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Wart Remedies

Last Modified on Nov 09, 2015

Coconut Oil
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Posted by Ashley (Baltimore, MD) on 05/10/2007

[YEA]  Virgin coconut oil cured my plantar warts. I had some plantar warts on my foot for about a year, then I started rubbing coconut oil on my feet to help soften the skin and make walking more comfortable. After about 2 months of this, I was just starting to think of going to the doctor to have them removed (with much dread) when I noticed that the warts had shrunk. Then about 1-2 weeks later, the dead skin just peeled off like a callous, revealing soft healthy skin underneath. It wasn't an overnight cure, but the time was a small price to pay for not having them dug out! I know they were warts because they had the little black spots in them, they hurt or bled if scraped, and a couple of small ones had appeared elsewhere on my foot. I also use coconut oil in food preparation on a regular basis, as well as topically on all areas of the skin.

Replied by London
Sandusky, Ohio
[NAY]   Coconut oil does not work for warts on feet and hands. Apple cider vinegar does. I use no other moisterizer for over a year on my feet and hands everyday, and I saw no difference on the warts on my hands.
Replied by Brownandgreen72
Anywhere, Usa
I also was using Coconut oil on my plantar wart, and it helped make it smaller. Before that I used the tea tree oil and duct tape method. This helped remove some of the skin above the wart. After the coconut oil the wart rose to the surface. I left the tape off and applied nothing topically because it hurt. Bad mistake. Airing it out caused the wart to get bigger. It also inflammed the surrounding area. Now I am trying the ACV on cotton with duct tape on top. I'll update later.

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Posted by Joshua (Vancouver, Canada) on 12/13/2014

[YEA]  I would like to add one more method of wart removal and that is to use dandelion milk/sap. A little back story on this is I had warts for years and most of them stayed the same size and only occasionally were they painful. I tried EVERYTHING from actually getting them burned off to duct tape and garlic, but nothing worked. Eventually I got a few small ones on my hands and a HUGE one on my foot. This was the last straw for me. Coincidentally at the same time, my mother remembered her grandfather saying dandelion milk/sap worked, and she remembered it working too. With out any hesitation I found the juiciest dandelion in my yard and snapped the head off to place on every last wart. The sap turned black and in a few months no one would have ever thought I used to have warts all over my feet.

To apply I have found the flowers have the most juice, but any part will do. The great thing with the dandelion method is that the sap sticks on for about a week before you have to reapply. A few times my skin would become quite sensitive to the sap but not for long. My brother and sister also had warts on their hands and feet and the weird thing was that we all got rid of all our warts at the same time using this method.

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mil , Tn.
HI U JOSHUA, , , , , , , , , let me tell you a wild and strange story about warts. When I was a freshman at Ga Tech and home working. I was a co-op and went to school 3 months and then worked in a mill for 3 months. Now kids just borrow the money from the Gov and never pay it back. I'll write about that later.

Anyways, my little sister's hands were covered with warts. My Dad came in one day and started sharpening a hard leaded pencil and began heating the lead with a lighter. I asked, "what are you doing". I'm going to remove Betty's warts. Pedro Bays at the mill said heat the lead and stick it in the warts and they will die. "Dad, you are going to give her blood poison. Don't do this."

He did and the warts fell off within a week. So much for a smart ass kid from Ga Tech and modern medicine.

So Joshua , yo tall story will not hold a candle to mine. I figure yours is true and I know mine is.


Posted by Clare (Lytham St Annes, England) on 05/01/2013

The white milk from the broken stem of a dandelion applied to the wart clears it up in a couple of weeks - if it's small.

Dietary Changes
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Posted by Kayll (New England, Usa) on 08/14/2010

[YEA]  Over the past year, I've been eating poorly and gaining weight rapidly. Along with the uncomfortableness of excess weight, I noticed three warts on my feet: two on my left and one on my right foot. Thankfully they aren't painful. However, I've noticed that they are getting bigger and bigger. Not waiting until they got painful to do something about them, I started researching.

I had bought some OTC products which didn't really work. At the same time, I started changing my diet to include a ton of mixed greens and salads. A read a book about adding mixed greens to the diet. The author had some warts on her body and after she started drinking green smoothies daily, they fell right off.

Well, I can happily say that two of my three warts have fallen off! The third one is in an area on my foot where I can feel it, but can't bend properly to see it. It's flatter than it was and may fall off on it's own soon, too!

For the past two weeks, I've been eating a big salad for lunch every day with mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, pecans or almonds, peppers, and beans of some type - with fat free dressing. I haven't lost weight because I'm still eating junkfood at night and heavy meals for dinner. But I will change that soon.

Another popular author I was reading talked about the importance of nutrition and health. He has similar diet recommendations - eating at least one pound of raw vegetables and one pound of raw fruits (who cooks fruits.. Maybe applesauce?). As I continue eating 1lb of veggies (i.e. my salad) and 1lb of fruit daily (for breakfast), I will comment about other ailments that should hopefully go away. I have really bad skin - sometimes called chicken skin - on my arms. I'm hoping diet will help that, too.

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
Maybe it would be helpful if you told us which books you have been reading?

I do eat a lot of salad with all kinds of vegetables in them but my warts have never fallen off. As far as green smoothies go unfortunately I don't like them but I have been drinking quite a bit of vegetable juice mixed with fruit as well for the past 8 months. Don't forget that your body needs fat so eating the salads with no dressing might not be a good idea. Healthy fats are good for you and I can tell you that since my naturopath told me that my skin was too dry because I wasn't eating enough fat at least the skin on my face is a lot smoother (my legs are still too dry but maybe that will change soon)!

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Posted by Joan (Loveland, Colo/usa) on 04/24/2012

[YEA]  My son had a large wart on the ball of his foot (about 2" round) and he had it burned out by a dermatologist and it returned, he tried all the alternative remedies but nothing worked. Finally, a podiatrist suggested the supplement - DIM. After 3 weeks of faithfully taking the pills according to the bottles instructions, the wart started to get smaller and smaller. After 3 months on the DIM, the wart was gone and has not returned. DIM eliminated any excess estrogen and balanced the hormones. Don't know why it works rid warts, but it works. Praise God.

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Posted by Chris (Henderson, Kentucky Usa) on 12/27/2009

[YEA]  My 5 yr. old son had 2 warts on his finger, we tried to freeze the off a doctors twice.I also tried ductape for a day or two but started applying dmso on a band aid at night ant within a week it went away. His mother had one on her finger before she was pregnant so I guess she must have passed to him. She also put dmso on a band aid and the wart left as well. I got the dmso at a health food store.

Posted by Dana (Houston, TX) on 11/05/2008

[YEA]  Someone said they had a stubborn wart...use DMSO..put it on every day and it WILL leave you! It might take a couple of weeks...also good for herpes cold sores and the best anti-inflammatory available today.

Duct Tape
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Posted by Tarai381 (Allentown, Pa) on 01/31/2014

[YEA]  I had a big wart on my left leg. I had it removed at the doctors office. But couple of years later it came back. So I read an article in a magazine about using duck tape to remove warts. So I tried it!

Cut a small piece of Duct tape and taped it on my warts, I even took showers with it on my wart. I had the duck tape on day & night. And only replaced the tape when it starts to get loose. After couple of days the wart softened and eventually disappeared after a week. And its been a few years and it hasn't come back.

When my daughter was very little, she had a big wart on her thumb. So I wrapped it with tape & couple of days later, it was gone! And it hasn't been back & she's 16 yrs. old now.

Posted by Saulo (Sao Paulo, Brazil) on 06/17/2013

A not-so-new published study indicates that duct tape is more effective in wart removal than having your doctor freeze them.

We at earth clinic have known that for years! Imagine what the score would be had they tried ACV!

Posted by Matty (Seattle, Usa) on 04/29/2013

[YEA]  I had a wart on my finger which I had tried to remove by using vinegar, but this just burned my skin. Then I tried wrapping duct tape around my finger (over the wart) which I changed every few days. After about 3 weeks it was gone and has still not come back in a year!

Posted by Liz (Boston, Massachusetts) on 07/31/2011

[YEA]  I can't believe it, but duct tape actually worked in getting rid of a plantars wart I've had on the ball of my foot since I was a teenager, which was decades ago! It's slow-going, but it works. Prior to this, I had tried every product and procedure imaginable. Nothing worked. At best, I would have temporary relief but the wart would *always* grow back within weeks.

Just put a good-sized piece of tape over the wart and push down the sides of the tape to make sure it sticks well. When you bathe/shower, dry it off well and put a new piece of tape on. After a couple of days, you'll notice that the wart gets puffy with dead skin. Carefully use a razor blade (I put tape on one of the edges of the blade to make it easier to handle and safer to use) to slice off some of the dead skin - not too much. Just hold the blade parallel to the raised skin and shave a little bit off, then put a fresh piece of tape on. Repeat that process every few days - shaving just a tad of the dead skin off and never let the wart be without duct tape on it.

It took a few months of patience and diligence, but that sucker is GONE now! ;-) It's been five months and (knocks wood) - no sign of it. It feels sooo good to *finally* be rid of the pain that came with every step I took for all those years. As someone who takes nothing for granted, I am so grateful for the relief. I appreciate it every single day.

If your patient and diligent, the duct tape method *will* work.

Posted by Breandan (Carlingford, Ireland) on 04/27/2010

[YEA]  My five year old son had a nasty wart on the knuckle of his right thumb. Duct tape, recommended to us by our doctor, got rid of it completely in about a week. Hasn't worked for me yet though!

My doctor froze the four I showed him, now I have around a dozen! Commercial solvents don't work either.

I'm off to try Apple Cider Vinegar (I have lots, I make it from my own apples), banana skin and voodoo potato treatment (which my family used, decades ago - it can also be done with a slug, if I remember correctly!). Maybe tea-tree oil and vitamin E if I can find them.

I had lots of warts, for years, in my teens but they just went away eventually, so maybe it is about an immune response.

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
[NAY]   I have tried Thuja quite a few times for longer periods of time and it has never helped me at all. Glad it helps other people..... A long time ago me and a friend tried some tea and a cream. He had a lot more than I had, really awful, his disappeared completely, mine didn't change at all!

Posted by Denise (Torrington, ct) on 01/25/2008

[YEA]  My 12 year old son had a huge planters wart on the sole of his foot. His Dr. recommended duct tape. Every night I put new tape on. Just on the wart. Every night when I took off the tape he would dig out the dead skin. one week later the huge wart was gone. He had a big hole which healed up nicely. ONE WEEK! PRETTY COOL! I guess the tape cuts off the air supply to the wart and it dies.

Posted by Elizabeth (Ormond Beach, FL) on 02/10/2007

[YEA]  my gp doctor told me of this -- IT WORKS!! -- plantar warts (the warts most common on the bottom of the feet) cover them with duct tape and keep them covered with the tape for several days (mine took about three weeks) there is no pain or discomfort. i think the tape keeps the wart from getting air and thus it dies. at any rate, this works every time.

Posted by Natalie (Austin, TX) on 12/31/2006