Maximize Health with Magnesium: Key Benefits & Sources

Magnesium Gluconate
Posted by Danielle (BC Powell River) on 07/31/2023

Hi Bill,

I know your post is older but I want to clarify for the people reading, your reaction to magnesium is not an indication that you were overdosing and there was danger. Yes you needed to take a lower dose to ease symptoms (itching, redness, etc) but all those symptoms are actually signs of how severe your deficiency is! Think about when a body part goes numb from having the circulation cut off like you slept on your arm. When circulation returns there is tingling, burning, itching etc. When we are very depleated of magnesium, our organs and circulation system calcifies. When magnesium is increased, the process of calcification starts to reverse and you get those symptoms. Just take your magnesium in lower doses to gradually recover without the symptoms. But for goodness sake do not stop taking magnesium!

I have been researching and Magnesium Chloride quite specifically is the best one to take both topically and internally. Even if your digestion is poor, taking Magnesium Chloride internally will improve your digestion. Please research this and the great doctors who proved the amazing effect of internal Magnesium Chloride.

Magnesium Chloride is sold for tofu making called "Nigari"

A great source in Canada is