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Burn Cures

Last Modified on May 15, 2016

Rubbing Alcohol  

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Posted by Demetrios (Bayonne, New Jersey) on 07/23/2008
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If you get a kitchen burn that has not broken the skin, but you know you will definitely get a blister. Apply a paper towel or tissue with rubbing alcohol soaked on it and leave it on for awhile. Keep it wet. The time depends on the severity of the burn. If after 15 minutes or more you take the paper off and it still stings place it on again with more alcohol. What this does it it soaks up the burn and prevents the skin from forming any blisters. I have been doing this since I was a child and was taught it by my Mother, and have never gotten a blister in 50 plus years.

This is an old Greek remedy. Good health to us all. Demetrios.

Sour Cream  

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Posted by Chelsea (Catawba, Nc) on 02/13/2012
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I burned my finger when I picked up my straightener and did not realize it was on so I put sour cream on it and the pain started to go away as soon as I put it on.

Soya Sauce  

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Posted by Diana M. (Maungaturoto, New Zealand) on 11/05/2009
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I found somewhere on the net about how they used to use Soya Sauce on chemical burns in the war. After burning myself on the stove (not a serious burn but enough for it to of blistered) I poured soya sauce on to it. Almost immediately the pain subsided and I never got a blister. One of my students accidently poured boiling water over his hand and he remembered me talking about soya sauce, so he poured it over his hand. He also said it took the pain away and it never turned into anything.

Posted by Angela (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) on 01/21/2009
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1. Vinegar: for sun burns. Saturate a cloth with white vinegar and apply it often. Relieves the sting, heat, and itch (apply when you feel the symptoms return). Amazingly, the smell goes quickly, so no need to worry about the idea of walking around smelling of french fries!

2. Soy Sauce: for grease burns (also- iron and other household burns). I applied Soy Sauce on a grease burn, 30 minutes after (the pain wasn't letting up), and I never felt it again. I found 'Liquid Aminos' to have better results than regular Soy Sauce, possibly because is just soy sauce and water, and not fermented (tastes great too!)

**of course these remedies probably won't feel very relieving if done on broken/open skin!

Sunburn Remedies  

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Posted by Anna (Atlanta, GA)
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1. Aspirin first, it will reduce the pain.
2. A cool wet compress will also make you feel better instantly.
3. Soak in a tub of cool water and add a cup of white vinegar to the bath. It helps a lot.

Tea Tree Oil  

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Posted by Joy2dance (Pensacola, FL) on 09/16/2014
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We have used tea tree oil several times for burns. Apply immediately for the best effectiveness. It helps with the pain and especially to prevent scarring.

Posted by Dori (Waukesha, Wisconsin) on 01/29/2012
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For fast healing and less pain of minor burns, tea tree oil on it as soon as possible is amazing! I would think the oil under the aluminum foil would work well.

Posted by Khulthum (Chicago, IL) on 03/30/2009
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Tea Tree Oil to Prevent Burns

My girlfriends and I, along with all our children, meet weekly in the evenings, at our community center. One evening, when tea was being served, one of the young children ran by and knocked the entire pot of tea all over one of the older girl's legs. She is 12 years old. The sight of that steaming tea all over that poor girl's legs was like a nightmare. It looked like her legs were going to be ruined.

She was rushed to the restroom, by her mother [my friend], and placed in the shower. My friend kept running cold water on her legs to relieve the pain. But she wouldn't stop wailing and her mother didn't know what to do.

I knew that tea tree oil was good for burns, and since I had some in my bag, I offered to apply some to her legs. I had to assure my friend, and especially her daughter, that it would definately be of some help. They did not even know what tea tree oil was, so they were hesitant. But clearly ANYTHING that could help would be welcome, because the girl was screaming uncontrolably at this point.

We took her out of the shower and dried her legs as best we could. Then, I put some oil in the palm of my hand, rubbed my hands together, and rubbed the oil on her legs. For a brief moment, everything was okay. But then she started screaming like you wouldn't believe, saying it was hurting her even more.

Admittedly, I was a little surprised myself, because I had not experienced a reaction like that before [neither from myself, nor from any of my children]. My friend was alarmed, and asked me if that was normal. I told her I had never seen that type of reaction, but that I thought it was because her legs were wet and her pores were open.

I asked her daughter to be patient and wait, and that it would soon get better. She tried her best to wait in out, but she was unable to bear the pain. At this point she was jumping up and down begging us to take it off of her.

I felt really bad because she was clearly in a lot of pain because of ME, but I didn't really know what to do because I thought that water would only push the oil deeper into her her skin. After briefly discussing it, my friend decided to try washing it off, because doing something was better than doing nothing.

After washing her legs off with soap, like a much welcome blessing from God, she stopped crying. 23 loooooooonng minutes, and she finally stopped crying! She said it still hurt a little, but that it felt much better.

My friend took her daughter home, and the next morning she called me to let me know that there was not a single mark on her daughter's legs. It was as if nothing had happened!

Tiger Balm  

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Posted by Hank (Moorestown, NJ) on 07/26/2009
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I haven't tried baking soda for burns yet, but the last time I got a burn I put Chinese Tiger Balm (available in most Asian grocery stores) on and it had the same effect. It brought the stinging down significantly and after 2 applications the hurting went away.

Tomato Paste  

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Posted by Joanna (Geelong, Vic, Australia) on 12/10/2010
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Burns: Just place tomotoe paste to the affected area for up to 30 mins then wash off with cold water, repeat process if needed.


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Posted by Guest (Duluth Mn) on 12/28/2015
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I was pulling cookies out of the oven and I slipped and burnt myself. I ran it under cold water, but that only stopped the pain for a few minutes. After that I tried Aloe Vera and that subsided the pain for a bit. Then I found this website and saw from a previous comment that toothpaste was good. It really helped. Just apply to the burn leave on for a few minutes then rinse of. It really helps.

Posted by Taylor (Belle Fourche, Sd) on 07/11/2015
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I attempted the tin foil remedy for a burn but it didn't seem to work, so I also tried the toothpaste remedy. It is working great so far! . All I had to do is add a layer and run cold water over it, and repeat! I love it!

Posted by Isabel (Tampa, Fl) on 07/05/2015
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This week I got a bad burn with a hot liquid from removing it from the microwave. I was at work and had very few options, somebody suggested to put a toothpaste. It was a Godsend. The burning stopped immediately and I kept working.

Posted by Sandra (Houston, Tx) on 06/17/2012
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My mom told me about toothpaste for burns while she was visiting a few days ago. I listened but it was one of those things I just figured was an old wives tale. Well, today my hubby was using the smoker to cook meat so I thought the built in BBQ was off. It was not. I leaned my arm on it for a second and it sizzled! After running inside and putting my arm under cold water for about 10 minutes, I put a good about of white Colgate toothpaste on it. I can't believe I am going to say this but it feels so much better. I let the water run on it for another 5 min to let the toothpaste dissolve and I put another thick coat on it. It is feeling really good now. I also took ibuprofen as well to help with any swelling. The skin on my arm is not broken anywhere so I felt safe trying the toothpaste. It really has worked so far!

Replied by Jazmin
Lakewood, Washington
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so after I read what you said about useing toothpast on bunt areas I didnt think it was gunna work... But I tryed it and it feels so much better then haveing to stand by the sink for minutes lol

Replied by Connie
Golden, Co
I burned myself this morning on the oven rack. I rinsed it in cool water, applied honey and continued cooking. I was still in pain so I came here for help. I rinsed off the honey and used tin foil, that did nothing. So I kept reading and found toothpaste I had never heard of this. While applying the pain stopped. I am glad it stopped burning just hope it helps it heal.
Replied by Anonymous
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Oh my god this works so well! I was using the hot glue gun and I got glue on my pinkie finger and it hurt like crazy! I kinda screamed

Replied by Megan
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Worked Temporarily
Toothpaste for burns - it helped for a few minutes but then the pain started coming back again.

Posted by Nancy (Concord, CA) on 06/12/2009
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My sister applied toothpaste when I dropped a curling iron on my arm a couple Christmas' ago and it really worked. I've been using it ever since and am GRATEFUL today for that remedy. Yesterday I got on my boyfriends new motorcycle, just to see how it felt, and I burned my leg on the HOT tail pipe. I had one leg in the air (swinging it over the bike) as I leaned my other leg into the pipe, so it was sizzling there for a moment until I got my other leg down and could move it. I immediately knew it was a bad burn and came in looking for the toothpaste. I layered a generous amount over it like I had been shown, and covered the area with a gauze rap. It was a little "sensitive" for a few hours but NOT painful. I was told by my sister to always keep it wrapped over night so I took it off this morning and washed the toothpaste away. It's a bad burn, and its definitely blistered but it doesn't hurt. I KNOW from prior burns that this would have hurt like crazy still today if not for the toothpaste! Thanks Judy!!

Replied by Beth
Cincinnati, Ohio
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I just burned my fingers pretty bad after grabbing a hot pan. I hadn't even read this yet, but I ran to the bathroom to check my medicine cabinet to try and find something to help. My fingers are blistered and the pain was becoming unbearable. I saw the toothpaste and remebered that it contains menthol, which helps ease pain. I put it on around 5 min. ago and my fingers still smart but feel around 85% better. Also, 2 beers have also helped dull the pain a bit as well.