Maximize Health with Magnesium: Key Benefits & Sources

Body Odor
Posted by Lewis (Auckland, New Zealand) on 12/23/2009

Mag Citrate

Hi there. One question for you...many years ago I started making my own magnesium citrate with 97.4% pure mag. metal dissolved in lemon juice to such a solution that it wouldn't dissolve any more (ph.7) I then add a few organic herbs and a little tea tree oil and make deodorant, I've only started reading all this info about magnesium (either chloride, sulphate or citrate) my question to you is this does 3 squirts each side under arm seem excessive to you, I must say it works fine for me as a deodorant with no side effects, I am reading all about mag. oil would this be a better mag. additive for the deodorant,

Kind regards