Health Benefits of Nattokinase: Evidence-Based Findings

Nattokinase Side Effects
Posted by joe233 (United Kingdom) on 09/03/2021

Hi everyone,

Just thought it is worth sharing my experience with Nattokinase. Took it for a week without any other supplement, everything went fine even noticed a decline in the size of a small cyst.
Yesterday I took the supplement with Chaga mushroom, this morning I woke up and passed blood in my urine, little clots nothing major. Persisted throughout the day, went the GP they confirmed I have no infection and the GP and I both believe it is the Chaga interacting with the Nattokinase in a negative way, so I have no stopped Nattokinase and will stop all supplements for a few days to allow my body to reset.

Once this is done, I will resume with just chaga. Natto is good but make sure due to its blood thinning properties you are careful with what you mix it with.

Take care all, Joe

Nattokinase Side Effects
Posted by Reba (Alabama ) on 07/01/2017

Is it possible for Nattokanisse to raise blood pressure? I am taking myself off of the drug lisinopril and trying to cure my high blood pressure naturally. I have been taking one and sometimes two Nattokinesse capsules for one week and my blood pressure is ranging around 167/101. It didn't seem to get that half before I started taking this supplement. Has anyone else been affected in this way when taking Nattokanisse?