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06/03/2012: Carolyn from Sumner, Ms Usa: "I have been diagnosed with rosacea caused by yeast. I have red bumps on my forehead, patches on my cheeks and my face itches ALL the time. I have had recurring vaginal yeast infections. I'm washing my face with sulfer cream. Metrogel doesn't seem to work as well as Tea Tree Oil. In the AM bumps are gone but they are back in the PM. I think I'm covered up with yeast and I have it inside my body. Help!!!!"

06/04/2012: Timh from Louisville, Ky, Usa replies: "Carolyn, first check out the E.C. Candida page here:

A simple start would be reducing dietary sugars and increasing herbs like Garlic, Cinnamon, Oregano. Beneficial oils like Coconut and Caprylic Acid are certainly needed."

06/02/2012: Tony from Church Hill, Tn, Usa: "Hello again everyone! I'm back to give an update & ask Bill a question about my iodine supplement that I bought from a local health food store a couple weeks back. I'm still having what I call die-off symptoms from the candida protocol that Bill provided for my specific situation.

I did cut back on the dosages of nearly all things involved except for the lemon/baking soda/H2O & BS/H2O remedies. I'm still taking those a total of 3X daily. I take the lemon//baking soda/H20 remedy twice daily & the baking soda/H2O remedy at night.

I'm now at 3 weeks total on the protocol but didn't start the full protocol from Bill until 2 weeks ago. I have to say this is tough to stick with. I have definitely gotten worse with my symptoms. It's also hard in the diet area as well. I've still not cut sugar totally out of my diet yet either. I've cut back a lot & only use organic sugar products but even organic in sugar isn't good especially with a candida problem.

I bought a specific brand of iodine & it wasn't the Lugol's iodine solution. I know the protocol calls for a total of 8-16 drops of the Lugols. Mine wasn't a cheap brand but I think it certainly is a weaker soolution. 3 drops only contains 150mcg of iodine. It's a solution that has both potassium iodide & iodine itself. The brand name is Life-flo which specilaizes in organic products. The only other ingredient added the solution is purified water.

Going by the protocol for candida of 8-16 drops daily it looks like I need several more drops of this iodine solution for my situation. 150mcg per 3 drops would mean I need 8 drops just to get to 1mg of solution. That would mean I'd need a substantial more amount of drops to come closed to the Lugol's solution.

Bill, could you help me here with this particular iodine solution? I've only been taking the same amount recommended for the Lugol's iodine solution. I assume what I'm currently taking is basically doing nothing for my candida. Of course, I'm still using all the other suggestions for treatment/supplementation as well. From what I've read & gathered, iodine treatment is one of the best options available for removing systemic candida from the entire body so I want to get the right dosage for my padrticular brand. Thanks again guys!"

06/03/2012: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Tony... I've looked into the type of iodine you are using and it is an extremely weak solution of iodine.

If 3 drops of Life-Flo iodide/iodine is equal to 150 micrograms then the minimum recommended dose of 50 milligrams would be equal to a daily drop dose of:

I drop of Life-Flo = 150/3 = 50 micrograms per drop

Number of drops of Life-Flo for 50 milligrams dose: 0.050/.000050 = 1000 drops of Life-Flo per day

I really wouldn't worry about this low iodine dosage. What I think you should do is just to concentrate, initially, on fully detoxing your body to get rid of heavy metals, bad halides and toxins etc first. Then, once you are sufficiently detoxed -- and your detox symptoms reduce -- then you can return to using the higher strength lugol's iodine to kill off the candida properly and hopefully the detox symptoms will be greatly reduced.

Here's what you should do:

* Keep taking the Life-Flo iodine at whatever daily dose you are happiest at -- whatever is bearable for you.

* Concentrate on just detoxing your body for now -- I think this is what's causing all your healing crisis problems. Use the borax and chlorella as advised and eat cilantro in salads and drink green tea frequently on a daily basis. This should quickly help to remove the heavy metals etc from your body. Whatever iodine dose you take may not be enough to quickly kill off the candida but should be enough to recover the thyroid and will also help to remove the bad halides from your body. Do this for about a month or until the Life-Flo iodine runs out then you can begin using the proper lugol's iodine in higher dose.

* You could perhaps also use Bentonite clay two or three times a day on a one day on, one day off basis. Once a week, you can also use Milk of Magnesia as a laxative to more quickly expel the toxins from the intestines.

* You must stick more rigidly to the anti-candida diet -- no sugar or carbohydrates, no dairy, no red meat etc as advised in the diet protocol.

This regimen will take a slightly longer time to help you get rid of the candida but at least, by adjusting the protocol like this, this will help you more easily bear the detox and die-off symptoms in separate stages.

I have treated Filipinos and a lady in Africa for serious systemic candida problems. What I have found is that people in more primitive countries tend to eat more natural foods grown on unpolluted soils. Consequently they seem to have less problems with heavy metal and halide detoxification. The African woman I have spoken about voluntarily went straight onto an iodine dose of 30 drops of 5% lugol's iodine without much problem -- that's about 100 mgs of iodine per day. But, for any person who has eaten western supermarket foods (chemically processed foods) for decades, even two drops of lugols iodine seems to cause horrific detox symptoms and reactions. My own daily dosage of 5% lugols is between 2 and 8 drops a day depending on how I feel. But I can do this because I know that my body is now free of heavy metals, bad halides and toxins -- and no candida."

06/03/2012: Tony from Church Hill, Tn, USA replies: "Thanks again Bill for your reply back to me. Your post did catch my eye on a couple of things. First:

"You must stick more rigidly to the anti-candida diet -- no sugar or carbohydrates, no dairy, no red meat etc as advised in the diet protocol."

I must have missed something from the protocol about red meat. Keep in mind I eat almost entirely organic food. The red meat we buy is 100% grass-fed beef (85-15 lean). It's 100% grass fed & finished meat. There are no grains involved in the upkeep of these meats at all. 100% grass fed from start to finish. Wouldn't this type of red meat be okay especially for me since I have a protein problem anyhow? This meat is a really great source of protein.

The sugar part is the toughest on me. I hadn't used processed sugars in over 4 years before I started this protocol. However, I know all sugar has to be cut out. I've tried cutting back for these first 3 weeks. I'm eating 2 servings of fruit (only kiwi & apples) weekly. NOT DAILY!

Even nearly all of the organic foods/snacks we buy have at least some sugar content & that's with products that don't have any added sugars. Dairy is another tough one for me. I only eat raw milk & strictly grass fed dairy (mainly cheese) anyhow. I did buy some organic kefir but that's been consumed & I probably shouldn't buy anymore.

I have read that kefir is good for removing candida though. But, I also read it needs to be made from home instead of buying it from stores. There's too much sugar content from the store bought kefir. I think the one I bought had 10 grams of sugar per cup. I know it didn't have any added sugars though.

The diet is really tough for me! I'm trying hard to cut things out. However, shouldn't some of these foods be okay since I'm using organic/raw milk/100% grass fed products? I know cheese leads to mold & therefore more fungus problems. But, what about the healthy cheeses (organic, raw milk, grass fed) like I'm consuming? I don't eat a lot of these products but I do consume them in healthy versions instead of processed ones.


"You could perhaps also use Bentonite clay two or three times a day on a one day on, one day off basis. Once a week, you can also use Milk of Magnesia as a laxative to more quickly expel the toxins from the intestines."

I had totally forgotten about using the bentonite clay. I do remember how awful & gritty it was back when I was taking it before. I stopped drinking it & used it in my baths. The baths turned out totally messy so I only did those 2-3 times over a 10-day period. I also directly applied the clay mud to the swollen glands in my neck as well.

I've been using the MoM once a week to help expel the toxins from my body. I've noticed after taking the MoM when I have the next bowel movement I'm seeing quite a bit of mucus in my stool. I don't see as much at other times. Maybe every 5th bowel movement I might see some but not a significant amount as after taking the MoM. Shouldn't I be seeing more mucus in my stools? Remember, my endoscopy report had excess mucosa written all over it. My intestines & even esophagus seems to be overloaded with mucus.

I'll continue using the current iodine solution I have at 16 drops per day until it's gone. I do still use chlorella, green tea, & cilantro but I have cut back on the chlorella to every other day. I think it was really playing a big role in the die-off symptoms as well. My brand's dosage calls for 3 grams (1 tsp) daily.

I have a couple more questions as well. I've been taking the remedies(lemon/baking soda & BS/H2O) on an empty stomach. I then wait 30 minutes to eat or drink anything else. Is 30 minutes sufficient enough to wait?

I would also like to ask about the timing of taking the iodine solution. I've been taking it late morning (8 drops) & early evening (8 drops). Of course, this is diluted in 8 ounces of water. I read online that taking iodine after 4 PM can cause sleep problems. I've been having terrible insomnia in the past week or so. I've been using melatonin (3 mg) but it hasn't been working lately at all.

I tried another sleep aid last night & it made me sleep better. Maybe the early evening (between 6-7 PM) dosage is playing a contributing role in my sleep problems? I did have sleep problems in the past though before I ever became this sick. What's your take on the timing of my evening dose possibly causing sleep issues?

BTW, I'm also using OP as well to remove toxins from the body. My tongue looks 10X better than it did 3 weeks ago. I'm using organic/unrefined Sunflower Oil but also only doing this every other day for the time being. I was doing it every day up until the die-off symptoms got worse. I think everything I was doing in the protocol & even some of the extra stuff has been a big factor in making me feel so much worse.

I expect die-off but man this has been really tough on me. Also, I appear to have a significant systemic candida problem anyhow. I think with my story & symptoms you even confirmed that for me. It's gonna take a while for me to get this candida problem under control anyhow. Why rush it?

I'd like to be better soon but with my situation that's probably not gonna happen. I have FAITH though on my side as well. It's been tough on my faith but I know with the help of God things can happen. Thanks again for your kindly & timely reply back to me Bill! Have a great day!"

06/03/2012: Tony from Church Hill, Tn, Usa replies: "Hello again Bill. I've found another iodine supplement at a local health food store. I CAN'T seem to find the Lugol's solution locally at all. I'm providing a link to the actual iodine product that I want to you to take a look at below:

That is the exact product & this is a company that I order from online regularly as well. I just happened to see this very product sold locally. Would this be sufficient for my iodine supplementation? I'm trying to avoid ordering anything else online right now. I want to be able to grab whatever I need locally.

What I have in mind with this iodine supplement is to start out at the 12.5 mg dosage & work my way up to 50 mg daily dosage. That would be 4 capsules daily to get to the 50 mg mark & then I would add 1 capsule every day to see if I can get around to the 100 mg daily dosage without too many detox problems.

Please let me know your opinion. I just want an iodine supplement that will get the job done. I would just get the Lugol's solution but it's not available locally that I can find anywhere. I know what I'm using right now is too weak as you posted yourself. This is stronger even though it's not liquid & not Lugol's either. I hope this one will be okay. Thanks!"

06/03/2012: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Tony... Many questions to answer from your last post so here goes:

On restricting sugar, calcium and iron in your diet

I think that you understand the necessity to avoid all sugar foods -- sugar simply feeds candida and helps it grow. Calcium and heme iron(iron from the blood of red meat) should also be avoided -- and it doesn't matter whether you eat organic or grass fed milk or red meat -- this restriction still stands. Any form of excess calcium or heme iron will help the candida to grow and will especially help candida to manufacture biofilms in which it can hide from the immune system and spread. Similarly, heavy metals also help candida to grow and create protective biofims -- which makes it much harder to defeat candida. So by taking the anti-candida protocol and, at the same time, increasing your calcium and iron intake is like taking 4 steps forwards and 3 steps back in your recovery. This is why any foods with high calcium and high heme iron are benned from the diet.

I am also well aware that sugary foods, dairy and red meat are effectively comfort foods for many people. But if you want to get rid of your candida relatively quickly -- then you must give up foods that contain sugar, calcium and iron. I am only asking you to give these foods up for the duration of your recovery -- after you get rid of the candida you can eat whatever you like. But if you analyse why you got candida in the first place -- part of the the reason has to be because of an inadequate diet -- where excess calcium, sugar and iron have played their part in weakening your immune system and greatly encouraging candida.

Mucus and Biofilms

After a number of years or decades, as candida spreads throughout the body, the outer part of biofims tend to harden -- which makes them even harder to eradicate. This is why I've advised that you take serrapeptase or bromelain or some form of protease enzyme which helps to digest and remove the hardened biofilms. The MoM procedure is necessary to help flush out the heavy metals and the younger, more fluid biofilms from the intestines. The Bentonite clay also helps in this heavy metal and biofilm removal process.

Timing of Alkalizing remedies

I would wait an hour after you alkalize before you eat anything.

Iodine: Timing, Frequency and Dosage

It's always better to take any mineral or vitamin at low dosage and more frequently throughout the day. So I would take the lugol's iodine at 4 drops, 4 times a day and always take the last dose before 5 pm. Take these dosages first thing in the morining and late morning, then early afternoon and late afternoon(always outside mealtimes). Like you, taking iodine in the evening tends to energize me and wakes me up -- which is not what you want if you want to sleep soundly. Also, taking magnesium at about 9 pm -- an hour before sleep -- tends to relax the body and helps to stop insomnia.

Oil Pulling

I would certainly recommend oil pulling -- this is a great way too detox your body -- but be aware that the detox reaction and symptoms from this procedure can be quite significant.

When you consider that it has taken many years for the candida to reach this sort of problem level, it is perhaps reasonable to say that candida clearance will take several months. However, the turning point comes -- you will feel it and know it -- when the detox symptoms suddenly disappear and the die-off symptoms also slowly reduce. Then you know you are winning and it all becomes much easier. And if you have any problems you can just ask on EC and you will always get support."

06/05/2012: Tony from Church Hill, Tn, USA replies: "Hello again Bill! Sorry for the late reply back. Let me address your comments back to me as well:

"On restricting sugar, calcium and iron in your diet"

I understand what you're saying & I'll try my best to get these 3 nutrients out of my diet for now while on the candida protocol. Meat is something that I eat normally at least 2/3 meals a day. For now, I'll just have to limit the meat consumption to organic chicken, turkey, & wild caught fish. I'll cut the organic raw milk swiss cheese out as well. That might be the toughest for me. I do eat about 1 oz. of this cheese daily.

I know organic raw milk cheese is healthy but since I have a candida problem I need to eliminate it for now. Organic grass fed beef is very healthy for you but I will also eliminate it for now. I just wished I knew how long this candida/detox process is going to take for me to get my health & life back. Unfortunately, we just don't know! I do have a pretty serious case of candida it appears.

This is really tough but my faith will also go a long way in my recovery as well. Even that's being tested here! I've been pretty sick for about 4 months now! BTW, I know stress has also played a big role in the spreading of my candida. I've been under tremendous stress for over 5 years counting now. Add to that not getting enough physical exercise & improper diet for that period & this is where I'm at now!

"Mucus and Biofilms"

I'm taking bromelain(2400 GDU/g) at a dosage of 415 mg once daily usually 2 hours after a meal. Should I be taking more & should I take it with meals or after meals like I have been doing? Also, I bought a new Multi that actually already has bromelain in it at 2000 GDU/g but it's only 50 mg.

I read that taking bromelain between meals(say around 2 hours after) actually helps with inflammation as well. Let me know how I should take bromelain since I definitely have a system wide inflammation issue as well & not just a problem from the digestive tract.

I did go back & bring out the bentonite clay. It had been about 3 1/2 months since I ordered that stuff. It had went bad! Not like it was ever good(tasting) to start with! Ha! I'm just gonna skip using this stuff. I did use it internally & with baths before but the gritty taste of this stuff is AWFUL! I'll stick with the chlorella & MoM for the biofilms & heavy metals.

"Timing of Alkalizing remedies"

I'll now wait 1 hour before eating anything. Sometimes, that might hard to stick with just like some of these other things but I'll do my best here as well.

"Iodine: Timing, Frequency and Dosage"

This is another one that might be hard to follow. I've been taking the iodine twice daily at 8 drops per dose. Is it okay to take the magnesium on an empty stomach? I've been taking it with meals only. I didn't know magnesium promotes relaxation & sleep.

"Oil Pulling"

I started out doing this daily. Maybe that was also causing me even more detox die-off. I've now cut back to this every other day as well. I'm doing the chlorella every other day now to keep from the bad die-off symptoms that I had been experiencing. I've felt awful recently!

I've even thought about completely stopping everything for a few days but I know that will set me back. I've got to stay strong & keep fighting the battle. It's tough when you have a 11 year old son & wife & do your daily activities in life. I'm now in my 4th week total on the protocol but only 3 weeks for the full protocol you suggested to me. Of course, I've had to cut back the dosage on the niacin & magnesium to the normal dosage suggested from the protocol.

I only did the lemon/baking soda/H2O & baking soda/H2O remedies for the 1st week. I hope to see a turn for the better soon. However, I guess I need to stick with the strict diet guidelines if I really want to see a faster improvement. Thanks again for your great support in my situation! God Bless & take care Bill!"

06/06/2012: Tony from Church Hill, Tn, Usa replies: "Hello again Bill! Thanks for that very detailed explanation about my previous concerns about nutrients. I just know that grass/green fed beef is really a healthy meat to consume. I watch TBN on TV regularly. I'm sure you've heard of the Maker's Diet started by Jordan Rubin.

He emphasizes the importance of eating healthy green/grass fed beef. That's how he got his health back. He had been very sick from diagnosis of several diseases within his body. He was on his death bed but through faith & the Maker's Diet he was saved & now lives a healthy life.

I'm not trying to dispute your findings & links. I understand your information provided but healthy red meat is a beneficial food. Now, I know though that during this time on the candida protocol I should avoid it. I can add it back once I get better. I do love this red meat though. It taste sooooo much better than the conventional red meat bought from regular grocery stores. Anyhow, I'll remove red meat from my diet until I start seeing some great improvement.

Also, could you please go back & address a question I asked on 06-03-12? I had added some information to that reply. It's about a particular iodine supplement I've found locally. I can't get the Lugol's iodine locally. Let me know if that product is okay to use as my iodine supplementation once I finish what I have now. I provided a link to the actual iodine product.

I would also like to ask you about VCO. I cut back the intake of VCO to 1 tbsp. Daily. I was using the recommended 2 tbsp. Daily but like most other nutrients/supplements I cut back because of the significant detox symptoms. I know that VCO has tons of health benefits. I also know it's used for weight loss.

Lord knows I don't need to be losing anymore weight. I've already lost over 20 pounds. Should I continue taking the VCO? I know it's good for you in that it has antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, & antioxidant properties. I just don't like the possibility of losing more weight. Let me know!

I tried the herpes treatment provided by Ted but it must have not worked for me. I've already had another small outbreak since. It was the 3-day treatment with VitC/L-Lysine/Olive Leaf. I still take the L-Lysine but only at 1000 mg daily. I just can't hardly handle high dosages of L-Lysine. Maybe the OP might be causing another outbreak as well.

Maybe the VCO could possibly help with the herpes treatment as well though. I'm trying to weigh the benefits of VCO for me in comparison to the possible negative effects of more weight loss. Thanks again for your time! Have a great day Bill!"

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  12/21/2013: Tony from Tn, Usa replies: "Hello again Bill. You may not remember helping me back through July of 2012 with the candida protocol. It's been well over a year since I last responded to one of your replies. Well, I have since been treated by a local homeopathic doctor with very minimal success. Let me just say we spent a lot & I mean a lot of money for 4 months of treatment.

There was very little change in my health status over that timeframe. I have also been going to traditional med doctors off & on in the past few months. I even had a thyroid biopsy due to nodules being found on my thyroid during an ultrasound back in September.

The biopsy results came back negative for any cancer/malignancy. I have swallowing problems though. Well, I have a very uncomfortable feeling in my throat when swallowing mainly my saliva. It's not as bad when eating & drinking liquids. My TSH blood testing was normal so there's nothing wrong with my thyroid in their eyes.

I still can't get any doctor of mine to listen to me, Bill. I know you already know about this problem with traditional medicine doctors. I mean not a single one of them. I have expressed my concerns about fungal/candida overgrowth but they just blow me off because my red/white blood cell counts are always within normal range.

I'm still on several supplements but minimal changes have happened with my health. Let me also say that my thought process has changed in a big way now. I live totally for my Jesus & I'm very spiritual now. I was before but Jesus has really changed how I view this world now. He has a plan & destiny for everybody on this earth. We just have to keep the faith no matter what happens.

I see that you've added/changed a few things about the protocol now since I last checked in here at EC. I noticed the anti-biofilm part has been added with the turpentine & protease treatment for removing the bio-films. I've been alkalizing all along but had cut out/back on a lot of the suggested options/treatment in the protocol.

I'm going back strictly on the complete protocol you have here at EC with the latest additions. I still can't keep weight on. I'm not losing weight like I was back when we were regularly communicating. However, I can eat like a pig but not gain hardly any weight. I'm going to use the protocol you posted recently for another EC member for my weight loss/digestive issues. I'm referring to the HCL, sea salt, & alkalizing remedies for the weight loss issues.

I also need to let you know that I'm currently taking 2 medications. I was on 4 but in the past 3 weeks I have stopped 2 of them. The current regular meds are Cymbalta for anxiety/depression/pain & Propanalol for blood pressure.

I have even cut the dosages back on those in the past 3 weeks as well. I take the Cymbalta at 60 mg once daily. I was taking this at 120 mg daily. I take the propanalol 1X daily at 10 mg. I was taking this med 2X daily at 10 mg. So, I have been able to cut back. Of course, this wasn't what the doctors wanted. But, this IS MY HEALTH & not their health we're talking about.

I didn't want to be on any of these meds but I had to because my blood pressure & anxiety got way out of control. My blood pressure was regularly reading 150-160/100-110 at one point in the past. My anxiety got so bad that I had to be temporarily hospitalized in a mental stabilization unit for a few days. In other words, I had to do something even if it was taking medications.

I was in danger with the combination of high blood pressure & severe anxiety attacks. I do also take an occasional Lortab(1/2 tab every other day at most) for my pain. I don't take the pain medication regularly. It does help a little but not what I want here in this health crisis situation. My goal is to be completely off all medications & include ONLY natural remedies for my health needs.

This has been really tough on me & my family. We are people of faith though. I know that God has more for me here on this earth. Right now though, I live a pretty poor quality of life. It's certainly a bit better in recent weeks but still not feeling well at all. Thanks again Bill for your time & I'll keep you posted on my status. If you want to add any comments feel free in doing so. I need all of the guidance I can get. Thanks & God Bless everyone!"

12/21/2013: Cindy from Usa replies: "To Tony: like you I am also struggling with candida and many other health issues, been in hospitals frequently over the past months with little help from doctors!! I have been relentlessly reading books and internet for information to help myself. I found the book by andreas moritz called the amazing liver and gallbladder flush and think this is a starting point along with candida protocol here on earth clinic. I have done two liver flushes thus far and passed many stones! I plan to continue the flushes as long as necessary. Also like you I have my strong faith to keep me going and know there is a reason for everything and keep searching till you find answers that make the most sense to your situation tho that may not be to the same thinking of our doctors. God bless you and lead you to the information and answers you need on your health journey. Post again with your progress."
12/21/2013: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Tony...I’m sorry to hear that you are still suffering from candida and thyroid issues. Here are some options which might help you.

Just a suggestion, but it might be a good idea for you to switch doctors to a more compassionate thyroid-competent doctor. Here is a list of all the competent doctors in your state.

Competent Doctors in Tennesse

For other people reading this with thyroid problems, here are some other lists that might help to steer you towards a thyroid-competent doctor(doctors who actually know how to treat and cure thyroid problems):

Competent US and International Thyroid Doctors on a state by state and a country by country basis respectively

To also help you to appreciate your problems here is a list of diseases, with links, that are all usually associated with low thyroid probems:

List of Diseases Associated with Hypothyroid conditions

Thyroid Q&A

Here are some major reasons why Synthroid is not a good approach towards alleviating low thyroid or hypothyroid problems;

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Meds that do work:

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Recommended Links

The anti-candida protocol that I recommend incorporates the full Iodine Protocol with companion nutrients. I was helping a woman in Africa who had candida and had many problems including digestion problems, thyroid nodules and fibroids. All these problems cleared up completely within 6 months when she used the anti-candida protocol. The reason for this was mainly due to the strong iodine component with companion nutrients in the protocol.

Lastly, something which might either amuse or disgust you – here are some true stories concerning hypothyroid patients and their own awful experiences with thyroid-incompetent doctors:

Doctor’s Hall of Shame"

12/21/2013: Mike 62 from Denver, Colorado replies: "Cindy: I am going to tell you something that is so incredible that you are going to find this hard to believe. You can get completely well on less than $1 per day and you only have to take 1 thing. Please let me explain. The first life on earth were components of cells. They began caring for, communicating to, and cooperating with each other and eventually formed a cell. The cells did the same and eventually formed a multicellular organism. Between the cell and the multicellular organism is kefir. Kefir has thrived during hot and cold spells, calamities, droughts, and plagues. Kefir is a 100 times more potent than all diseases. This can easily be proven. Just watch the documentary where carnivores who ate the carcasses of herbivores who had died from anthrax during a long drought thrived even when the deadly pathogen was present in the food. The reason is because they ate the partially digested greens in the intestines that contained kefir. Kefir is in the intestines of all herbivores. The only time they get sick is when they don't get enough food to feed the kefir. The longest lived animal in the world lives to be 200 years old and never gets sick because he has kefir in his digestive tract and feeds them marine phytoplankton and some tiny sea creatures. You can make a gallon of home brewed water kefir from 120g sprouted flour and 120g organic whole cane sugar."
12/22/2013: Tony from Tn, Usa replies: "I would like to address the recent replies from both Bill & Timh. Let me first start with Bill. Let me say thanks for all of the links you have provided. That was a lot of reading & it's hard enough to setup when you feel pretty bad much less try & read. However, through God's strength I'm willing and able to do a lot of things.

I want to say that my doctors are awful in referrals to other doctors/specialists. I had to specifically ask to see a surgeon to get the thyroid biopsy. They said I didn't need a biopsy because my TSH functioning tests were in normal range. However, I demanded the biopsy to ease my mind of at least knowing whether I had any type of thyroid cancer/malignancies. Well, my concerns over that were put to rest but didn't give me any answers to my thyroid nodules/problems.

They think because of the normal thyroid functioning tests & no cancer confirmed on the biopsy that I'm just fine. Well, I know that I'm not fine. I need to also say that back in 2004(nearly 10 years ago) the surgeon said I had a previous ultrasound on my thyroid that showed nodules but they hadn't increased in size. I don't remember having that ultrasound but I've been through so much I don't remember what all I've had done.

Another thing I expressed concerns about is the swollen lymph nodes in my neck around the thyroid. You know what they said about those? "THEY MAY NEVER GO BACK TO NORMAL SIZE"! Are you kidding me? That was the explanation I received from my PC doctor. It's ridiculous! I asked what's the cause or what health problems can cause the lymph nodes to remain swollen? I was told it was either inflammation, infection, or possibly cancer. Well, I have no answers for any of those possible explanations.

Anyhow, I also have an insurance that is so limited. I can't just go see any doctor. I need to have a referral no matter what type of doctor that I want to see. I'm also limited on my choices for doctors & specialists. I have a specific network of doctors & my options are pretty poor. This is also the only type of insurance that we can afford right now. I don't have any co-pays but do have a monthly premium.

Now, let's go back to some of the links you provided Bill. I read all of them & was some interesting reading. The Thyro-Gold supplement caught my eye for treating thyroid problems. I always want to go the natural route no matter what. I want off these 2 meds that I'm taking right now as well. I'm being as patient as possible & that's with God in control. If I was living in the flesh I would have already went crazy or given up completely.

Having said that, I want to give you my thinking/opinion on this matter. What good would it do for me to take a thyroid specific supplement when all of my health problems are almost certainly a systemic candida/yeast problem? That's my thought process. Am I thinking right about this Bill? Unless & until I get the candida under control then there's not going to be much improvement in all of my other symptoms.

I certainly have systemic problems. I have symptoms from head to toe. Some areas are worse than other areas. I know that I have pain throughout my entire body but worse in my back, back of the head, & back of the neck. Let me just go ahead & lists all symptoms & diagnosis that I have right now. This is a long lists but necessary:

  • chronic sinusitis
  • tinnutis(ringing in the ears)
  • chronic prostatis
  • GERD
  • thyroid nodules
  • swollen lymph nodes in the neck
  • digestive/weight loss issues
  • past renal failure
  • white coated tongue
  • gingivitis
  • chronic pain
  • sciatia
  • dizziness
  • chronic fatigue
  • weakness
  • watery eyes when laying down only
  • bulging discs at C4-C5 on the spine
  • herpes simplex virus
  • swelling under the eyes
  • dark circles under the eyes
  • pressure feeling in abdomen
  • fatty liver(non-alcoholic type)
  • chronic anxiety
  • chronic depression
  • chronic stress
  • cysts inside body(one under the tongue & one on the left-side hip bone)(found on MRI & CT scans)
  • hair loss in the back of head(bald spot)

Now, let me just go ahead and give you the current supplements that I'm taking:

  • Men's Multi
  • magnesium malate(475 mg daily in split doses w/food)
  • fish oil(4-6 grams daily w/food))
  • acidophilus(5 billion organisms daily in split doses)
  • digestive enzymes(2 capsules w/each meal)
  • B complex vitamins(sublingual once daily)
  • zinc(50 mg every other day, multi has 15 mg)
  • vit D3(5000 IU daily(sublingual)
  • vit C(3, 000 mg daily in split doses w/food)
  • organic medicinal mushrooms(7 mushroom blend, 3, 000 mg daily in split doses, taken on empty stomach)
  • organic cordyceps mushroom(CS-4 strain)(1, 500 mg daily in split doses, taken on empty stomach)
  • 5-HTP(50 mg taken at night to aid sleep & help with depression)
  • selenium(yeast-free)(200 mcg daily, multi has 200 mcg as well for total of 400 mcg daily)
  • organic turmeric root powder(1 tsp. daily in split doses)(to help with candida, inflammation, & liver/digestive congestion)
  • organic cinnamon(1/2 tsp. daily)(to control blood sugar levels even though I don't have diabetes)

Of course, these are also being taken with the 2 meds(Cymbalta & Propanalol) I previously mentioned as well. I will have to say of the above mentioned supplements it's been the medicinal mushrooms that have made me feel better. I've been on these for 2 months now & I have more energy & not feeling quite as tired. Still not a great improvement but at least feeling like getting out of bed now.

Bill, what is your opinion/view on medicinal mushrooms? The mushroom supplements I take are hot water extracted which after doing thorough reading on them is the ONLY way to get all the true health benefits of mushrooms. I've become a believer in them because they've helped me somewhat since starting on them.

How should I go about alkalizing with the remedies here at EC since I'm on a BP medication now? It's been under good control & that's even after cutting back to 1 dose daily. I don't want to start out taking too many alkalizing remedies & cause my BP to rise again. Should I start out with 1-2 alkalizing doses daily or how many would be safe in starting out? Of course, I can always work my way up in doses after beginning the alkalizing again.

Now, onto addressing Timh. I had previously read about the Zapper. I really didn't put much stock into it though. I guess I didn't get enough details though. Seems like a good option for me though. I have no idea the cost of these Zappers though. I will look them up on Google again & see what I can find out or if you want you can address it here more just as Nancy suggested. Thanks guys for your replies & God Bless all of you!"

12/22/2013: Timh from Ky, Usa replies: "Cindy: congradulations on your first big step toward wellness. Here are two very good sources of alt med: for further help.

Do come back and give us an update as to your condition."

12/22/2013: Timh from Ky, Usa replies: "Tony: After having suffered many of the same symptoms as yourself and also being a man of Faith, may I make a few suggestions.

Fist, there are many different species of pathological organism, so do be open to the possibility of any type parasite, fungus, bacteria, or virus. I would encourage you to do a 1 month herbal parasite cleanse PLUS using a Zapper. I have been battling a whole host of these little devels and am only surviving. For yrs I have shown signs of chronic fungal meningitis. By the end of last week I began showing more severe symptoms like blurry vision, headache and head pain, difficulty concentrating, memory decline, loss of balance or vertigo. I have long contemplated having a back massage using therapeutic oils for the killing of the fungus in the spinal fluid and vertebra, but am so dysfunctional that I can't accomplish that. Anyway, I decided to zapp (30hz) directly over my spinal column. Tonight was my third treatment and the die-off is quite bad but am beginning to regain some energy.

Good luck and give us an update as to your condition."

12/22/2013: Cindy from Usa replies: "To Timh from KY, could you please tell me about the zapp(30 hz) you mentioned in your last post. (all details on what this is etc). thank you from cindy. I appreciate reading your posts"
12/22/2013: Mike 62 from Denver, Colorado replies: "Tony: This is the 1 day no diet candida cure. Ineffective supplements and complicated problems are cluttering up your brain. Candida does not eat sugar when insulin is present and fat is miniscule. All you have to do is eat raw honey and nothing else for 24 hours because the lifespan of yeast is measured in hours. Dieting is not an option because low levels of atp increase the diseased state. Some of the candida dies and some hides behind biofilm, makes spores, and goes dormant, waiting for conditions to improve. The second phase of the program involves increasing the energy of the cells electromagnetism and decreasing the energy of the pathogens electromagnetism. This is easily accomplished by increasing the respiratory quotient and decreasing fermentation. The 80/10/10 program accomplishes this goal. The candida is not able to revive as long as the respiratory quotient remains high."
12/22/2013: Tony from Tn, Usa replies: "No offense Mike from Denver but you're reply is a bit too clinical for me. Bill and I have been in communication over my health issues for going on 2 years now so I'm not a new member. I temporarily left the site to seek local treatment from a homeopathic doctor. That didn't work just as many other things I've tried but I push on through God's power.

I honestly think God placed Bill in my path. He's provided me great information throughout this entire ordeal except for the few months I didn't come back to visit the site. The reason I posted the supplements I'm taking now is because Bill has always asked me in the past what I had been taking. I also posted my current symptoms/diagnosis to refresh Bill's mind as well.

Plus, I don't want any of my current meds or supplements to interfere with anything I'm trying through Bill's protocol for me. Bill has the basic protocol for candida listed here for anyone but he tailored the protocol for me before. Don't take this the wrong way Mike. It's just Bill has gained my complete trust here at EC. Thanks!"

12/23/2013: Timh from Ky, Usa replies: "Cindy: Dr Hulda Clark (the late) evolved the technology of electrocuting the body w/ specific frequencies for the killing of parasites & pathogens. I have had fair results w/ a 30 hz zapper for about 3 yrs now. Since mine is only one frequency the success seems limited so I am contemplating a 3 freq device. There are some zappers w/ many frequencies and setting. As you may guess the cost of these devices increases from a minimum of about $50 to over $1, 000. Some people zap for a few minutes daily or as needed and some zap for several hrs for best results. I zap for about 1hr daily w/ noticeable results.

For more info search Hulda Clark Zapper. Curezone has some experts as well as novice posters. A www called electroherbalism (i think) has some good info. Also the Beck protocol is popular (which also includes Colloidal silver).

Hope this helps, and do let us no of any good news w/ you.

I will update as to my progress after zapping the spine."

12/23/2013: Timh from Ky, Usa replies: "Tony. It may seem like I was doing a go around on Bill's Candida Protocol so I would like to clarify that it seems very necessary to go it the best you can. The point I was addressing is the fact that Candida is primarily a secondary or opportunistic infection. Candida overgrowth is an indicator of more serious issues w/ usually detox and immune function.

So if you don't make substantial progress w/ Bill's protocol in the next month or two, it will prove necessary to do some whole body detox including gallbladder, colon, and parasite cleanses. Purify your drinking water as well as air. Consider making your own Colloidal Silver as well as Lipospheric Vit-C. Oil Pulling, Sauna, are other common detox methods. NAC supplementation will also help detox. Milk thistle as well as other liver herbs will help.

As for your thyroid, place a small music speaker magnet directly over the gland for about 15 minutes daily; supplementing Raw Dried Thymus Glandular will help restore function. Zinc, Selenium, and Vit-A are critical protectors of thyroid. Zinc Lozenges will help immediately.

The zapper has proved lifesaving and is one of the most important tools in my chest."

12/23/2013: Tony from Tn, Usa replies: "Thanks Timh for your reply & information. I appreciate the insight you have as well. It's not that I only trust Bill here at EC. I will take any helpful advice I can get.

My biggest problem in treating the candida/yeast is discipline. I do eat good & have for a long time now. However, my weakness is that I still crave sugar & yeast products after trying to get this candida under control. That's a pretty tale-tale sign of the yeast overgrowth that's going on in my body.

It doesn't do any good to explain this to my doctors. Even if they did look at candida as a systemic infection they would only give me prescription meds to treat it. As well all know with any sense this doesn't work.

I don't eat sugar & yeast products on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, I restrict these to as little as possible because I know it will only hurt during my treatment. I do like my organic bread & an occasional organic health food bar(Clif brand). Sugar is sugar & yeast is yeast though. Bill's protocol specifically says NO SUGAR & NO YEAST. That's hard for me!

This leads me to another question in regards to what Mike from Denver posted. He talked about using raw honey for candida. I thought NO SUGAR meant no sugar period. Maybe I'm not understanding what he's saying fully but how can raw honey be any different? It's still a sugar. I have been using raw organic unfiltered honey off & on in the past few months to aid in digestion. I just don't understand what Mike posted to help with candida though since Bill calls for absolutely NO SUGAR in his protocol. Care to elaborate on this for me?

I do use organic stevia as a sweetener for my green tea. I tried to drink that stuff without any sweeteners but couldn't handle it unsweetened so I use raw stevia instead. Is it OK to use stevia as a sweetener while using the candida protocol? Thanks guys & God Bless!"

12/23/2013: Bill from San Fernando replies: "Hi Tony...Thanks for fully describing your problems again and for showing me what you are currently supplementing.

Here is what I think is causing all your problems which are listed below. I shan't list everything -- only the important ones:

Candida/Bacterial Problems

Indications/Symptoms: ?-- Chronic sinustis, tinnitis, swollen lymph nodes, GERD, digestive/weight loss issues, allergies, white tongue, chronic pain, CFS, weakness, lethargy, brain fog, chronic stress, chronic depression, chronic anxiety, pressure in abdomen.

Causes: Poor diet, lack of proper vitamins and minerals in the diet – especially lack of iodine. High heavy metal and poison content in processed foods(bad for the immune system, thyroid and liver). Drugs – particularly antibiotics -- acidify the body and help to promote candida. Weak immune system.


Indications/Symptoms: thyroid nodules, chronic prostate, CFS, weakness, swelling under the eyes, chronic anxiety, chronic stress, chronic depression, cysts, hair loss.

Notice the many symptom similarities between hypothyroid and candida. Their mental symptoms are very similar – but hypothyroid mental issues are caused by lack of energy and slow metabolism affecting the brain whereas mental problems from candida arise mainly from acid body and poisonous fungal mycotoxins which affect the brain. So both hypothyroid symptoms and candida symptoms will always act together to enhance and increase mental problems over time.

Causes: Lack of dietary iodine is the main cause. Aggravated by lack of nutrients such as selenium, magnesium, vitamin C, zinc, B Vitamins, and higher dose niacin.

Adrenal Problems

This is apparent because of the following symptoms: chronic stress, chronic fatigue, chronic depression, weakness, irritability.

Causes: Candida(mycotoxins), hypothyroid(slow metabolism, low energy), drugs. The thyroid is closely linked to adrenal health.

High Blood Pressure

This may also be related to incompetent thyroid and a stressed liver.

Blood/Cell Acidity Too High

Indications/Symptoms: Kidney problems – past renal failure.

Causes: Poor acid diet, drugs.

Liver problems

Indications/Symptoms: digestion/weight loss issues, dark circles around eyes, fatty liver(stressed liver).

Causes: Mainly due to Hypothyroid/Candida problems. Supplementing Alpha Lipoic Acid, Milk Thistle and Selenium will greatly help to recover your liver.

Viral problems

Such as HSV

Drugs Side-effects

The drugs you are taking – the anti-depressant and beta-blocker – have a wide range of possible serious side-effects which might also be contributing to and confusing your own symptoms – such as dizziness. See for yourself:



The protocol and supplements that you are taking at the moment are certainly helpful and useful for sure. I note that you are indeed taking the companion nutrients for iodine. But I also notice that your are not taking any specific candida-kill nutrients – ie you are not supplementing lugol's iodine, borax and alkalizing – that I recommend. You really need to take iodine to help against both the candida and hypothyroid problems – the two biggest ongoing problems that you have.

You will never actually be able to cure hypothyroid problems if you fail to supplement iodine in proper orthomolecular amounts. By this I mean that if you supplement 12.5 mgs lugol's iodine(100 times more than the RDA) then it will take you about a year to cure your thyroid problems. But if you take 50 mgs lugol's iodine (400 times more than the RDA) then your thyroid will recover in about 3 months. Now compare this to just taking the RDA iodine dosage of 150 micrograms per day – which will probably take over 100 years to recover your thyroid, if you get my point. Hypothyroid problems are usually always a sign of iodine deficiency. Thyroid cannot make T3 and T4 without iodine/iodide and that's a fact.

To help you further, here is an article I recently wrote for the EC Newsletter which describes, in fair detail, why iodine is so crucially needed in the body. It also describes how to avoid problems when taking lugol's iodine as a supplement:

The Magic of Lugol’s Iodine

Depression, Mental Problems, High Blood Pressure and Higher Dose Niacin"

12/23/2013: Bill from San Fernando replies: "Hi Tony...Two links failed in my last post. I forgot to check them. So here they are again.

The Magic of Lugol’s Iodine

Depression, Mental Problems, High Blood Pressure and Higher Dose Niacin"

12/23/2013: Mike 62 from Denver, Colorado replies: "Tony: I apologize for being pushy. Sometimes I get too excited. I was just like you a few years ago, suffering and supplementing. Eating the best foods fixed me up just great. Fundamentally pathogens cannot eat sugar when accompanied by the right nutrients. Raw organic produce supplies these type of nutrients. Watch raw food for candida videos. Dieting is not an option because low atp increases the diseased state. Raw sugar and special nutrients from organic produce and grassfed animal products nourish the cells so they function at peak performance. Pathogens perish in this atmosphere."
12/24/2013: Timh from Ky, Usa replies: "Tony: Very glad to help in any way.

From what I can see, Mike's Honey recommendation was for "testing" purposes rather than long-term cure, although at least a small amount of organic honey would seem OK for daily use.

I have traveled your path concerning the HBP and Low Thyroid for about the last 3 yrs and only this yr began to get both under control. I still take Lisinipril for the HBP but was always reluctant on the thyroid meds; my body told me not to take them, but of course that's sounds crazy but it came out true. I use a liquid Iodine supplement (not lugols which is supposed to be best) along w/ a few drops of povidone iodine in filtered water. L-Tyrosine will also help boost thyroid hormone production as well as improve mood, but it also makes the bp go up, so proly not take any time soon but maybe later if that bp goes down.

Placing a large magnet directly over my liver on occasion almost always immediately decreased my bp.

Before I new I had a candida overgrowth I happen chance took a foot bath (as I did daily w/ minerals) and added Povidone Iodine for antiseptic purposes; after about 15 minutes I began feeling a pulling sensation in the lower back area which lasted for almost an hour, and I then experienced die-off reactions. So, I began using povidone iodine to treat the candida and which worked ok for awhile but I also had too much other going on for a cure. Anyway, for immediate releif you can take a foot bath or whole body bath w/ a few squirts of p.i. You can find it at just about any dept store or pharmacy (not recommended for the thyroid though, that's why the lugols is recommended). This is why Bill is very correct on the large Iodine dose in your case as it will treat both candida and thyroid. You can save some $ by doing the povidone baths so as to free up the expensive Lugols.

Back to the sugar problem. It is imperative to take 200-400 mcg of Chromium Picolinate at least 2x daily. I also take a complex of Cinnimon, Mullberry, Gymnema Sylvester to aid in turning sugar into energy instead of fungus. Chromium & Cinnamon alone will do wonders, but I have had irritation to the stomach problems w/ the Cn, so that's why the other 2 herbs work good in combo.

I am like yourself in inability to adhere to the strict Bill Protocol and I know that I suffer from that but just try to hit all the high points or what seems most important.

Lastly, do your best to adhere to all the good advice from here at E.C. as it will bring healing. Do address the "underlying conditions" factor I previously spoke of because severe cases of candida are almost always a secondary illness. In the worst case scenario the fungus will get in your spine where it is protected from immunity and constantly spews out those spores which quicly grow into mature fungus wherever in your body. I have had this condition for about 15 yrs of which, along w/ other problems, has almost killed me. I am currently doing strong magnet and zapping the lower spine where I am almost certain at least stage 2 cancer is dragging me down to almost completely dysfunctional. "

12/24/2013: Rsw from Uniontown, Oh replies: "Hi Timh,

I have recently been told by an MD friend to try Black Seed Oil. It is said to cure everything except death! Since buying my first bottle (that tastes like what I imagine petroleum oil would taste, so not so great but doable at 1 tsp. per day), I noticed the Egyptian Black Seed oil is supposed to taste much milder and have ordered that but haven't tried it yet. I have a sense that this may be quite beneficial and I wondered if it may be beneficial to you, too?

Hang in there. You will figure this out and we are all praying for a healing for you. We all enjoy reading your thoughtful advice and you have helped so many. Take care."

12/25/2013: Timh from Ky, Usa replies: "Rsw: Thank you very much for your personal concern, it means very much to me and gives a boost for the spirit. Reminds me of a little kitty that comes to my house for food & affection. Sometimes he will eat only about half is meal and hug about my doorstep. I practice some reserve not to form too great an attachment as I have been so near to the grave for the past 2 yrs, but I sometimes must pet the little feller as he seems to have never had much attention especially as a kitten. Anyway, immediately after petting & talking to him he goes back to his food and finishes it off. No doubt creatures who have never had much or any love don't really care to live and welcome death.

I will certainly try the BSO. Maybe it is available in those big soft gel tablets, that would eliminate the bad taste. I lately have greatly reduced the use of commercial grade gmo veg oil as I know it's not healthy and could trigger adverse reactions, so I have used Hemp Seed Oil and now Walnut Oil. I take 2 softgels of Flax Oil daily, as well as 1 or 2 Coconut Oil.

Wishing you good health in the coming yr."

12/25/2013: Tony from Tn, Usa replies: "Thanks Timh, Bill, & Mike for your replies back to me. Hope all of you'll have enjoyed your Christmas holiday. Jesus is the reason for the season guys. We have to keep that in mind.

Let me address Bill directly since he posted the most detailed & lengthy reply. The supplements I noted for you is what I have been taking the past couple of months straight. I have been on & off your candida protocol for the past 22 months or so excluding the 4 months I was seeing the homeopathic doctor.

I was using the older protocol though. I had this protocol saved in a MS Word document for reference but hadn't been back to visit here in months so didn't know you had updated it. Now, I know what to add which is the turpentine & protease/bromelain to my supplement regime.

While ordering the turpentine from Amazon I'll go ahead & pick up your new book as well for quick reference. I started taking Iodoral on Monday of this week at a low dose. 1/2 tablet to start which would be around 6.25 mgs. I have 2 bottles of Iodoral because the homeopathic doctor had me on this supplement as well.

I just quit taking it because of frustration in not getting any results. I also got severe detox symptoms when I went above 25 mgs of Iodoral. I will slowly work my way up to the max dose of 50 mg if possible. I understand I need higher doses to address my thyroid issues. I just don't want to go too fast because of die-off/detox symptoms. I already have enough dragging me down.

I was taking both milk thistle & ALA. I used these for 3-4 months straight then like many other supplements I stopped due to total frustration. I get impatient but God is taking care of me no matter what. That's my new attitude now. I can handle anything through God. We suffer in order for God to receive the glory down here on this earth. I have total confidence & trust in the Lord to see me THROUGH this horrible health crisis.

BTW, Bill you didn't comment on the medicinal mushrooms. What is your opinion on those? I am close to running out of them. I was going to order more because they certainly have given me more energy & seem to be making me feel better than anything else I've tried in the past 22 months.

I don't think it's anything else I'm taking but could be the combination of supplements now. However, I know I need to specifically & continually address the candida overgrowth as well. I am taking a few things already for candida but I know I need more like the things from your complete protocol.

I can't wait to see the day in which the candida & other health issues are all gone away & I know with the Lord & my attitude now will go a long way in bringing this about. I just have to remain DISCIPLINED through the entire process. That's the hardest thing for me but I'm going to do my best. Thanks guys for your help & MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone!"

12/25/2013: Tony from Tn, Usa replies: "This is for Bill. "The Magic of Lugol’s Iodine": Link still doesn't work Bill. Your link on the article you recently wrote about iodine doesn't work as well. Thanks!"
12/26/2013: Tony from Tn, Usa replies: "Thanks Bill for updating the links. I need to ask you a couple more questions. First, I want to make sure I'm getting the right kind of turpentine for the bio-films. Is the following link the right type of turpentine? Pure Gum Spirits Turpentine

Also, are we supposed to use both the turpentine protocol and the protease enzyme protocol for the bio-films or choose one of those two options? After reading your information about these two it appears to me that we're supposed to choose one or the other & not both. I assume it couldn't hurt to choose both but probably no need to do both. It seems that the turpentine/kerosene option is the fastest way to get rid of the bio-films but we can choose either one. Is this right?

Also, I mis-stated something in a previous reply. I actually started Iodoral last Monday(12-17-13) at 1/2 tablet daily. I started the alkalizing remedies this Monday. I'm only going with 2 alkalizing remedies daily for the first couple weeks. I'm using the ACV/BS/H2O remedy once daily in the morning & the BS/H2O remedies twice daily(once in early afternoon & once in the PM before bed).

I also would like for you to suggest a sort of diet plan for me. Not a daily meal plan or anything like that but a list of what foods I can eat & what foods that I can't eat. I think a list printed & posted on our fridge would help me tremendously to eat the right things AT ALL TIMES. Also, what snacks I can eat as well.

One other thing. Could you please give your opinion about medicinal mushrooms as well? I guess you may have missed it in my last 2 replies. Thanks again for your time Bill. God Bless!"

12/26/2013: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Tony...Here is the link to the Lugols Iodine newsletter article on EC again: The Magic of Lugol's Iodine. I've also checked the above link in editor Preview and it works."

EC: Links now fixed in Bill's post.

12/27/2013: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Tony...The turpentine in your link is fine to use in the protocol. I know other people who have used that brand with good results.

There is certainly no reason not use both turpentine and protease enzymes together in your protocol. I usually recommend turpentine because it is cheaper and because it has wider beneficial action. But if you want to use both these protocols together then that's fine.

My view on supplementing mushrooms like chaga, maitake and shitake with candida problems is similar to Teds view that it could provoke candida growth(candida is also a fungus/yeast). However, if you feel that these mushrooms are doing you good, then perhaps you should continue supplementing them. These mushrooms are superb at stimulating the immune system.

I am afraid that I really don't like suggesting diet plans. I really prefer that people follow the anti-candida diet guidelines that I suggest for candida problems. When you get into actual food recommendations then there are inevitably arguments and disagreements. That's really why I avoid recommending diet plans. My diet recommendations against candida, which are given in the anti-candida protocol, concentrates on quality foods while avoiding chemically processed food. The diet guidelines can also be applied to any diet that you prefer.

Many books have been written about how to cure candida through diet. I have also read too many unsuccessful accounts of people trying to cure their candida problems purely through diet alone. In general, these unsuccessful people, using their special anti-candida diets either don't make a dent on their candida problems or there is indeed some improvement in symptoms but never a complete recovery. I feel that, although diet is extremely important in the protocol, this diet should also be tied in with a more focused and specific anti-candida supplement protocol in order to successfully target and remove the offending candida problem from the body and help bring the body back into balance again.

This might also surprise alot of people but I have little faith in food labelled simply as organic now. As far as I can see, the USDA Rules for Organic Food Labeling has gone much the same way as the Codex rules.

These are the current organic labeling rules as defined by the USDA.

"Made with Organic"

Multi-ingredient agricultural products in the “made
with Organic” category must meet these criteria:

* At least 70 percent of the product must be certified
organic ingredients (excluding salt and water).

* Any remaining agricultural products are not
required to be organically produced but must be
produced without excluded methods (see page 1).

* Non-agricultural products must be specifically
allowed on the National List

This means that any food labelled with "Made with Organic" can contain 30% of ANYTHING -- eg preservatives, GMO, glyphosates, agri-poisons, process chemicals, aspartame, neotame, msg etc

Seems to me like the above "Made with Organic" labeling is a con label which could also be easily applied to many processed foods. What's the difference between them ?


Raw or processed agricultural products in the “organic”
category must meet these criteria:

* All agricultural ingredients must be certified organic,
except where specified on National List.

* Non-organic ingredients allowed per National List
may be used, up to a combined total of 5% percent
of non-organic content (excluding salt and water).

Take note that food labelled "Organic" can contain 5% or non-organic food made from and with ANYTHING.

Therefore all foods just labeled "Organic" are not completely organic. Another con labeling trick.

"100% Organic"

Raw or processed agricultural products in the “100
percent organic” category must meet these criteria:

- All ingredients must be certified organic.

- Any processing aids must be organic

This is truly organic food which is probably imported from abroad.

How many people actually eat "100% Organic" diets ?

How many people can actually afford to eat this 100% organic diet ?

That's why food labelled just as organic really does not put me into my own dietary comfort zone now.

Source: USDA -- Labelling Organic Products"

12/27/2013: Tony from Tn, Usa replies: "Thanks for your reply back to me Bill. I'm picking up the turpentine today at Wal-Mart. I'm already taking digestive enzymes. It's not a single protease or bromelain/papain supplement though. It's a complete digestive enzyme formula.

I've been taking them with food though as most digestive enzyme supplements call for. However, I also have taken a separate bromelain supplement on an empty stomach in the past for full systemic benefits.

I know the complete health benefits when taking digestive enzymes on an empty stomach. Would it be OK to just take my digestive enzyme formula as the protease/bromelain protocol but take them on an empty stomach as the protocol calls? I don't have anymore of the stand-alone bromelain supplement so this would keep me from having to buy more bromelain pr papain.

My digestive enzyme formula has 50 mg protease, 25 mg bromelain, & 25 mg papain per 3 capsules. I don't see a suggested dosage amount listed from the protocol page unless I'm totally overlooking it. I noticed in your protocol is states "four times a day at the advised dosages" but then I don't see those dosages mentioned. Where is this part at Bill?

I plan on continuing the medicinal mushrooms. Like I said, these appear to be the only thing that has given me more energy & feeling some better. Keep in mind, I only buy organic mushrooms & specifically the hot water extracted kind which is the only type that gives the full health benefits.

Also, from all the reading I've done on medicinal mushrooms, there's not been any proven research that mushrooms contribute to additional fungal/yeast problems. As a matter of fact, most evidence suggest that they help treat fungal/yeast overgrowth.

I understand your view on a diet plan. What I buy is almost always got the organic seal. I also look for "non-GMO" certified foods as well. There are sooooooo many so called organic product companies these days. I know some of them are actually knock-offs of Kellogs & other chemically laden food companies. However, I buy mostly organic foods & the "non-GMO" seal together.

I know you state NO SUGAR in your anti-candida protocol. What about using stevia as a sweetener? I use it mainly for my green tea but also with a few other foods as well. Also, what about consuming raw organic honey on a daily basis? I know the turpentine protocol calls for taking it with either black strap molasses or raw honey. What about using it regularly?

I've been using it regularly for digestion quite a while now. Thanks again as always for your time Bill. God Bless you for what you provide here at EC. It's truly amazing the amount of help you provide for people! God Bless!"

12/28/2013: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Tony...You should be able to take protease enzymes like bromelain in large amounts. Ted regularly recommends taking up to 500 mgs a few times a day for certain ailments because it is not dangerous. Dr William Kelly who uses The Metabolic Protocol(Protease Enzyme Protocol) to cure cancers, uses between 150 - 200 pills a day on his patients -- the majority of which are protease enzymes.

Stevia is OK to use in your protocol. You could also perhaps use xylitol as a sweetener which also kills candida and so might be more useful to you.

It may seem a contradiction using turpentine and honey (sugar) for an anti-candida therapy that recommends no sugar in the diet but there's a good reason for this. With no sugar in the diet, the candida sugar receptors become highly sensitive to sugars. So, when you take honey with turpentine then the honey is the trojan horse that allows turpentine into the fungus. So the result is a dead fungus. For similar reasons I would not advise eating just honey on its own (it's like eating fructose). This will only ever tend to increase the virulence and spread of candida because candida loves sugar."

12/28/2013: Healthseeker from Usa replies: "Bill from San Fernando, could you please advise how to add turpentine/kerosene to the candida protocol? When to take, with other supplements or not, how often, how much. Thank you in advance for all your help on Earth Clinic."
12/28/2013: Tony from Tn, Usa replies: "Thanks for clearing things up for me Bill. I'll just use the raw honey when taking the turpentine & not use it any other time. My wife was really concerned about using the turpentine. I explained to her that I also once used Borax & she too was worried that it was a toxic substance. I also let her view your protocol on the turpentine so she could see what it's actually used for. I think she's OK with it now.

I guess I'm going to need to get me a separate protease or bromelain supplement as well. My digestive enzymes don't seem to have high enough amounts of protease/bromelain/papain for the benefit of getting rid of the bio-films. Then again, I'm going to be using the turpentine as well so maybe I don't need the higher doses of the enzymes. What's your opinion since I'm going to be using both protocols?

My digestive enzyme formula has 50 mg protease, 25 mg bromelain, & 25 mg papain per 3 capsules as well as other enzymes but I only mention the ones necessary here. If I take say 9 per day then that would be a total of 150 mg protease, 75 mg bromelain, & 75 mg papain. I can take higher amounts if you think I need them in combination with the turpentine protocol. Let me know!

One other thing I want to discuss with you. My current meds. I want off them but I can't stop them suddenly either. I've already cut back the dosages on both of them. The Cymbalta from 120 mg to 60 mg. The propanalol from 20 mg daily to once 10 mg daily. My blood pressure has been fine. My doctors, of course, are against me getting off these meds. This is my health here & I'm taking a stand for myself.

What are your suggestions for coming off these 2 meds? I can't suddenly stop the Cymbalta because I might suffer from seizures or other bad side effects/withdrawals. I would have to cut back to 30 mg of the Cymbalta before completely going off of it. I would like for you to give some guidance in how to go about this.

I don't want my anxiety/depression/nervous tension to go all to pieces again. It's certainly better but the Cymbalta hasn't provided me enough relief from these conditions. Do I need to possibly add GABA or Rhodiola to my supplement regime so I can stop the Cymbalta? I already take 5-HTP at night to aid in sleep & to help with depression & anxiety.

It's only 50 mg once daily dose though. I take it hours away from my Cymbalta so there's no interaction. What are your suggestions for me getting off these meds Bill? I totally trust your advice for sure. I don't trust any of my doctors at all. Thanks again & God Bless You Bill!"

12/29/2013: Bill from San Fernando,philipines replies: "Hi Tony...I really can't advise you to come off your meds, and if you go to the docs then he will also not be in favour of you stopping these meds. So this is really up to you.

In the old bygone days, before beta blockers and statins, they used to use something called Iodo-niacin to reduce blood pressure and heart problems, which was a pill that contained about 120 mgs potassium iodide and 50 mgs niacin. This simple pill combination was highly successful. You are probably also unaware that niacin, in higher dosage(500 mgs) is today also being used for high cholesterol and high blood pressure by modern medicine. Type Niastor or Niaspan into Wikipedia and see what comes up. These "drugs" are the standard niacin slow release niacin drug forms that doctors use against high BP, high cholesterol and heart problems (they come in 500 mgs tablets.) and are effectively just the the ordinary niacin health supplement form that comes in 500 mgs tablets -- which are the same thing as Niastor or Niaspan except much cheaper. What's more, niacin will also help to get rid of your depression and vastly increase your energy if you take it at higher dose. Just to finally add that Iodine (as Lugols Iodine) and higher dose niacin are also advised in my anti-candida protocol. So if you take this protocol then you will be effectively taking Iodo-niacin as well -- and this should help to both reduce your BP and help to get rid of your depression as well.

Also, I might be able to save you some money here. I have a Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor (the make is Series 7 OMRON Wrist Heart Monitor) which I've been using for the last 6 years just to monitor the health of my heart. Very simple to use. Attach the gadget to your left wrist, push the button and hold your wrist up against your heart and in 20 secs you will accurately know what your systolic and diastolic BP levels and heart beat are. This wrist monitor only costs about $50 (there are cheaper OMRON versions for about $30) and its very accurate. You can buy this at Walmart I think. It's a very useful gadget -- much better and cheaper perhaps than paying $200 a throw for a single doctor's visit just to get your BP checked. If you had this wrist heart monitor, it would also make it much easier for you to doctor yourself concerning your heart problems."

12/29/2013: Tony from Tn, Usa replies: "Thanks again Bill for your reply. I wasn't really wanting you to tell me to go off of my meds. I was just wanting some guidance/suggestions as to how to get off from them. You gave me some really good advice. It looks like niacin is the choice for getting me off both the depression/anxiety medication(Cymbalta) as well as the BP medication(propanalol).

I read the information from the niacin link you provided me & it certainly does appear to be the answer in coming off these meds. You're right & I said this in my previous reply about the doctors not wanting me to stop the meds. That's expected from them. They want me to keep coming back for more. I'm determined to not go back for more. I trust you totally Bill!

I have some niacin(sustained release, flush-free, Inositol Hexanicotinate) that I started using yesterday at 500 mg twice daily w/food. Do you remember giving me guidance in the past with niacin? Remember, I had the awful pain in the back of my head & neck?

You suggested me to take 1500 mg niacin daily split in 3 doses for this problem. I didn't stay on this long enough though. That's been my problem with the anti-candida protocol all along. I haven't had enough DISCIPLINE. It's certainly not easy especially when you're wanting to gain weight that you've lost due to this horrible sickness.

I now have more discipline & that has come from God. I can't have it living in my flesh. The cravings for certain foods is really tough. It's better than it was say a year ago but still have quite a few cravings for foods I don't need.

I already have a home BP monitor. It's a Walgreen's brand monitor. I don't know how good this monitor is but we paid I believe around $45 for it back in 2012. It's battery operated so I don't know how trustworthy this thing is though. I take 3 readings daily within 10-15 minutes & they're all over the place but at least pretty normal pressure readings lately.

However, my diastolic rate has always been the biggest problem. Lately though, I have both numbers under control(110-120/75-80). I believe once I get the niacin into my system then my BP will be fine. Then, I can make an attempt to completely stop my BP med. It may take longer to get completely off the Cymbalta however. Thanks again for your time & guidance. Have a great & blessed day Bill over there in the Philipines."

12/29/2013: Healthseeker from Usa replies: "To bill--hoping for a response to get started with this for candida/fungus. Thank you!"
12/29/2013: Bill from San Fenando, Philippines replies: "Hi HealthSeeker...The whole anti-candida protocol with the turpentine protocol and diet is shown here.

There are many ways to take the Turpentine protocol:

* Taking a teaspoon of turpentine with sugar (as recommended by Dr Jennifer Daniels) just before meals. The turpentine will then be carried into the intestines with the food—mainly helping to rid candida from the intestinal region. This method, as Dr Daniels also relates, served to maintain the good health of plantation slaves in early America. It was their secret cure-all and tonic for all ills.

* Taking a teaspoon of turpentine with a teaspoon of castor oil (or olive oil) mixed with a glass of milk as Walter Last recommends. I tend to favour taking the turpentine with either Virgin Coconut Oil or Black Seed Oil (Nigella sativa) because of the added anti-pathogen and protective healing effects contributed by these carrier oils. This method also carries the turpentine into the intestines to help knock out the candida.

* Taking a teaspoon of turpentine in a glass of water or milk on an empty stomach (outside mealtimes). The stomach rapidly absorbs the turpentine directly into the blood for best action and effect against the fungal or disseminated candida form that infects the blood, tissues and organs (outside the intestines). This method (using kerosene) has been successfully and widely used for all sorts of serious blood-born diseases including candida, tuberculosis, polio, cancer, meningitis and leukemia and is still being used in Russia, the Russian satellite countries, Germany, Poland and in Africa to good effect as an effective and cheap remedy and all-around tonic for the body."

12/30/2013: Tony from Tn, Usa replies: "Hello again Bill. I think you should add to the candida protocol page as to how to administer the turpentine/kerosene like you just explained. This will help others understand more as to how the turpentine protocol is benefiting. You explained it so beautifully so adding this additional information will help tremendously in understanding what's happening in our bodily systems depending on how it's taken.

I wanted to discuss something with you, Bill. I fully read your updated article on Iodine that you kindly provided me. I noticed something from the article that certainly directly relates to my health crisis.

You mention "auto-immune thyroiditis (nodule formation)" in the article. I then looked up that condition. I have thyroid nodules as well as a goiter which is a swollen thyroid gland. With these conditions would you consider me to probably have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis? I know it really doesn't matter the diagnosis because I'm going to follow your steps necessary to get rid of this condition.

I'm just curious as to what your opinion/diagnosis would be for me with my thyroid problems? I've brought up Graves disease and Hashimotos to my doctors but they looked at me like I was crazy of course. It's like I don't even have a thyroid problem art all to them. Thanks and God Bless!"

12/30/2013: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Tony...I'm not at all surprised that doctors are so clueless about Grave's and Hashimoto's. All doctors follow their Standard of Care bibles, so if these references are wrong in the first place then the doctors will be wrong in both their diagnosis and treatment of thyroiditis. Even if you do have thyroid nodules or goiter, which is such an obvious symptom of thyroid problems -- but if your thyroid TSH level is normal then most docs will say that your thyroid is normal. A very dumb diagnosis -- but all according to the guidelines of their Standard of Care manuals.

But the fact that you do actually have thyroid problems -- nodules and goiter no less -- must mean that you have either Graves or Hashimoto's Disease.

Here is how Dr Guy Abraham's, in his paper -- Facts About Autoimmine Thyroiditis -- explains autoimmune thyroiditis and thyroid nodules:

"Inadequate iodide supply to the thyroid gland, aggravated by goitrogens, activates the thyroid peroxydase (TPO) system through elevated TSH, low levels of iodinated lipids, and high cytosolic free calcium, resulting in excess production of H2O2. The excess H2O2 production is evidenced by the fact that antioxidants used in Bagchi’s experiments did not interfere with the oxidation and organification of iodide and therefore neutralized only the excess oxidant. This H2O2 production is above normal due to a deficient feedback system, caused by high cytosolic calcium due to magnesium deficiency and low levels of iodinated lipids which requires for their synthesis iodide levels two orders of magnitude greater than the RDA for iodine. Once the low iodide supply is depleted, TPO in the presence of H2O2 and organic substrate reverts to its peroxydase function, which is the primary function of haloperoxydases, causing oxidative damage to molecules nearest to the site of action: TPO and the substrate thyroglobulin (Tg). Oxidized TPO and Tg elicit an autoimmune reaction with production of antibodies against these altered proteins with subsequent damage to the apical membrane of the thyroid cells, resulting in the lymphocytic infiltration and in the clinical manifestations of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Eventually, the oxidative damage to the TPO results in deficient H2O2 production. Hypothyroidism occurs in AIT when oxidation and organification of iodide in the thyroid gland become deficient enough to affect synthesis of thyroid hormones."

Just to recap, the main reasons that cause the above thyroiditis problems are:

1. Low Selenium levels in the diet, which reduces the production of glutathione peroxidase. Low GP therefore allows excessive build up of Hydrogen Peroxide during production of T3 and T4 in the thyroid cells. Selenium is essential for creating the GP that, as an anti-oxidant -- safely quenches the excessive Hydrogen Peroxdide build-up during thyroid hormone production and which, when HP is in excess, can cause thyroid nodules .

2. Excessive Calcium in the diet(together with low dietary magnesium). Excessive dietary Calcium acts as a goitrogen which acts to inhibit the uptake of iodine in the body. Magnesium acts to help regulate calcium to proper levels in the body.

3. Inadequate supply or low levels of iodide in the body which are so obviously needed needed for proper levels of T3 and T4 production.

Excess calcium and fluoride can cause many other problems in the body. Calcium can bind with fluoride and can accumulate in the bones, and teeth. Fluoride also accumulates in the glands -- including the pituitary and thyroid which can act to further corrupt and cause thyroid regulation problems. Obviously, if calcium and fluoride are in excess in the body, iodine uptake at the cellular level will be greatly inhibited due to the competitive nature of these goitrogens. Therefore a low calcium/high magnesium diet as well as supplementing iodine (to chelate and remove fluorine) and magnesium are advised.

Bromine also inhibits iodine uptake by causing corruption of the NIS (Sodium-Iodide symporter) network which is essential for proper distribution of iodine throughout the body at the intestinal and cellular level. Absorption of iodide/iodine can therefore be much improved by taking higher dose vitamin C and by also supplementing lugol's iodine(to remove the bromine) and by taking the Salt Loading protocol.

This is also why I usually advise that people who have thyroiditis and hypothyroid problems should have a hair analysis(quite cheap). This will tell you what your selenium, iodide, calcium and magnesium levels are. It might also show excessive levels of bromine and fluorine(which are also goitrogens) and heavy metals in your body. This will therefore help you to confirm your thyroid problem and also necessitates a more focused protocol.


The Iodine Protocol

Salt Loading Protocol"

12/31/2013: Tony from Tn, Usa replies: "Thanks for that very detailed explanation about my thyroid issues. My doctors don't think there's a thing wrong with my thyroid just because my TSH tests have always came back normal & my biopsy didn't show any cancer. As a matter of fact, they blame all of my health issues on my mind/mental health issues. I asked to be referred to a specialist but was turned down. That was expected though so I wasn't at all surprised.

I just know what I'm going to do about it. I'm taking all of this into my own hands Bill. Of course, with your help as well as others here at EC. I've just been impatient in the past along with also getting frustrated. Now that God is front & center in every area of my life I am in the right frame of mind to keep fighting. Actually, God is the one fighting this battle anyhow.

I just need for him to keep me disciplined to use your anti-candida protocol the way it's supposed to be used. I can do it I just have to keep the faith & right mindset. I know that God isn't through with me here on this earth. When I went through the renal failure I really thought my days on earth were coming to an end. It was an absolute miracle that I didn't need dialysis to keep my kidneys functioning.

God kept me here for a reason. I'm here on this earth to do God's work. I'm fighting through faith to be a full time servant for my Lord & Savior. I'm looking at this New Year as a year for new & improved health. I'm really determined to win this battle. Thanks again Bill for your time & have a Happy New Year. God Bless you for everything you do here at EC."

01/01/2014: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Tony...The next time you go to your doctor try asking him if you can have the Free T3 - Free T4 thyroid check instead of the TSH test for your thyroid. That's the minimum check you should have. Other doctors -- such as Dr Brownstein -- also usually recommend full panel checks on adrenals and liver as well checks for thyroid problems.

Another tactic you could try is to go to your local pharmacist and inquire if any local doctors in your area recommend natural bio-identical thyroid hormones by prescription. If they do then chances are that they are probably thyroid-competent doctors.

It might be worth a try."

01/02/2014: Tony from Tn, Usa replies: "Thanks for that information Bill. I know that I've already asked my regular PC doctor if there was more testing that he could do for my thyroid. He said there was no need because my TSH testing are always within normal range. We know what their normal range is about don't we?

I find it amazing that with thyroid nodules & goiter that there's not anymore concern over this problem. It surprises me in one way & not in another. I've become used to their incompetency & lack of concern.

They have run liver checks. The full enzyme/liver testing has been performed at least 3 times during the past 1 1/2. They too I've been told are always normal. I haven't had any adrenals testing done. I also asked for hormone testing but that too was turned down.

I think the pharmacy thing is a better option. But, to be honest Bill I'm just about done with all of them. I'm more specifically talking about my doctors. I've gotten more useful information from pharmacists than any doctor I've seen to date. They always help me more with concerns about medications than any of my doctors.

I'm just going to use your full anti-candida protocol with the turpentine/protease additions of course. I started taking the turpentine on Tuesday at 1/4 tsp. mixed w/raw honey to start. I plan on increasing to 1/2 tsp. over the weekend & in a couple weeks be at the 1 full tsp. dosage. I'm even more upbeat now over this turpentine option. I like the fact that there's a quicker option in killing off the candida. Makes me so much more positive.

I finally got a chance to read the full PDF article you provided from Dr. Daniels(The Candida Cleanser). It was a great read. Turpentine does appear to be a miracle cure-all substance. I asked my mother about this in the older days. She said a lot of people she knew used it for cuts & burns but she didn't know of anyone back then taking it internally.

I did notice something from her diet plan that's totally different than your suggestions Bill. She emphasis lots of fruit(breakfast & lunch) but you suggest not to eat any sugar including fruit. I understand that all homeopathic/natural doctors have different opinions but curious as to the difference here in opinions about fruit consumption for treating candida problems. Care to elaborate more on this for me Bill?

She also emphasis no meats at all while you say to have limited quantities while on the protocol. Don't we need to eat some meat for adequate protein intake? Where are we going to get enough protein sources if we don't eat some meat? Of course, I would be eating high-quality organic meats. I guess we could use whey protein for significant protein source. Thanks again for your time & have a blessed day!"

01/02/2014: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Tony...Fruit juice contains alot of sugar. Sugar feeds candida and helps it to spread and grow. That's why it isn't allowed.

The fact that I also recommend taking turpentine with sugary substances like molasses and raw honey is not really contradictory because this is really a bait and kill tactic against candida.

The fact that I do not allow sugar or carbs in the candida diet makes the candida sugar receptors highly sensitive and desperate for sugar. This is a deliberate tactic and is somewhat similar to IPT therapy.

So when these candida sugar receptors detect the sugar(with turpentine) -- then candida voraciously opens up and absorbs it -- along with the turpentine, which rapidly acts to kills the candida.

Using turps combined with sugar substances like raw honey or molasses is therefore like using a Trojan Horse or Smart Bomb against candida. But you have to starve the candida of sugar/carbs first to make it work well.

In the anti-candida diet white meat is allowed(ie fish, chicken, turkey)so you shouldn't have problems. Red meat contains heme iron or ferritin which candida uses to makes its biofilms. Ferritin, along with calcium(dairy) will also make candida more virulent for the same or similar reasons."

01/02/2014: Bill from San Fernndo, Philippines replies: "Hi Tony....If you really want to know exactly my own position on the drugs industry, the effectiveness of drugs and doctor's Standard of Care methods, then here is a short video by Shane Ellison, an award winning chemist, who has been directly involved with research for these drugs companies:

Healing Knowledge and Other Agendas "

01/02/2014: Tony from Tn, Usa replies: "Hello again Bill. I think you misunderstood my last reply. I was referring to the suggested fruit intake that was mentioned in the Dr. Daniels diet plan in the Candida Cleanser article. She suggests fruit intake with both breakfast and lunch. Why would she recommend fruit if this actually feeds the candida due to the sugar content?

I also noticed something else in that article from the FAQ page. This:

Q. Can I use Honey or raw turbinado?

A. No, you may not use honey. Honey has too much nutritional value. Also, honey does not act as a transport for the turpentine and control its absorption like sugar does.

She states that we shouldn't use honey. How did you come about using raw honey for your treatment protocol w/turpentine? Was this based on personal findings or from another holistic doctor's findings?

I see your explanation in how the sugar/honey is bait for the candida but I find it odd that there are such different recommendations for both the treatment & diet plans between you & Dr. Daniels. Is this an older article which since has there been changes/additions? Thanks again Bill & God Bless!"

01/03/2014: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe replies: "Bill, would you know if turpentine is what's called in Spanish: aguarras?"
01/03/2014: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Tony...Although I am very impressed with how turpentine can help people with disease, I admit to being highly unimpressed with Dr Daniels approach to helping sufferers get rid of candida for the following reasons:

* First, in this document, Dr Daniels tells the story of how she discovered that American slaves in the early 1800s used turpentine combined with sugar in a secret remedy to cure all their ills. Then she insists that only cubed sugar will work with turpentine against candida. Well, I'm sorry but there was no cubed sugar in the early 1800s during the slave period -- so how did the American slaves really take their turpentine remedy? Most likely, they must have taken it with either cane sugar syrup, molasses or honey.

* Secondly, I recently put up a post about a man (Mr Prakash) who is successfully curing his son's candida, parasites and autism with the turpentine protocol. Here is the post. The method he used was to combine castor oil with honey or molasses with the turpentine(Walter Last's method). He has had tremendous success against his two-year-old son's parasites, candida with significant improvement in his son's Autism using both MMS and turpentine. Please also note Mr Prakash was not using Dr Daniels method of taking cubed sugar with turpentine.

* Mr Prakash also directly contacted Dr Daniels, wanting to know more about her turpentine protocol and got a reply from her marketing manager who offered Mr Prakash a special Diet Plan, nutrients with the turpentine protocol including personal communication and advice from Dr Daniels for only $4, 500. I advised Mr Prakash not to take this deal. He emailed back his refusal. The marketing manager then emailed him back saying that he was in luck -- there was a special offer and it would only now cost him $1000 for the plan. Etc, etc --- I think you know where this is going.

* Dr Daniels has never written a full blown book explaining her candida turpentine protocol in detail. However, she has written several books on beauty, health and diet -- but no book on her turpentine candida cure protocol.

Too many secrets. Secrets are always expensive."

01/03/2014: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "To Somewhere in Europe...Both aguerras and trementina refer to turpentine derived from the pine tree. Just make sure, whatever you buy, that the turpentine is derived from just the pure oil distilled from the pine resin -- with no additives."
01/04/2014: Tony from Tn, Usa replies: "Thank you Bill for yet another wonderful reply. I was just curious about all of this information by Dr. Daniels in comparison to your protocol which has a lot of different treatment options. And, yes, I knew where you was going with the reply. Money talks doesn't it Bill? I assume the article you provided by Dr. Daniels was for information purposes only about turpentine and candida and not your personal views or opinion.

Especially on how to take it and the diet plan. It really doesn't make any sense in what she states about eating fruit with the turpentine protocol. She specifically states herself candida feeds on sugar which you already know but recommends eating quite a bit of fruit which is still sugar. That alone raises a red flag.

Moving on now. I see that you also provide the post by Mr Prakash. He used castor oil as well in his protocol. That's also mentioned in one of the other articles you provided in reference to turpentine/kerosene. I've been taking the turpentine with raw honey. I increased yesterday to 1/2 tsp. from 1/4 tsp. & I use 1/2 tsp. raw honey to have a 1:1 ratio.

Would you also suggest adding castor oil or another carrier oil like olive oil or coconut oil? I have both of these oils on hand but would need to buy castor oil. I already use organic olive oil as a carrier when taking my doses of turmeric. It really helps tremendously with absorption of the turmeric. Let me know your opinion. Thanks again Bill. Hope your new year is off to a wonderful, blessed, and healthy start."

01/05/2014: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Tony...Castor oil is useful for two reasons. It kills candida and it also helps to gently accelerate excretion -- which further helps to remove poisons more quickly from the body. VCO also kills candida and VCO was, I think, what initially turned my own serious constipation issues back to normal stools when I took it for my own candida issues all those years ago. But I can see no objection to using castor oil, VCO or olive oil as the carrier -- it's really your preference.

Regarding turmeric, yes turmeric is oil soluble. But what they have also found out through research is that if you add a just small amount ordinary pepper to the oil/turmeric then the absorption of tumeric into the body is hugely increased."

01/05/2014: Tony from Tn, Usa replies: "Thanks again Bill. I'll just stick to using EVCO & EVOO as my carrier oils sine I already have them on hand. About the turmeric. I had already been adding black pepper to my mixture. I always add a dash to the mixture & this actually makes it pretty tasty. Taking the turmeric w/oil has somewhat of an acidic taste but the organic black pepper helps out a lot.

I do want to discuss something more with you Bill. I forgot to mention a few more symptoms from the list that I provided you a few days ago. These were actually some of the initial symptoms I had which showed signs of my declining health. These started right after a tragic event in my life. My father passed away in 2008. The symptoms are :

  • very low libido
  • erectile dysfunction
  • premature ejaculation
  • painful ejaculation

Of course, I did mention before that I suffer from chronic prostatitis . I'm sure all of these symptoms are directly related to candida overgrowth. I'm just curious as to your opinion on how the candida/yeast are causing these problems?

I only get an urge for sexual desire about once a month or so. I hardly ever last more than 2-3 minutes before ejaculation & each time it's usually painful. That's not good for a marriage. We're both people of faith & we love each other dearly but sexual pleasure for her is hard because of my sexual dysfunction.

Is there anything I can do/take to help with these sexual issues while I'm treating myself for the candida problem? I did read that turpentine is good for the uro-genital system so hopefully this will help once I get it more into my system.

I've already tried numerous other supplements for sexual function but they haven't worked. Things like Horny Goat Weed & Testosterone. Please share with me your opinion. Thanks again Bill & have a great day!"

01/06/2014: Tony from Tn, Usa replies: "Hello again Bill. I don't know what's happened but last night was a very very rough night. I was up all night with terrible nausea. I never did vomit but I thought for sure I was going to. This morning I've felt awful. My blood pressure for the first time in about 4 months is up quite a bit again.

I have no energy & feel terrible. I'm shaky & nervous like I was before going on anxiety meds. The only thing that has changed is increasing the turpentine to 1/2 tsp. daily & the Iodoral to 12.5 mg daily. I had been on 1/4 tsp. turpentine & 6.25 mg Iodoral.

Would you say this is the die-off/detox reaction from the turpentine Bill? I'm taking all of the iodine support supplements. I do have at least 3 bowel movements daily. I drink 60-80 oz. H2O daily along with green tea & green drink daily as well. I'm trying to make this as easy as possible but this hit me like a ton of bricks overnight.

My blood pressure this morning was 125-130/84-89. It hasn't been up like that since before going on blood pressure meds. Yesterday it was fine reading 115-120/78-80. That's not the case today & it was a sudden change. I'm so jittery & nervous this morning that I can barely type this message. I just increased the turpentine to 1/2 tsp. this past Saturday.

The Iodoral was increased to 12.5 mg early last week. This is certainly disheartening but I have to keep fighting. I know you state the turpentine would created pretty significant die off/detox symptoms. Does this sudden setback sound like this is what's going on Bill? It's hard for me to distinguish die-off from my actual sick symptoms because they certainly are very similar. I just know I've not felt this bad in well over 3 months.

I did run out of the medicinal mushrooms Saturday & haven't had them in 2 days. I have more on the way but I don't think this is the direct cause of this sudden change. I do know they have given me more energy but this seems like die-off but I'm just not sure anymore because of my symptoms waxing & waning in severity over the past 2 years now.

Should I temporarily go up to 2 doses of the propanalol until my blood pressure levels out again? It had been fine at 1 dose over the past month. Thanks Bill & looking forward to your opinion and further support! God Bless!"

01/06/2014: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Tony...It is fairly common for people in the West to get racing, jittery and anxious when they go onto the iodine protocol. I must also say that your current BP ratio is very nearly within the normal BP range according to my own way of thinking. I believe in Linus Pauling's Unified Theory as opposed to the Lipid Theory of fats and high cholesterol which all doctors now believe. To my mind, doctors seem to have the continuous and most unfortunate habit of believing in bula-bula. The argument as to which theory is the truth, is very logically given here:

Unified Theory vs Lipid Theory -- A Comparison

Please note that the Unified Theory believes that high cholesterol is not dangerous until the systolic pressure reaches above 150. In fact, even at its so-called worst and highest, your systolic and diastolic BP ratio is 89/130 is nearly within the normal range. See this link:

Systolic and Diastolic BP Ranges

The reason you are getting racing heart, jittery with anxiety can either be because of excess heavy metals or may be due to bromine accumulation in the blood. The favourite is, perhaps, bromine. I also believe that it is the excessive bromine in the blood may well be causing your BP to fluctuate.

Have you had a hair analysis yet? A hair analysis will tell us exactly what heavy metals and halides (bromine, fluorine and chlorine) that you have in excess in your body.

The remedy for excess bromine in the body is the Salt Loading Protocol(using Sea Salt)"

Salt Loading Protocol

When you supplement larger dose iodine, and if your body is already polluted with excess bromine, a large amount of bromine is displaced from the cells and put into the blood. The liver normally has great difficulty excreting bromine from the blood and so you get bromism symptoms.

But when you take the Salt Loading Protocol, the chloride from the salt binds to the bromine in the blood and excretes it quickly via the kidneys and urinary pathway. This is the fast way to get rid of bromine from the body. When you successfully detox and get rid of the bromine, the symptoms of anxiety, jitteriness and heart palpitations should also disappear.

The turpentine is unlikely to be the cause of your problems because of the small dose you are taking. Symptoms of too much turpentine are normally lethargy, wooziness, drowsiness(very similar in fact to candida mycotoxin symptoms)."

01/06/2014: Tony from Tn, Usa replies: "Thanks Bill for yet another very timely reply. Am I actually on a high enough dosage of iodine (12.5 mg) to actually cause the detox symptoms? I remember when I was on & off the candida protocol in the past I handled the iodine well until I got to 25 mg. That's when I noticed things falling apart. That's also where my lack of discipline came into play as well. I would stop & give up on the iodine & other supplements as well.

I'll do what I call a semi-salt loading protocol now since I'm not on a high dose of iodine yet. I'll take some extra sea salt daily with a little water. When I go to the 25 mg+ dosage then I'll start taking the full salt loading protocol.

My blood pressure has certainly been all over the place dating back to way before I was on MP medication. I can tell myself when my BP is up because of the way I feel. No, my BP is nowhere near what it used to be. It's still quite lower today even though it's been much higher in the past. It was regularly reading 150-160/90-99+ on a daily basis. I haven't been this nauseated in months & nor has my BP been up in a couple months either.

I'm drained just after this one bad day but I'll keep fighting on. I'm going to stay on the 1/2 tsp. turpentine for now & also stay at 12.5 mg iodine as well for a couple weeks. Does that sound OK? I just don't want to take things too fast. I've already chickened out numerous times in the past on this anti-candida protocol. Thanks again Bill & I'll keep you updated on my status. God Bless!"

01/07/2014: Tony from Tn, Usa replies: "Hello again Bill. I wanted to discuss/ask you how the salt loading protocol will affect my blood pressure? I know that sea doesn't work the same as regular table salt but I'm quite concerned about getting too much salt due to high blood pressure problems. I've started taking more sea salt today so let me know.

Also, could you please go back and address my health concerns about my sexual dysfunction from a previous reply?

I feel really bad again today but at least I did sleep pretty well last night. Still nauseated though & have very little energy as well. God is giving me the strength to keep pushing on. I can hardly even get out of bed but my Jesus keep providing me the strength. Hopefully, with the salt loading protocol I can start feeling better again soon.

Keep in mind, I was actually having better days before going back on the iodine & starting the turpentine. This makes it hard to continue with the iodine & turpentine but I know that I'm gonna have to in order to get completely better. Thanks again Bill! God Bless!"

01/07/2014: John G. from New York City, Ny replies: "Dear Tony,

I would advise you to stop taking these remedies when you are feeling so weakened. Your body is telling you something and you shouldn't ignore it. Have you seen the recent news articles about unregulated supplements causing heart damage and death? Detoxification should be a slow process. You don't want to stress your heart, liver and kidneys with too many poisons being eliminated from the tissues all at once. I believe a slow path to recovery is always better. I hope you will stop the remedies for a few days and then start again with a lower dosage. Also drink plenty of distilled water to help remove the toxins right now. Wishing you the best but I feel very strongly you should stop the remedies NOW."

01/07/2014: Tony from Tn, Usa replies: "Hello JohnG. I'm only taking the dosage recommendations suggested by Bill right here at EC. Yes, I'm taking a lot of stuff but like Bill states they're needed when you have systemic candida problems. Supplements are ten times more safe than prescription drugs. Yes, there are such things as bad supplements as well but I'll trust a supplement anyday over any & I mean any prescription med.

Bill has given me suggestions as to how to handle the protocol & I'll trust him over anything else. Not to say that I don't trust anybody else here at EC. That's not what I'm saying.

Having said that, right from the salt loading suggestions page it does state to take a 48-hour break from the iodine therapy if the detox is too bad for us. They're certainly pretty bad right now. I don't seem to handle iodine therapy too well & that's even when taking all the 6 iodine support nutrients/supplements.

Bill is probably right that the bromide/heavy metals overload is high for me so that's why I feel so bad when taking iodine due to the significant detoxification. I do take all supplements that have the GMP seal so I don't feel that any of my supplements are bad. I do know though that iodine is not easy on me for sure.

But, if I have all of these heavy metals & toxins then I have to be tough enough to endure through it as well. I do have thyroid issues so that alone pretty much tells me that I have an iodine deficiency & iodine kills candida so it's definitely needed. I will cut back a little on some things temporarily. I certainly can't handle feeling this bad too long. Thanks & God Bless!"

01/07/2014: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Tony...Ted from Bangkok has always maintained that it is not the Sodium content of salt that makes the blood pressure go up -- it is the chloride content. Since I rarely believe what people say, I did an experiment on myself to see if this was true.

My normal resting BP is 70/110. So one evening I gulped down over a half a teaspoon of sea salt with water. An hour later I measured my BP with my heart wrist monitor and my blood pressure had gone up to 80/120. The next morning when I measured my heart it was back to 70/110.

I then repeated this experiment with magnesium chloride crystals -- 1/2 tspn with water and got the same result -- my blood pressure went up for a short while and the next morning it was back to normal.

So, as Ted says, chlorides are what make your BP rise not sodium. Also notice that after a while the blood pressure always returns to normal. This happens because it is part of the normal function the kidneys to help re-balance the chloride levels in the blood serum.

So here is what I suggest. Just take the salt loading protocol on a one day on, one day off protocol. Take the salt loading protocol(at whatever dose you deem safe) and then take a day off the next day and do it continuously like that. Monitor your BP every day. It also might be advisable to take potassium gluconate tablets to ensure that you have enough potassium to balance the sodium levels in the blood. The kidney also acts to balance the main electrolytes -- sodium, calcium, magnesium and potassium -- in the blood.

Unfortunately, die-off and detox effects always occur with any successful protocol against serious candida problems. The truth is that if these die-off and detox symptoms do not occur -- then your protocol is probably not working very well. Usually it is the candida-kill remedies(iodine, borax, turpentine etc) and detox nutrients that cause these debilitating effects. So what you can do is to take the the whole anti-candida protocol for one day and then take two days off from only the candida-kill remedies and detox remedies. This is called pulsing the dose. The other remedies in the protocol -- the Vitamin Nutrient protocol and the Liver protocol -- should be taken every day without fail because they should not be causing you any problems.

People always also ask me how long will these detox and die-off symptoms last. The truthful answer is I don't know. No candida sufferer will have the same symptoms so recovery from die-off and detox symptoms will depend on the extent or stage of your candida infection, what other bacterial infections you have, what heavy metals and other poisons you have on your body, how strong your immune system is and how well you are following the protocol. When I had candida, I had detox symptoms for only about two weeks. With some other people I've helped their detox and die-off symptoms went on for a month and a half or more.

As regards sexual disfunction problems -- my view is that this is all tied in with your other problems -- candida, prostatitis, high BP, thyroid problems and with possible adrenal issues. I do not recommend Viagra or Yohimbe -- these will cause a dangerous rise in blood pressure. Although Tongat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) is also very useful -- I cannot recommend it because this herb increases testosterone levels, which also tends to raise BP -- so no to that one too. Tribulus Terrestris and Horny Got Weed are good ones for you to use as is Saw Palmetto. Horny Goat Weed is also beneficial against prostatitis too."

01/07/2014: Tony from Tn, Usa replies: "Thanks Bill for getting back to me. I was hoping for a pretty quick reply back to me because of the terrible decline in symptoms the last couple of days. I have to say with the way I've felt the past 2 days it's difficult to even want to continue the protocol. However, I'm in this to get better & not delay the healing process or mask the symptoms.

It just seems to me that iodine doesn't like me too well. I provided you with the supplements I was taking before going back on the complete protocol. The only things I've added are turpentine & iodine. I didn't think the low dose of turpentine was causing the problems. I was leaning more towards the iodine because every time I go to higher doses of iodine I start to feel worse. I was having way more good days in the past 2-3 months but with the addition of turpentine & iodine things went haywire.

I think the adjusted plan you provided is good with me. There's no way I can continue on the protocol feeling this way so cutting back on certain things like you suggested seems like the right thing to do. I will have to say that I'm concerned about continuing the iodine therapy. This seems to be a big problem for me. However, I have thyroid issues & also need to take it for killing the candida.

I think I'll use the turpentine like this: 1-2 times/week at 1/2 tsp. for a couple weeks. Then, increase to 3/4 tsp. for another couple weeks at 1-2 times/week, eventually getting up to 1 full tsp. dosage. I'm also going to be using bromelain for the bio-films as well at a dosage of 4 capsules total daily between meals. That will give me 2 remedies for attacking the bio-films but the turpentine at a reduced dosage until I get up to that 1 tsp. dose.

I received a new shipment of supplements today including the mushrooms I had run out of recently. Hopefully, doing things this way will allow me to feel better & function at least. I've barely been able to move around the past couple days. What surprised me most is how fast this hit me. It was an overnight blast to my system & I haven't felt good since. I can't believe my energy can go astray that fast. I also can't believe how bad this nausea has been.

I was eating like a pig & feeling better in recent weeks but all of a sudden I'm in terrible shape & don't feel like eating much of anything. I've forced myself to eat the past 2 days. This AIN'T fun but I'll work through it with God as my helper. I'm just gonna have to take things slower & your adjusted protocol will hopefully get things turned around again. Thanks again Bill for your time! God Bless!"

01/09/2014: Tony from Tn, Usa replies: "Hello again Bill. Hope things are going good for you over there in the Philippines. I wanted to post back to ask/discuss with you something about the candida/yeast die-off & also to update you on how I feel now after cutting back on the protocol.

I will definitely say that I'm feeling so much better today than the past 3 days. I've stopped about everything except for the alkalizing & salt loading remedies. I'm only taking some of the anti-candida support nutrients as well. Those are magnesium & niacin. I'm also taking bromelain for the bio-films.

I've stopped both the iodine & turpentine for now. If I continue to feel better then it will be hard for me to go back on the iodine to be honest. I think I can handle the turpentine at 1/2 tsp. twice per week. I'm already on the bromelain at 4 times daily outside meals so no need to go aggressive with the turpentine.

One thing I failed to check when buying my last shipment online was the ingredients in the bromelain product (Source Naturals brand). It was on sale so I bought it. The darn thing has magnesium stearate but I just have to go with it this time. I think the controversy over magnesium is legit but I also think it's a bit over estimated as well. I read your post about it here at EC.

I wanted to ask you about the candida/yeast die-off. What does this stuff look like in the toilet/stool? Let me just say in the past 3-4 days I've seen some awful looking stuff in the toilet from my stools. Now, I've been on & off this anti-candida protocol over the past 2 years. I've seen a lot of bad stuff coming from my stools but in recent days there's been some strange looking stuff. I don't know what dead yeast look like but I did try & look this up on the internet.

From what I've been able to gather they are either films floating on top of the toilet water or white colored particles floating in the toilet. I think I have a mixture of bad stuff. I see undigested food particles. I see different colored stuff. I don't see anything like worms. What would parasites look like? I just know I've not seen this type of ugly looking stuff before.

When I was seeking treatment from the homeopathic doctor, I was doing 2 coffee enemas daily. I continued this for 2 months. There was some strange stuff coming from my liver for sure but I don't remember seeing this type & amount of stuff. The enemas really didn't help me much either. What's your opinion on coffee enemas?

I'm now having 4 bowel movements daily & usually one of these are semi-diarrhea. The other 3 are soft stools but not any diarrhea. I would just like your stance & opinion on these few things. I'd just like to know what's coming out of me. It would make me feel better knowing for sure that these yeasts/candida/toxins are leaving my body. Thanks again Bill for your time & God Bless!"

01/10/2014: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Tony...Regarding your question about what yeast/fungus and biofilm look like -- I cannot really help you here. But I'm part of a private group who are using MMS(Chlorine Dioxide) against parasites, candida, bacteria etc and the father with an autistic two year old son sent me over 30 photos of his son's stools. The stools consisted mainly of worms -- including long rope worms. He then started the turpentine protocol with his son, and worms also came out in the stool along with alot of other stuff. His father was also convinced that the "other stuff" was biofilms and yeast.

Although I fully understand why you have stopped the iodine and turpentine protocols, I would not completely abandon them. You will not be able to cure goiter or thyroiditis without iodine. By eliminating both iodine and turpentine from your protocol, you are now not using probably the strongest broad-spectrum natural nutrients available against bacteria, candida, viruses and parasites. So I would be looking to add both of these nutrients back into your protocol at some later date, albeit at perhaps reduced dosages. Are you still supplementing the Borax water?

Since you are not using iodine and turpentine, then perhaps you can use bentonite clay with psyllium husks for a while. Diatomaceous Earth is another good one. These are not expensive protocols. Both of these will also help to firm up your stools. Bentonite will help to detox heavy metals and poisons from the gut safely, kill pathogens, supply essential minerals to your body and will have minimal side effects.

I would also advise that you continue to take the iodine companion nutrients -- magnesium, zinc, B vitamins, higher dose niacin, Vitamin C etc. This will assist to build up the necessary anti-oxidants to help your thyroid with a view to returning, perhaps at some later point in time, to the Iodine Protocol."

01/11/2014: Tony from Tn, Usa replies: "Hello again Bill. Let me just start by thanking you for ALWAYS getting back to me. It shows your care and concern for people here at EC. I greatly appreciate it. It's a shame we have people over the net that show more care/interest in helping sick people than doctors. It's just a plain fact that doctors aren't in this to CURE us. We know the reasons why but it's still sad to see the medical industry work this way.

Now, let me address each area of your reply one thing at a time. Let me begin with the stool thing. Would it be OK for me to personally send you some photos of my stool? If not, then that's OK and I understand why. I would just like for you to view what this stuff looks like. My wife gags when I show her what my stool looks like. I just respond by saying there goes the devil & all of his buddies! LOL!

Now, let me move onto the protocol plan in which you show concern about the stoppage in taking things. I know you advised me to go with the pulse dosing of some supplements. You're suggestion for me was 2 days off & 1 day on with pulse dosing.

That sounds great! My thinking/decision is to stop most supplements for 5-7 days to give my system a temporary rest. I think I was just overloading my entire system with too many toxins being released into the bloodstream. I couldn't handle that Bill. I felt awful and I was on the verge of going to the ER. One thing I haven't stopped is the alkalizing remedies. I'm still doing 2 daily of those. Once in the morning & at night before bed.

I was so sick & lacking in energy that I could hardly go. Since I've stopped most supplements/remedies I'm feeling so much better now. Now, I know I can't keep going like this either. Like you said, my thyroid can't recover/repair unless I get back on the iodine. It's hard though for me with the iodine. I had been taking the iodine support nutrients for a few months before going back on the iodine therapy but still this stuff seems to kick me hard.

I'm not too worried about the turpentine. I was on a low dose & don't think it will be a problem when starting back on it. Besides, I'm combining it with bromelain for the bio-films so no need for rushing the turpentine dosage. I don't have anymore Borax. My wife used it all in washing clothes. I hadn't used it in close to a year anyhow. I don't think I'll need it though because I plan on using the following candida attacking remedies when going back to full protocol:

- alkalizing remedies(BS/H2O, ACV/BS/H2O)(2-3 times daily total between the 2)

- turpentine(eventually getting up to 1 tsp. dose)

- iodine(slowly & I mean slowly working my way up to whatever dose I can handle)

- rotation cycle of anti-candida herbs(olive leaf extract, grapeseed extract, wild oil of oregano)(2 week cycles of each at higher than recommended doses)

That's 4 candida attacking remedies so the Borax & others for attacking candida are not needed. I've used bentonite clay in the past. Both in baths & taking internally. Let me just say that stuff taste awful. I can handle it for a few days but not long. In my baths, I rubbed the paste form all over my body each bath for a couple months. Didn't notice any help with the clay either way.

Right now, the only iodine support nutrients I'm taking are magnesium and niacin. This is just temporary. Let me explain the reasons as to why taking these 2 only for now. I'm taking the magnesium for both anxiety & to keep regular stools. I want to stay at minimum 3 stools daily.

I'm taking the niacin for both anxiety/depression & regulate blood pressure. I'm taking the magnesium at 575 mg daily now & the niacin still at 1000 mg daily in split doses like the protocol calls for. I just felt like these 2 supplements are the only things needed right now until I feel better & get the toxic overload under control again. My body was telling me something feeling that bad. I had to stop temporarily. That was really the only answer.

Here's what I'm going to do. Today is day 4 of stopping most supplements/remedies. I'm going to go another 2-3 days & then go back to the full protocol. Granted, some remedies will be at reduced dosages. I'll take the iodine support nutrients at the suggested dosages listed from the protocol when starting back.

I can take one positive from this setback. I've been able to reduce the Cymbalta down to 30 mg daily. That's the lowest dosage this medication is prescribed. I was once on 120 mg so this is definitely a big plus for me.

I'm still at 1X daily dosage on the propanalol(10 mg) but hopefully soon I can completely cut that medication out as well. Blood pressure has been pretty good since stopping the full protocol even though it went up temporarily. It's back down now to within normal ranges.

Thanks again Bill for your full support. I truly trust you and your information. I just had to do something different because I felt like I was fading out pretty fast. I'm still remaining positive & trusting in The Lord to get me through this awful health crisis situation. God Bless!"

01/13/2014: Tony from Tn, Usa replies: "Hello again Bill. I want to post back & let you know that I'm starting back on the full anti-candida protocol on Wednesday of this week. I wanted to post a couple questions now so you have time to answer them for me before starting back.

I'm going to go with the pulse dosing method with the main candida attack remedies except for the alkalizing remedies which I'll stay on daily. Should I pulse dose the turpentine and iodine on the same day? Regardless, I'm going to go slowly with the iodine quantity dose. Yes, a pulse dose but how much you think on the iodine?

My plans are to pulse dose at 2 days per week. I'm going to use 1 full tsp. dose of the turpentine but don't believe I can handle 50 mg iodine pulse dose. What's your suggested amount for my pulse dose of iodine? The other candida attacking remedy I'm going to use is the herbs rotation cycle.

Those aren't a concern for pulse dosing because I've taken herbs at higher doses off & on for quite a while now. This will give me 5 total candida attacking remedies(alkalizing, iodine, turpentine, bromelain, & herbs).

What are suggestions in how to go about this Bill? You know I trust you. I'm just really concerned about the iodine pulse dosing because of the way I respond to it. Of course, I will be taking the iodine support nutrients along with the other supplements(liver, etc.) listed from the protocol as well. Thanks for your help Bill & for keeping me focused on getting better. God Bless!"

01/17/2014: Tony from Tn, Usa replies: "Hello again Bill. I went back on the full anti-candida protocol yesterday. I'm doing the pulse dosing method for some of the candida attacking remedies(turpentine & iodine). I'm taking the support nutrients for iodine & most of the other support nutrients for complete protocol on a daily basis.

I've decided not to take the iodine & turpentine pulse dose on the same days. I'm separating those out so hopefully the die-off/detox won't go so hard on me. I'm starting with pulse dose of iodine at 25 mg once every 3 days. The turpentine pulse dose at 1 tsp. w/raw honey & a little olive oil as a carrier once every 3 days.

I want to ask your opinion about taking some other supplements as well. Is there any need to take the following supplements while on the full protocol? The supplements are:

- multi-vitamin

- fish oil

- probiotics

- digestive enzymes

Should I include those supplements as well? My thinking about those supplements are that I don't need them while undergoing the remedies to attack & kill the candida & their bio-films. I'm eating healthy with lots of salads so I don't think I need a multi-vitamin. I'm using extra virgin olive oil & EVCO in salads for my fatty acids intake so I shouldn't need the fish oil.

I'm eating lots of organic sauerkraut for probiotics. I'm using bromelain as the bio-films part of the protocol which is also a digestive enzyme. However, I'm only taking it outside meals so not using it as a digestive aid.

Please let me have your opinion/view on this for me. I don't want to take anything that's not needed right now. I'm already having to keep up with taking enough things right now but if I need these other supplements then I'm all for it. There's one additional supplement that I'm taking & will continue to take is the medicinal mushrooms. I know these have given me more energy. Thanks again & God Bless!"

01/21/2014: Tony from Tn, Usa replies: "Hello again Bill. Could you please get back to me in regards to my previous reply about taking certain supplements? I know you're probably busy not only with your work in the Phillipines but also helping others here at EC as well.

I'm back on the full protocol with pulse dosing of certain remedies but want your advise and guidance on the supplements I asked about previously. I do feel a little rough since starting back. I think it's the iodine again but I'm using the salt loading protocol to try and help with the detox of heavy metals. I'm only taking 25 mg pulse dose of iodine every 3 days & 1 tsp. turpentine also every 3 days as well.

I take all the support nutrients/supplements as called for from the protocol. This includes the iodine support supplements as well. I was feeling a lot better before going back to this protocol again so I was a little hesitant on going back to it but I know I have to tough it out to get better. Please respond back to me at your earliest convenience. Thanks again Bill & God Bless!"

01/21/2014: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Tony...Taking 25 mgs iodine and turpentine once every 3 days is fine if you are having severe die-off or detox healing crisis reactions. Unfortunately, we can't say for sure what you are lacking in your diet because you haven't had a hair analysis. A hair analysis is quite cheap and would also confirm whether you have, for instance, excess levels of bromide or mercury in your body(possibly causing your iodine/detox problems) and would also tell you what nutrients -- especially essential minerals -- that you are lacking in your diet.

It's fairly normal to get both detox and die-off reactions when you start the anti-candida protocol -- this really depends on the extent and stage of your candida(and other) infections throughout your body as well as how polluted your body is concerning heavy metals, halides and other poisons.

Whenever you kill candida in large amounts, this is also bound to cause an increase in the release of fungal mycotoxins into the blood(from the killed candida) which will always worsen symptoms for a while. Try and brave it out and adjust dosages and frequency of the candida-kill remedies and detox remedies accordingly to suit your own healing crisis.

Later on, when you are past the healing crisis, then you should be able to finally increase dosage levels and frequency of both iodine and turpentine and you should heal much more quickly.

If you manage to cure your candida condition then the decision to give up the protocol is really up to you. But, for myself, I would continue to take these remedies for a further 3 to 6 months to be absolutely sure. The reason for this, as I have explained many times, is because candida can hide in your body for long periods and then suddenly reappear again when you least expect it. Also to ensure candida riddance, you will have to change to a more healthier overall diet and lifestyle. Part of the major reasons you have candida is because of your old lifestyle and processed food diet. This is all described in my book."

01/22/2014: Tony from Tn, Usa replies: "Hello again Bill. First of all, thanks for replying back to my situation. I know you don't have a lot of time to help everyone for their specific health situations. I appreciate your time & advise here at EC.

I called about a hair analysis back before I started seeing that homeopathic doctor & the ones around here just want to charge way too much for this. There's only 1, yes, one homeopathic doctor located in this area & that's over an hour away for me. Already spent over $3, 000 for treatment in a 4 month timespan. Like I stated before, basically no turnaround with my health.

I called some acupuncturists/alternative treatment providers in the area to get estimates on hair analysis. Again, there are very few to choose from here locally. They all wanted too much money to do the hair analysis. What's a reasonable price? I think I read this procedure is supposed to be fairly cheap but that's not the case here in my area for some reason.

I do understand the possible severity of the detox/die-off from the candida. I've been through this off & on while using the protocol for the past 2 years now. The worst for me is when I take the iodine. I took my 2nd pulse dose of iodine yesterday since starting back & last night I had another terrible night. Couldn't sleep. Anxiety and nervousness threw the roof again. This happens every time I go on the iodine.

It doesn't matter if I'm taking the iodine support nutrients/supplements or not. I'm on the support supplements again & still seems to be not helping me with the detox symptoms. I'm also doing the sea salt loading protocol but that hasn't helped either. It's really frustrating because I also have thyroid problems which indicates I do need iodine.

Is there a possibility the iodine is interacting with my Cymbalta or Propanalol? I'm just trying to figure this out as to why I have such an extreme reaction to this stuff. I see what you say & the detox severity depends on the amount of candida die-off but I can barely function when going on this stuff.

I can hardly even get out of the bed when taking iodine. I have a son to take care of after school & either I sacrifice that or the iodine. I have to try and live some way but would rather not take the iodine if this is the way it's going to do me EVERY time. It happens every time & not just sometimes.

I know that I have an overload not only of candida but also viruses(HSV), bacteria, & probably parasites as well. I did have a parasite stool check while in the hospital last December of 2012 but it came back negative. I don't know that I trust that though coming from traditional medicine.

I'm trying to figure out the best route for myself while including your advise. It's tough and I'm trying to stay as positive as possible but when you can hardly function it's not easy. I was doing pretty good for about a week when I stopped everything except the alkalizing remedies. The only other supplements I was taking over that week was the medicinal mushrooms & niacin. Nothing else in the supplement category.

Now, I go back on the full protocol with the iodine and turpentine and things go right back the way they were before. I know this is more than likely candida die-off and other toxins being released into the bloodstream. However, when you've already felt terrible for over 2 years running now it's hard to continue with something that seems to be making you worse. I also know that I probably will not get cured/better if I don't continue the protocol in some kind of adjusted way.

I totally trust in God. I also totally trust in you as well. It's just feeling this bad makes you want to give up taking everything. I know that I've been through die-off/detox off & on for the past 2 years so this does certainly get old. I know it's my ultimate decision. I know that I CAN'T function feeling this bad either.

I was sick enough before initially trying your candida protocol in February of 2012 and to feel even sicker at times makes this a really tough situation. I do want to get better. I do want to be HEALED/CURED! I don't want my symptoms to be masked/covered up like a traditional medicine doctor. That's for sure!

As for the diet thing, I do eat healthy Bill and have been for 4 years now. Now, the damage was already done but I've never eaten a consistently bad diet in my life. I've never drank sodas. I've never taken drugs of any kind until I got sick. I allowed very limited carcinogens into my body. The cravings for sweets have gotten a lot better. I think the turpentine has helped with that more than anything.

I only ate fast food about once every 2-3 weeks before I got sick. I've basically stopped that completely now. I only eat unprocessed foods now. I don't eat all of my veggies organic but do on most of them. Regardless, I always wash my veggies with an organic spray solution before eating them.

My biggest weakness in diet is meats. I do eat meats(unprocessed, usually organic)) but the protocol calls for limited amounts. I seem to crave meat with every meal. I have tried to cut back to 1 meat serving per day but sometimes I do have 2 servings a day. That's white meat mostly. I do still have an occasional serving of grass-fed beef but not regularly like I used to do.

I'm willing to stay on a protocol maintenance dose for the candida once I get it under control. That's not a problem.

Bill, I honestly believe that STRESS has been the biggest contributor to my health issues. Not really my diet. I've eaten healthy enough in recent years to avoid serious health concerns. It's the stress of dealing with a special needs son. Add to that, my wife also has mental illness(bipolar disorder). I didn't deal with stress properly in the past. I was always in denial about it. Kept everything bottled up inside me for years. Plus, I made some bad decisions when I was younger & letting that go has been tough as well. Jesus has helped me in letting things go. The past is the PAST!

I have to get better in order to be a better husband and father. Jesus has already changed my life so much. I love people in a totally different way. We are all humans created in God's image. I'm better than nobody! I want to take this horrible health crisis and use it to help others in need. I'm already doing that but on a limited basis because of the way I feel sometimes. I want to be used for The Kingdom of God.

I'm going to decide on the best route to take here. I'll certainly use your advise here as well. I will take to God about it as well. I have help on multiple levels. I just think it might be best right now to either cut back again on doses or stop all together for a short period again. I've only been back on the protocol for about 1 week so I'd hate to stop completely again so quick. Anyhow, thanks for your time Bill & sorry for the long response. I'll post back in a few days to update my status! God Bless!"

01/24/2014: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Tony...As to your question about iodine or turps interfering with Cymbalta and Propanalol -- I''m afraid I don't know the answer to that one because I don't really study the interaction of natural substances with synthetic drugs. But these synthetic drugs might well be adding to your problems through their strange interactions and side-effectts. Your doctor wont really know the true answer to this question either, because modern doctors don't know about iodine or turpentine interactions or contraindications.

The best and most qualified person to ask would probably be a pharmacist at the local drug store or chemist. "

01/24/2014: Tony from Tn, Usa replies: "Hello again Bill. You're right about doctors not knowing the answer to my question here about drug interactions. They don't have answers to anything that's wrong with me so why would I expect answers to this question here?

I think I will give the pharmacy where I get my meds from a call to see what they have to say. I'm concerned here though about how much they might support taking prescription meds with alternative treatments anyhow. They might say, just from their beliefs, not to take any supplements with prescription meds. It doesn't hurt to ask though. Maybe I will get some sort of answers/direction.

BTW, I did decide again to stop the iodine. I'm still using the turpentine but 1-2 times a week only. I did this on Tuesday & already feel better. I'm also using the turpentine, per your suggestion from a different topic, for my gingivitis/periodontal disease/tooth decay each night before bed. Been doing this for almost 2 weeks now. Hoping this helps with those problems too!

I think I'm close to getting off both the Cymbalta and propanalol. I'm taking 5-HTP and have been for over 2 months. It's had time to get into my system. Thinking about adding GABA or Rhodiola for anxiety/depression. Have both of those already on hand. Using the magnesium and niacin for BP issues and seems to be working pretty well. Stopped the Olive Leaf this week due to rotation cycle of herbs for candida. I think it was helping with my BP as well but need to stop it and start a different candida killing herb. Probably going with Grapeseed Extract next since I have a bottle on hand.

I'm torn about using the iodine Bill. I have thyroid issues and I know that I need it. However, the way it makes me feel, I just don't know if I can handle it anymore. Maybe I can add it at a later date. My thyroid probably isn't going to repair/recover unless I do. I was considering thyroid glandulars instead. What's your opinion on glandulars?

Do they really work? Seen testimony(not here at EC) that they do work but it takes time just like most natural remedies provided here at EC. You think a thyroid glandular would be OK to replace the iodine since I have such a strong reaction to iodine? Thanks again Bill & God Bless!"

01/24/2014: Nanowriter from Hotspot, Texas replies: "Tony, try taking at least 200 mcg of selenium when you are taking iodine."
01/24/2014: Tony from Tn, Usa replies: "Hello Nanowriter from Hotspot, Texas:

I already take 400 mcg of selenium as the candida calls for in the protocol by Bill. None of the support nutrients for iodine matters in helping me deal with the iodine detox/die-off. I've tried everything Bill has suggested but no success with the iodine therapy. Thanks anyhow for your reply! God Bless!"

01/25/2014: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Tony...Yes, bio-identical hormones -- or hormones derived from natural porcine or bovine sources -- would be a good idea and would perhaps make you feel better -- a much better idea, perhaps, than using synthetic thyroid hormones from allopathic medicine.

But, unfortunately, to get the best out of using bio-identical natural hormones, you would have to see a doctor or naturopath who could run the appropriate tests and properly advise you on the correct dosages etc. This might be expensive. It is also advisable to take iodine as well to help repair your original damaged thyroid gland. I very much doubt if the natural bio-identical thyroid hormones would fix your thyroid on its own -- you would still need other nutrients like iodine to actually help fix your thyroid problems. "

01/25/2014: Tony from Tn, Usa replies: "Thanks again Bill for your reply. Not what I was hoping to see in your reply about the iodine. I thought maybe I could just go with glandulars to repair/recover my thyroid. Guess that's not enough. I just have such a major problem in taking iodine.

I know the iodine without a doubt is what's causing me to feel so much worse. I can stop it and everything gets better in my body. It's really a shame. I need it but what am I supposed to do when I can't even function when going on this stuff?

That's with doing everything you suggest for me to try. Taking the iodine support nutrients, pulse dosing, etc. It's certainly frustrating! I have a pretty major thyroid problem and the #1 cause for this is lacking in iodine.

I'm not going back to any local homeopathic doctor. There's only one locally anyhow and that's the one I was seeing. Like I said before, spent $3, 000 in 4 months with no changes in my health. I do have a specific website/place that I order nearly all of my supplements. They have glandulars and quite a few to choose from.

Never taken any type of glandulars. Have read about them intensively though. The only ones they carry are from New Zealand that's from grass-fed cows only. They are mostly freeze-dried glandulars supplements as well.

I know you mention needing to have guidance from a naturopath but that's out of the question for me now. Should I get a supplement that has only thyroid glandular support or since I have multiple glands with health issues should I get one that has multiple gland support? I understand you can't give exact dosages but could you give a possible dosage range for the glandular supplement?

Does the dosage range have to do with age at all? Weight? Height? I know the severity of thyroid malfunction probably plays a part as well. I'd just like to have a little extra guidance for these glandulars. I can't get that locally now! Can't afford it now #1 and don't trust the naturoptah at all anymore either.

I hope to be able to get back on the iodine at some later time but I can't handle feeling that bad anymore. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Bill & God Bless!"

01/28/2014: Tony from Tn, Usa replies: "Hello again Bill. I've ran into an issue with a particular supplement from the candida protocol. I thought I had ordered more niacin online with my previous order. Turns out I didn't!

I had to make a run to the local health food store. There was another problem. The only type of niacin they had in stock was the time released form. I remember reading this form wasn't nearly as good/trustable as the other forms of niacin. That's all I had to choose from though. I was completely out. The brand name is Sundown in the form of nicotinic acid.

Is it OK to take this time released form of niacin for a short while? Like a month or so? Or, is this chat about the time released form causing liver problems and not working as good in general all a bunch of bull? Wal-Mart has a brand of niacin that's flush free but I don't think it would be a high quality supplement. I believe it's the Inositol hexanicotinate form of niacin. What's your opinion? Thanks again Bill!"

01/31/2014: Tony from Tn, Usa replies: "Hi again Bill. I sent you an email for further communication outside of EC. Thanks again & God Bless!"

05/20/2012: Tony from Church Hill, Tn, Usa: "Hello again Bill! I just wanted to come back & update you on my treatment protocol. Yesterday, I seemed to be feeling quite a bit better. Today, I can't say the same though. I've had nausea all day & that ache/pain in the back of head and neck is really bad. I did start the herpes treatment plan as well on Friday. This is the 3rd & final day of that treatment. I'm using the L-Lysine/Vit C/Olive Leaf Extract plan suggested by Ted.

I also started the other suggestions you told me about increasing Magnesium (1000mg daily) & Niacin(500mg, 3x daily) dosage. I started that yesterday as well. Is this just a sign of detox for my health situation? I really hadn't had this bad of symptoms just using the candida protocol you provided me. It seems the addition of the herpes treatment & possibly the increase in magnesium & niacin might have caused me to feel like a backslide.

Now, this is the final day for treating my herpes so I won't have this dosage after tonight. I do plan on taking either L-Lysine or Lecithin at a maintenance dose(1200mg daily) for about 1 month. I'm just concerned I may be taking too much right now. I know our bodies are going to go through a transition with these treatment protocols.

I've been on the candida protocol for almost 2 weeks now. However, I didn't get into the full protocol you gave me for my specific situation until this past week. Please give me your opinion & comments on this situation. I certainly feel worse today! I hope it's just a sign things are working on me! Thanks again Bill! "

05/21/2012: Sue from Dallas, Texas replies: "I did some research on your problem and the number one supplement I keep seeing by a healing book that I have is Beta 1, 3 D-glucan. It says it is useful for treating bacterial, viral and fungal disease. Doseage is as directed on the label.

Then L-Lysine 1500 mg on an empty stomach. Do not take with milk.

Take with 50mg vit B6 and 100 mg of C for better absorption. Also Vit C w/bioflavonoids 5-10,000 per day. This prevents sores and inhibits the virus.

Also a B complex which might have the required B6 from above. 50mg of each major B vitaminn three times a day to combat virus and keep it from spreading.

Vit A 25,000 iu daily. Important for healing and prevents spreading.

These items were listed as "Very Important" to take.. Hope this is helpful to you. Good luck!"

05/21/2012: Tony from Church Hill, Tn, Usa replies: "Thanks Sue for your reply. I will see if Bill makes a reply back to me though first. Bill & I have been in good communication about my specific health situation. I'm on an advanced candida protocol because it appears I have a pretty significant overgrowth of candida in my body. Add to that I have genital herpes that just may have spread as well over the years. I have at least a viral & fungal aspect in my health situation.

I've already did the 3-day treatment for my genital herpes & the last couple days I've felt horrible. I think it's just part of the die-off/treatment protocols that I'm using from Bill's advice.

My body seems to be in a mess right now. Things are surely to get worse before getting better. However, I wasn't seeing this type of reaction until yesterday & I started the initial candida protocol about 2 weeks ago.

Bill suggested an increase in a couple of supplements late last week. I increased these dosages over the weekend as well. Then, yesterday is when I started feeling pretty rough. I believe this is all related to the die-off effect of candida & possibly the rapid 3-day treatment for genital herpes.

I'm now finished with that treatment though. I already had a difficult time with L-Lysine in the past. It always made me nauseated. Anyhow, thanks for the reply & hopefully Bill will be able to respond directly to this thread soon!"

05/22/2012: Sue M. from Worden, Il, Usa replies: "Hi Tony. I dealt with candida for several years and the one catalyst for me was virgin coconut oil. I felt absolutely terrible with it when I first started, but I found out that I started out with too much, too soon. Still didn't feel the greatest when I reduced the amount, but from what I read, it was doing what it was suppose to. Along with a good probotic and 1 to 2 tbs of VCO everyday, I am happy to say I do not suffer from candida anymore. It did take me a long time to get to this stage, tho. Hang in there."
05/22/2012: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Tony... You will have many ups and downs initially when you are taking these protocols, mainly due to the detox and Herx die-off effects. This is normal and actually proves that you are kiliing the candida and associated pathogens in your body as well as removing poisons from your body now. And I'm afraid that I can't tell you how long these detox and die-off symptoms will last because they individually depend on how long you have had the candida infection, what other associated pathogens you also have in your body and the actual extent of the candida infection itself.

These detox symptoms also tend to put a great strain on the liver/kidneys -- the main organs that purify and protect the blood and serum -- which has to cope with clearing all the candida toxins and debris from the die-off as well as removing all the heavy metals and bad halogens now being detoxed from your body now. This will make you feel weak and awful for a while for sure, but you will come out of it eventually as the immune system once again is able to dominate the pathogens in your body again. Stay with with the protocol if you can -- but if the die-off and detox effects get unbearable then just reduce the dosages of only the iodine, borax and other candida attack nutrients. The rest of the protocol should remain the same.

Remember to take both the alkalizing remedies(lemon/lime & Bicarb and sodium Bicarb on its own with water) as advised -- this will also help to remove the toxins more safely. The molybdenum will also help to neutralize the aldehyde aflatoxins in your body as well as help to kill the candida fungus. The Liver Support Protocol should also help to ease your symptoms too by providing strong anti-oxidant support."

05/22/2012: Tony from Church Hill, Tn, Usa replies: "Thanks Sue! Was that your entire candida program? Just VCO & probiotics? I'm sure you changed your diet but is that pretty much all of the supplements/herbs/vitamins, etc. that you actually took?

I started out at 2 tbsp. of VCO but I do take it with meals. That's supposed to help with possible nausea associated with it. I'm just worried that I'm taking entirely too much stuff. I have about 10-15 bottles of supplements. That doesn't include the lemon/baking soda remedy twice daily & the other things I'm implementing as well.

I've just felt awful since Sunday. Nausea & more aches & pains in the back of my head and neck. I feel awful all over to be honest. I wasn't feeling this way until I started the herpes treatment & the increase in a couple supplements. My bowel movements have also increased(around 3 daily) which is a good thing. However, I get a short tingling/chilling sensation now with bowel movements. Maybe this is just part of the toxins being released from my system & my body's reaction to it.

Maybe it's just part of the cleansing process but it must be a delayed die-off for me. I feel much worse now than I did before I started the protocols. I'm trying to hang in there & continue but I admit feeling like this makes it very hard. I know I need it though & for me to be healthy I'm going to have to stick with it. I definitely have a candida overgrowth problem.

May I ask how long you suffered from a candida problem? Mine has been accumulating for at least 16 years. Things just came to a big halt back in February after using a tongue scraper for the 1st time in my life. Could you provide an outline of your actual way back to ridding yourself of candida overgrowth? Was part of it what you posted in a previous reply about Beta 1, 3 D-glucan, etc? Thanks!"

05/22/2012: Tony from Church Hill, Tn, Usa replies: "Hello again Bill! I guess you posted after me because I didn't see your reply. I can honestly say this is extremely difficult to deal with now. I was actually doing okay until this Sunday. I started feeling nausea & just more aches & pains throughout my entire body. It's put me into more of an anxiety/depressed situation now. I'm more shaky now than 1 week ago.

I do understand about the die-off symptoms from candida. I just find it odd that my die-off seems to have been delayed. I started the initial lemon/baking soda & ACV remedies 2 weeks ago today. I then started adding the suggestions you recommended to me early last week.

I was feeeling okay until the herpes treatment & the additional dosages of magnesium & niacin. It may just be a coincidence that my die-off symptoms worsened at this time. The pain in the back of my head & neck got worse for sure. I even have some dizziness now too. Then, I started getting nausea on Sunday as well. That's even with taking ginger root powder with every meal too.

Now, it wouldn't matter if I was taking ginger root if this is a severe die-off reaction. I assume I have a pretty severe systemic candida infection. We've been in discussion about my health situation for some days now. You even said all of my health issues are directly related to a candida overgrowth. I'm pretty confident in saying that as well.

I know the die-off symptoms could go on for weeks in my health situation. I think I'm gonna just cut back on the support nutrients/supplements for a few days to slow down the process. Yeah, I want to get better as fast as possible but the way I feel now is not worth speeding it up.

I'll continue the lemon/baking soda & ACV remedies at the current rate(3X daily). I'll just cut all of the other recommended dosages in half for at least a few days. BTW, I'm also doing OP as well. I started that last week at a pace of every other day once in the mornings. I'm using Organic Sunflower oil for my OP.

I also think the Chlorella might be playing a big factor in the increase in die-off reaction as well. I might stop the chlorella for a few days as well. I'm drinking organic green tea 2 times daily anyhow along with the cilantro added to salads. I just feel I'm taking too much stuff now & all of these added together has now kicked in to produce these delayed die-off reactions. Thanks again for your reply!"

05/23/2012: Sue M. from Worden, Il, Usa replies: "Hey Tony.... I don't mean to show any disrespect to Bill and his helping you with your health issues. So, all I can tell you is what worked for me. I actually found out that the lemon/baking soda regiment did not work for me. Within an hour or so I would feel terrible. I think of doing it day in and day out had the opposite effect on me. It has been trial and error for me for many years. I suffered with candida for about 8 or 9 years. Some days I would feel ok, but most days I was irritable, tired, depressed, etc. I did change my diet to eat healthier, but had to be careful of "raw" since that made my digestion work that much harder and took too much energy. Starting on the VCO regime was a long process.... I would say a good 6 mos. I had to do a gradual process of amounts. Yes, all I took was the VCO and probotics. I had messed up my system so much by putting too much into it. Sometimes the simplier is the better.

The only supplements I am on now is Omega 3, B-complex, Red Marine Algae, Astaxanthin, Magnesium Glynicate, spices (ginger, turmeric, cardamon) and a Ayurvedic "healthy pitta" blend.

All I can tell you is that too much mixing of certain supplements, etc. Made me feel worse, instead of better. Sugar, is the biggest culprit for triggering any stomach issues for me. I hope this helps you in some way."

05/23/2012: Tony from Church Hill, Tn, Usa replies: "Thanks again Sue for your reply. I too think I've just been on too much stuff. That's why I told Bill I would cut the dosages in half on the support nutrients/supplements. I was taking so much I couldn't hardly keep up with what I was actually taking. I'm definitely gonna take things at a slower pace now.

I do want to get better but why rush the healing process & make yourself miserable? That's how I felt for the past few days now. I already feel some better today by just cutting the dosages back.

I will gradually increase to where I can get back to what Bill suggested me to take. We all are different! We have to listen to our body & what it tells us. I know my body was telling me you're overloading me. The die-off is a part of the overall process but I couldn't handle how I was feeling since Sunday.

It's gonna probably take me months to get my candida under control. It's also hard to follow the strict diet guidelines. It's hard not to eat some things you shouldn't. I'm just trying to totally cut sugar out of my diet for now. That's my first step in the diet area.

I haven't even felt like exercising the past few days. I was exercising 20-30 minutes every other day before things worsened. I'm gonna take it slower with the candida protocol & exercise regime & hopefully things will take a turn for the better soon. Thanks!"

05/23/2012: Mgws from Dover, New Hampshire, Usa replies: "Perhaps the Oil Pulling thing will help keep sugar cravings down?"

05/10/2012: Tony from Church Hill, Tn, Usa: "Hello everyone! I have a long story but I'll make it as short as possible. I started using tongue scrapers back in February 2012 for the first time in my life. My tongue bled pretty bad for the 1st 3 days of usage. I was doing this only at night. Let me say that I'd had a white coating on my tongue that had gotten worse(thicker & more spread) over the past few years.

On the 4th day I started having difficulty swallowing, swollen glands in my neck, & pain/discomfort in upper chest. Anyhow, I've been to the ER several times since February. Had numerous CT scans, X-rays, barium swallows, even MRI of my spine. Things just continued to worsen over the past 3 months.

I was even admitted to the hospital abvout 3 weeks ago with diagnosed acute renal failure. I've said all along that this was a candida problem. The docs have treated me with diflucan & nystatin but the symptoms only go away for a short time. All of my recent bloodwork has come back normal. I had high creatine readings(as high as 4. 4) while hospitalized. Since then it's back to normal range but my sickness continues.

I've temporarily experimented with some of the natural remedies from this site but only for a short period of time. The docs continue to tell me it's not a systemic yeast problem but I beg to differ. I was suffering from extreme stress for a few years before this physical sickness started. I think this stress has weakened my immune system totally. I've never been a prescription med person so I always look for alternative/natural remedies.

Ever since the hospitalization I now suffer from hypertension issues. I started the lemon/baking soda formula this past Sunday. My blood pressure has been somewhat lower in recent days. I also mix in the ACV remedy as well. I'm currently on numerous herbs & suppplements as well including the food grade H2O2 remedy for candida.

I can't help but think the timing of my sickness with the white coating on my tongue getting worse in recent years & the tongue scraping led to a systemic candida infection in my body. The docs refuse to believe that & it's typical of traditional doctors. I'm now into the candida program from Ted's Remedies. I just started this about 5 days ago.

BTW, for about 3 weeks now I've had electric shock/tingling sensations that comes all over my body especially during the night. Seems like panic/anxiety attacks coming upon me. These sensations have led to some numbness on my right upper side under my arms. I've also had pressure/banding/slight numbness feelings in my head along with lightheadness. Does this story seem like an almost certain case of systemic candida? Thanks for this site & your comments are appreciated. BTW, I'm also dealing with this sickness spiritually as well. I'm a 41 year old married male with one 11 year old son. Thanks!"

05/10/2012: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Tony... The full anti-candida protocol with diet for systemic candida is given here:

This protocol is all based upon Ted from Bangkok's remedies for candida.

Doctor's are also not very good at diagnosing or treating candida. They seem to think that systemic candida is trivial and only causes problems in the gut. They seem completely unable to accept, despite all the research evidence, that candida can have many variable symptoms because candida is usually always associated with and encourages various other dangerous pathogens in the body. Nystatin is also a poor remedy for systemic candida(candida in the blood) because it is so badly absorbed into the body.

Other remedies against candida also include castor oil(undecylenic acid) and Sodium Molybdate(SM). SM is also quite useful because not only does it kill candida, it also neutralizes the aflatoxins from the candida fungus(removes poisonous aldehydes etc) in the blood which all helps to reduce the sickening die-off efects. Dosage and frequency for SM are given here"

05/11/2012: Tony from Church Hill, Tn, Usa replies: "Thanks for the quick response Bill. I'm going to follow the updated candida protocol that you provided on 04-06-12. I probably won't use all things involved but I will utilize most of the program. I also intend to use Chlorella (organic, broken cell wall) in the treatment process as well. I already have some of the materials needed including the Chlorella.

I do need to ask you a quick question though. Is there any such thing as taking too much of these remedies at once? In other words, can you take too much of these supplements/herbs/remedies/minerals/, etc to cause more problems? I notice there is quite a bit of stuff needed for the treatment protocol so I don't see this to be an issue.

My wife is scared I will put too much stuff into my body. I told her it couldn't be worse than taking a bunch of prescription medications. After my discharge from the hospital I was prescribed 4 meds. I did take them sparingly for a few days. I stopped them & started my usual method of treating my body & that's the alternative/natural way.

Prayer has also done a lot for me as well. I'm a big herbal guy & have been for a few years. God intended for us to use herbs to help make our bodies work like they should & heal us with them when sickness happens. I absolutely hate any type of prescription medication. Thanks for your reply & I just want to get things clear before actually taking too much stuff!"

05/12/2012: Bill from, Philippines replies: "Hi Tony... Yes, your quite right, people do assume that they have to take the whole protocol -- every single mutrient -- but that's not really the way to use it. Perhaps that's my fault. Many of the candida attack remedies -- such as the iodine, HP, borax, Pau D'arco etc -- are just there as options. I've helped people around the world who have candida and I have found that, especially in regions like the Philippines and Africa, people from these regions just cannot get alot of the candida attack nutrients. Some then say that they have no money, so what can I do and how can I help them?

I usually end up doing a mental tap-dance trying to search for herbs in their region that are anti-candida and very cheap or grow for free in their areas and then get back to them with the advice.

So the emphasis within my own protocols is to have a cheap-as-possible remedy, with options, that is also very effective and where all nutrients are readily available on a world-wide basis and if they are not then the other protocols represent other options.

For me, I have used the following protocol, which is perhaps my favourite and which has always worked and been succesful against candida as well as other problems. Here is an example(should be read together with the anti-candida protocols given in EC):

To kill the candida(and associated pathogens)

  • Lugol's Iodine
  • Alkalizing with lemon/lemon and BS
  • Alkalizing with just BS and water
  • Borax
  • To Support the Body Terrain
  • Vitamin C
  • Zinc
  • Selenium
  • Humic Acid or Sea Salt
  • Magnesium
  • Higher dose Vitamin B3 plus B50 Complex
  • To Support the liver(if you have bad detox or die off reactions)
  • ALA
  • Selenium
  • Milk Thistle
  • Chanca piedra
  • N-Acetyl l-Cysteine

The above example protocol is all you really need to kill off and get rid of candida. The point is that if your die-off or detox symptoms are not severe then you wont have to take the liver support protocol at all -- which is simply there as an option to give support and lessen the die-off and detox effects.

So when you look at this protocol as I've just described it -- this isn't really such a tough protocol to follow at all.

I've also found, when helping and advising people in more primitive regions like the Philippines and Africa, that these people have far less heavy metals, halogens and poisons in there bodies than Western people. I wrote to one desperate woman in Africa and happened to mention that a dose of 30 drops of 5% lugols was used regularly in pre-1900 days. So she immediately started using 30 drops of lugols a day in her anti-candida regimen and I was horrified. But she had no awful and severe detox effects as would normally happen if say a European or an American started using 30 drops of lugols iodine a day. And that's because Western people are chocker block with heavy metals, bad halogens and other poisons in their bodies -- and thats why even one drop of lugols can give such severe and terrible detox reactions only in western people -- because of their processed food and water diet -- accumulating poisons in their bodies over decades -- is so bad. And that's why western people will always need to include the liver support protocol to help them bear their inevitable severe detox and die-off problems when using this anti-candida protocol."

05/12/2012: Tony from Church Hill, Tn, Usa replies: "Thanks Bill for that very detailed reply back to me. Candida overgrowth seems like a very difficult situation to get under control. I've said since this sickness started back in early February that the cause was due to candida. Like I said in a previous reply and you said the same thing, docs will not look at this as the causitive factor in most sickness & diseases.

I started getting a white coated tongue back in about 1996. It was mild back then but here 16 years later the coating was 1/8 thick on my tongue. The tongue scraping set things really into motion. Most sickness starts in our digestive tracts though. I'm sure the candida overgrowth was working in all parts of my body by 2012.

There's a couple things I need to mention as well. I had an endoscopy during the middle of this sickness. Written all over the lab report was the words 'excess or irregular mucosa'(mucus). After googling & reading more into this there seems to be a link to excess mucus in the body related candida overgrowth. Of course, the gastrologist said this was perfectly normal readings on the report. I even had an ENMT doc tell me the same thing.

I'm 99% convinced all of my health problems are related to candida overgrowth. I mean my white coated tongue that gradually gotten worse over the years is proof. Every doctor I've seen said this was perfectly normal & that nearly everybody has a white coated tongue in adult life. Most of the white coating has disappeared but some is still there now. I think my entire body has candida overgrowth. I have way too many areas of my body involved here.

The 2nd thing I need to mention is back in 2008 I was diagnosed with chronic prostatitis. I was treated with 2-3 courses of antibiotics. My symptoms only temporarily got better. I still today have prostate related issues. I believe the fungus(candida) has been in my prostate since 2008. I've been on Saw Palmetto/Prostate Formulas off & on since 2008. Nothing has cured me from the prostate issues. That's why I'm also convinced my prostate problems are fungus overgrowth related. My whole body I believe is just infested with candida overgrowth.

BTW, I'm heading out later today to purchase all of the other needed supplies for the candida protocol you've kindly provided for members here at EC. I'm keeping a positive attitude along with God being in my life. I'll get this awful situation under control. I know there is no quick fix for a candida overgrowth problem. I'll keep patient through asking God to help me with that. We are always wanting things fixed immediately here on this earth.

What is your opinion on my health situation? You can take my original story & all other replies back to you to make an educated guess. Again, thanks for the information you kindly provide here at EC. God Bless you!"

05/12/2012: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Tony... Thanks for your detailed and extremely lucid explanations regarding your own candida. You seem to have clear thoughts on your own candida problems which is good to hear. Time and again, regarding both candida and other yeast problems in general, the thinking is all wrong. For instance, the number of posts that I've read here on EC where women with vaginal yeast problems use yoghurt, lactobacillus etc or even antibiotics on their yeast problem which gets rid of it for a while -- then two months later the same problem comes back. Similarly, I've read many posts where someone has a white furry tongue and they simply assume that they have just oral candida in the mouth only. Really? Oral candida is also a symptom of systemic candida. And these people are flumoxed as to how to get rid of their yeast problem -- why does it keep coming back?? No one asks the essential question -- Could this continual yeast problem possibly be caused by a sytemic internal yeast/fungal infection in the blood? Treating such systemic fungal problems topically will never eradicate an internal fungal infection. Trouble is that people seem to be thinking like doctors here and there is a great lack of logic in their thinking. This is frustrating.

When I had candida I had many skin problems --- tinea cruris(jock itch), psoriasis, eczma, dandruff, athletes foot(had this for 25 years, tried everything to get rid of it. Nothing worked. ) etc. And when my candida was gone, all these skin problems just faded away without any topical or other treatment at all. And that is when I had my "Aha!! " moment and realized the reason why. All my skin problems were just symptoms of my candida. So the greatest piece of advice I can give you is -- Just focus on nothing else but killing off the candida. You will be astounded as you watch all your other numerous problems -- simply disappear.

Since your candida also seems to be quite serious and and well established, I would also advise that you take the following:

Sodium Molybdate

A well known anti-fungal which is also recommended by Ted from Bangkok. Molybdate also kills candida but, perhaps even more importantly, it also neutralizes toxic aldehyde poisons from candida's aflatoxins. So it reduces the die-off effects on the body(stops you feeling so awful). The dose is about 20 mgs Sodium molybdate per day. This should be taken on its own with water outside mealtimes.

Bentonite Clay(food grade)

You should have no problems getting this in the US. Take internally as recommended. This will also detox your intestines as well as help to kill the candida. Bentonite works because it's particles have a negative charge which helps to attract and remove postively charged toxins, heavy metals and pathogens(with positive charges) safely.

Biofilms and Protease Enzymes

From the new research, Candida, as well as other bacteria, are well known to protect themselves with biofilms -- which is a form of micros-slime made from lipid proteins. In your case, perhaps the excessive intestinal mucus diagnosis confirms the biofim problem. This makes the pathogens quite hard to reach and kill in your intestines. Older biofilms tend to harden in their outer layers over the years making them even more difficult to destroy. Protease enzymes such as Serrapeptase(from the silkworm), Nattokinase(from Japanese cheese), Lumbrokinase(from earthworms), Bromelain(pineapple), Papain(papaya) and even Pancreatin will all help to digest the hardened and stubborn outer layers of the biofilm in your intestines to help de-cloak and completely expose the candida and other pathogens in your intestines which will then be killed more easily by the other candida attack remedies.

Just some more options for you, which will all help to speed up healing. Also, taking higher dose lugols iodine will reduce the prostatitis problem. Just focus on getting rid of the candida -- this is the root of all your problems."

05/13/2012: Tony from Church Hill, Tn, Usa replies: "Thanks for another detailed response Bill. I now have everything I need to treat my candida problem. I even have some bentonite clay on hand. I purchased a 1lb. Package back in February. I have taken a few clay baths along with applying the mud mixture directly to my swollen glands in my neck a few times. It did temporarily help with the toxins. I'll go back to directly drinking it as well. It's hard to drink that stuff!

I actually got a replacement product for the sodium molydbate. The health food stores didn't have that but a pharmacist recommended something called molybdenum. The only thing is it's a small dose of 500 mcgs per capsule. You suggested 20 mg daily. I couldn't find anything locally even close to that dosage or even the direct name of your suggested product.

I tried several stores. Some stores had no clue as to what I was asking for. I went ahead & bought the 500 mcg dosage of the molybdenum. The bromelain & papaya wasn't a problem at all. Got them both from a local pharmacy. I'll post back again soon with an update on my situation.

I do have a lot of stuff to take but I know over the next few weeks I'm going to see a big improvement in my health. It wasn't going to be that way through traditional medicine. I just want to say thanks to you Bill & Ted for helping me as well as others here at EC. God Bless & take care!"

05/13/2012: Cindy from Cochrane, Wi replies: "For bill---I have been planning to start candida protocol also and have been following and reading these latest posts. What I was wondering after reading the woman from africas daily and hourly regimen of supplements are there things to be or not to be combined together for the best results? thank you so much for all your help for all of us."
05/14/2012: Cindy from Cochrane, Wisc. replies: "Tony a quick search on amazon for sodium molybdate said it is a fine powder mainly used as fertilizer/animal feed grade and is 39.5% molybdenum! Good luck with your candida battle, I wish you well. I too plan to start this week after I purchase a few more of the supplements. I would be interested in hearing your progress."
05/14/2012: Tony from Church Hill, Tn, Usa replies: "Thanks for your reply Cindy. Believe it or not, I just checked my liquid multi & it has molybdenum in it. It's a small amount but it does have some in the liquid formula. 20 mg seems like a lot that Bill suggested but I assume that's from a straight source of sodium molybdate. I couldn't find it like that locally from any health food stores.

Maybe Bill will chime back in & give a bit more information on where to look for this product. I need it going by his last reply because of what appears to be an excess mucus problem in my digestive system caused by candida overgrowth. I could only find this product sold separately in the form of molybdenum & in a 500 mcg dosage. Thanks & good luck with your candida cleanse as well!"

05/14/2012: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Tony... The other nutrients that I advised in my previous post were only options which would speed up removing the candida and perhaps give you a softer landing from the die-off and detox effects. For sodium molybdate, the only source I can advise is for you to look for it on the internet. This is one of the reasons I don't normally advise SM in the protocol -- because it is so hard to find.

The 500 mcg molybdenum dose should suffice because both the alkalizing (particularly the simple baking soda and water mix) as well as taking lugol's iodine also helps to disrupt the biofilms as well.

To help get rid of the excess mucus problem(and biofilms), it might be useful to take Milk of Magnesia as a laxative once a week or once a month. This will remove the excess mucus in the intestines fairly quickly and help to remove the biofilms quickly too. This is perhaps a harsher regimen but it works in three ways. First, the high alkalinity of MoM will help to remove the biofilms. Secondly, the high alkalinity of MoM will also kill the candida and thirdly, being laxative, both the candida and toxins will be excreted from the body fairly quickly(and are not absorbed into the body). This is quite a harsh way of doing it and the decision to use MoM like this is really yours. You will have to take minerals and drink plenty of water after the laxative effects of MoM to ensure proper electrolytic mineral balance in the body. You are taking a liquid multi anyway so this shouldn't be a problem."

05/14/2012: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Cindy... That's a really good question that you have asked. Yes, it's one thing to advise this and that for remedies, but it would also be very useful to describe how to actually take the protocols -- the dos and donts -- so here goes -- I'll just describe how to take the dosages from my preferred regimen in this post stream above:

Lugol's Iodine -- Always taken on its own -- with nothing else -- with water in split doses, four times a day, because it is so active. The whole point of this is to get as much of the iodine into the blood as possible to systemically kill the candida and other pathogens. I always take lugols iodine outside mealtimes because more is absorbed into the body this way. When you start to take the iodine -- remember the maxim -- Start Small and Go Slow and work up to your maximum dose that way.

Baking Soda and Water: A much maligned and belittled remedy and people dont seem to like taking this one very much. But anyone with serious candida issues should be taking this remedy constantly -- with no argument. This remedy helps to kill the candida and also helps to resolve digestive issues a well as alkalizing the intestines and blood. This protocol is an essential part of the anti-candida protocols. Never taken at mealtimes.

Lemon/Lime with BS or ACV with BS and water - These alkalize the intracellular environment and are also an essential part of the anti-candida remedies. Should be taken two or three times a day outside mealtimes.

Borax or Sodium Tetraborate - The ultimate fungal killer which also helps to detox and remove fluoride from the body as well as helping to balance the hormones in the body. Borax can also be mixed in and taken with the above alkalizing remedies without problems. Normally taken outside mealtimes.

Body Terrain Support Nutrients -- These are also very important supportive nutrients for the body which also help to address other metabolic issues such as malabsorbtion problems, vitamins, mineral balance etc. And some might also notice that every single one of these advised nutrients are usually the ones that are sadly lacking in all our diets -- so part of the reason we contract candida and get ill is actually because of a chronic lack of body nutrients in the first place which weakens our immune system over time to allow pathogen invasion into our bodies.

Liver Support Nutrients(ALA, Milk Thistle, Selenium, NAC, Chanca Piedra) -- always taken together at mealtimes for best effect(Chanca Piedra can also be taken as a tea). Usually supplemented because of insufficient liver problems or heavy die-off or detox reaction causing problems or because of a damaged liver.

Usually, when you have candida, it is also necessary to detox heavy metals from the body and there are many ways to do this (heavy metals in the body are a prime cause of candida). Iodine is a good heavy metal detoxer. 10% Sodium Thiosulfate or chlorella or kelp are also good ones. Just eating cilantro three times a week in salads and drinking green tea every day wiill also be effective in cleansing the body of heavy metals by way of diet.

What might also help you is if you look in the Remedy Combinations section of EC and read Ted from Bangkok's recommendations."

05/14/2012: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Tony... I forgot to address the individual issues that you are having. This will help you to understand your own problems and perhaps help you more to comprehend the protocols you are taking.

Ever since the hospitalization I now suffer from hypertension issues...

Both lugol's iodine and higher dose B3(taken with B50 Complex) are already in the Anti-Candida protocols. Dr Abram Hoffer, an orthomolecular doctor and researcher, found that iodine and niacin together when taken at higher dosage -- called iodo-niacin in the old days -- had wonderful effects on lowering blood pressure, balancing HDL and LDL and reducing arteriosclerosis, reducing depression and reducing various neuropathic problems. Vitamin B3 also has considerable beneficial effect on the CNS, digestion, heart and liver when taken in the higher dose. Just type "Hoffer niacin" in Google Search for all the evidence. Niacin is a good one(I take it) but you can also use the flushless niacinamide form as well as another slower time release form of niacin called inositol hexanicotinate. You will also find that taking niacin this way will help to relax you. That's been my own experience with B3. Niacin should always be taken after meals. So if you take the lugols iodine with the B3 and magnesium everyday(as recommended in the protocols) -- your panic attacks should also be greatly reduced.

On the 4th day I started having difficulty swallowing, swollen glands in my neck, & pain/discomfort in upper chest...

Rather than use the tongue scraping, which will not get rid of the candida in the mouth, I would simply use 1% to 3% Hydrogen Peroxide as a mouthwash three times a day. This will be more effective in killing the candida in the mouth region. You can also use it as a gargle to help your throat issues. For your lung issues you can perhaps use 1% HP in a spray or nebulized form to rid these issues as recommended on EC. I also sniff and inhale the lugol's iodine if I feel that lung or nose problems may be forthcoming and it usually works to stop problems arising in both the nose and lungs. Lugol's Iodine constantly sublimates or vaporizes so if you sniff inhale this into your lungs a few times a day and every day for about ten minutes or so then this should slowly help to heal and lessen any lung/nose problems.

Hopefully this post will help you to understand that the anti-candida protocols recommended here also address many other issues that can also be involved when people have serious candida issues."

05/15/2012: Cindy from Smalltown, Wi replies: "To bill.. Thank you so very much for all the information you have provided. I am getting my protocol together and very anxious to get started. I'm sure it won't be easy or I wouldn't be here to begin with, but I am determined to make this work and greatly appreciate having earth clinic, you, and others to come to for help and support. I have been diagnosed with 25 food sensitivites, so the hardest part will be to avoid them. Also recent loss of my job and a death in the family has resulted in MUCH stress. I will take it one day at a time!"
05/15/2012: Tony from Church Hill, Tn, Usa replies: "Thanks again Bill for another very detailed response. I'll just go with the 500 mcg dosage(2x daily) of molybdenum. I'll also get some MoM to help with the flushing of toxins out of the body. I already drink tons(80-100oz) of purified water daily along with 2-3 glasses of green tea. I do mix in a cup or two of herbal teas and 1/2 glass of organic kefir as well on a daily basis.

Thanks for the additional information on niacin & iodine for my blood pressure issues. I started taking niacin(500 mg, 2x daily) yesterday. I have started with a total of 8 drops of iodine in the beginning protocol. Probably later this week I'll increase to the 16 drops dosage.

I know you said previously that higher doses of iodine would help with my prostate issues as well. BTW, I didn't get the Lugol's Iodine solution. I got another brand name from a local health food store. It wasn't a cheap brand either.

One other thing, I've lost around 20 pounds since late January. That's even with me eating 3 meals per day along with one snack meal most days. The candida must be causing nutrient deficieny/malabsorption. It's not been a rapid weight loss at all but a slow progression of weight loss.

I assume once I get this candida under control my weight will begin to increase again. I weigh 155lbs. Right now but was around 175 before getting really sick. I'll post back in a few days with my progress. Thanks again for your kind help!"

05/15/2012: Tony from Church Hill, Tn, Usa replies: "Bill, I forgot to ask you something about another condition I have. I contracted genital herpes back in 1994. I've never been on any prescription meds for this condition. Up until last year, my outbreaks were 1-3 per year. Last year, I had 6 outbreaks that were worse & this was another sign my immune system was weakened.

I've looked at some of the remedies for genital herpes but don't know what I should do while on this candida protocol in which I take lots of different things anyhow. I used to take L-Lysine at times for genital herpes but it upset my stomach most of the time.

I noticed the Olive Leaf treatment along with the zinc supplemention. Which method(s) should I go to try & cure my genital herpes as well? I'm sure my genital herpes has played a role as well in the current condition of my body. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated Bill! Thanks again!"

05/15/2012: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Tony... I think the protocol you are on is a good one. The best thing is just to settle into the protocol and see how you progress. In answer to some of your remarks:

BTW, I didn't get the Lugol's Iodine solution. I got another brand name from a local health food store. It wasn't a cheap brand either.

My guess is that you bought the nascent or magnescent iodine form. This is OK, but I don't think these forms are as good as Lugol's Iodine. Lugol's Iodine contains Potassium Iodide(KI), molecular iodine(I2)and water. KI is an anti-oxidant and molecular iodine is a pro-oxidant and so the iodide/iodine mixture reacts towards an equilibrium state this way:

Iodide plus iodine ==>Triiodide

I - plus I2 ==> I3-

So Lugol's contains the iodide, molecular iodine and triiodide forms -- three forms of iodine which are all individually very useful. However, nascent and magnescent forms contain just contain the triiodide form -- which is why they are not as good as lugol's. For instance the nascent and magnascent forms will not be able to chelate cadmium, aluminium, lead, mercury, arsenic etc like the lugol's form. But the nascent form is certainly the most bio-available form of iodine and is absorbed very quickly into the body. I don't think this is such a b ig deal though -- since you are already using green tea, chlorella etc to remove the heavy metals in your body anyway.

One other thing, I've lost around 20 pounds since late January

My experience is that there are two identifiable physical stages to systemic candida -- and they are confusing. First there is the gaining weight stage which is caused by metabolic upsets and poor fat handling which, in turn, may be caused by the candida and associated bacteria. Second is the rapid weight loss stage -- which may be caused by digestive problems and acid body. Candida aflatoxins make the body acid and when this reaches a certain stage -- and the body cannot cope using its normal homeostasis mechanisms in support of healthy pH levles -- the body then reverts to stealing protein from the tissues and stealing calcium from the bones to help alkalize the blood to maintain the body's proper pH support levels. Hence the rapid weight loss. So amino acids(proteins) are robbed from the tissues and converted to ammonia and calcium is stolen from the bones to also help alkalize the body. This body wasting is a dangerous problem stage in candida because the body obviously cannot do this forever. It is therefore imperative and a priority that you do the following.

* Alkalize, alkalize, alkalize!! You must use both the lime/lemon or ACV remedies as well as the BS and water remedy.

* Take betaine hydrochloride tablets and pancreatin enzymes (with bile is OK) at mealtimes to address any digestion issues.

* Use the Milk of Magnesia as a laxative as I have already advised. This will remove the candida biofilms quickly and will therefore help to make intestinal digestion and absorption of nutrients more efficient.

* Eat more proteins in the form of white meat like chicken or fish. You must increase your protein intake. Or, if you prefer, you can buy Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) from a weight training shop or health shop and increase your protein intake that way."

05/16/2012: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Tony... Regarding your genital herpes problems, I would try following any one of Ted from Bangkok's remedies which are given here:

Vitamin C Lysine and Aspirin

Ted's Zinc Chloride and Magnesium Chloride Herpes Cure

You can also additionally try taking any of these herbs -- olive leaf, sabah snake grass, yakeow and andrographis peniculata as Ted recommends for genital herpes.

These protocols will not interfer with your candida protocols."

05/16/2012: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Forgot to add that the reason why lysine upsets your stomach is probably because of your digestive problems with proteins -- which is one more reason why you should definitely supplement betaine hydrochloride with pancreatin to assist with your insufficient digestion problems."
05/16/2012: Tony from Church Hill, Tn, Usa replies: "Thanks again Bill for your timely response. I did input additional information & questions in my previous reply that you must have missed/overlooked. It's about treating/curing genital herpes that I've had since 1994.

I've been using the lemon w/baking soda remedy twice daily. I've mixed in the remedy for swollen lymph nodes at a 1/2 tsp. Baking soda & 1/2 tsp. Sea salt mixture once daily as well. With the lemon/baking soda remedy, I also use 1 tbsp. Of organic ACV. Is it okay to mix the ACV with that lemon/baking soda remedy?

I do this morning & night & the lymph node remedy during the day. I've checked my PH levels the past couple days. It's been around 6.0-6.5 from both saliva & urine levels. That's a bit acidic! However, I started the alkalizing remedies last Tuesday so I probably was more acidic 1 week ago.

I did buy the MoM to help with the removal of biofilms & to aid in digestion. I'll take it once a week to start. I do eat meat quite a bit anyhow. I do only eat organic meats though. I eat turkey, chicken, fish, 100% grass fed beef, and organic lunch meats as well. I rarely eat pork but if I do it's organic as well. We buy 80%-90% of our foods organic.

Please go back & address the question I asked about my genital herpes. I submitted it after my initial previous reply. It may have been added to that reply after your latest reply back to me. Thanks again Bill & have a great day!"

05/18/2012: Tony from Church Hill, Tn, Usa replies: "Thanks again Bill. We bumped heads a little in our previous replies. I did get your reply about curing/treating genital herpes. I think I'll go with the L-Lysine/Vit C/antiviral herbal remedy for trying to knock this out of my system. I'm going to use Olive Leaf extract as the antiviral herb since I already have that herb on hand.

Are we supposed to take this method of treatment on an empty stomach? Ted didn't explain that from the links you provided me. Since it's taken every hour for 4 hours twice daily for 2-3 days I assume it's okay to do at least one dosage with or after a meal. It would seem hard to do this without eating in between the dosages.

One other important thing I want to ask you. I'ved been suffering from a pain/ache in the back of my head & neck for about 4 weeks as well. My wife says it's part of the panic/anxiety attacks. It's like somebody has stretched a small rubber band around my head. The pain/ache is not really bothering the front of my head like a normal headache.

Now, it does bother the front of my head when laying down. It's like a pressue being put on my head when laying down. I take melatonin at night for sleep & it has helped. I've had 2 CT scans of the head & neck. I also had an MRI of my spine. I was told nothing showed up. I checked my medical records & the only thing showing up is a cyst under my tongue which has been there for years & years.

My head feels like a huge bowling ball. It's like I can't hold it up at times. It's a constant ache/pain that doesn't go away. It's worse as the day goes on. I think this just might be part of the candida overgrowth & it's now gotten into my brain or just all of the tense/stress in my life is playing a part. What is your opinion on this? I'm on a waiting list to see a neurologist but that may be a while. I don't trust doctors anyhow! Thanks again for your time! Have a great day & God Bless!"

05/19/2012: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Tony... As you say, I think that you are taking enough anti-virals from the VitC/Lysine, Olive Leaf and Chanca Piedra. Chanca piedra should also help thin your blood because it lowers blood sugar and lowers fats in the blood and is also a calcium channel blocker. It also strikes me that perhaps there might be excess calcium in your diet too because excess calcium is always involved in cyst, stone and arterial plaque formation in the body. So, as the Anti-Candida Diet stipulates -- just give up dairy for a while. Excess sugar in the diet is another bad one. This will have beneficial effects against the herpes the cyst under your tongue.

Are we supposed to take this method of treatment on an empty stomach?

You should always take lysine vit c etc outside mealtimes simply because more of these nutrients will absorbed into the body than at mealtimes. Vitamin C should always be taken in its Ascorbate form(as sodium ascorbate) because that is its post-digested form ie when you take the Ascorbic Acid form of vit c -- it must first be digested to the ascorbate form(more alkaline) by the body before absorpton into the blood from the intestines. And if you take vit c and lysine at mealtimes then approximately one third of your dosage will be excreted and lost (according to Linus Pauling's research on vit c).

So better to take the vit c(as ascorbate) and lysine outside mealtimes.

I've been suffering from a pain/ache in the back of my head & neck for about 4 weeks as well. My wife says it's part of the panic/anxiety attacks.

This could be caused by a high calcium or low magnesium diet. Best thing would be for you to increase you magnesium dosage for a while. In the Anti-Candida Protocol it stipulates that you should take 250 mgs twice a day. In your case, with your tissue pain and headache problems, you should increase the magnesium dosage to 500 mgs twice a day and take this dosage for about a week then revert back to the normal dosage. The worst that can happen is that, at the higher dosage, your stools might become loose because of any excess magnesium. Magnesium helps to properly regulate calcium in the cells. If there is excess calcium in the body, this can calcify the mitochondria in the cells and cause pain. Magnesium gets rid of this excess calcium. Magnesium is also involved in the relaxation of muscles whereas calcium governs the tensing of muscles. Magnesium also helped to get rid of my own insomnia problems 5 years ago.

To help you relax in general, you should also be taking the B50 complex(one tab per day) with higher dose B3 as niacin from the anti-candida protocol. Take 500 mgs B3 at mealtimes 3 times a day. This will open up your peripheral arteries and veins(flushing and blushing effect of niacin) and will help with proper delivery of nutrients to the brain. Higher dose B3 also has many other beneficial effects as well -- increases your energy levels, anti-candida, relaxes you, lowers cholesterol safely and also helps to cure depression."

05/19/2012: Tony from Church Hill, Tn, Usa replies: "Thanks again Bill for your very timely response. I'll take your suggestions & use them in my complete protocol for candida & genital herpes. I do have a lot of stuff to treat. I'll post back soon with an update on my health situation. I'm already seeing some improvement from the candida protocol you kindly provided me. Thanks again & take care!"
06/06/2012: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Tony... I replied to your questions on Life-Flo iodine on 06/03/2012 in this stream. Because you are having such bad detox and die-off reactions I suggested that you should initially concentrate on just detoxing your body of heavy metals, halides etc for a month while taking a minimal but bearable dose of the Life-Flo iodine. Have a look at the post that I've just mentioned for the rest.

It seems that everything you are taking to fight what is wrong with you are having significant detox and die-off effects. So I will leave it up to you as to the amounts you take which will make these protocols more bearable. But bear in mind that the healing and eradication of the candida etc will probably take a little longer because of this change.

Regarding your rapid weight loss -- this is a priority. This could be a combination of digestion problems, malabsorption issues and body acidity problems. It could also be due to parasites(get yourself checked). So it's very important for you to constantly use the alkalizing remedies to neutralize the acidity in your body. Ensure also that you are taking bromelain as well as protease or pancreatin enzymes at every meal to support your digestion. The way to find the right dose with bromelain is to up the bromelain by one tablet every meal until you feel it is too acid -- then cut back by one tablet and keep it at that. Over time, when your digestion heals, your will get an acid feeling again -- cut back by another bromelain tablet. Do it like this until you no longer have to take the bromelain.

Regarding the VCO, this is up to you. On the one hand it does kill pathogens and can also help you lose weight and I know you want to stop losing weight.

The fact that your body can't handle the lysine indicates that you problably have some other sort of virus or bacteria involved with your problems as well. If you can, keep taking the lysine. By the way, herpes is one of the conditions that can be associated with candida.

If you can you should try to settle into a protocol using dosages that make the protocol bearable for you. For now, try to stop worrying so much and concentrate on detoxing your body first for at least a month. Then add higher dosages of the candida attack remedies -- such as iodine -- later. It's also quite important not to stress yourself with your protocol. Just take it step by step and you will get there."

06/07/2012: Tony from Church Hill, Tn, Usa replies: "Thanks for the reply back Bill. I think we're mixed up on the iodine thingy. I provided a link to a different iodine supplement that I want to try after I use what I have (Life-Flo) up. It's nothing to do with the Life-Flo product we already discussed. Maybe this part I added was from a different date. Nope! I went back & looked & I posted it on 06-03-12. I remember I added to a post I had already submitted on the same day.

Anyhow, here's the link to the iodine product below:

I can get this product locally as well to avoid bothering with purchasing anything online right now. I still have a few days left of the Life-Flo but will need another iodine supplement soon. I did mention in the post on 06-03-12 that I can't get the Lugol's locally.

So, I'm supposed to be taking the bromelain with every meal? I've only been taking it once a day between a meal. Usually after lunch time around 2 PM. I'll now go with 1 tablet with each meal & increase accordingly. BTW, how do I know it will be too acid?

I'll continue the VCO at 1 tsp. Per meal. That's what I had settled on in the past week.

I think possibly the herpes has also gotten into my central nervous system & not just attacking the genitals. Like you said, this is probably all due to the candida overgrowth problem. Candida is what looks to be the 'root of all of my health issues'. I'll continue the L-Lysine at 1000 mg daily. Do you think I should gradually increase the dosage or just keep it at 1000 mg daily?

I wouldn't say that I'm actually worried. I would call it concerned. As a man of faith, I'm not supposed to worry. Faithful people are supposed to leave worry in God's hands. I have to admit & it's human nature that it's tough! I'm just trying to stay focused! I could stop everything that I'm doing in regards to treatment & let God handle it all.

I just know that prescription meds I will not go. God intended for us to use natural sources to cure & treat all sorts of diseases & illnesses. That's what I'm trying to do here! Thanks for your time again Bill & have a blessed day!"

06/07/2012: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Tony... The Tri-Iodine seems to deliver 12.5 mgs of iodine to the body so this should be OK. Use one pill a day or whatever you can supplement without problems and when your detox and die-off symptoms eventually decrease and reduce -- you can increase this iodine dosage to 50 mgs per day or four pills a day.

Betaine should always be taken at mealtimes together with pancreatin if you have digestion problems because digestion problems are normally caused by low levels of stomach acid. If your stomach acid strength or secretion is too low then the pancreatic enzymes will not be triggered and so when the food eventually reaches the duodenum for main stage digestion there will be no pancreatic digestive enzymes to digest the food and it will just sit their rotting, stagnating and breeding bad bacteria. This helps the candida to spread. Taking the pancreatin will also aid in the adequate digestion and delivery of nutrients throughout the body in the proper form and will also help to stop your rapid weight loss."

06/08/2012: Tony from Church Hill, Tn, Usa replies: "Hello again Bill! I'll buy this particular iodine brand locally & start it at 12.5 mg dosage daily & then increase from there. You mention Betaine! I think you meant bromelain in my situation. I'm using bromelain as one of my digestive enzymes. However, I have considered using Betaine HCL as well. It seems like a very good aid for digestion issues. Should I start taking it with my digestive problems?

I loved the way you've just explained digestion problems. I do believe food is rotting in my duodenum. I had actual evidence of that from my endoscopy. On the duodenum part, the words excessive mucosa was written there several times. It was all over the entire endoscopy report as I have stated before.

The only digestion aid I'm taking right now is the bromelain. I was taking Papaya(6 chewables daily) as well but once the bottle ran out I haven't bought anymore. I do have a bottle of super enzymes w/probiotics but I don't remember what type of substances are in that bottle. I know it's not out of date but I did buy it late last year. I believe it had an expiration date in 2013.

I took them for a short period of time. I stopped but have no idea as to why. I will get them back out of the closet & see what's in that product. Maybe it has pancreatin. I really can't remember. I know it has quite a few digestive aids. I will take this along with the bromelain. My new multi-vitamin also has some bromelain(2000 GDU/g) at 50 mg. That's at a dosage of 8 tablets from my multi though. I take 4 in the morning & 4 in the late evening.

I definitely want this weight loss to stop. I've stabilized in the past week though. I'm not gaining any weight but not losing anymore either. My current weight is at 155 lbs. & I'm 5' 10" tall. I do eat 3 meals daily. I don't snack in between meals on most days. It's hard to snack in between meals when you're on this candida protocol. Especially, with the supplements/remedies we need to take on an empty stomach. Thanks again Bill for your time! God Bless!"

06/08/2012: Tony from Church Hill, Tn, Usa replies: "Bill, I found the digestive formula & I need a little assistance with it. It has pancreatin, bromelain, betaine hcl & several other digestive enzymes. The dosage is to take 3 tablets after each meal.

I already have a separate bromelain supplement as well as bromelain in my multi-vitamin. The formula has 100 mg pancreatin per 3 tablets. It has 100 mg Betaine HCL per 3 tablets. It has 25 mg bromlain per 3 tablets as well as other digestive enzymes. I'm trying to make sure I'm not getting too much of these digestive enzymes.

If I take the 3 tablets from the formula with each meal(total of 9) as well as the bromelain from the stand-alone supplement(1 with each meal) & my multi I would be at a total of 1370 mg daily. Would that be too much bromelain? I assume not since you said I could even increase the dosage of bromelain until I reached a maximum level without acid.

This digestive enzyme formula appears to have quite a few substances. It even has Ox Bile & Papaya as well. There are no artificial anything including preservatives and no binders or fillers. Let me know how I should combine taking these supplements. Digestion is playing a major role in my health situation so I need to do as much as possible to get my intestinal issues under control. This will go a long way into me beginning to heal under the candida protocol. Thanks & sorry for adding this so soon after my initial reply."

06/08/2012: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Tony... I think that you are getting a little mixed up. Bromelain is not the same as Betaine Hydrochloride. Bromelain is a protease enzyme derived from the stem of the pineapple. Betaine Hydrochloride or Trimethylglycine Hydrochloride is taken to boost the hydrochloric acid levels in your stomach which are, at the moment, lacking and defficient -- and this is adversely affecting your digestion and helping to promote acid intestines and candida as I've already described.

The reason that I recommended either serrapeptase or bromelain enzymes was mainly to digest and get rid of the excess mucus and biofilms in your intestines. Bromelain enzyme can be taken with or without meals.

The reason I recommended the Betaine was because of your digestion problems and lack of Hydrochloric Acid in your stomach. Betaine Hydrochloride should always be taken at mealtimes.

Because you are using such a different mix of betaine pills that contain other things -- I cannot really recommend dosages. But I have described how to up your dosages with one or other of the brand of pills that you use.

A good example of how to use betaine is shown in the post just below your last post -- called BETAINE HCL ELIMINATED ACID REFLUX AND SLEEP APNEA. Here the woman cured her own reflux (digestion problems) and apnea by taking 20 tablets of betaine a day(because of her lack of stomach acid). She did this and it cured both her apnea and her reflux. She wasn't taking "the recomended dose" -- she found her own proper dose by taking and increasing the betaine dosage until she got an acid feeling(too much betaine) and then cut back by one or two tablets. This is the proper way to use betaine if you are lacking in stomach acid. This is also why I cannot recommend a dosage for betaine -- because you will have to find the proper dose yourself as I have already described.

The reason you need to take Betaine is to up the strength of HCl in your stomach. At the moment your stomach acid strength is probably too weak. As I've already said, if the stomach acid remains too weak then duodenal enzymes from the pancreas will not be triggered and so the food will remain undigested which creates acid intestine, further pathogen spread and greatly promotes candida as well."

06/08/2012: Tony from Church Hill, Tn, Usa replies: "Hey again Bill! I knew that bromelain wasn't the same thing as Betaine HCL. I'd read about this supplement right here at EC before.

I don't currently have Betaine HCL as a separate supplement. Like I said, I do have it in this digestive formula. It's in a small dosage though at 100 mg per 3 tablets since there are enzymes & probiotics as well in this formula.

I think what I'll do is just take extra dosages of this enzyme formula. I'm not wanting to fool with making another trip to the health food store(s) anytime soon. I've been back & forth enough in the past 4 weeks to pick up supplements & foods.

I think taking a few extra doses(tablets) of this formula along with the stand-alone bromelain supplement dosage of at least 1 tablet with each meal will get the job done for my digestive issues.

Of course, I'll continue with all of the other supplements & remedies as well for the candida protocol. I don't think I'll be going with the 20 tablets that the member here at EC used for her case of acid reflux & sleep apnea. I don't have a stand-alone betaine hcl supplement on hand right now anyhow.

BTW, I've started to feel somewhat better in the past couple days. Let's hope & pray the die-off symptoms are beginning to fade away a bit. Starting this coming Sunday I will be in my 5th week of the protocol but only my 4th week with your recommended suggestions for my individual case. Remember, my 1st week was strictly the lemon/baking soda/H2O & baking soda/H20 remedies. I've been alternating the remedies.

I start my day out with the lemon one always. Sometimes, I go with my 2nd & 3rd as just the baking soda & H20. Other times, I do the lemon one twice daily. Does it really matter? I'm using these remedies a total of 3 times daily anyhow. I want to thank you for your kind help & appreciate everything you're doing for me & others here at EC. I'll post back again soon with an update on my situation. God Bless!"

06/09/2012: Tony from Church Hill, Tn, Usa replies: "Sorry to post back before allowing you to Bill. I forgot to ask you a few more questions. Yes, I have more questions for ya! Imagine that! Ha!

My first question pertains to using niacin. I do have the nicotinic acid form of niacin but it's a 'prolonged' release form of it. I've read a couple of long articles about niacin recently. I'm a little concerned about the form of prolonged release that I'm using.

The articles suggest even lower dosages(as little as 500 mg) of the extended or prolonged form of niacin can cause liver damage in a short period of time. I've already been diagnosed with fatty liver(NAFL). Neither article states how short of a timeframe though. I know you suggested for me to take the nicain 500 mg at 3x daily for my issues. I was to do this for 1 week & then cut back to the normal dosage of 500 mg twice daily. I'm taking the liver support supplements anyhow so probably not that big of a deal.

I didn't take the 500 mg 3x daily but for a couple days due to all of the die-off symptoms I was having. I started back at the dosage of 500 mg 3x daily yesterday. I hadn't experienced the 'niacin flush' at all until late yesterday. I have to say it scared me to death. It's been 3 weeks since I started taking the niacin. I had forgotten about possibly getting the flushing effect.

It took me a few minutes to even realize what was happening. My skin turned red like a sunburn & my arms & back itched & burned for over 30 minutes. It finally hit me that I was just now receiving the flushing from niacin. That let me know that it's working. However, why such a delay for me? I thought it would have happened sooner. I always take it just after a meal.

Another thing I've noticed in the past 7-10 days. I'm having 2-3 stools daily during this timeframe. Each time I go I'm having a lot of waste being released from my body. My stool color seems to be normal at a light-medium brown. However, each one is a pretty loose stool. No diarrhea at all but just a loose stool that's easy to get out.

I'm also noticing a tingling/chilling sensation when I'm releasing these stools. Not like the panic attack symptoms that I was having at night. Those have subsided to nearly being totally gone. This is just happening when I'm going to the bathroom to release stools. What might that be? Is it just part of the cleansing process that's going on in my body?

I'm also going to the bathroom to urinate even more recently. As you know, because I've told you, I have prostatitis. Going to the bathroom a lot isn't new to me. However, I seem to be going even more in the past week . I go 2-3 times nightly & 10-15 times daily. Now, I do drink 80-100 oz. of purified water daily & 2-3 cups of green tea daily as well.

I should be going quite a bit with that amount of liquid intake. I just seem to be going more recently though. Is this also part of the cleansing process? I'm taking the iodine which should help with the prostatitis & also take saw palmetto as well at night before bed. Thanks again for your time Bill & have a great day!"

06/10/2012: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Tony... I recommend B3 or niacin or niacinamide (non-flush form of B3) in larger dose for many reasons. Inositol Hexanicotinate is the slow release from. It was Dr Abram Hoffer who advocated proper higher dosages of B3 in his psychiatric and medical work. He found that niacin could cure schizophrenia and depression at higher dosages. He also found that niacin had particular beneficial effects against arthritis and heart disease. See these links:

I also use niacin for candida problems because it stimulates appetite, energizes but relaxes the body and also helps to kill candida -- but only in larger, orthomolecular (or proper) dosages. Higher dose niacin should always be taken with B complex which acts as a synergist to this vitamin.

Your stools seem normal enough to me. Your intestines will take some time to become clear of all the mucus and biofims etc and I'm not so surprised that you are urinating more -- probably because you are drinking more water.

Your prostatitis problem should also reduce because of the larger dose iodine you are taking. Lugol's iodine, when supplemented in larger doses, tends to stop or prevent cysts. This is why it not only has beneficial effects against prostatitis -- but is also a remedy for uterine fibroids and fibrocystic breast disease in women and these cyst problems are all simply as a result of too little iodine in the diet."

06/10/2012: Tony from Church Hill, Tn, Usa replies: "Hey Bill! Thanks for replying back to me as always. I actually have a niacin supplement in the form of nicotinic acid that's prolonged release. It's the actual store brand name of the health food store I purchase most of our foods & supplements. I'm taking it at a dosage of 500 mg twice daily(1000 mg total) right now.

You told me to take it at 500 mg 3x daily but I cut back to the normal dosage a couple weeks back. Is it okay to do the 500 mg 3x daily now? You say to take the niacin with a B Complex & I'm taking a B Complex once daily but I don't take it with both doses of the niacin. I think you said to take the B Complex only once daily. Please clear this up for me.

Since I'm using such a low dose of the iodine I currently have I don't think it's doing much for the prostatitis. Remember, this particular iodine supplement is a much much lower concentration than the Lugol's. I don't think this one at 16 drops daily is providing too much for me. You said it should help with the thyriod but I don't know how to tell it's doing anything.

BTW, I just started using the Borax(20 Team Mule brand) today. I was holding off on using this because of my die-off symptoms. Today hasn't been too good of a day for me. I had a couple decent days but not the same today. I know there will be ups & downs throughout this candida protocol so I'm trying to stay positive.

I'm now in my 5th week of the protocol with very little improvement. Man, all of this stuff I'm taking & doing makes you think you're putting too much stuff into your body. I have several bottles of supplements & other things all over the place. It's hard to keep up with to be honest. Thanks again!"

06/12/2012: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Tony... To answer your questions:

Using niacin and B Complex...

Take the B Complex once day. Take the niacin two or three times a day at mealtimes.

Current Iodine Dosage...

I would certainly agree with you that the type of iodine you are using isn't very useful and that the delivered dosage of body iodine is tiny. I've worked out that 16 drops a day of Life-Flo iodine (at 50 microgams a drop) is equal to about 0.8 mgs a day. I have recommended between 50 mgs and 100 mgs of iodine a day to kill the candida. I would also agree with you that the low dosage of iodine that you are taking probably isn't helping the prostatitis that much.

Using Borax...

Borax will also cause die-off and detox reactions and symptoms because borax kills candida and also helps to remove fluorine from the body.

In the early 1950s, Dr Orian Truss has related how he cured a skeletal man who was obviously dying from systemic candida because of the effects of the Antibiotic Syndrome. He started giving the man high dosages(similar to what I have recommended for you) of lugols iodine. He cured this man of candida in about 6 weeks.

Food and water was much more natural in the 1950s, our food supply was not as polluted and tainted then as it is now. Therefore to cure someone of serious systemic candidiasis (with all its other associated pathogenic problems) today becomes much more complex and difficult. People's diets, for decades now, have been poor, nutrient lacking and even poisonous to the body. But people also believe their doctors and take alot of antibiotics and medical drugs on a regular basis. More body pollution. Our drinking water is also very unhealthy. This is why there has been such an upsurge in auto-immune diseases like candida over the last few decades."

06/12/2012: Tony from Church Hill, Tn, USA replies: "Thanks Bill! Current Iodine Dosage...

I'll be getting the iodine (Tri-iodide) supplement pretty soon. That should help me even more with the candida cleanse. I'll start out at 12. 5 mg 4X daily. My multi aslo has iodine(from kelp) but at only 200 mcg though.

"Using Borax... "

That's why I decided to wait a few weeks before starting the borax. I started the borax this past Sunday at 1/4 tsp. Per 20 oz. Bottle of purified water. I thought this would be an awful taste but you can't really taste the borax too much. I'm sipping on this throughout the day.

[Quote from Bill] "Food and water was much more natural in the 1950s, our food supply was not as polluted and tainted then as it is now. Therefore to cure someone of serious systemic candidiasis (with all its other associated pathogenic problems) today becomes much more complex and difficult. People's diets, for decades now, have been poor, nutrient lacking and even poisonous to the body. But people also believe their doctors and take alot of antibiotics and medical drugs on a regular basis. More body pollution. Our drinking water is also very unhealthy. This is why there has been such an upsurge in auto-immune diseases like candida over the last few decades."

Believe it or not, I started eating healthy back in 2008 once I had the prostatitis scare. I rarely eat fast food & have eaten mostly organic foods since 2008. I guess my body was already overgrown with candida & it was too late to eat healthier.

That's why I'm in the current condition. I'm learning techniques & through prayer to deal with stress. That's played a major major role in my sickness. I also believe the enormous amount of stress has led to my digestive issues & hence low stomach acid & panic attacks/anxiety.

BTW, I tried the bromelain stomach acid test. I got up to 6 tablets & had to stop. I was getting really nauseated. At 6 tablets I still hadn't felt the acid/warm feeling from the stomach. I'm just gonna take around 2-3 tablets with each meal for a while.

I'm already taking enough stuff. Add to that the detox/die-off reaction that's still going on so I don't need anymore burden. This really makes you wonder if things will ever take a turn for the better. It makes me wanna stop everything at times. But, I know stopping will only delay my healing. Thanks again!"

06/14/2012: Tony from Church Hill, Tn, Usa replies: "Thanks for the reply Tracy from Wyoming. Believe it or not, I started using the epsom salt & baking soda baths this week. I'm trying numerous things to release toxins & help with this detox/die-off effects. I have seen small improvements since starting this candida protocol about 5 weeks ago. I know it's not going to be a cakewalk either!

My body is eaten up with candida overgrowth. It's gonna take some time to clean myself out. I read an article which suggest for every year that you have suffered from candida overgrowth it takes approximately one month for each year to recover. An example would be 10 years of suffering would be 10 months for recovery. That may be stretching it a little but it's probably a good estimate. You have to factor in overall health & what things you do to get rid of it too.

I don't know how long I've had a candida problem but my first signs would date back to 1996 in which I first started seeing a white-coated tongue. I think it's gotten really bad since 2008. That's when I was diagnosed with prostatitis. So, you can say for the past 4 years for sure in which the candida has spread. I'd be willing to bet that the overgrowth has spread into most of my tissue/organs. I have way too many symptoms for the candida not to have spread.

The next portion of my reply is directed towards Bill.

For the past 3-4 days, I've been itching pretty bad. I'll get a 20-30 minute spell & then it goes away. This happens 4 times per day. I received my first niacin flush a few days ago. I don't think this is related to the niacin flush but I'm not totally sure. I did itch badly the first time I had the niacin flush. My skin doesn't turn red or a burning sensation. Could this be a part of the healing crisis that's going on or is this still part of the niacin flsuh?

Also, I want to ask you about the chlorella. As you know, I've been doing the chlorella every other day due to die-off symptoms. I'm going to start using the chlorella daily. The dosage(powdered) I'm on now is only 2 tsp. & remember that's taken at 2 tsp. every other day.

I want to start taking the chlorella at 3 tsp. Daily with each meal which would be a total of 9 grams of the brand (NOW Organic Chlorella) I have available. I've read that 10 grams is the dosage for treating health issues/conditions while 5 grams is the maintenance dosage.

I'm trying to avoid too much because of the die-off reaction. It's been bad enough for me! I'm taking lots of stuff already. Maybe I should just up the chlorella dosage to 2 tsp. Daily for a week or so first & then go to 3 tsp. Daily. What's your opinion on this?

I've also been suffering from dizziness/lightheadness more in the past 2-3 days. Especially when I try to get up from laying/sitting. I have to stand up slowly & wait for a few seconds before walking. I feel like I'm going to pass out when I do this too fast. What might be causing this? Is there anything I can do/take to help with this problem? I know you said to take extra niacin & magnesium for the pains/aches in my neck & head. Thanks again Bill!"

06/15/2012: Karina from Munich replies: "You are so lucky that you found the cause - I needed as well nearly 10years to find out that all my 'unrelated symptoms' were caused by candida. However, you will be so happy once it is gone. I hope you looked already into proper food combining and leaving out all sugars/grains (use a good stevia to replace sugar)? Especially fresh lemon juice - gets one out of the brain fog in the morning. After that use a green juice or smoothing in the morning to help the detoxing process.

Additionally, set up 3 colon hydro therapy sessions (or enemas) for the next 3 weeks and then every month once to clear all the bacteria and toxins. I was against all this but my detox symptoms were so bad that I needed to get better without using chemical drugs (check out some information on youtube by eg. Donna Perrone on colonics -she explains it so well and helped me to trust this method- or the books of Natalia Rose to make sure all the dietary changes are taking into account). This made all the difference in my recovery and taught me a lot - I would never miscombine food again for the rest of my life (and this already gave me so much energy back in my life - no wonder I felt so tired before). Use a good probiotic to set up the new bacteria but stay away from dairy as much as possible in that phase. Furthermore, there are some brands which use an 'enzyme based' formula to clear out candida - it produces no die off symptoms and I would definitely recommend this as well. With the healing crisis - remember your body is getting rid of so much toxic matter - help all the organs either colon with enemas, or infrared saunas - saunas in general - everything to get skin, lungs, kidney and colon clean. As soon as you support this detoxing process - nature moves in and regenerates!

Wishing you so much luck and hopefully some of the above help you to recover to a new life!"

06/15/2012: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Tony... If your itching only lasts for 20 minutes -- this is quite natural when you get the niacin flush and should be nothing to worry about.

Regarding your dosages of chlorella and iodine -- you can take both of these nutrients at he same time with water without problems. The best way to take the dosages is to take them at smaller dosages and at a greater frequency -- rather than taking the dose as one single hit per day as this can cause problems too. So, just take the chlorella together with your lugol's iodine dosage together outside mealtimes. Take four smaller dosages a day, for example, like this:

1/2 tspn chlorella X 4 times a day(increasing the dosage as your like)

Add 1 Iodoral the first day, then add another iodoral tablet(taken at a different time) the next day and increase like this until you are taking at least 1 iodoral tablet 4 times a day(at diferent times) together with the chlorella and water. Doing it like this helps to helps to deliver smaller but more manageable and effective dosages of chlorella and Iodoral that last throughout the day and every day.

I will also be traveling tomorrow for about a week so I'm not sure how well I will be able to keep in touch on EC since the Philippines wifi cover is not so good but I will try and be consistent."

06/15/2012: Tony from Church Hill, Tn, Usa replies: "Thanks again Bill! I've been using the chlorella only with meals. I read about possible nausea when taking chlorella on an empty stomach. However, I haven't tried taking it on an empty stomach. I guess since I should be taking both the iodine & chlorella on an empty stomach I'll start doing it now.

I'll do as you suggest & take them in 4 separate dosages. Of course, I'll just be starting out with the initial dosage of 12. 5 mg(1 tablet) of the tri-iodine supplement that I bought recently. I'll increase by 1 tablet each day until I'm at a total of 4 which is 50 mg.

By the time I get to 4 tablets I'll just take it the same time as the chlorella dosages outside mealtimes. I don't think I'll go over the 50 mg amount of iodine. I don't see me going up to 100 mg of iodine which is the upper limit from the protocol. I'll just stick with the 50 mg amount.

How do we know it's time to cutback and/or stop taking some of these supplements/remedies? I know you still take the lemon/baking soda remedy along with a mixture of sea salt/baking soda/borax for maintenance purposes. I'll surely be doing something like that myself once I get this under control. I'd just like to know how my body will let me know it's time to quit/cutback on certain supplements/remedies?

I know that I'm probably still quite a way from stopping anything I'm doing right now but I'd like your opinion as to knowing when certain things might be OK to stop/cutback. I certainly don't wanna be taking all of this stuff no longer than needed. I do know that I need all of them right now though. I'm about to go into my 6th week on this protocol.

I do see some improvement but it has been slow & minimal. I'm staying positive though! Thanks & God Bless! BTW, what can I do about my dizziness & lightheadness that I asked about in a prior reply yesterday? Thanks!"

06/24/2012: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe replies: "Lisa, thank you so much for sharing. What you list sounds wonderful! For me, I try to do simple stuff and I've tried lots of the "easy" EC recommendations with varying degrees of success; success being - better skin tone, much relieved rosacea etc.

But it was when I started experimenting with lowering my gluten intake, that I noticed sharper differences for the better. I'm still trying to figure it out more, since I was tested and am not considered gluten-intolerant, but the results I see, seem to say otherwise.

Oh, and my fruits, nuts/seeds, and greens morning smoothie does put me on my feet for the day!

Thanks for your blessings and may it boomerang back to you!"

06/25/2012: Robyn from Sydney, Australia replies: "Tony, Im taking all of this as well less the bromelain, Im taking a few more immune helpers. It seems ACV and mushrooms would be contradictory but I am assured they are not. And their help to the immune system is enormous. But I can't shake it. So maybe its not candida at all. No way to know for sure. I have a thick white coating on toungue, been there for decade but then my liver is no good and Im overridden with viruses. Good luck with your fight. If anyone knows a way for sure to know if you have candida please let me know."
06/25/2012: Lisa from Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa replies: "Hi Mmsg, Somehow, I missed your post back to me. Wow, that is fantastic that you discovered this for yourself! As for the test results, well, what I've learned is that many people are gluten sensitive even if not gluten intolerant and that still leads to issues. I have met people who say that eliminating gluten relieves their body pain even though they are told they are not allergic to gluten.

And I too am always, exploring, discovering and trying various remedies here on EC. And of course, I prefer simple too! Who doesn't? Otherwise, if it's too complex, we give it up. It sounds like your successes are pretty good, too! I'm glad you learn a lot on EC like I do. It's always interesting to hear stories and share experiences and help others...

Have the best day ever, always! Lisa"

04/06/2012: Scarlet from Morgan Hill, Ca: "I am severely anorexic and part of this is due to the fact I can't eat anything it seems like anymore because the candida that started long ago was fed for 10 years by my excessive wine habit. I've had elevated liver enzymes and possible liver disease but no one wants to do a liver biopsy to confirm. But in the mean time I'm starving and crying because the organism in me has been allowed to spread throughout my body. It's everywhere, in my eyes, ears, anal area, digestive tract, etc. I have terrible pains in my abdomen and under my rib cage and can actually feel the critters in me grabbing on to my intestinal lining poking holes in it. I have developed food allergies to things I've never been allergic too, I have terrible sinus congestion (mast cells I assume) dry mouth, intense sweating, thirsty, insomnia, severe muscle wasting and weight loss, and I eat. But I can only eat now meat and vegetables and this diet has been going on for years now. I am severly malnourished. I recently have been trying to eat beans and yogurt. I can't eat cow's or goat's milk yogurt, and now I am allergic to sheep's milk yogurt. I am miserable after eating it.

My husband brought into our home a Vit c supplement and I noticed xylitol was in it... And for whatever reason I can taste sugar in the air... Last year when I went to a liver specialist the doctor walked in and had been chewing some gum and I had some kind of weird reaction to the sugar or chemicals in the gum.. Didn't know what the ingredient was. I am probably not going to be around much longer... I have leaky gut and have autoimmune liver, my doctor thinks. He tries to get me vitamins which I react to... So I can't take any... Even IV's and IM's cause much pain in the liver. I have read that yeast/fungal infections a person shouldn't be taking B vitamins as there's yeast in them and can cause much pain when taking in the abdomen. I am at my wits end and don't know what to do to help myself other than trying to do distilled water enemas and take distilled aloe vera to try and heal the damaged intestinal lining. I do have Blastocystis Hominis in my stools ontop of the systemic candida. I am extremely miserable and have no quality of life.... I am alone in this....

Please I need help and don't have a ton of money. I spent over $14,000 dollars last year trying to help myself and have a bag full of vitamins I couldn't take from the Integrative Medicine doctor. The candida in the stomach is so bad that it's causing problems with my digestion and I have high Bun/Creatinine and dehydration. I have had high anion gap blood tests in the past, due to acidosis. Why am I so acidic? Is it because I only eat meat and vegetables and perhaps my flora is so out of whack. I have developed an allergy to garlic but still eat it to knock down the fungus. I also developed an allergy to Nystatin which was building up in my system and caused pain in the liver as I can't seem to get my Liver to detox chemicals/drugs probably due to the drinking in the past (liver damage) and this darn fungal infection that went undiagnosed for 20 years or so. Thank you for your prompt help!"

04/06/2012: Rswuniontown from Uniontown, Oh replies: "Candida is something to be concerned about, but you can overcome this. I believe iodine, olive leaf and oregano oil are all effective for reducing candida. There are several others, like Pau'Arco tea or cream of tartar, but recently a product came to my attention that I have tried and others have commented that they also feel is beneficial. It is called Flora Balance (not sure if I can post this) and contains 1M microorganisms of Bacillus Laterosporus (bod strain). I have no financial interest or any other interest in this, but it is relatively inexpensive ($15) and seems to be helpful. It seems to me, however, that those who have overcome candida have used iodine with a no carb diet. I can tell that you are overwhelmed from not feeling well for so long and trying so many remedies, but if you look at Ted and Bill's advice here,

I know you can become healthy and free from this. You are on the right track and you can do this! We will all be looking for good news from you and many good wishes are with you."

04/07/2012: Timh from Louisville, Ky, Usa replies: "Scarlet, I hope you can get this illness turned around. I am suffering many of the same illness as yourself and my prognosis is also looking dim. To begin, you need to support the liver w/ Milk Thistle, Dandelion, Yellowdock, and St John'sWort for hep. BHT might help for hep. H2O2 drops in daily filtered water as per protocol. Definitely do some type of Colon Cleanse as a contaminated Colon will pollute the entire body. Also for infection Lipospheric or Liposomal Vit-C as needed OR MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) begin w/ 2 drop dose and work up daily (not at same days as H2O2 therapy). If possible get raw Thymus injections to restore the Thymus & immune system or try oral route. Also there is the likelihood of heavy metal toxicity as per your symptoms so get hair analysis. MMS is touted to rid heavy metals as well as pathogens. Be careful of die-off or herz from any of these therapies. Coffee enemas are very good to help eliminate toxins. Hot baths w/ baking soda, epsom salt and other minerals like Boron should help. Try sublingual coenzymated B vitamins. Liquid Potassium Iodide will also be necessary.

Good luck and let us know of your progress."

04/07/2012: Timh from Louisville, Ky, Usa replies: "Scarlet, I forgot to mention in my previous post one very important mineral to help the Candida infection ---Molybdenum. If Candida isn't bad enough, your body gets loaded w/ it's byproduct ---aldehyde; and aldehyde that doesn't get detoxed can turn into formaldehyde (both of which are highly toxic to liver and all body tissues). NAD (sublingual) or Niacinamide and MolyB will rid your body of these toxic aldehydes (which explains your acidosis and wasting syndrome). Also do Ted's or any alkalizing protocols."
04/11/2012: Lisa from Jacksonville replies: "I am so sorry you are suffering so much. I am praying for you. Research everything on this site and hang on! You can get well. Candida is terrible. Apple Cider Vinegar was one of the things that helped me the most. I have been on the Candida diet almost 2 years now but it is hard. I didn't see too much result until 10 months after I started. Have faith that God will help you."
04/29/2012: Laura from Clovis, Ca replies: "Scarlet, I'm praying for you too. In my own experience, God opened up my eyes to finding this website and Ted's candida free program. I had an upper GI and found out that I had candida in my esophagus and h pylori in my stomach. I found a blog "I'm so happy I have HPylori", so I had already asked my dr to test me for this before the upper GI procedure. Anyway I took antibiotics for the h pylori (tried the natural route but it was taking so long and I was so miserable) and the stool test shows negative for this. Was still having problems and didn't realize how bad your symptoms can be with candida. I thought all my problems were with the h pylori. This all started after I got food poisoning back in November. The doctors kept passing me off from one dr to the next. One dr was concerned wanting to know why I had the candida in my esophagus. Saying that this only happens to people with a severely compromised immune system. But after running all the HIV, diabetes and other blood tests and everything coming back negative, he too, basically passed me off. What I mean by passing me off is that they say either that you are fine or as one doctor told me " You were really sick and it's just going to take your system a while to get better".

Anyway I could go on and on but I think everyone who reads this forum has been through something similar. EC has been a blessing from God for me! So let me tell you what has been working for me since I feel so much better! I only eat veggies, chicken, turkey, fish, (very little red meat), eggs, and brown rice, green tea, ginger tea, Pau d arco tea. I try to eat organic as much as possible. Especially for my meats, fish (wild) and eggs since antibiotics are a huge problem with these. I had been doing all of this for over a month but still was not feeling any relief until this past week when I started Ted's candida program. I was a little leary of the borax solution but after my husband and I researching this more I decided to try it. It took a while to go to 2 different health food stored to buy everything and expensive but I'm so tired of being sick. I had no energy, had lost 25 pounds, severe reactions to smells, and foods, bloating, constant stool changes, pain in abdomen that was getting worse and worse (now that I have read more, I really think that I was developing a leaky gut since someone else remarked that is was a creeping, burrowing feeling and this was my same feeling), problems sleeping, pressure in throat, chest, heart palpitations, chills and on and on. So many random symptoms that I did sound like a hypochondriac. Some of these symptoms had gotten better with getting rid of the h pylori and the no sugar, dairy, gluten free, no coffee, tea, fruit, alcohol (which wasn't a big deal for me since I occasionally have a glass of wine but no sugar was much harder for me! ).

When I started Ted's regimen I noticed a huge difference in just one day. The pain in my abdomen feels like it's slowly going away. I do have an email into Ted... I'm waiting for a response since I have a few questions on the protocol. As soon as I find out I will post them here. But the good news is... I am feeling so much better. Something that I wasn't sure was possible just a month ago. In Psalm 119:71-72 it says "it was good for me to be afflicted so that I might learn your decrees. The law from your mouth is more precious to me than thousands of pieces of silver and gold. ". I would have never agreed that it was good for me to be afflicted but now I'm so much more sensitive to those who are afflicted with illnesses. I have already come in contact with several people who were searching for answers to their symptoms! I have been able to share with them this website, books and my own experience, so I have learned a lot from this whole process too!

Scarlet, I'm sorry this is so long. I wish you and all the others out there to be able to find a regimen and support that will work for you. God bless you!"

05/24/2012: Coco from Paso Robles, Ca replies: "I live not too far from you and I have had many health problems too. I recently spent 5 days in Hawaii. Surprisingly, while there, I felt like a million dollars, not a single symptom! I thought I was cured. When I got home, I started feeling sick again. I just read about and wonder if we can be affected by this fungal infection, brought by the wind in our region. Either way, spent your next $2000 on a vacation far away instead of doctors, it is worth it if it saves your life. I have used Borax and coconut oil for 5 months and my condition has improved tremendously, but when I stop the treatment it worsens. So whatever you do might take months and months, but don't give up!"

01/24/2012: Clare from Holmfirth, England: "I have systemic candida I cannot eat any refined carbohydrates since being put on strong antibiotics a year ago. Have been on a carb free fruit free diet for 3 months please help. How can I rid myself of this? I have insomnia and depression too, please help."

10/21/2011: Bebe from Washington, Dc, United States: "Bill from San Fernando, I liked your analysis but you haven't said anything how you got rid of your candida, what you took for it or anything else except the Milk of Magnesia you used to get rid of tinea cruris. Please let us know in detail step by step what you used, how you used it and for how long. You seem very informed and your comment is very interesting so, you can help a lot of people like me to benefit. I have, I believe psoriasis for nearly a year, it is around my eyes (I am wrinkled, I looked least 20 years older than I am) and it is also both side of my nose, around my mouth (I hardly manage to open my mouth), one side of my neck, my lap and in the back of my leg. Please let us know ASAP, I am desperate my face is so wrinkled, I don't want even want to see people anymore. I did the Candida spit test that Hebgirl suggested and it did sink. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks."

EC: Bill has covered this extensively quite a few times. Please read through Remedies Needed thread under Candida to find his answers.

Also here:


09/28/2011: Jiji from Washington, Dc: "Hi Herbgirl, I have psoriasis (I am told by a doctor) it is mostly on my face around my eyes, nose, mouth and even on my lap. Around my eyes get so wrinkle, it makes me look that I am thirty years older than I am and I can hardly able to open my mouse. My eyes gets puffy, I think it even gets inside my eyes. The doctor gave me Fluocinonide and desonide cream but it helps me for few days and it comes back again my life changed overnight, I don't know what to do. However, after reading your comment, I did the spit test you suggested and my spit did sink. I went to Whole Food to buy syntol (enzyme-probiotic) but the salesman suggested that first I should take organic total body cleanse and they don't have syntol, the other brands to take for 14 or 30 days. My question is do you think the 14 or 30 days tablets of the other brand works as good as syntol? Do you also think it is necessary to take body cleanser before taking syntol? Please let me know ASAP."

09/29/2011: P from Middle Of , Fl replies: "check out coconut and castor oil for topical application. I use both although I dont have your problem but have read in the remedy feed that it helps with psoriasis and also read; taking coconut oil internaly will fight psoriasis and candida. Poor you! I really hope this works for you! Any problems on your face really sucks!"

07/11/2011: Soiske from Ko Samui, Suratani, Thailand: "I am 50 and a single Belgian female living on Ko Samui. Sinds about three years my life has becoming a nightmare because I feel more sick everyday. The symtoms started many years ago and increased since then. Normal medicine couldn't find anything so true internet I can now be sure at 95% that I have a severe case of candida overgrowth and hypoglycemia.

The causes could be :

-more than 10 years of steroids intake

-30 years of a lot of medication intake

-stress full childhood

-eating disorders since I was 12 year, starting vomiting around the twenties (sometimes every day). At this point food relation better but still vomiting /- 1 or 2 times a month.

My symtomes at this point:

-recurrent cystitis
-daily nausea
-diarhea and constipation
-craving for sugar, carbohydrates ans alcohol and yeasty foods
-suden energy loss, trembling, feeling of fainting
-nasal congestion
-fatiue, weakness(very strong symtome, cannot work anymore), chronic weariness
-bluring of vision
-chronic headaches
-irritability, depression and anxiety
-poor memory, lack of concentration, foggy in the head
-hyperactivity when have energy (does not happen a lot anymore)
-arthrosis in the lower back, neck and shoulders
-noise intolerance
-burning eyes
-frequent need of urinate and urination incontinence
-many food allergies (don't know what to eat anymore as I am a vegetarian and purchase of aternative products here on the island is very limited)
-feeling very weak, no muscular tone
-chronic herpes
-aching pain in the abdomen
-chronic nail fungus
-sudden sweats

As I cannot work anymore because of the lack of energy, I am now in a financial difficulty. I urgently need to regain energy because I take care of 21 street animals and they need me every day. I don't think there is any docter that can held me here on the Island but I would be preapred to go to bangkok for help. Can anybody help me please?

Thank you in advance, Soiske"

07/12/2011: Catherine from Wellington, New Zealand replies: "Candida is very likely, but your comment about caring for all those animals leads me to think that your main concern could be parasites. Very easy to be infected when caring for animals. There may be some good local remedies available to you on your island."
07/12/2011: Debbie from Melbourne, Australia replies: "Soiske, In addition to candida you should also research "leaky gut". The steroid use would have caused you to have the leaky gut."
07/12/2011: Jessica from Melbourne, Victoria replies: "Hey! U can try urine therapy! It works great. Just drink ur morning urine, avoiding the 1st and last stream. U should just drink ur mid stream morning urine and see how it goes. U can continue drinking 3 glasses a day but should avoid eating ir drinking beafore and after 1 hour of urine consumption. Ur diet should be free of oily and spicy foods and minimal intake of meat and fish. Lots of veggies and green salad are recommended. And also u shouldn't be on any tablets. If u continue drinking ur mid stream morning urine as soon as u wake up in the morning, u will definately see the difference in a short period of time. Gud luck!!!"

06/13/2011: Carol from New York: "My daughter has sufferred chronic fatigue for years and after being treated with antidepressants for some time decided to just put up with the fatigue. A few years ago she started showing signs of candida, she has tried the diet and has been to treatment centres but never seems to get better. She has recently married and this is putting terrible strain on her relationship particularily as she finds a sexual relationship very painful because of yeast infections. She is taking caprylic acid and no longer eats sugar wheat or dairy but nothing seems to improve. Her hair and is now falling out and she is losing the will to live.

After trying so many things to help her back to health and visiting a multitude of Dietitians, Naturepaths and doctors which proved to be of little benefit but costly, is there really any affective cure for this dreadful illness. Can anyone come up with something definative that will get rid of this once and for all. Does anyone know of any tests that can be done to prove the extent of the problem as regular doctors don't seem to be equiped to deal with Candida."

06/13/2011: Gavin from Manganui, Northland, New Zealand replies: "Fatigue.. Depression.. Hair falling out.. Candida? Sounds like a severe case of Vitamin B deficiency.. Plus a few trace minerals as well. For the candida soak a Tampon in coconut oil or yogurt.. Insert and change everyday. Start taking BSM. And B complex. ASAP. and dont forget the Boron."
06/14/2011: Merryanne from Orange City, Florida, Usa replies: "I can only tell you the things I do for myself. If the yeast is starting to bother me I do:

1. 2 drops of 2% Loguls Iodine In 1/2 cup water 2 times a day

2. I buy magnesium crystals and make magnesium oil, 1 cup hot water and 1 cup crystals; then I take 1 teaspoon in juice every day, If there is any skin problem I apply it there (it really stings) and I put it on my head to be absorbed into my scalp to help my hair

3. Take 2 tablespoons ACV and 1/4 teaspoon baking soda let fizz add 1/2 cup water and drink down 2 times a day

I eat yogurt, I do not eat sugar, or sugary fruit, or white bread, no sugar drink, and NO artifical sweetners.

A woman can make a lite vinegar duche, and you can buy them already made, also soak a tampon in coconut oil and insert for several hours.

It will take several weeks to get it under control, and once under control some of the things have to be done all the time. It is a for ever battle. Be consistant in fighting this.

Merryanne in central Fl"

06/14/2011: Sue M. from Worden, Il. Usa replies: "I'm listing a couple of options for you to check out in regards to your daughter's candida. 1) HEALINGNATURALLYBYBEE.COM and 2) Dr. William Crook--"The Yeast Connection"

The main healing product for me was VCO. You have to start out small and work up, but it kills the bacteria and keeps it under control. Hope this helps."

06/12/2011: Alicia from College Park, Md, Usa: "I have pustules that appear in random paces all over my body, mostly my neck and one has even come up on my finger. They aren't grouped or too close together. I don't know what this is from or how to treat it. Does anyone have any advice? I'm 25 years old and I'm wondering if this could be candida?"

06/13/2011: Jay from Toronto, Ont, Canada replies: "This most likely is a systemic fungal infection which may be candida or another similar fungus. I have had similar pimple-like pustules on hands, neck, and even on ear lobes before slowly beating it back.

This needs to be treated like you would treat a basic candida overgrowth, but much more agressively as it can appear to be beaten and withdraw from one area only to appear strongly in another area.

I strongly recommend you attack it several ways at the same time. Start on a strong probiotic with at least 6 different strains of probiotic bacteria to help control the fungus in your bowels. Also look up Bill or Ted's recommendations here on Earth Clinic using ACV with sodium bicarb daily. Soak affected areas for 15 minutes daily in a mild solution of ACV and water. You can use organic coconut oil both internally and externally.

Keep us posted."

12/26/2010: Abigail from Lawrence, Ks: "Hi Missourita. Sorry you're suffering from the smelly vaginal discharge; this is really uncomfortable, I know. The only thing that made this go away for me was a high quality probiotic pill. The smell and discharge went away two days after I started taking it! (But I continued taking it for a month, to make sure it was gone. ) I'm not supposed to mention brand names, but I need to say that I tried probiotics from my local health food store, and they were not as effective. It was only when I took a specific probiotic that I got dramatic results. Probably because it has a high count of different strains of bacteria, not sure."

12/26/2010: Missourita from St. Louis, Missouri, United States: "I am a 33-year-old female and I have been struggling with getting rid of vaginal odor. Acidophilis and folic acid have not worked, but the peroxide works when I use it. It's just not something I can use constantly. Additionally, when I have a bowel movement the odor is HORRENDOUS. I have a bowel movement several times a day and while it always is unpleasant, lately it is nearly unbearable. The smell concerns my mother, as well. My sinuses aren't great (allergies, etc. ) and I can't smell/taste things thoroughly and when she walked past the bathroom after I used it, she told me I needed to go to the doctor. I don't have health insurance. I don't know what else to do! I've taken Chlorophyll in the past but that didn't seem to work either! I'm helpless! Thank you."

12/26/2010: Dan from Whites Creek, West Virginia, Usa replies: "I have not yet tried it; but.... Try dolomite limestone rock powders; 3 pills, with meals, 3 times per day. [= of powders: 1, 500mg, with meals, X 3 t/d

A Personal Note by J. I. Rodale..... I made myself a guinea pig. Here are some, of my experiences:

For eight or nine months I took magnesium in the form of dolomite tablets. I wanted to see its effects on me before I recommended it to others. Within a few clays, exactly as Delbet had said, I noticed that it deodorized my stool. But may I say that this deodorization process began with me many years ago, after a few years of being on the Prevention system, cutting out bread, salt, sugar, and milk and taking the many vitamins and minerals, exercising, etc. But with the addition of dolomite the process of deodorization was made almost complete--let us say 99. 4 percent complete. But when I started to take dolomite tablets, I was not prepared for another change it produced, something that took about six months. This was an almost complete disappearance of underarm odor! Unbelievable, you might say! But perhaps the unbelievable is about to come true. Wouldn't that be something--something as basic as the purification of the inner body, by a simple little tablet?

Delbet in the above quotation says that magnesium's effect on body odor is no doubt due to a modification of the intestinal flora, the beneficial intestinal bacteria that take part in the process of breaking down the food. I came to this conclusion independently owing to several experiences I had with magnesium............. In this book we have shown how effective magnesium is in curing certain diseases. Could this be because of the fact that magnesium increases the intestinal flora and enables the body to absorb more nutrients from the food, and thus improve the nutrition to a particular organ that is sick or in a process that is defective?....... Lately we have gotten another clue. There is now much reason to believe that magnesium in large quantities is essential to the healthy functioning of the pituitary gland. This gland, in turn, regulates the functions of all the other glands. And, when there is a noticeable unpleasant odor about anyone's body that cannot be traced to a specific disease condition, it is most often a malfunction of a particular set of glands -the apocrine glands-that gets the blame. Is it possible that, by regulating and improving the function of the pituitary, magnesium acts through the pituitary to regulate the apocrine glands so that they will no longer release enough of their secretions to form unpleasant odors?

We do not know yet, though we feel we are coming closer to the answer. What we do know is that, for reasons not yet established, magnesium consumed in sufficient quantity to avert any possible deficiency does definitely seem to reduce or altogether eliminate any tendency an otherwise healthy person might have to unpleasant body odors........... In my premagnesium era I discovered that, when I walked for two hours a day (at two sessions of one hour each), my foot odor vanished completely. But one hour of this exercise a day did not do it. Today without any walking at all (during the winter), my dolomite tablets keep my feet completely free of odor. How about athlete's foot? I don't know. I haven't had it for many years. I was cured of it about seven or eight years ago by the Prevention system. But perhaps the taking of dolomite might cure it. As I have said, I take nine tablets of dolomite a day. At the beginning, I had a few days of light diarrhea, but soon everything set itself in the proper order. Delbet says the same thing in his communication to the French Academy of Medicine, July 10, 1928: "In persons who have normally active bowels, it brings on a diarrhea in the first days, but it does not last. "

It would seem, therefore, that with dolomite, good nutrition, and sufficient exercise, and without certain organic disease conditions, most underarm, stool, and foot odor could be eliminated. I believe there is another factor, namely, the emotions, which must be considered. In emergencies and under tensions there might be a temporary return of b.o. ---------. J. I. Rhodale, 1968"
12/26/2010: Lisa from Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa replies: "Hi Missourita, Sounds like you have a very serious candida condition going on. There is much info here on EC about this. Bill from Luzon, Philippines followed a very specific protocol to rid himself of this that you can find here in this thread:

I would start there as chlorophyll is not going to cut it. Also, keep in mind that this condition takes time to get rid of so it is best to start immediately and be resolute in your actions. Hope this helps, Lisa"

12/29/2010: Camara from Ellicott, Md replies: "Is there a particular place you can order good quality dolomite. I checked out the web site link you provided, but didn't see any recommendations on where to purchase it. Thanks!"
12/29/2010: Dan from Whites Creek, West Virginia, Usa replies: "Camara; Any health food store should sell it locally. Or buy it from a internet health store. I am using the "kal" brand. 1 pound, powdered form. It is a powdered rock. I take 1/4 tsp. of it, with meals. I am guessing that 1/4 tsp = approx 1,500mg = approx 3 "oo" capsules... But I am guessing."
12/31/2010: Jcdines from El Segundo, California replies: "Hi, Have you tried to eliminate certain foods from your diet? Do you eat dairy..... Milk & cheese products? If so, don't eat them for about a week and see what happens. Good luck!"

12/20/2010: El from Australia, Qld: "DESPERATE for some advice.... From TED please.... I have all the classical symptoms of systematic candida where I get thrush, coated tongue, back aches, thrush, hair- dry and lifeless, lethargic, depression, acne, food allergies, pms. These symptoms all began 20 years ago after I took many antibiotics in one year for a re-occurant flu/cold. But I stumbled on a Muliti vitamin (blackmores) and most symptoms disappear when I take them. At the time I had no idea I had candida. So I have been taking them most of the time ever since.

Throughout the years I have found if I do to much exercise I burn up all the MV, then symptoms will return. I have also changed to other brands only to find symptoms will return. For some unknown the Blackmores MV works for me. And at times I think is it all in my head, but it can't be because I've had my partner secretly change the MV with another product and sure enough I'm going down hill again. I have even done some experimenting where I go off the MV and go for a full blood count test the results will show everything is on the low. I will then go back on MV and do the test a few weeks later and test shows very high. I also found I once had a really high fever I took about 5 MV spaced throughout the day. For some unknown reason I decided I didn't want to take these MV because I thought at the time my body needed a break. For the following six months I felt great!! Only to eventually go down hill. I have been to naturopaths whom have said just stay on them or put me on something else. Nothing has helped. I gave up trying to find the answer just took one Mv per day. I'm guessing that when you have a fever your body must get rid of unwanted toxins/bacteria.

All was going well until 4 years ago I fell pregnant 30 hour labour then Caesarean ( I was completely drugged out) Nine months later I was pregnant again - elected Caesarean. Soon after I got a really bad flu, my body ached followed by uncontrollable chills all night. I ended up getting them for about a year every 8 weeks. Eventually they eased off and the for the last year I get colds every 6-8 weeks I have been doing oil pulling for the last year - helps my teeth - gingivitis. I take apple cider vinegar for the last 2 years - has helped with period pain/large clots & itchy skin from wine, slightly clearer skin. But as soon as I stop taking Apple Cider Vinegar I get these big blind pimples and period pain returns. I recently purchased fish oil only to give painful diarrhea. I do take peroxide (3% Food grade)when I feel a sore throat coming and sometimes it will cure it. Obviously I have an underlying issue that needs to be dealt with. I have been taking Baking soda with lemon and Apple Cider Vinegar but its only been 5 days. I understand you are very busy, if you have a spare few minutes I would greatly appreciate it. Thanking you, El"

12/21/2010: Bill from San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines replies: "Hi El... The one thing I realized when I had candida was that there are a plethora of symtoms for this problem -- everyone's symptoms are different. I had bloating, psoriasis, eczma, bad constipation, lethargy, lack of energy, insomnia, infrequent bowel movement, athletes foot and jock itch. What I did was to just blame it all on the candida, and when I eventually got rid of the candida, every one of these symtoms disappeared -- healthy again!!

The reason I'm telling you this is to advise you to forget all your "symptoms" -- and just concentrate on attacking and getting rid of your candida. This must be your strategy. Once you manage to get rid of candida, every other "symptom" will just disappear

Also, systemic candida is not easy to get rid -- because it has infected all of your body, so don't expect an easy cure from a single remedy or magic bullet. See the protocol I used successfully to get rid of my own candida in this comment stream here:

And the dietary plan you should be using is in this comment stream here:"
12/21/2010: Shaun from York, Olde England replies: "Candida is essential to human life. We could not properly function without it. This is fact. That said, what is happening with secondary manifestations of candida is that the body's state-of-health has started to drop back from its optimal functioning manner, and candida is thereby being activated to do its job. That is, to 'clean' up that which is going (wanting?) to die off. Yes, it can seem a bit over-zealous in this, but its also the 'signal' to you that you are not living correctly. Candida's manifestation comes in many, many forms. All-in-all its just natures way. Its nothing more than that. If you don't like dying early, change your lifestyle. Listen to folk like Ted and Bill. You don't need queues of doctors, or lesser charlatans to 'advise' you what to do. Just use some common sense. I've been there. I know what its like."

12/11/2010: Truthsearcher from Beverly Hills, Ca, 90210: "It all started 3 years ago when I started to get mild to somewhat severe acne. I then went to a dermatologist who told me to stop drinking milk for a year and prescribed me many different kinds of antibiotics and such a monocycline and others. I was a young teen then, so I didn't know I had to take them with food, so I would have it first thing in the morning. As months passed, my acne got better, but another ailment came, severe constipation. I went to a gastrotoligst who ran some test (including a colonoscopy) and said I was fine but suffered from lactose intolerance. After also trying many pro biotics, nothing seemed to help. (I also have muscle "burn" like working out, after just walking up a few stairs)

About 8 months ago, I started to develop a major sleep problem which made me not be able to go to deep sleep(just me laying there and closing my eyes). This lasted everyday for 2 months untill something crazy happened. I had a major psychotic episode, then having one every month and a half, for a total of 3(doctor sais it's a minor case of szcisophernia. Ever since the sleeping problem came, (or a little before it), I do not have thoughts "come in" to my head, and I feel very blank and suppressed. Its also hard for me to feel emotions. Now I am researching and I am thinking it might be candida, a problem with absorbing my food and nutrients, pyroluria, Porphyria, histapenia, or pellegra.

My life is now put on hold because its hard to concentrate, I am more quite and supressed, its hard to have insight, and I space out. Help is much appreciated. P. S; my little brother is a replica of me and is showing signs that I have such as the constipation( I wonder if its genetics)."

12/11/2010: Carly from Seattle, Wa Usa replies: "Hi Truthsearcher... That sounds really rough. I hope you can figure it all out. I would also look at / google celiac symptoms. I know if you are not digesting your food properly due to celiac disease, it can have a lot of different symptoms. Just one more idea of something worth looking in to. Good luck to you."
12/12/2010: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "It is likely that b3, 500 mg, is taken 4 times a day to help schizophrenia. The severe constipation may likely helped with baking soda, 1/2 teaspoon, after meal 3 times a day with one more dose before sleep and vitamin b50, which is a vitamin b complex perhaps once a day.


12/14/2010: Blue Calculator from Los Angeles, California replies: "Please stop taking antibiotics and start a program of detoxification based on natural remedies. You have been poisoned with drugs."

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