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Searching on Earth Clinic

Posted by J. (Florida) on 01/10/2021
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Hello, everyone.

When one doesn't see a particular topic category in the menu, such as when one is searching for specific keywords on the website, one can try some of the methods below.

Using an example of searching for webpages with information about citric acid, one can visit one of the webpages below and type keyword combinations, examples of which are below the listed webpages.

In the search box at either of the above webpages, one can type the below keyword combination. +"citric acid"

Another keyword combination worth trying for this example is below. +citric +acid

One could also search for one of the words, as listed below. +citric

To search the section of the website dedicated to Ted from Bangkok's observations, one can try the below keyword combination, for example. +"citric acid"

Below are links to the search results of sample searches from the two aforementioned websites."citric+acid""citric+acid""citric+acid""citric+acid""citric+acid"


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