Fulvic Acid Cures

Chronic Skin Condition
Posted by Paul (Usa) on 06/16/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I would like to share my story regarding fulvic acids in hopes that it would be helpful to others. Although I have practiced a natural health oriented lifestyle for over three decades, I still developed a severe chronic skin condition on my hands many years ago. My fingers would become inflamed and itchy, then the skin would crack and either weep or bleed. I had limited motion of my fingers and they would be very painful when bending or being exposed to water. Even eating organic fruit would aggravate this condition. During the worst state of this condition, one of my fingers looked like a badly corroded car battery terminal. I had literally spent thousands of dollars on organic foods, whole food supplementation and natural remedies in an attempt to get rid of this miserable condition but only experienced partial success.

Then in September of 2015 I tried a new fulvic acids product, taking only one-quarter ounce per day. And a little over a month later (before I finished the second bottle), the skin on my hands had been completely healed without any trace of the chronic condition I had suffered with for so many years! I was SO elated! Since I wasn't sure whether the fulvic acids product I was taking was responsible for this result, I did not reorder it after finishing the second bottle just to see what would happen. After several weeks had passed, the symptoms began to return so I placed another order for two more bottles.

Again, the condition totally cleared up after about a month later. Then after finishing the fourth bottle, I decided not to reorder immediately just to see if the condition would return. Several weeks later, the symptoms began to return again. But shortly after taking the fulvic acids product again, the symptoms completely subsided. This proved to me that the fulvic acids product was solely responsible for clearing up this condition and as long as I am on this product, my hands look perfectly healthy. I had previously tried at least four other brands of fulvic acids—including the one that claims to be a 350X concentrate—but NO improvement was ever seen with my dreadful condition. I don't know whether this product worked by detoxifying my body or strengthening my immunity, but however it was accomplished I am just grateful to God that I found this life-changing “miracle in a bottle”. Hopefully, my story will be an inspiration to others. Thank you.