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Last Modified on Jan 11, 2016

Salicylic Acid  
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Posted by Nadia Jovanovic (Chicago, Illinois) on 07/12/2008

[YEA]  Hello, I swear my life on this treatment. As a teenager i had only one wart . Really annoying i thought but was able to live with it. Couple of years later though the warts started spreading. You can imagine how embarrassing it was since they became quite visible.
My grandmas sister told me to put salicylic acid and to tomato on the warts and wrap them up. I did that twice a day putting generous amounts of acid on each wart and a peace of tomato. A week latter imagine my surprise THEY WERE GONE!!!!Have not had them since and I can tell you I had tried everything including burning with the really painful liquid nitrogen. It is a bit of a challenge to buy salicylic acid but you can definitely find it online if not in you local pharmacy. Good luck!!!

Posted by Patti (Canton, Ohio) on 11/27/2007

[YEA]  Remedy to kill plantar wart on foot. Ten years ago my son had a large plantar wart on the bottom of his foot so I decided to play Dr. and see what happened. The remedy I used is to soak the foot in very warm water (for about 15 minutes) right before bed, dry the foot completely, scrape top of wart gently with a knife, apply alcohol and let dry, apply any drugstore wart remover solution and let it dry, apply a bandaid, wrap in duct tape. Leave on until the following night and repeat nightly for six weeks. This remedy cured my sons plantar wart and it never came back! We were amazed. Consistancy is the key for success in using this remedy. This remedy can also be done immediately after the bath. Hope this remedy helps.

Posted by Moe (Salt Lake City, Utah, USA) on 05/05/2007

[YEA]  I removed a wart with Salicycle Acid found over-the-counter at any drug store. The problem is that the acid creates a callous over the wart so one must continually wear down the callous and wart using a callous file or pumous stone before each acid application 3 or 4 times per day. Use the stone or file wet before each acid application. Eventaully, one will arrive at the root of the wart but continue the applications for another few days until there is no sign of the wart and there is no pain when you apply pressure to the area. It took me about 1 week to become wart free.

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Posted by Vicki (Broken Arrow, Ok) on 04/26/2012

[YEA]  We removed a plantar wart from my preteen's foot with regular iodized table salt--the kind you get from the supermarket for less than 50 cents a canister. We had tried duct tape, ACV and banana peels, and the latter two did very clearly affect the wart, but it stubbornly remained. I did not wish to take my son to the doctor to have his wart frozen off, only to return, or cut out. After reading a suggestion here on Earth Clinic, we began soaking the affected part of his foot in a salt slurry for 10-20 minutes every day that we remembered or could get to it. It was very helpful to relieve his pain, and the wart became more black and scablike. After about 3 weeks of soaking, one evening my son's foot itched. He scratched at it absently, and a little cone-shaped piece of flesh (the wart) fell off in his hand. He had an equally tiny, cone-shaped indention in his foot with a little red dot at the bottom of it. We soaked his foot in the salt slurry a couple days more, just to make sure that little red dot could make no progress on any sinister intentions, but 4 months later, my son is still wart-free.

The salt slurry was never carefully measured -- just a little pile of salt poured onto a dish, with enough water to get it to the consistence of mud.

Posted by Sherryt123 (Rome, Ny) on 11/21/2011

I tried everything to try and get rid of plantar warts. I started out with 2 right next to each other on my right foot. They gradually spread and I had about 9 of them in different areas on my foot. They were very painful and annoying. I tried apple cider vinegar, duct tape, all of the home remedies, nothing worked. Then, while on vacation to the seashore I noticed that after wading in the ocean that my foot hardly hurt at all and the warts had shrunk down. I thought about this for a few days and after getting home I deduced that it must be the salt in the sea water that was affecting the warts. After I took a shower and turned off the water I took some regular old iodized table salt and sprinkled a generous amount in the just damp tub. I then rubbed my foot all in the salt, grinding it as much as possible. After a few minutes of this I rinsed off the salt.

After a day or two of doing this I noticed that the warts were shrinking and didn't hurt. I kept this up, just once a day with my morning shower and am happy to say that ALL of the warts are gone!!!! It took a few weeks for the pits where the warts were to heal over but they are completely gone now. I do the salt treatment a few times a week just to make sure they stay away. Simple, cheap and effective... Common table salt!! Try it, I swear it works!!!

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
Hi, I saw this suggestion in a book I have about salt. I have to say that I tried it on a little wart on my hand a couple of times but I never saw any difference. I tried rock salt, not refined, maybe that would have made a difference. In the meanwhile I went to the doctor who froze three I had on my leg and took out the one of my hand too. I hope they don't come back...

Salt Water  
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Posted by Mythos (Limassol, Cyprus) on 06/28/2009

[YEA]  Walk on the beach.

Try a long walk or jog on the sand by the sea with bare feet to cure your warts in a quick and pleasant way once and for all. I did this only 3-4 times and the warts literally evaporated and never came back. The sand wears off the skin and the warts and the sea salt with the iodine burns them out. No need for salicyllic acid or medieval burn-out surgery. Doctors will never tell you this. What will they sell?? If you have a sandy beach near you roll your trousers up, throw your shoes off and go for a long walk on the beach. Your warts will fall off and you will come back exercised and refreshed.

Replied by Wart Hater
New York, New York
[YEA]   I had warts on my right foot that were spreading over the course of a year. I tried cylic acid and it did not work for me. Then I would cut the warts off and apply the acid directly to the wart. Unforetunately, this only seemed to make it worse. One of the warts was growing the size of a nickel. One day I had the idea of going to the beach (I was living in Florida at the time) and exposing my foot to the sand and salt water. Almost immediately my foot started to feel better. After repeated visits all the warts just disappeared.
Replied by Christie
Springfield, IL
[YEA]   My husband has always had several warts on his feet but refused to have them removed. After wading in the water in Jamaica his warts disappeared after about 2 weeks. They have been gone for 5 years now!


Posted by Julie (Pbg, Fl) on 07/06/2012

Wash yourself with Sandalwood Soap and just before you get out of the shower put some of the soap on the warts and let it dry on. This company is trying to make a business of it with FDA approval:

Here is one of the earlier patents. I selected this URL because it gives many human individual cases if you scroll all the way down. In addition, these two sections caught my eye:

"At the time of filing this application, further clinical work is underway to refine the method of the present invention and to further characterize the active components of the sandalwood oil. At this time, a total of fifteen (15) individuals have undergone the inventive therapy and all 15 experienced the eradication of their palmar or plantar warts. The application of the sandal soap at least twice daily with occasional placement of soap residue on the warts, results in disappearance of the warts in about four (4) weeks. Deeply embedded warts took up to eight (8) weeks to resolve. Of the 15 individuals treated to date, twelve (12) were previously treated with salicylic acid preparations, liquid nitrogen or surgical techniques. In all twelve (12) cases, the warts reappeared. Upon reappearance of the warts, the subjects enrolled into the sandal soap study and have successfully completed their course of therapy and the warts have failed to reappear. It was noted that the individuals that had previously received salicylic acid treatments were slower to respond to the inventive therapy when warts were covered by scar tissue. However, in all cases, the warts had disappeared within four (4) to eight (8) weeks and recurrence of warts had not yet been detected."


"In light of these results, the inventors have concluded that sandalwood oil (or a component of the oil) is not only an antiviral agent against HPV, DNA pox virus and perhaps other viruses but it would also be a chemoprotective agent for skin cancers and an effective therapy for cancerous or precancerous lesions of the skin and the female genital tract.

Other Indications

Since warts are caused by human papillomaviruses (HPV) of different types and the sandalwood oil disclosed herein can eradicate this virus, it is contemplated that this composition may be useful in methods of eradicating other viral-induced tumors. Genital warts are also caused by HPV. Genital warts in women are a genuine nuisance and are very hard to eradicate. The sandalwood may also be useful to prevent other DNA viral lesions. Its effect on other DNA as well as RNA viruses needs further investigation. The fact that sandalwood oil appears to be extremely effective in eradicating palmar and plantar warts caused by the DNA HPV virus and also effective in treating Molluscum contagiosum rash caused by DNA pox virus supports its effectiveness against other DNA and RNA viruses.

It is proposed that the continued use of sandalwood oil or the components of sandalwood oil (such as B1- and B2-santalol) would be effective for the prophylactic treatment of viral tumors and eradication of DNA viral infections and bacterial infections caused by streptococci or staphylococci."

Sandalwood Soap as it is specifically called out in some of the literature that I have read and clinical trials. There really aren't tons and tons of companies that manufacturer Sandalwood Soaps. Another that readers could try would be Sandalwood-Tumeric Soap w/Neem in it. This latter soap additionally has coconut oil and castor oil too.

I sincerely hope this helps some folks.

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Posted by Siberianwolf (Omsk, Russia) on 05/24/2008

[YEA]  I did not know where to place this comment....I would like to tell you how I got rid of my warts after six years of suffering. I was in real despair. They were so unsightly all over my hands and I was frequently breaking down and crying and was so embarrassed to go shopping...yes. One day I went into our garden and picked up a garden snail and rubbed it over my warts then I went indoors to the bathroom and peed - yes you heard right!!- on them. I did this for three or four days several times a day and noticed a very dramatic effect. After 10 days or so they were completely gone with absolutely no scarring and never to return. How's that??!! And all at no cost and the snail did not have to die!

Replied by Sally
Birmingham, England
I am not sure the snail had anything to do with curing your warts. It could be just the urine therapy on its own. I would not pick up a snail either, as in some areas they can carry the heartworm virus. People drink their own urine for cures, so i can quite believe the urine cured them.

Posted by Jade (Whangarei, New-Zealand) on 05/03/2007

[YEA]  A few years ago i was working in forestry picking up wood anyway i ended up with heaps of warts on my hands (they call it working hands) i remembered my old family cure for warts which was to rub the slimy part of a snail over the wart. you only should need to do this once and they should be gone within 1-7 days. im pretty sure they were gone the next day this was years ago and they havent grown back sometimes it can be pretty hard to find a snail but if you check the grass on a wet night (easier to find in the country) you should be able to find some hope this helps

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Posted by A cute girl with awful warts (Hick-town In the middle of somewhere) on 11/26/2006

[YEA]  I have warts on my elbow and they've only reproduced onto my legs and neck. My friend had warts too and he said he'd taken a multi-vitamin everyday and now he's wart-less! I've been taking these vitamins for about a week now and I've already seen great results. I didn't want to have to get them surgically removed so I'm just looking for house-remedies to try. I bet this banana peel will work, I've heard it a lot about it and just now checked this website to confirm what I've heard. Thank you for providing this wonderful information for everybody!

Posted by Thomas (T-R, CANADA)

[YEA]  When I was a kid I had tons of warts on my feet and toes, one day I started to take a multi-vitamin, it's called: VM-75, it's made by the company Solgar, they are awesome I feel great all the time and it has tons of vitamins and minerals and tons of plant extracts that cure many skin problems, after 4 days of this vitamin at supper and breakfast, all my problems went away, I felt great, and ALL my warts went away and never came back. I also take Omega 3 fatty acids with DHA and EPA, helps my skin as well.

Tea Tree Oil  
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Posted by Mandy (Houston, Texas) on 04/20/2012

[YEA]  Tea tree oil does work on small warts (for me anyway) It would not work on large warts. All I did was apply the oil every night with a Qtip and go to bed, did this a few weeks and the small warts disappeared!

For larger warts I found a solution buy some cheap asprin, smush them up add a drop or two of water to make it a think paste apply this to your wart cover with a bandaide and leave it on for 12 hours. This will kill the wart! I had tried everything, I could and this finally worked. I did this about 2 weeks and then noticed the wart started to change, finally it was going away, I filed the skin that was left on it down and have been wart free for 2 months, and this was a large wart under my finger nail.

GOOD LUCK this will work!!!

Posted by Sandie (Choctaw, Oklahoma) on 07/15/2008

[YEA]  I find that Tea Tree Oil is great for melting away WARTS ! I tried every cure from freezing to duct tape to cut it off with clippers. It always returned. I then tried Tea Tree oil. Would apply with qtip several times a day. I tried to put a bandaid on with the oil, but the oil would just melt the adheshive. In two weeks my wart was gone and never came back. Since then I have tried it on several relatives with the same great result. I am now trying on my sons acne and it seems to be working with no side effects or scaring.

Posted by Sandie (Choctaw, Oklahoma) on 07/15/2008

[YEA]  I find that Tea Tree Oil is great for melting away WARTS ! I tried every cure from freezing to duct tape to cut it off with clippers. It always returned. I then tried Tea Tree oil. Would apply with qtip several times a day. I tried to put a bandaid on with the oil, but the oil would just melt the adheshive. In two weeks my wart was gone and never came back. Since then I have tried it on several relatives with the same great result. I am now trying on my sons acne and it seems to be working with no side effects or scaring.

Posted by Marc (london, UK) on 04/10/2007

[YEA]  tea tree, the fastest and most effective cure for common warts

Replied by Chuck
Dayton, Ohio, Usa
[YEA]   I have used tea tree oil on warts with good results. I use full strength right out of the bottle. The trick is how much and how often to apply. Instead of a q-tip, one of those mini-screwdrivers (like in an eyeglasses repair kit) with a flat blade is a perfect applicator. Just dip in the tt oil and coat the wart only. This minimizes irritation of surrounding areas. I would apply every 2-3 days until resolved.