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Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 06/30/2020

Diedre, when I open Earth Clinic I get a blurb about "There are problems with the security certificate for this site". Of course I hit "continue" but I was wondering if your programmers should know about this.

EC: Hi Mmsg,

Thank you so much for letting me know! We do have a security certificate but maybe we need another one. Will have the programmer check it out asap.

Replied by Deirdre
(Earth Clinic)

Hi Mmsg,

Can you please let us know which page you are on when you see the site certificate message? We can't duplicate your issue. All our browser pages are showing https://


Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

I guess you did something good because I've tested twice now and that blurb is gone! Thank you!

EC: Ok, great!

If someone uploaded an image in their post in the past, we discovered that it might show that message, but on the majority of pages, it won't.

Site Updates
Posted by Art (California) on 06/11/2020 874 posts
5 out of 5 stars

I definitely like the old new look again! Definitely better than the new old look! I missed this! Thank you EC!


Replied by Anon Canada

Yes, Art - I fully agree. It's like welcoming back an old friend you haven't seen for a long time. It's so much easier to find things and to read posts. Thanks, Deirdre, for making old new again :)


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Posted by Ed (Tawas City, Mi 48764) on 06/19/2020


Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 06/19/2020

Hurray! Welcome back Classic Earth Clinic! An old friend has returned. :)

Deirdre, thank you for your tireless effort to accomplish this and all you do to promote health through the encouragement, experiences and knowlege of real people. Earth Clinic is one of a kind.


~Mama to Many~

EC: Thank you so much, MtM!!!

Posted by Art (California) on 06/19/2020 874 posts
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Thank you, EC!

I forgot how much I liked this format. Much better!


Posted by Anon Not Canada (Not Canada) on 06/19/2020
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SWEET new site! My compliments to your ❤ design team ❤!!

Replied by Anon Canada

Hi Anon Not Canada!

I just wanted to introduce myself - I'm Anon Canada. Love your name (heh, heh) - welcome to Earth Clinic!

Cheers :)

Posted by Cyndi (Brookings, Oregon) on 06/19/2020
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This is just a thank you for all the hard work you guys are doing! For those of us who have been helped greatly, we are so thankful!

Posted by Lodi (Australia) on 06/19/2020

CONGRATULATIONS to Deidre and her team, to regular contributors and to the many readers all over the world supporting Earth Clinic. We have done it!!! We regained our ability to protect from uninvited, detrimental influences to weaken our potential to continue sharing ideas and knowledge about protecting health and wellbeing. But let's not kid ourselves, many natural health information sites that I visited in the past are now difficult to find or no longer there. Earth Clinic might also come under attack and we need to be so vigilant. I feel strongly that all natural health promoting people, groups and organisations need to find their ONE voice (similar to me too# movement) to successfully hang on to our right to take care of ourselves in the best way we know. I am aged 76 and would have started something like that if I had the necessary skills and knowledge, unfortunately I don't. I hope with all my heart that others recognise the need for one strong voice and able/skilled to kick-start such a movement. Blessings of good health to all.

Tips and Tricks

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Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 06/15/2021 265 posts
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First tip is baby wipes. You can wash out baby wipes to use for castor oil packs or poultices. Wash well, but gently, rinse VERY well and hang to dry. You can even buy dry baby wipes but I'd wash them anyway.

A good castor oil trick would be to wash and dry, put them back in the dispenser, pour castor oil over them and let them soak it up. Not to dripping consistency bur just to oiled capacity. Then you'd have castor oil packs handy all the time!

And you can buy a single yard of PUL fabric - as used to make diapers - and make either waterproof bandages or even sleeves (if you get the stretchy kind) or belly binders that you could simply pull on over a pack.

Also, I would hope those who research and explore natural medicine, have been saved money, or relieved of pain or saved from disability - or who have even saved their own life - would donate to this website to help keep it up and its caretakers safe.

Replied by Cindy
(Illinois, USA)
265 posts

A cheap way to get a couple yards of PUL fabric is to get a mattress protector. You can often get PU mattress protectors for less than 10 bucks and a queen size would yield 2 yards of 60" wide waterproof fabric. They're white but most are 100% cotton so you could give them an indigo or turmeric dip and make quite a few nifty little waterproof covers of them! Or let the kids decorate them with Sharpies! And because the PU is fused to the fabric it doesn't need to be hemmed. You could also make some longer, skinnier wrap and tie wraps - like Ace bandages.

Unanswered Questions on EC

Posted by Renee (Beachwood, Ohy) on 05/23/2021

Hello, as I skim through your website I noticed many people have asked questions years ago that are very good questions that I would also like answers to but no one has answered them. Will you please answer these questions if you are able and if not can you please direct that answer?

EC: Hello, can you please let us know which questions you are interested in?  


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Posted by Earth Clinic on 01/19/2021
5 out of 5 stars

One of the most important health articles we have ever published on Earth Clinic. Read it now and share with friends and family.

Where to Find Information

Posted by Chaya (El Paso, TX ) on 06/09/2021

Hi thank you so much for your site and for the helpful information. I was reading the comments about the apple cider vinegar remedies; somewhere along there there was a comment by you, EC, to read up on your information on taking apple cider vinegar with baking soda for a proper pH balance, but I could not find where that information is posted. Would you kindly tell me where I could find that information?

Replied by Earth Clinic

Hi Chaya,

Here is the page you're looking for... Lots of information and great posts!