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Aluminum Foil
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Posted by Jenn (Lake Stevens, Wa) on 01/08/2012

[YEA]  I burnt my thumb and forefinger on a hot bowl from the microwave tonight, ouchee mama! Cold water and ice packs didn't work for more than 30 seconds. Egg white and aluminum foil stopped the throbbing pain after 3 very painful mInutes when ice packs didn't after 2 hours. I'm a newfound believer of home remedies!!

Replied by Kitchenaide
Yukon, Oklahoma
[YEA]   So, being the skeptic that I am, I read these remedies for burns but waited another hour to give the foil a try. Earlier this evening I was checking some squash cooking in the microwave. Knowing full well to watch out for the steam locked in the cling wrap, I hurriedly grabbed the plastic and tried to quickly lift. So, apparently, my cat like reflexes had the night off unbeknownst to me. I was burned really bad on the top of my thumb as the plastic stuck to my forefinger exposing my thumb to the direct line of steam. That crap won't stick to anything before, how strange it chose to do so to my finger.

After running under cold water for 5 minutes, then keeping an ice pack on it for 2 hours, and finally a bag of frozen sweet corn for an additional 1.5 hrs, I resigned myself to finding additional relief on the Internet as it was still extremely painful when not in contact of direct cold. The tinfoil remedy worked to alleviate the worst of the burning within 15-20 minutes. I'm no baby to pain. I'm a mother of 5, and have accidentally gotten my hand in a deep fryer while helping my chef at my job. That flipping hurt, but this was strangely worse. It works for stopping the immediate pain. Some burning does come and go. I will sleep with the foil on and pray there is no blistering come morning. Thanks

Replied by Joanne
Allentown, Pa
[YEA]   I burnt the 4 fingertips on my right hand while I was cleaning my countertop. I had just shut my electric stove off a minute before. Without thinking I leaned over to get something and put my finger on the still hot glasstop burner. The pain was awful and I held my fingers under cold running water for several minutes then used an ice pack for the next 2 hours. Everytime I took my fingers off the ice pack it hurt like crazy.

So I googled ideas for treatment of burns and found this site. I read about the foil treatment and was reluctant but so many people had said it worked. So I wrapped my fingers in foil and as most said, the burning intensified for a few minutes then seemed to feel numb and virtually pain free. I kept the foil on and once in a while I could feel some heat but then it would go away. Resolved the pain much better and faster than the ice pack. When I removed the foil after 2 hours not only was the pain gone but the white fingertips I was so sure would be blistered looked normal.

Now 4 hours later here I am able to type this message even with my burnt fingertips with no pain. I am just amazed. Don't understand it but it definitely is the best burn cure I know. Thanks to all who told their story here to make me a believer.

Replied by Mel
Auckland, New Zealand
[YEA]   My six year old daughter burnt her thumb on the toasted sandwich maker. I put her thumb under cold water for ages but it was so sore when I took it out of the water, she was not coping at all. We tried a cold ice pack with a towel under it for a long time. She was screaming and crying and I had run out of things that I knew to try. Thankfully I found this site with a lot of people saying that tin foil worked. I read her some of the stories to convince her it was a good idea and then we tried it out. It was still sore for a few minutes but because people had said that would happen she was willing to keep it on. The intense pain subsided quite quickly. Periodically it went on and off being a little bit sore but it got better quickly and then it wasn't sore at all. She slept with the tin foil on and this morning it was better. This definitely seems to work and was a huge relief. Thank you so much.
Replied by Amy W
San Mateo, Ca
[YEA]   Wow. I am impressed. I am an emergency room nurse of 25 yrs and never heard of this until tonight when I placed my fingers by accident on the inside of my little rotisserie oven. Fingertips turned white on two fingers and crazy painful unless soaking in bowl of cool water. Cool water is always the best initial treatment for 20-30 min to stop the burning process. If no 3rd degree burn or open areas, best to just cover it because it is exposure to air that causes pain. You think its actually removing it from the cold that causes pain, but it is actually air, simple air, hitting the burned nerve endings. Being submerged in water removes all air. So I wrapped it in gauze-- pain. Wrapped it more- more pain and bad words. That gauze is pretty airy.

Went online and saw this foil thing-- brilliant! Pain free in less than 10 minutes, wrapped foil to skin contact, no air hitting my burn! crazy simple, but true. Considering I just spent the last 40 minutes swearing under my breath, I know the cure is related to the foil. Almost immediate relief. I thought my whole night would be wasted in pain and taking ibuprofen, but other than my silver wrapped fingers, its gonna be a normal night. Never even popped an ibuprofen.

Note: if skin is broken, blisters, and/or burns are greater than an inch or two in diameter, 3rd degree burns, or any burn on an infant or child, go to your doctor or local ER immediately. Don't mess around with serious burns.

Posted by Tiffany (Boston, Ma) on 01/01/2012

[YEA]  Yes! Yes to Foil for Burns - On Christmas day, I burned four finger tips while grabbing a plate that had been sitting on a hot burner for quite some time. While in excruciating pain.. My awesome sister-in-law looked up what to do on and recommended wrapping my hand in foil. "Excuse me?! ?! "... But I trusted her and did it. I could definitely feel the throbbing coming and going, but after only 30min I can honestly say that the pain had gone away. So much so... When my husband asked me how my hand was 45 min after the incident... I actually held up my hand to check on it for redness or blisters.. And he laughed because it was the 'OTHER' hand that had been burned. Big Time Believer.

Replied by Bananas
Columbia, Sc
[YEA]   This is so crazy! I can't believe this works. I burned two fingers on my dominant hand about four hours ago and I'm going nuts! I read about the aluminum foil trick and I will say it's been about five minutes and already I can at least stand the pain. I did the cold water thing, but I couldn't take it out for even a few seconds without the pain coming back - I kept it out for about 20 minutes while pacing and talking to myself and now the aluminum foil! Magic. I feel like the pain is slowly easing up!

Posted by Shelly (Vacaville, Ca) on 12/13/2011

[YEA]  Burned my middle finger tonight when making peanut brittle. The boiling hot mixture stuck to my skin and blistered instantly. Even though I put it in cold water right away, the pain would not subside. I kept a frozen bag of veggies on it for 3 hours. When I would remove it, the pain was horrible. I tried applying aloe vera. No help. Desperate, I searched online. Found this sight and read of the tin foil. Wrapped it around my finger. For 10 minutes, it burned pretty bad. Within a half hour it only mildly hurt. It has been exactly one hour now and I'm comfortable with typing with both hands. It's still on, but no real pain to speak of. Will sleep with it on. I'm a TOTAL believer!

Posted by Leigh (Sussex, Uk) on 12/04/2011

[YEA]  Thank you for your excellent website. I had a burn and was half out of my mind with pain. When I saw the comments about tin foil I thought everyone had a screw loose. Oh skeptical me..... it worked and I am astonished! Thank you so much.

Posted by Another (Somewhere, South Pacific) on 12/01/2011

[YEA]  Yea. Well after seeing a few people use aluminum foil successfully for burns last week I tried it on my finger. I touched a hot pan and got a small burn, after putting it under cold water I wrapped it in foil for about an hour. All gone. Thanks everyone as I would not have tried it without your experiences.

Posted by Natalie (San Francisco, Ca) on 10/31/2011

[YEA]  I'm stunned. I am actually recovering from surgery so the last thing I needed in the world was a nasty steam burn on my thumb. I'm exhausted from the pain of the surgery as is, and just sat down and cried when I realized I had burned myself. I was opening up a frozen meal and am usually so careful about doing this quickly and getting my fingers out of there fast, but this one got by me (horrible timing). It was stuck a bit, and I wasn't able to pull away fast enough. The steam was mindnumbing and only hit my tender skin for maybe a second or so, and yet it was excruciating. The only peace I had was running it under cold water (you can only do this for so long).

I tried my trusted Aloe Vera Gel and it would not calm things down. I tried baking Soda and water and still no relief. I had this calming gel for surgery that is made by Avene, and that didn't even work. I was getting panicked because I had a long night ahead of me and it was hard to sleep as it is with the pain I am enduring from my surgery. I googled and found this site and read as much as I could before having to run my thumb under water every 5 minutes or so.

I thought you guys were literally insane when I read about using aluminum foil. It even sounds scary to be honest. I am sure there is some scientific explanation somewhere, but it actually worked! I still cannot believe it! I became so desperate that I tore off a piece of foil and wrapped it around my throbbing thumb and waited. The pain was crazy for about 10 minutes, and then I began to realize I was actually watching television and no longer focused on the burn! After an hour, the pain was actually gone!!!!!!


I don't even care how it works at this point. I'm soooo grateful to you guys! Thank you!!!

Replied by Homesteader
Leesburg, Va, Usa
[YEA]   Tried to move a logsplitter we'd been running and put my hand full on the (very hot) muffler - nasty 2nd degree burn to my whole palm and thumb. I had ice on the burn for about 3 hours and as long as the ice was on, it was tolerable. I only tried the aluminum foil idea because so many people had yea'd it.

It took about 24 minutes to calm the pain but it worked. I found the aluminum had to be in direct contact with the burn, not just wrapped around my hand. Here I am, typing with both hands. Unbelievable.

Replied by Bcirelli
Frisco, Texas, Usa
[YEA]   OH. MY. GOODNESS! I burned my left hand yesterday (2 fingers and part of the hand) on my searing pan right after I took it out of the oven, while broiling some turkey for Thanksgiving. It was nasty. Bad. Painful. This happened at around 6pm, and I went straight for the "running water and egg whites" trick, cause it always worked for me - and I'm the Queen of the kitchen burn! :/

It wasn't enough though, so as always, I wrapped some ice in a hand towel, and wrapped that around my fingers. Las time I seriously burned myself in the oven, having my arm wrapped in ice for 2 hours helped immensely... But not this time. I spent the last SEVEN and a half HOURS with my hand in a plastic bag with water and a couple ice cubes to keep it cool, and as soon as I took my hand out of the bag, I'd cry in pain. Cry, as in an "I can't freaking stand it" kind of pain. I had read this tip here hours earlier, but I have to admit I didn't have the courage to drop the ice bag. I kept thinking I didn't want to wait 20, 30 minutes in severe pain like some said here, and told my husband the ice bag was doing better. Of course, I didn't think would take me over 7 hours to get anywhere. And then I said "what the heck, it's been too long anyways". So, at precisely 1:17am today, I wrapped my fingers loosely in a gauze thing after applying a thin layer of antibiotic ointment with pain relief (just in case the huge blisters would burst), and gave the foil stuff a try. It hurt SO bad in the beginning! I kept a cold water bag under my hand just to help ease the burning a bit, and in exactly 30 minutes, I realized it was barely hurting anymore. Now it's 2:30am and I am shocked - and happy! - to announce that the pain is GONE. Plooft! Over! What - did I burn myself?

And I did NOT want to try it - so if anyone is reading this for the first time, please don't wait 7 hours like I did. This stuff is magical. I was about to leave for the ER after trying everything you can think of. But this is awesome! THANKS A LOT!!!

Replied by Davidmagone
Livingston, Montana, Usa
[YEA]   Thanks to all of you who have posted on this topic!

Last night, I pulled a Turkey out of the oven and inadvertently grabbed the hot handle of the pan as I was preparing to put it back in. It sounded like I had branded myself, sizzling sounds and all. When I pulled my hand away, I could see the skin around my palm beginning to contract and what looked to be some pretty fierce blisters beginning to form.

I put my hand under cold water for a few minutes and applied burn cream afterward, but my hand felt as though I had injected a hefty dose of cayenne into my palm. I've had great luck on this site before, so I hopped on to my laptop to see if there any alternatives to what I had already done. I ran across the 64 yeas for aluminum foil and hesitantly decided to give it a go.

When I first put wrapped the foil around my thumb and palm, it amped up the pain pretty substantially. Others had written about this though, so I stuck it out. Gradually, the pain started to lessen until after around 45 minutes I was able to take the foil off for two to three minutes before a lesser degree of pain began to return. I kept it on for the next two hours and when I took it off again, I was able to leave the foil off for the rest of the night with a very moderate degree of pain, and no blistering whatsoever.

Just before I went to bed, I soaked my hand in egg-whites and let them dry on the skin. When I woke up this morning, my hand was in really great shape. There are no blisters at all, and I can fully squeeze and extend my hand. All in all, it looks as though I burned my hand about a week ago as opposed to last night.


Replied by Ginny
Podunk, Idaho
Next time you burn or cut yourself, apply turmeric mixed with a few drops of coconut oil to make a thick paste. Apply this morning and night and cover with a band aid. Usually by day 4 the wound is pretty much healed. Keep applying for a few more days, this helps to prevent scarring. Coconut oil is one of the best cures for burns. Ever wonder why they put it in suntan lotion?
Replied by Jenni
Colorado Springs, Co
[YEA]   I grabed a 400 degree cookie sheet and burned my fingers. I was in some seious pain. I don't belive it, but I'm sitting here with three fingers taped up in foil, looking like an idiot, with ZERO PAIN!

I tried cold water - great but not practical. I tried alcohol on cotton and that worked great too, but I was running out of alcohol. After about an hour I decicded to try the tin foil. Its an hour later and while it's difficult to type, I am pain free!

I'm going to wear them overnight and see if I have the same luck as one of the other posters had and be able to type again. I work on a pc, so I am keeping my fingers crossed, or should I say "taped"?

Replied by Zb
Los Angeles, Ca
[YEA]   I grabbed a cast iron pot that wasn't completly covered by a potholder and burned the insides of my index and middle fingers where large white blisters popped up immediately along with a lot of pain. After dipping them in cool water for ~30 minutes, I gave the foil wrap a try and after ~45 minutes in the foil, the pain had subsided to a manageable level. Not sure why or how this works, but it definitely made a big difference for me!

Posted by Bre (Stoney Creek, On) on 10/31/2011

[YEA]  Making candy apples for Halloween I did not resist the temptation to taste quick enough. I burned my finger to the point that it instantly blistered and went white. Just like most people I soaked it in cold water for 30min and realized I was not going to be able to do this all night so I checked for remedies on the computer and landed here. Baking soda did not help, but putting the foil on actually instantly gave relief! The pain in my finger came back after a few moments, but not near as bad. After about 10 more minutes it lessened and so on. My burn is bordering on 3rd degree and this really helped keep it tolerable. Thank you to all for the great tip.

Replied by Jessica
The Berkshires, Ma/usa
[YEA]   Holy s*** this actually worked. My husband thought I'd lost it. I mean, I'm a RN for god's sake. But I'd grabbed the handle of a pan that had been in a 400 degree oven. 50% of my hand had been burned. Some parts blistered. All white and all in horrible pain. After trying running water for 3 hours, raw honey, aloe, witch hazel, two Tylenol with codeine, and 800 mg of Motrin, I was still in excruciating pain and desperate. The only thing that relieved the pain was running water. And how was I going to sleep, let alone nurse a 5 month old like that? So I slapped on a fresh piece of aloe and wrapped the whole hand in foil like a boxing glove. My husband snickered and I said a prayer. The pain got worse but I told myself I'd give it 40 minutes. I couldn't see the harm. What did I have to lose? The pain worsened. But after 30 minutes it got better. Didn't go away, but lessened. Now 2 hours later it's actually a dull pain and I don't think I'll have trouble sleeping other than the fact that I have foil wrapped around my hand and have to nurse my baby in a few hours. I'm amazed and thankful. Thanks earth clinic and all of your crazy posts that convinced me to give it a try.
Replied by Lindaleedy
Bartow,, Fl.
About 1 1/2 day ago I was frying up some Porterhouse steaks for my husband's birthday and I burned the left hand on the thumb joint ; awkward place --big area tho-- I went to E. R. and the doctor gave me some antibiotics; he said the burned area was a partial thickness or second degree burn. It would take months to heal and leave a scar { I didn't care about the scar. } Keep using that hand or it will freeze up or another words the muscles would die because of lack of use. The first I grabbed was the ice bag from the freezer, and we headed for the hospital. Linda

Posted by Sagirl (Lindford, Hampshire, England) on 10/03/2011

[YEA]  Wow!!! Burned my whole right hand on top with boiling water, and tried carbonate of soda, but that made it worse. After about 6 hours of icy water, my husband came across this site and we decided to try the foil idea. It took about 30 minutes of waves of severe pain, but now 3 hours later, pain free almost. Can't feel the skin on my pointer finger, though. How long do I leave the foil on for though? Thanks for the wonderful idea.

Replied by Lacie
Miranda, Nsw, Australia
[YEA]   Burnt my hand with steam from an iron this morning.

With two young girls, I was concerned about how I was going to manage with a burnt hand. The pain was really bad, I put it in cold water but taking it out brought on sharp stinging pains. I just wanted to ease the pain and found this site.

So I wrapped my fingers with Al foil and then sticky taped the outside to keep the foil in place.

Yes, at first the pain was excruciating. Felt like I had put a cyan pepper patch on it, the heat was painful. Then the pain subsided, and is now bearable.

I believe the foil acts to conduct heat away from the burn area but it also compresses the area to reduce the body's reaction to a burn, particularly in reducing the blistering. There are scientific papers regarding this treatment.

Either way, I am so glad I found this site and would recommend this remedy to anyone who has had a 2nd degree burn. Do remember to seek medical advice if you don't feel any pain at all, and also if it really concerns you.

Replied by Danielle R
Liverpool, England
[YEA]   My little girl asked me to melt some chocolate in the microwave. I put the chocolate in for 1 minute. I turned my back to get another bowl an my daughter had opened the microwave and stuck her finger in the melted chocolate she has screamed for an hour and a half in pain. Her finger is blistered. She has had her finger in a bowl of ice cold water for the last hour and a half. I then googled what I could do to help the burn to stop stinging. I read that aluminum foil works I found this quite bizarre. I thought it was worth a try. This actually worked straight away. I'm impressed.
Replied by Lacie
Miranda, Nsw, Australia
One week after the steam burn, my hand has completely healed. It never blistered. For two days, it was sensitive to warm water, after that it was like a sunburn and the skin just peeled painlessly.

I am really grateful for google and Earth Clinic.

My friend told me that her father used to always put oil on his burns (from cigarettes), and suggested a logical reason why we shouldn't put our skin under cold water for too long. She said that water tends to swell the skin up, which leads to blistering. But, the Al foil definitely works.

Forgot to mention that I bought natural Vitamin E cream from the health food store to put on the burn while it was healing, that may have helped also.

Replied by Irma
Kansas City
[NAY]   Aluminum foil didnt work for me, as soon as I put it on seemed its hurting even more. Burnt my finger making breakfast for my hubby, the glass plate was too close to the frying pan (damn lack of counter space) and my thumb just stuck to the plate, never experience aburnt so bad, blister in all shades of white popped up seconds later and cool running water didnt even seem to help, so even tho ure not suppose to I put ice cube on it, tht seemed to stop the pain and ofcourse we have immediate errands to run after breakfast so I got in the car with a cup full of ice. Good while its on, as soon as I remove my finger its hurts BAD. So when I finally got home found this, tried foil, sorry but I almost shat myself from pain lol then I went for alcohol, 91% rubbing alcohol, filled up a shot glass n stuck my thumb in it, first couple of minutes it stang like hell but started getting better after a while, then after keeping my thumb in alcohol I put sum toothpaste on, I can still feel it n it stings but nowhere as bad as it was before, so thnk you guys!
Replied by Louell
Fernie, Bc, Canada
[YEA]   I pulled a 350C pot out of the oven with an oven mitt then pretty much immediately forgot about it and went back to grab it again for a good two seconds.

I immediately ran it under cold water and kept doing for a good half hour. After that I could not remove my hand from a bowl of cold water for more than a minute or it would hurt like hell.

To be honest, I didn't really want to try tin foil because I thought it sounded dumb. Dissipate the heat from a burn? Create an airtight seal? Unlikely.

I'm glad I did try it though because after I applied the foil there was still just about a minute of pain before I noticed a significant reduction and eventual cessation.

I was able to sleep through the night without any discomfort aside from occasionally scratching my face on a foil wrapped thumb, haha.

Posted by Jess (Melbourne, Victoria, Austrilia ) on 09/27/2011

[YEA]  Wow. I'd just like to say thanks to all the people who have shared their stories on here. I burnt my rude finger on my right hand about 5 hours ago, I tried everything. I tried water, frozen peas, even wrapping a bandaid around it so tight, hoping that I would be able to feel it. Then I came across this site and when I saw that you use foil I was amazed. My own mother has just done her medical course and she got told water's the best for it. But I'm sitting here now with my foil on my finger and it is kind of working- the pain is going on and off but I felt like crying it hurt that much. Thanks.

Replied by Megan
Harrisburg, Pa, Us
[YEA]   I burned my hand grabbing a pot, cold water was the only releif. I then found out about the aluminum foil. I tried it out and it worked! I then realized that NaCl is in your SWEAT, and NaCl is what is used in treating burns in the hospital. Moral of the Story is that Sweat or moisture is the real key to relief and the aluminum foil made my hand sweat!
Replied by Cook
Los Angeles, Ca
[YEA]   It really works. I had excruciating pain from a burn on the palm of my hand. After 5 hours of trying toothpaste, ice, mustard, sour cream - aluminum foil is the only thing that worked. I have no pain!
Replied by Erica
Chandler, Az
[YEA]   I burnt my hand on the oven rack last night getting pizzas off the rack. The pizza slid off so fast my left hand had a washcloth, my right hand an oven mitt. The wash cloth dropped out of my hand and my reaction grabbed the oven rack. I had my hand under cold water on and off for 2 hours, mostly had a cold rag tightly wrapped around it. It continued to keep burning. I took tylenol within a half hour after it happened, but the pain barely decreased. I got online immediately as I hoped running cold water was the best first thing to do, than what the next best thing to do was.

I reviewed about 8 websites with different home remedies and found this site with the foil. I thought it was just a hoax and my husband would call me a sucker, but I wrapped my fingers with foil. I didn't use long enough foil so I kept it on for just a few minutes and went back to the cold rag. It was getting close to bed time so I figured to give it another try since my hand was still burning and it was over 2 hours later. I wrapped it with foil and taped it onto my finger and than wrapped the cold rag around it. Within minutes the heat was lifted. Since I was going to sleep I put a storage bag around my hand and secured it with a hairtie, so I could sleep with the rag on. I figured I would remove it soon after, but I slept for hours through the night, before I took the bag and the rag off. A few hours more I took the foil off, and put aloe and the bag back on so I didn't get wet aloe all over the place. I had 3 burns on my hand, the palm side of my thumb, forefinger and middle finger. Before I put the foil on my finger I could see that the burns were beginning to blister, but the skin color was the same, not red, just barely a pink shade darker.

This morning, my hand looks normal, feels 95% normal. The burns feel like tight skin, a little warm burning, but nothing compared to the fire burning feeling from last night. Great idea, I was so skeptical, but definetely worked.

Posted by Todd Jacques (San Diego, Ca) on 09/03/2011

[YEA]  I found that the foil worked well, while also soaking in ice water. After about an hour I took my hand out of the water, it stung for just a bit but way less intense than at first, I'd say 20% of initial pain. I've had the foil on for about 2 hours now and I am barely aware that I even burned my hand at all. It works!

Posted by Molly (Richmond, Texas) on 08/17/2011

[YEA]  I burned my fingers pretty bad being my dumb self, taking a glass tray out of a 400 degree oven. I kept it in water for an hour and it still didnt work, tried a couple of others but nothing! I didnt think the foil would work but hey, after 20 minutes the pain is dulling!!

Replied by Emmzie
Monticello, Mn Us
[YEA]   oh my gosh it actually works. I burnt my finger on a hot glue gun put tinfoil on it and its been like 15 minutes and it's almost gone.
Replied by James
Yuma, Co
Amazing, the pain is finally easing up after hours in cool and frozen water. Alcohol didnt work but this is!!! I was practicing plastic welding and accidentaly grabbed the tip of the torch, I am an idiot.
Replied by Dmakepiece
Philadelphia, Pa
[NAY]   I tried aluminum foil for a burn I got when I accidentally poured boiling water on my hand. As others have mentioned, it was incredibly painful and the only thing that kept back the pain was putting it under cold running water. If I took my hand out of the water the unbearable pain would start again after a few seconds. After reading about it here, I tried putting aluminum foil around my hand. First I tried with the shiny side in and I pushed through the pain for about five minutes with no relief. Then I tried with shiny side out and stuck with it for 15 minutes. Ouch. I couldn't stand it anymore so I put a pack of frozen vegetables on top. That worked, unless I removed the frozen vegetables. I kept that going for about 2 hours with no relief, so I gave up and tried the baking soda paste mentioned here. I covered the burn thickly and as soon as it started hurting again I washed it off and re-covered it. It was still hurting a little when I was ready for bed so I put the baking soda on, put my hand in a plastic bag, covered it all with a sock, and went to sleep. This morning there's some redness but almost no pain.

Posted by Reddollie (Elgin, Oregon) on 07/30/2011

[YEA]  last night I burned myself pretty badly, I actually was considering going to the e. R. When my husband remembered how successful the home remedies have been previously when using this site. I was terrified when he said we were gonna wrap the burn in aluminum foil. But I am here to say that it worked 100%! My hand is still a little swollen but the heat of the burn is gone and I have no blistering! Wow!!! Thank you earthclinic, I love you!

Posted by Jb83 (Btown, Iowa) on 06/14/2011

[YEA]  My fingers got burnt from steam while I was cooking dinner.. I tried running them under cold water and holding ice on them, but as soon as I would take the water or ice off of them they would just hurt even more. So I then tried the colgate toothpaste.. NOPE! That didnt work. So I found this website and tried the aluminum foil. It did burn super bad for the first 5 mins but now 20 mins later I have minimal pain. I will definitely use this remedy again and recommend it also.

Replied by Torrey
Warwick, Ri
[YEA]   I really burnt the ends of my fingers badly on a lawn mower muffler. I put them in cold ice water and couldn't get them out of the water for more than a few seconds without intense pain, it was so bad it made me sick. The ends of my fingers were swelling, had turned white and started to form a large blister. I couldn't go to ER because I was watching my kids, and wasn't going to be able to get help. I found this site and decided to try the aluminum... I was definitely skeptical. I tried one finger at a time leaving the others in the water. It started to have an effect in about 5 minutes, pain subsided 50% in about 1/2 hour, and was feeling no pain after about 1.5 hours. It does indeed work, but it is a scary prospect to have to remove your fingers from the water.
Replied by Stephanie
Arnold, Missouri
[YEA]   i really burned my thumb trying to fix my moms lawnmower yesterday, it blistered almost immediately the pain was so bad I couldn't stand it after getting home I soaked my thumb in ice water for about 9 hours with no relief I could only remove it from the water for a few seconds before the pain would come back full force so I turned to the internet and am so glad I found this site! As soon as I removed my thumb from the ice water and put on the foil, shiny side in, it instantly felt better! Still hurts a little bit but its at least bearable! I was so skeptical but so many people seemed to say it worked so I tried it and now im a believer!
Replied by Christine
Lowell, Ma
[YEA]   OK, I sat here for 3 hours with ice water on my hand because I got a bad burn from a hot glue gun. Laughed to myself, wow what a bunch of crap, aluminum foil, but considering the fact that I couldn't get my hand out of the ice water for more than a minute, I said What the heck ??

Well, it worked, don't get me wrong, it hurts still but the earlier post is correct it's about 97% better and I can handle that, I also tried the alcohol and that worked ok but not as well. My finger is wrapped fairly cozy but not too tight. I cannot thank you enough for this advice.

Posted by Linda (Trinidad) on 06/09/2011

[YEA]  Omg, this site saved me from going mad. I got a very bad steam burn and I tried the aluminum foil and it worked in 15 mins.

Posted by Aimee (Stockton, Il 61085) on 05/21/2011

[YEA]  My Daughter burnt her thumb at a bonfire we tried the alchol and ice did not work did the foil and load and behold getting better. Now we are beleivers.

Replied by Debbie
Burlington, Ontario
[YEA]   Huge Thanks for all the comments, aluminum foil worked wonders for me on my burn, I was pouring hot water for tea from a kettle and accidentally hit my hand instead of the cup. I tried everything, soaking it in cold water, the alcohol swab, even aloe vera, but the pain just wouldn't seem to go away. So I tried the aluminum foil, thankfully read enough of these replies to stick with the pain for a good 10-15 minutes and then it started to ease up. Definately remembering this trick for next time, it has helped me alot! Thought I may have had to go to the hospital for a bit as well!
Replied by Mrs. Fixit
Murray, Kentucky
[YEA]   So yesterday I was changing the spark plugs on my car and decided hey while I'm at it I'll go ahead and change the oil in my riding mower too. Well, I let it run for a few minutes to warm the oil up and failed to let everything cool down. The owner's manual says to unplug the spark plug before draining the oil.... So, I went for the spark plug wire and wasn't thinking that the big shiney tube next to it was the exhaust. Long story short, I burned the crap outta my palm near my thumb, my middle finger and my ring finger... OUCH! I immediately ran inside to run cold water on it. Of course, every time I took it out from under the water I wanted to scream it hurt so bad. I grabbed some frozen corn and headed to the computer where I found this site. I saw the Aluminum Foil thing and couldn't imagine how something so crazy would work, but I decided to give it a try since I have no insurance and didn't want to go to the ER. I wrapped the foil around each finger individually and then around the palm of my hand. I had read that it may continue to burn for a little while, so I waited... Within 10-15 min the burning had gone from a 9. 5 to a 2. No more pain! I kept it on for about 4 hours, which was when I couldn't feel any pain at all, and then removed it. Still no pain. I decided that putting some anti-biotic cream on it wouldn't hurt, so I did so. It is now the next evening and I have to say I am completely amazed!!! I do have some small blistering, but it isn't even tender to the touch. I was able to change my cam sensor on my car today!!! I burnt my right hand, which of course I am right handed, and was still able to use a wrench and sockets with no problems!

Thank you so very much Earth Clinic and to all of the people who commented with their results!!