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Apple Cider Vinegar

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Apple Cider Vinegar Cure for Warts

Home Remedy Ingredients:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Small Piece of Cotton Ball

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is also a very popular wart remedy. Soak a small bit of a cotton ball, no bigger than the size of the wart, in ACV, apply it to the wart, and secure it with a band-aid. You can replace the cotton with a new soak once or twice a day. In a couple of weeks, your wart should be gone.

[YEA]  06/03/2008: Terri from Babbitt, MN: "After numerous trips to the Dr. & failed painful treatments of the freezing method for the warts on my finger, my sister suggested this remedy. At night I wet a cottonball with the ACV then put it on the wart and cover it with a bandaid. I change this nightly. within 1-2 weeks my warts were gone."

[YEA]  04/13/2008: Tim from New York, New York: "Well, it worked! I wrapped the bandaid on it for 3 nights, then I took 3 nights off to let the sensitive skin around the wart heal. I was all set to resume the ACV treatments and the wart simply fell off! Total time from beginning to end was only 6 days. And this is after several years, and 2 rounds of prescription treatments failed. Just be sure to apply vaseline on the healthy skin around the wart when you start this treatment."

06/08/2010: Leila from New Haven, Connecticut United States replies: "Hi I have about 10 warts on my hand and I tried a liquid medicine on my warts and they went away, but they came back with more later. Does ACV really work? And does it have any pain?"

[YEA]  03/29/2008: Eloise from Sydney, NSW: "I had a wart on the bottom of my foot and i was thinking of all of the things possible to get rid of warts everything i thought of...milk water(of course that wouldnt work butanyway)ummmmmm i thought vinegar i looked in the cupboard and we only had apple cider vinegar still i used it with a bandage and plasters just a blob to make it moist and voila! ..it went brown hard ...browwwwwwwner then gone just gone!! ..but you have to'file it down with a nail file so its flat or soak it till its white then cut it ..owch but they are the most annoying things on earth !! go away!"

[YEA]  03/14/2008: Joe from Grand Rapids, Michigan: "About a year ago I started developing huge warts all over my hands, probably 4 or 5 on each, and they were nasty. I was embarrassed by them, so I went to the doctor and for $300 and two visits he froze them, which was very painful. Well some of them went away, but came right back and even bigger. It also left scars. I read up a little on the internet, desperate for a remedy. Well, let me tell you Apple Cider Vinegar is an f--ing miricle! Every night before bed I soaked a cottonball in it and taped it to my hand over the wart. In the morning they would be swollen and a little painful, so you have to cover them with band-aids during the day. Anyway, it took ten days and they just eventually turned dark, shriveled and fell off. It was so easy and cheap and I haven't had a wart since. My mind is eased and I'm so happy I want to share the good news with everyone."

[YEA]  03/01/2008: Don from Lakeland, FL: "My wife & I had a couple of warts for about 5 years and tried everything under the sun to get rid of them. We used the Apple Cider Vinegar solution and it worked GREAT for both of us. We took a small cotton ball about the size of the wart top, placed this onto 3M tape, taped the cotton ball over the wart, poked a hole in the top thru the tape, placed an eye dropper thru the hole with a few drops of ACV, did this a couple of times a day and within 5 days the wart turned black and was gone in about a month after the root grew out."

[YEA]  02/29/2008: Sandy from Beaverton, OR: "Apple Cider Vinegar - why don't doctors know about this for warts? My daughter had over 20 warts on the bottom of her left foot. I tried all the stuff from the drug store but all they did was hurt the skin around the wart. The doctor tried to freeze them off but that did not work and was very painful for my 10 year old. The next step was to go to a dermatologist. Luckily though I read about the vinegar cure in the local newspaper and then searched on line to see if anyone else had any success with it. I read how they applied it and did the following each night. First due to the severity of the wart problem I used cotton balls soaked in Apple Cider viegar and bandage tape to secure them to the bottom of the foot every night. After a few days several of them began turning black. We kept going with it even though when the wart started to die it could be really itchy and sometimes sore. It never hurt the good skin though. Sometimes I would skip a day or two. After a couple of weeks almost half of the warts were gone. The warts that were in the middle of the foot that were really deep took about 13 weeks to finally completely die and go away. My daughters very last wart was gone this morning! Unbelievale! All the money I spent and all it took was a $2 bottle vinegar and some cotton balls and patience! My daughter is so happy that she doesn't have to hide her feet anymore! I think I will email the doctor to let her know a real cure!"

[YEA]  01/25/2008: katie from Ankeny, Iowa: "I am female, 20 years young. I have had a wart on my hand for about 8 years. I've had it frozen off around 5 or 6 times. One time by a dermatologist who promised it wouldn't come back. Welllll she was wrong, because it came back bigger and times 3. Not a happy camper, I got to the point where I decided I was going to let it go and hope it falls off. Well, that didn't happen, I got sick of my large wart on the top of my hand for everyone to see, so I tried Apple Cider Vinegar. I would put it on a cotton ball with a large band-aid over it and would do this at night. The pain was too much so I quit doing that. After a while, the warts spread. So 6 months later I decided I was sick of it again only this time I was going to stick it out the whole time. I did the same routine only I would wear a band-aid with tape around 24/7. At times the pain was so much I wanted to cry. It was eating not only the warts, but also my skin in the area of the band-aid. It looked SOOOO disgusting. I would pick at it, and try and get the wart out and it would not budge. It also made new baby warts appear. I was at my wits end! I had been doing this consistently for 7 days. I started out with only doing it at night then for the last 3 days I did it all day. The pain was way too excruciating that I just gave in. It was obviously working, I could see the actual wart, but it hurt too much I booked an appointment to once again get it frozen off. Well, hallelujah!!!!! Today, I took the band-aid off and touch it, I picked the scap/wart and it came off!!!!!!!!! YAYE I am so excited and I recommend this to anyone with a wart, the only thing that I really recommend is to stick it out or else they might spread. If you have any questions feel free to ask me I would love to help fellow wart suffers!!! God Bless"

11/22/2011: In Despair from Rochester, Ny replies: "So I have been doing the apple cider vinegar for about 5 days now. Putting a soaked cotton ball on the wart on my hand with tape at night and just a band aid during the day.

The wart is not angry brown and white and a little black on the edges and the surronding area is raw red. Is this how the wart should look when being treated? Should I keep going? Help!!!!!"

11/22/2011: Amanda from Indianapolis, In replies: "Sounds like to me if you put apple cider vinegar on a mole or a cut and wrap it - you would burn it."

[YEA]  01/25/2008: Janet from Hong Kong, Hong Kong: "I've had my wart for over a year now and I've tried duofilm and other over counter liquids which just burns the top skin and surrounding skin off. I'm so glad I've found this website as now I've treated the wart on my index finger for 4 nights with a cotton bud soaked with ACV fastened with a bandaid. As I'm writing this I've just pulled of the black scabby bit to reveal a red fleshy hole and I'm pretty sure this will heal to be wart free. The wart burned and throbbed for the initial 2 nights but I thought it was bearable pain. As my wart was not pertruding cos I kept filing and cutting it, I didnt have a clear idea of where or how big the wart is. It just kept coming back. But I believe the ACV only reacted with the wart which turned it black and hardens it. I'm hoping I will have a normal finger back within the next week or so. Thank so much for this website!"

[WORKED TEMPORARILY]  12/26/2007: Tracey from Moose Jaw, Canada: "I tried the ACV remedy on my daughters plantar warts. They swelled up and turned white all around the wart and the black seed was visible. I thought the warts were "dead" and was happy with the results. However, it is now months later, and the white skin hasn't fallen off or changed. Should I do the ACV again? We have tried scraping the skin off, pumice stone etc., but not much changed. Any ideas?"

[YEA]  12/16/2007: Daniel : "Hey D! Great articles on ACV. I read alot but not all...not sure if anyone mentioned ACV cures warts! Yes it's true! Soak the wart for 10 minutes to soften, apply a few drops of good natural ACV with mother to a bit of cotton and place on wart securing it with tape or bandaid... keep soaked in ACV daily until wart turns black on falls off- usually within 5-8 days...and that's it! 100% effective! Peace om om,"

[YEA]  12/14/2007: kelsey from douglasville, united states: "apple cidar vinegar is curing my wart. i have 3 warts on my hand one on my index finger one on my palm and the other on my knuckle.i went to the docter and trtied to get it frozen of 4 times but that never worked so one of my friends told me to try a bannana peel but that didn't work either. i then came to this site and saw the ACV treatment and im on my third day doing it and it is painful but im just glad it is working because it is black all over. so hopefully it will harden and fall off. ( im pretty sure it will!)"

[YEA]  09/24/2007: Rebekah from Gary, IN: "Apple cider vinegar definitely worked to remove my wart! It was months ago that I finally looked up some natural ways to get rid of warts. I had gone to a doctor before and did the whole freezing-off thing and that hurt so badly I never wanted to do it again--plus it didn't get rid of the warts on my hands! They finally went away on their own. Then about four years ago another wart appeared, then a couple more. The others went away on their own, but not one on the pad of my index finger. It was painful and would not go away. I used a small piece of cotton soaked in ACV under a bandage to wear when I went to sleep. The second time I did this it was painful, the third time I couldn't leave the bandage on for more than a half hour because it was throbbing so badly. The next day the wart turned black. Within a week it hardened and fell off like a scab. It hasn't returned since."

[YEA]  09/16/2007: Lourdes from Dubai, United Arab Emirates: "Apple Cider Vinegar cured me of my wart. I had a wart for almost 3 years. I tried everything from ointments to cryo (which was painful), but nothing worked. I came across your site and tried the ACV. I applied it for 3 days and since it did not seem to do anything, I gave up. A week later I noticed that it had turned black and seemed to have shrunk. So I started applying ACV again. Within 2 - 3 days the wart had almost disappeared. Of course I had to pull off the black scab, and it left a small hole. But now, a week later its as if nothing was there. Thanks Earth Clinic for this amazing cure!"

[YEA]  09/16/2007: Laura from Ipswich , Suffolk, UK: "I had the most horrendous wart on my thumb knuckle, which was not only unsightly, but also quite painful if I caught it on anything. I tried having it frozen off at the doctors... twice, but to no avail. I then tried the banana peel cure, and it did start to go, but never completely went, and eventually came back with a vengance. Then I found the Apple cider vinegar one, and knowing that vinegar is good for all sorts of stuff,gave it a try. I got a piece of dressing and put a few drops of the ACV on it,and wrapped sticky dressing around it. Overnight, the wart went black, and after about 3-4 days, because it looked so grim (my kids said I looked like I had mould!)I sat and pulled off the black scabby bit, to reveal a red,and by this time quite sore small hole. I went ahead and applied the ACV again overnight for a couple more nights. About a week after starting,the wart was gone (hooray!!)and now another week on, you cant tell that it was ever there. I have been trying to rid myself of that thing for ages, so listen up people... this really does work!! I am so glad I found this site... Thank you !"

[YEA]  09/06/2007: Barbara from Stilwell, Oklahoma: "Apple Cider Vinegar cured my planters wart. I have been going to a podiatrist(foot doctor) for six weeks trying to get rid of a planters wart, but I also had some athletes foot so the doctor wanted it cleared up first so that when he cut out the wart it would not spread. The problem is I am diabetic and he really didn't want to cut out the wart so he had me try several things like liquid wart remover,cutting the top layer back,also he had me try several things for the athletes foot;foot creme,foot soaks,gension violet which helped some but was VERY VERY messy. So one night I decided to do some research on the net and came across the Earthclinic site. When I read about the ACV I thought what the heck I'm gonna give it a try. I put the ACV on a small piece of cotton and put it on the wart covered with a couple bandaides.I changed it every morning and at bedtime. After two days the wart turned white and looked like dead skin so I peeled it off then applied more ACV. After a couple days it did the same thing this time exposing a small hole so I made sure that the ACV got in the hole and continued this for three more days then it turned black. I went back to the doctor today and he was AMAZED! The wart was gone.He said he would definatly tell other patients about it. It also cleared up the athletes foot within two days!! I can't tell you THANK YOU enough I was very worried about having to have it cut out since I am diabetic. I am also going to give it a try for other things like my husband and girls have sinus problems and I could stand to lose some weight and my dogs could stand to lose some fleas!! I'll let you know how it goes but for now I'm a beleiver!!!!"

08/06/2012: Babababavab from Nyc, Ny replies: "I used ACV and it worked for removing the outter layers of dry, thick skin but did nothing to kill the wart itself.

I have had amazing luck with 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide. Applied directly to the wart in full strength with a qtip. Older, large warts turned white, gray, black and fell off within 2-3 days just applying a drop in the morning and again at night. No bandaids, no vinegar smell. Peroxide does sting but once that sucker turns black it's all worth a little pinch."

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