Natural Cures for Bad Breath and Halitosis

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Posted by CR (Marion, IN) on 01/17/2008

[WORKED TEMPORARILY]  I have used the ACV and Baking Soda everday since a found this web site. It work really well the first couple of times, also I do the oil pull every morning. After the third day the really bb returned. I used the lemon juice and soda and the perorixde rinse for sinus and it still work for sinus drainage. I drink coffee after the oil pull, and the ACV on a empty stomach. Could the coffee be the reason why my mouth is so dry and stale after completing the OP, and the ACV, and the mouth rinse? Is there any mouth rinse that I could use after eating food, that will make my breath smell clean and fresh. I tend to have a white coating on my tongue after drinking and eating anything. My breath smells terrible. I have to brush my teeth and tongue sometimes three and four times a day and still my breath still have a foul odor. please tell me what to use for this continuous problem.

Posted by Andrew
Kettering, UK
The bacteria that cause bad breath are anerobic which means that they live without oxygen,they also thrive in a high acidic environment.The bacteria are part of the digestive system and start to break down the compounds in the food as we chew them and feed off the protein.Many people on the Atkins diet suffer with BB because it's high in protein and coffee is acidic so this enables the anerobic bacteria to thrive.Most mouthwashes contain alcohol which dries out the mouth and it is our saliva that helps to clean out the mouth and keeps bacteria in check because it contains oxygen and anerobic bacteria cannot survive when the mouth is oxygenated.3% Hydrogen Peroxide(H202)when used as a mouthwash will kill the anerobic bacteria. You will have to dilute the H202 with water, the instuctions should be on the bottle and add some Baking soda(Bicarbonate of Soda) to it,this will neutalise the acid.

Posted by Randy (Slidell, Louisiana) on 07/07/2007

[YEA]  For bad breath:

~Brush @ least once a day
~Rinse with diluted HP
~Drink a few glasses of water ever day
~ALWAYS Rinse after eating with water
~Get at least 6 1/2 hours of sleep
~Minimize the red meats in diet
~Take acidophilus
~Take a multivitamin
~Last, but not

It's so easy, even a caveman can do it!

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Posted by Tess (Qatar) on 01/10/2012

[YEA]  I had been using nasal rinse for the past 3 weeks and I have been noticing that my bad breath has been reducing. I encourage everyone who is having bad breath from nose and mouth, to do the nasal rinse and see. I'm on the 3rd week now and I can see a lot of improvement. I am doing it 2 times daily.

Posted by Cindy
Smalltown, Usa
Could you please explain your remedy and dose amounts? Thanks

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Posted by Nahla (Pembroke Pines, Florida) on 07/10/2010

I have been oil pulling since yesterday for my halitosis and white coated tongue. This actually made my tongue even whiter. Is this part of the process of oil pulling?

Posted by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
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Try tooth paste without fluoride for the coated tongue. . . It help me right from the first time I tried!

Posted by Lynn (San Francisco, CA) on 04/09/2009

[YEA]  I started oil pulling 3 weeks ago with Sesame Oil. At first I was absolutely disgusted by the consistency and could barely keep it in my mouth for 3 minutes. The next day I tried again and was able to swish for about 7 minutes. Everyday the process became easier and easier and now I'm up to 15 minutes. It has not taken away the dark circles under my eyes, my allergies are the worst they've ever been, and my energy has not improved BUT I have definitely noticed that my teeth are extremely clean and feel absolutely amazing. The horribly bad breath (which I attribute to several years on antibiotics) that plagued me has completely disappeared. Clean teeth and fresh breath are reasons enough for me to continue oil pulling and hopefully after a few months I will reap the benefits that others speak of.

Posted by Lisa
Na, Fl
Hi Lynn, Which oil did u use for your halitosis? I'm gonna start op.

Thanks, Lisa

Posted by Raquel (Los Angeles, CA) on 10/16/2007

[YEA]  I've been oil pulling for six weeks now and although I can't say I lost any weight, I'm eating more fruits and vegetables because I can now chew better. Also, the lines that run from my nose to my mouth have also diminshed and my dark circles have reduced significantly. I use extra vergin olive oil. At first, my breath stank but I stuck with it and my breath is now fresh and my teeth are strong. My cracked heels are gone and my BP has also dropped and has remained steady. Only question? Can I do this during pregnancy????

Posted by Eric (Simi Valley, CA) on 09/08/2006

[YEA]  Margarine / vegetable oil for breath gargle (yes, sounds disgusting but Canola oil is actually kind of sweet) cures bad breath by dissolving and stabilizing the pathology of volatile sulphur compounds in the mouth and throat.

Posted by Michael
Whitehouse Sta, Nj
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No, canola oil makes my breath WORSE!

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Posted by Laura30 (Newcastle, United Kingdom ) on 01/04/2012

Hi everyone. I suffered from halitosis all my life and totally sympathize with all of you. My halitosis was chronic but my dentist repeatedly told me my teeth were great and there were no problems (I'm 23 and only have one filling). After much online research, I realized the sad fact that some people simply are born with more bacteria on the back of the tongue and regular brushing, flossing and using various mouthwashes is a temporary cover-up and fails to deal with the VSC's on the back of the tongue. I used to use Retardex from Boots which is effective for a few hours. However, it is not a permanent solution for someone with a chronic condition (and hellishly expensive). I now use Profresh which has completely eliminated my problem: read the independent laboratory report and the white paper research. This product is patented in the US which means that no other company can manufacture a product that contains the same ingredients that are 99.9% effective against halitosis. I won't babble on about how the product works etc as you can see for yourself on the website.

Although my doctor and dentist are fantastic, unfortunately professionals are light years behind when it comes to halitosis. My doctor once told me to brush my tongue with listerine!!!! I couldn't believe it. Didn't he know I'd spent hundreds of pounds on products and had that morning spent no less an hour and 15 mins obsessively brushing, scraping, flossing, swilling etc etc etc. That's all a thing of the past now thank goodness. Thanks to this product I now have fresh breath 24 hours a day. I hope this info helps but I must stress that this product is only effective for those who have chronic halitosis which is not attributable to sinus problems, post-nasal drip etc. This will only work for those where halitosis originates from the mouth, despite having no significant dental problems. Unfortunately, some of us are just born producing more bacteria than others.

In terms of cost, I used to spend £30-£40 a week on Retardex products (hard to believe I know). A bottle of mouthwash was around £7 ish but I used to go through it very quickly. With Profresh I buy it in bulk. I get 13 bottles each lasting 17 days each, twice a year. I usually pay around £120 but Profresh is now shipped from London instead of the States which will eliminate pesky shipping charges the next time I order. So I would say you can expect to pay £200 a year for your supplies (to me it's like liquid gold so price is irrelevant). I would love to hear from someone that they had cured their problem because of this post so please report back with any success stories. You're probably skeptical (like I was) but I guarantee that if you have the same type of halitosis like me it will work. Please be aware folks that when people that say bad breath sufferers have poor oral hygiene they couldn't be more wrong! In fact, we probably have better oral habits than most since we're constantly brushing etc.

Also, don't listen to those who will cockily reply 'well brush your teeth' or 'chew gum or suck on a mint'. As we long-term sufferers know, such measures are useless and sometimes sugary mints can make our breath worse! I appreciate it will be difficult for those with normal breath to understand this as they simply brush their twice once and they have fresh breath all day. But just remember that for others, fresh breath is something that they can only dream of. Good luck everyone. Laura

Posted by Kath2845
Merseyside, United Kingdom
Hi Laura, just wondering, what toothpaste have you been using? On the profresh website they seem to be pushing the mouthwash, the toothpaste does not come in the starter kit but can be bought separately. Is it important to use the toothpaste too? Also, is there a specific uk account or just the

Pranayama Breathing, H2O2   1  0   

Posted by Baby (Germantown, Maryland) on 04/29/2009

[YEA]  I've been suffering from bad breath for 20 years, i searched for remedies for years and tried it(water theraphy,oil pulling,brushing teeth with baking soda and salt,used expensive breath theraphies, hydrogen peroxide, taking acidophillus, probiotics) but to no avail. I Thank God for answering my prayer by leading me to this site in helping me cure my problem which affected me so much in my interaction with people (i became anti social and always dread the days when i have to interact with people). The following method has help me eradicate my bad breath problem, even my morning breath is gone. I tried pranayam breathing after waking up in the morning, then i gargle hydrogen peroxide diluted in water with a pinch of salt and baking soda after breakfast and before i sleep, i also take acidophillus(1 billion) 2x a day between meals.

Posted by Diane
04915, Maine
which breathing practice did you use?

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Posted by Bolanle123 (Yonkers, New York) on 10/05/2011

The Streptococcus salivarius probiotic bacteria is the number one dragon slayer in the ranks of bad breath remedies. This oral probiotic replaces the bacteria in your mouth with the desirable Streptococcus salivarius K12 bacteria.

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Posted by Andy (Dubai, UAE) on 07/28/2014

Hi everyone, I'm suffering from bad breath from last 3 years. previously I could cover this with mint or chew gum but recently this problem has increased. I brush twice a day/mouthwash recently started with baking soda not helpful at all. Kindly advise as to what to do as my professional and personal life is getting disturbed badly.

Posted by Liz
Boston, Ma
I've read many good reviews about parsley for bad breath. If you don't care for the taste of the fresh parsley leaves, you could try it in supplement form. The supplement form is very inexpensive, too.
Posted by Om
Hope, Bc Canada
Hi Andy --- why not try daily oil pulling with organic sesame oil? EC has a large section on it.

If you have had root canals, it could be a cause. Otherwise get good probiotics for the GE tract.

Also during the day chew one head of the clove spice. You could oil pull twice a day making sure it is with sesame oil according to Ayurveda. Other oils are not so effective. Do it at least for twenty minutes and check it out on EC. All the best. Namaste, Om

Posted by Andy
5 Posts
Dear Om,

thank you so much for your reply. I have started doing oil pulling with sesame oil its been 4 days with little very little effect. Am also brushing with baking soda and gargle when I put my finger on back of my tongue and and smell the saliva it smells bad so I think it with the mouth only. otherwise am all fit and healthy. What about hydrogen peroxide, can I try that? Kindly advice.

Posted by Om
Hope Bc Canada
Andy from Dubai ----- With all these natural treatments you have to have patience. Four days is nothing. Meanwhile chew the clove pods, not the stems, during the day. OP will detoxify in its own time. You can also use a tongue scraper after oil pulling or simply use a teaspoon for this. We all need to detoxify in this poisoned world and it takes patience and perseverance.

You could have an examination re ear, nose, throat or dental examination to make sure all is well. Stay away from dairy and foods that you have not prepared yourself. eat lots of fresh organic produce and drink lots of clean water.

Namaste, Om

Posted by Andy
Dubai, AE
5 Posts
[SIDE EFFECTS]   hi, tried oil pulling for 1 month; my bad breath has become worse.. now the smell is coming from mouth and nose.. it's humiliating. please suggest what to do...
Posted by Tineacured
Simplest is to consume green tea. You can also gargle with it.
The fastest is the CDS/MMS or chlorine-di-oxide solution. Some mouthwashes also contain this.

Posted by Anju (Mauritius) on 02/26/2014

Hello, I am very troubled by severe bad breath. It remains throughout the day even after I brush my teeth. I have tried everything but no use. Please give me a good solution.

EC: Hi Anju, Check our bad breath page for popular remedies to cure bad

Posted by Prakash (Kathmandu, Nepal) on 02/21/2014

Hi, its me prakash. I have a problem of bad breath sense 4 years and its main cause is my whitey tongue. It causes a bad smell, plz tell me whats the solution?

Posted by Nozipho (Johannesburg, South Africa) on 08/13/2012

I have suffered with bad breath for 5 years, I have removed tonsil, cleanse my nasal drip and used every mouth wash available on the market, go to the dentist monthly, tried very eremedy, but nothing works pls help me, im desparate. its affecting my marriage and social life, work, friends.

Posted by Mar
Nyc, Ny
Try probiotics, especially prescription strength. If not possible, any probiotic in large doses for at least a month and your life will change. The problem is probably in your gut or inability to digest food properly.

Posted by Rajkumar (Vellore, Tamilnadu And India.) on 06/15/2012

My tongue has white coating and when I speak bad breath comes in my mouth. I used several mouthwash but it doesn't work.. What is the Permanant solution for this problem? I have this problem for 5years. I want Permanent solution for this.

Posted by Baldev
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
116 Posts
Hi Rajkumar, You can go to the Ailment section and there go to Tongue and you have lot of information on tounge white coating and if you still need any help you can call me on 09322887066. Baldev


Posted by Adhar
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Dear Rajkumar, Have you tried using a tongue cleaner? It's commonly available in any medical shop in Vellore or Chennai or department store. It's cheap and usually of of plastic or steel. Use the steel one preferably. Use it every morning and night; and after every meal.. Also refer to the section on oil pulling in earth clinic.. Good luck!

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