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Aluminum Foil  
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Posted by Ncrules (North Carolina, US) on 02/08/2015

[YEA]  Aluminum Foil for Burns

When I found this remedy I was at my wits end. I had taken a bowl out of the microwave and the steam from it hit the top of my hand. I have never felt such excreciating pain.

I tried putting my hand in cold water but every time I took it out the pain would be back. I also tried neosporin but that didn't work either.

When I saw the idea of aluminum foil I really did think it was crazy. But I decided to try it after reading all of the positive responses. I would say that it does really hurt for the first few minutes. But I stuck it out and after about 20 felt much better. I started at about 9pm and by 10pm the pain is pretty much gone. My fingers are still a bit red and if I do feel a bit of soreness if I touch my fingers. But I am AMAZED at how much better I feel. I am also relieved since that pain was unlike any other pain I have EVER felt.

I highly recommend trying it.

Replied by Timh Donate

Thanx for the report Nc:

Seeing so many positive reports on Aluminum foil for minor burns, it makes me wonder about major or severe burns. Those horrible burns of the 9/11 WTC victims!

I am not privy to the modern medical protocols used in emergency or long term care for burn victims, but I would bet a paycheck that the mineral Zinc is not used at least orally simply because it's not a pharmaceutical drug. Maybe lucky to have some zinc in topical ointments.

Anyway, from what little research I've encountered, Zinc is critical for surviving severe burns for two reasons. One, in traumas like major burns, the body rapidly mobilizes zinc stores and fuels the immune system which is in hyperdrive. After the acute phase, Zinc plays another critical role in healing of the damaged tissues.

Maybe a combination of Aluminum Foil and 50-100mg Zinc would make a difference for those in the 2nd degree category. Below normal 70 degree room temps, maybe like 50-60 degrees would help level the immune response and prevent shock or coma (acquire stability).

Posted by Amy (California, US) on 02/01/2015

[YEA]  I was using the glue gun and thought I was using the low temp one...I wasn't! I got high temp hot glue on my thumb and pointer finger to the point of white blisters asap. Two and half hours of cool water, advil, meditation and still throbbing. I found your site!!!!!!!! I put it on the worst one, the thumb and within 5 minutes the pain has gone, the blisters don't look as bad.!!! MAGIC! WOW! I was about tot go to the will go back to my planned day! I also tried the potato trick nothing....... this tin foil as I call it from my youth is amazing!!!

Posted by Debby B (Australia) on 01/03/2015

[YEA]  I am amazed, pulled a burning hot rack out of preheated oven, pain was unbelievable, searched net and found this, fingers and hand looked red raw, I picked a stick of aloe vera I had growing and smothered my hand in the gel, placed aluminium foil over that, and rubbed ice over foil, 20 mins and I had some relief, this morning my hand is like it never happened and no pain, thank you, I keep looking at my hand. I find it unbelievable...... They should be doing this in hospitals....!!!

Posted by Softball_429 (Home) on 12/22/2014

[YEA]  I burned my hand on the oven rack. immediately put water, then aloe. It still burned so came on here and tried the foil. It's only been 10 min. and the pain is gone!

Posted by Jimmy O. (New York, NY) on 12/12/2014

[YEA]  Hard to type - foil on fingers. Aloe too. Works! Oh God why did I wait 4 hours to come into Earth Clinic?? Thank you all so much. God Bless.

Posted by Christina (Connecticut, US) on 11/17/2014

[YEA]  I can't believe it but this really works!!! I burnt my index finger on the stove tonight really bad. It had big blisters and everything. I had soaked it in ice water for 4 hours. I tried pain spray, soaking in milk, aloe Vera, even tea bags. I then searched some more and found this site. I figured it can't hurt to try. If I took my finger out of the ice water for 30 seconds I was in excruciating pain. When I first put the foil on my finger I thought I was going to die it hurt so bad so I laid the foil wrapped finger on a ice cube for the first ten minutes and that help a lot. When I took it off the ice after 10 minutes I couldn't believe it the pain had lessened. I have had it on now for about 40 minutes no more ice and the pain is down to practically nothing. This is an amazing cure and I thank all you people for posting to help people like me who thought the pain would never go away and was worrying about how I was going to sleep. Thanks again!!!

Posted by Paula (Ohio, US) on 11/10/2014

[YEA]  I used retinol cream on my neck and chest. After the third day I noticed some tingling sensation. By that night the damage was done. My neck and chest were red and throbbing with pain. I took probably more pain pills than I should, and still searing pain. Would put aloe (we have a plant), bactine, Aquafor, anything. NOTHING. I was pacing the floor at 3 a.m. with no relief. I googled a burn and started reading about the foil. How stupid. Being as desperate as I am...(thinking of going to E.R.) I'll try it. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? It worked. I am sitting here with minor bearable pain. I can't believe it. I have never wrote on a site for review but I am speechless.

Posted by Bc (India) on 11/02/2014

[YEA]  Absolutely brilliant. Thanks so much for the tip and to everyone who took the time to write on here and convince me (I'm returning the favour now, for the next sceptic! )

I scalded my whole thigh with a pan of boiling water (my dress got caught on the cooker as I was taking the pan to the sink and I got jerked back - ouch! ) - I put it under running cold water for nearly an hour and was in too much pain when I tried to take it out, so I googled and came across this.

I have no aloe vera, so I just went for the foil. Yes it hurt tons for the first five minutes but that subsided and it just felt better and better. The redness has gone down loads after two hours now, as has the pain. I was completey sceptical, but figured I had nothing to lose. So glad I know this works now. (Please always do the cold running water for 20-30 mins part first as that is medically-proven to be efficacious and don't use ice as that can damage skin).

Posted by Catherine (Glasgow, Scotland) on 10/31/2014

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Burnt myself on boiling toffee making toffee apples (I know, ridiculous) and after 5 hours of keeping my finger in a glass of water decided I needed to find a remedy that would allow me to actually go to sleep! Came here and tried the aluminium foil trick. When I put it on my finger felt really hot and sore, more so than before. Now it's still sore, but not as much as it had been without it - still waiting so hopefully it'll begin to get less painful with time!

Posted by Dawn (London Uk) on 10/26/2014

[YEA]  I was very skeptical about the tin foil at first as I had tried loads of other remedies such as honey, milk, mustard! None worked!! Every time I took my hand out of cool water I was in agony! I put the foil on my three burnt fingers and after a couple of minutes only one continued to hurt, after about 10 mins the pain was mild and after 30 mins the pain had completely gone, wish I had tried this sooner!

Posted by Pfletch (Boulder, CO) on 09/08/2014

[YEA]  WOW the tin foil wrapped around my badly burned hand worked!!!! It was still throbbing after icing it for 2 hours.I couldn't believe it! After foil treatment, pain gone. The burn actually looks really pretty good, I also put egg whites on it before putting it in foil.Left foil on for about an hour.Thank you so much for the information; now I can sleep well and not have a throbbing hand!

Posted by Lindsey (Alabama, US) on 09/04/2014

[YEA]  I read on about the use of tin foil for burns.

I dumped boiling water on my hand and man did it hurt! I tried the toothpaste method (NEVER AGAIN! ), then I went through about 6 sandwich bags of ice, and then I decided to try the tin foil method.

The moment I wrapped my hand in foil (shiny side out), I felt IMMEDIATE relief. My hand got warm but it wasn't uncomfortable. I couldn't believe it. Tin foil? Really?

It's amazing. I slept with it on my hand all night and by morning the pain was gone. My hand was still red, but not hurting.

I definitely recommend the tin foil method to anyone with a minor burn like mine.

Posted by Grateful2bhealed (Sacramento, California) on 05/05/2014

[YEA]  I thank God and Earthclinic for the aloe vera and aluminum foil remedy. I burned my finger on a pan. After icing for 3 hours and taking a pain pill, the pain continued as intensely as at the onset. After reading Earthclinic's suggestion and all the testimonies, I cut a piece off of our Aloe Vera plant and squeezed the juice on my burn, then I wrapped my finger in foil. The pain subsided within minutes. I thank God for His providence through plants and minerals and the ingenuity to figure out how to use them!

Posted by Cc (Atlanta, Ga) on 02/08/2014

[YEA]  I was cooking last night, and burned myself. As is my 1st line of defense (or offense, I would say)...I always check earthclinic. I discovered and tried the Aluminum Foil. It worked within 10 minutes! I had run cold water, and held ice cubes on the burn, and it was still burning like crazy! I wrapped the foil around my wrist; and had my daughter tape it in place...and kept preparing dinner. The pain was gone immediately! It's now the next morning, and still no pain. As always, thanks to this website, I found a natural and inexpensive remedy!

Posted by Glutenfree (Chicago) on 12/28/2013

[YEA]  OMG. I tried aluminum foil for a burn with gr8 skepticism. It worked in 20 min after 4 hours of excruciating pain trying everything else first.