Noni Juice Cures

Posted by Jane (Dunedin, New Zeland) on 05/02/2007

In the first instance I found Noni amazing. I was suffering from thrush, & tiredness etc. I stayed on it for about 3 months for 'detox';and it got rid of waste like no other.(parasites included, saw them in the loo bowl)

I gained new energy levels and mood improved. My partner also went on it for weight-loss and deep cleansing. He was very happy with the results since he did not drop his in-take of food or do any exercise.

However and I don't know why I have felt further treatments of noni since have not given the same amazing 'oomf' of energy. I have definitely noticed it pays to get a high-quality Noni (like a rich dark coloured syrup) as other makes of noni are simply watered down hence far less effective (& weak) in treatment. cheers,