great Home Remedy for Chest Congestions

3 -4 cups of water.

1 tbspn whole flax seeds

4 pepper corns or more

1 large onion sliced

2" pc of fresh ginger smashed

2" cinnamon stick

Boil it all until the mix is thick and slightly slimy (with cinnamon). Drink this twice a day. It helps loosen up phelgm in the chest.

Another sure cure is 1.5 cups of milk, 1 tspn or 1/2 tspn of organic tumeric powder, 1/4 tspn black pepper powder. 5 peeled cloves of garlic.Boiled until milk is 1 cup or so. Drink as hot as you can(honey is optional). Once just before bedtime or if possible twice (once morn n once evening) if your tummy can tolerate it. this helps to remove phelgm in the body through the stools. Have this for 5 days only or more if your body can handle the tumeric. 5 days should be more than enough.

Chicken Soup  
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Posted by Kathleen (Chicago, Illinois) on 10/26/2011

[YEA]  I was very surprised that no one suggested chicken noodle soup for colds. You can actually feel it working. It doesn't have to be any particular brand, including any dried microwave soups. I buy a few cans when they run a good sale and keep them on hand. The best, however, is from a Jewish deli. The last thing you want to do is go to the store when you don't feel well. This is also completely safe for children. For infants that aren't on solid foods yet, I would suggest warm (not hot) chicken broth.

If you Google "chicken soup for colds, " you will find all kinds of univeristy studies that support this. The first study that I heard about this was from the University of Chicago, and, honestly, it changed my life. From the time I was a very small child, I suffered from very severe colds which quickly became severe bronchitis. No more.

The second half of this remedy is 4000 milligrams of Vitamin C spread out over the day (1000 milligrams after each meal and before bed).

I try to start the remedy as soon as I feel a tickle in the back of my throat or nose or nose congestion that I know signals a cold. Usually, I feel great the next morning or at the very least within two days.

The very best of health to everyone.

Replied by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia
Kathleen, the problem with the chicken soup you are suggesting (canned) is that they contain many undesirable things. MSG and too much sodium chloride for two not to mention preservatives etc. etc. This is very unhealthy for you.

You are better off making your own chicken broth from raw whole chicken and putting it into a slow cooker for a few hours and making it that way. Add garlic, onions, carrots etc. Much, much more nutritious. Full of vitamins and minerals.

Canned foods are not good for you.

Coconut Oil  
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on 01/30/2008

[YEA]  Alexandra from Wayne County, Ohio writes: "Since I started cooking with coconut oil, I have noticed that if I do catch a cold, it lasts maybe half as long and the symptoms are milder.

Cold Killer  
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Posted by Edwin (Cincinnati, Ohio) on 07/24/2007

[YEA]  Three lemons & piece of ginger root, wash & chop. Put in blender (do not remove peel from lemon). Add water to blender & blend. Take contents & strain. Use liquid, discard pulp. Use four tablespoons to a cup of warm water. After the fourth cup cold will be gone. It will break up phlem & stop a runny nose. Use this for years. Please keep liquid in glass container in refrigerator

Cold Showers  
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Posted by Tim (NSW Kitchener, Australia)

[YEA]  I decided to finish every normal 'hot shower' with a blast of totally cold water, after reading a book by an old healer by the name of Jethro Kloss. Anyway, I am a bad asthmatic, and used to get sick around 6 times per year. When I got sick it really affected my chest, with huge amounts of mucous, and real bad asthma.

Now I rarely get sick (it boosts the immune system as well as circulation), and if I do it's usually just a mildly sore throat. I wish I could better explain the massive difference this has made. Even if you feel sickness coming on, a cold shower will often stop it in its tracks.

Colloidal Silver  
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Posted by Llloyd (Seneca, SC) on 12/09/2012

[YEA]  All my life I've been prone to sinus infections and colds turning into chest colds. I've used ACV also but find colloidal silver... a tablespoon ever hour and sniffed into sinuses kills the virus more effectively than anything else.

Colloidal Silver and Vitamin C  
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Posted by Mama to Many Donate
(Tennessee) on 06/22/2014

[YEA]  Last week I was coming down with a head cold. Constant sneezing and that "run down" feeling. I was sort of ignoring it because I was busy. So by bedtime I felt awful. I felt like I had the flu (aches and terrible sinus headache) and had a low grade fever. I really didn't have time to be sick so I got really aggressive with colloidal silver and vitamin C. I would take the C by the gram frequently during the day.

With the silver, I was practising Dave's method - in the nose, in the ears, gargle and guzzle! Every few waking hours I would gargle and swallow a couple of Tablespoons of CS. Then I put some into the palm of my hand and snorted it up into each nostril until I could feel the sting. (I would call it "burn." Really felt awful but I was encouraged that it was helping. I did notice the burn was less intense if I repeated the process pretty soon afterwards.) At night when I felt too bad to get out of bed, but kept a bottle of CS by the bed. If I woke up I put some in my ears, in my mouth and into my nose with an eyedropper. I didn't even had to sit up. It was less intense but it was better than nothing.

I felt a good bit better in 24 hours. In 48 hours I felt almost normal. I am continuing the routine for a few more days just in case.

Thanks Dave for all your patient and encouraging posting on the process. I sometimes need to read and study something a number of times before trying it myself. I have had colloidal silver in my house for years and used it here and there during that time. Now I find it is in use daily, it seems.

And thanks everyone for posting your stories. The details and variations are so helpful! Jeanne's recent story of healing a sore throat with silver was in my mind as I was doing this.

Have a super day! ~Mama to Many~

Colloidal Silver, Colloidal Zinc  
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Posted by Al (San Diego) on 10/09/2015

[YEA]  There are a lot of good natural remedies that work all depending on when the supplement was taken, how long was the person sick, and was the person consistent in taking the supplement.

I am facing symptoms I always go to my medicine cabinet and pull out the pure Colloidal Silver - 4000 PPM after a few days, my symptoms are drastically reduced if not gone.

Sometimes when I delay taking the supplement it gives the viruses plenty of time increase in numbers, what I do then is take a combination of Colloidal Silver and Colloidal Zinc 4000 PPM (Zinc has been used in the past to treat flu-like symptoms) and usually within 3 day I am completely free of any symptoms at all.

Cranberry Juice and Vitamin C  
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Posted by Debbie (Calgary, Canada)

[YEA]  This one has been good for me when I have had a bad cold. Take 1 cup of cranberry juice and add in 2-1000 mg dissolvable tablets of vitamin C and heat in microwave until very hot. I have found this to really help when I have been sick. Repeat the next day.

Dr. Parson's Tonic  
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Posted by Dr Jack Parsons, MD (Santa Barbara, Calif) on 09/24/2008

[YEA]  Best tonic for colds and flu's, given to me by the wife of a colleague, years ago. Given the formula to my patients, and those who have been religously participating in the ingestion of the formula have rid themselves of the worst maladies in record time.

All you need to take is 2 tablespoons twice a day, to afford the rapid results.

Here is the formula:

1 white onion, cut into quarters
1 entire head of garlic peeled
4 habaneros destemmed, but with seeds and veins intact
4" horseradish root, peeled and chopped
4" ginger root, peeled and chopped
1 quart of [organic apple cider] vinegar.

Place all ingredients and puree, then bottle into a quart jar, cap and store at room temp. Shake the bottle, and take 2 tablespoons when symptoms manifest. Or.. take 1 tablespoon every day, to prevent the flu and colds from ever taking hold. My patients who have done this, haven't contracted a flu or cold in years.

Replied by Rena
Mineral Bluff, Georgia
[YEA]   My family and I have been taking this remedy for years, works great. Too bad it didn't help with my sinus infection, but it will keep colds and flu away, Peace, Rena.

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Posted by Michelle (New York, NY) on 07/16/2013

[YEA]  If everyone around you is getting sick: wash your hands!! And take an echinacea tablet (can be found at most drugstore, health food stores) at the slightest onset of any symptoms. This has helped me to prevent catching sicknesses from my roommate. Good luck!

Eucalyptus Oil  
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Posted by Marie (New Providence, NJ) on 11/27/2006

[YEA]  I used to get a sinus infection with every cold I got. then I would take an antibiotic and it would go away. for the last 3 years, I have taken 2 drops of essential oil of eucalyptus directly on my tongue at the first sign of a cold. As a result, I have not had the sore throat and stuffy nose that usually came with my colds AND they have not turned into an infection. I haven't had any antibiotics in 3 years. I recommended this to my sister in law who suffered from the same ailments and she swears by it too.

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Posted by Capirussa (Orlando, Florida, Us) on 12/12/2010

[YEA]  Something that really helps get rid of the flu or a cold is fasting. When you feel the beginning stages of a cold, if you stop eating for a just a day you will often stop it dead in it's tracks. Drinking juice throughout the day instead of eating is another good alternative if you feel you need to get some calories in. Orange juice, preferably freshly squeezed, green juices (made by juicing fresh veggies like celery, broccoli, spinach, kale, etc. ), and other fruit juices like apple juice or mango juice are great to drink for a day or two of fasting.

If you'll be purchasing them, make sure the juices are not from concentrate and are not juice cocktails. Since I use natural remedies during colds, like cayenne pepper or grapefruit seed extract, I've had no problem taking them while fasting or juice fasting but I'm not sure if taking prescription medicines on an empty stomach is a good idea. I've taken the general over the counter stuff like tylenol with no problem, though, I still keep the dose low and don't take it as often as I would if I were eating. Also, if you've got a full blown cold already, you will likely have to fast 2-3 days to get rid of it, maybe more. If you get the chance to stop it early, usually one day will be enough.

Replied by Organicmama
Lincoln, California
It's never really a good idea to stop eating beacuse eating the right foods will give you the proper energy you need to fight off cold and flu symptoms. It is important, however, that you avoid starchy, processed, and deep fried foods and consume only fresh fruits and vegetables and whole organic foods, but fasting all together is never a good idea.
Replied by Randy
Jersey City, Nj, Usa
I respectfully disagree, organicmama. I've had great results fasting for 1-4 days on various occasions. specific to colds and flus, I occasionally lose my appetite at the beginning, and that is the cue for me to take a short fast. shortens the duration of the illness. unless there is malnutrition involved, the body has plenty of energy stores. a short fast clears out toxins and sets the body to 'reset'. additionally, nothing helps my ibs problem more.
Replied by Julia
Spokane, Wa
[YEA]   Short term fasting is an age old practice in almost every culture throughout history. If you google it, you will see countless studies documenting the therapeutic effects of fasting. Animals naturally fast when they are sick. It has resolved many of my own physical issues, including fighting viruses and germs.

Fire Cider  
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Posted by Selah (Winamac, Indiana) on 12/22/2007

[YEA]  I recently found this and am trying it and I love it! I plan to start a second batch soon because the first batch will be gone very quickly! It's called Fire Cider. It is effective, easy to make and tasty, though not for the weak of heart. Make a batch before the cold season starts.

1 Quart AC vinegar
1/4 cup grated fresh horseradish
1 onion, chopped
1 head garlic, peeled & chopped
2 tablespoons powdered turmeric
cayenne pepper
1 cup honey, to taste

1. In a glass or stainless steel sauce pan heat vinegar on the stove to where it is warm, but not boiling.
2. Fill a clean glass jar with horseradish, onion, garlic, turmeric, and a pinch or two of Cayenne pepper.
3. Pour in the warmed vinegar and cap with an acid-proof lid.
4. Store in a warm place 3 to 4 weeks; shaking a few times a week.
5. Strain mixture and add enough honey to suit your taste.
6. Rebottle fire cider and refrigerate.
7. At the first sign of a cold take 1 to 2 tablespoons every 2 to 3 hours until your symptoms subside.

I use a mason jar and put wax paper on top before putting the lid on.