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Posted by Alain (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) on 11/18/2009

I checked the fulvic acid page https://www.earthclinic.com/supplements/fulvic_acid.html

All the product names or web site addresses have been removed from the posts. I understand EC's policy of not advertising products. But humic acid powder is not easy to find like ACV or Vitamin C. It seems to be sold in agriculture as fertilizer. So I think this is a case where the removal of product/web site names is very unfortunate.

IMO I now think that this policy could be relaxed.



Replied by Cindy
(Ch, Wi)

i would also like to know of a source to purchase this, i have not had any luck anywhere.thank you.

Replied by Rena
(Mineral Bluff, Georgia, USA)

Go to the Fulvic Acid Supplements link here on Earth Clinic, and read what Robert From Independence has to say, he gives you a big clue. Also if you know who Dr. Gabriel Cousens is, he also recommends this product. He sells it on his site, but you can order directly from the company. Peace, Rena.

Replied by Thomas Seay
(Palo Alto, Ca)

Could someone please email me the name of a good place to buy Fulvic/Humic acid? Good= Good Quality AND Reasonable Price.
Thanks, Thomas

Replied by Wendy
(Orillia, Ontario Canada)

I've been trying a fulvic/humic combo and cannot believe the results! After 9 years of being pregnant or nursing I've got my mojo back with a vegence- this is a wonderful thing for my marriage believe me LOL I am happier, I have tons more energy, I am laughing and joking and getting so much accomplished it's not funny LOL After years of trying every lotion and potion out there, this (next to mineral drops) this is hands down the best thing EVER! I found a raw food family in British Columbia that sell real raw food that started carrying it. I hear not all sources are created equal ;-( It's been amazing with my kids, they are playing for hours on end without bickering (we homeschool so they are together all the time)... Amazing stuff!

Replied by Maria
(Comox Valley, British Columbia)

Hi Wendy
I was reading up on fulvic acid and found your post. You've mentioned, that you found a raw food family in British Columbia selling it. I was wondering if you could pass the information onto me as I would really like to try out fulvic acid. It sounds so promising.

Replied by Bess
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Hi Maria - In case Wendy doesn't see your question, this may be the supplier she uses for fulvic/humic acid (all organic I believe) - Real Raw Food located in Naramata, BC. The Web site is www.realrawfood.com.

I haven't ordered from them yet but, after reading about Wendy's great results, I've added it to my wish list!

I don't know if it's Wendy's supplier but it sure sounds similar. Cheers, Bess

Replied by Wendy
(Orillia, Ontario)

Hi there, yes that is where I got mine ;-) I know EC doesn't usually let you post websites or supplier names. They are an awesome company!

So update June 2011. So as with anything you begin to wonder what is making you feel great and if it is truly just 1 thing. Well I ran out of the fulvic/humic solution a few months back. I didn't really understand that much about it and that it could help with colds and flus and allergies etc. In the spring one of my kids got sick and coughed for 2 months and I tried everything to help her from a holistic standpoint (finally got an ND to help with chinese tinctures etc. And we have indoor air quality issues. )

Sooooo long story short, I've been exhausted, cranky, tired, unmotivated, argumentative, not interested in sex AT ALL etc. I GOT MORE OF THIS SOLUTION. BUT I started taking 2 ounces a day, then sometimes 4 and even 6 ounces. I'm not sure if this is ok, I can't find any information on 'taking too much' so if someone does if they could post that, I'd appreciate it. BUT I FEEL BEYOND INCREDIBLE. I homeschool my 3 kids, my youngest is 2 and our life is VERY busy and my hsuband works ALOT. I am not feeling SO amazing I am doing karate 5 days a week (2 hours a class), I am as mentioned before - laughing, and having fun, going out on dates with my husband, feeling AWESOME, jumping on the trampoline for an hour a day (that is btw NOT an easy feat and is extremely intense), roller skating for 2-3 hours straight several times a week with my kids, buying new clothes because I feel so great!!! Wearing makeup for the first time in years, caring what I look like etc. The kicker is I find my husband EXTREMELY attractive again which is bonus for him! LOL We both did the master cleanse for 10 days and that was a good kick start before I started taking the fulvi/humic mix again. My friend still had one I had given her before so I took it and am awaiting more- until then I have only been giving my husband and kids a little bit because I've been taking the larger amounts!!! As someone mentioned above it is like drinking a bunch of cups of coffee- the energy, the mental clarity, the happiness- it's pretty cool that is for sure! I'm getting up at 6 am in the morning for the first time in years and years and I'm roaring around on 5 hours sleep (up vaccuming at 1am after the kids and hubby are all asleep so I can lay in the sun for a half hour each morning LOL). I've spent thousands and thousands of dollars on supplements over the last 10 years, transdermal magnesium, zapping, hydrogen peroxide, b vitamins, greens, powders, chlorella, barley, grown my own wheatgrass and sprouts, vega, homeopathics, herbs for teas, tincutres, fish oils, concentrace drops, essential oils etc. And it's been SO SO SO MUCH WORK (if you are a mom with little kids you know how much work it is to be changing your diet and doing all things healthy to feel better-which usually means spending ALL day in the kitchen!!! ) This is one EASY addition to my day that makes me feel better and more amazing then any of the other things in my life that I've ever take.

** note though, I also take lots of ______ vitamin c a day too, but I always have and I'm a big believer in high c. It gives me energy but the 2 products are night and day. I don't make any money or anything from recommending the fulvic/humic solution or vitamin c, but you can email me at holisticparents at yahoo dot com if you want anymore information or to prove I'm legit and just a mom getting awesome results!!! ** also worth noting is that the only reason I bought this to try was because this family doesn't carry a whole lot of things on their site other then food so I thought hmmmm I've heard of that stuff- if they are using it, maybe I should too LOL They don't advertise or push their stuff - in fact I couldn't really get much information out of them on it verbally so I just read the articles on it on their website. Hope this helps someone!!!

(Orlando, Fl)

I was just wondering if you still feel the same way about the minerals several years later and if you have had any side effects.

Replied by Marika
(Stanthorpe, Qld)

Hi I am a really tired mum like you were, I have raised 8 kids and feel washed out constantly. How much fulvic acid do you take daily and how much vit c powder? Thanks- I need to make a difference of more energy in my life.

Replied by Tammy
(Thompson, Manitoba)

Hi very interested in this product and you indicated how amazing it has been for you...please let me know who carries this in Canada as the shipping costs and our Loonies is sad :( You mentioned someone in BC...Much Appreciated.

Replied by Mary

Hey Cindy! I live in WI also. Wondering if you have found a good reputable Fulvic Acid that you could recommend to me! Thanks!

Where to Buy: USA
Posted by Dianna (Citrus Heights, Ca) on 11/02/2009

I've submitted this question previously with no response. I know Ted is busy but I am really hoping for some guidance. I've found a few websites selling it but the ingredients differ so it is confusing for a layperson such as myself to determine which is the best and/or what to look for in a fulvic acid product.

Some sites include:

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Replied by Louise
(Temecula, Ca)

question... I too would like some info on which product to purchase here in the US. There are so many different companies, each with different ingredients, all claiming to be the one to get.

Replied by Marcus
(Grand Rapids, Mi)

I take Pure Fulvic Minerals from http://www.purefulvicminerals.com It is rich in fulvic acid with trace minerals. Very potent and pure stuff.

Where to Buy: USA
Posted by Doug (Show Low, Az) on 09/04/2009

OK Ted where can we get some granulated humic acid in the U.S.???

Replied by Jeff
(Orland, Ca.)

Hi just wanted to share an amazing product it is called mineral force and contains up to 40% fulvic acid. It is distributed buy a company called nurtrilink in northern california.. This product contains 25 subtle energy patterns( sub atominc) and Zeolites.. I have to to say it it flipping amazing and has changed my life...

Replied by Betty189
(Niagara Falls, Ny, Us)

Hi all, I'm very confused, can anyone please tell me, is the fulvic acid inside the humic acid? If I buy humic acid will that be better than just fulvic acid? thank you for any response.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Betty... Humic acid, Fulvic acid and Humin are the natural constituents of the natural substance. Fulvic acid is derived from Humic acid in a man made separation process. So humic acid is the better, more natural form because it contains more active ingredients. Humic acid is exactly the same as humus fertilizer, except that it is found embedded as a layer in rock formations that are 75 million years old. The unique complex crystalline nature of humic acid, formed by natural enzyme action and thermodynamic influences, makes it the smallest molecule yet most complex natural organic elment which still has most researchers stumped as to its action on humans. Further differences between humic acid, fulvic acid and humin are:

Humic acids - the fraction of humic substances that is not soluble in water under acidic conditions (pH < 2) but is soluble at higher pH values. They can be extracted from soil by various reagents and which is insoluble in dilute acid. Humic acids are the major extractable component of soil humic substances. They are dark brown to black in color.

Fulvic acids - the fraction of humic substances that is soluble in water under all pH conditions. They remains in solution after removal of humic acid by acidification. Fulvic acids are light yellow to yellow-brown in color.

Humin - the fraction of humic substances that is not soluble in water at any pH value and in alkali. Humins are black in color.

For more information on Humic acid's benefits -- see this link:


Replied by Betty
(Niagara Falls, Ny)

Thank you Bill, wow I never saw so much good info about this! And going to the home page of your link is even a ton more information, I recommend everyone check out Bills link :)

Replied by Colin
(British Columbia)

Indeed, thanks, Bill, for taking the time to share this fascinating information in such detail. Going to check out the link you provided.

Replied by Larry
(Fairfax, Va)

To Jeff from Orlando & others knowlegeable about the benefits of Humic Acid. What are some of the specific benefits of Humic Acid? Can you please refer me to a link or website concerning this acid?

Replied by Esben
(Walkerton, Ontario)

From what I understand, fulvic acid should have no minerals in it.

Replied by Bl

Fulvic Acid should not contain minerals! I have been taking some and am now concerned I am making myself worse.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbLM-C3DGbg by Dr Faust

Replied by SOCS
(Bend, Oregon)
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Bill Thompson, Thanks!

I have your book Re Candida. You mention taking a few granules of humic/fulvic. Please help us find a good source. I've been using Carboxy from CellCore and just bought some BOO (black oxygen organics)from Canada. These are very expensive. Plus they turn the water black and you said it should be light golden brown, not black. Please help!

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I am taking BOO too, it's an amazing product and I absolutely love it. Unfortunately now the company has closed down. I still have some left but looking for a new source of Humic and Fulvic acid. I love the black gold. How did you go with BOO?

Replied by Sharon

Hi, what is BOO? I take the Fulvic Acid and it has helped me. I have had a myriad of issues and I seem to be coming together. I use it in distilled water I don't take a lot, 1-3 drops in a quart of water, couple times a day.

Thank you, Sharon

EC: Black Oxygen Organics, the name of a company that recently went out of business according to the post above.

The fulvic acid product apparently had elevated levels of lead and arsenic:


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