GABA Supplement Health Benefits and Side Effects

| Modified on Nov 30, 2022
Posted by RB (Somewhere in Europe) on 11/30/2022
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In my experience, for insomnia,

1) Melatonin, or one of its precursors, 100 mg of 5-HTP, or 600 mg of L-Tryptophan, did work for me.
However, after the first night, it stopped working for me.
But, whenever I took a higher dose, I experienced hypersomnia.
Further, L-Tryptophan never worked for me, if I took it with food.

2) GABA worked for me a bit better than Melatonin.
The dose of 500 mg was perfect for me,
and never gave me any negative side effects.
However, after 2 days, it stopped working for me.
Further, it failed to work for me, if I took it with food.

I hope this will help somebody!

Side Effects
Posted by Pacific Coast Lady (Crescent City, CA) on 02/21/2022
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I tried one, dose of GABA, capsule, 500mg of the NOW brand. I do not like having to put this up, but I think people need to know what happened to me. I have a very, clean system, and prescription drugs always have side effects I cannot or refuse to even try again. I have not taken anything but Magnesium for many months, 500 mg Citrate, 2 times a day with no ill effects. I am now looking for something to help with Essential Tremors that are ruining my quality of life.

One cap of 500 mg of GABA gave me some sort of head rush I will call it. The only thing similar I have ever experienced was a Niacin effect but nothing other than my head feeling hot, and not dizzy, but I do not know, I just cannot describe it.

Luckily it only lasted about a minute or two. I was praying for it to pass. My tinnitus became worse and lasted well into the night, and I had taken the GABA after breakfast. My blood pressure went up as I was so worried, I took it to see what it might be. It had to have been the GABA, and yes, my blood pressure was up to 162 over 80.

Maybe 500mg was too much for me, 5 ft 2 in at 116 lbs. All I will say is start lower than that, but as for now, I do not want to touch GABA. I will do my B12 when it gets here today or tomorrow.

I am sorry about not using any contractions. The site will not allow it for some reason.

Stroke Recovery
Posted by Art (California) on 02/20/2022 1853 posts


I forgot to mention that melatonin should be on that list of IL-8 inhibitors as it inhibits IL-8 and IL-6 among many other inflammatory mediators and it easily crosses the blood-brain barrier (BBB).

Importantly, relating to you, melatonin is a stroke/TIA preventative and may work as a treatment also. Melatonin is a smart molecule that I have written extensively about. There are very important reasons that it is made in the brain, gut, and every single mitochondrion in the body as well as in the skin and in red blood cells. I wrote an article on EC regarding this very issue (TIA/stroke) here :

TIA can be a risk factor for another stroke, so taking effective steps is important! If you haven't read the article I linked to, you should. It may be helpful!

You may find these two very related articles of interest also. This first one was just posted a few days ago :

This next one is about stroke and CVD :

Keeping the cardiovascular system operating well is important for not just our survival, but for a better quality of life too!


Stroke Recovery
Posted by Pacific Coast Lady (Crescent City, CA) on 02/20/2022

This was wonderful as I suffered what doctors think was a TIA, or a mini-stroke. My whole left side went numb, and over the next 3 days, everything came back to life, except, my left arm/parts of, and part of left side of my head.

I just started GABA today, as well as B1, thiamine, synthetic Benfotamine. I will come back after today and report on my progress or lack thereof. It's been since the TIA on August 2,2022, so about 6 months and numbness remains in Left arm and left side of head.

I know this is an old post, but if this lady is around, I just want to thank her for sharing.

Anxiety in Pets
Posted by Anon (Anon) on 10/24/2017

I realize it has been a while and your poor friend may have passed away by now, but there are rave reviews for raw food diets. If nothing else, adding raw egg yolks and cream to her diet may be very beneficial. My furry friend is going on 15 years and still acts like a kitten. He eats a grain free wet food with access to a grain free dry food at all times. I add an egg yolk and 1/2 tsp. chia seeds to the wet food to help with constipation and an ear infection. Periodicly he gets colloidal silver in the wet food. His teeth have been cleaned once his entire life. He gets catnip and valerian now and then. I avoid taking him to the vet, don't trust those vaccinations. He was on dry food most of his life and grain free the past few years. He is also toilet trained.

Anxiety in Pets
Posted by Monika (Colorado) on 03/31/2017

Does GABA supplements act similarly to CBD oil? My standard poodle already takes that but still has occasional seizures despite it and phenobarb. Thank you.

Posted by John (Cambridge) on 09/18/2016

You may have taken too high a dosage of GABA. If you try again, try chewable 100mg of GABA. GABA should be taken carefully as needed. I occasionally use low dose GABA with melatonin drops at night and it helps me sleep deeply. However, I don't take GABA every night. In my opinion, the brain only needs a GABA boost once in a while unless you are severely GABA deficient.

Posted by Lora (D.c) on 09/18/2016
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I was so hopeful especially reading the mood cure book and how Gaba is a miracle otc aid for insomnia. Within 30 minutes my heart was racing and I was very alert. It's morning and I feel like crap, I'm tired and am now looking for something else to help with my sleep.

Anxiety in Pets
Posted by Lynne (North Carolina) on 06/07/2016

I suggest Bach Flower Rescue Remedy for your kitty's stress and anxiety. My vet approves it and uses it herself. Read up on the remedy. I've fostered over 70 kitties that were abandoned or abused, it worked so well in getting them socialized for their forever homes. Love and light to your kitty...

Anxiety in Pets
Posted by Robert (Martiinez, Ca) on 02/04/2016

For a 12 lb DOG the dose is as specified at 30mgs per kg. One 'kg' is 2.2lbs. Divide 12lbs by 2.2 to get, 5.45prox. (x) 30mgs. = 164mgs. I would halve the DOG dose to observe relief. Animals have a high tolerance for pain & difficult to discern their pain level, however, signs might include watery eyes, tearing, etc. You may want to search out a site called, "The Prudent Wife"(dot) com, who has many suggestions for both dogs & cats.

Anxiety in Pets
Posted by Glendalough (Northern California) on 02/04/2016

I have used Gaba for myself for my anxiety in the past, Now Foods True Calm, and it works everytime. I wouldn't give her this product as it contains other things besides Gaba (valerian, glycine, niacin). My cat has cancer and is very stressed, overgrooming and pulling out her fur, due to my having to give her supplements and assist feed. I need something urgently for her, thank you for posting this. She weighs about 12 pounds, do you know approximately the dose I would give her?

Anxiety in Pets
Posted by Robert (Martinez, Ca) on 02/03/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Anxiety and Stress Cures for Pets

Per Journal of Vet. Med. Science: "GABA dosage of 30 mg/kg of body weight once per day" will alleviate stress/anxiety without 'side effects'. This study was performed on aged dogs, 15+yrs., to calm them for vet visits.

Personally, I would lessen the dose as I am familiar with GABA's human use. My 10lb. dog would use 136mgs. per above dosage, however, I would start with half & this depends on the stress level. Example: for humans, mild stress dose is 100mgs., 3 x's per day. Severe stress is 250mgs., 3 x's per day per 'PharmaGaba' mfgr. GABA is avail at most health food stores. It's effects are similar to valium, however, mild. I would purchase the capsuled powder & break open the cap. to sprinkle in water or food. Buy the lower dosage if avail to make it easier to dose. GABA is a amino acid derivative & the human brain has GABA receptors, however, I don't know about canines.

Last note: I have an animal feed store nearby which does have "calming" supplements for various animals such as horses, dogs, etc. The price is inexpensive compared to the human stores. Read the ingredients & research them online.

Stroke Recovery
Posted by Bilja (Canada) on 12/19/2015
5 out of 5 stars

20 years ago, my father had stroke when he was 69 y/o. Being heavy smoker, first three weeks in hospital were very difficult, he was blind, not able to move/talk, having crisis on 7th, 14th, 21st day after stroke incident. Days in between, he would be smoking, (Bosnia in the 90s, patient could smoke in the hospital) it was really a battle to get him off.

Things gotten really bad, family thought we lost him. The most amazing thing, friends recommended to take Russian pills Aminalon 2x 250mg with each meal, so 3 times a day. We were told, as much as he recovers in next 18 months will be the best he can ever get. To my amazement, 2 months after the stroke, he was released from hospital, able to move, but having difficulties with orientation. He wouldn't know the way around, not knowing where kitchen or bedroom is. He did stop smoking, but kept taking Aminalon like religious thing. 6 months later, he was able to go to the city downtown by himself, not getting lost, finding way back to the apartment.

I lived with him for the first 1.5 years. After that, he was on his own, and lived for 12 years in great health after the stroke. He was active till the last day, he died in his sleep.

When I looked up Aminalon, I discovered it's called GABA here in the west, but never heard anyone suggesting for stroke patients. Back home, it's been known to help recover brain function and memory. One year after stroke, 50 y/o actor was able to get back to theater, memorizing script better than any young guy, thanks to Aminalon aka GABA.

Wish all the best, hope for Ted's recovery.

Posted by Timh (Louisville, Ky, Usa) on 12/24/2012 2073 posts

Carol: Deer Antler Velvet supplements have had some good results.

Personally I take GABA (which has been clinically shown to boost HGH by up to 40%) 1-2 grm about 3 times per week (just took some a few minutes ago). As an adjunct therapy I also listen to YouTube HGH harmonic music tracts which are developed to stimulate the Pituitary Gland. GABA is said to be directly taken by Pituitary as that gland just loves to be fueled by it. I do experience a noticeable increase in my overall stamina.

The amino acid Arginine, Ornithine, and Glutamine also stimulate HGH production. One can also take a Raw Anterior Pituitary supplement for HGH boosting.

Rapid Cardio Workouts are also being touted as a major means of HGH boosting (YouTube vids for this also).

Increase HGH
Posted by Carol (Cumming, Ga) on 12/24/2012

I want the benefical effects of human growth hormones (hgh) there are expensives ones on the market like symbiotropin, Does anyone know of a way I can take a similar product under a different label for less expense? Thanks

General Feedback
Posted by Vinumentis (Belgium) on 12/08/2010

I use GABA from organic green tea (sencha). Very easy to order your loose tea leafs online from respectable tea farms in Japan, from different regions. Not to mention all the other postive side effects of every single cup of tea. IMHO, why taking the pill when brewing a cup of tea will bring you much more relief on different levels then a simple tablet? With my warmest thanks to all the people who share their experiences and knowledge.

Posted by Kathy (Las Vegas, Nv) on 02/07/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I feel much more calmer when I take GABA and my thought process is clearer. I have my husband on it because he has such a hot temper and it works for him too.

Posted by Alex (Eugene, OR) on 05/24/2009
1 out of 5 stars

Hi everyone, I love Earthclinic and am very thankful to everyone who makes this site available. My feedback is on GABA. I have taken it in the past and it did NOT work for me. I believe that, as with everything, different things work for different people, so it may be worth trying it. The one I took was of a very reputable brand and the purpose of my taking it was to make me calmer and help me concentrate while I was studying for an exam.