Noni Juice Cures

Gray Hair
Posted by Jackie (Grand Rapids, MN) on 08/12/2007

a couple of yrs. ago, i ordered proxenal via internet contains morinda citrofolia or noni plant. i took it for exactly 45 days and the roots of my white/grey hair started turning glossy and dark like a young person. well, at the time i liked my grey hair and stopped immediately. Lately, i wanted to try to get some dark hair but couldn't remember the name of the product and started black strap molasses. After reading about Noni juice the morinda citrofolia name rang a bell and i found proxenal again on line only being upgraded to proxicine. When i purchased the proxenal, it was advertised to be the only vitamin/mineral the human body needs.I didn't notice real dramatic changes in energy level like i have had with BSM, and ACV, but the dark hair roots was really noticeable