Noni Juice Cures

| Modified on Dec 05, 2018

Juicing is one of the newest trends in health and wellness; however, noni juice takes that trend a step further. A juice with a plethora of benefits, noni delivers an assortment of nutrients to the body in an easily digestible form. First used as a juice to ease digestive issues, noni has since been identified as an effective treatment for a host of other conditions as well.

What is Noni?

Noni is the name for a tropical fruit. Grown on a tropical evergreen tree, noni is native to the Pacific Islands of Polynesia and Tahiti. The fruit also grows abundantly in India, regions of Australia, South America, and the Caribbean. Today, the tree and its fruit are even grown in other parts of the world.

All of the parts of the noni tree serve as beneficial health treatments. The fruit, leaves, flowers, stems, bark, and roots are used for making medicine and treating a wide range of conditions. The fruit can be taken by mouth or used as a topical application with equally beneficial results; however, some individuals find the fruit and juice somewhat unpleasant in both smell and taste.

Health Benefits of Noni

The most common form of health treatment including noni is the juice. In any of its forms, however, noni is a great source of protein, carbohydrates, and fiber. The fruit also boasts potent doses of vitamin C, vitamin A, iron, and vitamin B3. The fat-free pulp is an added bonus that delivers additional nutrients, texture and even taste.

With all of these benefits and more, noni fruit is effective for supporting and improving health. The fruit is used to promote digestion, relieve pain, increase energy, prevent skin and hair issues, disable degenerative diseases, and fight cancer. More specifically, the fruit can be used to treat such conditions as colic, diabetes, liver disease, malaria, smallpox, asthma, arthritis, migraine, premenstrual syndrome, high blood pressure, muscle pains, atherosclerosis, and a variety of other common ailments.

Whether a juice cleanse sounds like a beneficial option or not, noni fruit is an effective health treatment for more than just its juice. The fruit itself possesses an abundance of nutrients, securing it as an alternative treatment option for a variety of conditions.


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Posted by Marcy (San Mateo, CA) on 09/11/2006

Noni Juice cured the pain from osteoarthritis; also, no colds or flu for the last year. After a few days of taking tahitian noni juice, I was able to stop using my cane, take longer walks, get up and down stairs better. I'm no longer on any meds for my knee. It also helps me to sleep soundly all night. I've been taking a maintenence dose of 2 TB twice daily for about 3-4 years. My family uses noni juice and noni cream for all sorts of first aid also cured a friend of ulcers.

Replied by Al
(Phoenix, Az)

Hello I know for sure is a yea. Why? Because both my parents use to take more than 10 pills daily back in 1997, now my mom only takes 6 ounce of noni juice daily my dad's the same thing. My mom had heart problems, thyroid, high blood pressure and so on. My dad had arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetic. Before, everytime they miss a pill out of the 10 plus I was talking about they get sick. To me its very simple. FDA will never approve noni or accept the the goodness of it cause of political reasons and also a pay cut for them and the doctors. Noni has been good to me my wife and our 7 kids, and even my parents. Natural cure is better than most medicine but they wont tell us that. Thank you very much. God Bless

Replied by Marcia

What was your dosage? I'm assuming it was more than the prescribed one Tblsp per day?

Posted by Nell (South Boardman, Michigan) on 04/03/2006

I've been taking noni for about 3 years. Before starting on noni I had a hard time getting up out of chairs or even bed without hurting and moving like a really old person. Now I move up stairs without hanging onto the handrail and sometimes stopping halfway. Works for me!

Posted by Deborah (San Francisco, CA) on 10/09/2005

NONI juice, two ounces per day has helped my arthritis immensely.

Blood Pressure

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Posted by Don (Melbourne, Australia) on 04/18/2013

Today I turned 47, but in 2002 my BP was 190/140 sugar levels through the roof and cholestoral way too high. 11 years of daily drinking 1-2oz of a noni juice from Tahiti, and my BP is around 140/85, (still high but I am 125kg or 280lbs or so) - cholestoral is fine and sugars so close to normal doctor isnt worried. Although I've added 20kg in that 11 years, I have more energy than before, and I laugh at those who get a cold or the flu (I may get a sniffle for 24hrs, but that is rare) I have never taken prescribed meds for any of the above issues...

Blood Pressure
Posted by Moman (Wasilla, Alaska) on 09/27/2009

Hi everyone I was diagnosed with Aml a little over a year ago, I started taking Noni but being diabectic it kept my sugar up. I dont know if it was beneficial or not.I started using the noni without all of the taste good ingredients, this stuff is tough to drink but since i have been on it, (about 6 Months )I have stop taking my blood pressure Meds as my blood pressure is usually 110/76, Not bad for a 70 year old guy. Is Noni the reason?, I dont know but i will not quit taking it. My red blood cells are still low but i feel that i will overcome that also if i would excercise I take 2oz in the mornings before meals, which is usually a smoothie. Moman

EC: AML = Acute myeloid leukemia


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Posted by Sharon (Pecatonica, IL) on 09/21/2006

I am a cancer patient and as a result of the meds I have to take I sometimes after months of treatment end up having to take something for constipation. I use a shot glass and take Noni juice twice a day. I happen to use a double shot. twice a day. But then I am also taking some strong pain pills (which tend to cause constipation). When I use my Noni faithfully I do not have near the problems. If the constipation is persistent I eat fresh peaches or grapes with it. I also give Noni to my granddaughter who is 7 years old and has had problems in the past and we have really noticed a difference with 1 shot a day as maintenance for her.

Posted by Becky (Buffalo, NY) on 07/26/2006

A close, young relative of mine has cancer of the throat, jaw, tongue, etc. He is in the final stages of the disease and was told the treatments were not working.. He is now taking Noni juice through his Gastric Feeding tube and seems to be improving. The tumors seemed to have shrunk... the lesions are draining...he had been given the last rights.... he wanted to look in the mirror after the tumors shrunk..., he is writing notes again and is resting more comfortably and he is on pain medications also... It will be a Miracle for sure if the Noni cures him.

Replied by Jarocho2003
(San Diego, CA)

Any updates?

Replied by Nicola
(Dungannon, Northern Ireland)

How much noni juice do u take n what type.

Replied by Tony
(Tn, Usa)

Hello Nicola from Dungannon, Northern Ireland:

The type of Noni that's best is from Hawaii. Look for either Aloha Noni or just Hawaiin Noni. I would also suggest you to buy the glass bottled type and not plastic. There are also options to buy either standard Noni or organic Noni. If you can afford it I'd suggest the organic Noni. You can also buy Noni in capsule/pill form as well.

However, I think the better option is to buy it in the liquid form. It's better absorbed this way. The recommended dosage varies for whatever you're treating. Noni is great for pain and inflammation which are certainly symptoms associated with any type of cancer. Since this is a cancer question, as much as 6-8 oz.+ can be taken daily. Start lower and work up. The maintenance dose is usually around 1-2 oz. daily. Hope this helps! God Bless and Good Luck!

Replied by Dona
(Sioux Falls, Sd)

To Becky from Buffalo, NY, which brand of Noni was your relative taking?

Replied by Jennifer
(New Haven, Ky)
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Did the Noni Juice cure or help cancer? My step daughter has several tumors in her neck & jaw bone & problems swallowing, no diagnosis yet, but I want to get her started on Noni Juice right away!!!


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Posted by Jane (Dunedin, New Zeland) on 05/02/2007

In the first instance I found Noni amazing. I was suffering from thrush, & tiredness etc. I stayed on it for about 3 months for 'detox';and it got rid of waste like no other.(parasites included, saw them in the loo bowl)

I gained new energy levels and mood improved. My partner also went on it for weight-loss and deep cleansing. He was very happy with the results since he did not drop his in-take of food or do any exercise.

However and I don't know why I have felt further treatments of noni since have not given the same amazing 'oomf' of energy. I have definitely noticed it pays to get a high-quality Noni (like a rich dark coloured syrup) as other makes of noni are simply watered down hence far less effective (& weak) in treatment. cheers,


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Posted by Mary (Honolulu) on 01/17/2007

About 10 years ago I got diverticulitis and peritonitis and was hospitalized for a week. My doctor told me that I would need an operation on my colon once I got healthier. My friend gave me some homemade noni juice to drink every morning and I took it for the 6 months after my hospital stay. When I went back to the doctor for a 6 month check up and to schedule the surgery, I no longer had any bad spots left on my colon. There was no reason to have surgery. My doctor put up the before and current xrays of my colon and asked me "What the heck did I do to cure myself like that!" I now make it myself and take it every morning.

Replied by Sharon
(New York, NY)

Hi, what ingredients did you use?

Replied by Varun

hi, could you pls email me about - where could I get the noni juice from ??? - thanks varun

Replied by Emelda
(Willemstad, Curacao)

Could Mary in Honolulu please send me the recipe for making noni juice? Thank you.

Replied by Regis
(Panama City, Panama)

I planted a noni tree in my back yard about 10 years ago. It is huge now. Gives me all the noni I need. We harvest it and let it ripen until it stinks. Then we put it in a bowl in the frig and after about 2 months, this brown liquid has formed at the bottom of the bowl. Then we put it through the juicer. Using about 2 tablespoons in a small glass of grape juice (optional) on an empty stomach. This stuff is amazing! Good luck!

Replied by Lucy

Is it just noni or did the poster from 2007 include other supplements for Diverticulitis? Mine hurts bad.


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Posted by Louise (Ottawa, Canada) on 01/07/2007

I bought some Noni capsules just as a tonic and possible colon cleanser. After having only taken 1 capsule per day for 3 days I feel better have more energy and amazingly my desire to smoke has diminished down to 2 per day. And I actually forget that I am a smoker! I also had a stubborn little discoloration on my face for over 2 years that I would put make up on. I went to put make up on it and was thrilled to see it was no longer there. They say Noni is good for the skin, internal parasites and for addictions. I solemnley swear in my experience it does definitley work for those three things.

Replied by Susan
(Milton, WA)

I wanted to know how to use Noni for quitting smoking. I have the capsule kind - how many should I take?


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Posted by Brenda (Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada) on 09/16/2008

I had a ganglion on the top of my hand. I was scheduled for surgery. I started taking noni juice; an ounce a day. Within two weeks the ganglion disappeared! The ganglion has never come back. That was five years ago.

Gout, Joint Pain

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Posted by Richard (Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada) on 11/19/2007

Been doing my own experiment with noni for six months now since i have gout and joint pain with inflamation when i drink the noni juice about 2 oz three time s a day i am free from gout and very healthy the whole body is. When i stop talking noni after about a month the gout and joint pain and inflamation is back.Go back on the noni and am healthy again nuf said--Rick

Gray Hair

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Posted by Jackie (Grand Rapids, MN) on 08/12/2007

a couple of yrs. ago, i ordered proxenal via internet contains morinda citrofolia or noni plant. i took it for exactly 45 days and the roots of my white/grey hair started turning glossy and dark like a young person. well, at the time i liked my grey hair and stopped immediately. Lately, i wanted to try to get some dark hair but couldn't remember the name of the product and started black strap molasses. After reading about Noni juice the morinda citrofolia name rang a bell and i found proxenal again on line only being upgraded to proxicine. When i purchased the proxenal, it was advertised to be the only vitamin/mineral the human body needs.I didn't notice real dramatic changes in energy level like i have had with BSM, and ACV, but the dark hair roots was really noticeable


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Posted by Linda (Atlanta, GA) on 06/20/2007

I have had heartburn from time to time over the years. Then I married a man who was always positive that his health was far better than mine - or anyone else's. In fact he talked as if I had one foot in the grave at the age of 32. He was always trying one obscure allopathic drug, remedy, herb, etc. He had read about a juice that according to a magazine of case studies that was produced by a company that sold the juice, it was such a miraculous health elixir that it could even cure cancer if taken in large amounts. All he talked about for a year was that juice and how I needed to try it. It was expensive and that was my excuse for a while. Finally I decided to humor him and drink the juice. If it didn't improve anything then at least I would hear no more talk of it. If it did improve my health overall then I would be a believer. The dosage of this juice was 1 - 2 ounces per day, but my husband insisted that I drink 16 ounces per day - because I was in such bad health (which was not true). I drank the awful juice and immediately had fire-breathing dragon heartburn. It was extremely painful but my husband insisted that it was the toxins coming out of my body - I should just stay with it and the heartburn would subside and my general health problems will disappear. The juice tasted like dilled blueberries but was supposedly made from some rare fruit on an island called noni fruit. I humored my husband at the expensive of my own personal discomfort of dealing with continual - non ending, severe heartburn day and night. After 4 cases of the juice had been consumed and there were no health benefits shown, but one new health problem (severe heartburn) I told my husband enough is enough - I will not drink that fire-breathing dragon juice ever again and I don't want to hear a single word about it ever again. I stopped drinking the juice but the severe heartburn did not go away. I gave it some time - to get it out of my system. Still had it - though not fire-breathing, scorching hot as before, but still severe. I began drinking baking soda mixed with water to ease the pain, but this only lasted a few hours at best - same with antacids. My doctor prescribed Previcid and that helped. It was great to live without heartburn but then I stopped taking the prescription because I do not want to take a pill every day for the rest of my life - that surely would damage my liver over time and cause a serious health problem. It has now been years since my last sip of the noni fruit juice and I sit here at 4 AM telling you my story because I went online in search of a home remedy for acid reflux that is longer lasting than baking soda and a better alternative than pills but instead found this site - saw you were looking for answers on why there is an increase in the cases of GERD over the last 30 years and thought I'd offer my personal experience of how an abundance of a juice making fantastic claims changed my life by giving me a permanent health issue - GERD. I believe if we expose ourselves to the wrong foods/drinks/ingredients over an extended period of time, we can cause a great variety of harm to out digestive system. What is wrong for one person may not be wrong for another. We are all different and I think we have come to assume through the practice of medicine and self medication from the readily available plethora of over the counter medications, we have begun to ignore the natural signals our bodies use to alert us to problems. After the first 1 - 2 days of fire-breathing dragon heartburn that began immediately after drinking the juice until it later became constant, I should have listened to my body - not my husband and stopped drinking it. There was obviously an ingredient in that juice that was reacting with my normal PH levels or something else within my stomach and/or esophogus in a very bad way.

Replied by Rui
(Lisbon, Portugal)

Thats pretty sad, it seems you got an overload of juice, as you said, its 1 to 2 oz per day, maybe a bit more, but surelly not 16oz per day... I'm sad to hear that, but perhaps you can try the juice again at 1ox and see the diferrence, perhaps even it can cure your condition at therapeutic dossage...

Replied by Barbie
(Manila, Philippines)

HI, I have had GERD for about 9years and spent a lot of money in the hospital, underwent laboratory rocedures, medcations, water theraphy for years as well as taking leafy vegestables for 1 year. I also had chronic bad breath for about 11 years now. these two things made my social life miserable. Till my faith of continue taking natural remedy to cure the GERD. First, I'd like to explain how patients experience the food from the stomach rise up to the esophagus (reflux) and the abdominal pain whenever we eat or hungry is simply because when the lower esophageal sphincter doesn't function properly, acid and food can reflux up from the stomach into the esophagus. This can lead to pain (heartburn) and damage to the lower esophagus. This damage can cause strictures (narrowing) of the esophagus, and eventually, cancer of the esophagus. Frequently, dysfunction of the lower esophageal sphincter is associated with a hiatal hernia, in which the lower esophagus and upper part of the stomach slips up into the chest. I TRIED TAKING OATMEAL AS HOT BEVERAGE AND GRADUALLY IT HEALED MY GERD. I STARTED TAKING OATMEAL WITHOUT SUGAR AND FLAVOR FOR YEARS, AND NOW, I'M FREE OF GERD. I CAN EAT WHATEVER I WANT. At first those who suffer from GERD MUST AVOID ALL TOMATO BASE FOODS, OILY, MILK, COFFE, JUICES AND OTHER DAIRY PRODUCTS becaue it trigger the feeling of bloatedness, and the food are unable to dissolve within 3hours. Foods must be dissolve from the stomach within 1 hour and goes down to the small intestine for another routine. i just wnat to share this. i hope this will help to those who have GERD. I'm now free from GERD but still on battling my chronic bb and the problem is within my tongue...I hope I could find remedy to it. thanks

Replied by Raf
(Makati, Philippines)

Hi Ms. Barbie, i was diagnosed last week with sliding hiatal hernia but i am suffering for almost 4 months from acid reflux. I lost almost 45 lbs during this period. I am very desperate to cure this disease for i might loss my job in if im not well within 2 mos. I will try your suggestions and pray it works.. God Bless...

Replied by Mooniize77
(Lake Tahoe, Ca)

all of you with gerd, hiatal hernias and indigestion need to start out with one oz of fresh squeezed wheat grass. Read up on what good wheat grass should look like and go to your local smootie shops to look for it. I gaurantee it will heal all of these complaints. You must however cut out all the acid junk from your diet. Look up an alkaline diet. I've studied these topics for years and years. I had all these above mentioned problems and cured them all. The only issue is when you go on a healthier alkaline diet and add one oz of wheat grass at least five times a week, you will start to detox. Stick with it. It will change your life. You may find it unpleasant or burp it up at first.. But take it on an empty stomache earlier in the day when ur up and about.. Eat about hour n half after. Within two weeks you wont feel your gerd, or indigestion as long as you adhear to a better diet cutting out all the acid foods. Look up acid alkaline charts. Change your life! You can do it! It will work!!

Replied by Tink
(New York, Ny)

Maybe you were sensitive, or allergic to Noni? It's better to start off with small doses of anyway.

I've had obvious positive benefits from drinking the juice. Mostly to do with increased enery levels and no episodes of the flu. I have tried a lot of differrent brands of Noni juice, and I find the reconstituted ones don't seem to work for me. The brands mixed with other juices seemed just fine though.

Replied by Sam
(Thessalon, On)

Kombucha tea took my heartburn away. Easy to brew at home too.

Replied by Donna Kay
(Kansas City, Missouri)

To Barbie: Even natural supplements need to be taken according to directions. I also had beginning stage of GERD & HAD ulcers until I started taking 4 Apple Cider Vinegar tablet a day. It also cured my severe constipation. I just started the Noni juice & hope it boosts my immune system.

High Blood Sugar

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Posted by Joe (Turners Falls, MA) on 11/17/2006

I've been taking about two shots of Noni juice for about a year now. I'm a diabetic with high blood sugar and was hoping it would help, it hasn't. But I do have more energy and feel better generally. I also haven't had a cold while others around me have. So I'm going to continue it for a while longer.

Replied by Nonigirl
(Dallas, Tx)

You should try drinking more NONI and make sure it is Tahitian Noni it does normalize your blood sugar. You should be drinking 6 oz or more a day...

Replied by Santhosh

Hi People, my mom is suffering from arthritis , any advise on dosage of Noni juice?

Replied by Eric

First couple days, 1oz or 1 oz twice a day then increase 2 oz once or twice a day up to 6 oz per day or more ... drink lots of water, this also helps detox the arthritis and toxins from the body. 1 oz for half your body weight or 2 litres/quarts per day sip the water and add one or 2 oz to the water so you get the benefits of noni throughout the day, .... best to hold the noni juice under the tongue for a minute or longer before swallowing the added benefit is it gets into the blood stream faster then if you swallow it .... also soak a gauze cloth and place it ontop of the arthritic area, mix Noni Juice into a good skin cream and rub that into the affected area a couple times a day ... or straight noni juice rubbed into the arthritic area ....

One company has a great noni skin cream and some ppl get arthritis relief just rubbing on the Noni cream .... hope this helps ...

ps.... bedtime take 1 oz or rub in or put noni soaked gauze over the area or soak cotton ball and tape it in the belly button. Noni will work in the body/cells to correct the cause of the arthritis .... look on line for healthy foods or diet changes ..... a doctor of Naturapathy told me some foods we like to eat we are allergic to we don't break out in hives but it causes problems like inflamation in joints, muscles, headaches, migrains, stomach, bowel issues, being tired etc ..... this was my dad's problem 6 or more things he likes to eat and drink actually caused his many health symptoms. When he stopped eating the foods that the food allergist told him to stop he detoxed and all symtoms went away he never saw his doctor for over one and a half years .... amazing what foods we like to eat can harm us .... hope this helps.

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