Maximize Health with Magnesium: Key Benefits & Sources

Magnesium Gluconate
Posted by Bill (Boston, Ma) on 02/25/2017


Regarding my healing. For 2 months I have been in terrible discomfort, tingling, burning and itching on my feet, hands, ankles, legs and different parts of my body. I did not know what this was after 3 trips to the doctor blood tests and further evaluations.

Finally one day I was going over my everyday routine of supplements and actions regarding my health.

I came to realize to my amazement that my problem was not in something I caught but something I myself was doing. MY PROBLEM WAS MAGNESIUM...FOR SURE. Here's why.

I was taking 500mg of mag gluconate sometimes twice a day, then spraying magnesium spray on my body, also soaking in a hot bathtub with epsom salts containing magnesium. When my doctor heard this she said STOP! I stopped 4 days ago after the the second day I'm back to normal no pain, not itching, no burning, no tingling.

I had red spots appear on my skin then disappear in 2 or 3 hours scaring me. Big blotches too in some places. The itching was horrid. The nerves in my hands an feet were under attack I thought it was RA and other issues. I'm 61 but otherwise in good health. All my labs came back near was all a mystery until I stopped the magnesium.

I hope I helped someone out there that is going through the same thing.


Magnesium Gluconate
Posted by Bill (Boston, Ma) on 02/22/2017

Magnesium Gluconate Side Effects

I have been using Magnesium Gluconate for about 3 months and also soaking in epsom salt hot baths. Well, it is has been determined that my doctor said to discontinue doing this because I have had rashes and red spots tingling and pain all over. Itching is the worst of it. You can develop a bad reaction to magnesium if you overdose on it. My intake was capsule form maybe 500 mg plus the salt baths. I thought I had shingles at first the feet, legs, fingers, ankles and other places on my body were in an off and on state of discomfort, pain and sometimes agony.

Magnesium needs to be used properly like any other herb or mineral. If not it can have a reverse reaction. I have since stopped all baths and magnesium intake for the foreseeable future. Hope this helps someone so they do not misdiagnose their condition.