Hepatitis C Treatment and Cure

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Oregano Oil

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[YEA]  05/06/2012: Sonya from NY: "I cured my hepatitis C, along with two other nurse friends, thru the use of Oil Of Oregano, used over 60 days. It comes in drop form that you can mix with juice, 4 drops a day or pill form. My blood work came back as normal after using it. Prior to use it my blodd work was positive for hepc..."

02/24/2013: Panacia from Dhaka, Bangladesh replies: "Hello, Sonya! What Brand and Type of Oregano Oil Did you and your nurse friends use? Thank you."

Ozone Therapy

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[YEA]  10/11/2011: Steve from Cameron, Wi: "I just visted this site for the first time while doing a search on Ozone cure rate with Hep-C. I was diagnosed with Hep-C in 2008. Since then I have tried mulitple therapies, herbs, supplements, etc. None of the therapies produced any type of cure, just treatment. The virus has been kept in check, but I was looking for a cure not a treatment. I have not and will not take the treatment the medical doctors suggest simply because the rate of cure is so low and the side effects are horrible and lasting.

In Sept. 2011 I began treating myself with 1% Ozonated saline solution injection @ 50CC daily. All my liver enzymes have returned to normal with the exception of one which is slightly elevated. These results came in just 3 weeks on ozone. My viral count went extremely high, however this is NOT all active virus as the test for viral count records both inactive and active viruses. What I am saying is that as the 03 travels through your blood and organs, it attacks the cells that are oxygen depleted and give home to the HIV virus. The 03 blows apart the cells and destroys the virus protective enzymes which enters into your blood as inactive virus. This is why your viral count goes up, the ozone is destroying the virus. It is very important what you eat and drink. Your body must expel these toxins. Ozone does build up your immune system and floods your body and cells with oxygen thus allowing your natural defense system to do what it was meant to do. It is also equally important to take supplements to assist your liver in rebuilding cells. Before I went to ozone saline, I tried h202 which was working ok, but not as well as ozone.Viruses and bacteria can not live in an oxygen environment.

Read: The Story of Ozone by Dr. Saul Pressman

For further information on this you can join the ozonetherapy group on yahoo. Hope this helps and you may write me with your suggestions or thoughts.

Remedies Needed

04/09/2014: Betsy from San Diego, CA: "I'm going to start taking acetyl-l carnitine and am wondering if it's better to take it on an empty stomach before bed or take it with food. Have read various suggestions..

Also is Arginine OK to take since I have hep-c. I want to take it with lysine, which is supposed to nullify the possible reaction to liver. I want to take it for the nitric oxide effect...Or maybe take L- citrulline?..

Thx much guys..and sending blessings to all on this site."

04/10/2014: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Betsy...Ted's Hep C remedy concerns supplementing lysine, glutamine, threonine, beta glucan and vitamin C. The full remedy and schedule is shown here:


If you are suffering from cirrhosis of the liver then Milk Thistle(450 mgs twice a day), Alpha Lipoic Acid(300 mgs twice a day) and Selenium(200 mcg twice a day) are also advised. Taken at mealtimes."

10/16/2012: Denise from Seattle, Wa: "Can Ted or Bill or anyone give me an answer. I have hepatitis c and polyneuropathy. Can I put DMSO OVER my liver area and get results? I was also considering putting licorice extract on my liver area THEN put DMSO on it... It will drive the licorice into my liver... Can this be done without any ramafications?

Also, can I take high dose B-3 without problems to my liver? I'ver read some encouring things by Bill but am hesitant to take a high dose?

Thank you. Best health to all.."

05/13/2012: Jimmy from Huntsville, Texas: "I have a friend with hep c. The suggestion of an aspirin, lysine and zinc 4xdaily. Is this to be taken within a 55 minute period 4x daily and what dosage for each ingredient. I am a naturopath and hepc is a tough nut to crack and I am open to anything that can benefit others. Also there was mention of bloodroot for hep c."

04/28/2012: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa: "Dear dazedconfused, There is what is called the: STANDARD LIVER PANEL series of tests and I am trying to find out how much these tests cost. They don`t seem to cost all that much [ $50.00 or less ] from what I am reading. But it is not all that clear to me. It depends on different things, such as where you live and who does the testing. I am looking in to it. Hopefully there are ways of avoiding having to have a doctor order them because that may cost more than the tests themselves.

I am determined to do what I can to see your husband get well. You mentioned drinking water. I would strongly recommend drinking only distilled water. This drinking adequate good quality water alone can go a long ways in helping him. That you can do immediately. I also recommend taking a regular size B-COMPLEX vitamin pill about every other day. Doing those things will at least not harm him and should help.

Now, I am a member of the: Life Extension forum and you can send me PM`s there. This way you can stay in close contact with me in a way that is NOT posted in a public forum. Go here to join that forum and I am: oscar2u in this forum: http://ask.lef.org/Default.aspx

I very much believe this BHT treatment is the REAL DEAL and really does work for hepatitis C.

Is your husband a football like me? That is what the surgeon who operated on me for that gunshot wound told me I was. I asked him: what do you mean I`m a football? He laughed and had a medic cut away the bandage about my abdomen and showed me the line of large sutures from just above my groin to just above my breastbone. See, a football he said. We both laughed because my stomach did look like a football with that long line of large sutures. The fun I had in the Marine Corps never ended until I got out 2 years later. Later, ...Oscar"

04/29/2012: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear dazedconfused, These tests are available for less than $50.00 here and the information as to how to get these tests are at this link:


This is a good place and all the information is provided as to go about it. If, for some reason you are in a location that makes these services unavailable there are other such laboratories offering similar services....Oscar"

05/01/2012: Dazednconfused from Mountain Home, Arkansas, United States replies: "Thank you very much Oscar. I never knew a place like this existed! How awesome is that?"

04/25/2012: Dazednconfused from Bfe, Ar.: "Read almost every post on this forum concerning ascites, cirrhosis, gall-bladder, and Hep C in the last 2 days, still no scenario even close to the one I am dealing with here. I need some clear and precise info. On the ACV and 35% H2O2 treatment plan. May be too late even, I dk? maybe Ted or Oscar can help?

Scenario goes as follows(sorry if too long): Husband is 51, had gall-bladder removal in 2010, during the surgery it was discovered he had cirrhosis, and almost died in the hospital following the surgery, contracted a Staph infection, then SPB. What a nightmare. Fast foward 2 years. Routine labwork continued to show elevated liver enzymes, the doctor finally decided to get him checked for Hep. C, he is positive, and has genotype 1A; no insurance, and possibly decades worth of damage to his liver due to this disease, and now, no gall bladder! Which as I understand it, puts just that much more stress on his already compromised liver. He was holding his own, barely, when the pitted edema and ascites started a few weeks ago. I have read about the Serrapeptase on this site which has been used successfully(?)for ascites, and would like ANY updates on the peeps who have tried this for themselves or others. Is it a conducive treatment for a compromised liver, 60, 000 units of anything at this point may be too much? Also I would like to know how much of the H2O2 to start off with, and how much ACV to give also, and at what intervals, as I have read here that one counter-acts with the other? I have read so many posts on here and I am just getting myself more confused and am quickly becoming a nervous wreck and discouraged just watching him get sicker and more swollen.

He is NOT to the point of getting 'tapped' yet, and if even he were, like I said, we have no insurance, and no money. Reason number one for doctor not offering ANY kind of treatment plan;more or less, told him to go home and die!!! He did not even schedule him back in 6 months for future bloodwork, just wrote him a script for Aldectone b/c he KNEW it would come to this. So compassionate these doctors are! He gets $200 disability a month, and I am currently unemployed and going stir crazy. Too much time on my hands, all I do is read/research, and worry even more! TMI on the web! What to trust, what not to believe, etc. , is driving me crazy!

I need people and feedback from those who are going through this, or have gone through this, and had a good outcome with treatment plan, or even just managing to stay alive with the least amount of symptoms and are managing thier disease. I have also read and believe a lot about the alkaline water and your body's pH balance, this seems to be the easiest to do, ph test strips give accurate, cheap, and quick results as to the progress being made; and the most conclusive evidence since my own mother who had fatty liver disease is still kicking strong after 12 years and having already been through this treatment, can answer questions I have first hand. However, even sea salt is NOT recommended by ANY AMA docors, and would totally advise AGAINST this option, exspecially for someone with ascites and edema already present; and my husband has been brainwashed by the AMA, and will not even drink the recommended daily amount of water, let alone ingest the sea salt!! But my mother changed her pH to alkaline by using this protocol, which is actually the late Dr. Batmanghelidj protocol from his research on the "Water Cure", and dehydration being the cause of MANY diseases. Has anyone heard of this before? It goes against the grain of traditional medicine, and definately against AMA treatment for ascites and edema, and is way too cheap of a cure for this TRUTH to get around! However, as mentioned, my husband will not even TRY this due to his doctor scaring him with the old sodium myth and it causing edema. I feel the worse that can happen at this point is that he may swell up more? maybe not. I have also read where edema is the body's way of SAVING sodium b/c it IS dehydrated, and edema is an outward manifestation of this.

Anyhow, TMI I know, and I apologize, but if anyone has any positive feedback I would love to hear it. I am not playing doctor here, and would not dream of doing so with someone else's health, my own, yes; however, the doctors have left him on the wayside, and I am just trying to pick up the broken pieces of my life and hopefully ease my husband into the great beyond with the LEAST amount of pain and suffering to all! If this post can help anyone in the future, I feel it will all be worth it! We can only evovle through education and knowledge, and anyone's health is of the UPMOST importance to me. I will give out my email if anyone can/wants to help me personally, just give a shout out. Thank you all, you have been a great help to raise the conscieseness of like minded people who VALUE their health and not BELIEVE everything the conventional doctors would tell you, if they even can. And by some of the posts that I have read here, the docs really don't have a clue about some things. Thanks EC and members."

04/25/2012: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Dazedconfused from Bfe. , AR, This is Oscar. I know nothing about the H2O2 [ hydrogen peroxide ] treatment. I also am not a doctor and do not wish to play doctor, so do not expect that from me.

I am the person who has discussed the BHT [ butylated hydroxytoluene ] treatment. This BHT treatment worked very well for me for hepatitis C and has for many others also. You can read through the thread about the BHT treatment at this forum here: http://www.earthclinic.com/Remedies/BHT.html

There is also this BHT CURES group you may wish to join here that discusses the issues surrounding the use of BHT to treat hepatitis C and also some other viral infections here: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/BHTcures/

Now, I am very sorry to learn of how sick your husband is. Obviously I can`t promise you anything, but then, the same is true for doctors using the conventional treatments.

I can only hope the BHT treatment works as well for your husband as it did for me and many of the others who have tried it if you choose to give it a try. For myself and some of the others the results were very positive in 3 months or less. For me in one month. I went from being very sick with hepatitis C to normal liver function tests in one month and was feeling well and strong.

Now your husband`s condition presents an additional complication because he had his gall bladder removed. But I want you to know that I also have a compromised anatomy when it comes to my liver. Due to a gunshot wound all of my right kidney was removed and most of my liver was destroyed. What was left of my liver was torn from where it is supposed to be and now is where the right kidney used to be. So I also live with a defective anotomy regarding my liver. It is not the same as what your husband has to live with. I wish to give you what hope I can regarding your husband`s much desired recovery.

My recommended treatment at this time:

1. Start out with no more than one 350mg of BHT per day with one half a cup of some fruit juice on an empty stomach. If any adverse reaction is noticed lower that dosage. The most common adverse reaction is a nervous condition very simular to drinking too much coffee. Also some people report stomach discomfort. If that happens include one half a slice of bread at the time the BHT capsule is taken. Start with that and if he tolerates that dosage well ramp the dosage up to one 350mg of capsule of BHT TWICE a day every other day. So that would be one capsule one day and two capsules the next day. If all goes well he can try taking 2 capsules every day. This dosage issue is different for different people. You need to find a dosage he is comfortable with. Most people, even very sick people tolerate the one capsule per day very well.

Now I made the effort to address your questions as best I could and I do ask you to report back into this forum with any results good or bad with the BHT treatment if you choose to give it a try. Without this all important feedback there is no way for the other forum members to know about how well this treatment works or does not work. I am hoping it works very well if you choose to try it....Oscar"

04/27/2012: Timh from Louisville, Ky, Usa replies: "Dazednconfused, to invoke a healing response wear a magnetic belt 4-6 hrs daily. Also supplement SAM-e as it is very helpful to the liver as well as many body function. Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) are beneficial protein that is NOT metabolized by the liver, therefore increasing recovery prognosis."

04/03/2012: Stephanie from Framingham, Ma: "I have hepatitis c and was wondering if DMSO is a good thing to take for it. It cures a lot of things and is anti-viral. Thank you for any feedback and God bless."

04/26/2012: Dazednconfused from Bfe, Ar. replies: "Thank you Oscar, and believe me, I do not expect you or anyone else here to play doctor, sorry if that is what it sounded like to you, but somebody has to do it, and the M. D. 's sure won't without any money, so I will! What does he really have to lose at this point except an excellent testimony after he is well! My husband also had a gunshot wound to his abdomen when he was a teenager, he has at least a 100 stitches and some missing intestines and is very tight all along his stomach/abdominal region, even w/o the added build-up of the ascites. This is the main reason for most of his abdominal discomfort, though I am sure it is uncomfortable for anyone who has to deal with this, sorry. He can barely bend over to tie his shoes, though he has been in a worse case scenario with the gunshot wound, it also was life threatening and he was in a coma for several weeeks. However, this is now the first problem that needs to be addressed, quickly, before the pressure gives him a heart-attack!

I heard B-6 also helps with the distribution of fluids, I dk. for sure, and it sure won't hurt anything to do that. He does not have enough fluid to get 'tapped' yet, and at this rate, he could go on for months like this. The pressure is on ALL of his innards and I can tell it's unbearable at times, and all he can do is lay on the couch with his feet up to reduce the edema in his legs, and ease the pressure he feels around his heart. I have read every post about the BHT. I went to purchase some the other day, no one knew what I was talking about. At any rate, I can order it off the internet? I just wasn't sure if his liver could handle it while in such a weakened state, but you, Oscar, are living proof! I am SO happy for you!

It is hard to get this much needed blood work up done w/o cash or insurance, though we did manage to squeek out one hepatic panel test just the other day. This test showed his liver enzymes are down from this same test last year, but still in the high range, AST-114, ALT-91/.Last year at this time he was in the hospital and they were AST-135, ALT-115, total protein 7.0. The only numbers w/i the correct range now are the 'total protein'@ 7. 4 and Alk. Phos. (?)@ 123. Albumin level way low at 2.9. A CBC would also be nice to have, but impossible at the moment. BTW, he takes Milk Thistle capsules and in tea form, several times a day, and has since his diagnosis 2 years ago, and also drinks about 16oz. of fresh carrot juice a day, and recently I have tried to get him to juice/ingest more greens;spinach, kelp tablets, spirulina, etc. That isn't working so good, and pill form in anything is too expensive, fresh is better and more easily digested too I think.

I will keep you informed Oscar, and will give back some numbers as soon as we can get them. No idea what his viral load is, so we will not know what is working, IF ANYTHING! That is discouraging in itself, but have to keep on truckin'. Thank you very much."

04/26/2012: Care from Surrey, B.c. replies: "3-4 cups hot water(boiled)add

3/4 to 1 tsp of cayenne pepper to hot water

drink as fast as you can, then any pressure and pain should shift relief, then put castor oil packs- oil, garbage bag, hot water bottle-on the liver and or around any remaining pain

You may be left with a bit of pain in the pelvis area but that is easily remedied with fibre and a tblsp 1 or 2 twice a day of olive oil.

This is a fair bit of oil so don't do for to many consecutive days

drop down to 1-2 tsp a day (olive oil)

This will not cure you but it will alleviate the pressure that builds up in the liver.

You can overdo cayenne on the liver so save this for the unbearable moments. Cayenne is good at getting rid of blockages so if you over due the oil take some cayenne pepper."

04/28/2012: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Dazedconfused from Bfe, Ar: BHT is only available through the mail or internet. I buy mine from Vitamin Research Products in the 350mg capsules. There are other online retailers.

Also: I am not sure where Bfe, Ar is. Is this in the USA? One of the reasons I ask is because it seems to me very likely he should be eligible for both:

1. Social Security Disability and

2. Medicare

if he is a USA citizen. You people need whatever help you can get. If he is an American citizen please do contact your nearest social security office to learn about this. As sick as he is he should be eligible. You do NOT need a lawyer to apply for these benefits and I strongly recommend you filing the paper work yourselves. The people at the SS office will answer any questions free of charge and sit down with you and help you do so. It is their job to do so.

Trying to help, ...Oscar"

04/28/2012: Suzanne from New York, Ny replies: "Black seed oil is very good for the liver and hepatitis C. You can take 2 tbsps per day."
04/28/2012: Dazednconfused from Bfe, AR replies: "Thank you Oscar. I thought I had mentoned that he is on S. S. , $231 month, (child support gets the rest of it), and he cannot afford the $99 for medical care, and only gets the part of Medicare that covers any hospital bills. BTW, BFE Ar. Should read "AR. ", aka Arkansas. I didn't want to get too specific about the town, as BFE covers pretty much most of the state, and a beautiful one I might add!

I will order the BHT off the internet then. As for now, the ascites has subsided considerably over the last day or two, and his abdomen is not nearly as tight and protruding as it has been in the last few weeks, and that was while taking the Aldectone. The only 2 things I have added to his dietary supplementation was some ACV, about a capful a day, and freshly ground milk thistle seeds for tea, 3x's a day(he was taking M. Thistle capsules, 175mg. , 2 x's a day, maybe they were cheap imitations, I dk. I think he is sneaking in a little sea salt also, and more H2O, as I did recommend he take sea salt several years ago when he was first diagnosed with cirohsis. I will keep my fingers crossed and will stay in touch with any blood test results after admistering the BHT.

What are the most beneficial blood tests to ask for when trying to trace the cirrhosis and Hep. C progression? Once again, thank you for your time."

01/01/2012: Kimberlee from Ann Arbor, Mi: "Happy New Year Ted!

I have battled hep c for most of my life (from blood transfusion) I am currently on the new treatment which makes me feel closer to death... My hemoglobin dropped to the point of needing a blood transfusion (which scared the crap out of me). Now I'm covered with a itchy rash from skull to toe! It's horrible.... What can I do? I want off the poison and start to help myself while I still can.

Thank You!"

01/02/2012: Zorro from Milwaukee, Wisconsin replies: "Hello, Please Google Jim Humble he has some thing called MMS he has been able to help lots of people with HEP-Aids and other things you can get the things you need and make it yourself. It only cost pennies to make.


01/03/2012: Debbie from Melbourne, Australia replies: "Have you checked under the ailments section on this site?


01/03/2012: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Kimberlee, There is the BHT [ butylated hydroxytoluene ] treatment that has worked for 4 out of 5 forum members that have tried it with dramatic positive results. I include myself as one of those 5 and there are about 5 others from other forums reporting dramatic positive results. From the feedback available the effective dosage is about 350mg of BHT taken TWICE a day for average size adults....Oscar"

12/22/2011: Jerry from New Iberia, La, Usa: "Have been diagnosed with hepaitits c typ 2. My family doctor has made me an appointment with a specialist that will probably treat me with interferon. Have read a lot of bad things about this drug. I am in desperate need of any advice and or therapy. Have read alot but do not know where to start. Any advice in layman's terms would be appreciated."

12/23/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Jerry from New Iberia, There is growing evidence here in this forum that BHT [ butylated hydroxytoluene ] is a very effective and relatively safe treatment for hepatitis C. The dosages being discussed vary. From the feed back available at this time: For best results for average size adults take one 350mg capsule of BHT TWICE a day with a gulp of water on an EMPTY stomach. If you experience any negative side effects lower the dosage to one capsule per day. It will still work and work well at the lower dosage but will be likely to take longer [ a few months at lower dosages and a few weeks at the higher dosages ].

I always need to remind everyone that it takes at least 2 years of daily dosing with BHT to achieve a true cure. Simply achieving a NO VIRUS DETECTED result does NOT mean your liver is no longer infected. Your liver will still be full of infected cells. But if you keep taking the BHT on a daily basis: Eventually a true CURE is achieved because the liver completely renews itself about every year or so....Oscar"

12/23/2011: Jerry from New Iberia, Louisiana replies: "Thanks very much. What do you know about the drugs interferon? Have heard that it makes you sick and may not work?"
12/23/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Jerry, I will defer to the latest reports available from the Veterans Administration, the VA dated September 23, 2011 as an authorative answer to your questions here: http://www.hepatitis.va.gov/products/patient/treatment-update.asp

That website is written in such a way as to be easily understandable and the VA is very much a leader in the conventional treatments available for hepatitis C. There is a lot to be learned at that website and I have NOTHING to add to what is stated there....Oscar"

12/07/2011: Sayed Aamir Abass from Sialkot, Punjab: "I see this site during search of hepatits c treatment with herbal medicines. I am from sialkot and I am so much worried about this disease. I belong to poor family, I have no money to treatment. I need your urgently help for assistance. My mail id is amirabass786(at)yahoo.com

contact number 03314416044"


08/04/2011: Connie from Slc, Ut: "Hi John P. ; I'm thrilled that you're having such great improvement, and so soon! This could mean that you may not need so much as I recommended. It could be that 1000-2000, ( a guess), would be sufficient. It is difficult to predict what another may need, but it looks like you have an excellent instinct for this. I'm still thrilled!"

07/29/2011: Connie from Slc, Ut: "Hi John P. ; I have not had Hepatitis, so I would respectfully defer suggestions for that to the good folks here, such as Oscar from Syracuse. But I have had severe, even crippling Neuropathy off and on in these last 4 years. The symptoms you describe : numbness, tingling, burning, and coldness of hands and feet are Neuropathy. They are also some of the classic symptoms of B-12 deficiency. B-12 deficiency can occur so easily for so many reasons and liver trouble is one of them. I suggest moving quickly to resolve this as it can quickly worsen. If you choose tests, such as serum B12, homocysteine, methylmalonic acid, (urine or serum) ; they may or may not be conclusive of this. For instance, a serum value of B12 between 200-500 pg/ml is considered to be normal. Many people much more expert than me feel strongly that these levels are far too low, particularly when there are neurological symptoms. Methylcobalamin is the preferred form of B12 for neuropathy. Subcutaneous injections are recommended. I have had astonishingly good results with sublingual methylcobalamin, although I had to learn that I must have it every day. I take a 5000 mcg. Lozenge. I hope it will help you."

08/01/2011: John P. from Cape Cod, Ma. replies: "Thank you very much for the advice Connie... I bought some B-12 in a bottle of 500MCGS each "dot. " I'm trying to find out when it works so I'm taking one tab (dot) every couple of hours... So far I'm up to 3000 mgs... This is the first day... Am I correct in assuming that it will take a few days to see results? Not sure if I bought the right ingrediants as this B-12 ingrediants are croscarmellose sodium, magnesium sterate, silica, cherry flavor, cyanocobalamin, malic acid...

Is this something that you feel will not work? If you suggest, I will purchase another product tomorrow...

Again, Thank you very much for the information and your time...

*Not real good at entering posts as I am new at this...

Bless you and your family,

John P."

07/28/2011: John P. from Cape Cod, Ma: "I have had hepititis C for over 20 years. My viral load is 2.5 million, my enzymes are both in the 140-150 range. I have no symptoms other than I ocassionally get nauseous and have muscle spasms in calves and feet. When I take any kind of anti-virals or anti-oxidents such as olive leaf, milk thistle, IP-6, Vitamin C, Reishi mushrooms, etc. my hands and feet get extremely cold and my pulse goes from 60 to 80 or 90 beats a minute. In the winter, the palms of my hands and my feet get extremely cold. In the summer, my hands and feet are numb and tingling and are starting to get cold even in the warm weather. Recently my feet and legs twitch and feel like there are needles sticking in them. Sometimes my palms and feet burn tremendously, especially after I eat. I have been to serveral doctors including liver doctors who have no idea what I am talking about. I believe this may be a neuropathy caused by hepititis C. I have not met a doctor who is the least bit sympathetic to my problems. They just want me to go on interferon. Would appreciate any feedback or suggestions.

Thanks you very much for reading..."



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